Clark County, Washington
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birth year (NL = not listed, -S = spouse, -C = child)
Column 3: Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Superior Court - Clark County, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page # | 4B = 1906-1908 | ongoing |

ANDERSON, HERMAN                       1868-C                                  CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, ISAAC ROBERT                 1841                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, NORMAN                       1865-C                                  CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, OLIF NELS                    1867                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-17
ANDERSON, RICHARD                      1870-C                                  CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       1867-C                                  CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, SARAH N.                     NL-S                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
ANDERSON, WILLIAM B.                   1864-C                                  CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-6
BARKMAN, ANNA HELENE                   NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-23
BARKMAN, HEINRICH CARL                 1862                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-23
BEAUNE, GUSTA E.                       NL-S                                    NEBRASKA                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-22
BEAUNE, THOMAS HENRY                   1877                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-22
BECKER, ARTHUR LAWRENCE                1906-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-43
BECKER, HELENE KATHERINE               1908-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-43
BECKER, MINNIE                         NL-S                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-43
BECKER, PAUL                           1877                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-43
BRADEN, ELSIE                          1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRADEN, HAZEL                          1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRADEN, MERLE                          1901-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRADEN, SUSAN                          1878-S                                  ENGLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRADEN, THOMAS J.                      1866                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRADEN, WILMA                          1899-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-14
BRAUN, AUGUST                          1850                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-35
BRAUN, BERTHA                          NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-35
CARRICK, ANDREW                        1862                                    ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-24
CARRICK, JENNIE WARREN                 NL-S                                    NEW YORK                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-24
CARRICK, LLYD RAMYMOND                 1893-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-24
CHARLEBOIS, MARCELIN                   1864                                    QUEBEC                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-26
CLEMENS, DAVID SNYDER                  1858                                    ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-32
CLEMENS, FLORENCE MAUD                 NL-S                                    ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-32
CLEMENS, HELEN                         1900-C                                  ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-32
CLEMENS, J. CARTER                     1890-C                                  ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-32
CLEMENS, PAUL MILLS                    1902-C                                  ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-32
DORAN, ELIZABETH                       NL-S                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-41
DORAN, JENNIE                          1878-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-41
DORAN, JOHN DENNIS                     1855                                    ENGLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-41
DORAN, WILLIAM                         1880-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-41
GUMSAY, FRANK                          1876                                    AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-15
GUMSAY, FRANK                          1876                                    AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-25
HANTWICK, JOHN                         1866                                    AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-47
HANTWICK, MARY JOESSIE                 NL-S                                    NEBRASKA                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-47
HAYSOLT, OLE OLSON                     1858                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-7
HAYSOLT, TILDA MARTINA                 NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-7
HOYSOLT, TILDA THEODORA                1893-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-7
JOENSU, CATHERINE                      NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-38
JOENSU, GUSTAV ADOLPH                  1864                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-38
JOHNSON, CHARLES J.                    1872                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-4
JOHNSON, JOHN PETER                    1901-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-4
JOHNSON, KATE                          NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-4
JOHNSON, MARY ELIZABETH                1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-4
JOHNSTON, ELLA ERNESTINA               NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
JOHNSTON, EMORY EARL                   1902-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
JOHNSTON, GEORGE ALBERT                1872                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
JOHNSTON, HAROLD GEORGE                1899-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
JOHNSTON, JOYCE ERMINIE                1904-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
JOHNSTON, LEROY DALE                   1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-19
KLEEMANN, PETER                        1870                                    HUNGARY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-21
KOPRA, ANDREW ALBERT                   1806-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, ANNA                            NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, ELMER                           1891-C                                  FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, FRANCIS OSCAR                   1896-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, JENNIE HELEN                    1904-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, JOHN                            1887-C                                  FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, NESTOR WALDEMAR                 1898-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
KOPRA, PETTER                          1865                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-37
LATSON, J. DEWEY                       1900-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-2
LATSON, JOHN                           1863                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-2
LATSON, MARIE ADELINE                  1902-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-2
LATSON, MAUD                           NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-2
LEINONEN, ABEL                         1858                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-27
MACMILLAN, JOHN                        1850                                    ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-20
MANGUM, ELINDA LENORA                  1894-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-10
MANGUM, HARRIET ELLEN                  NL-S                                    NEW BRUNSWICK                            WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-10
MANGUM, HARRIETT E.                    NL-S                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-5
MANGUM, LYDIA ELENOR                   1868-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-5
MANGUM, THOMAS W.                      1854                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-5
MANGUM, THOMAS WILLIAM                 1854                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-10
MANGUM, WILLIAM C.                     1881-C                                  NOVA SCOTIA                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-5
MANGUM, WILLIAM CARSLILE               1881-C                                  NEW BRUNSWICK                            WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-10
MARTY, GABRIEL                         1867                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-33
MCIVER, ALEXANDRINA                    1897-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, ANDREW CAMPBELL                1865                                    SCOTLAND                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, FLORA                          1907-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, HELEN                          1899-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, JEAN                           1901-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, JOHN                           1903-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, MARY                           1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MCIVER, SARAH MCDONALD                 NL-S                                    CANADA                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-45
MOE, ALVILD                            1889-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, ALVILDE                           1889-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-18
MOE, ANNA                              NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, ANTONE                            1867-C                                  NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, ARTHUR                            1891-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, ARTHUR OLIVER                     1891-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-18
