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ADAMS, ORREN                            AL-32-A-252
AGNEW, JOHN                             AL-32-B-210
ANDERSON, FRANCES T.                    AL-32-A-297
ARNOLD, MAGGIE T.                       AL-32-B-34
AVERY, BRYANT                           AL-32-A-47
AVERY, E. D.                            AL-32-A-804
AVERY, H. W.                            AL-32-A-461
AVERY, P. M.                            AL-32-B-318
AVERY, SALLIE J.                        AL-32-B-311
BARKER, PETER                           AL-32-A-557
BARKER, SUSAN                           AL-32-A-379
BATES, DOCK                             AL-32-A-305
BATTLE, ALFRED                          AL-32-A-146
BATTLE, ANNA M.                         AL-32-A-834
BAYOL, SYLVANIA                         AL-32-A-552
BEATTY, ELIZA M.                        AL-32-A-91
BECKHAM, ELIZABETH                      AL-32-B-41
BECKHAM, JOHN N.                        AL-32-B-530
BECKHAM, W. E.                          AL-32-B-363
BELL, JOE                               AL-32-A-710
BENNETT, BETTIE                         AL-32-B-359
BERNARD, M. L.                          AL-32-A-492
BIGGS, NORA                             AL-32-A-848
BLAKE, WILLIAM B.                       AL-32-A-452
BOCOCK, MOURNING                        AL-32-A-215
BORDEN, BENJAMIN                        AL-32-A-225
BORDEN, MARTHA T.                       AL-32-A-375
BORDEN, W. W.                           AL-32-A-351
BRAND, ELIZABETH                        AL-32-A-248
BREEN, ROBERT F.                        AL-32-A-254
BRIGDEN, GEORGE G.                      AL-32-B-256
BRITTON, WILLIAM W.                     AL-32-A-107
BROWDEE, WILLIAM M.                     AL-32-B-437
BROWDER, JAMES D.                       AL-32-A-311
BROWDER, JULIETTE M. L.                 AL-32-A-483
BROWN, KATE M.                          AL-32-B-380
BRYAN, JOHN M.                          AL-32-A-49
BRYAN, SYLVIA                           AL-32-A-290
BRYANT, STEVE                           AL-32-A-668
BUCHBANAN, JOSEPH H.                    AL-32-A-310
BURFORD, WILLIAM D.                     AL-32-A-349
BURTON, CALVIN A.                       AL-32-A-167
BYNUM, H. C.                            AL-32-A-796
CALLAWAY, CHRISTOPHER C.                AL-32-A-20
CALLAWAY, ZERILDA E.                    AL-32-A-122
CARSON, ADELAIDE L.                     AL-32-A-206
CARSON, S. C.                           AL-32-B-69
CASTLEMAN, DAVID J.                     AL-32-A-339
CASTLEMAN, N. L.                        AL-32-B-558
CHAPMAN, JOSEPH                         AL-32-A-110
CHAPSON, JOHN M.                        AL-32-A-31
CHARLES, JOHN L.                        AL-32-A-24
CHEAPE, KATHLEEN S.                     AL-32-A-800
CLARK, ANDREW C.                        AL-32-B-201
COLEMAN, LAURA F.                       AL-32-A-267
COLEY, R. F.                            AL-32-A-772
COLLINS, EUGENIA A.                     AL-32-B-216
COLLINS, JOHN                           AL-32-A-8
COLLINS, JOSEPH T. SR.                  AL-32-A-852
COLLINS, R. W.                          AL-32-B-261
COLLINS, SALLY R.                       AL-32-A-377
COOK, C. P.                             AL-32-B-346
COOK, JACOB MARTIN                      AL-32-B-17
COOK, MAUDY ELIZABETH                   AL-32-B-157
CORBIN, AUSTIN                          AL-32-A-408
CRAWFORD, NANCY                         AL-32-A-104
CREECY, ARCHY                           AL-32-A-265
CROMER, J. D.                           AL-32-A-802
