US District Court (Scranton), Pennsylvania
Naturalizations Index (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court (Philadelphia), type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Volume List |
"see:" - alternative name listed

NACCAROTO, VITO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-397
NAGELBERG, KAARIEL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-403
NAGURNEY, THOMAS                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-114
NAGURNY, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-71
NAGURNY, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-457
NAGY, JOSEPH                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-464
NALEZINSKI, IGNATZ                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-49
NAMIOTKA, STANLEY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-340
NAMIOTKO, BRONISLAW                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-84
NAPOLITANO, AVELLE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-123
NAPORA, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-393
NAREWSKY, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-19
NARISCH, MARTIN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-363
NARTOWIEZ, WILLIAM                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-479
NARUSIEWISZ, AUGUST                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-282
NARUSZEVICSE, ADAM                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-76
NATHAN, HARRY                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-287
NAUMOVICZ, FRANKC HARLIE               POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-92
NAUYCKAS, JOSEPH JOHN                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-245
NAVAJOPSKY, JOZEF                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-265
NAVEEN, ABRAHAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-433
NAVICKAS, STANLY WILLIAM               RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-263
NAVITSKI, CHARLES                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-276
NAVULIS, GEORGE ANTHANI                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-482
NEDELAK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-272
NELSON, MANDEL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-99
NELSON, MORRIS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-267
NEMETH, ENNIJ                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-185
NEMETH, JOHAN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-387
NEMETH, JOSEPH                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-115
NEMETH, MICHAL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-391
NEMETH, STEPHAN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-388
NEMIOTKI, ANTHONY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-194
NENORTAS, VICTOR                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-115
NENUS, TONAS                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-180
NETS, KAROL                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-349
NEULIS, MOTIEYUS YUZAS                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-483
NEUSTEIN, MAX                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-324
NEVINSKY, KASIMIR                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-176
NEWELS, WILLIAM                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-50
NEWMAN, JAMES                          WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-258
NEWMAN, RALPH                          WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-169
NEWTO, SAMUEL KEOLAND                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-178
NEZNICK, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-38
NICHOLS, JOHN GEORGE                   TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-486
NICOL, FREDERICK                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-489
NICOLAIS, JOHN                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-220
NICOLAOUIS, MICHAEL                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-361
NICOLETTI, LUIGI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-350
NIEMEZEK, MICHAEL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-89
NIEMIEC, ELIAS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-48
NIEMIEC, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-472
NIEWIADUMSKI, MARIAM                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-294
NIKELS, THOMAS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-356
NIKLEWICZ, JAKOB                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-261
NIKSO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-484
NIMITS, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-328
NIZIALEK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-319
NOBLE, ROBERT                          SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-11
NOONE, PATRICK FRANCIS                 IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-135
NORWILO, ADOLF                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-127
NOTARI, ENRICO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-491
NOTARO, ANTONY                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-250
NOTO, SALVATORE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-356
NOUELLO, SALVATORE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-296
NOVACKI, FRANCISEK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-90
NOVAK, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-62
NOVAKOVSKI, WICENTY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-339
NOVICK, MICHAEL                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-155
NOVOTNI, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-441
NOVROWSKY, JACOB                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-428
NOWAHOWSKI, WALENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-473
NOWAK, ANTHONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-118
NOWAK, ANTONI                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-96
NOWAK, KAZIMIERZ                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-262
NOWICKI, JAN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-389
NYCZ, ALEXANDER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-351
NYCZ, HENRY                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-47
NYCZ, LUDWIG                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-301
NYEMCZYK, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-84
OAKEY, HARRY                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-220
OBENUS, SELVESTER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-144
OBERSZT, STANLEY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-59
OBILECKI, KASTANTY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-72
OBLOCK, GEORGE O.                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-363
OBOYLE, MICHEL                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-374
OBRIEN, HENRY E.                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-85
OBSHORSKY, SAMUEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-404
OBSITOS, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-300
OBTAZNY, FREK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-13
OBTOSHNY, FRANK                        SEE: OBTAZNY, FREK
OBUCHOZIK, ANTONI                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-242
OBZINA, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-70
OCCHIPINTI, CATALOD                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-189
OCCHIPINTO, BARTOLO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-251
OCCIPINTO, MICHAEL                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-26
OCONNOR, DANIEL                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-317
