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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1821-1855 | B = 1855-1873 | C = 1862-1894 | D = 1896-1914 | E=1915-1932 |
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ABBOTT, JAMES                           AL-52-A-158
ABERCROMBIE, ISAAC                      AL-52-A-20
ADAIR, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-259
ALLEN, ROBERT                           AL-52-A-162
ANDERSON, JOHN                          AL-52-A-295
ATKIN, MARY                             AL-52-A-28
BAKER, GEORGE W.                        AL-52-A-177
BARNHILL, JOHN                          AL-52-A-15
BARRON, JANE                            AL-52-A-349
BARROW, THOMAS C.                       AL-52-A-196
BARTON, BUNNET                          AL-52-A-233
BARTON, DAVID                           AL-52-A-228
BATES, ALBERT                           AL-52-A-52
BENNETT, BENJAMIN                       AL-52-A-16
BENSON, GABRIEL                         AL-52-A-83
BISHOP, JOHN                            AL-52-A-198
BLASLINGAME, J. W. M.                   AL-52-A-73
BLASLINGAME, W. E.                      AL-52-A-117
BOOKER, BENNY                           AL-52-A-327
BOOTHE, R. S.                           AL-52-A-344
BRADFORD, SARAH                         AL-52-A-53
BRAKE, JACKSON                          AL-52-A-51
BRAME, M. G.                            AL-52-A-173
BRILEY, JOHN G.                         AL-52-A-175
BRITTON, PERRY                          AL-52-A-44
BROWN, JAMES P.                         AL-52-A-39
BROWN, SERVY                            AL-52-A-112
BROWN, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-199
CARLISLE, SUSANNA                       AL-52-A-266
CARRINGTON, W. E.                       AL-52-A-312
CHAMBERS, JAMES B.                      AL-52-A-332
CHAMBERS, JANE J.                       AL-52-A-148
CHAMBERS, ROBERT B.                     AL-52-A-42
CHAMBERS, ROBERT W.                     AL-52-A-184
CHARLES, A. W.                          AL-52-A-65
COLBURN, JOHN                           AL-52-A-86
COLVIN, DANIEL                          AL-52-A-292
CONE, ADAM                              AL-52-A-135
CRAIG, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-261
CRENSHAW, JOSEPH                        AL-52-A-113
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        AL-52-A-287
CURRY, EDWIN                            AL-52-A-145
DAVIS, FREDERICK                        AL-52-A-69
DOZIER, JAMES                           AL-52-A-121
DOZIER, RICHARD                         AL-52-A-156
EASLEY, EDWARD                          AL-52-A-163
EDWARDS, JOHN                           AL-52-A-59
EILAND, ASA                             AL-52-A-4
ERWIN, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-78
FARROW, HENRY                           AL-52-A-250
FIKE, W.                                AL-52-A-63
FOY, MARGARET                           AL-52-A-126
GARTON, REBECCA                         AL-52-A-32
GARY, WILLIAM                           AL-52-A-88
GAYLE, MILES                            AL-52-A-286
GEORGE, A.                              AL-52-A-110
GEORGE, RICHARD                         AL-52-A-26
GIBBS, W. S.                            AL-52-A-48
GILL, BENJAMIN                          AL-52-A-23
GILL, WILLIAM                           AL-52-A-171
GORCE, J. R.                            AL-52-A-283
GORCE, J. R. (CODICIL)                  AL-52-A-284
GORCE, JAMES L.                         AL-52-A-115
GOTMAN, STARLING                        AL-52-A-103
GREGGS, L. B.                           AL-52-A-80
HARD, JESSE                             AL-52-A-133
HARRISS, JOSHUA                         AL-52-A-182
HARVILL, THOMAS                         AL-52-A-234
HAY, DAVID                              AL-52-A-273
HOGSTON, WILLIAM                        AL-52-A-298
HOLLEY, NOEL                            AL-52-A-329
HOLLY, LEVI                             AL-52-A-200
HOLMES, MILDRED                         AL-52-A-267
HOPPER, MALINDA J.                      AL-52-A-335
HOUSTON, ANN                            AL-52-A-143
HOWARD, SAMUEL                          AL-52-A-141
HOWELL, LEWIS                           AL-52-A-98
HOWLETT, E. G.                          AL-52-A-272
JACKSON, EDWIN                          AL-52-A-354
JACKSON, GREEN                          AL-52-A-247
JACKSON, JAMES SR.                      AL-52-A-13
JACKSON, WILKINS                        AL-52-A-356
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        AL-52-A-76
JAMISON, SAMUEL                         AL-52-A-304
JARWOOD, JONES                          AL-52-A-74
JOHNSON, CLAIBONE                       AL-52-A-76
