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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1900-1935  |
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ABNER, PETER A.                         AL-4-A-157
ATCHESON, NANCY                         AL-4-A-131
ATKISON, VICTORIA                       AL-4-A-552
AVERY, E. L.                            AL-4-A-79
BARNETT, WILLIAM F.                     AL-4-A-479
BRABSON, ALFRED ALONZO                  AL-4-A-347
BROWN, VICTORIA GERTRUDE                AL-4-A-589
CARRUTH, J. A.                          AL-4-A-439
CASH, W. H.                             AL-4-A-121
CASTLEMAN, J. W. SR.                    AL-4-A-130
CHAMPION, JAMES V.                      AL-4-A-147
CLEVELAND, TURNER                       AL-4-A-105
COLLINS, JOHN                           AL-4-A-433
CORCORAN, JOHANNA                       AL-4-A-604
COTTINGHAM, . L.                        AL-4-A-101
COTTINGHAM, J. M.                       AL-4-A-97
COTTINGHAM, M. L.                       AL-4-A-240
CRAWFORD, SARAH H.                      AL-4-A-126
DANIEL, THOMAS                          AL-4-A-545
DAVIE, JESSE BATES                      AL-4-A-659
DERISON, ROBERT                         AL-4-A-634
DIXON, T. B.                            AL-4-A-57
DUBOSE, JOHN                            AL-4-A-417
EDMONDS, E. TRANNIE                     AL-4-A-328
EINSON, CHARLES                         AL-4-A-511
ELAM, NANCY J.                          AL-4-A-79
FANCHER, G. M.                          AL-4-A-120
FANCHER, WALTER E.                      AL-4-A-74
FITCH, FRANK                            AL-4-A-135
FITTS, T. J.                            AL-4-A-82
FULTON, SINTHY                          AL-4-A-175
GALLOWAY, ROBERT                        AL-4-A-379
GARDNER, JOHN S.                        AL-4-A-211
GENTRY, MARY JOANNA                     AL-4-A-397
GOODSON, BROWN                          AL-4-A-18
GRIFFIN, DANIEL                         AL-4-A-39
HALL, ARTHUR (ADMIN)                    AL-4-A-90
HALL, P. D.                             AL-4-A-630
HARDIN, A. J.                           AL-4-A-159
HAYES, J. N.                            AL-4-A-181
HESTER, FRANCES                         AL-4-A-191
HICKMAN, ROBERT A.                      AL-4-A-138
HICKS, R. N.                            AL-4-A-17
HILL, ROBERT                            AL-4-A-658
HILL, ROBERT                            AL-4-A-664
HOLLAND, C. R.                          AL-4-A-125
HOLLAND, C. R.                          AL-4-A-583
HOLLAND, L. E.                          AL-4-A-125
HORN, CLAY                              AL-4-A-641
HOWISON, ALLEN P.                       AL-4-A-443
HUBBARD, M.                             AL-4-A-658
HUBBARD, SARAH ANN                      AL-4-A-9
JAMES, JENNIE                           AL-4-A-10
JAMES, SAM                              AL-4-A-137
KENNEDY, EDWARD                         AL-4-A-643
KISH, STEVE                             AL-4-A-246
KORNEGAY, MARIA L.                      AL-4-A-254
KORNEGAY, MARIAH L.                     AL-4-A-244
LANGSTON, ANNA E.                       AL-4-A-54
LANGSTON, DAVID                         AL-4-A-59
LANGSTON, J. M.                         AL-4-A-315
LANGSTON, JOAB M.                       AL-4-A-1
LATHAM, PARALEE                         AL-4-A-563
LAVENDER, ELLA DAVIDSON                 AL-4-A-43
LAWRENCE, T. J.                         AL-4-A-273
LEE, J. A.                              AL-4-A-501
LEE, J. A.                              AL-4-A-502
LEE, M. K.                              AL-4-A-95
LEGERNE, R. C.                          AL-4-A-452
LEMOND, J. A.                           AL-4-A-498
LEMOND, J. A.                           AL-4-A-569
LEWIN, FRED H.                          AL-4-A-499
LEWIS, J. B.                            AL-4-A-42