OCWIEJA, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-47
OGINTAS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-291
OHAGAN, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-265
OHAGAN, PATRICK                        SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-282
OKO, PETER                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-498
OKON, ADAM                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-124
OKRASINSKI, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-253
OKSIOMITOUSKAS, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-103
OKVASINSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-117
OLCZAK, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-117
OLDSIEJEWSKI, PAWEL                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-274
OLDZY, KOSTANTY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-247
OLEKSAK, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-117
OLEKSI, KAZIMER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-321
OLENDZENSKI, WLADYSLAW                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-217
OLESKI, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-173
OLESZEWSKI, ALEXANDER                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-377
OLEVIERI, FLORENDINO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-29
OLIO, JACOB                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-73
OLIVER, JOHN EVAN                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-144
OLIVE,R ROBERT                         SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-210
OLOWIANY, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-109
OLSLEWSKI, WLADYSLAW                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-376
OLSON, ANTON                           SWEDEN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-8
OLSZEWSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-120
OLSZEWSKI, MICHAL                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-433
OLSZEWSKI, STANLEY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-342
OMACHINSKI, FRANK                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-87
OMAHEN, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-310
OPALKA, JACOB                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-395
OPALKA, MATEY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-394
OPEIL, MARTIN JR.                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-49
OPIEL, PETER                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-10
OPSITO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-282
ORASIN, FRENK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-410
ORASIN, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-414
ORAVITZ, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-281
ORBAN, FRANK                           RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-4
ORDORSKI, FRANCIS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-51
ORESTONIO, NOBILE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-468
ORGANEK, KAROL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-145
ORITSCHNEY, JOE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-292
ORLAFSKY, JACOB                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-137
ORMIANSKI, JOZEF                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-141
ORSINI, GIULIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-29
ORTEEL, STANLY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-125
ORTOLANI, DOMINICK                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-438
ORTOLANI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-496
ORTOLANO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-260
ORYLIK, MACIEJ                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-145
ORYLIK, MARTYN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-144
OSEWECKI, ADAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-29
OSIECKI, KONSTANTY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-128
OSTROWSKI, KASIMEI                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-112
OSUCH, STEPHEN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-172
OTT, ALBERT                            SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-146
OTTAVIANI, LUIGI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-345
OTTAVIANI, ROMOLO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-344
OTTOWITZ, CHARLES                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-46
OWCARSKI, ANTONI                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-171
OWCARSKI, JOZEF                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-169
OWCZARZ, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-7
OWEN, ELIAS HUGHES                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-19
OZAJA, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-19
PACELA, CHARLES ABRAHAM                SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-25
PACHUCKI, WACLAW                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-378
PACHUCKY, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-28
PACKO, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-121
PACZAK, ALEXANDER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-417
PAGLIERINI, ERNAIN                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-493
PAGNOTTA, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-487
PAGNOTTI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-447
PAGRAJEK, FRANK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-109
PAIJAVIZ, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-64
PAINTER, EDWARD                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-476
PAIWIZ, PITER                          SEE: PAJAVIZ, PETER
PAKLEMBA, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-333
PAKOVIC, MARKO                         SEE: PAKOVIS, MARKO
PAKOVIS, MARKO                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-190
PAKRUPIS, JOHN J.                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-151
PALATE, RALPH                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-223
PALES, MICHAEL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-456
PALIANI, ENRICO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-341
PALINOVSKI, STEPHEN                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-74
PALKO, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-351
PALKO, JAN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-241
PALMERI, CATALDO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-211
PALMOWSKI, JOSEF                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-6
PALO, ANDREW                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-434
PALOCKO, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-411
PALOMARA, TONY                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-457
PALOMBO, PASQUALE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-221
PALOME, CHARLES                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-336
PALOME, FRANK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-337
PALOME, SAMUEL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-333
PALOVISIK, JOHN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-447
PALUCH, ALEKSANDYR                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-486
PALUCH, MYTRO                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-183
PALUMBO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-387
PALUMBO, MICHAEL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-296
PANGNOTTI, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-7
PANICKO, MICHAEL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-102
PANIK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-275
PANSICA, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-216
