US District Court (Scranton), Pennsylvania
Naturalizations Index (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court (Philadelphia), type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Volume List |
"see:" - alternative name listed

KABAK, ALEKZENDER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-138
KABARA, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-416
KABARA, WLADISLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-75
KACA, GEORGE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-372
KACAK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-370
KACHMAR, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-240
KACHO, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-101
KACHOR, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-374
KACOL, PETER                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-334
KACZKA, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-369
KACZMARCZYK, WLADYSLAW                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-323
KACZMAREK, HYRC                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-325
KACZMAREK, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-308
KAEPEROSKI, DANIEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-498
KAISER, GAZA FERDINAND                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-207
KAJIENSKY, VICTOR                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-206
KAJOWA, FRANK                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-350
KAKAREKA, ALEX                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-123
KAKAS, MAJKEL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-396
KALAC, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-330
KALAFUT, STEFAN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-38
KALIMONSKI, MARYJAN                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-298
KALINOWSKI, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-258
KALINOWSKY, WALENTY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-17
KALISTY, ANTONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-240
KALLAR, IGNATS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-402
KALLAS, HARRY LAUY                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-456
KALNA, JOHN MARTIN                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-268
KALTON, KAZMIER                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-371
KALWEJT, KONSTANTY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-155
KALYNA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-402
KAMIN, JOZEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-399
KAMINSKAS, ANTONAS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-343
KAMINSKAS, GEORGE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-374
KAMINSKI, DANINIK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-209
KAMINSKY, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-284
KANE, JAMES                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-213
KANE, JOHN                             IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-173
KANKULICZ, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-227
KANSEWICZ, MICHAEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-105
KAPICA, CHARLES                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-85
KAPKO, ANTHONJ                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-279
KAPLAN, HARRY                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-330
KAPLAN, ISAAC                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-54
KAPLAN, MEYER                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-340
KAPSOK, ANDREW                         SEE; KASPRZAK, ANDREW
KAPUSTA, JOSEPH                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-66
KARAFA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-63
KARALEWICZ, SIMON                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-278
KARALIUNAS, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-443
KARALIUS, JOSEPH                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-87
KARALUNAS, MARTIN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-192
KARASH, ADAM                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-397
KARASINSKI, ANTHONY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-113
KARASINSKI, JOSEPH                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-114
KARAWIECKI, STANLEY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-319
KARBOWSKI, FRANK                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-68
KARCZEWSKI, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-256
KARDEL, STANLEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-257
KAROLOSYK, LUKE                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-140
KAROLY, UNGOR                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-434
KAROSKAS, ATNONY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-299
KARP, HARRY                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-134
KARST, JULIAN                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-151
KARULOWSKI, STANLEY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-131
KARYS, IGNATS                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-495
KASANCZUK, JOSEPH                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-68
KASANICH, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-393
KASARDA, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-188
KASENCZAK, PETER                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-269
KASHUBY, LEON                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-474
KASKE, PETER                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-242
KASKIEL, MACIJ                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-322
KASLAUCKOS, BALTRUS                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-350
KASLOSKIS, ANDREW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-277
KASNICKI, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-190
KASPEROVICZ, VACLAV                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-338
KASPEROWICZ, LUDWIK                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-158
KASPRIK, CHARLES                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-388
KASPRZAK, ANDREW                       RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-91
KASPRZAK, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-94
KASPRZYK, CHARLES                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-412
KASPRZYNSKY, LUDWIK                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-207
KASPSIAK, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-358
KASPZAK, JOHN                          SEE: KASPRZAK, JOHN
KASSAKAITIS, JOHN                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-29
KASTRACK, LOUIS                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-362
KASWINKEL, GEORGE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-125
KASZETA, IGNATZ                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-291
KASZETA, JUZEF                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-292
KASZETA, WACLAW                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-290
KASZNICKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-20
KATROSCIK, KARL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-410
KATZ, DAVID                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-44
KATZUR, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-95
KAUFER, ABRAHAM JACOB                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-318
KAUFER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-48
KAUFMAN, SAMUEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-53
KAVA, CHARLES                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-28
KAVA, MATIS                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-23
KAVACSIES, JOHN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-500
KAVKA, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-150
KAVULIS, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-80
KAWCZENSKI, MARTIN                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-243
KAWECKI, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-242
KAYJDAN, MICHAEL                       RUSIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-180
KAZAKEVICIS, POWELL                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-70
KAZLOWSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-377
KAZZAKEVITCH, JOHN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-207
KEANE, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-195
KEARNEY, THOMAS FRANCIS                IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-234
KEARNY, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-157
KEBA, MIKE                             HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-111
KEBLES, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-431
KEDZIOR, ANDROW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-348
KEIMEL, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-366
KEIRNAN, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-220
KEMEZIS, GEORGIS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-219
KEMEZYS, ANTHYS                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-217
KEMPINGER, JOHANN                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-213
KEOUSKEY, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-132
KEOUSKY, JOHN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-131
KERASZ, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-19
KEROLIS, JOSEPH                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-247
KERRIGAN, THOMAS PATRICK               ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-457
KERSHAW, SAMUEL MORRELL                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-412
KERVENSKI, STANLEY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-209
KERZIC, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-330
KESEL, CHARLES                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-107
KESELOWSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-27
KESILOWSKY, STEPHEN                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-354
KESSLER, MAYER                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-159
KEYDA, JAN                             RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-216
