US District Court (Scranton), Pennsylvania
Naturalizations Index (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court (Philadelphia), type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Volume List |
"see:" - alternative name listed

DADIO, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-443
DADURKIEWICZ, MICHAEL                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-133
DAHANICH, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-418
DAHOVITCH, MICH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-466
DAKSZA, JOHN                           LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-427
DALESANDRO, DOMENEO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-127
DALESSANDRO, GABRIELE                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-284
DALKUS, FRANK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-105
DALY, THOMAS                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-22
DALY, THOMAS                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-437
DAMBROSKI, JAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-176
DAMBROSKI, KOSTANLY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-208
DAMIANI, ROCCO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-491
DANCHAK, WASEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-173
DANCZAK, ANDRO                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-147
DANGELAIT, JULIUS                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-241
DANIEL, LUDWIG                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-492
DANIELCZAK, JAN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-68
DANILO, ALEXANDER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-11
DANILOWICZ, JULIUS                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-101
DANITOWICZ, ANTONI                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-103
DANITOWICZ, BOLESLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-107
DANITOWSKI, WLADYSLAW                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-111
DANKO, HENRY                           RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-209
DANNOR, FRANK                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-231
DANTONI, UMBERTO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-135
DARASZKIEWICZ, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-201
DARASZKIEWICZ, MIKE                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-238
DARASZKIEWICZ, PAUL                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-240
DARGEL, ANTHONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-252
DARIENZO, ERASMO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-78
DARIENZO, ORAZIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-176
DARKN, JONHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-158
DARNASKIE, CONRAD                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-357
DARNIAK, ANTONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-215
DARWACK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-19
DAUGIRDA, ANDREW                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-246
DAUNOR, ANTON                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-292
DAVIDOWSKY, CHARLES                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-213
DAVIDOWSKY, STANLEY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-202
DAVIES, BENJAMIN JOHN                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-259
DAVIES, DAVID RALPH                    NORTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-452
DAVIES, GEORGE                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-166
DAVIES, SAMUEL EVAN                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-160
DAVIES, THOMAS                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-151
DAVIES, THOMAS JOHN                    SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-162
DAVIES, WILLIAM HUMPHREYS              WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-346
DAVIS, ALFRED                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-326
DAVIS, BENJAMIN JOHN                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-78
DAVIS, DANIEL DAVID                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-126
DAVIS, HARRY                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-217
DAVIS, RICHARD MORGAN                  WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-267
DAVISS, JOHN                           FINLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-22
DAWID, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-289
DAWIET, PETER                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-20
DAYKOSKI, WALTER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-458
DEAMICIS, CIRO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-188
DEANGELIS, AMASIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-48
DEBENZ, ERNEST                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-118
DEBLASI, GENEROSO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-119
DEC, STANLEY                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-22
DECKER, JACOB                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-87
DECLEMENTE, ANGELO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-284
DECTS, FLORA                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-113
DEDO, MIKE                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-31
DEGIROLAMO, TOMMASO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-372
DEGUTIS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-443
DEKA, MICHAEL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-435
DEKIKSKIE, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-121
DEKOSCHAK, THEODORE                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-178
DELEONARDY, RAFFAELE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-470
DELFINO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-29
DELIA, GEORGE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-216
DELIMAN, ANDREW                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-289
DELLIGUANTI, PETER                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-389
DELORENZO, SALVATORE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-3
DELROSARIO, PAOLO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-498
DELUCI, PATRICK                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-439
DEMAIO, VITO NICOLA                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-129
DEMASO, PROSPER FRANK                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-332
DEMBICKI, MAJKEL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-83
DEMBOSKIC, FELIKS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-228
DEMBROSIO, ANGELO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-382
DEMCHAK, NIKOLAY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-111
DEMKO, ERNST                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-206
DEMOPULOS, FRANK GEORGE                GREECE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-202
DEMSKEY, LUDWIG                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-184
DEMSKI, ALBERT                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-339
DEPAOLA, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-115
DEPAZIO, UGI                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-348
DERANCH, WILLIAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-193
DERENCH, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-61
DERENCK, FRANK                         SEE: DERENCH, FRANK
DERENSZ, DININIK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-186
DERIGGI, BARTHOLOMEO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-346
DERMONJIAN, ARTIN                      TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-8
DESANTO, ROCHY                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-17
DESIDERIO, NICOLA                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-95
DESTEFANO, DOMIANO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-409
DGPPOLITO, PASQUALE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-331
DIAMOND, ANTHONY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-139
DICKSTEIN, SAMUEL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-162
DICSKO, VASZIL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-423
DICTON, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-360
DIFILIPPO, CARMINO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-467
DIGERLANDO, CARMELO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-122
DIGIACOMO, FERNANDO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-432
DIGIUSEPPE, SIMON                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-458
DIGORIO, VINCENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-141
DIGUGLIELNO, LUIGIO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-452
DIKANT, STEFAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-154
DILL, STEVE                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-275
DIMAIO, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-132
DIMAIO, VINZENZZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-131
DIMARCO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-188
DIMATTEO, DOMINICK                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-143
DIMURO, PAUL                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-56
DINO, NICHLAS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-439
DIPADOVA, ANTONIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-391
DIPETRO, GIOSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-395