CROOM, SARAH A.                         AL-32-A-155
CUMMINGS, C. D.                         AL-32-B-7
CUNNIN, ANNIE E.                        AL-32-A-722
CURTIS, BEDNEY                          AL-32-A-431
DALE, JAMES H.                          AL-32-B-526
DAVIES, MARY LOU                        AL-32-B-489
DAVIES, MARY LOUISE                     AL-32-B-286
DAVIS, RICHARD                          AL-32-A-148
DAVIS, ROBERT                           AL-32-B-415
DAY, RANSOM                             AL-32-A-127
DENNY, ANNIE D.                         AL-32-B-38
DERRICK, CLARENCE                       AL-32-A-505
DERRICK, H. C.                          AL-32-A-701
DEW, JAMES CALVIN                       AL-32-A-327
DORMAN, AMASA M.                        AL-32-A-199
DRURY, SARA L.                          AL-32-B-373
DUFFIN, WILLIAM T.                      AL-32-A-126
DUGGER, MARY S.                         AL-32-B-122
DUGGER, SARAH W.                        AL-32-A-476
DUNLAP, ALEX M.                         AL-32-A-165
EDWARDS, JULY                           AL-32-B-242
ELLIOTT, B. F. SR.                      AL-32-B-268
ELLIOTT, LOUDIE W.                      AL-32-B-431
ELLIOTT, N. W.                          AL-32-A-832
ELLIOTT, P. A.                          AL-32-A-770
ELLIOTT, SARAH JANE                     AL-32-A-543
ENGLISH, DAVID J.                       AL-32-A-78
EPPS, JOE                               AL-32-A-475
ERVIN, R. N.                            AL-32-B-43
ERWIN, ELIZA M.                         AL-32-A-73
ERWIN, MARY G.                          AL-32-B-428
ESSARY, W. C.                           AL-32-B-271
EVANS, B. S.                            AL-32-A-489
EVANS, FREDERICK                        AL-32-A-175
EVINS, R. B.                            AL-32-B-555
FICKLIN, BENJAMIN F.                    AL-32-A-79
FINDLAY, LUCY M.                        AL-32-B-506
FITZPATRICK, T. B.                      AL-32-A-300
FLEMING, SARAH JANE                     AL-32-A-567
FORAN, JOHN                             AL-32-A-828
FORD, PRESLEY                           AL-32-A-481
FREEMAN, LUCIE                          AL-32-A-830
GARBER, B. L.                           AL-32-A-656
GARBER, JOSEPH N.                       AL-32-A-681
GARRETT, CAD D.                         AL-32-B-395
GEWIN, JANE                             AL-32-A-227
GEWIN, JOHN H.                          AL-32-A-497
GEWIN, M. A.                            AL-32-A-613
GILLIS, JOHN M.                         AL-32-A-738
GREER, HENRY CLAY                       AL-32-B-536
GREER, ISABELLA PERMELIA                AL-32-B-541
GRETE, FLOSSIE G.                       AL-32-B-520
GRIDER, SALLIE B.                       AL-32-A-403
GRIFFIN, A. H.                          AL-32-A-653
GRIFFIN, L. M.                          AL-32-B-442
GRIFFIN, R. J.                          AL-32-B-366
HADEN, WILLIS B.                        AL-32-A-188
HALL, ANNA P.                           AL-32-B-487
HAMILTON, JIMSIE                        AL-32-B-485
HAMILTON, JOHN                          AL-32-A-685
HANNA, THOMAS A.                        AL-32-A-234
HAPPEL, MARY J.                         AL-32-A-524
HARALSON, LIDA J.                       AL-32-A-840
HARDEE, MARY LEWIS                      AL-32-A-617
HARE, M. A.                             AL-32-B-100
HARPER, MARGARET A.                     AL-32-A-671
HARRIS, HOWARD                          AL-32-B-514
HARRIS, MARTHA E.                       AL-32-B-112
HARRIS, PAGE                            AL-32-A-232