KIBALA, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-35
KIELBASA, FRANK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-285
KIESEL, STEPHEN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-84
KIGUOLIS, FRANK                        LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-443
KIJEK, ANTONI                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-81
KILCULLEN, JAMES                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-351
KILGALLON, JOHN                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-196
KILIGAN, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-354
KILKA, SIMON                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-167
KIMICIC, CHARLES                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-85
KINCIZIUS, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-165
KINDLARSKI, ANDREW                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-221
KINDLARSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-23
KINDLARSKI, PETER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-18
KINJUNISKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-238
KIOUSLOWSKY, FRANK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-476
KIRO, WASEL                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-213
KIRSANDA, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-400
KIRYLUK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-243
KISELLA, JOE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-74
KISKUNAS, BARNEY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-54
KITA, JOSEF                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-154
KITBASA, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-286
KIVITZKI, PAUL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-240
KIZLING, ADOLF                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-184
KLADIS, STANISLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-49
KLAIMAN, ABREM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-40
KLAKOWSKI, ANTONI                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-343
KLAPEK, WAWRZYNICZ                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-273
KLECKNA, JOHN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-287
KLEIN, JACOB                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-113
KLEIN, JAKOB                           SEE: KLEIN, JACOB
KLEIN, JOHN JR.                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-409
KLEIN, JOSIAH                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-183
KLEINMAN, MORRIS                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-38
KLEIZA, PAUL                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-300
KLEJBS, ANTHONY                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-207
KLEMENCIC, FRANK                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-307
KLESZYK, WOJCIECH                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-134
KLEYZA, JOHN                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-77
KLIES, CHARLES                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-258
KLIKNA, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-139
KLIM, AUGUST                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-193
KLIM, MICHAEL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-25
KLIMAR, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-405
KLIMBO, ANTHONY                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-220
KLIMKEVICZ, FRANK                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-61
KLIML, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-392
KLIMOWIC, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-386
KLIMOWICZ, STANISLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-89
KLINE, CHARLES                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-348
KLINE, ELI                             RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-358
KLINE, LOUIS                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-72
KLOCEK, WOJCICH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-259
KLOCKO, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-307
KLOCKO, STANLEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-85
KLOS, ANDREW                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-44
KLOSS, JOZEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-287
KLUGMAN, ABRAHAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-494
KLYMKOWIEZ, FELIX                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-101
KMETZ, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-432
KMIEC, MICHAEL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-191
KMUS, JOHN                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-42
KNAP, WASIL                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-100
KNAPP, ALEX                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-347
KNAPP, JAN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-447
KNEESH, ALEXANDER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-50
KNIBALI, ENRICO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-444
KNITOWSKY, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-305
KOBLEK, FRANK                          LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-162
KOBLIEK, FRANK                         SEE: KOBLEK, FRANK
KOBOR, NICHOLAS                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-135
KOCAY, ALBERT                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-208
KOCENSKY, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-436
KOCHLER, FRANZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-209
KOCIS, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-39
KOERNER, HENRY                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-228
KOFIRA, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-78
KOFIRA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-95
KOG, YAHN                              AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-419
KOHANOWSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-328
KOKINDA, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-245
KOKLOWSKI, KASPER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-15
KOLECZEK, PITER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-18
KOLENDA, BOLESLAW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-290
KOLENDO, STANLEY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-48
KOLESNIKOFF, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-464
KOLESNIKOFF, PETER                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-198
KOLIBABA, ANDREW                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-459
KOLIP, PETER                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-303
KOLODZIEJ, ANDROW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-128
KOMINESKY, ALEXANDER                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-94
KOMINOWSKI, ANTONY                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-303
KOMPINSKI, WALENTY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-404
KONDRACKI, PAUL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-327
KONECKI, ZIGMONT                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-429
KONIECKI, PIOTR                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-296
KONIECZKA, LEWIS JOHN                  GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-36
KONIG, ALBERT                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-384
KONOPKA, FRNK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-455
KONOPKA, PETER                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-235
KONTROSH, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-415
KOPA, ANTONY                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-113
KOPA, STANLY                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-108
KOPACS, PROKOP                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-59
KOPERNIAK, WOJCIECH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-45
KOPESO, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-118
KOPEZC, JULUS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-48
KOPKO, KONSTANTY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-75
KOPKO, LEMENS                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-276
KOPROWSKI, WLADYSLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-69
KOPYLEC, ANTONI                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-354
KORAC, CHARLES                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-364
KORDALSKI, FRANK JOSEPH                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-261
KORDOWSKI, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-187
KOREMSHECK, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-121
KORIKICK, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-33
KORMAN, JULIUS                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-61
KOROL, MICHAEL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-473
KOROSKI, WLADISLAW                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-227
KOROSZ, PAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-97
KOROWSKY, ELIX                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-249
KORSALLA, FRANK                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-177
KORSALLA, JAN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-286
KORZINSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-175
KORZYNSKI, BOLESLAW                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-270
KOSCHEKE, ANTHONY                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-283
KOSEK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-15
KOSENSKI, ANDREW                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-222
KOSIK, LEWIS                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-156
KOSINSKI, APOLONARY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-124
KOSINSKI, JOHN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-293
KOSLOVSHI, JOSEPH                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-477
KOSLOWSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-249
KOSMONITIS, THOMAS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-229
KOSZYK, STANISLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-473
KOTALIK, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-122
