US District Court (Scranton), Pennsylvania
Naturalizations Index (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court (Philadelphia), type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Volume List |
"see:" - alternative name listed

AARONS, LOUIS HARRY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-158
ABATI, LUC                             ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-264
ABBATE, CONCETTO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-158
ACCIARINI, SANTE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-280
ACCUNTO, ROSANIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-295
ACERBI, ALLERICO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-93
ADAMCZYCK, FRANK                       POSEN               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-192
ADAMCZYCK, MICHAEL                     POSEN               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-193
ADAMKO, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-346
ADAMO, GIOVANNI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-467
ADAMS, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-406
ADAMS, HUGH                            SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-438
ADAMS, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-461
ADAMSKI, ALEXANDER                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-192
ADAMSZYK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-138
ADANSKY, STANISLAW                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-301
ADOMAITIS, CHARLES                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-466
ADOMAITIS, JONAS                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-469
ADOMAITIS, PETRAS                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-437
AGNOLETTO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-34
AGNUS, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-358
AGOSTENE, RINALDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-282
AHEE, HIKEL                            TURKEY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-483
AHEJ, BLAZIUS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-231
AHERN, CORNELIUS                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-280
AHERN, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-317
AIBUK, JOHN                            POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-319
AJELLO, ALESSANDRO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-326
AKAMAWICZIUS, FRANK                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-161
AKERMAN, BERNARD                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-28
ALBA, JOHN                             ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-335
ALBERIGI, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-445
ALBERT, JOHN                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-147
ALBRECHTOWICZ, JACOB                   AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-47
ALEKSA, JOHN                           LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-428
ALEXANDER, FELIX                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-227
ALFANO, AGOSTINO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-275
ALI, GIUSEPPE                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-100
ALIZZAUSKAS, WILLIAM                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-64
ALLAN, ALEXANDER                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-327
ALLEGRUCCI, RINALDO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-34
ALLEN, ISRAEL                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-30
ALLGAARD, ERIK HOLGER                  DENMARK             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-11
ALLOR, JOHN                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-56
ALTERI, ANIELLO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-56
ALTMAN, ABRAHAM EDWARD                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-159
ALTMAN, MORRIS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-160
ALTSHEELER, BERNARD                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-469
ALUBOWICZ, ANTHONY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-166
ALULIS, SIMON                          LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-426
AMACHER, ADOLPH                        SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-108
AMATO, ROCCO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-118
AMELIO, THOMAS                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-14
AMICO, GAETANO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-2
AMICO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-181
AMICO, LORENZO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-253
AMICO, LUIGI                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-1
AMMENDOLA, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-200
AMONI, AMONO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-149
AMRICH, ANDREW                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-362
ANCIN, JOSEF                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-176
ANCZINKEITIS, JOSIP                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-216
ANCZIUKAITIS, GEORGE                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-186
ANDERSON, ALFRED                       SWEDEN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-395
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-9
ANDERSON, PHILIP                       SWEDEN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-196
ANDRASISIK, ADAM JOSEF                 AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-159
ANDRASKO, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-290
ANDREJKO, JOSEPH                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-34
ANDRO, PETRO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-52
ANDRUKAITIS, JOHN                      LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-488
ANDRUSEWYC, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-41
ANGELICCHIO, LUIGI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-388
ANGELO, STELLA                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-444
ANGONIS, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-208
ANGONIS, JOHN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-212
ANGRADI, SANTO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-425
ANNICCHIARICO, NICOLA                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-64
ANTANOWICZ, STANLEY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-130
ANTICO, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-466
ANTONELLI, ADOLPHUS                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-111
ANTONIO, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-123
ANTONOWITZ, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-481
ANTONSTIS, STANLEY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-79
ANTOS, PETER                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-284
ANZALONE, MICHELE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-8
AQUILINA, CALOGERO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-382
AQUILINA, VINGENZO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-383
ARCISEWSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-467
ARCURI, GABRIELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-90
ARDIERO, LEWIS                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-257
ARDZIEJSKI, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-45
ARDZIEMSKI, ANTONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-43
ARILOTTO, DOMINICK                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-478
ARMATO, PETER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-58
ARMISTEAD, ROBERT                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-472
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-441
ARNALDO, DIGIACOMO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-433
ARNESI, CARLO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-173
ARNO, ANTONIO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-225
ARRUZZO, FRANK                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-394
ARTHKONES, ANTHONY                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-139
ARYAN, MARTIN                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-427
ARZUOLAOTIS, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-57
ASAKIAWICZ, WILLIAM                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-186