JONES, DAVID E.                         AL-52-A-239
JONES, HUMPHREY                         AL-52-A-341
JONES, JOHN                             AL-52-A-8
JONES, MARTHA A.                        AL-52-A-160
JONES, OSCAR M.                         AL-52-A-81
JONES, WILLIAM A.                       AL-52-A-316
JONES, WILLIAM E.                       AL-52-A-210
KELLEYS, DAVID A.                       AL-52-A-231
KENT, ROBERT F.                         AL-52-A-107
KING, ELISHA F.                         AL-52-A-277
LEA, TEMPLE                             AL-52-A-57
LEE, RICHARD                            AL-52-A-11
LIGHTFOOT, H. C.                        AL-52-A-55
LOCEVE, ISRAEL J.                       AL-52-A-297
MANFORD, JAMES                          AL-52-A-179
MARTIN, CLAIBORNE                       AL-52-A-302
MARTIN, ROBERT                          AL-52-A-335
MARTIN, SHADERICK                       AL-52-A-251
MASSEY, JOSEPH                          AL-52-A-211
MASSEY, OLIVER                          AL-52-A-131
MAYER, ANN                              AL-52-A-293
MCCARTER, JOHN                          AL-52-A-35
MCGARY, L.                              AL-52-A-93
MCGRAW, STEPHEN                         AL-52-A-1
MCINTOSH, LAUGHLIN                      AL-52-A-49
MEEHAN, MARY                            AL-52-A-7
METTONS, THOMAS                         AL-52-A-222
MILLER, ELIJAH                          AL-52-A-207
MILLER, WILLIAM                         AL-52-A-134
MITCHELLS, .                            AL-52-A-92
MITCHELLS, STEPHEN                      AL-52-A-19
MOFFITT, HENRY                          AL-52-A-34
MOORS, E.                               AL-52-A-106
NALL, JAMES                             AL-52-A-205
NELSM, L. H.                            AL-52-A-82
NELSON, GEORGE                          AL-52-A-41
NICHOLS, SAMUEL                         AL-52-A-93
NORMAN, ARMSTED                         AL-52-A-54
NURTS, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-149
OLIVER, THOMAS M.                       AL-52-A-24
OVERTON, HENRY                          AL-52-A-306
PARISH, JOEL                            AL-52-A-193
PARTON, BENNETT                         AL-52-A-233
PAYNE, HIRAM                            AL-52-A-166
PERRY, BRITTON                          AL-52-A-44
PERRY, JOHN                             AL-52-A-33
PERRY, JOHN A.                          AL-52-A-165
PETUT, YOUNG                            AL-52-A-153
POOL, JAMES                             AL-52-A-91
POPE, ARCH                              AL-52-A-71
RACHELL, NANCY                          AL-52-A-185
RAMSEY, JOHN                            AL-52-A-70
REED, NATHAN                            AL-52-A-183
REEDS, WILLIAM                          AL-52-A-96
REID, JOHN H.                           AL-52-A-264
RICHARDSON, JOHADAB                     AL-52-A-258
RICKEY, WILLIAM                         AL-52-A-27
ROCHELL, ANDERSON                       AL-52-A-128
ROSS, JAMES W.                          AL-52-A-214
RUSSELL, ANDREW                         AL-52-A-219
RUTH, JOHN                              AL-52-A-64
RUTLEDGE, JOHN S.                       AL-52-A-63
RUTLEDGE,R ICHARD                       AL-52-A-53
SANDERS, THOMAS A.                      AL-52-A-139
SCOTT, JAMES                            AL-52-A-119
SEMPLE, JAMES                           AL-52-A-187
SHADDOCK, SAM                           AL-52-A-94
SKINNER, W. G.                          AL-52-A-195
SMAW, WILL                              AL-52-A-150
SMITH, ELIZA                            AL-52-A-100
SMITH, JOSEPH W.                        AL-52-A-246
SMITH, MARY                             AL-52-A-159
SMITH, NATHAN                           AL-52-A-67
SMITH, SAMUEL                           AL-52-A-167
SPEARS, MARY M.                         AL-52-A-157
SPEED, G. W.                            AL-52-A-61
SPIVA, DAVID                            AL-52-A-340
STEVENSON, CHARLES                      AL-52-A-40
STOKES, JEREMIAH                        AL-52-A-336
STRINGFOLLOW, HENRY                     AL-52-A-46
STUART, JOHN                            AL-52-A-123
TARRY, SARAH H.                         AL-52-A-346
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          AL-52-A-35
TERRY, JAMES                            AL-52-A-147
THOMPSON, E. S.                         AL-52-A-105
TILLMAN, FREDERICK J.                   AL-52-A-204
TRIGG, ABRAM                            AL-52-A-125
TRIGG, MARTHA                           AL-52-A-190
TRIPPS, HENRY                           AL-52-A-154
TUBB, JOHN                              AL-52-A-157
TURBOW, ISAAC                           AL-52-A-30
TURNBOW, MARGARET                       AL-52-A-161