DIPOWEL, COSTANLEY                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-66
DIROMA, JOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-165
DIROSSA, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-384
DIRSA, GABRIELUS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-100
DIRUGGIERI, ALFREDO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-174
DISANTO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-392
DISANTO, JOSEPH                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-18
DISOCIO, GAETANO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-6
DITORO, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-104
DITTFELD, KARL                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-453
DIUBINSKI, ANTHONY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-204
DIVIRGILIO, MERCURIO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-151
DLUHI, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-412
DOBRANSKI, MICHAL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-37
DOBROFF, GABRIEL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-81
DOBROWIECKI, MICHAEL                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-75
DOBROWOLSKI, JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-474
DOCHOD, ANTONI                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-231
DOHOLOSKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-333
DOLYGO, JOHN JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-265
DOMANRSKI, TEOFIL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-185
DOMANSKI, ANTHONY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-190
DOMANSKI, JOSEPH ANTHONY               RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-191
DOMANSKI, STANLEY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-181
DOMBROSKI, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-302
DOMBROWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-442
DOMENICO, BLANDINA                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-350
DOMENICO, REGINA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-440
DOMENICO, SALUI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-447
DOMIGI, RINOLDE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-494
DOMIN, ANTHONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-277
DOMIN, MATHEUS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-90
DOMINI, JOHN                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-62
DOMINIAK, LUDWIG                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-104
DOMONSKY, FREK                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-282
DOMOSOWICZ, KONSTANTY                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-108
DOMOWICZ, MICHAEL                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-245
DONALDSON, HENRY ALBERT                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-132
DONATI, GIANNI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-418
DONATO, FRANCESCO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-45
DONATO, TOMMASO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-30
DONINCZAK, WILLIAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-227
DONTONIC, DONATO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-200
DOPKOWSKI, PETER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-379
DORANSKI, PETER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-32
DORDAN, STEPHEN                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-430
DOROS, WASEL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-422
DOROSH, KONSTANTEN                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-106
DOSTAL, GUSAV                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-67
DOUGLASS, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-66
DOWANICZ, PETER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-354
DOWNAROWICZ, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-391
DOWNAROWICZ, JOZEF                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-395
DOWNAROWICZ, WACLAW                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-390
DOWNS, CHARLES                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-255
DPIERRO, VITALE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-251
DRABIK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-163
DRAGAN, KASSIMER                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-208
DRANCHOK, STEPHEN                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-238
DRAPALIK, ALFRED JOHN                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-499
DRASLER, ANTHNY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-407
DREHNER, LOUIS                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-136
DREVENAK, ADAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-241
DRIESTADT, HARRY                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-371
DROBENYAK, ANDREW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-277
DROBISIEWSKY, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-358
DRONGOWSKI, FRANCISZEK                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-86
DRORECHESKI, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-340
DROST, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-151
DROUS, IGNATZ                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-401
DROZDOWSI, ANDRO                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-251
DROZDOWSKI, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-255
DRUALECKI, WOJCIECH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-274
DRUGACZ, JACOB                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-323
DRWILEWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-219
DRYLEWICZ, STEFAN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-339
DUBAS, MICHAL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-316
DUBIN, ABRAHAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-225
DUBJAK, GORES                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-238
DUBOWCZIK, ANDIW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-405
DUCHNSKI, MATEUS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-382
DUDAS, GEORGE                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-423
DUDEK, KARL                            GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-283
DUDICK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-308
DUDINAK, ANDRO                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-257
DUDURIES, JOHN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-113
DUDUS, ILKO                            POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-60
DUFFY, PATRICK                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-295
DUKNISKI, ALEXANDER                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-174
DULA, JOSEPH MIACHEL                   HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-35
DULL, MICHAEL STANLEY                  AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-9
DULOE, JOHN CHARLES                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-3
DUMINUCO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-462
DUNAJCAN, SOBEK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-355
DURAL, SEBASTYAN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-18
DURANSKI, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-105
DURANT, ANTHONY                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-183
DURKAT, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-135
DURKIN, OWEN                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-305
DVORANCIK, WILLIAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-191
DVORSHAK, ANDREW                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-497
DYGDON, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-22
DYLE, WILLIAM                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-395
DYSZLEWSKI, ANTHONY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-134
DZADKOWITZ, ANDREW                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-483
DZEKEP, HARRY                          AUSTRIA-GALACIA     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-12
DZIEDUL, KONSTANTYN                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-175
DZIEDZUL, MARTIN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-178
DZIEKAN, ROMAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-111
DZIKOSKI, JOHN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-204
DZIKOWICKI, BALUNIT                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-413
DZIULA, WASYL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-185
DZIUZYNSKI, WILLIAM                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-280
DZOVAN, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-78
DZUBA, CHARLYI                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-367
DZUGAN, MAKSYEN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-57
DZURBALA, MICHAEL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-424
DZURENDO, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-120
EAVENS, HERMAN JACOB                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-442
EBIN, NACHMAN HIRSH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-25
EDELMAN, RUDOLPH                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-196
EDMONDSON, JAMES                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-469
EDWARDS, LEWIS                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-98
EDWARDS, ROBERT                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-320
EGLENICKI, MARCEL                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-298
EGLOWICH, FRANK                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-84
