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ARNOLD, GEORGE H.                      1883                                    NY-12-5174-211
BAYS, GEORGE                           1882                                    NY-12-5190-674
BIGELOW, SYBIL                         1885                                    NY-12-5183-300
BLUE, LEVI H.                          1886                                    NY-12-5193-863
BURKE, JAMES                           1882                                    NY-12-5185-461
CADY, HULBERT H.                       1885                                    NY-12-5189-632
CARPENTER, ADELINE                     1886                                    NY-12-5194-900
CHAMBERLAIN, SUSAN                     1887                                    NY-12-5172-582
CLARK, STEPHEN E.                      1884                                    NY-12-5198-1173
CLARKE, PAUL                           1874                                    NY-12-5195-946
CORNWALL, RICHARD D.                   1886                                    NY-12-5196-1011
CRANDALL, LYDIA F.                     1884                                    NY-12-5180-104
CROFOOT, ISAAC S.                      1884                                    NY-12-5188-577
DAVERN, MICHAEL                        1884                                    NY-12-5187-540
FISK, ANGELINE                         1886                                    NY-12-5186-502
GILKERSON, GEORGE                      1882                                    NY-12-5202-1488
HOLDEN, WALTER                         1884                                    NY-12-5192-787
JONES, JOSEPH                          1885                                    NY-12-5173-5
JONES, WILLIAM                         1880                                    NY-12-5175-440
KELLEY, EDWARD                         1884                                    NY-12-5184-395
KNEELAND, ADONIRAM J.                  1885                                    NY-12-5169-257
LARRABEE, LYMAN J.                     1883                                    NY-12-5168-212
LEWIS, MARIETT                         1884                                    NY-12-5199-1227
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH                    1885                                    NY-12-5179-2
MCBRIORTY, MARY                        1886                                    NY-12-5200-1287
NEWTON, BETSEY L.                      1886                                    NY-12-5191-776
ORTON, HENRY                           1886                                    NY-12-5177-729
RILEY, DANIEL                          1886                                    NY-12-5197-1097
ROOD, LEVI                             1885                                    NY-12-5176-699
ROOKS, ROBERT                          1884                                    NY-12-5182-245
SLOCUM, HENRY                          1887                                    NY-12-5170-314
SMITH, SALLY M.                        1887                                    NY-12-5167-84
STEVENS, JANE                          1885                                    NY-12-5171-414
STEWART, ALEXNDER                      1885                                    NY-12-5181-217
SWIFT, LUCIUS L.                       1886                                    NY-12-5178-829
TALBOT, DEFOREST C.                    1885                                    NY-12-5166-2
WATSON, JOHN                           1884                                    NY-12-5201-1379

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