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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year Filed
Column Three = State, County #, Packet File #

ADAMS, GEORGE                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-92
ALEXANDER, SAMUEL            FAYETTE                  PA-2-34
ALGEO, WILLIAM               NTL                      PA-2-194
ALLEN, JOHN                  VERSAILLES               PA-2-101
ALLISON, DAVID               ST. CLAIR                PA-2-266
ANDERSON, JOHN               PINE                     PA-2-190
ANDES, RHINEHARD             PITT                     PA-2-240
APPLEGATE, DANIEL            ELIZABETH                PA-2-248
ARBUCKLE, JOSEPH             MIFFLIN                  PA-2-188
BAIL, JOHN                   NTL                      PA-2-102
BARNETT, JOSEPH              NTL                      PA-2-206
BARNS, ALEXANDER             ST. CLAIR                PA-2-129
BATES, TARLETON              NTL                      PA-2-146
BELL, JOHN                   DAVID (?)                PA-2-137
BELTZHOOVER, MELCHER         NTL                      PA-2-201
BLACK, HUGH                  PITTSBURGH               PA-2-261
BLACKMORE, JAMES             BEAVER, BEAVER, PA       PA-2-123
BOGGS, WILLIAM               PITTSBURGH               PA-2-181
BOYCE, DAVID                 MOON                     PA-2-26
BOYD, THOMAS                 MIDDLE                   PA-2-134
BRACKEN, JOHN                SWEET SPRINGS, MONROE, VA     PA-2-153
BRADY, ANDREW                MIFFLIN                  PA-2-21
BRADY, JOHN                  NTL, FRANKLIN, PA        PA-2-1
BRAWDY, JAMES                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-147
BUCHANON, EBENEZER           MOON                     PA-2-61
BURKE, JAMES                 PITTSBURGH               PA-2-161
BUTLAND, JAMES               NTL                      PA-2-9
BUTLER, WILLIAM              PITTSBURGH               PA-2-14
BYARS, JOHN                  MOON                     PA-2-191
CALDWELL, JAMES              PITTSBURGH               PA-2-140A
CALHOON, JAMES               PETER                    PA-2-68
CALLENDER, ROBERT            PITTSBURGH               PA-2-106
CAMMERON, GILBERT            PITT                     PA-2-95
CAMPBELL, JOHN               (MISSING)                PA-2-84
CAMPBELL, JOHN               NTL                      PA-2-67A
CARNAHAN, JAMES              DEER                     PA-2-192
CASSEDY, JOHN                ROSS                     PA-2-235
CECIL, WILLIAM               PITTSBURGH               PA-2-257
CLARK, JOHN                  NTL                      PA-2-60
CLARK, MARGARET              NTL                      PA-2-173
COLL, JOHN                   PLUMB                    PA-2-165
COUCH, NATHAN                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-98
COX, JOSEPH                  NTL, BEAVER, PA          PA-2-124
CRAIG, HENRY                 NTL                      PA-2-117
CRAWFORD, THOMAS             ST. CLAIR                PA-2-195
CRINER, PHILIP               VERSAILLES               PA-2-42
CULBERTSON, ELIZABETH        NTL                      PA-2-73
CULBERTSON, SAM              NTL                      PA-2-72
CUMMINS, JOSEPH              FAYETTE                  PA-2-159
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH        NTL                      PA-2-128
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN             NTL                      PA-2-119
CUNNINGHAM, SAM              NTL                      PA-2-13
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM          PITTSBURGH               PA-2-268
CURRY, NICHOLAS              VERSAILLES               PA-2-144
DEEL, WILLIAM                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-75
DEEMER, ADAM                 NTL                      PA-2-63
DEHAVEN, JACOB               ELIZABETH                PA-2-24
DOBBIN, LEONARD              NTL                      PA-2-254
DONNALSON, JEAN              NTL, BUTLER, PA          PA-2-238
DRENAN, JOHN                 ELIZABETH                PA-2-81
DUNCAN, DAVID                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-19A
EIRCE, JONATHAN              ELIZABETH                PA-2-104
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM             BULLOCK                  PA-2-174
EWING, ALEXANDER             NTL                      PA-2-66
EWING, SAMUEL                MOON                     PA-2-145
FALLON, WILLIAM              NTL                      PA-2-255
