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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Place of Estate
Column Three = State, County #, Year Filed

AKERS, ALVAH S.                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1892
AKERS, EDDITH N.                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1934
AKES, EMILY                       BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1900
AKERS, EPLIN                      NTL                                          PA-29-1868
AKERS, HENRY C.                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1896
AKERS, ISRAEL                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1880
AKERS, JAMES H.                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1893
AKERS, JOHN                       NTL                                          PA-29-1866
AKERS, JOHN H.                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1893
AKERS, WEST A.                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1900
ALEXANDER, ALVIN K.               AYR                                          PA-29-1915
ALEXANDER, HARRIET                WELLS                                        PA-29-1926
ALEXANDER, JOHN B.                WELLS                                        PA-29-1899
ALLEN, MARY                       MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1899
ALLEN, NANCY                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1873
ALLER, CHRISTIAN                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1900
ALLER, SARAH J.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1922
ALLOWAY, NEWTON H.                TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1910
ALLOWAY, SOPHIA                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1893
AMBROSE, JACOB                    LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1878
ANDERSON, JAMES                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1881
ANDERSON, W. B.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1914
ANDERSON, WILLIAM R.              WELLS                                        PA-29-1914
ANDREWS, BERTIE                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1932
ASH, JESSE                        NTL                                          PA-29-1858
AUSTIN, ROWLAND                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1897
BAILEY, ROBERT E.                 TODD                                         PA-29-1931
BAKER, ALFRED F.                  WELLS                                        PA-29-1913
BAKER, GRANT                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1932
BAKER, ISAAC                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1889
BAKER, JOHN P.                    NTL                                          PA-29-1868
BAKER, NATHAN                     NTL                                          PA-29-1869
BAKER, SARAH D.                   NTL                                          PA-29-1884
BAKER, WILLIAM                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1895
BARBER, THOMAS                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1874
BARD, JOHN                        BELFAST                                      PA-29-1925
BARD, V. B.                       BELFAST                                      PA-29-1930
BARD, WILLIAM M.                  BELFAST                                      PA-29-1910
BARE, JACOB E.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1890
BARE, LYDIA A.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1891
BARMONT, CATHARINE                TOD                                          PA-29-1893
BARMONT, JOHN                     AYR                                          PA-29-1884
BARNAKER, J. GEORGE               TOD                                          PA-29-1885
BARNET, ABNER                     NTL                                          PA-29-1854
BANNETT, JOHN                     MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1855
BARNETT, JONATHAN                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1892
BARNETT, JONATHAN                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1896
BARNETT, PHILIP                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1887
BARNETT, Z. BLAND                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1922
BARNEY, JOHN                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1859
BARNEY, SOLOMON                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1857
BARNHART, ALFRED C.               BETHEL                                       PA-29-1927
BARNHART, BENJAMIN                BETHEL                                       PA-29-1923
BARNHART, ELLA                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1917
BARNHART, GRANT                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1924
BARNHART, PALMER                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1924
BARTON, AARON                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1859
BARTON, CHARLOTTE H.              BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1898
BARTON, ELISHA                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1859
BARTON, GEORGE N.                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1925
BARTON, GEORGE W.                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1882
BARTON, JAMES                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1897
BARTON, JAMES (2ND COPY)          BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1897
BARTON, JAMES ROSS                BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1936
BARTON, MAHLON                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1887
BARTON, MARIA                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1901
BARTON, MASON                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1908
BAUMGARDNER, MARIA                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1923
BEATTY, RICHARD                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1857
BEATTY, ROBERT                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1863
BEDFORD, HAMILTON J.              BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1865
BEDFORD, HAMILTON J. (2ND COPY)   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1865
BEDFORD, HAMILTON J.              BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1862
BELL, JOHN                        TOD                                          PA-29-1882
BELNER, GEORGE                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1857
BENDER, AMANDA                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1929
BENDER, CHARLES C.                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1909
BENDER, MARTIN M.                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1923
BENDER, WILLIAM H.                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1908
BENFORD, ANNA E.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1922
BERKSTRESSER, ASBURY F.           NTL                                          PA-29-1856
BERGSTRESSER, ELLEN               TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1930
BERGSTRESSER, ELIZABETH           BETHEL                                       PA-29-1891
BERGSTRESSER, FOSTER M.           BETHEL                                       PA-29-1889
BERKSTRESSER, JESSE               TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1879
BERKSTRESSER, MARTHA              TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1935
