Rutland County, Vermont
Old Declarations of Intent (Before 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Rutland County Circuit Court, Old Declarations of Intent
Column 3: Volume # and page # | 1=1836-1852 | 2=? | 

ADAMS, EDWARD                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-234
ADAMS, GEORGE                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-168
ADAMS, JAMES                           ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-52
ADAMS, JOHN W.                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-57
ADDERDRIEN, JOHN                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-76
ALLIOT, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-74
ALLIOT, WILLIAM                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-75
ANDREWS, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-290
BAHAN, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-78
BANNISTER, JOSEPH                      ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-309
BARNEY, LEWIS                          CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-79
BARRETT, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-195
BARUNS, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-327
BASHAN, FRANCIS                        CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-344
BETHEL, NICHOLAS T.                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-80
BLAKELEY, ROBERT                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-261
BOGART, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-81
BOWER, ISAAC ORIGEN                    ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-222
BOYLE, SAMUEL                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-77
BRANAN, HUBERT                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-213
BRANNON, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-296
BRENNAN, JEREMIAH                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-82
BROWN, DANIEL                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-202
BROWN, GEORGE                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-55
BRYAN, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-43
BRYAN, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-67
BURKE, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-184
BURKE, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-181
BURNES, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-83
BURNS, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-243
BURNS,JAMES                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-178
BUSKY, JOSEPH                          CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-262
CAIN, ANDREW                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-157
CAIN, ARTHUR                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-250
CAIN, JOHN                             IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-224
CAIN, JOHN                             IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-259
CAIN, JOHN                             ISLE OF MAN                              VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-34
CAIN, MICHAEL                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-211
CALDWELL, JONN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-325
CALL, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-1
CALLAGHAN, DAVID                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-318
CALNAN, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-253
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-244
CARGEN, ARTHUR                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-84
CARGEN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-85
CARGIN, ARTHUR                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-46
CARIGAN, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-86
CARROLL, JAEMS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-89
CARROLL, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-88
CARROLL, MICHAEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-231
CASHAM, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-304
CASTELLO, MICHAEL                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-90
CAVENAUGH, MICHAEL                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-180
CHARIGHEN, MICHAEL                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-87
CLARK, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-303
CLARK, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-288
CLEMENT, FRANCIS                       CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-217
CLOHASQUE, THOMAS                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-166
CLUNE, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-291
CLYNE, OWEN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-229
CLYNE, THOMAS                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-324
CLYNN, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-24
COLGAN, WILLIAM                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-216
COLLIGAN, BRYAN                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-230
COLLINS, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-298
COLLINS, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-285
COMER, EDWARD                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-335
CONEGAN, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-91
CONLIN, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-270
CONLON, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-54
CONLON, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-268
CONLON, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-194
CONLON, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-200
CONNELL, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-92
CONNELLY, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-164
CONNOR, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-240
CONSLON, PETER                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-176
COONEY, WILLIAM                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-257
CORBETT, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-94
CORNIN, DENNIS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-189
COSELLO, DUDLEY                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-228
COWLEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-280
CRAIG, ARCHIBALD                       SCOTLAND                                 VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-38
CROSBY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-93
CURRAN, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-281
DAFFY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-235
DALY, JOHN B.                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-95
DANAGH, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-161
DARGAN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-105
DARMET, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-266
DERHAM, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-316
DEVLIN, ARTHUR                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-255
DISHAM, CHRISTOPHER                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-315
DOBSON, JOHN                           SCOTLAND                                 VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-258
DOLAN, THOMAS                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-330
DOLAN, WILLIAM                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-328
DONLON, EDWARD                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-63
DONNOLLY, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-35
DONOVAN, DOUGLAS H.                    WLS                                      VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-300
DOOLIN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-11
DOOLIN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-96
DORSEY, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-276
DOUGHERTY, HUGH                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-51
DRAIHNAY, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-97
DUFFY, EDWARD                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-238
DUFFY, GEORGE                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-269
DUFFY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-16
DUFFY, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-17
DUNLAVY, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-53
DUNNING, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-286
DWYER, JOHN                            CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-169
EASTWOOD, BENJAMIN                     ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-65
EASTWOOD, WILILAM                      ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-10
ENGLANDLISH, WILLIAM                   IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-31
FAGAN, THOMAS                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-42
