Waupaca County, Wisconsin
Old Declarations of Intent (Before 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Waupaca County Circuit Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1=1853-1878 | 2=? | ongoing
"see:" - alternative name listed

AASAALLSEN, GUNLEK                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-456
ABRAHAMSON, PETER                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-503
ABRAMSON, GABRIEL                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-59
ABRAMSON, JACOB                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-5
AMUNDSEN, AMUN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-480
AMUNDSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-306
AMUNSEN, CHRISTIAN                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-192
AMUNSEN, NIELS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-192
ANDEROSN, PETER H.                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-537
ANDERSEN, AMUND                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-389
ANDERSEN, ANDREAS                      SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-486
ANDERSEN, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-362
ANDERSEN, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-288
ANDERSEN, HERMANN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-213
ANDERSEN, LARS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-412
ANDERSEN, MATHIAS                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-232
ANDERSEN, PETER                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-398
ANDERSEN, RASMUS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-386
ANDERSEN, SOREN                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-422
ANDERSEN, TOM                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-333
ANDERSON, ANDERS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-313
ANDERSON, ANDREW                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-42
ANDERSON, ANTON                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-267
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-501
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-276
ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER                  NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-224
ANDERSON, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-332
ANDERSON, HANS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-315
ANDERSON, HANS (UNSIGNED)              DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-402
ANDERSON, JAMES                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-111
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-6
ANDERSON, JOHN SMITH                   NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-359
ANDERSON, NELS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-478
ANDERSON, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-478
ANDERSON, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-108
ANDERSON, PETER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-27
ANDERSON, PETER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-128
ANDERSON, SALVE                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-115
ANDERSON,NIELS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-499
ANDESON, NEILS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-118
ANDRESEN, PEDER                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-409
ANESON, ONE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-32
ARNESEN, SALVE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-248
ARNOLD, LEONARD                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-198
ARVIDSON, ANTON                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-517
ASLAKSON, JENS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-63
ATONISEN, TURBUR                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-17
AUSTENSEN, TOLEF                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-126
BAKER, ROBERT                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-95
BARCHARDT, AUGUST                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-492
BARKER, DAVID C.                       ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-111
BASTIAN, HEINRICH                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-291
BASTIAN, J. H.                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-325
BAUER, WILHELM                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-304
BECKER, T.                             PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-371
BEHLKE, WILLIAM                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-381
BEHM, FREDERICK                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-432
BEHM, PAUL                             DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-401
BEHNKE, JULIUS                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-285
BEHNKE, MICHAEL                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-211
BELLIR, WILHELM                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-378
BELOT, JULES                           FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-376
BENLICK, HANS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-245
BENTSEN, SOREN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-285
BENTZ, JOHN                            PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-163
BERG, J. M. P.                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-494
BIEDERMANN, AUGUST                     SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-410
BILLE, J. J. JENSEN                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-352
BINGHAM, J. W.                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-485
BINKS, GILES A.                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-55
BLACK, SOREN N.                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-242
BLEGON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-105
BLOMSTEN, B. C.                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-443
BLUMSKE, GOTTLIEB                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-530
BOGGANER, CHRISTIAN                    SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-69
BOHLMAN, AUGUST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-489A
BORHAM, HARRY                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-535
BORK, KARL                             PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-130
BOTSFORD, CHANCY                       CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-450
BOYLE, JOHN                            CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-491
BRADY, WILLIAM                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-522
BRAITZ, DANIEL                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-161
BRAZIL, JOSEPH                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-428
BRAZIL, PETER                          CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-427
BREHMAR, WILHELM                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-284
BRENUM, HENDREK NELSON                 NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-310
BROLEY, A.                             CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-314
BROOKS, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-394
BROOM, THOMAS                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-32
BUARS, FRITZ                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-270
BUBLITZ, DAVID                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-130
BUBLITZ, PETER                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-85
BUCHANAN, A. (UNSIGNED)                SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-317
BUCHANAN, DONALD                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-171
BUCHANAN, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-171
BUCHANNAN, ARCHIBALD                   SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-98
BUCHDASCHEL, JOHN                      BAVARIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-159
BUCKNALL, JOHN                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-143
BUCKNALL, JOHN                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-451
BURKE, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-168
BUTLER, PATRICK                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-378
BUTTON, JAMES                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-45
BUTTON, JAMES                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-209
BUTTON, SAMUEL                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-341
CAMERON, W. H.                         ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-100
CAMLEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-73
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-388
CAREW, MICHAEL                         IRLEAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-394
CASSIN, MICHAEL                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-391
CHADY, EGNIS                           AUSTRIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-173
CHARNLEY, JAMES                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-426
CHESLEY, CHARLES W.                    ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-231
CHRISTENSEN, HALVER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-482
CHRISTENSEN, HALVER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-347
CHRISTENSEN, JENS                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-452
CHRISTENSEN, JENS                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-334
CHRISTENSEN, JOHN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-338
CHRISTENSEN, NIELS                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-342
CHRISTENSEN, OLE                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-470
CHRISTENSEN, PETER                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-323
CHRISTENSON, JOHANNES                  NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-509
CHRISTENSON, JOHANOS                   NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-506
CHRISTENSON, PETER                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-517
CHRISTIANSEN, ANDREW                   DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-240
CHRISTIANSEN, HANS                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-185
CHRISTIANSEN, HENRY                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-430
CHRISTIANSEN, PETER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-16
CHRISTIANSEN, SWEN                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-436
CHRISTNESEN, PETER                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-358