BERKSTRESSER, W. R.               TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1936
BERGSTRESSER, WILLIAM             TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1904
BERNHARD, AMY C.                  UNION                                        PA-29-1877
BERNHARD, JACOB                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1875
BERNHARDT, ABNER                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1896
BINKLEY, NANCY                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1924
BISHOP, ABSALOM                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1894
BISHOP, GEORGE W.                 BETHEL                                       PA-29-1910
BISHOP, WILLIAM                   THOMSON                                      PA-29-1858
BEVINS, BARNABAS                  THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1874
BIVENS, JOHN H.                   TOD                                          PA-29-1879
BEVINS, WILLIAM E.                TODD                                         PA-29-1932
BIVENS, WILLIAM E.                WELLS                                        PA-29-1905
BLACK, BENJAMIN                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1884
BLACK, CATHARINE                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1931
BLACK, D. A.                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1931
BLACK, DAVID                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1932
BLACK, JOHN A.                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1904
BLACK, P. F.                      MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1922
BLAIR, ROBERT                     LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1860
BLANKLEY, LOT                     BETHEL                                       PA-29-1909
BLOOM, PAUL                       THOMSON                                      PA-29-1851
BOLLER, C. G.                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1928
BOLINGER, ANDREW                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1880
BOLLINGER, JOHN                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1910
BOOTH, GEORGE W.                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1922
BOOTH, JOHN                       BETHEL                                       PA-29-1892
BOOTH, JOHN                       TODD                                         PA-29-1901
BOOTH, MARIA                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1908
BOOTH, NELSON                     BETHEL                                       PA-29-1928
BRADNICK, WILLIAM                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1911
BRADY, SALLY                      AYR                                          PA-29-1882
BRAKALL, CHARLES G.               THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1932
BRANNIN, WILLIAM                  NTL                                          PA-29-1859
BRANT, ALLISON F.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1932
BRANT, ANDREW S.                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1930
BRANT, FREDERICK                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1897
BRANT, MARY ANN                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1886
BRATTON, ISAAC G.                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1901
BRESSLER, FRANCIS                 UNION                                        PA-29-1884
BREWER, HENRY                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1880
BREWER, JOSEPH                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1884
BRIDENSTINE, JOSEPH               WELLS                                        PA-29-1910
BROWN, JOHN A.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1927
BROWN, WILLIAM                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1922
BROWN, WILLIAM                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1935
BRUBAKER, DAVID M.                DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1906
BRUBAKER, JOHN H.                 TODD                                         PA-29-1906
BRUBAKER, MARY                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1933
BRUBAKER, WILLIAM                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1933
BRUMBAUGH, SAMUEL D.              NTL, WASHINGTON,MD                           PA-29-1896
BRYSON, JOHN                      AYR                                          PA-29-1874
BUCKLEY, JACOB                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1878
BUCKLEY, S. L.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1924
BURD, NANCY                       NTL                                          PA-29-1863
BURKHART, MARY C.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1926
BURKHART, S. C.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1925
BURNS, C. W.                      THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1881
BURK, ISAAC                       DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1897
BUTTS, MARY                       TYALOR                                       PA-29-1915
BYE, J. H.                        BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1871
CARBAUGH, CHARLES                 AYR                                          PA-29-1932
CARBAUGH, CHRISTIANN              BELFAST                                      PA-29-1888
CARBAUGH, CHRSTIANA               THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1927
CARBAUGH, CONRAD                  THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1937
CARBAUGH, GEORGE                  AYR                                          PA-29-1887
CARBAUGH, HENRY                   AYR                                          PA-29-1932
CARBAUGH, JACOB                   AYR                                          PA-29-1888
CARBAUGH, JOSEPH                  AYR                                          PA-29-1936
CARBAUGH, MARY                    AYR                                          PA-29-1932
CARLSON, JOHN F.                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1925
CARNELL, ELIZABETH                BETHEL                                       PA-29-1929
CARNELL, JOHN F.                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1930
CARNALL, LEONARD                  WARFORDSBURG                                 PA-29-1854
CARNALL, MINNIE                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1891
CARNELL, SAMUEL                   NTL                                          PA-29-1860
CARNELL, SUSAN                    WARFORDSBURG                                 PA-29-1862
CARSON, JAMES                     UNION                                        PA-29-1936
CATTLETT, BAZIL C.                THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1892
CATLETT, MARY E.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1906
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE               WELLS                                        PA-29-1916
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE (2ND COPY)    WELLS                                        PA-29-1916
CHARLTON, JOHN                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1895
CHARLTON, JOSEPH                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1936
CHARLTON, LAVINA D.               BETHEL                                       PA-29-1925
CHARLTON, MAGGIE L.               BETHEL                                       PA-29-1903
CHARLTON, WILLIAM H.              BETHEL                                       PA-29-1912
CHESNUT, CLEM                     DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1928
