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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year Filed (the date is usually the end of the file, first paper in the file.)
Column Four = State, County #, Box # Record #
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ABAIR, MARY MCGRATH                    1727                                    NY-57-7252
ABBOTT, LSON B.                        1894                                    NY-57-2414
ABBOTT, RICHARD                        1927                                    NY-57-7248
ABBOTT, SARAH M.                       1926                                    NY-57-7033
ABRAHAM, JULIA                         1918                                    NY-57-5576
ACKER, ALICE J.                        1910                                    NY-57-4307
ACKER, J. FRED                         1927                                    NY-57-7251A
ACKER, JAMES                           NO DATE                                 NY-57-7249A
ACKER, JAMES F.                        1883                                    NY-57-1487
ACKERMAN, DYER                         1913                                    NY-57-5405
ACKERMAN, SAMUEL                       1896                                    NY-57-2619
ACKLEY, THOMAS                         1903                                    NY-57-3486
ACONIE, HARRY                          1934                                    NY-57-9648
ADAMS, ABIJAH                          NO DATE                                 NY-57-261
ADAMS, ALMIRA                          NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-274
ADAMS, ALSINA                          NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-274
ADAMS, ANN BARTLETT                    1927                                    NY-57-7249
ADAMS, ASHER                           1832                                    NY-57-178
ADAMS, ELECTA ANN                      NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-274
ADAMS, GARDNER                         1867                                    NY-57-811
ADAMS, GEORGE E.                       1934                                    NY-57-9477
ADAMS, HULDAH ELLEN                    1930                                    NY-57-7953
ADAMS, JAMES                           1915                                    NY-57-5096
ADAMS, JOHN Q.                         1922                                    NY-57-6286
ADAMS, JOHN W.                         1916                                    NY-57-5776
ADAMS, LODIA W.                        1904                                    NY-57-3489
ADAMS, MARIA A.                        1915                                    NY-57-5095
ADAMS, MINA B.                         1916                                    NY-57-5059
ADAMS, WILLIAM ROBER                   1894                                    NY-57-2412
ADAMSON, EMILY J.                      1929                                    NY-57-7694
ADAMSON, WILLIAM HAROLD                1933                                    NY-57-9274
ADSIT, ARUNAH M.                       1870                                    NY-57-851
AGARD, AMOS                            1883                                    NY-57-1551
AGARD, JANE N.                         1921                                    NY-57-6125
AGOSTINO, DOENICO                      1903                                    NY-57-3359
AILSWORTH, WILSON                      NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-762
AINSWORTH, EDWIN N.                    1921                                    NY-57-6124
AINSWORTH, MABEL                       1928                                    NY-57-7472
AINSWORTH, MARIA                       1899                                    NY-57-2904
AINSWORTH, WILLIAM                     1876                                    NY-57-4896
AKIN, CHARLES H.                       1931                                    NY-57-8171
AKINS, GEORGE C.                       1922                                    NY-57-6288
ALBRO, ASAHEL                          1894                                    NY-57-2413
ALBRO, DELILA A.                       1910                                    NY-57-4308
ALBRO, JONATHAN                        1903                                    NY-57-3355
ALBRO, NATHANIEL                       1890                                    NY-57-2107
ALBRO, SARAH E.                        1925                                    NY-57-6289
ALDEN, ALBERT H.                       1904                                    NY-57-3490
ALDEN, ANN MARY                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-169
ALDEN, DAVID                           1822                                    NY-57-69
ALDEN, ENID B.                         1934                                    NY-57-9603
ALDEN, HENRY                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-168
ALDEN, JOHN                            1862                                    NY-57-492
ALDEN, MARGUERITE E.                   NO DATE                                 NY-57-9352
ALDEN, SARAH                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-169
ALDEN, SETH                            1831                                    NY-57-167
ALDEN, SETH                            1931                                    NY-57-8174
ALDEN, SIDNEY H.                       NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-168
ALDHOUS, ERNEST G.                     NO DATE                                 NY-57-8169
ALDOUS, HAROLD                         NO DATE                                 NY-57-5261
ALDRICH, ALEXANDER                     1886                                    NY-57-1700
ALDRICH, ARTHUR C.                     NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1430
ALDRICH, BISHOP                        1877                                    NY-57-4448