CHRISTOFFERSEN, AMUND                  NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-294
CHRISTOPHER, OLE                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-41
CHRISTOPHERSEN, JENS                   DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-362
CHRISTOPHERSEN, L.                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-364
CLARK, MATTHEW                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-346
CLARK, PHILIP                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-133
CLAUSEN, LARS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-432
CLOUSEN, PEDER                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-511
COLMAN, THOMAS                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-403
CONLON, PATRICK                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-58
COOK, CHARLES                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-134
COOK, CHARLES                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-236
COTTRILL, THOMAS                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-141
COUNIHAN, CORNELIUS                    IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-42
CRAIN, JOHN                            IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-170
CRANE, DENNIS                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-346
CROCKER, HANS                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-68
DAHLSTROM, ANDREW                      SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-429
DAIGLE, LOUIS                          ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-149
DAIGLE, WILLAM                         QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-175
DAM, LEVI                              NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-520
DANIELSEN, JENS F.                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-350
DANIELSON, C.                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-273
DANIELSON, CHRISTOFFER                 NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-43
DANIELSON, JENS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-298
DANIELSON, NELS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-273
DANIELSON, PEDER                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-299
DANIELSON, PETER                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-258
DAUBER, CHRISTIAN                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-129
DEGENER, PETER                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-150
DEGMER, PETER                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-113
DENNIS, FRANCIS                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-102
DENNIS, MATTHEW                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-110
DENNIS, PETER                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-376
DICKEY, WILLIAM                        SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-363
DINESEN, RASMUS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-261
DLANY, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-88
DOLL, WILLIAM                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-438
DOND, PATRICK                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-379
DORAN, JAMES                           CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-393
DORAN, LAWRENCE                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-393
DOWD, PATRICK                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-196
DOWD, THOMAS                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-197
DOWNEY, JOHN                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-339
DROT, LARS OLSON                       SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-415
DURANT, THOMAS                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-132
EATON, JOHN W.                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-70
EBERT, FREDERICK                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-149
EBERT, FRIEDERIC                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-133
EDWINSON, NELS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-14
EGGERS, DANIEL                         HANOVER             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-156
EGGERS, FREDEICK                       HANOVER             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-166
EICHSTADT, JOHN                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-157
ELIASEN, ELIAS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-436
ELISON, ISAAC                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-2
ELLEFSEN, JOHANNES                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-475
ELLEFSEN, S.                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-387
ELLINGSEN, KNUD                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-463
ELLINGSON, CHRISTIAN K.                NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-523
ELLISON, THOMAS W.                     GREAT BRITAIN       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-265
ELLISSEN, HELGE                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-3
ELLOX, ANDREW                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-37
ENGBRETSON, NELS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-505
ERICKSEN, KNUD                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-516
ERICKSON, EDWIN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-526
ERICKSON, HERMAN                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-18
ERICKSON, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-109
ERICKSON, NELS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-526
ERICKSON, STURKER                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-30
ERIKSON, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-484
ESTENSON, GUILDBRAND                   NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-120
EVANS, THOMAS D.                       WALES               WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-243
EVENSEN, HANS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-188
EVENSEN, HANS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-341
EVENSON,NELS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-84
EVERSEN, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-83
EVERSLEY, PETER P.                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-262
EVERSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-193
FAISTAL, MICHAEL                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-193
FAULKS, FRANCIS                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-143
FAULKS, JOHN                           ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-140
FENSKE, JULIUS                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-528
FENSKE, THEODOR F.                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-527
FILTER, JOHAN AUGUST                   DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-458
FISHER, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-112
FITZ, JOHN                             PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-161
FITZ, WILLIAM                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-160
FITZGIBBON, JOHN                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-483
FLYN, LAKY                             IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-67
FLYNN, JAMES                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-458
FOLKMAN, ADAM                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-405
FOWLIE, JAMES                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-216
FOX, GEORGE                            ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-275
FOX, JOHNATHAN                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-506
FRAMBEAU, HERMAN                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-147
FREDERIKSEN, OLE                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-468
FREDRICKSEN, LARS                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-466
FROATS, GEORGE                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-486
FROLAND, OLE O.                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-462
GACHNANG, ALBERT                       SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-231
GALLINO, SORELL                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-428
GANNON, JOHN                           CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-80
GARMON, MATHEW                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-80
GELSEN, LEWIS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-180
GEORG, KASPER                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-225
GEORGESEN, GEORGE                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-104
GEORGESEN, JOHN F.                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-241
GEORGSON, LARS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-300
GERLACH, ANDREAS                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-328
GERLACH, AUGUST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-369
GERLACH, CARL                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-370
GERRITY, JOHN                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-459
GIBSON,C HARLES                        QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-194
GILBERT, WILLIAM                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-174
GILSON, GILBERT                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-520
GISHARM, JOSEPH                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-455
GLASS, MARTIN                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-165
GLESER, HENRY                          BAVARIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-156
GLOCH, ANDREAS                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-379
GLOCK, ANDREAS                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-234
GLOCKE, ALBERT                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-233
GOLDEN, EDWARD                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-356
GORGES, AUGUST                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-148
GORGES, FREDERICK                      PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-145
GORGES, GOTFRID                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-144
GORIN, JACOB                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-226
GORMAN, MATHEW                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-444
GORRITY, THOMAS                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-308
GORTZ, BERTHOLD                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-152