CHESNUT, DAVID B.                 THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1932
CHESNUT, DAVID F.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1890
CHESNUT, WILLIAM                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1874
CHISHOLM, FRANCES                 THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1896
CLAPSADDLE, JACOB                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1887
CLARK, JAMES M.                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1882
CLARK, JOB                        BELFAST                                      PA-29-1912
CLARK, ROSA                       DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1932
CLEVINGER, ABRAHAM                BELFAST                                      PA-29-1881
CLEVENGER, ADAM                   AYR                                          PA-29-1922
CLEVENGER, CATHARINE              TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1924
CLEVENGER, GEORGE                 BELFAST                                      PA-29-1890
CLEVENGER, LUCINDA CATHERINE      AYR                                          PA-29-1933
CLEVENGER, MARY                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1931
CLEVENGER, WILLIAM T.             BELFAST                                      PA-29-1883
CLINE, ADA J.                     DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1934
CLINE, ANNA E.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1907
CLINE, CONRAD T.                  LICON CREEK                                  PA-29-1867
CLINE, DELLA                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1926
CLINE, JESSE M.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1901
CLINE, WILLIAM                    TOD                                          PA-29-1893
CLINE, WILLIAM J.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1924
CLINE, WILSON L.                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1888
CLIPPINGER, ELIZABETH             WELLS                                        PA-29-1889
CLIPPINGER, W. M.                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1933
CLOUSER, GEORGE E.                AYR                                          PA-29-1932
CLOUSER, MARGARET                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1928
CLOUSER, MARY A.                  TODD                                         PA-29-1890
CLYMANS, ROBERT                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1890
CLYMANS, ROBERT                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1884
COIEK, MARY JANE                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1883
COHICK, MARY                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1918
COMERER, ANDREW                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1897
COMERER, DANIEL                   AYR                                          PA-29-1875
COMERER, EVE                      AYR                                          PA-29-1891
COMERER, GEORGE W.                DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1905
COMERER, SARAH E.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1912
COMERER, WILLIAM                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1934
CONNER, JAMES                     AYR                                          PA-29-1857
CONNER, MARGARET                  AYR                                          PA-29-1898
CONRAD, JOHN P.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1934
COOK, AMANDA J.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1910
COOK, JOHN                        NTL                                          PA-29-1857
COOK, SARAH M.                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1911
COOPER, ELIZABETH                 AYR                                          PA-29-1931
COOPER, JAMES                     TOD                                          PA-29-1883
COOPER, JANE                      NTL                                          PA-29-1863
COOPER, JOSHUA                    NTL                                          PA-29-1849
COOPER, WILLIAM                   TOD                                          PA-29-1867
CORBIN, A. M.                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1922
CORRELL, GEORGE                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1893
CORRELL, ELAU JOSEPH              BELFAST                                      PA-29-1889
CORRELL, ELDER JOSEPH             BELFAST                                      PA-29-1889
CORRELL, SARAH                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1896
COVALT, BETHUEL                   THOMSON                                      PA-29-1857
COVALT, ISAAC                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1874
COVALT, JOHN                      THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1903
COVALT, JOHN S.                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1894
COVALT, JOSEPH                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1929
COVALT, SARAH                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1887
COWAN, HUGH                       TODD                                         PA-29-1857
COWAN, MAY                        NTL                                          PA-29-1861
COWAN, SAMUEL                     DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1887
COWAN, WILLIAM                    TOD                                          PA-29-1868
CRAIG, A. J.                      AYR                                          PA-29-1907
CRAIG, WILLIAM                    AYR                                          PA-29-1875
CRAWFORD, MARIA                   UNION                                        PA-29-1903
CRIDER, ELIZABETH                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1904
CRIDER, KATHARINE                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1916
CROFT, JOHN                       LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1898
CROMER, JOHN J.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1894
CROMER, S. R.                     TODD                                         PA-29-1937
CROMWELL, JOHN C.                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1892
CULLER, WILLIAM                   NTL                                          PA-29-1863
CURRAN, NANCY R.                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1893
CUTCHALL, BALTZER T.              AYR                                          PA-29-1928
CUTCHALL, JAMES W.                TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1929
CUTCHALL, ROBERT                  AYR                                          PA-29-1922
CUTCHALL, WAYNE W.                AYR                                          PA-29-1917
CUTCHALL, WILSON                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1903
CUTSHALL, ALBAUGH                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1893
DANIELS, BENJAMIN                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1853
DANIELS, CATHARINE                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1897
DANIELS, DENNIS                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1883
DANIELS, GEORGE B.                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1907
DANIELS, GEORGE FRANK             LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1901
DANIELS, JAMES                    LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1901
DANIELS, JOHN                     LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1901