ALDRICH, BISHOP L.                     1914                                    NY-57-4899
ALDRICH, BISHOP L.                     NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1430
ALDRICH, CLARA                         1933                                    NY-57-9320
ALDRICH, CORDELIA                      1906                                    NY-57-3875
ALDRICH, DAVID                         1892                                    NY-57-2205
ALDRICH, FREDERICK E.                  1924                                    NY-57-6646
ALDRICH, GILBERT H.                    1911                                    NY-57-4449
ALDRICH, INNIE L.                      NO DATE                                 NY-57-2903
ALDRICH, LEWIS C.                      1905                                    NY-57-3630
ALDRICH, LOUIS H.                      1930                                    NY-57-7952
ALDRICH, MARY                          1897                                    NY-57-2816
ALDRICH, MARY B.                       1932                                    NY-57-8215
ALDRICH, MARY L.                       1890                                    NY-57-1994
ALDRICH, OMAR D.                       1925                                    NY-57-6832
ALDRICH, RINDA G.                      1915                                    NY-57-5094
ALDRICH, RUEY C.                       1882                                    NY-57-1428A
ALDRICH, SARAH L.                      1916                                    NY-57-7951
ALDRICH, SETH                          1926                                    NY-57-7034
ALDRICH, SETH                          1861                                    NY-57-491
ALDRICH, WILLIAM D.                    1897                                    NY-57-2715
ALEXANDER, EMMA THORNTON               1931                                    NY-57-8173
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      1922                                    NY-57-6462
ALEXANDER, ROBERT C.                   1899                                    NY-57-2906
ALGER, ALBERT                          1888                                    NY-57-1901
ALGER, ALBERT A.                       NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-399
ALGER, ELECTA                          1915                                    NY-57-5258
ALGER, GEORGE W.                       NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-399
ALGIER, WILLIAM                        1895                                    NY-57-2817
ALLEN, ---                             1879                                    NY-57-1307
ALLEN, ADELBERT C.                     NO DATE                                 NY-57-4306
ALLEN, ALTA M.                         1910                                    NY-57-4305
ALLEN, ANNA M.                         1903                                    NY-57-3360
ALLEN, AVERY L.                        NO DATE                                 5965
ALLEN, CHARLES L.                      1910                                    NY-57-5574
ALLEN, EDWARD B.                       1935                                    NY-57-9811
ALLEN, FLORA E.                        1917                                    NY-57-5404
ALLEN, FRED W.                         192                                     NY-57-9086
ALLEN, HARRY M.                        1934                                    NY-57-9501
ALLEN, HELEN J.                        1931                                    NY-57-9085
ALLEN, HERRICK                         1823                                    NY-57-84
ALLEN, HORACE C.                       1924                                    NY-57-6644
ALLEN, JAMES M.                        1894                                    NY-57-2415
ALLEN, JOHN W.                         1877                                    NY-57-1306
ALLEN, LAURA MAY                       NO DATE                                 NY-57-2617
ALLEN, LILLIAN WENDELL                 1926                                    NY-57-7248A
ALLEN, MARTHA NELLIE                   1914                                    NY-57-4898
ALLEN, MARY CORENLIA                   1909                                    NY-57-4154
ALLEN, MARY E.                         1910                                    NY-57-4304
ALLEN, MARY EMILY                      1928                                    NY-57-7471
ALLEN, MARY J.                         1874                                    NY-57-980
ALLEN, NELSON W.                       1924                                    NY-57-6645
ALLEN, OLIVE A.                        1888                                    NY-57-4015
ALLEN, TRUMAN                          1865                                    NY-57-556
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                      1902                                    NY-57-3246
ALLEN,S AMUEL                          1886                                    NY-57-1697
ALLING, FRANK                          1897                                    NY-57-2716
ALLSES, ANNA                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-7247
ALLSES, BENJAMIN ISAAC                 NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-7247A
ALMY, OBEDIAH                          NO DATE                                 NY-57-241
ALSTON, ALICE                          1884                                    NY-57-1552
ALSTON, EDWARD J.                      1882                                    NY-57-1429
ALSTON, GEORGE D.                      1919                                    NY-57-5773
ALSTON, JOHN                           1883                                    NY-57-1488
ALSTON, RUIE A.                        1930                                    NY-57-7950
ALSTON, SARAH                          1883                                    NY-57-1489
AMEDEN, ARCHIBALD O.                   1890                                    NY-57-1996