KOTAR, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-412
KOTCHO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-106
KOTULBA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-325
KOTWLA, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-194
KOVAC, FRANK                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-474
KOVACH, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-337
KOVACH, MIKE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-238
KOVACS, JOHN                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-252
KOVAL, ADAM                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-357
KOVELL, MICHEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-396
KOWALAWSKI, WALTER                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-132
KOWALCHIK, KLEMENS                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-245
KOWALCZYK, ONUFER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-28
KOWALEUSKI, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-275
KOWALEWESKI, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-80
KOWALEWSKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-431
KOWALIKI, WALENTY                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-54
KOWALSKI, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-77
KOWALSKI, JOHN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-237
KOWALWSKI, STANLY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-454
KOWLCEZKI, FRUK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-283
KOWLEKSKI, ALEXANDER                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-316
KOWLIK, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-109
KOZAK, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-116
KOZAK, WLADYSLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-368
KOZAR, LADISLAV OTHMAR                 HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-411
KOZICKI, MICHAL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-441
KOZIK, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-358
KOZIOL, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-78
KOZLOSKI, ANTHONY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-270
KOZLOSKI, GEORGE                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-224
KOZLOWSKI, ANTHONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-87
KOZLOWSKI, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-251
KOZLOWSKI, MICHAEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-104
KOZMINSKI, PETER PAWEL                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-256
KOZTOWSKI, PETER                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-274
KRAINZ, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-71
KRAINZ, VINZENZ                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-198
KRAJ, FRANK                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-226
KRAJEWSKI, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-335
KRAJNAK, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-153
KRAKORSKI, ANDRO                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-156
KRAKUSIN, BENJAMIN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-190
KRAKUSIN, SOLOMON                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-357
KRAL, ANTONI                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-259
KRAL, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-16
KRAL, LUKAC                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-2
KRALL, EARNEST                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-110
KRAMARCZYK, ANDREW                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-140
KRAMASZ, FELICK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-266
KRASNEWICZ, ANDREW                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-126
KRASZEWSKI, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-318
KRAUCZYK, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-102
KRAWCZEWICZ, ZYGMUND                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-144
KRAWIEC, MIKALJAJ                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-478
KRAWULSKI, TEOFIL                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-272
KRAYK, WASYL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-154
KREHA, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-270
KREINUS, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-111
KREMSKI, JULIJAN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-72
KRESCANKO, STIVE                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-418
KREVJANSKI, MICHAEL                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-363
KRIGOVSKI, PAUL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-29
KRINICKY, FRANK                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-380
KRISAN, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-272
KRISANDA, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-394
KRISTOFF, STEVE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-55
KRISTULA, MARTIN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-412
KRIWITSKY, PETER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-318
KRJSTOFORSKI, KOSTANTY                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-44
KROL, BLAZEJ                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-243
KROL, PETER                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-90
KROL, STEPHEN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-504
KROLL, GORGE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-260
KROPINSKY, JOHN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-123
KROPIWNICKI, STANISLAW                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-398
KROSMALO, PAUL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-81
KROT, JOSEPH                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-479
KROVJANSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-373
KROWKA, FILIP                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-444
KROWKA, TOMASZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-486
KRUCKO, JAN                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-436
KRUCTA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-232
KRUGER, FRIEDRCH                       GEMRANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-332
KRUK, WALENTY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-5
KRULIKOWSKI, JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-24
KRUPA, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-267
KRUPSKI, ADAM                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-215
KRUSNIK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-408
KRUSTOF, IGNAC                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-409
KRUSZNAUCKAS, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-204
KRUZEL, ALBERT                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-488
KRYGER, JOHN JOSEPH                    GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-378
KRYGER, PETER                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-377
KRYSINK, STANLEY                       RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-229
KRYSZER, KAROL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-27
KRZANOWSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-487
KRZINOVEK, TEOFIL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-54
KRZIWYCKI, MARCIN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-108
KRZYWICKI, KONSTANTY                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-3
KRZYWICKI, MIECZYSLAW                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-1
KRZYWICKI, TADEUSZ                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-203
KRZYWICKI, WITOLD LUCYAN               RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-148
KSIASZKIEWICZ, PAWEL                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-16
KSIAZKIEWICZ, ANTHONY                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-443
KSIONZKIEWICZ, JOHN                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-491
KUASISNAIK, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-60
KUBASKO,MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-472
KUBERA, MARTIN                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-67
KUBIAK, ANTHONY                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-79
KUBIC, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-490
KUBINSKY, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-255
KUBOVCIK, JOHN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-407
KUCHALA, JACOB                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-300
KUCHINSKIE, WILLIAM                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-96
KUCIEWSKI, MYCHOL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-426
KUCINSKAS, KAZIMIR                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-127
KUCINSKI, FRANCISZEK                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-110
KUCMA, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-485
KUCZINSKI, PAUL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-343
KUCZSWICZ, PETER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-194
KUCZYNIKIS, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-104
KUCZYNSKI, JOSEPH                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-331
KUCZYNSKI, WLADYSLAW                   GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-109
KUHARCIK, IGNAC                        SEE: KUHARICK, IGNAC
KUHARICK, IGNAC                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-152
KUKANKAS, JOHN                         LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-309
KUKUCKA, LARY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-143
KUKULKA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-88
KULA, ANTHONY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-116
KULIGOSKI, WILLIAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-225
KULIKOWSKI, FRANK JOSEPH               RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-127
KULIKOWSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-277
KULMATYCKI, MIKE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-179
KULVICZ, THOMAS                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-136
KUMKA, MACIEJ                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-477
KUNCEWICZ, KASPER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-24