PANUNSIO, NICOLA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-7
PANZICA, ANGELO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-5
PAOLO, ESPOSITO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-489
PAONE, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-446
PAONI, GUGLIELMO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-177
PAPACZ, SIMEON                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-91
PAPATS, WASIL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-277
PAPCIAK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-51
PAPCUM, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-307
PAPERNIK, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-330
PAPOLI, EMILIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-128
PAPP, ALEX                             HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-55
PAPP, PAUL                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-165
PAPP, SANDER                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-271
PAPPAMECHIL, COSTAS                    GREECE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-266
PAPRIAK, PETER                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-309
PAPSON, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-266
PAR, FRANK                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-410
PARA, BARTLEMEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-500
PARA, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-503
PARA, STANLEY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-71
PARADA, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-375
PARANA, JOSEF                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-162
PARIS, ANTHONY                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-249
PARISI, ANTONIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-91
PARISPE, VINCENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-6
PARLEYANSKI, GAE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-117
PARRINO, SAMUEL                        SICILY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-95
PARRY, GRIFFITH WILLIAM                WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-54
PARRY, THOMAS THOMAS                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-266
PARRY, THOMAS JOHN                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-55
PARTYKA, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-315
PARUIRO, GORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-368
PASCA, FRANK                           RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-126
PASKIEWICZ, IGNACY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-5
PASON, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-9
PASQUALE, GERMANO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-333
PASQUALE, PESTA                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-91
PASQUALI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-329
PASQUINI, ANTONIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-221
PASTERNAK, PAUL                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-230
PASTORCIK, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-327
PASTRENAK, STANISLAW                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-74
PASZKOWISZ, WILLIM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-228
PASZKOWSKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-13
PASZKOWSKI, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-172
PATRICK, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-304
PATRYLAK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-313
PATSEY, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-59
PAUKSTIS, ANTONI                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-221
PAULING, THOMAS HENRY                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-281
PAULIUKAITIS, JOHN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-368
PAULY, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-424
PAUPILI, GIOSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-430
PAVLICKO, MICHAEL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-471
PAVLIK, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-291
PAVLISIZAK, JOHN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-210
PAVLOVICH, WILLIAM                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-329
PAWALONIS, ANTONIS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-275
PBASZYNSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-234
PEARSON, JOHN HENRY                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-71
PEARSON, PHILIP                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-145
PECCI, ALESANDRO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-155
PECKAUSKAS, ANTONI                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-75
PECZULIS, JOSEPH                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-422
PEDLEK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-146
PEEPAS, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-109
PEEZDUJ, MAJK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-391
PEFFER, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-343
PEIPAS, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-110
PEKAKAS, JOHN                          GREECE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-416
PELCZAR, JAN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-49
PELCZAR, WOJIECH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-48
PELICCI, ATTILIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-482
PELLC, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-214
PELOSKI, SAVERIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-352
PENDER, ANTHONY                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-87
PEPE, CARMINE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-371
PEREMBA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-263
PERFETTO, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-102
PERRI, CARMINE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-5
PERRIEGE, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-436
PERRY, FREDERICH                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-4
PERRY, THOMAS EDWARD                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-202
PETERLIN, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-329
PETERNEL, FRANK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-316
PETERS, JOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-347
PETILL, PHILIP                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-26
PETILLO, JOSEPH                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-246
PETRAITIS, GEORGE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-206
PETRAITIS, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-173
PETRASH, MIKE                          HUNGRY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-146
PETRASKO, ANDRW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-380
PETRICK, ANTHONY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-269
PETRIK, HNAT                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-38
PETRILLA, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-243
PETRO, ANTAL                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-208
PETRO, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-180
PETROCHKO, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-322
PETROCZKO, WASIL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-46
PETROFSKI, BENJAMIN                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-445
PETROSKIC, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-203
PETROWSKY, ANTHONY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-31
PETRUCCI, GAETANO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-364
PETRUCELLI, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-386
PETRUNCSIK, MICHAEL                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-380