ASH, ALBERT JOHN                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-103
ASTA, GAETANO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-434
ASTARINO, LOUIS                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-235
ASTORINA, MICHAL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-92
ASZEMBERG, JOHN                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-92
ATKNOZUNAS, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-71
ATWELL, JOSIAH                         SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-383
ATWELL, THOMAS                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-443
AUBRISO, ANDREW                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-367
AUDZEWICZ, PETER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-123
AUGUSTIN, WADIC                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-346
AULIKER, JOHN                          SWITZERLAND         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-50
AULISSIO, GIORGIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-296
AUSUSTINE, MCIHAEL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-229
AUSZURA, ANTANAS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-167
AUSZURA, JUSZAS                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-164
AZZARELLI, LIBORIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-186
BABAJ, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-19
BABALKO, GEORGE                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-10
BABERKI, BRONISLAW                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-216
BABINICZ, WASIL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-112
BACHANIK, FILEK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-30
BACHAVA, STEFAN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-324
BACHVAR, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-341
BACK, CHARLES ERNEST                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-460
BAFIO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-409
BAGDONUS, MICHAEL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-319
BAGDZIUNAS, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-317
BAGHERINO, ANTHONY                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-240
BAGNIC, PAUL                           POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-380
BAGNICK, JOHN                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-381
BAIGIS, ANTHONY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-168
BAILLET, EMIL                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-285
BAILYUS, THOMAS                        WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-211
BAJKOSKI, KAZIMIER                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-94
BAJOR, WAWRZYNIEC                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-297
BAKO, JOHN                             HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-452
BAKUM, JOAHIN                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-253
BALABAN, JULIUS                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-161
BALASKO, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-296
BALCENAK, CHARLES                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-148
BALCGA, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-367
BALCHUN, SIMON                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-299
BALCK, MICHEAL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-261
BALCZANAS, MIKE                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-77
BALDAWSKI, CHARLES                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-56
BALDER, JOHN                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-431
BALINE, BENJAMIN MOSES                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-279
BALITA, JOSEPH                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-177
BALKUS, DIAN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-126
BALTRUSZAILIS, METIEUIS                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-335
BALUKAVIA, ANTHONY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-215
BALUKEVICZ, ADAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-203
BALZ, CHARLES HENRY                    GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-182
BANAS, STANLEY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-369
BANASZEWSKI, FRANK                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-187
BANCANSKY, MICHAEL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-436
BANCHANSKI, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-237
BANDOCK, WALENTY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-83
BANELIS, CHARLIS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-149
BANKOWSKI, ALEXSANDER                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-368
BARAMUCCIS, JOSEPH                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-76
BARAN, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-361
BARANIC, MARTIN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-264
BARANOSKI, BARTLOMEJ                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-498
BARANOSKI, MICHAEL                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-191
BARANOVSKIY, CHAEM                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-214
BARANOWSKI, ALEKSANDER                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-11
BARANOWSKI, LEES                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-83
BARANOWSKI, THOMAS                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-8
BARARDELLI, FEDELE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-237
BARDOWSKY, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-348
BARELI, SAMUEL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-349
BARIERA, ROSARIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-3
BARILOTTE, CRESENTINO                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-303
BARKANICH, JOI                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-249
BARKO, JAMES                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-492
BARLIK, STANISLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-437
BARLOSZIEWICZ, STANLEY                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-260
BARNA, IGNATZ                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-278
BARNAUSKAS, SIMON                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-120
BARNETT, HYMAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-486
BARNIK, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-114
BARNISH, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-169
BARON, JOSEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-72
BARONE, STEPHEN                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-312
BARONE, VINCENZO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-101
BAROODY, MICHAEL ABRAHAM               SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-23
BARR, ROBERT                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-161
BARRETT, ROBERT JOHN                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-168
BARRON, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-486
BARRONE, PETER                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-313
BARSKI, ANTHONY                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-353
BARTASZIUNAS, JONAS                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-213
BARTEL, STEFAN                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-112
BARTH, AUGUST                          BAYERN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-100
BARTKUS, FRANK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-304
BARTNIC, ADAM                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-226
BARTOL, LUDWICK                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-285
BARTOLAZZI, LUIGI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-338
BARTONE, LOUIS                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-212
BARTONE, PASQUALE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-25
BARTOS, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-420
BARTOSIEWICZ, JOSEPH                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-215
BARTOSIK, JOSEPH                       RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-88
BARTUT, IGNACY                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-306
