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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | A =1837-1931
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AIKIN, WILLIAM M.                       AR-3-A-87
APPLEGARTH, JOHN E.                     AR-3-A-130
AYLOR, W. L.                            AR-3-A-153
BALDWIN, GEORGE                         AR-3-A-95, 103
BARNETT, ESTHER T.                      AR-3-A-73
BARTON, Y. H.                           AR-3-A-160
BEAN, ELIZABETH P.                      AR-3-A-83
BEAN, J. B.                             AR-3-A-120
BEAN, PETER                             AR-3-A-240
BEAN, WALTER                            AR-3-A-10
BELL, ANDREW                            AR-3-A-88
BELL, FANNIE                            AR-3-A-203
BEUTLER, JOHN                           AR-3-A-225
BRAKE, JACOB E.                         AR-3-A-126
BRIMM, PATRICK HENRY                    AR-3-A-135
BROWN, SARAH                            AR-3-A-172
BUCHANAN, JAMES A.                      AR-3-A-228
BUDER, HOREMIE F.                       AR-3-A-13
BUIE, HENRY T.                          AR-3-A-177
BURKE, MARY A.                          AR-3-A-230
CARNEY, ANNIE                           AR-3-A-185
CARRICO, W. B.                          AR-3-A-190
CASEY, R. D.                            AR-3-A-15
COCHRAN, JAMES SR.                      AR-3-A-50
COLENAD, E. C. (MRS)                    AR-3-A-149
COPELAND, MELVINA                       AR-3-A-78
CSE, JOSEPH H.                          AR-3-A-66
CURTIS, S. V.                           AR-3-A-188
CYPIOT, FRANK                           AR-3-A-188
DAVIS, D. J.                            AR-3-A-297
DOBB, CHARLES T.                        AR-3-A-140
DODD, O. L.                             AR-3-A-26
DODSON, CYNTHIA                         AR-3-A-254
DYER, M. N.                             AR-3-A-37
EATMAN, C. A.                           AR-3-A-108
EATMAN, FANNIE                          AR-3-A-129
EDWARDS, B. A.                          AR-3-A-48
ELZE, F. A.                             AR-3-A-247
EWING, JAMES F.                         AR-3-A-104
FIELD, J. M.                            AR-3-A-207
FINLEY, DAVIDK.                         AR-3-A-47
FRAZIER, FRED                           AR-3-A-273
GALLUP, HOWARD H.                       AR-3-A-138
GARVEY, ALEXANDER J.                    AR-3-A-223
GEHR, P. H.                             AR-3-A-123
GREEN, MARION                           AR-3-A-186
GRIGGS, JOHN H.                         AR-3-A-192
HALL, ELIJAH L.                         AR-3-A-112
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          AR-3-A-162
HANNA, FRANKLIN P. D.                   AR-3-A-174
HARLEY, J. L. (MRS)                     AR-3-A-265
HARMAN, H. E.                           AR-3-A-275
HILL, NAPOLEON                          AR-3-A-221
HOGAN, G. B.                            AR-3-A-266
HOGAN, W. M.                            AR-3-A-176
HOLDER, JOHN W.                         AR-3-A-219
HOLLAND, AMY J.                         AR-3-A-263
HOLLENBECK, JEROME W.                   AR-3-A-170
HUEBNER, LEONHARDT                      AR-3-A-155
HUMMER, MARY J.                         AR-3-A-124
HUNT, NATHANIEL HENRY                   AR-3-A-217
HURST, WILLIAM R.                       AR-3-A-71
JOACHINI, M.                            AR-3-A-114
JOHNSON, ORRA H.                        AR-3-A-151
JONES, ELI C.                           AR-3-A-54
JORDAN, W. B.                           AR-3-A-20
KEET, JAMES E.                          AR-3-A-84
KELLEY, FRED ELROY                      AR-3-A-145
KLING, MARTIN J.                        AR-3-A-197
LANE, H. M. B.                          AR-3-A-60
LEFLET, WILLIAM R.                      AR-3-A-133
LEONARD, JAME SL.                       AR-3-A-57
LESTER, JOHN                            AR-3-A-250
LEVY, CHARLES E.                        AR-3-A-139
LEWIS, SAMUEL                           AR-3-A-1
LINDSEY, W. S. SR.                      AR-3-A-32
LINN, JAMES H.                          AR-3-A-55
LITTLEFIELD, JAMES                      AR-3-A-92
LITTLEFIELD, JOSEPH                     AR-3-A-46
LYNCH, JOHN N.                          AR-3-A-28
MARSHALL, JOHN                          AR-3-A-80
MATTHEWS, PHEBE                         AR-3-A-147
MCCARTY, MARY J.                        AR-3-A-236
MCCLURG, WILLIAM                        AR-3-A-257
MCMULLIN, HARRISON                      AR-3-A-4
MELLINGER, DANIEL                       AR-3-A-117
MOFFETT, JOHN                           AR-3-A-233
MOONEY, BYERS                           AR-3-A-52
MORTON, ALICE W.                        AR-3-A-201
NELSON, WILLIAM                         AR-3-A-63
NICHOLSON, W. W.                        AR-3-A-168
NORTON, ANN K.                          AR-3-A-121
OWEN, WOODSON YOUNG                     AR-3-A-231
PAUGH, ISAIAH E.                        AR-3-A-261
PIERCE, MARTHA                          AR-3-A-81
POTTER, ADDIE B.                        AR-3-A-211
PURCELL, A. F.                          AR-3-A-144
REAM, MAHALA                            AR-3-A-43
REDDICK, REBECCA D.                     AR-3-A-157
REDDICK, WHITMILL                       AR-3-A-110
RICE, THOMAS J.                         AR-3-A-90
RICHEY, A. L.                           AR-3-A-242
RILEY, HARRIET W.                       AR-3-A-75
ROBERTS, A. H.                          AR-3-A-213
RUSSELL, JOHNM.                         AR-3-A-30
SCHULZE, E. ROBERT                      AR-3-A-205
SKINER, JAMES                           AR-3-A-35
SORRELLS, TOM                           AR-3-A-249
SOUTH, J. C.                            AR-3-A-268
SOUTH, JERRY C.                         AR-3-A-292
SOUTH,MARTIN VAN                        AR-3-A-179
SPENCER, J. L.                          AR-3-A-167
TAYLOR, JOHN                            AR-3-A-196
THACKER, HARVEY                         AR-3-A-256
THACKER, LIZA J.                        AR-3-A-18
TRAMMELL, J. W.                         AR-3-A-244
TREMAIN, EDITH B.                       AR-3-A-86
TRUE, GEORGE P.                         AR-3-A-215
WEBBER, JOSEPH                          AR-3-A-8
WEBSTER, DANIEL M.                      AR-3-A-226
WELLER, J. H.                           AR-3-A-246
WESTMORELAND, H. H.                     AR-3-A-69
WHITE, STEPHEN M.                       AR-3-A-41
ZIPPERT, URSULA J.                      AR-3-A-213

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