TURNER, WILLIAM                         AL-52-A-108
TUTT, JAMES B.                          AL-52-A-174
TUTTON, JAMES                           AL-52-A-38
UNDERWOOD, JAMES                        AL-52-A-141
VINCENT, FAULKNER                       AL-52-A-87
WALKER, E. B.                           AL-52-A-289
WALKER, FRANCIS                         AL-52-A-146
WALLIS, JOHN F.                         AL-52-A-136
WALTERS, SAMUEL                         AL-52-A-217
WALTHALL, JOHN                          AL-52-A-68
WALTHALL, R. B.                         AL-52-A-240
WALTHALL,R . K.                         AL-52-A-269
WEBB, THOMAS                            AL-52-A-225
WELCH, SARAH                            AL-52-A-291
WELSH, JANE                             AL-52-A-176
WHITE, JOHN F.                          AL-52-A-17
WILKENSON, JOHN                         AL-52-A-6
WILKERSON, JOHN                         AL-52-A-308
WILLIAMS, W. W.                         AL-52-A-36
WILSON, J. M.                           AL-52-A-104
WILSON, WADE H.                         AL-52-A-183
WINDFIELD, F.                           AL-52-A-101
YARBOROUGH, DAVID                       AL-52-A-129
ALEXANDER, J. S.                        AL-52-E-391
ANDERSON, ISAAC E.                      AL-52-E-11
ARBUTHUST, J. W.                        AL-52-E-428
BALLARD, MARY A.                        AL-52-E-31
BALLARD, WILLIAM G.                     AL-52-E-122
BARTON, ELMINIE                         AL-52-E-67
BARTON, JOHN THOMAS                     AL-52-E-69
BATES, FRANCIS H.                       AL-52-E-44
BATES, J. M.                            AL-52-E-159
BLACKBURN, AMOS P.                      AL-52-E-148
BLACKLEDGE, BETTIE                      AL-52-E-475
BLOCK, MINNIE                           AL-52-E-294
BOLLING, GEORGE F.                      AL-52-E-289
BOLLING, JOHN S.                        AL-52-E-17
BRAME, ELOISE                           AL-52-E-455
BRANNON, HENRY LEE                      AL-52-E-437
BURFORD, J. M.                          AL-52-E-409
BUSH, GEORGE E.                         AL-52-E-101
BUSH, SARAH H.                          AL-52-E-34
CAINE, DRURY A. (MRS.)                  AL-52-E-403
CARTER, BURLIS                          AL-52-E-385
CHRISTIAN, REE                          AL-52-E- 422
CLYDE, IDA BRADLEY                      AL-52-E-152
COLEMAN, DUDLEY P.                      AL-52-E-430
COTTRELL, MARY ANN                      AL-52-E-117
CRAWFORD, SYDNEY A.                     AL-52-E-417
CROMER, R. A.                           AL-52-E-473
CROOM, LEWIS                            AL-52-E-354
CURB, CHARLES C.                        AL-52-E-239
CURB, J. T.                             AL-52-E-266
CURRY, CHLOE                            AL-52-E-457
CURRY, THOMAS                           AL-52-E-406
DAUGHDRILL, MARY W.                     AL-52-E-340
DAVIDSON, A. C.                         AL-52-E-277
DAVIS, W. J. SR.                        AL-52-E-113
DOMINICK, R. F.                         AL-52-E-221
DOWNEY, W. T.                           AL-52-E-107
DOZIER, CHARLES HOUSTON                 AL-52-E-322
EDARDS, GLENDORA C.                     AL-52-E-7
EDWARDS, W. H. SR.                      AL-52-E-199
EDWARDS, W. H. SR. (CON'T)              AL-52-E-215
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        AL-52-E-312
ENGLAND, W. H.                          AL-52-E-26
EVINS, A. J.                            AL-52-E-352
EVINS, CLARISIE                         AL-52-E-445
EVINS, ROBENA                           AL-52-E-331
FITZGERALD, R. H.                       AL-52-E-359
FOWLER, MARY FRANCES                    AL-52-E-202
FOWLKES, W. M.                          AL-52-E-338
FULLER, JESSE                           AL-52-E-426
GLASS, EMMA. W.                         AL-52-E-236
GODDEN, CATHERINE R.                    AL-52-E-47
GOLDEN, C. C.                           AL-52-E-42
GOULDMON, EMMA                          AL-52-E-219
GRANTHAM, ISSIE B.                      AL-52-E-460
GRAY, B. F.                             AL-52-E-270
GREEN, LEE                              AL-52-E-440
GREEN, MARY A. J.                       AL-52-E-51
GREEN, S. M.                            AL-52-E-155
GREGORY, LIZZIE J.                      AL-52-E-328
GRIFFIN, DAVID S.                       AL-52-E-442
GRIFFIN, SOPHRONIA A.                   AL-52-E-119
HALL, WILLIAM R.                        AL-52-E-357
HALL, WILLIAM R.                        AL-52-E-392
HARDIE, JOHN A.                         AL-52-E-115
HARDIE, STELLA P.                       AL-52-E-279
HARKNESS, R. G.                         AL-52-E-111
HARPER, W. T.                           AL-52-E-350