KUNCIUS, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-37
KUNEC, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-236
KUNEC, STEVE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-237
KUNSUR, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-172
KUPRIS, ANTHONY                        LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-444
KUPRIS, WOICHEK                        LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-445
KUPSTAS, ANTHONY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-328
KURILLA, ANDROW                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-425
KURLENCHUK, JACOB                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-48
KUSHNGER, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-372
KUSNER, STEVE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-68
KUSNESCYK, ANTONI                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-203
KUSUCH, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-200
KUTSAK, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-94
KUTULIS, PETER                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-191
KUTYLA, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-377
KUTZER, STEPHEN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-425
KUZBIELL, KAZIMIERS                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-146
KUZMINSKY, HARRY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-22
KUZMINSKY, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-23
KWACZAM, JACKO                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-420
KWASNAK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-130
KWASNIK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA-GALILICA    US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-60
KWIATKASKI, MICHAEL                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-69
KWIATKOWSKI, ALEXANDER                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-408
KWIATKOWSKI, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-36
KWIATKOWSKI, STANLEY                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-182
KWIATKOWSKI, WLADYSLAW                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-261
KWIATNOSKI, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-394
KZESUTIK, SEPON                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-475
KZWACH, ANTONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-179
LABANICZ, JOHON                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-385
LABATE, SAVERIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-443
LABATY, JOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-205
LABECKI, IGNAC                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-124
LABTOCKI, JAN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-441
LACATENO, VINCENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-94
LACH, WOJCIECH                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-202
LADA, JOHN                             RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-189
LADISLAUS, LESAUICS                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-420
LAEPERGOLA, GAETANO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-256
LAGOWSKI, MARCIN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-462
LAIKUNAS, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-359
LAJA, MARTIN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-399
LAJS, ANDREW                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-193
LAKATOO, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-415
LAKOTA, ANDROW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-182
LALAWICZ, JULIAN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-219
LAMBERT, PETER                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-261
LAMBERTI, GERARDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-35
LAMONNA, NICOLA                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-322
LANDO, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-420
LANGO, FRANCESO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-245
LANKOWSKI, FRANCISZEK                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-451
LANKOWSKY, JOHN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-40
LANZOTTI, TONY                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-488
LAPIKAIKIS, KASSIMER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-255
LAPORE, FILIPPO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-177
LAROCCA, LUIGGI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-294
LASAK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-393
LASINSKI, FELIX                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-108
LASKIY, ANDRO                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-144
LASKOT, THOMAS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-474
LASKOWSKI, GEORGE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-271
LASKOWSKI, KONSTANTY                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-192
LASNITSCHKA, VINCENT                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-411
LASWICK, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-101
LATKA, JOSEPH                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-327
LATNIAK, KARL                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-217
LATNIAK, MICHAEL                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-218
LATO, MICHAEL                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-270
LATORRE, STEFANO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-35
LATOSIK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-47
LATTA, PETER                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-335
LATTONS, ENOCH                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-171
LATUKAS, PETER                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-199
LATWINSKI, JOZEF                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-24
LAUNIKONIS, ANTHONY                    LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-458
LAVANDAWSKI, FELIX                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-120
LAVANGO, DONATO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-68
LAVANGO, FERDINANDO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-41
LAVIN, OWEN                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-122
LAVINE, SAMUEL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-35
LAWADA, LUKE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-375
LAWANDOWSKI, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-92
LAYMAN, MAX                            POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-452
LAZER, ADAM                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-314
LAZUR, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-43
LEBORVITZ, BENJAMIN                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-347
LEBOVITZ, EMANUEL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-14
LEBOWITZ, LOUIS                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-7
LEBOWITZ, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-132
LECH, FRANK                            POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-308
LEENTHAL, ABRAHAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-445
LEGOSH, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-103
LEJA, ANTHONY                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-408
LELS, JOHN                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-62
LEMKE, ADOLF                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-475
LEMPA, ADAM                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-480
LENARD, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-311
LENKE, LUDWIG                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-45
LENKS, GEORGE                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-72
LENZA, SALVATORE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-407
LENZDOK, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-22
LEO, ANTHONY JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-257
LEO, BASQUALE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-232
LEO, JOSEPH                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-162
LEONE, MICHAELANGELO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-394
LEPKOWSKI, JOHN                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-407
LEPRI, ANADETO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-144
LESANICS, MICHAEL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-464
LESCINSKI, ALEXANDER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-110
LESCSAK, IHNAT                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-62
LESESKY, HULIK                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-88
LESHINSKY, ENOCH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-256
LESHNOSKI, MICHAL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-396
LESKIS, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-290
LESKO, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-234
LESKO, STANISLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-148
LESNIK, MIKE                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-449
LESZCZINSKI, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-250
LESZCZYNSKI, ANTHONY                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-499
LESZEZYNSKI, FRANK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-241
LESZEZYNSKI, JUAN                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-318
LETNER, BLASUS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-136
LETTIERE, MICHELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-262
LEVIN, HARRY HIMON                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-468
LEVINE, HYMAN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-344
LEWANDOWSKI, ANTHONY                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-225
LEWICIKIS, ALEXANDER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-146
LEWICKAS, MICHAEL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-265
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-213
LEWIS, DANIEL HENRY                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-190
LEWIS, JAMES VINCENT                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-237
LEWIS, JOSEPH                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-64
