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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Year of Record
Column Three = State, County #, Roll #, Surrogate File #
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ABBEY, ADOLPHUS              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-233
ABBEY, ADOLPHUS              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-253
ABBEY, ADOLPHUS              GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-235
ABEY, ADOLHUS                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-239
ALMY, JOSEPH                 ADMIN                         MI-63-1-171
ALMY, JOSEPH                 INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-129
ALMY, JOSEPH                 ESTATE                        MI-63-1-113
ALMY,JOSEPH                  ADMIN                         MI-63-1-194
BALDWIN, GEORGE              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-131
BALDWIN, GEORGE              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-117
BALDWIN, GEORGE              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-91
BATES, ZADOCK JR.            GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-109
BUTTOLPH, JOHN               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-264
BUTTOLPH, JOHN               ESTATE                        MI-63-1-199
BUTTOLPH, JOHN               INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-207
CHAMBERLIN, JOSHUA           ESTATE                        MI-63-1-227
CHAMBERLIN, JOSHUA           ADMIN                         MI-63-1-276
CHAPPEL, ALMIRA              GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-192
CHAPPEL, ELZINA              GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-192
CHAPPEL, TURNER              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-244
CHAPPEL, TURNER              INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-195
CHAPPEL, TURNER              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-189
CHAPPELL, TURNER             ADMIN                         MI-63-1-266
CRIPPEN, JOSEPH              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-103
CRIPPEN, JOSEPH              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-110
CRIPPIN, ELIZA               GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-57
DAVIS, JOHN S.               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-82
DAVIS, JOHN T.               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-35
DAVIS, JOHN S.               SETTLEMENT                    MI-63-1-83
DAVIS, JOHN T.               ESTATE                        MI-63-1-13
DAVIS, JOHN S.               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-68
FISH, IMRI                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-132
FISH, IMRI                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-145
FISH, IMRI                   GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-111
FISH, IMRI                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-187
FISH, IMRI                   GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-203
FISH, IMRI                   INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-119
GIBBS, CALVIN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-242
GIBBS, CALVIN                ESTATE                        MI-63-1-212
GIBBS, CALVIN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-267
GIBBS, CALVIN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-261
GIBBS, CLARRISSA             GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, EMILY                 GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, GRAHAM                GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, JEWETT                GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, JULIA                 GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, MONROE                GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GIBBS, ORTON                 GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
GOULD, RUSSELL               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-275
GOULD, RUSSELL               ESTATE                        MI-63-1-245
GOULD, RUSSELL               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-256
GREEN, CHARLOTTE             GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-275
HARDING, ELIPHALET           ADMIN                         MI-63-1-9
HARDING, ELIPHALET           INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-97
HARDING, ELIPHALET           SETTLEMENT                    MI-63-1-82
HARDING, ELIPHALET           ESTATE                        MI-63-1-27
HARDING, ELIPHLET            ADMIN                         MI-63-1-41
HARRINGTON, JAMES            ADMIN                         MI-63-1-208
HATCH, RUFUS                 ADMIN                         MI-63-1-255
HATCH, RUFUS                 ADMIN                         MI-63-1-238
HATCH, RUFUS                 ESTATE                        MI-63-1-172
HEARRINGTON, JAMES           ESTATE                        MI-63-1-134
HERRINGTON, JAMES            ADMIN                         MI-63-1-163
HERRINGTON, JAMES            ADMIN                         MI-63-1-182
HERRINGTON, JAMES            INSOLVENCY                    MI-63-1-142
HUBBELL, ANN                 ADMIN                         MI-63-1-261
HUBBELL, ANNE VOORHEIS       ESTATE                        MI-63-1-177
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-237
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-244
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-269
HUFF, JOHN                   INSOLVENCY                    MI-63-1-144
HUFF, JOHN                   ESTATE                        MI-63-1-120
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-185
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-263
HUFF, JOHN                   ADMIN                         MI-63-1-162
IRISH, BENJAMIN              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-170
IRISH, BENJAMIN              INVENTORY                     MI-63-1-160
IRISH, BENJAMIN              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-149
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-246
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-216
MACK, STEPHEN                ESTATE                        MI-63-1-204
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-245
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-236
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-263
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-244
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-220
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-259
MACK, STEPHEN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-269
MACK, TEMPERANCE             DOWER                         MI-63-1-227
MURDOCK, JOHN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-79
MURDOCK, JOHN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-36
MURDOCK, JOHN                ESTATE                        MI-63-1-22
PRINDLE, JOHN                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-46
PRINDLE, JOHN                ESTATE                        MI-63-1-39
ROBINSON, RUFUS R.           ADMIN                         MI-63-1-244
ROBINSON, RUFUS R.           INSOLVENCY                    MI-63-1-166
ROBINSON, RUFUS R.           ADMIN                         MI-63-1-242
ROBINSON, RUFUS R.           ESTATE                        MI-63-1-153
ROBINSON, RUFUS R.           ADMIN                         MI-63-1-210
RYLEY, JAMES                 ADMIN                         MI-63-1-52
RYLEY, JAMES                 ESTATE                        MI-63-1-41
SMITH, HINCKLEY              ADMIN                         MI-63-1-73
SMITH, HINCKLEY              ESTATE                        MI-63-1-30
SMITH, HINCKLEY              SETTLEMENT                    MI-63-1-8
SMITH, HINCKLEY              SETTLEMENT                    MI-63-1-83
SOWLE, LUTHER                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-264
SOWLE, LUTHER                ESTATE                        MI-63-1-137
SOWLE, LUTHER                ADMIN                         MI-63-1-147
UTTER, JOHN                  ADMIN                         MI-63-1-263
UTTER, JOHN                  ADMIN                         MI-63-1-217
UTTER, JOHN                  ADMIN                         MI-63-1-269
UTTER, JOHN                  ESTATE                        MI-63-1-210
VOORHEIS, JOHN               ESTATE                        MI-63-1-156
VOORHEIS, JOHN               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-242
VOORHEIS, JOHN               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-177
VOORHIES, JOHN               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-248
WEBSTER, AARON               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-242
WEBSTER, AARON               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-116
WEBSTER, AARON               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-60
WEBSTER, AARON               ESTATE                        MI-63-1-52
WEBSTER, AARON               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-109
WEBSTER, AARON               GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-243
WEBSTER, AARON               ADMIN                         MI-63-1-98
WEBSTER, AARON W.            GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-59
WEBSTER, GEORGE B.           GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-59
WEBSTER, MARIA               GUARDIANSHIP                  MI-63-1-56

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