HART, ROBET D.                          AL-52-E-206
HEARN, WALTER J.                        AL-52-E-304
HILL, MARGARET LEE                      AL-52-E-169
HOGG, FRANCES E.                        AL-52-E-468
HOGUE, CARRIE FOWLKES                   AL-52-E-173
HOLLEY, C. S.                           AL-52-E-412
HOPKINS, S. A.                          AL-52-E-387
HOWZE, JOHN                             AL-52-E-65
HUEY, SARAH KING                        AL-52-E-177
HUNGERFORD, J. C.                       AL-52-E-320
JACKSON, FANNIE                         AL-52-E-217
JAMES, FRANCIS T.                       AL-52-E-415
JEMISON, MARY J.                        AL-52-E-291
JOHNSTON, G. B.                         AL-52-E-23
JONES, E. B.                            AL-52-E-310
JONES, MARTHA KEMP                      AL-52-E-134
KING, FANNY M.                          AL-52-E-20
LATIMORE, T. C.                         AL-52-E-127
LESTER, MARTHA A.                       AL-52-E-250
LOCKE, A. J.                            AL-52-E-261
LOGAN, ELIAS W.                         AL-52-E-28
LOGAN, ELIAS W. (CON'T)                 AL-52-E-56
MARX, EDWARD                            AL-52-E-336
MARX, JACOB                             AL-52-E-333
MASON, LUCY B.                          AL-52-E-194
MATTHEW, CHARLES PATRICK                AL-52-E-231
MCCALLUM, E. K.                         AL-52-E-300
MCCARRELL, JERRY                        AL-52-E-104
MCGINNIS, JAMES                         AL-52-E-197
MEARS, MARGARET F.                      AL-52-E-282
MEYER, FERDINAND                        AL-52-E-204
MIREE, ARABELLA P.                      AL-52-E-296
MOORE, CALVIN                           AL-52-E-97
MOORE, HESSE A.                         AL-52-E-190
MOORE, LUCY B.                          AL-52-E-208
MORGAN, EMMA LOU                        AL-52-E-108
MORGAN, L. A. SR.                       AL-52-E-9
MORGAN, LEWIS ALLEN JR.                 AL-52-E-142
MORLAND, J. B.                          AL-52-E-464
MORRISSETTE, FRANCIS S.                 AL-52-E-366
MUNDEN, WILLIAM P. SR.                  AL-52-E-183
MURFEE, LAUR AOWEN                      AL-52-E-130
NEWHEART, MARGARET E.                   AL-52-E-163
OAKES, M. B.                            AL-52-E-314
OSBURN, ELIZABETH                       AL-52-E-72
OSBURN, ROBERT                          AL-52-E-72
OSULLIVAN, T. E.                        AL-52-E-365
PALMORE, MARY M.                        AL-52-E-318
PERKINS, THORNTON                       AL-52-E-59
PHILLIPS, S. F.                         AL-52-E-376
PITTS, DOVIE                            AL-52-E-302
POLLARD, CHARLES L.                     AL-52-E-432
POOLE, ROBERT RANSOM                    AL-52-E-286
POWERS, E. L.                           AL-52-E-161
PRICE, WILLIAM S.                       AL-52-E-284
PRICNE, CHARLOTTE B.                    AL-52-E-126
PRYOR, R. G.                            AL-52-E-326
PRYOR, STEPHEN (CON'T)_                 AL-52-E-238
PRYOR, STEPHEN                          AL-52-E-228
REESE, J. E.                            AL-52-E-150
REID, M. E.                             AL-52-E-88
ROBBINS, STATERA                        AL-52-E-316
ROBINSON, EMMA C.                       AL-52-E-76
SCOTT, LUCY                             AL-52-E-12
SCOTT, M. C.                            AL-52-E-374
SCOTT, MARY K.                          AL-52-E-449
SEAWELL, ANNIE E.                       AL-52-E-62
SEYMOUR, LEAH ANN                       AL-52-E-361
SHIVERS, E. D.                          AL-52-E-453
SHIVERS, MARIA L.                       AL-52-E-246
SMITH, J. W.                            AL-52-E-139
SMITH, JAMES A.                         AL-52-E-1
SMITH, VELIA A.                         AL-52-E-401
SPESSARD, A. M.                         AL-52-E-252
SPROTT, JOHN .                          AL-52-E-435
STEWART, C. J. (DR)                     AL-52-E-447
STOLLENWERCK, G. D.                     AL-52-E-275
SUTTLE, MARY F.                         AL-52-E-273
SWANN, EDAWRD                           AL-52-E-52
SWANN, EDWARD (DR)                      AL-52-E-308
SWINDEL, G. W.                          AL-52-E-298
TALBERT, JOHN M.                        AL-52-E-180
TATE, GEORGE C.                         AL-52-E-477
TERRELL, LULA HOUSTON                   AL-52-E-94
THOMAS, ELIZA W.                        AL-52-E-14
THOMPSON, SARAH GREEN                   AL-52-E-381
TILLER, J. R.                           AL-52-E-292
TUBB, SARAH E.                          AL-52-E-264
TUBB, W. S.                             AL-52-E-224
TUBBS, J. U.                            AL-52-E-145
TUCKER, J. B. (DR)                      AL-52-E-125
UNDERWOOD, SEREMIA                      AL-52-E-58