PETRUS, ANTHONY                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-348
PETRUSKA, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-294
PETTINATO, CARLO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-118
PETUAITIS, MATHEW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-167
PETUCK, FRANK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-61
PETZ, CARL                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-439
PHILIP, ANDRO                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-62
PIASTA, JOHN                           AUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-66
PIATCAVICH, STANLEY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-85
PIATEK, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-258
PIATKOWSKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-130
PICCHIONE, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-114
PICCHIONE, MICHAELANGELO               ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-390
PIECHOTA, ALBERTA                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-131
PIEKARSKI, STEFAN                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-327
PIEKIANSKI, WINCENTO                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-16
PIELECH, WASIL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-168
PIELROWICZ, PETER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-213
PIENTKA, MAJK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-150
PIEPZSNY, ANTONI                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-234
PIERCE, THOMAS WILLIAM                 WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-324
PIERMAN, HERMAN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-251
PIERTREK, WOIECG                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-40
PIESTRAK, ROMAN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-206
PIETKOWSKI, IGNATZ                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-239
PIETREWICZ, MARTIN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-151
PIETRINI, RINALDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-82
PIETRO, ALFONSO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-261
PIETROLINI, BIAGGIO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-131
PIETROWSKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-74
PIETROWSKI, JOZEF                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-224
PIETROZEWSKI, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-172
PIETRUSZEWSKI, ANTHONY                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-309
PIETSZAK, FRANK                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-340
PIEZSNY, WAWZINIECZ                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-233
PIGUANE, LORENZO ANTONY                ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-163
PIHAWICZ, THOMAS                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-455
PIHOWICZ, JOSEPH                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-456
PIJANOWSKI, WALENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-269
PIKTUZIS, KAZIMIR                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-252
PIKUNAS, KAZIMIECZ                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-81
PILGER, ADOLPH KASTEN                  GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-15
PILKUSKI, STANLEY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-65
PILLCAWITZ, WILLIAM                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-70
PINCUS, SAMEL                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-469
PINDJOLA, FRANK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-155
PININIO, MAGNARELLI                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-63
PINKOS, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-282
PINSKER, ABRAHAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-160
PINTER, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-270
PIONTKA, MICHAL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-46
PIRHALLA, ALEXI MARTIN                 HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-103
PIRICS, MICHAIL                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-253
PIRYCZ, ALEKSANDER                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-466
PISANICZ, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-343
PISARCIK, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-389
PISARCSIK, GEORGE                      SEE: SELESKY, GEORGE                         7-185
PISARCSIK, GEORGE                      SEE: SELECKI, GEORGE                         7-187
PISARCZYK, BLARCZJ                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-299
PISARSIK, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-188
PISICESKO, HRYE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-53
PISZCZEK, MACIEJ                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-185
PITEL, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-8
PITONAK, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-413
PITZ, JOHN                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-119
PIWOWARCZYK, ANDREW                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-319
PIWOWARCZYK, MICHAEL                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-40
PIZZO, TONY                            SICILY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-125
PLACIDO, ALIBRIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-93
PLACIDO, SCOLARO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-332
PLAKSA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-470
PLANINSHEK, ANTHONY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-44
PLANINSHEK, FRANK                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-42
PLASKA, ALBERT                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-353
PLATKO0, PANKO                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-123
PLATUS, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-356
PLESKATT, CARL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-493
PLIZGA, WALTER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-223
PLOCINNIK, STANLY                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-228
PLONA, ADAM                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-458
PLONSKI, WALERY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-415
PLUMMER, EDWARD                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-413
PLUNA, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-381
PNIEWSKI, ANTONI                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-244
POBUDKIEWICZ, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-221
POBUTKIEWICZ, WLADYSLAW                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-253
POCALUJKA, PETER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-236
POCIASK, JOZEF                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-157
POCKORNEY, RAYMOND                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-374
POCZKEWICZ, BENJAMIN                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-141
POCZONTKO, THOMAS                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-121
PODANA, FRED                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-374
PODANA, TITO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-372
PODEZASZY, JOSEF                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-489
PODLEWSKI, STEFAN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-11
PODOJAY, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-89
PODSIADLIK, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-201
PODSIADLIK, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-190
PODUFALSKI, SZCZEPAN                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-97
POGODA, NIELEM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-192
