Alpena County, Michigan
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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = State, County #, Roll #, Surrogate File #
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ABATE, FRANK                      MI-41-1-3
ABATE, MARY                       MI-41-1-3
AMBROSE, RICHARD                  MI-41-1-1
ANDRUS, PERMELIA A.               MI-41-1-2
BENSON, JAMES                     MI-41-1-5
BOSOYON, JOSEPHINE                MI-41-1-4
BOSOYON, MARY                     MI-41-1-4
BOSOYON, ROSALIE                  MI-41-1-4
CAMPBELL, CHARLES B.              MI-41-1-11
CARR, ALEXANDER                   MI-41-1-9
CARTER, WINIFRED MAY              MI-41-1-12
CHRISTIANSON, AMINE               MI-41-1-10
CHRISTIANSON, EDWARD              MI-41-1-6
CICERO, PAULETTE                  MI-41-1-7
COHEN, JUAH                       MI-41-1-8
COOK, FREDRICK E.                 MI-41-1-13
CROWELL,ELEANOR E.                MI-41-1-21
DAVIS, AZUBA J.                   MI-41-1-14
DAW, ALICE A.                     MI-41-1-26
DOANE, MARY                       MI-41-1-15
DOW, ALICE A.                     MI-41-1-26
DUBEY, ROSA (TROMBLEY)            MI-41-1-12A
EMERSON, CHARLES R.               MI-41-1-16A
FABIENSKI, FRANZ                  MI-41-1-17
FRANCIS, JOHN                     MI-41-1-18
FRINK, JOSIAH                     MI-41-1-24A
FRINK, JOSIAH                     MI-41-1-16
HATHAWAY, ALBERT                  MI-41-1-20A
HUBBARD, MOSES H.                 MI-41-1-23
HUNTER, WILLIAM                   MI-41-1-22
KERR, ROBERT                      MI-41-1-26A
KERR, SARAH                       MI-41-1-25
LOUDEN, JOHN                      MI-41-1-28A
MALSH, EMILE                      MI-41-1-29
MINTON, MARTIN H.                 MI-41-1-14A
MIX, JOHN G.                      MI-41-1-23A
POTVIN, JANE E.                   MI-41-1-25A
QUINN, FRANCIS ARTHUR             MI-41-1-10A
RICE, CELIA ANN (KENNEWAY)        MI-41-1-24
RYAN, ANN                         MI-41-1-28
RYAN, CATHERINE A.                MI-41-1-20AA
RYAN, JOHN                        MI-41-1-20
RYAN, MARY                        MI-41-1-20AA
RYAN, TIMOTHY                     MI-41-1-20AA
TROMBLEY, ROSA                    MI-41-1-12A
TUGGEY, GRACE                     MI-41-1-24AA
VAIL, ED                          MI-41-1-27

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