UNDEWOOD, AZOLINE                       AL-52-E-394
WALLACE, R. B.                          AL-52-E-254
WATTERS, R. O.                          AL-52-E-420
WATTERS, W. M.                          AL-52-E-343
WEBB, R. L.                             AL-52-E-469
WEST, LEE A.                            AL-52-E-81
WHITE, ADELINE                          AL-52-E-408
WHITE, GEORGE B.                        AL-52-E-397
WHITE, WALTER J.                        AL-52-E-378
WHITMAN, ANNIE L.                       AL-52-E-389
WHITMAN, H. Y.                          AL-52-E-92
WHITMAN, WILLIAM TOLER                  AL-52-E-234
WHITSETT, RECTOR                        AL-52-E-213
WILKERSON, ARTHUR F.                    AL-52-E-461
WILLIAMS, J. R. J.                      AL-52-E-186
WOLF, A.                                AL-52-E-78
WOLF, OTTO                              AL-52-E-345
WOODFIN, SAMUEL                         AL-52-E-54
YOUNGER, ANNA                           AL-52-E-103
YOUNGER, JACOB                          AL-52-E-99
BARRON, E. J.                           AL-52-B-3
BARRON, E. W.                           AL-52-B-374
BARRON, NANCY JANE                      AL-52-B-398
BATES, JOHN                             AL-52-B-327
BATES, ROBERT                           AL-52-B-366
BELL, HOMAS                             AL-52-B-129
BLAKEY, JOSEPH A.                       AL-52-B-79
BOLLING, SAMUEL                         AL-52-B-202
BOYLS, JAMES A.                         AL-52-B-251
BRYAN, DAVID H.                         AL-52-B-161
BURKE, MARY W.                          AL-52-B-416
BURNETT, MARY H.                        AL-52-B-46
CARLISLE, E. K.                         AL-52-B-431
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM                        AL-52-B-59
CLARKE, H. M. H.                        AL-52-B-61
COLE, J. G.                             AL-52-B-352
COLEMAN, PLEASANT P.                    AL-52-B-83
COLEMAN, T. K.                          AL-52-B-230
CUNNINGHAM, W. A.                       AL-52-B-168
CURB, THOMAS                            AL-52-B-268
DAVIS, HUGH                             AL-52-B-306
DEYAMPERT, L. Q. C.                     AL-52-B-296
DOBBINS ,OZA                            AL-52-B-237
DONAVAN, JAMES                          AL-52-B-51
DRIVER, JOHN C.                         AL-52-B-195
DUERSON, JAMES                          AL-52-B-245
DUNKIN, DAVID                           AL-52-B-172
FARRAR, RICHARD                         AL-52-B-264
FORD, J. M.                             AL-52-B-225
FORD, WILLIAM M.                        AL-52-B-117
GARROTT, J. W.                          AL-52-B-186
GEORGE, JAMES F.                        AL-52-B-380
GODDEN, H. F.                           AL-52-B-17
GRAHAM, JOHN P.                         AL-52-B-420
HARPER, EDWARD                          AL-52-B-100
HARPER, O. A.                           AL-52-B-246
HARPER, WILLIAM T.                      AL-52-B-120
HINES, J. H.                            AL-52-B-76
HOLIFIELD, JESSE                        AL-52-B-377
HOLIFIELD, JESSE                        AL-52-B-165
HOLMES, ANDERSON                        AL-52-B-333
HOLMES, BENJAMIN                        AL-52-B-277
HOLMES, HANNAH                          AL-52-B-325
HOLMS, SAMUEL                           AL-52-B-193
HOPPER, GEORGE                          AL-52-B-259
HUBBARD, ABNER                          AL-52-B-170
HUDSON, ABNER                           AL-52-B-354
HUDSON, JAMES G.                        AL-52-B-214
IVERY, ELISHA                           AL-52-B-411
IVY, HENRY                              AL-52-B-407
JACKSON, JOHN Y.                        AL-52-B-73
JEMISON, HUMPHREY                       AL-52-B-9
JEMISON, NANCY                          AL-52-B-140
JOHN, S. W.                             AL-52-B-14
JONES, RACHEL M.                        AL-52-B-345
JONES, T. T.                            AL-52-B-163
JONES, WILLIAM                          AL-52-B-27
KING, E. F.                             AL-52-B-258
KING, E. W.                             AL-52-B-106
KING, MARGARET                          AL-52-B-3208
KING, W. D.                             AL-52-B-151
LANE, LEVIN B.                          AL-52-B-315
LEE, DAVID                              AL-52-B-174
LEWIS, FREDERICK                        AL-52-B-23
LOCKETT, NAPOLEON                       AL-52-B-321
MARTIN, GEORGE M.                       AL-52-B-348
MASSEY, B. B.                           AL-52-B-20
MASSEY, GEORGE P.                       AL-52-B-384
MASSEY, KESIAH                          AL-52-B-1
MCINTOSH, ANN                           AL-52-B-137
MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN                        AL-52-B-33
