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Volumes 609 through 962 cover Tax Transfer, aka Estate Tax
Information contained: Heirs, their addresses, value of estates, deceased's place of death.

Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Place of Residence
Column Three = State, County #, Year, Estate File #
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ANDERSON, SARAH M.                     TBL                                     NY-36-611-241
BAISCH, MARY A.                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-307
BALL, THOMPSON                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-144
BARCLAY, ALEXANDER                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-50
BARCLAY, JANE                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-225
BARCLAY, NANCY                         TBL                                     NY-36-610-620
BARKLEY, RACHAEL T.                    TBL                                     NY-36-612-446
BARNES, CORNELIUS                      TBL                                     NY-36-610-586
BELKNAP, MOSES C.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-816
BELL, ANN                              TBL                                     NY-36-610-99
BELL, HANNAH M.                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-430
BERTHOLF, AMANDA E.                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-539
BLACK, ANN                             TBL                                     NY-36-609-334
BLACK, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-36-609-375
BLAIR, ANNIE                           TBL                                     NY-36-609-910
BLAKE, ELLEN                           TBL                                     NY-36-611-35
BOETTNER, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-42
BOLSEN, BENJAMIN                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-970
BOOKSTAVER, ELIZABETH                  TBL                                     NY-36-612-555
BOOKSTAVER, FREDERIC                   TBL                                     NY-36-611-928
BOOTH, LYDIA A.                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-94
BRADNER, DELIA A.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-100
BROOKS, BENJAMIN F.                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-411
BROWN, ALEXANDER T.                    TBL                                     NY-36-610-677
BROWN, DOLLY J.                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-396
BROWN, FERDINAND B.                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-220
BROWN, HENRY K.                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-255
BROWN, JOHN JACOB                      TBL                                     NY-36-611-574
BROWN, JOSEPH                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-2
BROWN, MARIA                           TBL                                     NY-36-612-691
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                      TBL                                     NY-36-611-836
BULL, SUSAN E.                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-502
CAIRNS, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-473
CALLAHAN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-63
CAPRON, HELEN                          TBL                                     NY-36-611-166
CAREY, WILLIAM P.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-679
CARPENTER, PHEBE H.                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-817
CARROLL, JAMES T.                      TBL                                     NY-36-611-315
CARSON, WILLIAM W.                     TBL                                     NY-36-610-229
CHAMPION, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-943
CHARTERS, EMILY L.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-512
CLARK, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN               TBL                                     NY-36-612-361
COLEMAN, JULIA C.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-172
COLEMAN, LYDIA T.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-320
COLEMAN, MARY C.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-259
COLEMAN, WILLIAM J.                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-865
CONKLING, ABRAM                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-630
CONKLING, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-373
CONNOR, PETER                          TBL                                     NY-36-610-69
COOPER, FRANCES                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-601
CORLEY, CHRISTOPHER                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-808
COX, ELIZABETH                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-425
COX, JAMES                             TBL                                     NY-36-609-420
COX, MARY A.                           TBL                                     NY-36-609-447
CRAWFORD, EMELINE                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-324
CRIST, VIRGIL                          TBL                                     NY-36-611-687
CUSHMAN, MARY                          TBL                                     NY-36-612-485
DALEY, BRIDGET                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-89
DARBY, ELIZA L.                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-334
DARBY, ELIZA R.                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-352
DECKER, FRANCIS C.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-590
DECKER, JOSEPH H.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-1064
DECKER, JOSEPH H.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-90
DEKAY, GEORGE B.                       TBL                                     NY-36-612-291
DEMAREST, HARRIET E.                   TBL                                     NY-36-609-1112
DENTON, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NY-36-611-959
DEVENS, MARGARET                       TBL                                     NY-36-612-773
DOLSON, HARRIET L.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-632
DOLSON, JAMES F.                       TBL                                     NY-36-610-44
DRAKE, MARGARET                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-58
DUNNING, MARY S.                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-286
ERSKINE, JOHN (REV.)                   TBL                                     NY-36-610-733
FARRINGTON, DANIEL                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-60