POGORZELSKY, VICTOR                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-164
POKSYWCZAK, GEORGE                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-222
POLACK, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-207
POLAK, KAROL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-287
POLANIEC, ADAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-23
POLANSKI, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-60
POLINSKI, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-381
POLIS, DOMENICK                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-97
POLIS, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-441
POLIVKA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-312
POLIVKA, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-311
POLIWODA, PAUL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-321
POLKA, ALBERT                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-346
POLKA, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-357
POLLOCK, HARRY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-73
POLONCIC, JOHON                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-308
POLONCIC, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-309
POLUIKIS, JULIUS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-223
POMFILI, EMELIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-429
POMICHTER, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-362
PONKOY, JOSEPH                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-27
POPELER, STANLEY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-31
POPIEL, ZDZISLAUS                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-306
POPOVICS, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-368
PORFETTO, JOSEPH                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-310
PORLYANSKZ, JOE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-115
POSAVEC, GEORG                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-369
POSAVIC, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-367
POSOVSKY, LOUIS                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-463
POTAS, ANTONI                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-264
POTERA, PAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-381
POTERA, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-66
POTHECARY, DOLPH                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-172
POTIS, SAM                             ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-210
POTISEK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-256
POTKULSKI, PHILIP                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-46
POTLA, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-118
POTORSKI, FRANK                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-436
POTORSKY, KONSTANTY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-334
POTSKOC, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-427
POUCH, MAX                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-151
POVERONIS, ALBERTO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-265
POVIROMO, PITER                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-272
POVLOKOVICH, MIKOLY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-393
POVRMO, GANNE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-271
POWELL, ALFRED                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-10
POWELL, DAVID                          SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-37
POWELL, HOWELL THOMAS                  WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-497
POWELL, JOHN                           SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-11
POWELL, ROBERT                         SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-300
POWELL,D AVID MORGAN                   SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-66
POWIS, GEORGE                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-299
POWLIGO, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-100
POYEWSKI, STANLEY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-205
POZNSKY, HERONIM                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-497
PRABISZ, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-191
PRASKOWICZ, ANDREW                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-44
PRASZEK, JAKOB                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-257
PRECONE, ANTHONY                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-13
PREKAWSKI, MICHAEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-46
PREKOWSKY, MARCJIAN                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-45
PREPIORA, TOMAS                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-313
PRESOTN, GEORGE JAMES                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-481
PRESTON, EDWARD ALBERT                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-480
PREZROSO, VINCENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-163
PRIBECKO, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-232
PRICE, DANIEL ELIAS                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-125
PRICE, DAVID EVENS                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-265
PRICE, DAVID EMBLY                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-225
PRICE, DAVID CHARLES                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-127
PRICE, ERNEST                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-105
PRICE, HENRY                           WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-226
PRICE, JOHN DANIEL                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-89
PRICE, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-353
PRICE, MAX                             RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-212
PRIEHOWICZ, PIETER                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-79
PRITCHARD, WILLIAM                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-481
PRIZZI, SALVATORE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-218
PROCKO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-372
PROKIPCZAK, ALEXANDR                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-320
PRONKO, ANDRO                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-152
PROSSER, WILLIAM                       WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-488
PRZOWOZNIK, STANISLAW                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-98
PRZYBYLSKI, CYRENENZS                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-153
PRZYBYLSKI, WALENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-64
PRZYMYLEWSKI, ANDREW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-118
PTASZGNSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-246
PUCHER, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-87
PUGLIA, MICHAEL                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-270
PUGLIESE, INNOCENZO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-307
PUGLIESE, VINCENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-100
PUGOWSKI, ANTONI                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-495
PUGWSKI, KAZIMIEZ                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-2
PUHALLA, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-46
PUHALSKI, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-413
PUK, JACOB                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-53
PULTAVACKY, WLADYSLAW                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-329
PUMA, SALVATORE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-464
PUPA, DOMENIK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-389
PURTA, KONSTANTY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-484