EGNACUNAS, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-176
EGNATOWICZ, WALENTY                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-369
EIDINGER, AUGUST                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-457
EIZENSTAT, JACOB                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-189
EKIERT, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-59
ELHLICK, EUGENI                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-422
ELIAS, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-375
ELLENI, ENRICO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-10
ELLIS, FREDERICK JOSEPH                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-139
ELLKO, JAN                             HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-55
EMILIANI, JOHN                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-262
EMILIANI, RICCARDO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-425
EMMI, GIUSEPPE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-286
ENDFIELD, BENNIE                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-232
ENDINGER, FRANK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-227
ENDRUKITES, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-450
ENZLITUS, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-436
EPOCA, MICHELE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-250
EPPS, ALFRED GEORGE                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-410
ERCOLANI, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-24
ERCOLANI, JAMES                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-30
ERNESTO, BRESCHI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-123
ESKALSKY, JACOB                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-438
ESPOSITO, NICOLA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-93
ESPOTIO, NOBIBLE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-395
ESSEFF, GEORGE                         SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-168
ESTOCK, JOHAN                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-99
ESTOK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-166
EVANGELISTI, MANDINO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-33
EVANS, JOHN HENRY                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-100
EVANS, JOSEPH                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-382
EVANS, RHYS                            WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-269
EVANS, THOMAS DAVID                    SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-36
EVANS, WILLIAM JOHN                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-96
EVANSON, FRITZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-45
FABRIZIO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-336
FABZONE, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-254
FACHER, BERNATH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-467
FACHO, STIFE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-159
FAES, HERMAN                           SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-73
FAES, JACOB                            SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-72
FAGNO, ANGELO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-385
FAHAER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-98
FAHEY, THOMAS JOSEPH                   IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-211
FAJIO, PELLEGENIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-226
FAKIANA, IGNAZIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-210
FALASCINO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-239
FALASZ, WLADYSLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-212
FALIG, ABRAHAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-497
FALSETTI, FRANK                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-309
FALSETTI, RAFFALE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-482
FALZENE, COLOGERO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-294
FANACCI, FRANK                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-267
FANELLA, MICHAEL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-151
FANTI, SINIBALDO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-184
FARISZ, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-51
FARO, ANGELO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-287
FARUTCH, OLEKSA                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-207
FATAH, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-459
FATH, JACOB                            GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-439
FAUST, MENASHE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-238
FAVA, LEWIS                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-212
FAWCETT, JOHN                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-421
FAZIO, JAMES                           IALY                US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-303
FECSI, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-255
FEDAK, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-497
FEDAK, MICHEAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-262
FEDELE, MUSSO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-98
FEDESCO, EARL                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-160
FEDESCO, SULLIVAN                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-116
FEDESCO, THOMAS GAJETAN                TALY                US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-282
FEDICK, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-216
FEDISZ, STEPHEN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-293
FEDOR, ANDREW                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-186
FEDOR, STEPHAN                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-59
FEDYNASTY, STANLEY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-352
FEHER, JULIUS                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-209
FEIN, JOSEPH                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-98
FEIST, JOSEPH                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-435
FEISTE, LUDWIG                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-212
FELLO, JOSEPH                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-440
FELLON, CONDY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-226
FENC, FRANK                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-82
FENNICK, JOHN PILET                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-71
FEOLA, JIOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-377
FERECZ, WLADYSLAW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-327
FERENCZ, PETER                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-476
FERGUSON, MARY ELIZABETH               IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-438
FERINZ, ANTHONY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-397
FERRANTI, MARIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-337
FERRANTI, NAZZARENO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-74
FERRARI, PASQUALE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-345
FERRETT, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-452
FERRETT, ROMAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-497
FERRETTI, ROMULDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-74
FESSLER, LUDWIG                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-252
FESTA, DIECO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-175
FETCHEN, JOHN                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-186
FEYEN, BARNEY                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-149
FICELMAN, MORIS                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-30
FIDICH, MICHAL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-492
FIDOROWSKI, BARNEY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-260
FIERMAN, ABRAHAM                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-156
FIETKO, KAROL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-20
FIGLAR, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-326
FIJALKIEWICZ, FRANK                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-39
FIKANEY, ABRAHAM                       SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-102
FILICI, PIRI                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-142
FILIKS, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-402
FILIP, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-156
FILIPAK, WLADYSLAW                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-275
FILIPAS, KAZIMIERAS                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-386
FILIPKOSKI, TOMAS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-314
FILIPOWICZ, MARTIN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-496
FILIPPE, ROSSI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-447
FILIPPI, MICHELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-268
FILIPPIN, LORENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-496
FILIPPINI, FRANK                       FRANCE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-439
FILIPPINI, SANTO                       FRANCE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-440
FILLO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-467
FILMAN, KOSTEK                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-260
FIORENTINO, GAETANO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-249
FIOROT, BARTOLO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-206
FISCHMAN, LOUIS                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-52