GOSCH, MARTIN                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-215
GOSCH, MATTHIAS                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-215
GOVIN, ALBERT                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-235
GREEN, DARIUS                          NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-203
GREEN, JOHN C.                         NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-36
GREENWOOD, DAVID                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-36
GREGERSEN, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-345
GREIZHAMER, ANDREAS                    BAVARIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-160
GRIFFIN, HENRY                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-306
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-357
GRISHAMER, ANDREAS                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-229
GRUNER, ERNST                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-286
GUDMUNSEN, SIMON S.                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-395
GUILSDORF, HEINRICH                    PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-114
GULBERSEN, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-95
GULBRANSON, GUNDER                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-178
GULBRANSON, TORGER                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-191
GULBRASEN, CHRISTEN                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-53
GULLAKSEN, HANS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-72
GULLICKSON, JOHN                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-124
GUNDEROSN, TORBJORN                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-50
GUNDERSON, BARRON                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-89
GUNDERSON, CLAUS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-49
GUNDERSON, ISAAC                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-12
GUNDERSON, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-127
GUNDERSON, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-183
GUNDERSON, KNUD                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-209
GUNDERSON, PETER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-523
GUNDERSON, THOMAS                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-28
GUNNUFSON, SIGURD                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-115
GUNSTENSON, GORGEN                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-503
GUTHRIE, SIMEN PEDERSEN                NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-490
HADLUND, OLOAVER                       SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-408
HAFNER, LEWIS                          WUERTTEMBERG        WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-373
HAGENDAHL, CARL EDUART                 DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-260
HALES, ROBERT                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-265
HALES, ROBERT T.                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-281
HALLQVIST, JOHN                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-448
HALVERSON, AMUND                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-476
HALVERSON, HANS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-124
HALVERSON, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-64
HALVERSON, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-202
HALVORSON, ANDERS                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-511
HALVORSON, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-508
HAMER, PETTER                          SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-448
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-328
HANDY, JAMES                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-382
HANNA, GEORGE                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-134
HANSEN, F. C.                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-384
HANSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-367
HANSEN, HANS CARL                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-218
HANSEN, HANS P.                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-467
HANSEN, JACOB                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-299
HANSEN, JACOB                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-519
HANSEN, JAMES                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-219
HANSEN, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-255
HANSEN, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-467
HANSEN, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-244
HANSEN, JENS CHRISTIAN                 DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-417
HANSEN, JENS PEDER                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-222
HANSEN, JOHANNES                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-173
HANSEN, JORGEN                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-466
HANSEN, JORGEN                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-222
HANSEN, JORGEN JACOBSEN                DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-497
HANSEN, LARS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-434
HANSEN, M. P.                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-244
HANSEN, NIELS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-420
HANSEN, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-27
HANSEN, OLE                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-239
HANSEN, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-491
HANSEN, PETER                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-187
HANSEN, PETER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-404
HANSEN, PETER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-266
HANSEN, SOREN                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-406
HANSEN, T.                             DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-279
HANSON, CHRISTIAN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-75
HANSON, CHRISTOPHER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-30
HANSON, HANS CHRISTIAN                 DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-220
HANSON, HANS D.                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-249
HANSON, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-454
HANSON, JOHN                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-413
HANSON, JOHN                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-122
HANSON, LARS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-227
HANSON, MARQUIS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-419
HANSON, NELS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-259
HANSON, OLE                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-534
HANSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-441
HANSON, OLE                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-263
HANSON, OLE PETER                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-521
HARDMAN, RICHARD                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-131
HARRISON, STEPHEN                      ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-35
HAUMAN, AUGUST                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-530
HEALY, JOHN                            IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-79
HEBAB, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-509
HEBLEWHITE, JOHN                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-139
HEDEGAARD, JOHANNES                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-220
HELGESON, THOR                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-390
HELLIKSEN, LEWIS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-191
HENNIG, ERNST                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-368
HENRIKSEN, JOHN                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-374
HERBJORNSEN, ELLEF                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-242
HERMANSEN, ERICK                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-6
HERMANSON, SOREN                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-94
HERMLE, ANTON                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-200
HERMLE, MATTHIAS                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-372
HICKEY, JOHN                           CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-380
HILL, GEORGE                           GREAT BRITAIN       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-250
HILLBERG, ANDREW GABRIEL               SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-206
HITCHCOCK, JAMES                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-55
HOHENSTEIN, CARL                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-439
HOHENSTEIN, JOHANN                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-440
HOLEY, PATRICK                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-321
HOLT, OLE K.                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-505
HOLVERSON, KITEL                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-46
HOLZ, CHARLES                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-167
HOMMANN, AUGUST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-366
HOOPER, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-107
HORSTEDT, OLE OLSEN                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-248
HOUDS, JORGEN B.                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-513
HUGHES, HUGH                           ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-172
HURLEY, JAMES                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-307
HURLEY, JEREMIAH                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-178
HURLEY, JOHN                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-177
HUTCHINSON, A.                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-316
HUTTON, JAMES                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-44
INGEBRETSON, LOUIS                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-479
INGEBRITSON, GULBRAN                   NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-179
ISLER, HEINRICH                        SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-47
IVERSEN, JHON                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-507
IVERSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-86
JACK, CHRISTIAN                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-233
JACKSON, ROBERT                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-34
JACOBS, STEVEN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-52