PUSCH, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-494
PUSHKIN, SAMUEL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-211
PUTATURO, FELICE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-143
PUTIS, WILLIAM                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-492
PUZIO, CHARLES                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-482
PUZIO, STANISLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-473
PYSKATY, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-476
PYTLIK, JACENTY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-271
PYZEK, KARZIMIERZ                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-406
QUAREQUIO, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-57
QUARTOLO, MICHELANGELO                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-24
RABEE, PETER                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-292
RABINOWITZ, MORRIS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-33
RACHOWIC, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-269
RACKES, STEFAN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-169
RADAVITZ, ALEXANDER                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-305
RADNAR, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-25
RADWANSKI, STANISLAW                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-302
RADZEVICZ, CHARLES                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-216
RADZEVICZ, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-218
RAIEWSKI, ANTHONY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-410
RAIEWSKI, WLADISLAW                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-409
RAIMONDI, ANGELO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-164
RAKLEWICZ, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-187
RAKOCZY, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-261
RAKOWSKI, THEODOR                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-70
RAKSZIS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-95
RALICKI, THOMAS                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-221
RAMBISZ, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-244
RAMSHAW, ROBERT THOMAS                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-243
RANDA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-233
RANDINELLA, FRANK                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-101
RANDRIO, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-109
RANUCCI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-267
RAPINSKI, STANLEY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-99
RAPPMANSBERGER, FRANK                  GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-230
RASIMAS, BERNARDY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-79
RATAIS, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-483
RAUBA, PETER                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-224
RAYCHEL, ANTHONY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-21
RAYKOVITZ, STANLEY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-230
RAZWILOWICZ, PETER                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-373
REAI, MICHAEL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-21
REBISZ, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-279
RECICAR, JOZEF                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-189
RECUCCI, CESMO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-360
RECZEK, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-267
REDULLO, NICOLA                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-456
REES, JOSEPH                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-197
REESE, MORGAN                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-263
REGUCKI, ANTHONY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-248
REGULA, WALENTY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-26
REICHEL, PETE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-225
REICHWALDER, MICHAEL                   HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-79
REID, JAMES                            SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-399
REILLY, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-34
REINITZ, EUGENE                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-465
REISMAN, LOUIS ZOLTON                  HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-434
REIZA, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-465
REKIEC, STANLY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-231
REMANCZUK, BASIL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-324
REMBIS, LUKAS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-324
REMENSKI, TODOR                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-137
RENAUD, FRANC                          FRANCE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-220
RENDE, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-449
RENKEWIC, ALEKSANDER                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-256
RESIFORI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-99
RESTUCCIO, VICENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-390
RETCHKO, ANTHEY J.                     RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-79
REYHANZYKI, MIKAEL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-107
RICCARDO, FIDA                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-263
RICCI, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-100
RICHARD, JOHN                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-485
RICHARDS, WILLIAM                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-222
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-480
RIDALLA, MIKAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-490
RIDILA, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-16
RIFA, LUDWIK                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-259
RIGEL, NATHAN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-91
RIGELSKY, JOHN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-6
RIGGI, GIUSEPPI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-292
RIHWLDER, ANDRO                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-421
RIMMER, HARRY OWEN                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-210
RINALDI, FRANCESKO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-57
RINATTUTTI, LUIGI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-362
RINKAVECH, MICHAL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-226
RINKOS, SIMON                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-292
RIVIELLO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-448
RIZK, MILHAM ABRAHAM                   TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-202
ROBAK, ANTHONY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-135
ROBAK, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-319
ROBERTO, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-48
ROBERTS, EDWARD                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-164
ROBERTS, HARRY SAMUEL                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-17
ROBERTS, HUGH                          WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-323
ROBERTS, TUDOR                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-423
ROBERTS, WILLIAM HUGH                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-14
ROBERTS, WILLIAM RICHARD               WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-147
ROBERTS, WILLIAM ARTHUR                WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-37
ROBINSKY, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-63
ROBISZ, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-243
ROBSHAW, WILLIAM                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-333
ROFSE, ANTONY                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-332