HARRIS, R. N.                           AL-32-A-753
HARRIS, T. J.                           AL-32-A-448
HARRIS, WILLIAM R.                      AL-32-A-247
HARRY, JOSEPH                           AL-32-B-86
HARVEY, JOHN G.                         AL-32-A-260
HARVEY, SARAH A.                        AL-32-A-81
HATCH, ALFRED                           AL-32-A-160
HATCH, BENJAMIN F.                      AL-32-A-774
HATCH, MARY A.                          AL-32-A-708
HATCH, NARCISSA E.                      AL-32-B-388
HAYNES, V. M.                           AL-32-A-764
HAYWOOD, GEORGE W.                      AL-32-A-255
HELLEN, MARY ANN                        AL-32-A-28
HENDON, WILLAM T.                       AL-32-A-59
HENRY, FRANCIS M.                       AL-32-B-306
HENRY, FRANCIS M.                       AL-32-B-197
HENRY, MINNIE                           AL-32-B-348
HERRAN, MILTON S.                       AL-32-A-784
HERREN, W. C.                           AL-32-B-408
HIGGINS, MARY A. A.                     AL-32-A-470
HIGGINS, ROBERT A.                      AL-32-A-177
HIGH, ELLA R.                           AL-32-B-245
HIGH, ISAIAH S.                         AL-32-A-323
HILL, ELIZABETH ANN                     AL-32-A-87
HILL, EUGENE D.                         AL-32-A-70
HILL, HARRIET                           AL-32-A-42
HOBSON, JOHN M.                         AL-32-A-162
HOGGLE, FREDERICK                       AL-32-A-97
HOGGLE, JOHN JR.                        AL-32-A-720
HOGUE, BETTIE P.                        AL-32-B-23
HOLBROOK, JAMES                         AL-32-A-192
HOLLEY, GEORGE S.                       AL-32-A-83
HOLSTON, R. J.                          AL-32-B-274
HOSMER, S. M.                           AL-32-B-177
HOWELL, J. E.                           AL-32-B-483
HUGGINS, JACOB                          AL-32-A-673
HUIT, THOMAS S.                         AL-32-A-495
HUMPHREYS, VIRGINIA                     AL-32-A-766
HURLEY, EDMUND                          AL-32-A-230
HUTCHINSON, JOSEPH J.                   AL-32-A-99
HUTCHINSON, SARAH J.                    AL-32-A-692
INGE, WILLIAM B.                        AL-32-A-112
INGE, WILLIAM B.                        AL-32-A-735
JACK, E. S.                             AL-32-B-354
JACKSON, SAM                            AL-32-A-659
JAMIESON, W. S.                         AL-32-B-109
JAY, LEWIS W.                           AL-32-B-81
JEFFRIES, ALGERNON S.                   AL-32-A-273
JEFFRIES, MARY A.                       AL-32-A-241
JOHNSON, MARY PECK                      AL-32-B-402
JOHNSTON, THOMAS M.                     AL-32-A-53
JONES, ELIZA J.                         AL-32-A-434
JONES, EUGENIA                          AL-32-A-308
JONES, JAMES                            AL-32-A-170
JONES, JAMES A.                         AL-32-A-755
JONES, LUCCIOUS P.                      AL-32-B-5
JONES, MADISON                          AL-32-A-629
JONES, MILLY (COLORED)                  AL-32-A-315
JONES, N. B.                            AL-32-A-762
JONES, SUSAN                            AL-32-A-547
JONES, WILLIAM                          AL-32-A-464
JUNKINS, JAMES                          AL-32-A-130
KEENER, JOHN O.                         AL-32-A-363
KELLEY, JAMES                           AL-32-A-449
KELLY, JOHN                             AL-32-B-191
KEY, DAVID M.                           AL-32-A-211
KEY, EREY                               AL-32-A-453
KEY, HANNAH                             AL-32-A-281
KIMBROUGH, E. R. E.                     AL-32-B-292
KIMBROUGH, EDWARD L.                    AL-32-A-533