FARRAL, JAMES                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-80
FERREE, JACOB                NTL                      PA-2-212
FIFE, JOHN                   ST. CLAIR                PA-2-87
FIFE, WILLIAM                NTL                      PA-2-35
FIFE, WILLIAM                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-203
FINNEY, JAMES                ELIZABETH                PA-2-100
FINNY, MARTHA                ELIZABETH                PA-2-142
FLEMING, PETER               ELIZABETH                PA-2-175
FLETCHER, RACHEL             NTL                      PA-2-239
FLETCHER, THOMAS             NTL                      PA-2-233
FORBES, GEORGE               PITTSBURGH               PA-2-3
FOWLER, ALEXANDER            NTL                      PA-2-148
FRAIZOR, JENNET              MIFFLIN                  PA-2-11
GALBREATH, JOHN              NTL                      PA-2-88
GALLAHER, LEWIS              ST. CLAIR                PA-2-199
GAW, JAMES                   NTL                      PA-2-67
GIBSON, ROBERT               NTL                      PA-2-241
GIBSON, THOMAS               PITT                     PA-2-17
GILMER, JOHN                 ELIZABETH                PA-2-218
GORDON, WILLIAM              MOON                     PA-2-253
GOTSHALK, DANIEL             ST. CLAIR                PA-2-22
GRAHAM, SAMUEL               NTL                      PA-2-267
GREENLEE, ROBERT             NTL                      PA-2-245
GREER, ISAAC                 ELIZABETH                PA-2-208
GREER, JOHN                  ELIZABETH                PA-2-258
GREER, WILLIAM               NTL, BEDFORD, PA         PA-2-125
HANNAH, ELIZABETH (MCDOWELL) NTL                      PA-2-187
HARAH, CHARLES               ELIZABETH                PA-2-214A
HARSHEY, PETER               NTL                      PA-2-38
HART, JOHN                   SEWICKLY                 PA-2-69
HASTIN, DANIEL               NTL                      PA-2-166
HAYS, ABRAHAM                NTL                      PA-2-185
HENDERSON, WILLIAM           NTL                      PA-2-168
HERD, WILLIAM                NTL                      PA-2-183
HETH, HENRY                  NTL                      PA-2-29
HICKBY, OBEDIAH              ST. CLAIR                PA-2-196
HINTZ, ALEXANDER             DEER                     PA-2-197
HOAT, HENRY                  PITTSBURGH               PA-2-237
HOGE, DAVID                  PITTSBURGH               PA-2-71
HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL             ELIZABETH                PA-2-28
HOPKINS, EDWARD              MIFFLIN                  PA-2-158
HOW, THOMAS                  VERSAILLES               PA-2-50
HOWELL, LEWELLEN             ELIZABETH                PA-2-135
HUEY, JOHN                   HUSSEY                   PA-2-109
HULLS, HENRY SR.             NTL                      PA-2-224
HUMBORD, MICHAEL             PITTSBURGH               PA-2-247
IMBRIE, JAMES                NTL                      PA-2-111
IRWIN, AGNES                 PITTSBURGH               PA-2-227
JAMESON, ANDREW              NTL                      PA-2-154
JOHNSTON, COURT              NTL                      PA-2-18
JOHNSTON, JOHN               PITT                     PA-2-226
JONES, EPHRAIM               JONES' FERRY             PA-2-182
JONES, JOHN                  DEER                     PA-2-214
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM         FAYETTE                  PA-2-259
KUYKEN, BENJAMIN             NTL                      PA-2-6
LAPSLEY, THOMAS              MIFFLIN                  PA-2-179
LEA, WILLIAM                 ST. CLAIR                PA-2-105
LERNET, CHRISTIAN            FAYETTE                  PA-2-176
LOGAN, MARGARET              NTL, BEAVER, PA          PA-2-90A
LONG, HENRY                  VERSAILLES               PA-2-271
LOUDERBOCK, CONROD           MIFFLIN                  PA-2-62
LOVEJOY, JOHN                VERSAILLES               PA-2-44
LOW, HENRY                   NTL                      PA-2-162
LOWDON, THOMAS               NTL                      PA-2-65A
LUDWICK, JACOB               VERSAILLES               PA-2-82
LUKENS, JESSE                US ARMY                  PA-2-157
LYTLE, ROBERT                YINGLING                 PA-2-244
MAGUIRE, DAVID               NTL                      PA-2-273
MALLADAY, JOHN               NTL                      PA-2-130
MARTIN, ROBERT               NTL                      PA-2-85
MATTHEWS, JAMES              ST. CLAIR                PA-2-231