MOE, EINAR                             1887-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, EINAR NEKOLAI                     1886-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-18
MOE, ELEN ANNA                         1854                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-18
MOE, MARY                              1872-C                                  NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, PEDER                             1874-C                                  NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, PETER                             1842                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-13
MOE, PETER                             NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-18
MURPHY, EDWARD                         1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, EDWARD NINIAN                  1870                                    ONTARIO                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, HARRY                          1898-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, HELEN                          1907-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, IRENE                          1896-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, MARGARET                       1900-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
MURPHY, MARGARET J.                    NL-S                                    NEW BRUNSWICK                            WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-44
NOA, MARTHA                            1890-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-46
NOA, OTTELE                            NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-46
NOA, WILLIAM                           1858                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-46
OBERG, AXEL CONRAD                     1877                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-29
OBERG, DELINA MORRISON                 NL-S                                    SCOTLAND                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-29
OLSEN, PETER                           1879                                    DENMARK                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-40
PALLY, DOROTHY                         NL-S                                    PRUSSIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PALLY, FRED                            1865-C                                  PRUSSIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PALLY, JACOB                           1836                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PALLY, JOHN                            1873-C                                  IOWA                                     WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PALLY, JOSEPH                          1871-C                                  IOWA                                     WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PALLY, LOUIS                           1876-C                                  IOWA                                     WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
PODHARA, ANTON                         1885-C                                  AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-50
PODHARA, CHRISTINA                     NL-S                                    BOHEMIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-50
PODHARA, EMIL                          1887-C                                  AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-50
PODHARA, FRANK                         1859                                    AUSTRIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-50
RASMUSSEN, ANNA                        1889-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RASMUSSEN, CECELIA                     1897-C                                  WYOMING                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RASMUSSEN, CHRIS                       1894-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RASMUSSEN, HELEN                       NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RASMUSSEN, JACOB                       1892-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RASMUSSEN, MYERS                       1867                                    DENMARK                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-34
RAUTIO, CORNELIA                       NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
RAUTIO, HELME                          1898-C                                  MONTANA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
RAUTIO, RANDOLPH ROBERT                1903-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
RAUTIO, SIGFRID                        1867                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
RAUTIO, TAIVO WILLIAM                  1899-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
RAUTIO, WAINE SINGFRED                 1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-36
REINIKKA, EFFIE                        NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
REINIKKA, EVA                          1908-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
REINIKKA, FANNIE                       1906-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
REINIKKA, MARTHA                       1903-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
REINIKKA, MARY                         1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
REINIKKA, MATIAS E.                    1878                                    FINLAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-42
RICHTER, CARL                          1868                                    PRUSSIA                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-49
RICHTER, EMMA                          NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-49
RICHTER, ROBERTA                       1904-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-49
RICHTER, ROLAND                        1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-49
RUNNING, FREDA NORDEN                  1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-30
RUNNING, HAROLD PARELIUS LINEUS        1907-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-30
RUNNING, JOHANNES OSCAR                1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-30
RUNNING, JOHN GERHARD                  1866                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-30
RUNNING, OLGA MARY                     NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-30
SCHMITTGER, GERHARD                    1864                                    GERMANY                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-1
SCHOEDER, MINNIE PALLY                 1878-C                                  IOWA                                     WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-3
STOLLER, EDITH                         1901-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-9
STOLLER, FRED                          1895-C                                  OREGON                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-9
STOLLER, FREDERICK                     1863                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-9
STOLLER, GEORGE ROBERT                 1902-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-16
STOLLER, LIZZIE                        NL-S                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-16
STOLLER, LYDIA                         NL-S                                    IOWA                                     WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-9
STOLLER, OLGA                          1897-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-16
STOLLER, ROBERT                        1870                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-16
TURISH, JAMES C.                       1876                                    IRELAND                                  WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-48
VENDEN, CHRISTINA                      NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, DANIEL                         1899-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, ENGA DOROTHY                   1892-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, HENRY                          1904-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, HULDA                          1896-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, JOSEPH OLIVER                  1890-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, MELVIN                         1901-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, NILS                           1866                                    NORWAY                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
VENDEN, OSCAR                          1894-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-11
WASZKIEWICZ, STANISLAW                 1884                                    POLAND                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-31
WEBER, EDNA ALMEDA                     1903-C                                  WASHINGTON                               WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, ANNIE                          1868-C                                  SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, BERTHA                         1872-C                                  SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, CHRISTINA                      1864                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, ELLEN ELZIABETH                1897-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, ESTHER EMILIA                  1887-C                                  WISCONSIN                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, HANNAH                         1882-C                                  SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, HENRY                          NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, HENRY JOHAN                    1839                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, JOHN HARRY                     1885-C                                  MINNESOTA                                WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-12
WEBERG, KATE                           1866-C                                  SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, MARGARETE                      NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
WEBERG, NELLIE                         1870-C                                  SWEDEN                                   WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-28
ZUBERBUHLER, ULRICH                    1877                                    SWITZERLAND                              WA-CLARK-SC-PET                         4B-8

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