FERGUSON, JULIA                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-822
FINKLE, CATHARINE E.                   TBL                                     NY-36-610-286
FLAGLER, MARY P. W.                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-134
FLEMMING, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-659
FORSYTH, ANN                           TBL                                     NY-36-610-154
GOODSELL, CATHARINE                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-1078
GREATSINGER, ELIZABETH                 TBL                                     NY-36-609-1096
GREEN, FOWLER                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-829
GREEN, JANE                            TBL                                     NY-36-609-865
GREGG, JAMES B.                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-585
GRIMES, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NY-36-612-459
HADDEN, MARY ANN                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-1140
HAIGHT, LEANNA S.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-463
HARLOW, STEPHEN                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-81
HARLOW, SUSAN C.                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-891
HASBROUCK, DELILAH                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-82
HASKINS, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-248
HATFIELD, THOMAS T.                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-774
HATFIELD, THOMAS T.                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-718
HAWKINS, MARGARET B.                   TBL                                     NY-36-609-350
HEDGES, PHOEBE J.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-347
HEDGES, PHOEBE J.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-355
HINCHMAN, JOSEPH                       TBL                                     NY-36-612-646
HOBART, JOHN HENRY                     TBL                                     NY-36-611-877
HOGAN, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-36-611-754
HOLBERT, JANE                          TBL                                     NY-36-611-475
HOLLAND, PATRICK                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-433
HOMAN, SOPHIA                          TBL                                     NY-36-610-270
HORTON, JOHN B.                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-526
HOUSE, JOHN L.                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-112
HOUSTON, ABIGAIL J.                    TBL                                     NY-36-612-566
HULSE, ABIGAIL                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-647
HULSE, SARAH M.                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-405
JENNINGS, CLARISSA                     TBL                                     NY-36-611-190
JESSUP, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-306
JOHNSTON, BEVERLY K.                   TBL                                     NY-36-612-545
KERNAGHAN, THOMAS M.                   TBL                                     NY-36-611-502
KIMBALL, OSCAR M.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-293
KINSLEY, EDWARD V.                     TBL                                     NY-36-610-500
KNAPP, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-795
KNIGHT, WILLIAM R.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-146
LAMMERS, PETER                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-1032
LAURENCE, SARAH                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-647
LOCKWOOD, DAVID S.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-499
LOCKWOOD, MARGARET D.                  TBL                                     NY-36-612-533
LOGES, CHARLES                         TBL                                     NY-36-610-704
MACKAY, SUSAN M.                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-969
MAHER, CHRISTOPHER                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-592
MALONEY, PETER                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-343
MANSFIELD, CAROLINE                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-234
MAPES, MARY J.                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-218
MAPES, SARAH J.                        TBL (CON'T)                             NY-36-609-223
MAPES, SARAH J.                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-448
MAPES, SARAH J.                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-213
MARSHALL, JAMES B.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-755
MCDOWELL, OSCAR                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-18
MCGAHEY, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-36-612-437
MCMAIN, SARAH J.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-743
MCMILLAN, CATHARINE                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-103
MCNEAL, JOHN E.                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-740
MEKIN, ELSIE ANN                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-180
MILBURN, ISAIAH                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-115
MILLER, HELEN Y.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-201
MILLER, MARY ELLISON                   TBL                                     NY-36-610-306
MILLS, ALBERT                          TBL                                     NY-36-612-706
MOULTON, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-947
MOULTON, SULLIVAN                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-934
MUMFORD, MARGARET                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-153
NEUMAN, GEORGE M.                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-526
NEWMAN, SARAH                          TBL                                     NY-36-610-489
NICOLL, WILLIAM L.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-731
NOWNS, ANDREW                          TBL                                     NY-36-612-750
OLIVER, HENRY F.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-478
OSMAN, CATHARINE                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-908
OWEN, SAMUEL R.                        TBL                                     NY-36-611-704
PELTON, SARAH                          TBL                                     NY-36-611-617
PFINNEGAN, JACOB                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-563
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH TALMAN             TBL                                     NY-36-612-671