KIMBROUGH, S. A.                        AL-32-A-609
KING, WILLIAM E.                        AL-32-A-393
KING, WILLIAM M.                        AL-32-A-640
KNIGHT, WILLIAM N.                      AL-32-A-825
KORNEGAY, CARRY LA MOTTE                AL-32-A-637
KORNEGAY, JAMES H.                      AL-32-A-303
KYNARD, MARTHA ELIZABETH                AL-32-B-248
LANDERS, LOULA T.                       AL-32-A-208
LANE, ED                                AL-32-B-361
LAVENDER, ED                            AL-32-B-509
LAVENDER, J. D.                         AL-32-B-159
LAVENDER, SALLIE                        AL-32-B-477
LAVENDER, WRIGHT H.                     AL-32-A-164
LAWRENCE, ALICE                         AL-32-A-744
LAWSON, A.                              AL-32-B-356
LAWSON, L. J.                           AL-32-A-746
LEDERER, SIMON                          AL-32-A-269
LEE, IMOGEN D.                          AL-32-A-604
LEE, LOUISA CONWAY                      AL-32-B-171
LEVY, EDWARD                            AL-32-A-198
LEWIS, JAMES M.                         AL-32-B-63
LICHTMAN, CHARLES                       AL-32-A-779
LIESER, KATHERINE                       AL-32-A-501
LOCKE, LUCINDA                          AL-32-A-270
LODGE, WILLIAM E.                       AL-32-B-301
LOGAN, S. D.                            AL-32-B-118
LOOMIS, A. E.                           AL-32-B-65
MACKLIN, FRANK                          AL-32-A-627
MACRIS, CHRIS                           AL-32-B-368
MADISON, MARCILLA                       AL-32-A-282
MADISON, WILLAM J.                      AL-32-A-704
MARSHALL, S. C.                         AL-32-A-458
MARTIN, ELLA W.                         AL-32-B-516
MARTIN, MARSHALL                        AL-32-A-250
MARTIN, PHARES                          AL-32-A-45
MARTIN, REBECCA B.                      AL-32-A-132
MARTIN, W. P.                           AL-32-B-317
MARTIN, W. R.                           AL-32-B-114
MAY, DANIEL P.                          AL-32-A-180
MAY, ELIZA C.                           AL-32-A-158
MAY, PATRICK                            AL-32-A-37
MAYFIELD, EMMA                          AL-32-B-230
MAYFIELD,S ALLIE E.                     AL-32-A-821
MCCANN, J. W.                           AL-32-B-220
MCCLURE, ROSA                           AL-32-A-125
MCCOLLUM, EDGAR P.                      AL-32-A-645
MCCOWAN, JEREMIAH                       AL-32-B-88
MCCRARY, DAVID F.                       AL-32-A-236
MCCRARY, JAMES W.                       AL-32-A-330
MCFADDIN, ROBERT HEYWARD                AL-32-A-859
MCGILL, THOMAS R.                       AL-32-B-446
MCGLANN, JESSIE FREEMAN                 AL-32-A-687
MCGUNSTER, ALICE                        AL-32-B-165
MCKEMIS, J. J.                          AL-32-A-381
MCLAIN, ADRAN                           AL-32-A-193
MCLENDON, S. E.                         AL-32-A-694
MCLIN, ROBERT                           AL-32-A-706
MCLIN, WILLIAM                          AL-32-A-623
MCRAE, JOSEPHINE                        AL-32-A-64
MEEKS, NATHAN GILBERT                   AL-32-A-202
MILLER, MARY E.                         AL-32-A-433
MILLER, W. C.                           AL-32-A-581
MILLER, WILLIAM G.                      AL-32-A-294
MOBLEY, LUCY M.                         AL-32-A-186
MONETT, S. J.                           AL-32-A-690
MONETTE, REUBEN FLETCHER                AL-32-A-733
MONNETTE, MARY M.                       AL-32-A-650
MONTZ, FANNIE                           AL-32-A-480
MOORE, ELIZABETH J.                     AL-32-A-307
