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Column One = Name of the Estate
Column Two = Type of Record
Column Three = State #, County #, Year Filed #
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ABERNATHY, MARY E.           GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1919
ABERNATHY, OLLIE G.          WILL                          AL-32-1947
ABERNATHY, ORLEAN            GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1919
ABERNATHY, RUFUS HENRY       GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1919
ABERNATHY, THOMAS PENNY      ESTATE                        AL-32-1949
ABERNATHY, WILLIAM F.        GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1919
ADAMS, CHARLEY C.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1909
ADAMS, MARION I.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1925
ADAMS, ORREN                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1889
AGNEW, ERMAREL               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
AGNEW, JAMES                 WILL                          AL-32-1938
AGNEW, JOHN ROBERT C. B.     GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
AGNEW, JOHN                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1929
AGNEW, LOUSIE                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
AGNEW, LYORIA AIEMEE         GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
ALEXANDER, LOUIS             ESTATE                        AL-32-1908
ALEXANDER, MARTIN            ESTATE                        AL-32-1940
ALLEN, ARMSTEAD              ESTATE                        AL-32-1893
ALLEN, LEWIS                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1918
ALLISON, ANN                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1894
ANDERSON, FRANCES L.         ESTATE                        AL-32-1891
ANDERSON, SARAH LOUISE       GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1918
ANDERSON, SARAH LOUISE       GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
ANDREWS, H. T.               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1871
ANDREWS, R.                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1907
ARNOLD, MAGGIE T.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1924
ARRINGTON, ANNIE             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1902
ARRINGTON, JOHN CLINTON      GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1902
ATKINS, JOHN A.              ESTATE                        AL-32-1877
AVERETTE, GEORGE FRANKLIN    ESTATE                        AL-32-1947
AVERY, A. M.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1898
AVERY, ALLICE U.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1872
AVERY, BESSIE                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1912
AVERY, BRYANT                ESTATE (2 FILES)              AL-32-1868
AVERY, CLARA J.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1872
AVERY, E. D.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1921
AVERY, EMMA F.               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1872
AVERY, GEORGE P.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1911
AVERY, IDA                   GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1912
AVERY, MILTON M.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1872
AVERY, MILTON M.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1913
AVERY, RICHARD I.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1875
AVERY, RICHARD               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1912
AVERY, ROBERT L.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1902
AVERY, RUFUS M.              WILL                          AL-32-1931
AVERY, SALLIE J.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-182
AVERY, SALLIE J.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1931
AVERY, THOMAS                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1874
AVERY, W. W.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1905
AYNEW, NED C.                ESTATE                        AL-32-1921
BACON, AILEEN A.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1946
BACON, W. A.                 WILL                          AL-32-1939
BACON, WARREN A. SR.         WILL                          AL-32-1940
BAILEY, EDWARD S.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1940
BAILEY, EDWARD S.            WILL                          AL-32-1938
BAILEY, HELEN M.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1943
BAILEY, ROBERT JR.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1911
BANKS, MARY                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1932
BANKS, MARY                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1930
BANKS, SADIE LEE             ADOPTION                      AL-32-1912
BARKER, PETER                ESTATE                        AL-32-1909
BARKER, ROBERT               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1938
BARKER, ROBERT               ESTATE                        AL-32-1936
BARKER, ROBERT               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1932
BARKER, SUSAN                ESTATE                        AL-32-1900
BARKER, TOM                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1917
BARRY, AMIE                  GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1876
BARRY, BARTLEY               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1876
BARRY, BRUCE                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1876
BARRY, LAURA F.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1876
BATES, DOCK                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1886
BATES, SIDNEY                ESTATE                        AL-32-1941
BATES, WILLIE                ESTATE                        AL-32-1950
BATTLE, ALFRED               ESTATE                        AL-32-1877
BATTLE, SARAH                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1883
BAXLEY, J. A.                ESTATE                        AL-32-1943
BAYOL, PERINE                ESTATE                        AL-32-1906
BEAL, LEILA                  GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1928
BEAL, LEILA                  GUARDIANSSIP #2               AL-32-1936
BEAL, LEILA                  GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1936
BEAL, WASH                   ESTATE                        AL-32-1932
BEAL, WASH                   ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1932
BEASON, POLLY                WILL                          AL-32-1945
BEATTY, KATE                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1874
BEATTY, SALLIE P.            GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1881
BEATTY, WILLIAM HENRY        GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1881
BEAZLEY, P. A.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1901
BEAZLEY, W. A.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1919
BECKHAM, BESSIE L.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1943
BECKHAM, BESSIE L.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1943
BECKHAM, EDGAR               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1909
BECKHAM, ELIZABETH           ESTATE                        AL-32-1924
BECKHAM, JEAN ALLEN          GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1940
BECKHAM, JOHN H.             ESTATE #3                     AL-32-1942
BECKHAM, JOHN H.             ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1937
BECKHAM, JOHN H.             ESTATE #4                     AL-32-1943
BECKHAM, JOHN                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1909
BECKHAM, JOHN H.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1937
BECKHAM, MARY LOU            GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1940
BECKHAM, NELL                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1940
BECKHAM, WILLIAM E.          ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1932
BECKHAM, WILLIAM E.          ESTATE                        AL-32-1932