PRICE, GEORGE F.                       TBL                                     NY-36-610-2
PURDY, BENJAMIN S.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-614
QUACKENBUSH, TUNIS S.                  TBL                                     NY-36-612-831
RANKIN, MARY J.                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-491
READ, JANE                             TBL                                     NY-36-612-661
REDFIELD, SARAH M.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-779
REESE, SALLY ANN                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-742
REID, JANE E.                          TBL                                     NY-36-610-617
ROGERS, JOHN L.                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-614
ROGERS, ROBERT                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-853
ROSE, FRANCIS                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-1046
SAWYER, EFFA ANN                       TBL                                     NY-36-612-242
SCHIESSER, CATHARINE                   TBL                                     NY-36-609-551
SCHULTZ, ELIZABETH                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-25
SCOFIELD, MARY MCKINLEY                TBL                                     NY-36-609-960
SEELEY, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-847
SELLECK, LEWIS                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-2
SEYMOUR, VIRGINIA                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-795
SHAWCROSS, JAMES H.                    TBL                                     NY-36-609-718
SHERMAN, CARRIE D.                     TBL                                     NY-36-609-11
SKEEL, LUCY                            TBL                                     NY-36-609-166
SLY, SARAH E.                          TBL                                     NY-36-610-562
SMITH, CLARRISSA                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-2
SMITH, FRANKLIN L.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-47
SMITH, MARIA                           TBL                                     NY-36-611-373
SMITH, MARY A.                         TBL                                     NY-36-611-730
SMITH, STEPHEN                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-271
SMITH, ZENAS                           TBL                                     NY-36-611-521
STAGE, SARAH                           TBL                                     NY-36-609-66
STANTON, MARY                          TBL                                     NY-36-611-671
STEVENS, HANNAH                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-157
STEWART, ELIZABETH C. D.               TBL                                     NY-36-611-444
STEWART, JULIA A.                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-255
STEWART, MARGARET ANN                  TBL                                     NY-36-609-566
STJOHN, DANIEL B.                      TBL                                     NY-36-611-776
STJOHN, MARIETTA                       TBL                                     NY-36-610-399
STRONG, MARY F. C.                     TBL                                     NY-36-610-650
SWALM, ADAM                            TBL                                     NY-36-612-716
SWAN, RACHEL                           TBL                                     NY-36-610-35
SWEET, HARRIET                         TBL                                     NY-36-609-879
TANDY, ELIZA                           TBL                                     NY-36-609-390
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-921
TICE, JAMES                            TBL                                     NY-36-611-606
TITUS, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-1014
TOOKER, EMELINE R.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-224
TRACY, MARK                            TBL                                     NY-36-609-361
TRAPHAGEN, CATHARINE                   TBL                                     NY-36-609-191
TUTHILL, SARAH L.                      TBL                                     NY-36-611-430
VANDUZER, EMILY                        TBL                                     NY-36-612-410
VANKEUREN, VIRGIL                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-578
VOUGHT, JULIA A.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-1060
VOUGHT, JULIA A.                       TBL (CON'T)                             NY-36-609-1128
WARD, PETER                            TBL                                     NY-36-612-126
WEBB, LOUISA                           TBL                                     NY-36-610-140
WELLING, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-34
WELLING, JOHN L.                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-457
WELLING, MARTHA V. D.                  TBL                                     NY-36-610-120
WELLING, SAMUEL                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-283
WELLS, ALFRED                          TBL                                     NY-36-612-142
WELLS, CHARLOTTE                       TBL                                     NY-36-611-125
WELLS, MARY                            TBL                                     NY-36-611-273
WEST, CLARISSA                         TBL                                     NY-36-612-31
WESTCOTT, SARAH A.                     TBL                                     NY-36-612-783
WHEELER, FRANCES C.                    TBL                                     NY-36-610-636
WHITE, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-36-609-707
WILKES, MARY D.                        TBL                                     NY-36-610-21
WILLIAMS, CATHERINE                    TBL                                     NY-36-612-513
WILLIAMS, GILBERT                      TBL                                     NY-36-609-269
WILLIAMS, GILBERT                      TBL                                     NY-36-610-410
WILLIS, HIRAM                          TBL                                     NY-36-609-894
WISNER, MARTHA                         TBL                                     NY-36-610-173
WOOD, MARINDA W.                       TBL                                     NY-36-609-669
WOOD, OLIVER E.                        TBL                                     NY-36-609-986
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER                      TBL                                     NY-36-612-726
WRIGHT, BARTON (DR)                    TBL                                     NY-36-611-549

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