DANIELS, JOHN                     BETHEL                                       PA-29-1909
DAVIS, A. K. (DR.)                TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1920
DAVIS, CHARLES R.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1903
DAVIS, JOHN D. H.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1908
DAVIS, W. C.                      MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1916
DAVIS, WILLIAM                    TAYLRO                                       PA-29-1859
DAWNEY, BENJAMIN C.               TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1892
DEAVOR, B. A.                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1914
DEAVOR, JAMES                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1886
DEAVOR, MARY                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1930
DECKER, ADAM                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1875
DECKER, ADAM                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1859
DECKER, ANNA                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1886
DEITRICH, H. H.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1884
DECKER, PETER                     LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1875
DECKER, MILTON                    LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1930
DECKER, FERNANDO                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1925
DECKER, BALTZER                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1902
DECKER, CLARA                     LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1927
DENCEN, DAVID                     UNION                                        PA-29-1877
DENCEN, D. D.                     UNION                                        PA-29-1894
DENCEN, JACOB A.                  UNION                                        PA-29-1896
DENCEN, SAMANTHA E.               UNION                                        PA-29-1900
DENISAR, DANIEL                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1876
DESHONG, BENJAMIN                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1910
DESHONG, BALTZER                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1892
DESHONG, A. W.                    LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1923
DESHONG, ABBA                     BELFAST                                      PA-29-1916
DESHONG, B. F.                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1931
DESHONG, DANIEL P.                BELFAST                                      PA-29-1913
DESHONG, ELLIOTT                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1894
DESHONG, GEORGE M.                DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1931
DESHONG, GEORGE W.                AYR                                          PA-29-1904
DESHONG, ISAAC P.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1886
DESHONG, JACKSON                  NTL, BEDFORD, PA                             PA-29-1890
DESHONG, JAMES W.                 BELFAST                                      PA-29-1891
DESHONG, JOHN                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1895
DESHONG, JOHN F.                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1896
DESHONG, MORGAN                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1921
DESHONG, SARAH                    AYR                                          PA-29-1905
DESHONG, SOLOMON B.               LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1920
DESHONG, ULYSES S.                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1923
DESHONG, WILLIAM                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1911
DESHONG, WILLIAM F.               LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1866
DICKSON, MARK                     TOD                                          PA-29-1881
DICKSON, MARY S.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1934
DICKSON, S. C.                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1913
DICKSON, SARAH S.                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1910
DIEHL, CORNELIUS                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1907
DIEHL, EMELINE                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1915
DIEHL, SOLOMON                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1888
DISHONG, FREDERICK B.             LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1881
DISHONG, JOHN B.                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1880
DIVELY, SAMUEL F.                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1890
DIVEN, GEORGE                     AYR                                          PA-29-1859
DIXON, CHARLES F.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1910
DIXON, CHARLES T.                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1910
DORAN, GEORGE S.                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1926
DORAN, JAMES                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1911
DORRIER, AUGUST                   UNION                                        PA-29-1894
DORTY, GEORGE                     AYR                                          PA-29-1882
DOUGLASS, JOHN C.                 THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1912
DOUGLAS, MARY K.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1864
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1855
DOUGLAS, W. W.                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1919
DOYLE, ANNIE                      TODD                                         PA-29-1931
DOYLE, JAMES                      WELLS                                        PA-29-1853
DUBBS, FREDERICK                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1866
DUFFEY, FRANK M.                  AYR                                          PA-29-1907
DUFFEY, H. A.                     AYR                                          PA-29-1926
DUFFIELD, JOHN R.                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1888
DUFFIE, S. E.                     MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1884
DUNLAP, W. FRANK                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1892
DUVALL, JOHN N.                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1931
DUVALL, MILLARD                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1930
DUVALL, ORVILL R.                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1929
DUVALL, WILLIAM L.                BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1918
EADES, JOHN H.                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1919
EADER, LEWIS A.                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1882
EARLEY, J. FOSTER                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1910
EARLY, JOHN M.                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1896
EDWARDS, ABRAM W.                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1891
EDWARDS, ALBERT L.                TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1934
EDWARDS, ALEXANDER R.             TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1870
EDWARDS, A. S.                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1916
EDWARDS, GEORGE J.                WELLS                                        PA-29-1900
EDWARDS, JEHU                     WELLS                                        PA-29-1910
EDWARDS, JOSHUA                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1871
EDWARDS, RUTH                     WELLS                                        PA-29-1929