BARZDAITIS, PIJUSAS                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-310
BASARAB, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-399
BASILE, JOHN                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-76
BASTA, FRANCESKO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-6
BASTA, MICHAEL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-5
BASTA, MICHAL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-12
BASTA, MICHELE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-137
BASTA, RICCARDO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-375
BASTA, SAMUEL                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-379
BASZNIANIN, SENKO                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-184
BATKO, KASMAR                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-253
BATT, VERESONDO                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-105
BATTISTA, TONEY                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-268
BATUR, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-178
BATWINS, MAX                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-288
BATYKO, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-115
BATZKO, HARRY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-338
BAUBONIS, MARTIN JOSEPH                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-455
BAUER, ERICH                           GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-82
BAUM, ALEKSANDR                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-58
BAYLIFF, RICHARD                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-475
BAYMAN, MAX                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-475
BAZAREWICZ, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-418
BEAM, ULAGISLAW                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-181
BEANCO, LOUIS                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-102
BEBBER, ANTONIO                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-244
BEBBER, GIOVANNI                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-243
BECEK, WOJCIECH                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-323
BECKER, GEORGE                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-81
BEDNARCZYK, LUDWIK                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-283
BEDNARSKI, ADAM                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-345
BEDNARSKI, STANLEY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-156
BEDUBWISZ, PETER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-294
BEDWARSKI, PETER                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-344
BEINISON, HARRY                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-355
BEKAMPIS, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-220
BEKER, IGNAC                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-376
BELASKY, STANLEY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-129
BELERCZKE, JOZEF                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-390
BELL, JAMES HENRY                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-21
BELL, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-462
BELLAMA, BENEDICT                      SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-421
BELLEGGIA, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-349
BELLEZZE, CLESE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-134
BELLEZZE, ROCCO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-133
BELLINO, MICHEAL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-280
BELLOTTI, GREGORIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-4
BELTON, EDWARD OWEN                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-165
BELUNIAS, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-449
BENARIS, EUGENE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-248
BENCI, WARRIOR                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-4
BENCK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-373
BENCO, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-2
BENDAS, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-152
BENDUCK, JACOB                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-226
BENESZIUNAS, JOHN                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-140
BENI, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-244
BENKAIM, HARRY                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-276
BENSINAVICZ, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-481
BENTHAM, TOM COOPER                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-474
BENTINEGNA, MICHELE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-293
BENTIREGNA, BIAGGIO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-252
BENYA, ONUFER                          AUSTRIA-POLAND      US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-216
BERARDELLI, ANTONIO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-368
BERES, EDDIE                           AUSTRIA-POLAND      US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-168
BERES, SAM                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-173
BEREZNA, PETER                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-298
BERGER, IZIDOR                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-355
BERGER, SIMON                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-489
BERGIDA, MORTON                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-143
BERGQUIST, LARS JOHAN                  SWEDEN              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-119
BERIANO, FELICE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-96
BERKUS, PETER                          SEE: BERPUS, PETER
BERLINSKI, LUDWIK                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-64
BERMAN, LOUIS                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-447
BERMAN, NATHAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-493
BERNATT, JOSIPH                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-11
BERNOSKI, FRANK                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-237
BERNSTEIN, JACOB                       ROMANIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-76
BERNSTEIN, MAX                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-353
BERPUS, PETER                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-278
BERSUK, SAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-163
BERTONE, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-427
BESARIS, EASIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-441
BESOCK, ANGELO                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-256
BESOCK, FERDINAND                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-255
BESOCK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-146
BESTOS, CHARLES CHARLES                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-194
BEURYS, ALEXSANDER                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-288
BEUTNER, REINHARD                      GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-210
BEVERLEY, ALBERT                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-8
BEVERLY, ABRAHAM JOSEPH                SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-43
BEW, STANLEY                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-456
BEZDRIEDSI, ANTONI                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-197
BGGENOKIE, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-324
BIALEK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-483
BIANCARDI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-193
BIEDANSKI, ANTHONY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-220
BIEDRYCKI, KRAWERY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-90
BIELECKI, THOMAS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-29
BIELSKI, IGNATZ                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-93
BIELSKI, JAN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-500
BIENIEK, TOMASZ                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-480
BIESZCZAD, ANTHONY                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-244
BIGA, JOSEPH                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-91
BIGOS, JURKO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-473
BILAK, MICHAEL                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-117
BILANICZ, PITER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-419