ROGERS, STANLEY                        RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-76
ROGEVITZ, JOHN                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-151
ROGO, JOHN                             ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-495
ROGOZENSKI, LEON                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-382
ROHLY, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-186
ROHOWAL, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-85
ROKAVEC, MARTIN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-279
ROKOSZ, MICHAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-246
ROLLASON, JOHN STANLEY                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-69
ROMAN, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-104
ROMAN, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA-GALITICA    US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-122
ROMAN, MAXAMILLIAN                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-180
ROMANCZUK, STANISLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-217
ROMANCZYK, JOSEPH                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-156
ROMANINI, JOSEPH                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-349
ROMANOOSKI, BOLESLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-416
ROMANOWICZ, ANTONI                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-47
RONCZKA, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-252
RONYS, KOSTANTAS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-98
ROOS, GOTTHILF                         BADEN               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-297
ROPIECKI, WALENTY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-68
ROPKA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-501
ROSARIO, CASSANITI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-347
ROSARIO, FAZIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-52
ROSATI, ANGELO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-100
ROSATI, DOMENICO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-493
ROSATI, FRANK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-496
ROSEN, AISEK                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-215
ROSENBLOOM, EDWARD LOOS                HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-469
ROSENN, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-397
ROSENN, MAX                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-398
ROSENTHAL, DAVID                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-354
ROSIK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-296
ROSKO, ALEXANDER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-93
ROSKOWSKI, KOZIMIER                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-106
ROSMUS, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-474
ROSSI, CARMINE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-433
ROSSI, EDWARD                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-139
ROSSI, RODOLFO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-274
ROSSMARK, MARTIN                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-31
ROSTAR, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-254
ROSZKO, LAWRENCE                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-249
ROSZKOWSKI, FRANK                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-349
ROTALSKY, KAROL                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-242
ROTH, MAX                              AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-3
ROTHMAN, HENRY                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-119
ROTHWELL, JOSEPH                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-2
ROTTENBURG, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-490
ROVITTI, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-130
ROZINA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-414
RREWALSKI, WLADYSLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-155
RUANE, PATRICK                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-483
RUBIAK, JACOB                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-302
RUBIN, SAMUEL JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-174
RUBIN, STANLEY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-146
RUBINO, CARMINE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-42
RUBUSFSHAK, GEORGE                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-283
RUCK, WILLIAM HENRY                    ENGLAN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-446
RUCKY, WASIL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-167
RUDAS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-406
RUDAWSKI, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-170
RUDAWSKI, WASYL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-177
RUDZIENSKI, WLADISLA                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-156
RUDZVILLA, GEORGE LEWIS                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-62
RUGERO, FRANK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-278
RUGGIERO, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-381
RUGGIERO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-239
RUMANOWSKI, WALENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-236
RUNCO, GASPERO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-308
RUNCO, JOSEPH                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-104
RUNCO, ORAZIO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-450
RUNEWICZ, ANTONI                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-226
RUNOS, GEORGE                          RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-39
RUSCK, GEORGE                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-337
RUSCYK, JOHN                           SEE: RUSZCZIK, JOHN
RUSESKI, PETER                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-24
RUSHKA, THOMAS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-231
RUSIN, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-59
RUSIN, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-202
RUSIN, STANISLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-444
RUSNAK, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-248
RUSNAK, JOSEPH                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-476
RUSSA, PAUL                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-365
RUSSO, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-218
RUSSO, CARMINE ANTONIO                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-130
RUSSO, SALVATORE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-6
RUSYLOSKI, ROMALDY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-136
RUSZCZIK, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-146
RUSZCZIK, WOJCIECH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-148
RUTKOVSKI, SYLVESTER                   POALND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-460
RUTKOWSKI, ALEXANDER                   GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-67
RYBI, PAUL                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-155
RYBIENSKY, SATURMUYN                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-25
RYDZEWSKI, VINCENT                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-313
RYMAR, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-150
RYMEK, GEORGE                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-400
RYNKIEWICS, AUGUST                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-70
RYS, FRANK                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-342
RYSZKIEWICZ, PAUL                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-228
RZONCA, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-1

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