ELIAS, JACOB                      WELLS                                        PA-29-1890
ELVEY, DANIEL                     TOD                                          PA-29-1917
ELVEY, JANE                       LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1888
ELVEY, NORRIS C.                  LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1889
ENSLEY, JAMES M.                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1869
ENSLEY, CHRIST                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1866
ENSLEY, ELIZABETH                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1856
ESHELMAN, J. M.                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1925
EVANS, DAVID R.                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1915
EVANS, ELIZABETH J.               DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1898
EVANS, SAMUEL D.                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1879
EVANS, WILLIAM R.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1913
EVERETS, ELIZABETH                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1906
EVERETTS, JACOB                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1930
EVERTS, JOHN                      BELFAST                                      PA-29-1886
EVERTS, ROBERT                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1916
EVERHART, CLOYD S.                TODD                                         PA-29-1923
EYSTER, HARRIET                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1877
EYSTER, SAMUEL                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1888
FAULKENDER, JULIA A.              TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1895
FEGLEY, EMANUEL                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1911
FIELDS, DAVID T.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1910
FIELDS, JACOB                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1878
FIELDS, JOHN M.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1872
FIELDS, W. K.                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1929
FINAFROCK, HENRY                  AYR                                          PA-29-1855
FINAFROCK, JACOB                  AYR                                          PA-29-1854
FINIFF, PETER                     AYR                                          PA-29-1887
FINIFF, P. L.                     TODD                                         PA-29-1911
FINK, ISAAC                       BELFAST                                      PA-29-1909
FISHER, AMOS                      BELFAST                                      PA-29-1965
FISHER, ANDREW                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1881
FISHER, BENJAMIN                  AYR                                          PA-29-1889
FISHER, D. E.                     BELFAST                                      PA-29-1936
FISHER, ELISHA J.                 BETHEL                                       PA-29-1930
FISHER, ELIZABETH                 FISHER                                       PA-29-1890
FISHER, ELIZABETH                 NTL                                          PA-29-1871
FISHER, ESTHER                    TOD                                          PA-29-1904
FISHER, GEORGE W.                 THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1932
FISHER, MICHAEL                   UNION                                        PA-29-1892
FISHER, HARRY R.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1934
FISHER, JACOB S.                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1888
FISHER, JACOB S.                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1889
FISHER, JOHN                      THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1917
FISHER, JOSEPH                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1911
FISHER, LUDWICK                   NTL                                          PA-29-1856
FISHER, MARTHA JANE               BETHEL                                       PA-29-1886
FISHER, MARY J.                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1928
FISHER, PAUL                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1859
FISHER, PETER                     BETHEL                                       PA-29-1866
FISHER, WILLIAM A.                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1886
FITE, ELSIE                       BELFAST                                      PA-29-1918
FITE, HENRY                       THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1887
FIX, JOHN                         TODD                                         PA-29-1904
FOX, KATHARINE                    TOD                                          PA-29-1896
FOX, KATHARINA                    TOD                                          PA-29-1897
FIX, PETER                        TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1895
FLECK, D. C.                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1912
FLECK, KEZIAH                     DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1912
FLEMMING, T. E.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1911
FLICK, HENRY                      THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1890
FLORY, LUDWICK                    AYR                                          PA-29-1852
FOHNER, ANNA                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1901
FORBES, MARTHA                    NTL                                          PA-29-1856
FORE, A. J. ESQ.                  TODD                                         PA-29-1896
FORE, A. J.                       DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1916
FORE, CATHARINE M.                TODD                                         PA-29-1888
FORE, DANIEL E.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1917
FORE, DAVID                       TOD                                          PA-29-1888
FORE, DAVID                       TOD                                          PA-29-1868
FORE, JOHN M.                     TODD                                         PA-29-1902
FORE, MARIA J.                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1887
FORE, R. F.                       MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1903
FOREMAN, JACOB S.                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1895
FOREMAN, MARGARET                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1874
FORNER, WILLIAM                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1863
FORNEY, JOHNSON                   TODD                                         PA-29-1924
FOSTER, EPHRAIM                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1877
FOSTER, GEORGE                    UNION                                        PA-29-1913
FOSTER, SEPTEMUS                  WELLS                                        PA-29-1890
FOX, ABRAHAM                      TODD                                         PA-29-1914
FOX, ELIZA ANN                    MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1921
FRAKER, DYSON                     DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1916
FRAKER, ELIZABETH                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1871
FRAKER, ELLIOTT R.                DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1909
FRAKER, GEORGE C.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1915
FRAKER, GEORGE C.                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1915
FRAKER, HENRY I.                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1932