JACOBSEN, KNUD F.                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-321
JACOBSON, ANDERS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-290
JACOBSON, ISAAC                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-96
JACOBSON, JACOB K.                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-459
JACOBSON, LARS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-278
JACOBSON, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-15
JACOBSON, SOREN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-4
JAMESON, PEDER                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-280
JAMSEN, NIELS PEDER                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-340
JARDINE, JAMES                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-71
JARDINE, JOHN                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-200
JARY, ROBART                           ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-63
JEFSEN, MATHIAS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-121
JEMES, JENS                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-301
JENSEN, ANDREW                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-396
JENSEN, CHRISTEN                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-334
JENSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-258
JENSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-350
JENSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-353
JENSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-272
JENSEN, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-237
JENSEN, JENS C.                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-246
JENSEN, KNUT                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-409
JENSEN, LORENTZ                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-473
JENSEN, MARTIN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-127
JENSEN, MORTEN                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-496
JENSEN, NIELS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-418
JENSEN, NIELS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-424
JENSEN, PEDER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-237
JENSEN, PETER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-431
JENSEN, RASMUS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-427
JENSEN, WILLIAM                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-487
JENSON, ANDREW                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-538
JENSON, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-259
JOHANSSEN, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-104
JOHN, LEVI                             WALES               WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-398
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-504
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-408
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        NORWA               WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-527
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-525
JOHNSON, CANUTE                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-61
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-183
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-253
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-300
JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-257
JOHNSON, HALVER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-58
JOHNSON, HALVOR                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-87
JOHNSON, HANS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-498
JOHNSON, HANS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-90
JOHNSON, HANS PETER                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-253
JOHNSON, HELGE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-16
JOHNSON, JENS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-498
JOHNSON, JOHAN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-93
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-75
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-46
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-98
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-123
JOHNSON, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-335
JOHNSON, JOHN (UNSIGNED)               NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-343
JOHNSON, LARS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-62
JOHNSON, NELS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-457
JOHNSON, NELS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-252
JOHNSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-389
JOHNSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-117
JOHNSON, OLE CHRIS                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-303
JOHNSON, OLOF                          SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-381
JOHNSON, PAUL                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-92
JOHNSON, PETER                         SEE: JORGENSEN, PEDER                        1-309
JOHNSON, PETER                         SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-28
JOHNSON, RASMUS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-15
JOHNSON, TELLAR                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-176
JOHNSON, THOMAS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-525
JOHNSTEN, JOHN                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-354
JONSON, NELS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-290
JONSON, OLOF                           SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-449
JORGENSEN, CHRISTEN                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-297
JORGENSEN, JAMES                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-385
JORGENSEN, LARS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-324
JORGENSEN, PEDER                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-309
JORGENSEN, RASMUS                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-384
JORGENSON, CLAUS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-456
KARSTENSEN, ANDERS                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-422
KEATING, WILLIAM                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-329
KEEFE, PATRICK                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-48
KEENA, PATRICK                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-444
KEFFE, MATHEW                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-64
KELLEY, JAMES                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-230
KENOKE, CONRAD                         BRUNSWICK           WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-146
KETTLESEN, KITTLE                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-481
KICKHOFER, CHARLES                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-153
KICKHOFER, WILLIAM                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-154
KIISTER, AUGUST                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-226
KILLIN, PATRICK                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-445
KINNER, ROBERT                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-536
KIRSTEN, H. R.                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-472
KJORTELSEN, PEDER                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-39
KLEINKOPF, LEWIS                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-129
KLEMP, ALBERT                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-148
KNAACK, ERNST                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-410
KNIGHT, ROBERT                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-45
KNIGHT, THOMAS                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-453
KNUDSEN, ALF                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-462
KNUDSEN, ANDERS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-126
KNUDSEN, JORGEN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-350
KNUDSEN, PEDER                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-286
KNUDSEN, PERDA                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-236
KNUDSON, JOHAN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-501
KNUDSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-61
KNUDSON, PETER                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-1
KNUDSON, THOR                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-516
KNUSCHKE, KARL                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-437
KNUTSEN, HALVER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-348
KNUTSEN, LARS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-363
KNUTSEN, OOSF                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-223
KNUTSON, EVEN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-181
KNUTSON, JACOB                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-400
KNUTSON, KNUT                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-310
KNUTSON, KNUT                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-181
KNUTSON, LARS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-206
KNUTSON, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-208
KNUTSON, SVEND                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-395
KORTBEIN, FREDEICK                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-162
KOSANKE, ERNEST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-304
KROLL, HERMAN                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-404
KROPTUE, GANDER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-539
KROSTUE, NIEL OLSON                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-407
KRUEGER, LUDWIG                        MECKLENBURG         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-269
KRUGER, GOTTLIEB                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-210
KRUSE, H. J.                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-228
KUBANAS, CHRISTIAN                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-167
LADE, WILLIAM                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-217
LANDON, ELISHA                         ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-174
LANDWARK, OLE O.                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-461
LANFALL, GUSTAV K.                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-457
LARKINS, LAWRENCE                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-169
LARSEN, ANDERS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-497
LARSEN, ANDREW                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-335
LARSEN, CHRISTIAN                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-473
LARSEN, ELLING                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-137