MELTON, WILLIAM A.                      AL-52-B-253
MONTAGUE, R. A.                         AL-52-B-114
MOORE, JANE B.                          AL-52-B-91
MORRIS, T. A.                           AL-52-B-149
MORTON, JOHN R.                         AL-52-B-70
MOUDY, ROBERT                           AL-52-B-144
NARRAIM, PERMELIA                       AL-52-B-434
NELMS, E. Y.                            AL-52-B-395
NERTZ, ELIZABETH                        AL-52-B-332
NORWOOD, ANNA                           AL-52-B-48
OLIVER, LUCINDA                         AL-52-B-95
OVERTON, PENELOPE                       AL-52-B-146
PARKER, KING                            AL-52-B-239
PATRICK, ELIZA                          AL-52-B-375
PATRICK, JOHN                           AL-52-B-293
PHILLIPS, MARK                          AL-52-B-281
PITTS, D. W.                            AL-52-B-123
POOL, J. K. C.                          AL-52-B-154
PRESTRIDGE, B. R.                       AL-52-B-35
PRICE, JAMES F.                         AL-52-B-205
PRICE, JAMES L.                         AL-52-B-339
PRICE, S. M.                            AL-52-B-219
RADFORD, R. R.                          AL-52-B-271
RENCHER, WILLIAM                        AL-52-B-54
REYNOLDS, C.                            AL-52-B-232
RUTLEDGE, MARY                          AL-52-B-371
SANDERS, FRANCIS E.                     AL-52-B-286
SMITH, S. F.                            AL-52-B-284
SMITH, SOLOMON                          AL-52-B-109
SMITH, V. S.                            AL-52-B-228
SPEED, VIRGINIA M.                      AL-52-B-183
STEWART, A. J.                          AL-52-B-404
STORRS, JAMES S.                        AL-52-B-221
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                       AL-52-B-43
TALBERT, E. J.                          AL-52-B-50
TARRY, WILLIAM                          AL-52-B-427
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      AL-52-B-406
THOMAS, P.                              AL-52-B-226
UNDERWOOD, M. M.                        AL-52-B-156
WALLACE, S. L.                          AL-52-B-389
WELCH, THOMAS                           AL-52-B-262
WILEY, RUTHY                            AL-52-B-64
WILKINSON, CLARA ANN                    AL-52-B-39
WILLIAMS, JAMES W.                      AL-52-B-288
WILLIS, W.                              AL-52-B-400
WITSETT, J. T.                          AL-52-B-290
WOODFIN, DAVID                          AL-52-B-184
WOODFIN, JAMES                          AL-52-B-56
WOOLLEY, ANDREW                         AL-52-B-362
WRIGHT, RUFUS L.                        AL-52-B-279
ALEXANDER, JOSIAH                       AL-52-C-336
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH G.                  AL-52-C-106
BARRON, JOHN                            AL-52-C-68
BARRON, NANCY C.                        AL-52-C-102
BATES, JULIA R.                         AL-52-C-275
BELL, J. B.                             AL-52-C-54
BEMUSM, GEORGE H.                       AL-52-C-196
BILLINGSLEA, CYRUS                      AL-52-C-316
BLACKBURN, EDWARD                       AL-52-C-93
BLACKBURN, SIDNEY W.                    AL-52-C-63
BRADLEY, A. Q.                          AL-52-C-20
BROWN, JESSE L.                         AL-52-C-139
CHATFIELD, S. M.                        AL-52-C-323
CHRISTIAN, ROBERT                       AL-52-C-51
COCKE, FLEMING                          AL-52-C-360
COCKE, JOHN BINION                      AL-52-C-357
COLEMAN, M. M.                          AL-52-C-169
CRAIG, ALLEN W.                         AL-52-C-112
CRENSHAW, JOHN W.                       AL-52-C-331
CRENSHAW, LUCY A.                       AL-52-C-372
CURRY, MARY E.                          AL-52-C-288
CURRY, REBECCA L.                       AL-52-C-117
DALTON, VIRGINIA F.                     AL-52-C-191
DASBY, REBECCA H.                       AL-52-C-15
DAVIS, L. E.                            AL-52-C-386
DAVIS, MARY                             AL-52-C-365
DICKSON, C. R.                          AL-52-C-26
DOBYNS, LUCY J.                         AL-52-C-328
DORROB, SAMUEL                          AL-52-C-37
EDWARDS, JAMES                          AL-52-C-155
ERVIN, ELIZA J.                         AL-52-C-341
EVENS, JAMES G.                         AL-52-C-392
FIQUIT, J. B. SR.                       AL-52-C-163
FOULKES, S. H.                          AL-52-C-242
GOODE, FRANCIS E.                       DEED BK 86 PAGE 40
HARPER, BENJAMIN G.                     AL-52-C-187
HART, MARY E.                           AL-52-C-126
HEARD, E. Q.                            AL-52-C-229
HILDEBURN, SAMUEL                       AL-52-C-120
HUDSON, A. G.                           AL-52-C-208