FRAKER, JOHN W.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1924
FRAKER, SAMUEL                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1885
FRENCH, JAMES                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1872
FRYMAN, JOHN                      AYR                                          PA-29-1887
FUNK, WILLIAM                     NTL                                          PA-29-1856
GARLAND, BESSIE                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1933
GARLAND, DAVID                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1871
GARLAND, DAVID A.                 BELFAST                                      PA-29-1916
GARLAND, EMMALINE                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1923
GARLAND, EPHRAIM                  UNION                                        PA-29-1891
GALE, WILLIAM                     BETHEL                                       PA-29-1912
GALLAGHER, JOHN A.                TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1818
GALLAGHER, JOSEPH                 DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1853
GARLAND, ABRAHAM                  BELFAST                                      PA-29-1879
GARLAND, JACOB F.                 BELFAST                                      PA-29-1900
GARLAND, JOB                      AYR                                          PA-29-1828
GARLAND, JOHN                     BELFAST                                      PA-29-1880
GARLAND, MOSES                    NTL                                          PA-29-1864
GARLICK, ABRAHAM                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1906
GARNTER, GEORGE                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1894
GASTER, HARRY                     WELLS                                        PA-29-1922
GASTER, JACOB                     LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1877
GASTER, JOHN                      TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1894
GAVER, WASHINGTON                 DUBOIN                                       PA-29-1865
GETZENDANNER, JOHN                THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1932
GIBSON, AGNES                     WELLS                                        PA-29-1862
GIBSON, JOHN W.                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1837
GIENGER, J. W.                    UNION                                        PA-29-1931
GILLIS, DANIEL                    TOD                                          PA-29-1866
GLADFETER, SAMUEL                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1885
GAZIER, CONRAD SR.                AYR                                          PA-29-1905
GLENN, GEORGE W.                  AYR                                          PA-29-1922
GLUNT, JACOB                      NTL                                          PA-29-1852
GLUNT, JOHN                       DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1896
GLUNT, MARGRET                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1907
GOLDSMITH, DAVID                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1907
GOLDSMITH, HANNAH                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1907
GORDON, AMOS                      BELFAST                                      PA-29-1925
GORDON, BARBARA                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1935
GORDON, CLARA V.                  AYR                                          PA-29-1926
GORDON, DAVID                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1923
GORDON, ELIZABETH                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1888
GORDON, HARVEY                    AYR                                          PA-29-1922
GORDON, JANE                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1906
GORDON, LEMUEL                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1884
GORDON, MARY                      AYR                                          PA-29-1926
GORDON, MARY                      NTL                                          PA-29-1864
GORDON, MARY                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1888
GORDON, MARY                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1913
GORDON, MARY GALE                 BETHEL                                       PA-29-1915
GORDON, MARY J.                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1934
GORDON, MOSES                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1877
GORDON, PHILIP                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1883
GORDON, REBECCA                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1915
GORDON, WILLIAM                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1908
GORDON, WILLIAM                   AYR                                          PA-29-1895
GORDON, WILLIAM P.                BETHEL                                       PA-29-1909
GRACEY, THOMPSON                  TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1894
GRAVES, BANNER                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1876
GRAVES, DORTHY                    NEEDMORE                                     PA-29-1922
GRAVES, RALPH C.                  THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1909
GRAY, GEORGE H.                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1931
GREATHEAD, ALMIRA V.              MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1913
GREATHEAD, FANNIE                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1915
GREATHEAD, THOMAS                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1875
GREEN, DAVID                      WELLS                                        PA-29-1905
GREENLAND, BENJAMIN               WELLS                                        PA-29-1886
GREENOUGH, ELIZABETH              LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1909
GREGORY, ADAM                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1910
GREGORY, CATHARINE                THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1913
GREGORY, EPHRIAM                  THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1904
GREGORY, JAMES                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1886
GREGORY, JOB L. (DR.)             BETHEL                                       PA-29-1879
GREGORY, JOHN                     THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1896
GREGORY, JOSEPH                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1856
GREGORY, RICHMOND                 EMMAVILLE                                    PA-29-1867
GRESS, ADAM                       TOD                                          PA-29-1882
GRESS, ADAM                       MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1912
GRESS, GODFREID                   AYR                                          PA-29-1878
GRESS, HARRY C.                   TODD                                         PA-29-1927
GRESS, RHODA                      AYR                                          PA-29-1924
GRESS, RUSSELL                    TODD                                         PA-29-1932
GRIFFITH, ELIZABETH               WELLS                                        PA-29-1858
GRIFFITH, THOMAS                  WELLS                                        PA-29-1879
GRISS, MARTIN A.                  WELLS                                        PA-29-1886
GRISSENGER, MARY                  NEW GRENADA                                  PA-29-1900
GROVE, JOHN L. (REV.)             MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1920