FISHCI, RAFFAEL                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-185
FISHER, HERMAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-12
FISHER, SAMUEL L.                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-5
FISHKUR, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-482
FISHMAN, BARNEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-378
FITZAK, WASILY                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-298
FITZPATRICK, JOHN                      IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-50
FLANAGAN, JOHN JOSEPH                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-129
FLETCHER, DAVID WILLIAM                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-51
FLOREK, JOZEF                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-450
FLOYD, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-85
FLYTNIC, GEORGE                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-496
FOLCIK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-139
FOLCIK, STANLEY EDWARD                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-492
FOMICHTER, JOHN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-10
FORCE, FIORINO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-77
FORD, ALBERT                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-151
FORD, JOHN                             IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-95
FORGACH, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-35
FORGATCH, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-285
FORLENZO, EMILIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-409
FORTINI, AMEDIO                        IALY                US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-112
FRACUNSKI, PAUL                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-76
FRAERAS, JOZEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-297
FRAJSNER, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-184
FRANCE, HARRY                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-14
FRANCESCO, DANIEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-148
FRANCESCO, ROMANO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-419
FRANCHAK, ANTONY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-284
FRANCIOSI, THEODORE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-355
FRANCKIEWCZ, FRANK                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-126
FRANCO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-220
FRANCO, BENEDATTO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-51
FRANCO, SPECIOSO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-306
FRANCZEK, STEPHEN                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-385
FRANK, GENNARO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-274
FRANKO, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-157
FRANSKUS, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-162
FRANZCSCO, COSMO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-462
FREEDMAN, DAVID                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-386
FREEDMAN, EMIL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-47
FREIDLN, SOLMAN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-175
FREIDMAN, MYER                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-490
FREIZE, JAMES                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-251
FRENCEWICZ, STANLEY                    RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-87
FREZI, CHARLES                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-27
FRIEDMAN, HENRY                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-50
FRIEDMAN, LOIS                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-472
FRIEDMAN, SIMON                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-121
FRIJE, GEORGE METTRE                   TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-158
FRILLICI, VINCENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-432
FRINCKO, ALEXANDER                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-347
FROMIL, SOWKA                          SEE; TROMIL, SOWKA  US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-109
FRONCKIEL, WILLIAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-197
FRONCKIEWICZ, STANLEY                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-390
FRONCKIEWICZ, WILLIAM                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-500
FRONCZEK, ANOTNI                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-129
FRUNDUTA, GERARDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-42
FRYC, JAN                              AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-138
FRYZ, MICOS                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-6
FUDGAK, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-253
FUDJCK, HARRY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-214
FURCON, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-401
FURGAT, ANDRZEJ                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-10
FURGAT, MARTIN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-367
FURMAN, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-3
FURTAK, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-478
GABRIEL, FRANK                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-148
GAC, PETER                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-86
GACHA, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-381
GAGLIONE, GENNARO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-366
GAGLIONI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-364
GAIKE, AUGUST                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-477
GALANTE, VINCENT                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-274
GALASSO, ADAMO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-59
GALASSO, QUIRINO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-385
GALAT, JACOB                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-21
GALEK, STANLEY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-3
GALEVSKY, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-342
GALIK, FRANK                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-133
GALINIS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-219
GALISKI, JOZAS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-272
GALISTI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-159
GALITZKI, FRANK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-230
GALITZKI, STANLEY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-229
GALL, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-239
GALLAGHER, JAMES JOSEPH                IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-139
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-279
GALLAGHER, REDMOND                     IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-12
GALLO, JOSEPH                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-106
GALLUCCI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-83
GALOVICZ, WILEM                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-343
GANS, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-334
GARA, JOSEPH                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-79
GARBACZ, JOSEPH                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-178
GARBOSCH, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-404
GARDSEKI, KASZIMIERZ                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-227
GARLEWSKI, STANLEY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-90
GARRAMONE, SALVATORE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-490
GASPERINI, UMBERTO                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-224
GASSLER, URBAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-86
GATGANOWICZ, LUDWIK                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-274
GATTI, PASQUALE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-42
GAVAZZI, BATTISTA                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-282
GAVDOCZKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-93
GAWET, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-120
GAWLE, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-239
GAWRONSKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-186
GAY, ROBERT                            ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-423
GAYLAK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-411
GAZCZSKI, FRANK ANDEW                  GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-259
GAZDA, JAN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-42
GAZDA, THOMASZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-38
GAZIEK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-308
GEBEL, LUDWIK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-336
GECI, STEPHEN                          BASENA, AUSTRIA     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-266
GECIS, ALEXANDER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-301
GEEZA, SIMON                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-319
GELB, SAMUEL                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-181
GEMCZYISKI, FRANCZEK                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-417
GENIS, BARNEY                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-168
GENIS, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-223
GENNARO, CHARLES                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-159
GENNARO, ENICO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-199
GENOVA, VALENTINO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-30
GENT, HERBERT                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-246
