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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year and Type of Record
Column Three = State, County #, Surrogate File #

ACKERMAN, D. J.              1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-22
ADAMS, LUTHER B.             1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-46
AHRENS, GEORGE               1866 ESTATE                   MN-21-36
ALBEE, ALBERT C.             1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-29
ALDRICH, WILLIAM F.          1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-74
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH C.       1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-58
ANDREWS, ALFRED D.           1866 ESTATE                   MN-21-38
BARTLETT, LEONIDAS           1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-75
BATTLES, BARTON              1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-44
BATTLES, EDGAR               1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-44
BATTLES, FRANKY              1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-44
BATTLES, SHERMAN             1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-44
BILLINGS, ALBERT             1863 ESTATE                   MN-21-10
BOON, W. R.                  1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-80
BORDEN, EMELIA A.            1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-53
BORDEN, EMMA J.              1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-53
BORDEN, EUNICE E.            1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-53
BORDEN, MARIA E.             1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-53
BROOKS, ALPHONSO             1857 ESTATE                   MN-21-1
BURK, J. F.                  1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-28
BUTLER, M. W.                1869 GUADIANSHIP              MN-21-68
CHILDS, A. P.                1865 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-26
CHILDS, A. C.                1865 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-26
COOK, HENRY                  1867 ESTATE                   MN-21-42
CROSBY, REUBEN H.            1861 ESTATE                   MN-21-6
DUNHAM, JESSE                1860 ESTATE                   MN-21-4
EMERSON, EDWARD              1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57-R
EMERSON, MARIA               1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57-R
EMERSON, SILAS J.            1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-20
ENARSON, BRITTA              1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57
ENARSON, EDWARD              1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57
ENARSON, JOHANNA             1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57
ENARSON, MARIA               1873 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-57
EVERSON, EVER                1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-50
FANSHER, WILLIAM             1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-25
FOSDICK, LUDLOW              1863 ESTATE                   MN-21-9
FOSTER, AUGUSTA M.           1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-69
FOSTER, REUBEN W.            1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-69
FOSTER, REUBEN W.            1869 ESTATE                   MN-21-66
FRANKLIN, HARRISON           1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-102
FREDERICKS, WILLIAM          1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-55
FULLER, ENOS                 1861 ESTATE                   MN-21-5
FULLER, LUCY F.              1862 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-8
FULLER, W. D.                1862 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-8
GARDANIER, JOSEPH            1862 ESTATE                   MN-21-7
GEIZER, FREDERICK            1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-33
GLEASON, CARRY MAY           1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-59
GLEASON, CHARLES E.          1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-59
GLEASON, MARY A.             1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-59
GROSVENOR, VINE              1869 ESTATE                   MN-21-72
HALPIN, CATHARINE            1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-39
HANSON, JENS                 1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-98
HASKINS, CURTIS              1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-82
HENDERSON, CHARLES N.        1864 ESTATE                   MN-21-16
HOLING, FRANK                1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-84
HOLING, ROSALINDA            1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-84
HOLING, SHALER               1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-84
HOWARD, JOHN                 1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-94
HUNTER, CATHERINE            1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-97
HUNTER, JAMES                1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-61
JOHNSON, EDWIN C.            1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-30
JOHNSON, JOHN                1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-23
JOHNSON, JOSEPHINE           1865 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-27
KEYES, MARY C.               1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-51
LARNED, LAWRENCE             1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-62
LAVERCOMB, ELIZA A.          1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-40
LAVERCOMB, MARY E.           1867 GUADIANSHIP              MN-21-40
LAVERCOMB, SARAH J.          1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-40
LAVERCOMB,JOHN R.            1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-40
LUCE, SENECA                 1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-31
MANTHIE, FREDRICK            1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-48
MAU, GERTRUDE EMMA           1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-101
MAU, JULIA ELLEN             1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-101
MCCADY, SEXTON               1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-87
MCKINNEY, ARTHUR             1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-67
MCKINNEY, NELLIE             1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-67
MILLARD, ROBERT              1864 ESTATE                   MN-21-14
MOREHOUSE, WALTER            1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-21
MOREHUSE, JAMES M.           1866 ESTATE                   MN-21-35
MULLEN, THOMAS               1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-83
ORMSBY, CHESTER H.           1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-76
PETERSON, MONS               1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-88
POLLARD, HENRY               1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-86
POLLARD, WILLIAM             1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-86
PRESTON, SHERIDAN            1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-54
ROBINSON, JOSEPH             1864 ESTATE                   MN-21-18
ROPER, EDWIN W.              1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-63
RUNDALL, JAMES               1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-32
SASSE, AUGUST                1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-103
SCHERMERHORN, G. C.          1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-49
SCHNEIDER, DANIEL            1857 ESTATE                   MN-21-2
SCHNEIDER, FREEMAN           1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-105
SCHNEIDER, FREEMAN           1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-105-R
SCHNEIDER, HARMON            1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-104-R
SCHNEIDER, HARMON            1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-104
SCHNEIDER, JACOB L.          1858 ESTATE                   MN-21-3
SCHNEIDER, JOHN A.           1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-81
SCHNEIDER, MARY              1869 ESTATE                   MN-21-73
SEXMITH, FLETCHER            1872 ESTATE                   MN-21-106
SHERIDAN, PRESTON            1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-54-R
SNELL, APPLETON              1864 ESTATE                   MN-21-15
SOLL, CHARLES                1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-95
STERNES, JUSTICE C.          1870 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-91
STEVENS, ALMA                1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-60
STEVENS, PRIDE               1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-60
STEVENS, WILLIE              1868 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-60
STEWART, JAMES               1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-47
TEMPLE, C. H.                1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-96
TEMPLE, CHARLES F.           1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-96
TEMPLE, E. E.                1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-96
TEMPLE, JONAS L.             1869 ESTATE                   MN-21-70
TILLIA, JOHN                 1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-64
TOMPKINS, HITAM              1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-17
VROOMAN, ARAMINTA            1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-41
VROOMAN, GEORGE H.           1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-41
WARD, CLARA L.               1871 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-102A
WAY, EDWIN M.                1864 ESTATE                   MN-21-13
WAY, HUGH H.                 1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-19
WAY, MILDEN                  1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-19
WAY, NORWOOD                 1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-19
WEIR, ALBERT L.              1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-65
WEIR, ELIZABETH              1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-52
WEIR, ELLEN B.               1869 GUADIANSHIP              MN-21-65
WEIR, EMMA J.                1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-65
WEIR, JAMES C.               1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-90
WEIR, JOHN W.                1870 ESTATE                   MN-21-89
WEIR, MARY E.                1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-65
WEIR, WILLIAM J.             1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-65
WHEELER, MICHAEL             1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-11
WHITE, ADELIA                1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-71
WHITE, ALLIS                 1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-71
WHITE, ARELIA                1869 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-71
WHITNEY, ARTHUR C.           1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-43
WHITNEY, EUGENE O.           1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-43
WHITNEY, JESSE F.            1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-43
WHITNEY, LOREN J.            1866 ESTATE                   MN-21-34
WHITNEY, M. L.               1867 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-43
WILLARD, ALLEN               1866 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-37
WILLARD, MARY                1866 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-37
WILSON, ALBERTA              1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-12
WILSON, GEOGIANNA            1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-12
WILSON, GEORGE               1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-12
WILSON, MARK                 1864 GUARDIANSHIP             MN-21-12
WILSON, SAMUEL W.            1871 ESTATE                   MN-21-93
WILTSEY, JACOB               1865 ESTATE                   MN-21-24
WOOLERY, HENRY               1868 ESTATE                   MN-21-56

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