GUILLARD, MARIE ANNE              WELLS                                        PA-29-1934
GUILLARD, PETER SR.               WELLS                                        PA-29-1911
GULDEN, CATHARINE A.              BETHEL                                       PA-29-1900
GULDEN, WILLIAM F.                BETHEL                                       PA-29-1902
HAMILL, JACOB A                   TODD                                         PA-29-1903
HANKS, A. C.                      BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1896
HANKS, BENSON                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1909
HANKS, ELIJAH                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1886
HANKS, JOHN                       BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1876
HANKS, NANCY                      BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1886
HANKS, NATHAN B.                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1906
HANKS, WILLIAM                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1880
HANN, ELI                         LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1903
HOUSE, R. R.                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1928
HOUSE, SCOTT S.                   AYR                                          PA-29-1930
HARMAN, EARL J.                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1934
HARR, LEWIS                       AYR                                          PA-29-1900
HARR, WILLIAM                     MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1911
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   AYR                                          PA-29-1873
HART, ABNER H.                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1901
HART, ENOCH                       BELFAST                                      PA-29-1901
HART, W. FRANK                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1911
HART, WILLIAM                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1874
HAUMAN, R. CHESTER                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1933
HAWKINS, EVAN                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1933
HAGY, VALENTINE                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1865
HEBNER, ANNA                      UNION                                        PA-29-1892
HEBNER, DANIEL                    UNION                                        PA-29-1890
HEDDEN, MARGARET                  NTL                                          PA-29-1851
HEFNER, DAVID                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1905
HEFNER, LYDIA A.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1912
HEETER, JOHN W.                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1869
HEID, CATHARINE                   AYR                                          PA-29-1896
HEINBAUGH, JAMES                  AYR                                          PA-29-1859
HEINBAUGH, THOMAS                 MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1919
HELFRICK, LEWIS                   TODD                                         PA-29-1928
HELMAN, LAURA B.                  DUBLN                                        PA-29-1926
HELMAN, MICHAEL                   TODD                                         PA-29-1901
HENDERSHOT, ALFRED                UNION                                        PA-29-1930
HENDERSHOT, DENTON                BETHEL                                       PA-29-1920
HENDERSHOT, E. W.                 BETHEL                                       PA-29-1924
HENDERSHOT, JACOB                 UNION                                        PA-29-1894
HENDERSHOT, WILLIAM               NTL                                          PA-29-1863
HENRY, B. FRANK                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1937
HENRY, JAMES                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1876
HENRY, JOHN A.                    DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1920
HENRY, JOHN M.                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1881
HENRY, MARGARET                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1908
HENRY, NATHAN B.                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1920
HENRY, WILLIAM                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1869
HERSHEY, ABRAHAM                  WELLS                                        PA-29-1915
HERSHEY, ABRAHAM                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1860
HERSHEY, FRANCIS                  DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1906
HERSHEY, GEORGE                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1920
HERSHEY, JEMIMA                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1934
HERTZLER, H. H.                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1912
HESS, ADAM                        BELFAST                                      PA-29-1900
HESS, AARON                       BETHEL                                       PA-29-1892
HESS, ABNER                       THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1879
HESS, ABRAHAM                     AYR                                          PA-29-1855
HESS, CATHARINE                   BELFAST                                      PA-29-1883
HESS, ELIZABETH                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1903
HESS, ELIZABETH                   THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1913
HESS, GEORGIA V.                  BELFAST                                      PA-29-1937
HESS, JACOB SR.                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1899
HESS, JACOB                       BELFAST                                      PA-29-1930
HESS, JEREMIAH                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1876
HESS, JEREMIAH                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1870
HESS, J. FRANK                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1936
HESS, JOB                         AYR                                          PA-29-1880
HESS, JOHN                        THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1902
HESS, JOHN                        TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1909
HESS, MOSES                       BETHEL                                       PA-29-1917
HESS, STILWELL W.                 THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1874
HESS, WILLIAM                     TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1898
HESSLER, HENRY                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1846
HESSLER, WILLIAM M.               BELFAST                                      PA-29-1855
HILL, HENRY H.                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1934
HILL, JACOB S.                    BELFAST                                      PA-29-1929
HILL, JOHN F.                     NTL                                          PA-29-1856
HILL, JOHN                        BETHEL                                       PA-29-1904
HILL, LEVINA I.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1935
HILL, LEAH                        BETHEL                                       PA-29-1873
HILL, LEMUEL                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1881
HILL, MAUDE                       BETHEL                                       PA-29-1908
HILL, MORGAN                      BETHEL (WILL)                                PA-29-1895
HILL, NATHAN C.                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1931
HILL, OLIVER                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1930