HUNTINGTON, FRANCIS R.                  AL-52-C-82
JEFFRIES, EMILY E.                      AL-52-C-176
JEFFRIES, MABEL A.                      AL-52-C-295
JONES, FRANCIS A.                       AL-52-C-279
JONES, S. LOUISA                        AL-52-C-285
JONES, THADDEUS D.                      AL-52-C-128
KELLY, A. R.                            AL-52-C-256
KING, J. B.                             AL-52-C-353
KING, MARY E.                           AL-52-C-293
KING, PORTER                            AL-52-C-306
KING, RHODA B.                          AL-52-C-388
LAWSON, ALFRED                          AL-52-C-238
LEE, DAVID                              AL-52-C-1
LEVEST, E. V.                           AL-52-C-29
LIDE, DAVID R.                          AL-52-C-18
LIDE, L. E.                             AL-52-C-47
LOCKHART, EMILY R.                      AL-52-C-59
LOVE, M. W.                             AL-52-C-108
LOVELACE, C. W.                         AL-52-C-326
MARSHALL, JANE P.                       AL-52-C-383
MARSHALL, M. E.                         AL-52-C-203
MARTIN, LEVI                            AL-52-C-85
MCALLISTER, JAMES                       AL-52-C-99
MCALLISTER, W. T.                       AL-52-C-235
MCMURRAY, MARY                          AL-52-C-198
MOSS, SARAH                             AL-52-C-313
NORTON, PETER                           AL-52-C-218
OLIVER, M. W.                           AL-52-C-246
OTEY, CAROLINE E.                       AL-52-C-146
PITTS, R. V.                            AL-52-C-23
PRITCHETT, BETTIE                       AL-52-C-31
RAYMOND, ELIZABETH                      AL-52-C-205
REESE, CARLOS SR.                       AL-52-C-290
REYNOLDS, JAMES C.                      AL-52-C-382
SANDERS, GREEN B.                       AL-52-C-367
SCOTT, JAMES                            AL-52-C-150
SHEARER, JAMES                          AL-52-C-233
SPENCER, WILLIAM                        AL-52-C-310
STEVENSON, JANE                         AL-52-C-298
STEVENSON, JOEL                         AL-52-C-300
STOLLENWERCK, H. A.                     AL-52-C-319
SUTTLES, JOHN A.                        AL-52-C-136
TUTT, MATILDA J.                        AL-52-C-181
VANDER5SLICE, JOSEPH                    AL-52-C-56
VARDEN, J. B.                           AL-52-C-252
VAUGHN, H. W.                           AL-52-C-258
WALTHALL, T. M.                         AL-52-C-42
WARE, GEORGE N.                         AL-52-C-10
WEST, ALICE                             AL-52-C-363
WINKLER, E. T.                          AL-52-C-160
WOODFIN, E. B.                          AL-52-C-303
WYATT, L. A.                            AL-52-C-226
WYATT, MARY ANN                         AL-52-C-267
ADAMS, WILLIAM F.                       AL-52-D-400
ALLEN, J. D.                            AL-52-D-453
BATES, W. W.                            AL-52-D-117
BELCHER, W. O.                          AL-52-D-231
BELCHER, WASHINGTON                     AL-52-D-95
BELL, GEORGE                            AL-52-D-178
BENETT, LEWIS                           AL-52-D-270
BERNHARD, EUGENIA H.                    AL-52-D-284
BILLINGSLEY, ISAAC                      AL-52-D-18
BOLLING, NANCY A.                       AL-52-D-385
BORN, MARIA                             AL-52-D-37
BRAXTON, EDARD                          AL-52-D-345
CHAMBERS, RHODA                         AL-52-D-278
CHILDS, STEPHEN                         AL-52-D-32
COCK, MARY ANN                          AL-52-D-99
COCKE, FLEMING                          AL-52-D-85
COOK, JAMES W.                          AL-52-D-55
COTTRELL, IVORY                         AL-52-D-444
CRAIG, FRED M.                          AL-52-D-403
CRAIG, WILLIAM M.                       AL-52-D-258
CRENSHAW, CLARENCE                      AL-52-D-4
CRENSHAW, DORCAS P.                     AL-52-D-2
CRENSHAW, MARY N.                       AL-52-D-131
CROCKER, CRAWFORD                       AL-52-D-439
CUMMINGS, THOMAS                        AL-52-D-250
CUNNINGHAM, SARAH A.                    AL-52-D-272
CURB, A. G.                             AL-52-D-373
DAVIDSON, A. C.                         AL-52-D-50
DAVIDSON, MARIA P.                      AL-52-D-408
DAVIS, MARTHA J.                        AL-52-D-144
DEW, DAVID A.                           AL-52-D-89
DEYAMPERT, JORDAN                       AL-52-D-58
DOBBINS, DAVID W.                       AL-52-D-350
EDARDS, ROBERT N.                       AL-52-D-442
EDWARDS, LUCY                           AL-52-D-176
FITZGERALD, JAMES T.                    AL-52-D-168
FORD, FRANCIS MARION                    AL-52-D-101
FOSTER, LEAH M.                         AL-52-D-24
FOWLER, THEOPHILUS G.                   AL-52-D-256