MOORE, M. D. L.                         AL-32-B-127, 143
MORGAN, FRANK                           AL-32-B-167
MORGAN, MARGARET OLIVIA                 AL-32-A-466
MORLAND, WILLIAM W.                     AL-32-B-259
MORRIS, GEORGE W.                       AL-32-A-565
MORRIS, LAURA                           AL-32-B-11
MORRISETTE, FRANCIS S.                  AL-32-B-222
MOSELY, JAMES                           AL-32-A-279
MUNFORD, THOMAS F.                      AL-32-A-750
MURFEE, JAMES W.                        AL-32-A-328
MURPHY, MATTHEW HOBSON                  AL-32-A-485
NELSON, GIDEON E.                       AL-32-A-14
NEVIN, MARY E.                          AL-32-B-552
NICHOLS, ALFRED                         AL-32-A-516
NORTH, ANNA                             AL-32-A-368
NUTTING, L. M.                          AL-32-A-583
OSBORN, P. F.                           AL-32-A-698
OTTO, LEE M.                            AL-32-B-308
OTTS, LELIA J.                          AL-32-A-572
OVERSTREET, W. W.                       AL-32-B-207
OWEN, R. A.                             AL-32-A-696
OWENS, P. F.                            AL-32-A-367
PARKHURST, MATTHEW M.                   AL-32-A-782
PARR, MATTIE E.                         AL-32-A-648
PARR, W. H.                             AL-32-B-175
PASTEUR, SARAH T.                       AL-32-B-412
PAYNE, DORA R.                          AL-32-B-265
PEARRE, MARY                            AL-32-A-320
PERRY, WILEY J.                         AL-32-A-478
PETERSON, FRANCIS M.                    AL-32-A-344
PETERSON, JAMES J.                      AL-32-A-154
PHILLIPS, CHARLES J.                    AL-32-A-136
PHILLIPS, RICHARD C.                    AL-32-B-334
PHIPPS, J. GAINES                       AL-32-B-280
PICKENS, HELEN                          AL-32-A-632
PICKENS, JAMES                          AL-32-A-675
PICKENS, SAMUEL                         AL-32-A-261
PICKENS, WILLIAM (COLORED)              AL-32-A-299
PICKETT, J. M. (DR.)                    AL-32-A-322
POELLNITZ, CHARLES A.                   AL-32-A-538
POELLNITZ, MARY LE VERT                 AL-32-A-456
POLLARD, BENNIE T. (MRS.)               AL-32-A-554
POLLARD, G. W.                          AL-32-A-579
POLLARD, JOSEPH WARREN                  AL-32-A-365
POWELL, MARIE LOISE                     AL-32-B-548
POWELL, THOMAS L.                       AL-32-A-850
POWERS, E. L.                           AL-32-B-71
POWERS, JAMES BOYD                      AL-32-B-213
POWERS, JOHN S.                         AL-32-A-360
POWERS, JULIA B.                        AL-32-B-96
POWERS, LIZZIE B.                       AL-32-B-511
POWERS, SUDIE B.                        AL-32-A-798
POWERS, W. W.                           AL-32-A-383
PRICE, LOUISA A.                        AL-32-A-689
PRISCOC, JOHN                           AL-32-A-144
PULLEN, MARGARET K.                     AL-32-B-504
RAMEY, THOMAS J.                        AL-32-A-519
RAMEY, W. B.                            AL-32-A-597
RANDOLPH, EDWARD B.                     AL-32-A-399
REDDING, B. S.                          AL-32-B-289
REESE, MINDA                            AL-32-B-233
REYNOLDS, JANE                          AL-32-A-569
RHODES, THOMAS                          AL-32-A-152
RICARD, J. R.                           AL-32-A-285
ROBERTS, TOM                            AL-32-B-444
ROBESON, TEMPE                          AL-32-A-151
ROSSER, ITUREA JANE                     AL-32-B-480
ROTHENBURG, DAVID                       AL-32-A-296
RUFFIN, MARY R.                         AL-32-A-182