BELL, CARRIE                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1908
BELL, D. H.                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1908
BELL, ELIZABETH C.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1868
BELL, ETHEL                  GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1908
BELL, JOE                    WILL                          AL-32-1916
BELL, KATE                   GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1881
BELL, LAURA LOU              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1936
BELL, LAURA LOU              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1923
BELL, LAURA LOU              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1925
BELL, MYRTLE                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1908
BELL, WALTER E.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1923
BELL, WALTER E.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1940
BELL, WALTER E.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1925
BELL, WALTER E.              GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1936
BELTON, KELLY                ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BENNERS, AUGUSTUS            ESTATE                        AL-32-1885
BENNERS, EDWARD G.           GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1886
BENNERS, FANNY               ESTATE                        AL-32-1896
BENNERS, HAMILTON G.         GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1882
BENNERS, JANE                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1882
BENNETT, BETTIE              WILL                          AL-32-1930
BENNETT, DAVE                ESTATE                        AL-32-1920
BENNETT, DAVID               ESTATE                        AL-32-1923
BENNETT, MATTIE L.           GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1892
BENNETT, RICHARD L.          ESTATE                        AL-32-1875
BENNETT, RICHARD L. SR.      ESTATE                        AL-32-1887
BERNARD, M. L.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1907
BEVERLY, BEN                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1936
BEVERLY, LEE                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1930
BEVERLY, TINY J.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1936
BEVILL, W. G. JR.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1918
BIGGS, NORA                  WILL                          AL-32-1923
BIRDER, MALLIE               ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BISHOP, J. NICHOLENE         ESTATE                        AL-32-1940
BISHOP, J. NICHOLENE         ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1940
BISHOP, JAMES GABRIEL        ESTATE                        AL-32-1942
BISHOP, JAMES GABRIEL        ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1942
BISHOP, W. A.                ESTATE                        AL-32-1893
BLACK, CHARLES               GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1879
BLACK, W. B.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1904
BLOUNT, PRIMUS               ESTATE                        AL-32-1884
BLUNT, E. A.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1911
BLUNT, VIOLA                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1925
BOARDMAN, JAMES L.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1879
BOARDMAN, MARIA RANDOLPH     ESTATE                        AL-32-1948
BOARDMAN, VOLNEY             ESTATE                        AL-32-1890
BOLLEN, PAUL                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1950
BOND, WILLIAM M.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1947
BONDS, H. H.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1947
BOOKER, SARAH                ESTATE                        AL-32-1939
BOOTHE, HARRY L.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1944
BORDEN, BENJAMIN C.          ESTATE                        AL-32-1895
BORDEN, BENJAMIN             ESTATE                        AL-32-1886
BORDEN, D. B. SR.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1937
BORDEN, MARTHA J.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1900
BORDEN, SALLIE               ESTATE                        AL-32-1949
BORDEN, WILLIAM W.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1898
BOWDEN, CHARLEY              ESTATE                        AL-32-1920
BOYER, ELIZA A.              ESTATE                        AL-32-1884
BRANCH, THOMAS               ESTATE                        AL-32-1922
BRAND, ELIZABETH             ESTATE                        AL-32-1888
BRANT, ROBERT                ESTATE                        AL-32-1948
BRASSFIELD, ALEXANDER        GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1905
BRASSFIELD, ARTHUR           GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1905
BRAXTON, MALINDA             ESTATE                        AL-32-1902
BREEN, ROBERT F.             ESTATE                        AL-32-1890
BREINTENBACH, GEORGE J. E.   ESTATE                        AL-32-1904
BRIGDEN, ARTHUR              WILL                          AL-32-1948
BRIGDEN, GEORGE G.           ESTATE                        AL-32-1929
BRIGGS, MALINDA              ESTATE                        AL-32-1866
BRITTON, J. W.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BRITTON, PRINCE              ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BRITTON, WILLIAM W.          WILL                          AL-32-1872
BROOKS, MARY                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1924
BROWDER, JAMES D.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1896
BROWDER, JULIET M. L.        ESTATE                        AL-32-1907
BROWDER, WILLIAM M.          ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BROWN, ANNA GRACE            ESTATE                        AL-32-1872
BROWN, HARRIET R.            GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1874
BROWN, HENRY                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1920
BROWN, JAMES S.              ESTATE                        AL-32-1942
BROWN, JAMES WILMER          ADOPTION                      AL-32-1926
BROWN, JANE                  ESTATE                        AL-32-1909
BROWN, KATE M.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1933
BROWN, MARIAH                ESTATE                        AL-32-1923
BROWN, MARTHA A.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1874
BROWN, NATHAN                ESTATE                        AL-32-1935
BROWN, PETER J.              ESTATE                        AL-32-1949
BROWN, RADNER                ESTATE                        AL-32-1943
BROWNE, JOHN TANNER          ESTATE                        AL-32-1877
BRYAN, JOHN M.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1870
BRYAN, SYLVIA                ESTATE                        AL-32-1894
BRYANT, STEPHEN              ESTATE #2                     AL-32-1930
BRYANT, STEPHEN              ESTATE                        AL-32-1930
BRYANT, STEVE JR.            ESTATE                        AL-32-1914
BRYANT, WILEY                ESTATE                        AL-32-1948
BUCHANAN, JOSEPH H.          ESTATE                        AL-32-1896
BUNGE, ALICE                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1879
BUNGE, EDWARD                GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1879
BUNGE, JAMES                 GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1879
BURDEN, BRIDGET BELL         GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1950
BURFORD, W. D.               ESTATE                        AL-32-1898
BURKE, B. D.                 ESTATE                        AL-32-1946
BURNETT, JAMISON             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1880
BURNETT, LUCY W.             GUARDIANSHIP                  AL-32-1881
BURNS, WILLIAM               ESTATE                        AL-32-1900
HOBSON, MARY                 ALIAS: BROOKS, MARY           AL-32-1924

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