LILZE, SARAH ELIZABETH                  AL-4-A-44
LOGAN, JOHN W.                          AL-4-A-540
LOGAN, LOTTIE J.                        AL-4-A-283
LOGAN, N. H.                            AL-4-A-568
LOGAN, S. D.                            AL-4-A-487
LOGAN, T. H.                            AL-4-A-283
LOWREY, WILLIAM FLETCHER                AL-4-A-363
MADDOX, FRANES                          AL-4-A-103
MAHAN, PARA L.                          AL-4-A-336
MAYFIELD, A. J.                         AL-4-A-706
MCCOLLUM, SALLIE F.                     AL-4-A-124
MCKENZIE, THOMAS                        AL-4-A-743
MCPHERSON, WILLIE MAY                   AL-4-A-289
MEIGS, BETTIE                           AL-4-A-302
MILLER, EMILY                           AL-4-A-67
MORGNA, S. J.                           AL-4-A-263
NICHOLS, HENRY H.                       AL-4-A-703
NUNNELEE, L. H.                         AL-4-A-423
ODESS, MORRIS M.                        AL-4-A-367
OGLESBY, OLIVER                         AL-4-A-154
PALMER, FRANK H.                        AL-4-A-353
PECK, MARY FRANCES MOREN                AL-4-A-457
PERRYMAN, SALLIE                        AL-4-A-94
PIERSON, R. B.                          AL-4-A-523
PRATT, J. H.                            AL-4-A-46
PRATT, LEONARD CALLOWAY JR.             AL-4-A-177
PRATT, MARY                             AL-4-A-83
RANDALL, CARRIE W.                      AL-4-A-701
REACH, AMANDA MARGARET                  AL-4-A-384
REAVES, ALICE V.                        AL-4-A-509
REYNOLDS, EUGENE DUBOSE                 AL-4-A-230
ROACH, ELIZABETH SHENNON                AL-4-A-711
ROACHE, WILLIAM JOSEPH                  AL-4-A-559
ROSS, W. J.                             AL-4-A-296
ROTENBERRY, JOHN A.                     AL-4-A-420
ROTENBERRY, JOHN A.                     AL-4-A-750
ROTENBERRY, R. J.                       AL-4-A-48
SHANNON, ELIZABETH JANE                 AL-4-A-284
SHANNON, PATRICK                        AL-4-A-364
SHAW, JOHN T.                           AL-4-A-476
SHED, CHARITY                           AL-4-A-227
SHEPHERD, CHARLIE                       AL-4-A-524
SHEPHERD, CHARLIE                       AL-4-A-702
SHEPPARD, S. R.                         AL-4-A-55
SHERROD, BENJAMIN E.                    AL-4-A-786
SMITH, ANDREW D.                        AL-4-A-223
SMITH, ANNIE                            AL-4-A-629
SMITH, R. D.                            AL-4-A-195
SNEAD, SARAH                            AL-4-A-219
STEELE, MARTHA CAROLINE                 AL-4-A-46
STEELE, MARY E.                         AL-4-A-64
STEWART, C. J. (DR.)                    AL-4-A-626
STEWART, JOHN ROBERT                    AL-4-A-570
STEWART, MARY D.                        AL-4-A-409
STEWART, W. T.                          AL-4-A-533
STRICKLAND, ANNIE                       AL-4-A-678
STRICKLAND, J. H.                       AL-4-A-669
SUTTLE, PATSY                           AL-4-A-239
THOMAS, W. H.                           AL-4-A-419
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       AL-4-A-290
THRASHER, BENJAMIN A.                   AL-4-A-401
THRASHER, FRANCES A.                    AL-4-A-688
THRASHER, ROSE A.                       AL-4-A-710
WALKER, NORMAN STEWART                  AL-4-A-614
WALLACE, A. J.                          AL-4-A-237
WALLACE, M. P.                          AL-4-A-92
WARD, D. J.                             AL-4-A-592
WARD, MARY J.                           AL-4-A-468
WILLIAMS, JAMES M.                      AL-4-A-69
WOOD, ALICE                             AL-4-A-163
WOODS, WILLIAM D.                       AL-4-A-513
WOOLEY, B. L.                           AL-4-A-778
WOOLEY, DORA J.                         AL-4-A-229
WOOLLEY, C. L. (DR.)                    AL-4-A-228
WYATT, L. L.                            AL-4-A-85

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