MCALESTER, ALEXANDER         GEORGETOWN               PA-2-89
MCBRIDE, HENRY               NTL                      PA-2-198
MCCLELLAND, JAMES            PINE                     PA-2-113
MCCLURE, ALEXANDER           NTL                      PA-2-112
MCCLURE, JOHN                MIFFLIN                  PA-2-275
MCCORMICK, BENJAMIN          NTL                      PA-2-83
MCCORMICK, THOMAS            NTL                      PA-2-243
MCCUE, ARTHUR                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-16
MCCULLOUGH, ANDREW           VERSAILLES               PA-2-155
MCCULLY, FRANCES             ST. CLAIR                PA-2-150
MCDERMAT, JOHN               MIFFLIN                  PA-2-94
MCDONALD, JOHN               PETERS                   PA-2-25
MCDOWELL, JOHN               NOBLESTOWN               PA-2-152
MCINTIRE, ANDREW             NTL                      PA-2-138
MCKEAN, MARTIN               ST. CLAIR                PA-2-220
MCKEE, DAVID                 NTL                      PA-2-46
MCKINNEY, MATTHEW            ELIZABETH                PA-2-213
MCKNIGHT, JOSEPH             ST. CLAIR                PA-2-250
MCKNIGHT, ROBERT             PITTSBURGH               PA-2-210
MCKNIGHT, WILLIAM            PETERS                   PA-2-107
MCLEOD, DANIEL               PITTSBURGH               PA-2-57
MCMASTER, JOHN               PLUMB                    PA-2-136
MCMICHAEL, JAMES             ROBINSON                 PA-2-19
MCMULLEN, WILIAM             MIFFLIN                  PA-2-23
MCQUISTON, JOHN              SEWICKLY, BEAVER, PA     PA-2-110
MCROBERT, HENRY              NTL                      PA-2-249
METZGER, JOHN                NTL                      PA-2-65
MIERS, ELIZER                PITT                     PA-2-8
MILCH, JOHN                  NTL                      PA-2-114
MILLER, JACOB                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-151
MILLER, JAMES                NTL                      PA-2-55
MILLER, ROBERT               NTL                      PA-2-230
MILLIGAN, JAMES              NTL                      PA-2-200
MINOWN, RICHARD              ELIZABETH                PA-2-251
MOORE, JAMES                 MIFFLIN                  PA-2-49
MOORE, JOSIAH                NTL                      PA-2-37
MORGAN, CHARLES              NTL                      PA-2-170
MORGAN, JOHN                 NTL                      PA-2-64
MORRISON, NORRIS             NTL                      PA-2-270
MOYER, GEORGE                NTL                      PA-2-264
MURRY, JOHN                  ST. CLAIR                PA-2-221
NEELEY, THOMAS               ROBISON                  PA-2-269
NEILL, ROBERT                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-132
NEVILLE, JOHN                NTL                      PA-2-122
NICHOLAS, JOSEPH             NTL                      PA-2-54
NISBET, FRANCIS              NTL                      PA-2-121
NOBB, JOHN                   ST. CLAIR                PA-2-131
OHARA, WILLIAM               NTL                      PA-2-223
ORMSBY, JOSEPH B.            NTL                      PA-2-139
PARKS, SAMUEL                NTL                      PA-2-90
PATTERSON, ADAM              NTL                      PA-2-127
PATTERSON, JOSEPH            NTL                      PA-2-90
PATTERSON, NICHOLAS          MIFFLIN                  PA-2-43
PEARCE, JOHN                 ELIZABETH                PA-2-164
PEDEN, JOHN                  ELIZABETH                PA-2-172
PHILLIPS, SAMUEL             ROBINSON                 PA-2-97
PIERCE, JOSEPH               FORKS OF YOUGH           PA-2-163
PLUMER, THOMAS               VERSAILLES               PA-2-229
PORTER, WILLIAM              PITTSBURGH               PA-2-180
RAIRDON, JOHN                NTL                      PA-2-51
RAMSEY, ANTHONY              NTL                      PA-2-234
RAMSEY, JAMES                FAYETTE                  PA-2-53
REDICK, WILLIAM              MOON                     PA-2-228
REED, JAMES                  PITT                     PA-2-74
REED, JAMES                  (MISSING)                PA-2-47
RICHARDS, CHARLES            PITTSBURGH               PA-2-76
RICHARDSON, AUDIO            NTL                      PA-2-209
RICHARDSON, MARY             NTL                      PA-2-160
RIGDON, WILLIAM              ST. CLAIR                PA-2-216
RITCHEY, JACOB               NTL, BUCKS, PA           PA-2-219
ROBERTSON, SAMUEL            NTL                      PA-2-52
ROBINSON, DAVID              ELIZABETH                PA-2-171