AMEDEN, ELSIE                          1916                                    NY-57-5407
AMEDEN, EMILY J.                       1930                                    NY-57-3358
AMEDEN, EMMA J.                        1893                                    NY-57-2306
AMEDEN, HAMILTON                       1885                                    NY-57-1623
AMEDEN, HELEN M.                       1902                                    NY-57-3250
AMEDON, ALEMBERT                       1900                                    NY-57-3245
AMER, ADAM C.                          1875                                    NY-57-1024
AMER, ELMER E.                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-983
AMER, ELMER E.                         1879                                    NY-57-1246
AMER, ELVIRA A. S.                     1899                                    NY-57-2905
AMER, MARGARET                         1888                                    NY-57-1995
AMES, CELIA G.                         1911                                    NY-57-4451
AMES, ELMINA                           1919                                    NY-57-5774
AMES, LUTHER S.                        1906                                    NY-57-3733
AMES, MERRITT                          1911                                    NY-57-4450
ANDERSON, ALLEN                        1867                                    NY-57-715
ANDERSON, ALLEN 2ND                    1865                                    NY-57-556
ANDERSON, ARABELLA                     NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-718
ANDERSON, EDSON A.                     1903                                    NY-57-3361
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH A.                 1892                                    NY-57-2207
ANDERSON, FRANK                        1928                                    NY-57-6460
ANDERSON, GEORGE S.                    1929                                    NY-57-7692
ANDERSON, GLADYS                       NO DATE                                 NY-57-3019
ANDERSON, GYTHIANN                     1917                                    NY-57-5401
ANDERSON, JAMES                        1920                                    NY-57-5964
ANDERSON, JULIA                        1931                                    NY-57-9161
ANDERSON, MARY                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-304
ANDERSON, MARY L.                      1901                                    NY-57-3247
ANDERSON, ORPHA                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-718
ANDERSON, SARAH                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-718
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      1904                                    NY-57-3485
ANDERSON,E DSON A.                     NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-718
ANDREWS, PAULINA                       1904                                    NY-57-3487
ANGELL, EDWARD M.                      1927                                    NY-57-7468
ANGERSON, WESLEY                       1929                                    NY-57-9273
ANGIER, OSCAR M.                       1933                                    NY-57-9240
AR NOLD, OLIVER                        1845                                    NY-57-296
ARCHER, SEWARD                         1916                                    NY-57-5262
ARCHIBALD, MARY ELIZABETH              1927                                    NY-57-7250A
ARCHIBALD, R. EMMITT                   1929                                    NY-57-7691
ARCHIBALD, THOMAS                      1907                                    NY-57-3877
ARCHIBALD, THOMAS                      1874                                    NY-57-981
AREL, DIDIER L.                        1896                                    NY-57-2618
ARLIN, WILLIAM H.                      1882                                    NY-57-2305
ARMS, ANNAH H.                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMS, FREDERICK A.                     NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMS, GEORGE                           1842                                    NY-57-253
ARMS, GEORGE                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMS, ISABELLA                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMS, JOSIAH L.                        1828                                    NY-57-109
ARMS, JULIA ANN                        1902                                    NY-57-3249
ARMS, LEWIS                            NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMS, LEWIS L.                         1894                                    NY-57-2411
ARMS, LYMAN                            NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-142
ARMSTRONG, ADAM                        1908                                    NY-57-4017
ARMSTRONG, KATE                        1919                                    NY-57-5775
ARMSTRONG, LEWIS                       NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1998
ARMSTRONG, MATILDA                     NO DATE                                 NY-57-3248
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      1888                                    NY-57-1828
ARMSTRONG, SEYMOUR C.                  1917                                    NY-57-5406
ARMSTRONG, THEODORE                    1933                                    NY-57-9299
ARNOLD, ADELINE E.                     1909                                    NY-57-4153
ARNOLD, AGNES                          1888                                    NY-57-1900
ARNOLD, CLARK                          1910                                    NY-57-4447
ARNOLD, LUTHER A.                      1868                                    NY-57-716
ARNOLD, MARIA                          1897                                    NY-57-2714