GENTILE, GIORGIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-246
GENTILE, MICHELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-412
GENTILE, ROCCO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-456
GENUARIO, DONATO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-214
GERACI, RAFFAELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-101
GERDIN, LORENZ                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-259
GEREG, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-360
GERICS, ALEXANDER                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-82
GERMANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-223
GERSTENECKER, EMIL                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-288
GERURINSKI, FELIX                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-181
GEWEJKA, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-480
GIACOMO, VARANI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-38
GIAMBETTI, BASTINO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-126
GIAMBETTI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-125
GIBARICZE, JOSEPH                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-231
GIBBON, WILLIAM                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-91
GIBBONS, ANTHONY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-201
GIBBONS, DANIEL                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-448
GIEDA, STANISLAW                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-343
GIELA, STEFAN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-171
GIGHO, GIULIO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-8
GIGLIOTTI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-95
GILIEWSKI, ADAM                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-197
GILL, ADAM                             POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-466
GILLAR, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-108
GILLESPIE, HUGH                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-219
GILLESPIE, JOHN PATRICK                IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-83
GILLIOTT, DOMINCO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-404
GILLOTT, HERBERT                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-228
GILROY, BARTHLY                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-353
GINIEL, FRANK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-72
GINKUS, MIKE                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-273
GINSBERG, ISADORE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-331
GIORDANA, VITO ANTONIO                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-465
GIORDANO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-178
GIOVANBATISTA, DEANGELIS               ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-25
GIOVANNI, CICCACCI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-442
GIOVWE, ANTHONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-148
GIRGOVSKY, IMRE                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-409
GIRMIRICHAL, GESARO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-301
GIUSEPPE, CIARDI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-181
GIUSEPPE, LAPOLLA                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-61
GIUSEPPE, MARCHESE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-239
GIZA, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-383
GIZZO, SANDO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-381
GJORGJ, DORING                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-158
GLADYSZ, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-40
GLATZEL, CARL                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-453
GLAVICH, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-105
GLICA, STANLEY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-477
GLINSKI, EDWARD IDZI                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-304
GLOML, THOMAS                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-137
GLOWA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-245
GLOWIAK, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-273
GLOZER, THOMAS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-482
GLUCAUSKAS, SIMON                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-119
GMUCA, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-404
GNAZZO, EMILIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-215
GNUS, BASIL                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-462
GOCEK, ANTHONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-442
GOCEL, TEOFIL ALEKSANDER               RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-262
GODECK, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-215
GODEK, ANTHONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-14
GODITIS, JOSEPH                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-33
GODLESKI, JOSEPH                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-305
GODNA, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-400
GOESKI, STANISLAW                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-230
GOFFREDO, VITO ANTONIO                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-92
GOGOLACH, JOHN STEW                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-7
GOLANSKI, MICHAEL                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-288
GOLAVICH, MARCUS                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-153
GOLDBERG, LOUIS                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-339
GOLDLESKI, ALEXANDER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-203
GOLDMAN, MAX                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-263
GOLDSTEIN, JULIUS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-277
GOLEMBEUSKI, ANTHONY                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-272
GOLET, ADAM                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-356
GOLIS, MACEJ                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-314
GOLOWAKI, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-119
GOLUN, MORRIS                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-426
GOMBAR, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-22
GOMBITO, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-182
GONCHORSKIE, JOHN                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-107
GONDELA, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-44
GONSHOR, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-204
GONTARZ, JOSEF                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-61
GOODMAN, MAX                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-458
GOODMAN, SAMUEL ZALMAN                 HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-143
GORA, DOMINIK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-281
GORA, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-32
GORCK, JOHN                            POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-230
GORDA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-270
GORDON, JAMES                          SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-400
GORELIK, DAVID                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-398
GOREWICZ, ANDRZEJ                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-199
GORKA, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-115
GORSKI, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-188
GORZKOSKY, MECHALL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-210
GOSHY, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-424
GOSKOFSKI, FRANK                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-24
GOSTYNSKI, WLADYSLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-234
GOTOSKY, JUZOF                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-212
GOVECKI, WLADYSLAW EDWARD              RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-428
GOVLINSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-335
GRABIEC, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-18
GRABNER, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-33
GRABOWSKI, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-422
GRABOWSKI, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-201
GRACHOWSKI, ADOLF                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-74
GRADO, CALOGERO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-499
GRAGGI, CARMELO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-4
GRAGGI, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-190
GRAJEWSKI, STANISLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-345
GRAMACKI, ADAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-64
GRANDA, ANTHONY                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-174
GRANDETTI, FRANK                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-387
GRASSI, THOMAS                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-64
GRASSIE, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-65
GRATKOWSKY, ALEKSANDER                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-409
GRAZEVICZIUS, JOSEPH                   LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-437
GRAZEWICZ, ANTHONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-274
GRAZIANO, GASPARO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-77
GRAZIAWICZ, JULUS                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-297
GRDEN, WILLIAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-481
GREBALSKY, ANTHONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-494