ROBINSON, ISAAC              VERSAILLES               PA-2-252
ROBINSON, JOHN (CAPT.)       MIFFLIN                  PA-2-193
ROE, JOSEPH                  NTL                      PA-2-48
ROSEBURGH, SAMUEL            PITTSBURGH               PA-2-205
ROUSH, SEBASTIAN             NTL                      PA-2-12
ROWLETTER, PETER             NTL                      PA-2-79
RUTHERFORD, JAMES            ST. CLAIR                PA-2-120
RYAN, JAMES                  PITT                     PA-2-265
SAILER, PETER                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-56
SAMPLE, AGNESS               OHIO                     PA-2-189
SAMPLE, SAMUEL               NTL                      PA-2-184
SAMPSON, THOMAS              NTL                      PA-2-40
SCOTT, HUGH                  PITTSBURGH               PA-2-133
SCOTT, WILLIAM               PITT                     PA-2-262
SEATON, THOMAS               MOON                     PA-2-242
SEMPLE, ROBERT               NTL                      PA-2-186
SHEETS, CASPER               PITTSBURGH               PA-2-126
SLOAN, JOHN                  SLIPPERY ROCK, BUTLER, PA     PA-2-108
SMITH, DEVEREUX              PITT                     PA-2-78
SMITH, FREDERICK             US ARMY                  PA-2-7
SMITH, ROBERT                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-246
SMITH, ROBERT                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-59
SOUTH, DANIEL                NTL                      PA-2-236
SPARKS, BENJAMIN             ELIZABETH                PA-2-93
SPIERS, JAMES                ROBINSON                 PA-2-4
STEVENSON, JOHN              NTL                      PA-2-256
STORER, THOMAS               ELIZABETH                PA-2-141
STORER, THOMAS               NTL                      PA-2-272
STRAWBRIDGE, DAVID           ST. CLAIR                PA-2-33
STUCK, JOHN                  NTL                      PA-2-116
SWANEY, THOMAS               MOON                     PA-2-86
TAYLOR, JOHN                 MT. PLEASANT             PA-2-77
TETTINGTON, RICHARD          ??                       PA-2-58
THOMPSON, DANIEL             ELIZABETH                PA-2-70
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            ST. CLAIR                PA-2-215
TORRANCE, JAMES              MIFFLIN                  PA-2-217
TOUGH, ELIZABETH (METZGER)   ST. CLAIR                PA-2-103
TROOP, WILLIAM               NTL                      PA-2-10
TUCKER, WILLIAM              FAYETTE                  PA-2-115
TURNER, JOHN                 FAYETTE                  PA-2-156
VALLANDIGHAM, GEORGE         FAYETTE                  PA-2-225
VANCE, JOHN                  FAYETTE                  PA-2-263
VANCE, WILLIAM               NTL                      PA-2-118
VANGILDER, JEREMIAH          NTL                      PA-2-31
WALL, JAMES                  ELIZABETH                PA-2-232
WALLACE, GEORGE              BRADDOCKS FIELD          PA-2-260
WARDEN, WILLIAM              NTL                      PA-2-5
WATSON, JEAN                 NTL                      PA-2-149
WAYMAN, ABEL                 PITTSBURGH               PA-2-15
WEITZEL, JACOB               ROSS                     PA-2-207
WESTBAY, MATHIAS             ELIZABETH                PA-2-211
WHELEN, JOHN                 PITTSBURGH               PA-2-169
WHITAKER, ABRAHAM            NTL                      PA-2-32
WHITAKER, JAMES              NTL, WASHINGTON, PA      PA-2-2
WHITE, DAVID                 NTL                      PA-2-96
WHITMORE, MARY               ST. CLAIR                PA-2-167
WIKARD, THOMAS               NTL                      PA-2-204
WILKINS, JOHN                PITTSBURGH               PA-2-215A
WILKINSON, JOHN              FAYETTE                  PA-2-140
WILLIAMSON, DAVID            ELIZABETH                PA-2-178
WILLSON, FRANK               PITT                     PA-2-177
WILLSON, HUGH                ELIZABETH                PA-2-222
WILSON, JAMES                ST. CLAIR                PA-2-39
WILSON, JOSEPH               MIFFLIN                  PA-2-36
WILSON, WILLIAM              FRANKLIN                 PA-2-62A
WILSON, WILLIAM              PITTSBURGH               PA-2-56A
WINEBIDDLE, CONRAD           PITT                     PA-2-45
WITHROW, WILLIAM             ELIZABETH                PA-2-41
WOLF, PETER SR.              PITT                     PA-2-143
WOODBURN, JAMES              MOON                     PA-2-202

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