LEWIS, WALTER                          SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-195
LEWSKI, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-286
LEYA, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-295
LEYH, JOHN                             GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-8
LEYLUS, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-51
LEZINSKY, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-307
LIBOVITZ, BARNEM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-135
LICHTENSTEIN, ANTHONY                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-154
LICHTENSTEIN, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-157
LICK, JULIAN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-428
LIEB, HARRY LOUIS                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-18
LIESNIEFSKI, FRANK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-157
LIETTA, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-120
LIGOSKI, FRANK                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-150
LILIENTAL, ANTHONY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-103
LILUSKIND, ABRAHAM                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-65
LINCAVAGE, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-62
LINGER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-468
LINI, LUIGI                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-495
LINNEY, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-9
LIPARULO, JAMES                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-168
LIPARULO, JOHN                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-167
LIPIK, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-46
LIPOVSKY, JOHN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-86
LIPPER, AARON                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-190
LIPPERT, LOUIS HERMANN                 GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-278
LIPSKI, JULIAN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-250
LIPTAK, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-461
LIPUT, THOMAS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-229
LIROSI, SALVATORE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-3
LIS, MICHAEL                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-36
LISEWSKI, FELIKS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-18
LISKAUCKAS, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-116
LISZAUCKAS, PAUL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-234
LITCHMAN, JACOB                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-332
LITSON, WILLIAM HENRY                  WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-10
LITWIN, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-186
LIZOWZKI, ANDREW                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-293
LLANO, ANTONIO                         COLOMBIA            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-67
LLOYD, BENJAMIN                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-24
LLOYD, GWILYM                          WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-9
LLOYD, PRICE                           WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-161
LOCK, SYDNEY GEORGE                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-16
LOFZYN, WLADSLAW                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-294
LOHONCHAK, JOHN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-398
LOMBARD, SALVATORE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-351
LOMBARDI, EMILIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-161
LOMBARDO, DOMINICK                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-15
LOMBERTI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-464
LOMPART, WICENTY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-379
LONDON, AARON                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-297
LONG, STANLEY                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-489
LONGO, IGNIOZIO                        TMERACI, SICILY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-160
LONSTEIN, DAVID                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-103
LONSTEIN, HYMEN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-80
LOPENAS, ELI WALTER                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-435
LOPORCHIO, CIRO                        ASCOLI ITALY        US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-219
LOPORCHIO, VINCENZO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-267
LORE, LUIGI                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-460
LORENZETTI, LUIGI                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-284
LORENZOTTI, VENANZO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-167
LORI, AUGUST                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-479
LOSS, JOE                              SEE: LOSS, JOSEPH
LOSS, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-14
LOUKOS, SPEROS                         GREECE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-465
LOVENC, WOYCICEH                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-41
LOZA, STANISLAW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-259
LOZAVORICH, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-82
LTIFTER, LOUIS                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-308
LUBERT, JOHN                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-283
LUBINSKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-281
LUCASAVAGE, ALEXANDER                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-347
LUCCA, LORENZO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-486
LUCCI, MARCHELLO MARCELLO              ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-268
LUCCIE, ATTILIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-263
LUCHESA, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-236
LUCHKO, MIKE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-359
LUCIANI, NICOLA                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-129
LUCKO, MIKE                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-77
LUDDEN, ELLEN                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-336
LUFF, JOHN                             ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-8
LUFF, THOMAS GEORGE                    SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-342
LUKACINSKY, ALEXANDER                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-276
LUKACINSKY, FRANK                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-267
LUKAS, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-329
LUKAS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-137
LUKASEVISH, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-145
LUKASZ, ANDREW                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-392
LUKASZEWICZ, ANTON                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-293
LUKE, JOHN                             GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-36
LUKORSYK, ANTONY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-76
LUKOUSINSKI, AGUST                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-426
LUKSIC, MICHAEL ANDREW                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-177
LUKUS, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-58
LUKUTA, MICHAEL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-399
LULAWICZ, KARIMIERSZ                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-114
LULIS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-201
LUMBE, RUDOLF                          BADEN               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-258
LUMBERT, WILLIAM                       WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-472
LUONGO, PASQUALE MARIE                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-52
LUPAS, JOHN                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-166
LUPINI, ALFREDO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-136
LUPINI, NAZZARENO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-138
LURUSSO, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-29
LUSHAUSKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-407
LUSITG, IGNATZ                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-303
LUSKO, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-244
LUSTIG, JACOB LOUI                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-252
LUSTIG, JAKOB                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-461
LUSTON, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-372
LUTHER, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-33
LUTINSKI, ADAM                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-3
LUTINSKI, WADISLAW                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-95
LUTKAUSKAS, FRANK                      LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-456
LUTKAUSKAS, JOHN                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-457
LUTKUS, GERGIS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-422
LUZIANI, FRANCH                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-30
LYOSN, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-346
MACAIONE, GIOACHINO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-53
MACAIONE, JOSEF                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-54
MACARONE, ROCO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-396
MACBEAN, WILLIAM                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-174
MACHAJ, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-195
MACHINA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-336
MACIEJCZYK, STANLEY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-43
MACIEJSZYK, LEON                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-42
MACINI, GIOVANI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-130
MACIONNIS, ANTONI                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-349
MACK, DOMINICK ANDONIO                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-28
MACKEY, JOSEPH                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-471
MACKIEWICZ, CHARLES                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-46
MACSKO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-441
MACULEWSKI, ALEKSANDER                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-373