FARRILL, DANIEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-241
FERRY, BARNARD                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-26
FINN, PETER                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-12
FINNEY, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-98
FINNEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-99
FITZGERALD, JEREMIAH                   IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-100
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-32
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-155
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-101
FITZPATRICK, DANIEL                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-7
FITZPATRICK, MARTIN                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-70
FLANAGAN, MARTIN                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-175
FLANIGAN, JAMES                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-159
FLEMING, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-62
FLEMMING, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-59
FLINN, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-193
FOLEY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-103
FOLEY, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-265
FOLEY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-102
FORTIN, FRANCIS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-245
FOYER, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-227
GAHEN, FRANCIS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-279
GALVIN, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-294
GARRITY, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-40
GARVAN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-61
GEAR, JOHN J.                          ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-301
GILLEN, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-9
GLEASON, MICHAEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-264
GOODALL, DAVID                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-242
GORGEN, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-104
GRADY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-314
GRADY, LAWRENCE                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-293
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-106
GRAHAM, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-107
GRAHAM, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-346
GRIFFIN, JOHN C.                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-68
GRODEN, ROGER                          ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-2
GRODY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-252
HALE, BARTHOLOMEW                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-109
HALE, HENRY                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-108
HALFPENNY, FRANCIS                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-69
HALLORAN, MATTHEW                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-349
HALLORAN, PATRICK                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-321
HALPENNY, MICHAEL                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-110
HALPENNY, PHILIP                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-111
HANESSY, JEREMIAH                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-187
HANEY, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-72
HANLEY, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-239
HANLEY, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-113
HANLEY, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-14
HANLEY, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-215
HANLY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-237
HANLY, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-205
HANLY, OWEN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-267
HANLY, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-206
HARPER, JOSEPH                         CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-337
HARRIS, PATRICK O.                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-272
HARRISON, WILLIAM                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-114
HARRY, EDWARD                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-115
HART, PATRICK                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-13
HARWILL, HENRY                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-112
HAYES, MICHAEL B.                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-207
HICKEY, FRANCIS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-220
HODNETT, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-271
HOGAN, ARTHUR                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-20
HOGAN, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-48
HOGAN, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-49
HOGAN, THOMAS                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-23
HOGAN, WILLIAM                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-47
HOWELL, RICAHRD                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-116
HUGHS, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-117
JAMES, JOHN                            ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-254
KARAGAN, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-292
KATHRENS, CHARLES F.                   IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-28
KATHRENS, JAMES                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-27
KEENAN, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-121
KEENAN, MILES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-120
KEEP, JEREMIAH                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-118
KELLY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-162
KELLY, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-119
KENNEDY, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-183
KENNEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-312
KINNEY, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-15
KOUGH, LAUT                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-122
LAFFY, CHARLES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-287
LAFON, EDWARD                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-343
LANE, DAVID                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-123
LAVIN, THOMAS                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-340
LEARD, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-124
LEONARD, ANDREW                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-125
LEONARD, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-126
LEONARD, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-127
LEONARD, PETER                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-128
LEONARD, RICAHRD                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-186
LILLIE, DAVID                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-308
LOCK, JOSEPH                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-246
LOCKE, JOSEPH                          CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-263
LYNCH, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-307
LYON, MICHAEL                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-129
LYSTON, EDWARD                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-130
LYSTON, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-131
MADDIN, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-310
MAHAN, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-64
MAHONY, CORNELIUS                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-132
MAHONY, CORNELIUS                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-58
MAHONY, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-45
MANNIS, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-274
MARKHAM, DAVID                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-226
MATOT, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-221
MATTHIAS, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-320
MCCUNE, SAMUEL                         ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-4
MCDONALD, MICHAEL                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-185
MCGEENTZ, JOHN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-323
MCGEENTZ, OWEN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-322
MCGINN, SIMON                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-199
MCGINNIS, MATHEW                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-289
MCGLOUGHLIN, ANDREW                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-326
MCGOWN, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-133
MCGROARTY, WILLIAM                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-347
MCGUINNESS, JOHN                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-5
MCGUIRELAND, JAMES                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-209