GREBLAUSKAS, SIMON                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-80
GREBLOUSKI, JERRY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-288
GREBOFSKI, ANTHONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-58
GREDZINSKI, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-317
GREEK, MIKE                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-101
GREENBERG, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-39
GREENBERG, NOAH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-23
GREENBURG, MORRIS                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-232
GREENFIELD, HERMAN                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-398
GREENSPAN, CHARLES                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    R-153
GREENWOOD, THOMAS                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-298
GREGA, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-242
GREGER, STANLEY                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-71
GREGO, ANDREW                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-276
GREGORI, DOMENICO                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-352
GREGORT, JOHN                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-43
GREKA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-111
GRELA, ANTHONY                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-69
GRELECKI, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-171
GREMOVICH, PETER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-491
GREPAS, IGNATIUS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-172
GRESHKO, ANDREW JOSEPH                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-287
GREUGART, AUGUST                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-44
GRIER, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-141
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-45
GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM THOMAS              WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-164
GRIGOROWIC, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-164
GRILL, JOSEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-479
GRIPADO, BENEDETTO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-321
GRIPPA, MICHELE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-272
GRIPPO, JOSEPH                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-270
GRIPPO, NICHOLAS                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-485
GRIZINSKI, JULIUS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-38
GROBINSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-52
GROCHMAL, ANTONI                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-92
GROCHOCINSKI, BOLESLAW                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-317
GROD, JOHN                             RUSSIAU             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-204
GRODEK, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-239
GRODENSKY, ABRAHAM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-97
GROHOWSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-468
GROJEWSKI, ANTHONY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-106
GROM, METHOS                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-136
GRONCKI, BOLESLAW                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-387
GRONCKI, KASIMIR                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-92
GROSS, SAMUEL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-455
GROSS, STEPHEN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-48
GROSSMAN, MAX                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-466
GROSSO, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-180
GROZNIK, IGNAC                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-133
GRUCZKUNAS, WILLIAM                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-133
GRUNICK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-359
GRUPE, IGNATZ                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-320
GRUS, JOHN J.                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-230
GRUSELACK, CHARLES                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-300
GRYB, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-315
GRYSZKIEWCICZ, FRANK                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-386
GRYWALSKI, FRANK                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-274
GRYWATEZ, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-183
GRYZIEC, WOJCIECH                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-445
GRZEBINIEWSKI, ANDRZEJ                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-266
GRZESIAK, PETER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-160
GRZIMKOWSKI, JOZEF                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-165
GRZSKIEWIC, BOLESLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-183
GRZYB, STANLEY                         AUSTRIA-POLAND      US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-75
GUANIGNA, FRANCK                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-162
GUARIGLIA, ANDRES                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-315
GUARMERI, GIOS                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-215
GUARMERI, SALVATORE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-249
GUDAITIS, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-170
GUERNETTI, JOSEPH                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-268
GULACZOK, NICOLAS                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-33
GULAN, IGNACY                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-380
GUODZ, STANLEY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-35
GUPKO, JOSZEF                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-488
GUPO, ANADRA                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-371
GURA, MICHAEL                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-457
GURASH, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-177
GURSIKIS, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-307
GURSKI, FRANK                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-234
GURZENSKI, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-365
GURZEWSKI, PAWEL                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-377
GUSITO, PASQUALE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-120
GUSKIEWICZ, KAROL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-279
GUSTAF, ANTHONY                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-141
GUSTATIES, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-229
GUSTAUF, WALTER                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-139
GUZAN, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-415
GUZENSKI, JOZEF                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-379
GUZIK, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-414
GUZUK, ANTHNI                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-235
GUZY, ANDREW                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-404
GUZYNSKI, WACLAW                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-299
GUZZI, FORTUNATO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-112
GVIMAILA, JOSEPH ADAM                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-222
GWZEK, JAN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-78
HADALA, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-180
HADALA, WICENTY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-347
HADDAB, ASSAD ELIAS                    ASSYRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-451
HADED, CONSTANTI                       SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-264
HADEL, LOUIS                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-133
HADLEY, HARRY                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-200
HADOCK, JACOB                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-314
HADUCK, CHARLES                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-312
HADUCK, FRAN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-310
HAEFELE, JOHN GEORGE                   GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-198
HAHN, LARYNC                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-449
HAIC, MACIEJ                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-128
HAIMOWITZ, PAUL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-432
HAJDUK, BARTOLOMEUS                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-14
HAJDUK, THOMAS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-108
HALAT, ADAM                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-89
HALE, ARTHUR                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-499
HALLAJ, STANLI                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-311
HALUPKA, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-350
HAMELA, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-83
HANES, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-42
HANISKO, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-291
HANKE, ALEKSANDER                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-325
HANUSCAK, JOZEF                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-417
HANZA, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-124
HARBAY, FRANK                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-413
HARBEN, MATIS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-330
HARCARIC, JAMES THOMAS                 HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-193