LARSEN, FREDERIK                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-416
LARSEN, GUSTAF                         SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-289
LARSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-288
LARSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-256
LARSEN, JACOB                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-119
LARSEN, JAMES                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-471
LARSEN, JOHN                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-496
LARSEN, L. S.                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-494
LARSEN, LARS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-125
LARSEN, NEILS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-493
LARSEN, OLE                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-271
LARSEN, RASMUS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-423
LARSEN, RASMUS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-136
LARSON, LARS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-257
LARSON, LARS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-37
LARSON, LARS                           SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-223
LARSON, LARS                           SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-54
LARSON, MICHAL                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-537
LARSON, NELS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-33
LARSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-211
LARSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-68
LARSON, PETER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-307
LARSSON, AGUST                         SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-510
LAURENCE, LEVI                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-283
LEA, KNUD OLSON                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-302
LEE, HANS OLSON                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-188
LEPREVOST, NICHOLAS M.                 GUERNSEY            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-175
LESLEY, SAMUEL E.                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-158
LEUTHOLD, JOHN H.                      SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-136
LEWISTON, ANDREW                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-38
LINDSAY, ARTHUR                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-262
LINDSAY, GEORGE                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-138
LISBETH, ANTON                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-281
LITTLE, GEORGE H.                      QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-216
LORD, GEORGE L.                        QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-235
LORD, WINTHROP C.                      QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-18
LOW, PETER                             DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-252
LOWE, AUGUST HEINRICH                  GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-342
LUDKE, CARL                            GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-339
LUMMEL, AUGUST                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-316
LUMMIN, JOHN                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-113
LUND, CHRISTIAN                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-239
LUND, FREDERICK EMIL                   DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-352
LUST, CHRIST                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-305
LYCUNAN, JOHAN                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-150
MACKENZIE, JOHN J.                     NOVA SCOTIA         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-65
MADSEN, J. P.                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-365
MADSON, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-535
MAREY, JOHN                            ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-322
MARKERT, JOHN                          SAXE-WEIMAR         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-153
MARTENS, HEINRICH                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-533
MARTINESEN, OLE                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-476
MARTINSON, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-185
MARTINSON, MARTIN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-514
MARTINSON, TOGER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-182
MATHISON, JOHN                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-345
MATTHUS, JOHN                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-151
MAUTSEN, PETER                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-471
MAXAN, NATHAN                          NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-247
MAYERS, JOHN                           HOLLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-301
MCARTHUR, ARCHIBALD                    CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-329
MCARTHUR, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-251
MCARTHUR, NEIL                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-135
MCARTHUR, WILLIAM                      SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-83
MCCAFFARY, CONSTANTINE                 IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-106
MCCAFFARY, JAMES                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-107
MCCARTHY, MORRIS                       CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-375
MCCLELLAN, ANDREW                      SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-214
MCCLOY, GEORGE                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-71
MCCROLSEN, FRANK                       NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-415
MCCRORIE, ANDREW                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-418
MCDERMID, A.                           CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-485
MCDONNOUGH, J. W.                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-524
MCDONOUGH, EDWARD                      IRLEAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-82
MCGINNISS, JOHN                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-453
MCGREGOR, DONALD                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-197
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-227
MCGREGOR, DUNCAN                       SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-89
MCGREGOR, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-195
MCGREGOR, MALCOLM                      SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-195
MCKAY, DANIEL                          ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-243
MCKIERNAN, JOHN J.                     IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-521
MCMURTRY, WILLIAM                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-385
MEIGHAN, EDARD                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-62
MEYER, HEINRICH                        HANOVER             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-377
MINIHAN, MORRIS                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-169
MINTON, H. J. D.                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-442
MOONEY, JAMES                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-158
MORRIS, SAMUEL                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-139
MORRISEN, MORTZ                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-487
MORTENSEN, JENS P.                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-353
MORTENSON, CHRISTIAN                   NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-123
MORTENSON, JAKOB                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-424
MUELLER, AUGUST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-268
MUELLER, CARL                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-268
MUHRE, OLE                             NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-121
MULLARKEY, JOHN                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-72
MULLARKEY, PATRICK                     IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-81
MUMFORD, JOHN                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-69
MUNDINGER, DAVID                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-368
MURPHY, MICHAEL                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-361
MURRAY, JAMES                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-420
MURRAY, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-212
MYER, JOSEPH                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-371
NALSON, E.                             NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-101
NAPPEL, CHARLES                        AUSTRIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-155
NEDMAN, J. F.                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-312
NEELY, JOHN                            IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-249
NELSEN, CHRISTIAN                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-412
NELSEN, JOHN                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-392
NELSEN, RASMUS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-413
NELSEN, SOREN                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-364
NELSON, ANDERS                         SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-435
NELSON, ANDREW                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-49
NELSON, C.                             DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-312
NELSON, EBBE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-493
NELSON, ERIC                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-48
NELSON, HANS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-254
NELSON, HANS PETER                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-256
NELSON, J. P.                          SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-452
NELSON, JACOB                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-325
NELSON, JENS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-260
NELSON, JOHN                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-425
NELSON, JOHN                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-264
NELSON, LARS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-308
NELSON, LARS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-60
NELSON, LARS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-103
NELSON, LARS                           SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-387
NELSON, LOVIS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-507
NELSON, NELS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-56
