Tooele County, Utah
Naturalization Petitions (1908-1945)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birth year (NL = not listed, -S = spouse, -C = child)
Column 3: Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - District Court - Tooele County, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1908-1915 | 2 = 1915-1928 | 3 = 1928-1929 |

ANDERSEN, ENGEL                        1880                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-16
ANDERSON, ERICK                        1880                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-44
ARNESON, ALF JOSEPH                    1886                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-45
BARTH, CHRIST FRED                     1878                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-8
BERGKOUT, CHARLES                      1887                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-33
BOETEL, CARL FRIEDRICK CLAUS           1900-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, CARL FRIEDRICK CLAUS           1900-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, CLAUS HEINRICK                 1903-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, CLAUS HEINRICK                 1903-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, DORA MARIE CATHRINA            1899-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, DORA MARIE                     1899-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, FRIEDA WILHELMIENE CATRINA     1901-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, FRIEDA WILHELMIENE             1901-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, GUSTAV                         1860                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, GUSTAV                         1860                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, MARGARETA                      NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BOETEL, MARGARETA                      NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, OTTO CHRISTIAN                 1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-6
BOETEL, OTTO CHRISTIAN                 1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-13
BROWN, AUGUST                          1858                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-12
BROWN, CHRISTINA                       NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-12
BROWN, IDA MARY                        1880-C                                  DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-12
BUSCH, ANNA ZINGERSEN                  NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-27
BUSCH, PETER ALFRED LAURENTIUS         1848                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-27
BUSCH, WILLIAM JOHN ANDREW             1888                                    WUERTTEMBERG                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-7
CHRISTENSEN, CARL                      1901-C                                  DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
CHRISTENSEN, ELIZABETH                 NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
CHRISTENSEN, ESTHER                    1911-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
CHRISTENSEN, JOHN CHRISTIAN            1873                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
CHRISTENSEN, MARGE                     1906-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
CHRISTENSEN, SVEND                     1902-C                                  DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-32
DINNSEN, BRODER                        1877                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-42
DINNSEN, OPEL EDNA                     1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-42
DINNSEN, ROSIE THEIS                   NL-S                                    NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-42
ENGEBRETSON, AGNES L.                  1908-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-19
ENGEBRETSON, ANNA                      NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-19
ENGEBRETSON, JOHN                      1879                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-19
ENGEBRETSON, JOHN                      1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-19
ENGEBRETSON, MARGARETE P.              1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-19
FOXTON, HARCOURT                       1882-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-38
FOXTON, HARROLD C.                     1882-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-38
FOXTON, JOHN LAWRENCE                  1860                                    ONTARIO                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-38
FOXTON, SARAH                          NL-S                                    ONTARIO                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-38
GROEPPES, ADOLPH                       1884                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-29
GROEPPES, ERNEST                       1908-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-29
GROEPPES, HARRY                        1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-29
GROEPPES, KATIE                        NL-S                                    IOWA                                     UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-29
GROEPPES, WALTER                       1912-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-29
HAVEL, AGNES                           NL-S                                    BOHEMIA                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HAVEL, AMELIA                          1908-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HAVEL, FRED                            1905-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HAVEL, HELEN                           1912-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HAVEL, JOSEPH                          1877                                    BOHEMIA                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HAVEL, MILDRED                         1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-41
HENTZGEN, JOHN AUGUST CARL             1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-46
HENTZGEN, JOHN AUGUST CARL             1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-23
HENTZGEN, JULIUS ROBERT CARL           1868                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-23
HENTZGEN, JULIUS ROBERT CARL           1868                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-46
HENTZGEN, MARY                         NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-23
HOKANSON, ALBIN                        1884                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-40
HOKANSON, CLARA                        1908-C                                  IOWA                                     UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-40
HOKANSON, FLORENCE                     1910-C                                  IOWA                                     UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-40
HOKANSON, HATTIE STRELOW               NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-40
HUEGI, JOHN                            1864                                    SWITZERLAND                              UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-24
JOHANNESEN, ANNA                       1894-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, CHRISTINA                  NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, HANS                       1865                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, HELLEN                     1898-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, JOHN                       1902-C                                  IOWA                                     UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, JURGEN                     1897-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, LEE                        1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, LILLY                      1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, MARTHA                     1901-C                                  IOWA                                     UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, MARY                       1890-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, PETER                      1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHANNESEN, TENA                       1896-C                                  GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-18
JOHNSON, FLORENCE                      1900-C                                  SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-35
JOHNSON, JOHN ANDRO                    1850                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-35
JOHNSON, KJERSTIN                      NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-35
JOHNSON, OLOF                          1882                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-39