MACUR, JOZEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-232
MACZEROWSKI, ADAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-140
MACZIANIS, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-203
MACZKO, MIHALY                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-433
MADAY, CYPRYAN                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-232
MADEJ, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-265
MADEJ, MARTIN                          AUSTRIN             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-40
MADEJ, WALENTY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-209
MADEJ, WOJCIECH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-206
MADIS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-222
MADRO, MICHEAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-418
MADRO, STANISLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-417
MADURSKI, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-187
MAFFIO, ERRICO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-451
MAFFUCCI, VINCENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-90
MAGACH, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-470
MAGDUN, LUDWIG                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-2
MAGER, HYMAN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-119
MAGIL, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-438
MAGNES, WASIL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-384
MAGNONE, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-238
MAGODA, MICHAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-381
MAHEN, KONEIJAN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-404
MAIDECKI, JACOB                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-339
MAIOLATES, SOCRATE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-129
MAIOLATESI, SALVATORE                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-137
MAIONE, JOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-32
MAIRA, LUIGI                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-183
MAIRA, SALVATORE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-185
MAJERANO, FEDERICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-275
MAJORCS, PAUL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-421
MAJOWSKI, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-183
MAKAREWICZ, WICENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-144
MAKAROWSKI, THOMAS                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-39
MAKOWSKI, ADAM                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-224
MAKOWSKI, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-237
MAKOWSKI, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-141
MAKSIMONIS, ANTHONY                    RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-153
MALATESTA, POMPEO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-122
MALATIN, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-116
MALEK, WALENTY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-326
MALEPA, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-188
MALESKI, JUSTM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-294
MALEWICZ, JOSEF                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-102
MALEWSKI, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-399
MALIN, HARRY                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-217
MALINOFSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-119
MALINOWSKI, JOHN                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-235
MALIZAUSKAS, JOHN                      LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-424
MALLANN, ANTHONY                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-285
MALLIK, MORRIS                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-22
MALLOTT, ANTHONY                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-376
MALONOFSKY, KASTAS                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-83
MALOPOLSKI, JAN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-439
MALOVICKY, ANDREW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-250
MANCANARO, SALVATOR                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-391
MANCANOO, CATOLDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-393
MANCINELLI, DOMENICO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-191
MANCINI, LUIGI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-57
MANCINO, FILLIPPO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-7
MANCUSO, CARLO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-251
MANCUSO, FELICE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-158
MANDEL, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-2
MANFREDI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-164
MANGANELLO, GIOVANNI                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-453
MANGINO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-143
MANJEWIECZE, FRANK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-221
MANLANTA, ADAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-171
MANTKUS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-302
MANZE, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-28
MANZE, GAETANO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-27
MARAJ, TADEUSZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-363
MARCAVAGE, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-4
MARCENO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-182
MARCENO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-219
MARCHEPKA, JOZEF                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-398
MARCHUT, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-194
MARCIANO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-382
MARCIANO, GIUSEPPO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-273
MARCINEC, JACOB                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-29
MARCINKEWICH, SIMON                    RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-262
MARCINKEWICZ, JOHN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-321
MARCINKIEWICZ, MICHEL                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-135
MARCINOWSKI, JOCUB                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-45
MARCIOLI, SANTE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-279
MARCUSO, GIUSEPPO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-292
MAREK, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-175
MARENCHAK, GEORGE                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-280
MARFEO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-157
MARGAN, PATRICK ANTHONY                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-20
MARGELEWYCZ, ANOTNI                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-277
MARGELL, FRANK                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-311
MARGULIES, GEORGE                      ROMANIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-261
MARIANI, MARIANO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-198
MARIANO, MICHELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-361
MARINELLI, FELICE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-354
MARINO, FRANCESCO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-247
MARINOLA, LORENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-355
MARIO, MICCICHI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-352
MARIUCCI, PAOL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-36
MARK, MICHAEL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-152
MARKEL, ANTHOY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-41
MARKIEWICZ, ANDRU                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-113
MARKLEY, WALTER J.                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-107
MARKOWSKI, PAWEL                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-1
MARKOWSKI, WACLAW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-246
MARKUN, ANTHONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-140
MARMO, JOHN                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-50
MARNCHIN, GEORGE                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-201
MARON, PETER                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-487
MAROTTA, LUIGI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-287
MARSHALL, JOHN JAMES                   SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-327
MARSILE, RINALDO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-268
MARSZALEK, GOR                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-50
MARTELIONE, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-53
MARTIN, CHARLES                        LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-302
MARTIN, LEWIS                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-265
MARTIN, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-63
MARTINCIC, GEORGE                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-1
MARTINCIC, STEPHEN                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-293
MARTINO, GRAZIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-388
MARTUKANIS, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-366
MARULLO, GERLANDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-30
MARZALEK, PAUL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-353
MASAIGO, MATERI                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-18
MASCI, WALDO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-128
MASCIAL, NICODEMO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-35
MASCIOLI, VENANZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-278
MASEL, JOHN                            BAYERN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-379
MASKAL, STEPHEN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-34
MASKALY, GYORI                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-105
MASKIALES, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-60
MASLANKOSKY, ALBERT                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-356
MASON, ERNEST JOHN                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-12
MASON, JOHN                            ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-36
MATE, LASZLO                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-109
MATEO, PAUL                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-397
MATERAZZI, ANGELO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-37