HARDYNIEC, SYMON                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-384
HARINZO, JOZEF                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-258
HARRING, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-86
HARRISON, OLIVER                       NORTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-115
HARRISON, SAMUEL                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-211
HARRY, JOSEPH                          SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-169
HARVAN, ALEXANDER                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-280
HAUPTMAN, MIHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-406
HAVACZ, ALEKSANDER                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-17
HAVSILLO, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-22
HAWRILA, ADAM                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-200
HAWRILA, YOACHIM                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-199
HAYBITTLE, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-126
HAYWARD, SAMUEL                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-6
HAZA, ADAM                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-242
HEERLEIN, FRANZ GUSTAV                 PRUSSIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-106
HEINER, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-496
HENIRFELD, HARRY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-256
HENRY, THOMAS                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-204
HENRY, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-103
HENSELER, HEINRICH                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-345
HENSHAW, JOHN THOMAS                   CANADA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-202
HERKO, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-366
HERKO, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-85
HERMAN, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-223
HERMAN, RUDOLF                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-238
HERMANN, LUDWIG                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-401
HERRON, RICHARD                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-250
HERSHKOWITZ, DAVID                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-399
HERTZ, JOSEPH                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-179
HERVATIN, JOSEF                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-313
HESTER, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-119
HETCE, JOHANNES PAUL                   GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-177
HICKEY, TIMOTHY                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-341
HIEMOWITZ, ABRAHAM                     HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-163
HIGGINS, ALEXANDER                     IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-152
HILL, BENJAMIN                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-201
HILL, FREDERICK ERNEST                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-125
HILL, HERBERT HARRY                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-127
HILL, JOHN                             WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-128
HILLEBRAND, WILLIAM                    GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-434
HILOSKY, VINCENT                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-149
HIRD, HENRY BEARPARK                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-147
HIRM, ANTON                            STERIA, AUSTRIA     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-182
HIRTENSTEIN, EDWARD                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-99
HIRTENSTEIN, SAMUEL                    HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-79
HLAVATY, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-451
HOBBS, WILLIAM HENRY                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-171
HOBDA, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-236
HOBITS, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-57
HOCKE, ALBERT                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-74
HOCTKO, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-31
HODER, RALPH                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-180
HODGSON, JOHN                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-202
HODGSON, THOMAS WILLIAM                ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-203
HODOROWSKI, WLADYSLAW                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-432
HOFFMAN, ABRAHAM LOB                   HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-93
HOFMANN, ERNST                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-56
HOIDICH, CHARLES                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-305
HOIDICH, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-304
HOLA, JANOS                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-37
HOLBUSIK, FRANK                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-254
HOLDA, PETER                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-169
HOLEWA, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-84
HOLLECKI, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-155
HOLMES, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-360
HOLODIK, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-299
HOLONKO, JOHN ANDREW                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-217
HOLTON, THOMAS                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-1
HOMLEIN, MARTIN                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-1
HOPE, JAMES                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-185
HOPKINS, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-29
HORAK, ANTON                           BOHEMIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-453
HORCHAR, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-289
HORCHOS, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-338
HORHUC, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-171
HORHUC, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-172
HORNYAK, EMERICH                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-112
HORNYAK, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-235
HOROWITZ, AARON                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-124
HORVATH, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-392
HORVATH, STEPHEN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-445
HOSKADAY, THOMAS                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-55
HOSKER, JOSE                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-49
HOSPODAR, MICHAL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-421
HOTSKO, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-383
HOTSKO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-32
HOVANEC, ANDRO                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-470
HOWANITZ, MICK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-106
HOWARD, ROBERT                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-379
HOWES, THOMAS EDWARD                   WEST INDIES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-378
HRABEC, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA-GALICIA     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-46
HRICISIN, METRO                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-58
HRICKO, ANDRAR                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-418
HRICKO, JAMES                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-420
HRICKO, THOMAS                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-419
HRYCIEW, DMYTRO                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-22
HUBAL, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-163
HUBALY, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-65
HUBBERMAN, HYMAN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-339
HUDAK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-295
HUDDY, JACOB                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-303
HUDOCK, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-414
HUDZINA, STEPHEN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-197
HUGHES, GRIFFITH                       WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-109
HUGHES, JOHN MARTIN                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-402
HUGHES, MORRIS JOHN                    NORTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-421
HUGHES, THOMAS JOHN                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-145
HUK, MICHAL                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-175
HULIK, ANDREW                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-138
HUMENIUK, ILKO                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-401
HUMPHREYS, EDWARD                      WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-414
HUMULA, WASIL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-148
HUNTER, FREDRICK                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-176
HURST, ADOLF                           BADEN               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-426
HURST, JOHN JOSEPH                     IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-1
HURWITZ, SAMUEL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-427
HUSOVSKI, STEPHEN                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-78
HUTCHINSON, RALPH                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-65