NELSON, NELS L.                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-313
NELSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-184
NELSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-114
NELSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-375
NELSON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-514
NELSON, OLE                            SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-434
NELSON, OSTEN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-314
NELSON, PETER                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-263
NEUMANN, SAMUEL                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-373
NEVESON, LEVI                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-198
NICHOLS, CHARLES                       QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-274
NICHOLS, WILLIAM P.                    IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-406
NIELSEN, ANDERS PETER                  DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-324
NIELSEN, HANS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-468
NIELSEN, JENS                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-489
NIELSEN, JENS PEDER                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-289
NIELSEN, JOHANNES                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-423
NIELSEN, KNUTE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-512
NIELSEN, THOMAS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-240
NILSON, NILS                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-276
NIVEN, JOHN                            SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-484
NOCH, EMIL                             GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-271
NOCH, EMIL                             SAXE-WEIMAR         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-282
NORDVE, HAAKEN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-392
NOTTOLSEN, HALVOR                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-504
NYSTROM, JOHAN PETTER                  SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-399
OBRIEN, MARTIN                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-330
OBRIEN, THOMAS                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-330
OCALLAGHAN, CORNELIUS                  IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-79
ODONNEL, STEPHEN                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-78
ODONNEL, THOMAS                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-78
OHARA, CHARLES C.                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-210
OLESEN, ANDREW                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-189
OLESEN, CHIRSITAN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-190
OLESEN, CHRISTIAN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-4
OLESEN, EVER                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-102
OLESEN, GUNDER                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-337
OLESEN, GUNDER                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-110
OLESEN, JOHANNES                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-179
OLESEN, KNUT                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-187
OLESEN, MATTHIAS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-481
OLESEN, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-119
OLESEN, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-172
OLESEN, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-132
OLESEN, REIER                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-475
OLESON, CHRISTOPHER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-480
OLESON, GUNDER                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-513
OLESON, HANS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-74
OLESON, HANS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-51
OLESON, JENS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-477
OLESON, OLE                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-298
OLESON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-508
OLESON, OLE                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-38
OLESON, PAUL                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-470
OLESON, PAUL                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-490
OLSEN, AMUND                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-433
OLSEN, AUGUST                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-327
OLSEN, BENEDICT                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-214
OLSEN, CARL                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-359
OLSEN, GEORGE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-425
OLSEN, GUNDMAND                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-97
OLSEN, HAAVE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-294
OLSEN, ISAAC                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-400
OLSEN, JOHAN                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-92
OLSEN, JOHN                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-348
OLSEN, JORGEN                          DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-532
OLSEN, KNUD                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-238
OLSEN, KNUT                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-419
OLSEN, NILS                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-93
OLSEN, OLE                             DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-219
OLSEN, OLE A.                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-396
OLSEN, OLE PEDER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-518
OLSEN, PEDER                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-205
OLSEN, PETER                           SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-447
OLSEN, SIGOR                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-407
OLSON, ANDREW                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-502
OLSON, HANS                            SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-291
OLSON, HANS                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-311
OLSON, JOHN                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-96
OLSON, KNUT                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-336
OLSON, KNUT                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-67
OLSON, MIKEL                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-29
OLSON, OLE                             NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-502
OLSON, OLE                             NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-13
OLSON, PEDER                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-515
OLSON, SIMON                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-97
OLSON, THORE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-87
ONEIL, JOHN                            IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-154
ONENSEN, DANIEL                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-57
OSMAN, ISAAC                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-31
OSMANSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-60
OSMANSON, TURGER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-31
OVANS, JAMES                           QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-213
PACHOLKE, GEORGE                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-199
PADERSEN, ANDERS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-402
PAGLE, WILLIAM                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-529
PAPE, MARTIN                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-84
PARFREY, ORBERT                        ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-66
PATTERSON, J. G.                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-340
PAULSEN, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-82
PEDERSEN, CLAUS                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-66
PEDERSEN, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-234
PEDERSEN, JENS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-326
PEDERSEN, LARS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-360
PEDERSEN, RASMUS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-218
PERRIN, LEONARD                        ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-245
PETER, FELIX                           GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-112
PETEROSN, GREGOR                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-221
PETERSEN, BO                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-455
PETERSEN, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-483
PETERSEN, HANS P.                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-397
PETERSEN, HANS PEDER                   DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-532
PETERSEN, JENS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-401
PETERSEN, MADS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-416
PETERSEN, NIELS PETER                  DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-417
PETERSEN, OLE                          SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-287
PETERSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-512
PETERSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-106
PETERSEN, PETE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-349
PETERSEN, PETER                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-317
PETERSEN, PETER                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-374
PETERSEN, PETER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-327
PETERSEN, SIMEN                        NROWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-351
PETERSEN, TOBIAS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-411
PETERSON, ANDREW                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-180
PETERSON, ANDREW                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-533
PETERSON, AUGUST                       SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-399
PETERSON, CHRISTEN                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-277
PETERSON, CHRISTIAN                    NROWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-347
PETERSON, CHRISTIAN                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-190
PETERSON, ERIC                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-125
PETERSON, ESTEN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-230
PETERSON, HANS P.                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-495
PETERSON, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-184
PETERSON, JULIUS                       SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-326