JONASON, JONAS MORTIMER                1887                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-37
KASNER, JOSEPH                         1860                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-50
KASNER, JOSEPH                         1905-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-50
KASNER, MARY                           NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-50
KOTTGE, ELIZABETH                      1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-30
KOTTGE, FRED                           1877                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-30
KOTTGE, JOHN                           1900-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-30
KOTTGE, LOUISA                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-30
KRETSCHMER, ANTON                      1867                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-26
KVINGE, JOHANNA                        NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-9
KVINGE, MABEL                          1905-C                                  MINNESOTA                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-9
KVINGE, MONS                           1878                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-9
KVINGE, OSCAR                          1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-9
LAGE, KNUD                             1881                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-34
LAUNER, CARL                           1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-48
LAUNER, CHARLES                        1883                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-48
LAUNER, LOUISA MANN                    NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-48
LEVIN, LOUIS                           1885                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-36
MAASS, ALBERT                          1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, ALBERT JOHN                     1870                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, AMANDA                          1900-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, BERNARD                         1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, EMIL                            1903-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, IDA                             NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, REINHARDT                       1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MAASS, SIEFRIED                        1901-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-21
MADSEN, MADS JORGEN                    1874                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-1
MARTENS, ABRAHAM                       1906-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MARTENS, ABRAM                         1900-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, ANNIE                         1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, GEHRED                        1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MARTENS, GEOIGER H.                    1901-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, JACOB                         1904-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MARTENS, JACOB                         1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, JACOB WILHELM                 1879                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MARTENS, KATHARINA                     NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, KATIE                         1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, MARY                          1910-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, SARAH                         1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, SARAH                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MARTENS, WILHELM                       1899-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, WILHELM WILHELM               1874                                    RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-17
MARTENS, WILLIAM                       1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-15
MEHRENT, JAMES HANS                    1874                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-11
MUELLER, ADOLPH                        1865                                    SWITZERLAND                              UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, BERTHA                        NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, HEDY                          1903-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, MAAGY                         1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, MAX                           1899-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, PAUL                          1902-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
MUELLER, PETER                         1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-3
PEARSON, NELS JULE                     1881                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-31
PIEHL, GEORGE                          1844                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-5
PIEHL, MARY BAETKEE                    NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-5
QUIRAM, GUSTAV                         1872                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-47
REISING, JOSEPH                        1876                                    BAVARIA                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-43
RODNE, ANNA THEODORA                   NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
RODNE, SAM THEODORE                    1903-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
RODNE, SEGVE                           1869                                    NORWAY                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
RODNE, SELMA                           1898-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
RODNE, STELLA                          1908-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
RODNE, THOMAS ALEXANDER                1901-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-25
SCHEELE, CLARA                         1896-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, DOROTHY K.                    NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, ELIZABETH                     1894-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, HERBERT                       1901-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, HEROLD                        1909-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, INA                           1898-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, JOHAN JORGAN HENRIK           1866                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, JOHN                          1890-C                                  WISCONSIN                                UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHEELE, THEODORE                      1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-20
SCHROEDER, DORA                        NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-28
SCHROEDER, HENRY JOHN                  1912-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-28
SCHROEDER, OTTO                        1875                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-28
SCHULTZ, ADELE ODELLE ANNETTE          1902-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, ANNE MARIE                    1905-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, BARTEL                        1864                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-2
SCHULTZ, BARTEL                        1864                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-10
SCHULTZ, ELVA AUGUSTA CATHRINE         1903-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, FREDERIK FERDINAND            1871                                    GERMANY                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, IDA MARIE                     NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, LAURA KRISTINE                1907-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-4
SCHULTZ, MARIE                         NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-2
SCHULTZ, MARIE                         NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-10
SHAW, FREDERIC LONSDALE                1881                                    ENGLAND                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-22
TAUBER, FRANK                          1879                                    BOHEMIA                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-49
TAUBER, TONNIE                         NL-S                                    BOHEMIA                                  UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-49
WESTBURG, AUGUST                       1882                                    SWEDEN                                   UT-TOOELE-DC--PET-1-14

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