RUFFIN, THOMAS                          AL-32-A-809
SADLER, W. H.                           AL-32-B-434, 451
SAMMONS, EDWARD H.                      AL-32-A-101
SAMPLE, DANIEL B.                       AL-32-A-292
SAMPLE, SUSIE W.                        AL-32-B-277
SAMPLE, W. M.                           AL-32-A-585
SANDERS, DAVE                           AL-32-B-149
SAWYER, WILLIAM TEMPLEMAN               AL-32-A-302
SCOTT, ANN SMITH                        AL-32-B-28
SCOTT, JOHN WESLEY                      AL-32-B-188
SCOTT, MILLIE                           AL-32-B-384
SEALE, JAMES B.                         AL-32-A-325
SEAY, CLARA D.                          AL-32-B-493
SEED, CLINTON C. JR.                    AL-32-A-390
SIMPSON, J. M.                          AL-32-B-397
SINGLEY, J. C. SR.                      AL-32-B-120
SINGLEY, JOHN A.                        AL-32-A-332
SLEDGE, ALEXANDER                       AL-32-A-711
SLEDGE, JAMES N.                        AL-32-A-665
SLEDGE, MARTHA                          AL-32-A-792
SMAW, P. B.                             AL-32-A-713
SMAW, W. R.                             AL-32-A-210
SMAW, WILLIAM                           AL-32-A-587
SMITH, HENRY H.                         AL-32-A-213
SMITH, ISAAC                            AL-32-A-1
SMITH, LENA TAYLOR                      AL-32-B-498
SMITH, SAMUEL                           AL-32-A-243
SMITH, SARAH FRANCES                    AL-32-B-501
SNEDECOR, V. GAYLE                      AL-32-A-258
SOZEBY, THOMAS J.                       AL-32-A-62
SPANN, MARY J.                          AL-32-A-68
SPENCER, AUGUSTA L.                     AL-32-A-321
SPENCER, G. R.                          AL-32-A-768
STARKEY, ELLA                           AL-32-B-3
STEINHART, MORRIS                       AL-32-A-394
STEWART, G. W.                          AL-32-B-263
STICKNEY, EDWARD L.                     AL-32-A-790
STICKNEY, F. G.                         AL-32-A-318
STICKNEY, LUCY P.                       AL-32-B-153
STICKNEY, MARTHA W.                     AL-32-A-317
STICKNEY, RICHARD H.                    AL-32-A-442
STICKNEY, S. P.                         AL-32-B-417
STICKNEY, THOMAS F.                     AL-32-A-577
STRINGRFELLOW, MCDONALD                 AL-32-A-135
STRUDEWICK, SAMUEL                      AL-32-A-121
STRUDWICH, JAMES WEBB                   AL-32-A-788
STRUDWICK, JAMES W.                     AL-32-A-139
STURDIVANT, MARTHA A.                   AL-32-A-137
SYRING, FRANK P.                        AL-32-A-562
SYRING, SARAH ANN                       AL-32-A-625
TAYLOR, GEORGE H.                       AL-32-B-186
TAYLOR, JULIA                           AL-32-B-400
TAYLOR, KING                            AL-32-B-392
TAYLOR, S. E.                           AL-32-A-373
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H.                      AL-32-A-94
THOMPSON, J. CORNELIA                   AL-32-B-67
THOMPSON, SARAH GREEN                   AL-32-B-235
TIDMORE, W. T.                          AL-32-B-116
TILMORE, J. B.                          AL-32-B-471
TINGLE, LYDIA E.                        AL-32-A-387
TOOSON, BERRY                           AL-32-A-635
TOOSON, JANE                            AL-32-B-390
TORBERT, W. E.                          AL-32-B-313
TOWNS, MARY                             AL-32-B-204
TRAVIS, BENJAMIN                        AL-32-A-143
TUNSTALL, ALFRED M.                     AL-32-B-456
TUNSTALL, AUGUSTA E.                    AL-32-A-621
TUNSTALL, ELIZA A.                      AL-32-A-600