MCGUIRELAND, JOHN                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-305
MCKEAN, BARTHOLOMEW                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-134
MCKEAN, BRYAN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-135
MCKEAN, BRYAN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-25
MCKEAN, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-177
MCKEAN, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-39
MCKEAN, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-73
MCKINNY, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-29
MCLAUGHLIN, GEORGE P.                  IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-136
MCMAHAR, MICHAEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-282
MCMAHON, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-60
MCNAMARA, ROGER                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-319
MCQUAIN, GARRY                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-71
MCQUIRK, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-212
MCQUIRK, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-223
MEALY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-191
MENTON, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-236
MIGGAN, WILLIAM                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-345
MILAN, MARTIN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-233
MINET, HENRY                           CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-317
MONCHELL, MATHEW                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-295
MONIHAN, DENIS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-22
MOONEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-137
MOONEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-192
MOORE, ANDREW                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-283
MOORE, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-33
MORAN, BRIEN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-138
MORITZ, MAURICE                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-41
MULLARKY, PATRICK                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-306
MULLEN, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-156
MULLER, ARTHUR                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-249
MULLIZA, OWEN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-273
MUMFORD, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-44
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-139
MURRY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-19
MYATT, HENRY                           ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-3
MYATT, PETER                           CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-338
MYETTE, ANDREW                         CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-341
NICHOL, WILLIAM                        SCOTLAND                                 VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-297
OBRIEN, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-275
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-8
OBRINE, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-329
ONEIL, BRYAN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-140
ORAM, CHARLES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-158
OROURKE, PATRICK                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-197
PETERSON, EDWARD                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-56
PHENEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-141
POWERS, RICHARD                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-142
QUIN, FRANK                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-165
QUINN, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-214
RAFFETY, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-219
RATTICANADA, JOHN                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-190
REDICANADA, BERNARD                    IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-143
REILEY, MORGAN                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-201
REILEY, PATRICK                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-336
RILEY, BARNEY                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-6
RILEY, CHARLES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-144
RILEY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-277
RILEY, JAMES                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-145
RILEY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-247
RILEY, PETER                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-146
RINE, DANIEL                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-350
ROE, PATRICK                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-147
ROGES, ANDRW                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-210
ROONEY, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-311
RYAN, EDWARD                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-225
RYAN, JAMES                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-196
RYAN, JAMES                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-148
RYAN, MICHAEL                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-21
RYN, PATRICK                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-334
SAPWELL, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-154
SAVIN, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-218
SCANADALAN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-174
SHALVAY, LUKE                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-348
SHALVEY, OWEN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-150
SHEERAN, MICHAEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-208
SHELVEY, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-256
SHERIDAN, MARTIN                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-182
SHERIDAN, MARTIN                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-179
SHERREY, OWEN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-167
SHIRLAND, HUGH                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-151
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-163
SMITH, JAMES CLARK                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-278
SOUTHERLAND, ALEXANDER                 SCOTLAND                                 VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-313
STEWART, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-302
STEWART, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-232
STEWART, MICHAEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-37
STOCKS, OWEN                           IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-173
STRONG, JAMES                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-30
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-152
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-149
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                       IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-18
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-342
SULLIVAN, STEPHEN                      IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-204
SZIMONS, PAUL                          ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-248
TIERNEY, JOHN                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-171
TULLY, JOHN                            IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-332
TULLY, WILLIAM                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-331
WALLACE, JAMES                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-153
WATES, MATHISE                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-260
WEBB, FRANCIS                          ENGLAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-172
WELCH, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-50
WELCH, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-284
WELCH, PATRICK                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-299
WELCH, RICHARD                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-198
WIGGINS, MARTIN                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-66
WIGGINS, MARTIN                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-36
WINN, PATRICK                          IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-188
WINTERS, THOMAS                        IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-333
WOLLASTON, CHARLES                     IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-203
WOOD, DOMINIQUE                        CANADA                                   VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-339
WOOHUN, THOMAS                         IRELAND                                  VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-251
WRIGHT, ALLAN G.                       SCOTLAND                                 VT-11-CC-OLDDOI-1-160

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