PETERSON, KNUD                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-264
PETERSON, LEWIS J.                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-390
PETERSON, MATT                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-186
PETERSON, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-186
PETERSON, PETER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-12
PETERSON, PETER                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-182
PETERSON, PETER                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-469
PETERSON, PETER                        SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-85
PETERSON, RASMUS                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-261
PFEIFFER, CARL R.                      HOLSTEIN            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-295
PHILLIP, STEPHEN                       CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-303
PINKERTON, SAMUEL                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-41
PITKE, FERDINAND                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-437
PJOHNSON, P.                           DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-536
PLATZ, CHARLES                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-251
PLOETZ, FRIEDRICH                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-338
PLOWMAN, JABEZ                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-246
POLLOCK, JOHN                          NOVA SCOTIA         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-168
POLLSON, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-5
PONTO, GOTTFRIED                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-441
POPE, AUGUST H. F.                     HANOVER             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-295
POTTS, ANDREW                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-1
POTTS, DAVID                           SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-99
POTTS, WALTER                          SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-99
POULSEN, JOHN                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-109
POULSEN, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-122
POWELL, FRANCIS                        POLAND              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-322
PRAHL, JOHANNIS                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-204
PRIBERMORE, AUGUST                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-164
PRIBERMORE, WILLIAM                    PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-164
PRIFITT, JAMES                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-159
PULZ, JOHN                             MECKLENBURG         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-319
QUIGLEY, CHARLES J.                    IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-296
QUIN, JOHN                             IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-318
RAABER, HERMAN                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-305
RAAE, ANDREW L.                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-524
RANUTESEN, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-76
RASMUS, FREDRICK                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-361
RASMUS, SAM                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-386
RASMUSEN, JACOB                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-120
RASMUSEN, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-65
RASMUSEN, NELS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-39
RASMUSSEN, H. C.                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-489
RASMUSSEN, JACOB                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-488
RASMUSSEN, JACOB                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-309
RASMUSSEN, JENS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-474
RASMUSSEN, JENS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-499
RASMUSSEN, JENS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-433
RASMUSSEN, JENS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-354
RASMUSSEN, OLE                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-426
RASMUSSEN, OLE                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-332
RASMUSSEN, PEDER                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-241
RASMUSSEN, PETER                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-451
RASMUSSEN, RASMUS                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-440
RASMUSSON, ANDREW                      DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-333
RASMUSSON, JAMES                       DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-344
RASMUSSON, NIELS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-518
REAR, JAMES                            DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-254
REIN, RASMUS                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-435
RERNES, JOHN                           CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-74
RICE, THOMAS                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-73
RITZ, C. H.                            FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-128
ROBBERT, ALBERT                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-531
ROBERTSON, DUNCAN                      SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-429
ROHDE, ANTON                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-282
ROHDE, ANTON                           GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-331
ROLLESSEN, HALVIR                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-2
ROLOFF, FREDERICK                      PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-163
ROMAN, EMILE                           FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-138
ROMAN, FRANK                           FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-137
ROSCY, FREDERICK                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-447
ROSSEY, AMBROSE                        FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-460
ROSSEY, DESIRE                         FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-204
ROSSEY, FRANK                          FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-460
ROSSOW, WILHELM                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-439
ROTHE, ANTON                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-269
ROTHE, CHRIST                          PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-270
ROUGHAN, EDMOND                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-170
ROYLER, JOHN C.                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-229
RUBIN, PETER                           SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-207
RUCH, CHRISTOPH                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-367
RUCKDASCHEL, MICHAEL J.                BAVARIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-250
RUSCH, FREDERICK                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-529
RUSCH, GERARD                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-528
RYAN, MARK                             IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-81
SAAM, JOHN                             BAVARIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-142
SACKMANN, HENRY                        MECKLENBURG         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-319
SALRUSON, KNUD                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-203
SALVERSON, KNUTE                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-44
SALVESON, AMUND                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-331
SCHELLEN, F.                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-318
SCHMIDT, AUGUST                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-366
SCHMIDT, CHRISTIAN                     DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-287
SCHREDER, GOTLIEB                      GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-103
SCHRODER, HEINRICH                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-91
SCHULIS, ANDREW                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-279
SCHULZ, JOHN                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-405
SCHWAB, PETER                          FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-47
SCHWALDER, RUDOLPH                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-91
SCHWARZ, PETER                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-472
SCOTT, DARIUS F.                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-414
SCOTT, PETER HENRIKSEN                 DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-465
SEELIG, JOHANN                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-446
SELMER, C. F.                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-482
SELVERSON, OLE K.                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-446
SERCOMBE, J. J. H.                     ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-411
SEVERSEN, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-90
SHALBFLASE, FREDERICK                  HANOVER             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-155
SHEPARD, JOHN T.                       CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-267
SHERAR, THOMAS                         SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-77
SHERMAN, O.                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-465
SHRADER, CHARLES                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-522
SHULTZ, WILLIAM                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-162
SIEFKE, HERMAN                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-201
SIEGEL, JOHN F.                        PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-165
SIMONSON, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-274
SIMPSON, PETE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-515
SLOAN, HUGH                            QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-199
SMITH, BALTZAR                         GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-145
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-232
SMITH, EDWARD                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-70
SMITH, HENRY J.                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-500
SMITH, JOHN                            ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-438
SMITH, JOHN                            IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-157
SMITH, JOSEPH                          GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-146