HUTTER, MORRIS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-428
IANNI, VINCENZO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-7
IANNIELLO, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-364
IANNUZZI, ANGELO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-291
IBELLI, UMBERTI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-164
IGLAWICZ, BENJAMIN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-268
IMBALSOMI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-455
INDUL, KRIST                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-429
INDUL, MIKE                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-430
INDULIS, BARNEY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-154
INGLASE, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-310
INGLESE, ROCCO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-166
IRVINE, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-325
ITALIANO, ORLANDI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-164
ITOLA, ABDA                            SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-26
IWANKO, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-88
IWANSKI, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-31
IWANSO, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-64
IZBICKI, ZEFIRYN                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-291
JABLONICKY, EMRE                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-285
JACHNA, ALEXANDER                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-370
JACKEWICZ, AADAM                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-429
JACKIMOWSKI, FRANK                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-13
JACKO, MICHAEL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-227
JACKUS, MICHAEL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-445
JACOB, DEITELBAUM                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-337
JACOB, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-301
JACOBSON, REUBEN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-305
JACOLIK, JOSEPH                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-318
JACZEK, ALEXANDER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-70
JACZENKO, VASIL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-230
JADLOVRSKI, NICHOLAS                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-440
JADZIEWICZ, STANISLAW                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-218
JAFFIC, ROBERT                         ARGENTINA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-92
JAMACK, ANDREW ANTONY                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-488
JAMROWSKI, KAZMIER                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-94
JANCELSKY, JULEYAN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-179
JANECZKO, ADAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-478
JANELLO, LUIGI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-394
JANICKI, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-32
JANICZEK, FELIX                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-257
JANICZEK, MARTIN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-253
JANIK, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-309
JANKAUSKAS, EDWARD                     LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-429
JANORA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-208
JANORA, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-264
JANOWSKI, BOLESLAW                     GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-274
JANOWSKI, GEORGE                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-58
JANUCEVEKE, PITER                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-407
JANUSZEWSKI, KAZIMIERZ                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-57
JAOSZ, FRANK                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-219
JARON, MACIEJ                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-475
JAROS, ALEXANDER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-162
JAROSZ, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-65
JAROSZ, WALENTY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-257
JASINSKAS, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-362
JASLER, STANLEY                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-321
JASULEWICZ, MARTIN                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-387
JASULEWICZ, MICHAEL                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-388
JAWORSKI, ALEKSANDER                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-47
JAWORSKI, FRANK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-43
JAWORSKI, MICHAL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-278
JEFFERS, LOUIS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-95
JEFFERSON, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-384
JEMERYCK, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-54
JENKINS, JOHN                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-226
JERABEK, EDWARD                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-147
JERIN, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-331
JERMAN, DAVID                          NORTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-34
JOHN, CARL                             HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-431
JOHN, PHILIP                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-116
JOHNLEONARD, VINCENT                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-493
JOHNS, THOMAS                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-148
JOHNS, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-233
JOHNSON, AUGUST                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-104
JOHNSON, FREDEICK                      WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-163
JONCA, JACOB                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-268
JONES, ALBERT                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-301
JONES, DAVID THOMAS                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-55
JONES, DAVID WILLIAM                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-491
JONES, EDUARD PARRY                    *                   US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-237
JONES, ELLIS                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-222
JONES, HENRY JAMES                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-384
JONES, HENRY                           WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-271
JONES, JOHN THOMAS                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-241
JONES, MORGAN                          WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-353
JONES, RHYS WILLIAM                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-490
JONES, ROWLAND                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-322
JONES, THOMAS EVAN                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-492
JONES, WILLIAM HENRY                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-444
JONES, WILLIAM THOMAS                  WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-108
JONES, WILLIAM CADLE                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-196
JONUTIS, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-63
JOOS, HENRI                            BELGIUM             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-275
JOPKO, HARRY                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-306
JORDAN, JOE                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-34
JORDAN, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-375
JORDON, ALFONSO                        LOMBARDY            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-460
JORDON, WILLIAM                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-461
JOSEPH, ELLIS                          SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-170
JOSEPH, JOHN                           TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-494
JOSEPH, MATHIAS                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-251
JOSZKO, ROBERT                         SCHLESIEN           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-467
JOYCE, MICHAEL                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-451
JOYCE, PATRICK THOMAS                  IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-181
JUCEVICZ, ANDRIU                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-232
JUDA, HENCZEL                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-43
JUDKOVITZ, JACOB                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-356
JUDYCKI, ANTHONY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-189
JUKNEVICZIUS, FRANK                    LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-459
JUNKER, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-228
JUODAITIS, ANTHONY                     LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-86
JURASHIS, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-376
JUREK, JOHN D.                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-15
JUSEWICZ, FRANK                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-407
JUSZ, MIHAL                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-17
JUVAN, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-38
JUZEFECZYK, PETER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-70
JUZEWCZYK, ALBERT                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-67

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