MATERAZZI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-259
MATICHEN, JOHN                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-9
MATIUSZEK, MATHUS                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-263
MATRAMATKO, FELICE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-370
MATTS, JOSEPH                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-102
MATUKATIS, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-171
MATUKONIS, AMBROSE                     LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-447
MATUKONIS, JOHN                        LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-448
MATULIEG, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-241
MATULIEWICZ, SIMON                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-93
MATURCSAK, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-288
MATUSAWICZ, LUDWIG                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-62
MATUSZEWSKI, ADAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-63
MATUSZEWSKI, ANTONI                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-85
MATUZYK, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-87
MATYENKO, JOHN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-145
MATYLEWICZ, JOHN                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-51
MATYS, STANLEY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-397
MATZAN, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-322
MATZIUSKY, ELICK                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-495
MAURELLO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-242
MAURIO, FRANK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-275
MAYLANDER, MARTIN                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-399
MAZEIKA, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-453
MAZIAZ, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-344
MAZIE, MAX                             RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-175
MAZIEKA, SIMON                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-227
MAZUR, JAN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-191
MAZUR, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-417
MAZUR, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-122
MAZURKA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-360
MAZZEI, RALPH                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-222
MAZZOLINI, FERRUCCIO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-275
MCANDEWS, PATRICK JAMES                IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-231
MCBRIDE, ALEXANDER                     SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-299
MCDONNELL, JOHN                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-334
MCDONOUGH, PATRICK                     IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-44
MCEWAN, JAMES                          SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-56
MCHALE, PETER                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-26
MCHUGH, JOHNJOSEPH                     IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-305
MCINTYRE, THOMAS                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-80
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-462
MCMULLIN, STEPHEN                      NOVA SCOTIA         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-128
MCNALLY, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-233
MCNERNEY, WALTER                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-56
MCSORLEY, MICHAEL                      IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-23
MECCA, ANGELO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-152
MECCECHI, SALVATORI                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-360
MECH, PITER                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-14
MEDELES, WALLER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-386
MEEHAN, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-165
MEGLEN, PETER                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-316
MEHALEK, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-6
MEHALEK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-5
MEHEV, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-403
MEIER, KARL                            GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-197
MEITZIE, JOSEPH                        TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-23
MEIZEL, ABRAHAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-458
MELESKY, WALTER PETER                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-423
MELLIX, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-462
MELSON, THOMAS                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-231
MENCOTTI, JOHN                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-189
MENDA, JOHN                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-463
MENDRZYCKI, JOSEPH                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-132
MENTECOCCHIA, ADAMO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-371
MENTICOCCHIO, GIACOMO                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-58
MERLI, FEDERICO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-277
MERURI, FRANCESCO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-236
MESAROSH, STEPHEN                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-272
MESSIE, NATHAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-194
MESSINA, JAMES                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-242
MESZCZYNSKI, ZYGMONT                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-99
METILINAS, ANTHONY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-160
METSCHULAT, EDUARD                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-144
MEYER, JOHN                            GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-154
MGLIA, FEDELE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-372
MIAZGA, JOHN                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-1
MICCIHE, STEFANO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-358
MICCIIHI, SALVATORE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-357
MICHAEL, JOSEPH                        SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-171
MICHALEK, ANTHONY                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-13
MICHALEWSKI, GEORGE                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-142
MICHALICK, STANLEY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-153
MICHALIK, EDWARD                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-89
MICHALIK, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-287
MICHELE, VIGLINO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-446
MICHOLOWSKI, FRANK                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-253
MICKEWCH, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-174
MICKIEWICZ, DANIEL                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-82
MIDURA, KAROL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-15
MIELE, ANIELLO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-76
MIERWINSKI, FRANK                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-196
MIEZAITIS, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-312
MIGENIS, JOHN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-211
MIGENKO, STEPHEN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-208
MIGLIORELLI, PACIFICO                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-241
MIHALICS, PAUL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-252
MIHALIK, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-106
MIKALAUSKAS, JAN                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-449
MIKALAUSKAS, JOE                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-63
MIKALOUIS, COSTIC                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-358
MIKALY, MIHOVAC                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-491
MIKELKA, ALBERT                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-142
MIKELORIS, ANTONIS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-80
MIKLA, ALEXANDER                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-75
MIKLAVSIZ, FRANK                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-130
MIKLOWSIZ, LOUIS                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-129
MIKOLSKI, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-283
MIKOSZ, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-61
MIKS, ADAM                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-225
MIKULA, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-83
MIKULSKY, STANLY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-341
MILANAK, GEORGE                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-416
MILAZZO, SALVATORE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-257
MILCZANOWSKI, ALBERT                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-312
MILDIZ, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-75
MILES, HENRY CHARLES                   SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-329
MILESKAY, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-143
MILESKY, PAUL                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-98
MILETA, TOMASO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-58
MILEWSKI, STEFANA                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-80
MILLA, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-293
MILLER, ANTHONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-150
MILLER, CHARLES GEORGE                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-223
MILLER, ELIAS (REV.)                   HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-276
MILLER, FRANK LYON                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-290
MILLER, PETER                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-432
MILLER, STANLEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-437
MILLER, WENSEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-269
MILLIR, FRANK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-82
MILLITSKIS, CASSIMER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-286
MINELLA, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-498
MINELLI, NAGGARENO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-174
MINELLI, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-246