HILL, RACHEL                      BETHEL                                       PA-29-1906
HITE, HENRY                       THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1914
HIXON, ANNA                       BETHEL                                       PA-29-1871
HIXSON, CHARLES D.                MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1933
HIXSON, D. P.                     BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1928
HIXSON, EPHRAIM                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1878
HIXSON, JOHN N.                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1914
HIXSON, JOSEPH                    NTL                                          PA-29-1863
HIXSON, MARY                      BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1884
HIXSON, NATHAN                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1859
HIXSON, NATHAN B.                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1900
HOCKENSMITH, AMOS                 LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1863
HOCKENSMITH, CALEB                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1867
HOCKENSMITH, GEORGE               LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1882
HOCKENSMITH, OBEDIAH              LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1895
HOCKENSMITH, ROWLAND A.           LICKING SMITH                                PA-29-1867
HOCKENSMITH, SAMUEL               LICKING SMITH                                PA-29-1886
HOHMAN, NICHOLAS JR.              AYR                                          PA-29-1885
HOKE, GEORGE                      AYR                                          PA-29-1851
HOKE, GEORGE N.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1911
HOKE, HENRY ESQ.                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1878
HOKE, HOWARD G.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1892
HOKE, JHN B.                      AYR                                          PA-29-1891
HOLLAND, ANN                      DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1854
HOLLINSHEAD, M. H.                LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1935
HOOP, GEORGE                      LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1896
HOOP, GEORGE R.                   LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1928
HOOPER, SAMUEL S. (DR.)           LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1907
HOOPENGARDNER, ABRAHAM            BETHEL                                       PA-29-1852
HOOPENGARDNER, ADA R.             BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1909
HOOPENGARDNER, ELIZA J.           BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1900
HOOPENGARDNER, GEORGE             BETHEL                                       PA-29-1858
HOOPENGARDNER, GEORGE             UNION                                        PA-29-1927
HOOPENGARDNER, HENRY              BETHEL                                       PA-29-1854
HOOPENGARDNER, JONATHAN           NTL                                          PA-29-1858
HOOPENGARDNER, JOSEPH             UNION                                        PA-29-1911
HOOPENGARDNER, LEWIS              BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1900
HOOPENGARDNER, MARY E.            AYR                                          PA-29-1922
HOOPER, JOHN B.                   BETHEL                                       PA-29-1897
HOOPER, RACHEL                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1898
HOOPER, SAMUEL                    BETHEL                                       PA-29-1885
HORTON, ALEXANDER                 NTL                                          PA-29-1865
HORTON, DELILA                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1917
HORTON, HENRY                     NTL                                          PA-29-1866
HORTON, JOHN                      WELLS                                        PA-29-1921
HORTON, NATHAN W.                 WELLS                                        PA-29-1886
HORTON, SAMUEL                    TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1879
HORTON, SUSAN                     WELLS                                        PA-29-1890
HORTON, THOMAS P.                 TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1869
HORTON, WILLIAM                   WELLS                                        PA-29-1897
HOUCK, EPHRAIM                    AYR                                          PA-29-1910
HOUCK, JOHNSEY                    NTL                                          PA-29-1866
HOUCK, JOHN S.                    WELLS                                        PA-29-1857
HOUP, GEORGE                      WELLS                                        PA-29-1872
HOUPT, BARBARA E.                 AYR                                          PA-29-1908
HUFF, MARY                        BETHEL                                       PA-29-1855
HUGHES, JAMES ESQ.                NTL                                          PA-29-1859
HUGHES, R. A. (MRS.)              BETHEL                                       PA-29-1917
HULL, GEORGE                      AYR                                          PA-29-1866
HULL, GEORGE                      AYR                                          PA-29-1871
HULL, WILLIAM                     AYR                                          PA-29-1868
HUMBERT, DANIEL                   AYR                                          PA-29-1881
HUMBERT, GEORGE                   NTL                                          PA-29-1847
HUMBERT, RACHEL                   AYR                                          PA-29-1904
HUMBERT, SOLOMON                  MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1858
HUMPHREYS, BLANTENA O.            LICKING CREEK                                PA-29-1933
HUNTER, DAVID                     NTL                                          PA-29-1853
HUNTER, ISAAC B.                  BETHEL                                       PA-29-1878
HUNTER, JAMES                     NTL                                          PA-29-1856
HUNTER, MARY                      AYR                                          PA-29-1894
HUNTER, ROBERT J. (DR.)           WELLS                                        PA-29-1891
HUNTER, SARAH R.                  AYR                                          PA-29-1869
HUSTON, EVAN P.                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1893
HUSTON, MARY A.                   TAYLOR                                       PA-29-1878
HUSTTON, THOMAS                   DUBLIN                                       PA-29-1864
HYKES, ANNIE E.                   AYR                                          PA-29-1927
HYKES, JACOB                      AYR                                          PA-29-1927
IRWIN, HARRY A.                   MCCONNELLSBURG                               PA-29-1924
JACKSON, HANNAH D.                BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1935
JACKSON, JAMES R.                 BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1920
JACKSON, JOHN L.                  BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1903
JACKSON, N. B.                    BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1902
JACKSON, STILES                   BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1873
JACKSON, STILES MARSHALL          BRUSH CREEK                                  PA-29-1924
JOHNSON, IDA                      THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1935
JOHNSON, M. R.                    THOMPSON                                     PA-29-1930

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