TUNSTALL, J. L.                         AL-32-A-185
TUNSTALL, W. C.                         AL-32-B-76
TUNSTALL, W. C.                         AL-32-A-715
TURK, SUE S.                            AL-32-B-26
TURK, W. L.                             AL-32-A-661
TURPIN, DONNA W.                        AL-32-B-404
TURPIN, JOHN H.                         AL-32-B-1
TURPIN, JOHN H.                         AL-32-B-1
TURPIN, LOUIS W.                        AL-32-A-441
TURPIN, SARAH A.                        AL-32-A-731
TUTWILER, HENRY                         AL-32-A-196
WADSWORTH, MARY W.                      AL-32-B-382
WADWORTH, E. (DR.)                      AL-32-A-190
WALKER, NORMAN STEWART                  AL-32-B-320
WALLER, CHARLES E.                      AL-32-B-240
WALLER, ROBERT B. SR.                   AL-32-A-222
WALSH, BRIDGET                          AL-32-B-30
WALTHALL, THOMAS A.                     AL-32-B-522
WALTON, JOHN T.                         AL-32-A-277
WALTON, JOSEPH M.                       AL-32-A-240
WARD, E. F.                             AL-32-A-728
WARD, THOMAS R. SR.                     AL-32-A-342
WARE, LIZZIE                            AL-32-A-436
WARNER, JOHN P.                         AL-32-B-410
WASHINGTON, CARTER                      AL-32-A-794
WASHINGTON, JOHN                        AL-32-A-245
WASHINGTON, MARIAH                      AL-32-B-253
WATT, ELSIE                             AL-32-A-401
WATT, HUGH W.                           AL-32-A-102
WATT, JANE                              AL-32-A-356
WATT, ROSANNA                           AL-32-A-438
WEATHERS, NAN C.                        AL-32-B-339
WEBB, ED                                AL-32-B-331
WEBB, JULIA                             AL-32-A-428
WEBB, L. D.                             AL-32-A-602
WEBB, S. B.                             AL-32-A-730
WEBB, SADIE                             AL-32-B-350
WELLS, JIM                              AL-32-B-200
WHATLEY, JOSEPH W.                      AL-32-B-562
WHATLEY, SARAH AMELIA                   AL-32-A-389
WHELAN, BENJAMIN L.                     AL-32-A-61
WHITE, R. H.                            AL-32-B-87
WHITFIELD, M. L.                        AL-32-B-20
WILBORN, MARY JANE                      AL-32-B-162
WILBURN, W. M.                          AL-32-B-376
WILLIAMS, ARCHIE                        AL-32-A-140
WILLIAMS, JAMES M.                      AL-32-A-271
WILLIAMS, M. C.                         AL-32-A-490
WILSON, SARAH J.                        AL-32-A-364
WINDES, SALLIE C.                       AL-32-A-814
WINDES, SUSAN A.                        AL-32-B-420
WINN, HERBERT H.                        AL-32-A-398
WINN, MARGARETT C.                      AL-32-A-284
WINN, T. S.                             AL-32-A-385
WITHERA, ANNIE                          AL-32-B-12
WITHERS, HENRY                          AL-32-A-677
WITHERS, MARY D.                        AL-32-A-353
WITTMER, D. E.                          AL-32-A-806
WOODS, J. R.                            AL-32-A-607
WOODS, MAMIE                            AL-32-B-251
WOOLLEY, S. J.                          AL-32-B-124
YAMPERT, PARTHENIA DE                   AL-32-A-141
YANCEY, JOSEPHINE                       AL-32-A-759
YANCEY, THOMAS J.                       AL-32-A-521
YERBY, MABEL T.                         AL-32-A-469
YOUNG, AGNES ST. CLAIR                  AL-32-A-740
YOUNG, ALICE SMAW                       AL-32-A-205
YOUNG, ELISHA                           AL-32-A-359

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