FRETWELL, W. G.                         AL-52-D-62
GANT, SYLVIA                            AL-52-D-448
GEORGE, ELI P.                          AL-52-D-391
GHOLSON, ALPHUS DE COMSAL               AL-52-D-369
GOLDEN, ANDREW                          AL-52-D-225
GRAHAM, T. A.                           AL-52-D-355
GREEN, A. P.                            AL-52-D-48
GREEN, MARY A. J.                       AL-52-D-34
GREGORY, ISLA V.                        AL-52-D-319
GREGORY, WILLIAM C.                     AL-52-D-248
HALL, R. F.                             AL-52-D-195
HARDIE, R. A. JR.                       AL-52-D-451
HARPER, MARTHA ELLEN                    AL-52-D-277
HOFFMAN, CATHARINE                      AL-52-D-126
HOFFMAN, CORNELIA S.                    AL-52-D-123
HOLCROFT, EDWARD B.                     AL-52-D-263
HOWZE, CLAUDIA C.                       AL-52-D-143
HUDSON, FLORENCE H.                     AL-52-D-6
HUEY, B. M.                             AL-52-D-210
HURT, H. H. SR.                         AL-52-D-171
HURT, ISAAC S.                          AL-52-D-71
JEMISON, MARY J.                        AL-52-D-300
JOHNSON, HELEN D.                       AL-52-D-174
JOHNSON, WILLIAM G.                     AL-52-D-254
JONES, J. S.                            AL-52-D-311
JONES, MARY E.                          AL-52-D-288
KEY, JOHN H.                            AL-52-D-395
KING, C. M.                             AL-52-D-182
KING, CHARLES E.                        AL-52-D-405
KING, JASS                              AL-52-D-437
KING, PORTER                            AL-52-D-290
LAUGHORNE, J. M.                        AL-52-D-447
LEE, LEVIN LANE                         AL-52-D-315
LEVY, REGINA                            AL-52-D-141
LOCKETT, POLLY                          AL-52-D-321
LOGAN, E. W.                            AL-52-D-452
LORENZA, LOVE                           AL-52-D-22
LOVE, SARAH A.                          AL-52-D-233
MARTIN, W. C.                           AL-52-D-302
MCCANN, A. E.                           AL-52-D-163
MCCORKLE, M. L.                         AL-52-D-337
MCLAUGHLIN, S. G.                       AL-52-D-134
MCLENDON, H. A.                         AL-52-D-376
MCMULLY, R. R.                          AL-52-D-119
METZGER, V. G.                          AL-52-D-128
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                     AL-52-D-160
MODANELL, MARY A.                       AL-52-D-237
MOORE, J. A.                            AL-52-D-329
MOORE, JOHN C.                          AL-52-D-356
MOORE, MATTIE H.                        AL-52-D-363
MOSS, JULIAN                            AL-52-D-221
MOSS, JULIUS C.                         AL-52-D-149
MOSS, SALLIE                            AL-52-D-196
OAKES, WILLIAM                          AL-52-D-112
PACK, J. T.                             AL-52-D-146
PETERS, THOMAS H.                       AL-52-D-265
PETERSON, VINCENT T.                    AL-52-D-366
PETTIT, J. S.                           AL-52-D-60
PHILLIPS, J. M.                         AL-52-D-380
PLEASANTS, LIZZIE                       AL-52-D-393
POPE, A. L.                             AL-52-D-103
REESE, MARY C.                          AL-52-D-64
RIGGS, EMMA T.                          AL-52-D-210
ROGERS, W. A.                           AL-52-D-322
ROSCHOTSH, MAGNUS H.                    AL-52-D-29
SCHONBERG, CHARLES                      AL-52-D-41
SCOTT, J. E. K.                         AL-52-D-44
SELDON, JOSEPH                          AL-52-D-109
SNYDER, SOPHIA C.                       AL-52-D-199
STEART, J. H.                           AL-52-D-375
STEVENSON, LIZZIE                       AL-52-D-343
STOLLENWERCK, AIME W.                   AL-52-D-106
STOLLENWERCK, ELLA M.                   AL-52-D-7
STURDIVANT, SOPHIA C.                   AL-52-D-192
SUTTLE, GEORGE E.                       AL-52-D-325
TALLMAN, J. W.                          AL-52-D-91
TARRY, SUSAN A.                         AL-52-D-97
TATE, C. C.                             AL-52-D-66
TEMPLE, MARY L.                         AL-52-D-347
THOMAS, REBECCA                         AL-52-D-179
TUCKER, E. W.                           AL-52-D-398
UNDERWOOD, FANNIE N.                    AL-52-D-339
UNDEWOOD, ISAAC N.                      AL-52-D-342
VARY, RACHEL W.                         AL-52-D-68
WALLACE, GEORGE                         AL-52-D-313
WATTERS, ADDIE                          AL-52-D-268
WHITE, HELEN                            AL-52-D-282
WHITE, JOHN HENRY                       AL-52-D-115
WILLIAMS, PHILLIP                       AL-52-D-1
WRIGHT, R. L.                           AL-52-D-52

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