SODERLUN, JOHN                         SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-54
SODERSTEN, GUSTAF                      SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-336
SODERSTROM, CARL ERICK                 SWEDEN              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-323
SORENSEN, HANS                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-469
SORENSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-337
SORENSEN, PEDER                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-351
SORENSON, MARTIN F.                    DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-135
SPARCK, PEER B.                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-382
STAUB, JAKOB                           SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-488
STEELE, ROBERT                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-53
STEELE, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-3
STEIGER, JAKOB                         SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-207
STEINBERG, HERMAN                      PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-380
STEINBERG, WILLIAM                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-315
STELTER, ALBERT                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-531
STENESSEN, AMUND                       SEE: STENNIS, AMUND
STENNIS, AMUND                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-118
STEVENS, ISAAC                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-176
STEVENS, JACOB                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-217
STEVENS, JOHN                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-208
STEVENSEN, ELIAS                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-365
STEVENSON, GEORGE                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-101
STEVENSON, PETER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-50
STICE, HEINRICH                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-430
STOHR, JOHN                            GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-247
STORY, WILLIAM                         CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-383
STRUCK, FREDERICK                      PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-166
STRUTHERS, R. H.                       QUEBEC              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-59
STUART, JOHN                           NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-414
SUHS, JACOB                            SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-311
SULLIVAN, EDWARD                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-88
SULLIVAN, JAMES                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-474
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                      CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-383
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-142
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-391
SVENDSEN, MATHIAS                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-360
SVENDSON, HALVOR                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-293
SVENNINGSEN, TORGE                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-7
SVENSEN, JAN PETTER                    NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-479
SWAN, JAMES                            NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-13
SWAN, JOHN                             SCOTLAND            WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-51
TALLAKSEN, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-202
TEMDREY, CHRISTIAN                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-534
TESTON, JACOB                          IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-194
THAARUP, LUDVIG                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-255
THAMSON, THAM                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-464
THOMPSEN, JOHN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-388
THOMPSON, HANS                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-492
THOMPSON, MICHAEL                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-57
THOMPSON, NIELS                        DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-431
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-280
THOMPSON, STEPHEN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-7
THOMSON, E. H.                         ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-100
THOMSON, ORMUND                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-510
THORSEN, GULLIK                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-343
THORSEN, OLE                           NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-221
THORSEN, PAUL                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-105
THORSON, STIEN                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-52
TIMM, GOTTLIEB                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-355
TIPLEAR, JOHN                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-140
TOLLERSEN, SJIER                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-357
TOMM, LOUIS                            GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-147
TORBEISSON, CHRISTIAN                  NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-205
TORBENSON, ANDREW                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-461
TORGENSEN, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-35
TORGENSON, JOHN                        NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-189
TORGERSON, OLE                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-277
TORSEN, LOUIS                          NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-349
TORSTENSEN, TOBIAS                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-477
TRAUGOTT, HENRICH                      SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-34
TULLVERSON, DANIEL                     NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-14
TURGENSON, MARTIN                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-76
TURGERSON, SIMON                       NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-29
TYRRELL, GEORGE                        CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-296
TYRRELL, JOHN                          ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-228
URMY, D. F.                            CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-297
VAUGHAN, THOMAS                        WALES               WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-266
VAUGHN, EVAN R.                        WALES               WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-284
VERTEL, A. F.                          SAXONY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-283
VILLWOEK, WILHELM                      PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-450
VOILAND, JOSEPH                        FRANCE              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-275
VOSS, CHRISTIAN                        MECKLENBURG         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-403
WALBRINK, FREDERICK                    GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-177
WALLACE, MARTIN                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-292
WALLACE, WILLIAM                       IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-293
WARNICK, JAMES WILLIAM                 CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-445
WASRUD, TORGER G.                      NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-421
WEED, PEDER C.                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-500
WEEGE, FERDINAND                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-372
WEGENER, GOTTFRIED                     PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-196
WEIMMANN, ALBERT                       SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-463
WEINLAND, JULIUS                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-320
WENDELL, FREDERICK                     GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-141
WENTLAND, AUGUST                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-144
WESTOVER, JOHN M.                      ONTARIO             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-43
WHITE, JESSE                           NEW BRUNSWICK       WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-117
WHITE, NELSON                          CANADA              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-56
WHITLOCK, EDWARD                       ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-320
WICK, JULIUS                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-370
WIED, PETER J.                         DENMARK             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-495
WIESEN, MATTHEW                        GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-278
WILSON, ANDREW                         IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-26
WILSON, JOHN                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-302
WILSON, PATRICK                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-454
WILSON, ROBERT H.                      IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-26
WILSON, SAMUEL                         NORWAY              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-77
WILSON, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-17
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                     IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-25
WIOCK, JOHN                            POLAND              WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-225
WIRTH, JOHN                            SWITZERLAND         WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-108
WOODS, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-397
YIESMAN, WILLIAM                       PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-152
YOUNG, JAMES                           IRELAND             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-33
ZECK, MARTIN                           GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-212
ZEICHERT, KARL                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-421
ZIELSDORF, FREDRICK                    PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-201
ZITZKE, CARL                           PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-377
ZOBEL, MICHAEL                         PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-356
ZODEL, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-355
ZULKLSDORF, HEINRICH                   PRUSSIA             WI-WAUPACA-CC-OLDDOI     1-151

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