ARNOLD, MARIA                          1880                                    NY-57-2416
ARNOLD, WILLIAM H.                     1917                                    NY-57-5402
ARONSON, BARNEY                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-6642
ARONSON, BENJAMIN                      1927                                    NY-57-7250
ARONSON, ESTHER                        1923                                    NY-57-6461
ARONSON, GEORGE                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-6643
ARONSON, MORRIS                        1928                                    NY-57-7469
ARONSON, RETA                          NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-6641
ARTHUR, MICHAEL                        1889                                    NY-57-1902
ASHE, HENRY                            1922                                    NY-57-6287
ASHE, JAMES                            1911                                    NY-57-4603
ASHE, JAMES                            NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-2614
ASHE, JOHN F.                          1918                                    NY-57-5575
ASHE, MORRIS                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-2614
ASHER, JULIA                           1890                                    NY-57-1997
ASHLEY, DEMMIS A.                      1907                                    NY-57-4014
ASHLEY, DONALD S.                      NO DATE                                 NY-57-3356
ASHLEY, EUGENE                         NO DATE                                 NY-57-7573
ASHLEY, EUGENE L.                      1917                                    NY-57-5403
ASHLEY, LULU B.                        1901                                    NY-57-3359
ASHMEAD, MARGARET M.                   1925                                    NY-57-631
ATIYEH, ZEHIA                          1931                                    NY-57-8172
ATKINS, DUDLEY D.                      1927                                    NY-57-7693
ATKINSON, BENJAMIN                     1852                                    NY-57-354
ATWELL, KATHERINE                      1931                                    NY-57-9028
ATWOOD, ADDA .                         1932                                    NY-57-9200
ATWOOD, FRANK C.                       1931                                    NY-57-8170
AUBREY, EDGAR E.                       1908                                    NY-57-4016
AUCKLAND, CHARLES                      1885                                    NY-57-1698
AUDETTE, LEON                          1924                                    NY-57-6830
AUSTIN, ARIAMS                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN, BETSEY                         1881                                    NY-57-1363
AUSTIN, CHARLES                        NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN, CHARLES A.                     1907                                    NY-57-3876
AUSTIN, CHARLES R.                     NO DATE                                 NY-57-2206
AUSTIN, CHARLOTTE E.                   1913                                    NY-57-4894
AUSTIN, CHARLOTTE PARKHURST            1934                                    NY-57-9511
AUSTIN, DANFORD P.                     1896                                    NY-57-2616
AUSTIN, DAVID                          1911                                    NY-57-4452
AUSTIN, DUDLEY                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN, EDWARD                         1883                                    NY-57-1490
AUSTIN, FRANCIS                        1879                                    NY-57-1247
AUSTIN, GEORGE B.                      1926                                    NY-57-7035
AUSTIN, GEORGE M.                      1883                                    NY-57-1491
AUSTIN, GERMAN                         1899                                    NY-57-2902
AUSTIN, GERTRUDE C.                    1932                                    NY-57-7158
AUSTIN, HANNAH                         1857                                    NY-57-454
AUSTIN, HANNAH A.                      1914                                    NY-57-4897
AUSTIN, HANNAH C.                      1885                                    NY-57-1699
AUSTIN, HERBERT W.                     1916                                    NY-57-5260
AUSTIN, JENNIE                         NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN, JOHN                           1825                                    NY-57-108
AUSTIN, JOHN D.                        1873                                    NY-57-982
AUSTIN, JOHN H.                        1896                                    NY-57-2615
AUSTIN, PHINEAS                        NO DATE                                 NY-57-65
AUSTIN, SARAH F.                       1915                                    NY-57-5097
AUSTIN, SILAS                          1880                                    NY-57-1358
AUSTIN, SOLOMON                        1814                                    NY-57-20
AUSTIN, SUSIE B.                       1923                                    NY-57-6640
AUSTIN, TERESSIA                       1913                                    NY-57-4895
AUSTIN, THEODORE                       NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN, ULLMAN                         1917                                    NY-57-5408
AUSTIN,PHEBE                           NO DATE (GUARD)                         NY-57-1761
AUSTIN,PHINEAS G.                      1881                                    NY-57-1362
AUSTIN,PHOEBE CARY                     1929                                    NY-57-7690
AVERY, JULIA E.                        1904                                    NY-57-3488
AYERS, MARY                            1907                                    NY-57-3874

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