MINELLO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-449
MINETOLA, PASQUALE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-218
MINETT, EDWARD                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-404
MINICHIELLO, PASQUALE                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-457
MINKER, MAX                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-470
MINKO, METRO                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-389
MINKOSH, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-336
MINOR, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-52
MINOR, MATIS                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-406
MINUTILLO, LUIGI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-388
MIORELLI, LEONE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-325
MISALAVICH, PAUL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-444
MISARKA, ONUFEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-145
MISCARITZ, JOSEPH                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-51
MISEZYNSKI, BOLESTAV                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-211
MISINSKI, KAROL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-154
MISIURA, STANY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-155
MISKIEL, STANISLAW                     RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-235
MISKIEWITZ, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-489
MISUKEWICZ, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-69
MISZKICWICZ, ALEXANDER                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-110
MISZKIEWICZ, PAUL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-45
MITNYK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-167
MITRAVKA, PETER                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-237
MITRO, WALTER                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-198
MITTELMAN, MAYER HENRY                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-117
MIZENKO, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-142
MIZIKOSKI, STANLEY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-67
MLECZKO, JUZEF                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-208
MLECZYNSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-135
MLECZYNSKI, STANLEY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-134
MLYMORSKI, JOZEF                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-145
MOASHEMICK, JULIAN                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-357
MOCAWICH, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-201
MODLA, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-166
MOFF, MICK                             ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-113
MOFFITT, PATRICK JOSEPH                IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-58
MOGDRO, FRYNK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-17
MOJEK, MAREK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-33
MOJEK, PITOR                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-25
MOJEK, STANISLAW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-30
MOJEK, WALENTY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-110
MOJZESZEZYK, MATENSZ                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-402
MOLCAN, STIP                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-40
MOLGEY, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-266
MOLINOSKIJ, KAROL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-261
MOLITORIS, JOSEPH                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-355
MOLITORIS, KASPER                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-405
MOLLE, DANIEL                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-234
MOLLE, JOHN                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-254
MOLLO, FRANCK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-244
MOLLOY, EDWARD                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-111
MOMENAS, ADAM                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-295
MOMOLA, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-88
MONDLAK, JACOB                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-50
MONICO, GUIDO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-440
MONTANELLI, BENEDETTO                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-110
MORAN, PATRICK                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-468
MORAWSKI, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-227
MORAWSKI, TEOFIL                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-344
MORCINEK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-296
MORDOCHOVITZ, JACOB                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-274
MORDOS, IGNATZ                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-235
MORENSKY, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-136
MORENYIK, PETER                        SEE: MORNYIK, PETER
MORGAN, RICHARD                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-270
MORGAN, SAMUEL                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-335
MORGAN, WILLIAM LEWIS                  WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-270
MORISCO, MICHAEL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-103
MORNYIK, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-34
MORO, FRANK                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-485
MORON, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-349
MOROS, MICHAEL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-187
MOROVINSKI, JULIUS                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-476
MOROWSKI, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-350
MORREALE, LUDOVICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-332
MORRIS, JOHN                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-373
MORSICANO, VINCENZO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-452
MORYSS, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-67
MOSCONI, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-466
MOSES, SARKIO                          SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-423
MOSES, THOMAS                          SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-118
MOSLOWSKI, WILLIAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-233
MOSLOWSKIE, STANLEY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-204
MOSSUTO, VITO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-69
MOSTO, ANGELLO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-89
MOSTO, THOMAS                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-9
MOSTTKO, MIHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-442
MOTICHKA, GEORGE                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-259
MOTTERSHEAD, ARTHUR                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-69
MOTYKA, ALEXANDER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-12
MOTYKA, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-26
MOTYKA, FELIKS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-19
MOTZIK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-189
MOVAK, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-186
MOYES, GEORGE BENJAMIN                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-264
MOYES, JOHN HENRY                      WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-396
MOZDZIOR, CHARLES                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-197
MRACKOWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-195
MRAK, ANDREW                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-206
MRLNYK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-27
MROFEA, ROXY                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-337
MROS, MICHAEL                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-156
MROZ, JOHN                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-479
MROZ, LUDWIK                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-238
MROZOSKI, STANLEY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-206
MUCHA, LUKASS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-18
MUCHAUCKAS, ADAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-129
MUCHER, LOUIS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-221
MUCK, CARL                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-295
MUCYNSKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-320
MULCHRONE, JOHN                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-263
MULDOON, STEVE                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-218
MULHOLLAND, FRANK                      IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-183
MULLER, CHARLES                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-94
MULLER, KARL                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-84
MULLER, NICHOLAUS                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-109
MULLER, ROBERT                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-212
MUNCHAK, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-278
MUNIAK, JAN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-100
MURASSKO, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-458
MURATOWICZ, MACHE                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-360
MURELO, ANTON                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-485
MURPHY, ANTHONY                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-334
MURPHY, EDWARD JOSEPH                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-1
MURPHY, JOHN PATRICK                   CANADA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-472
MURRIN, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-225
MUSCAWIZ, STANLY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-361
MUSHON,MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-295
MUSIAL, ANTHONY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-479
MUSOLINO,ROSARIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-487
MUZENSKI, STANLY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-173
MUZZI, ALLESSANDRO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-81
MYRKO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-349
MYSILIWIEC, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-444

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