BILLINGS, JOHN                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-177
BILLY, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-370
BIMBY, ABRAHAM                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-402
BINCH, EDWARD WILLIAM                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-170
BIO, STEFANO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-294
BIRCHER, HERBERT                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-201
BIRESH, GEORG                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-281
BIRGOLOVITCH, VICTOR                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-442
BIRMELIN, JAKOB                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-199
BIRO, MARTIN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-454
BIROUT, JOHN                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-320
BISCONTINI, LORENZO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-498
BISHOF, JOHAN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-183
BISIGNANI, NICHOLAS                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-173
BISULOS, SALVATORE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-417
BIZUB, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-354
BIZUB, MARTIN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-345
BIZZO, NICOLA                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-461
BLAHUT, PAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-59
BLATNIG, IGNATZ                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-181
BLAU, ALEXANDER                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-427
BLAZEJEVSKI, ALEKSANDER                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-339
BLAZEJEVSKI, THOMASZ                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-338
BLAZOSEK, VALENTINE JOHN               AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-502
BLECHSCHMIDT, OSKAR                    GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-279
BLEINN, JACOB                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-134
BLESNER, ALBERT                        AUST                US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-469
BLEVIACAI, TOMAS                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-74
BLOOMFIELD, JULIUS                     ROMANIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-216
BLUSZTRUB, FRANK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-321
BLYSKAL, FRYNK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-110
BOB, SAMUEL                            GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-269
BOBACK, JOHN                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-141
BOBOWSKI, ALEC                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-225
BOBROSKI, ALEKSANDER                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-152
BOBULA, TOMASZ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-193
BOCCADOR, LORENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-261
BOCWINSKI, FRANCISZEK                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-53
BOCZAR, ANDROW                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-9
BOCZAR, JACOB                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-19
BOCZAR, JOZEF                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-41
BOCZAR, PAWEL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-47
BOCZAR, STANISLAW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-43
BODNAR, ELMER                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-466
BOGDA, JACOB                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-341
BOGDAN, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-247
BOGDANOVICH, STANLY                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-154
BOGDANOWICZ, BOLESLAW                  POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-99
BOGDON, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-136
BOGDON, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-19
BOGDONOWICK, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-92
BOGUE, JONH                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-239
BOKAL, ANTHONY                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-259
BOLANOSKI, JAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-248
BOLANOWSKI, PETER                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-11
BOLCZUNOS, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-221
BOLTON, ELIAS ALBERT                   WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-450
BOLTON, JOSEPH                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-425
BOLUS, GEORGE                          SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-265
BOMBA, ADAM                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-316
BONAVENGO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-408
BONDI, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-459
BONDZI, KONSTANTY                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-141
BONDZINSKI, WINCENTY                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-112
BONDZIO, EDWARD                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-142
BONDZIO, KONSTANTY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-141
BONIESKI, ROMAN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-32
BONKIEWICZ, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-101
BOOTH, JOHN ARNOLD                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-315
BOPKOWSKI, PETER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-195
BOPKOWSKI, WLADEK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-196
BORANNI, JOHANNI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-424
BORAWSKI, ANTHONY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-286
BORECKIJ, MICHAIL                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-271
BORELLI, ORAZIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-480
BORENSTEIN, MORRIS                     POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-208
BOREZ, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-61
BORK, JAN                              RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-128
BORKANICK, GEORG                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-248
BORKOFSKI, OGNACY                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-315
BORKOWSKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-107
BORMANN, MATHEW                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-422
BORNACZKI, FRANK                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-421
BOROFSKY, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-448
BOROSH, ANDREW                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-405
BOROZ, ALBERT                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-351
BORYS, CHARLES                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-493
BORYS, SEMAN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-322
BORZONE, VICTOR ERNEST                 ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-118
BOSHNAK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-405
BOSKOWSKI, TEOFIL                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-168
BOSZKOWSKI, ALEK                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-279
BOTNICK, LEO                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-430
BOTTEO, JOHN                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-17
BOULTON, DAVID                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-449
BOULTON, JOHN JAMES                    WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-448
BOVANKOVIC, JOHN                       HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-212
BOXEK, ANDRO                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-365
BOYCRSKI, MAYAN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-350
BOYER, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-310
BOYTON, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-364
BOZKOSKY, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-195
BRACCIO, CARMENA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-319
BRACCIO, JOSEPH                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-320
BRANDWENE, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-330
BRANDWENE, MORRIS DAVID                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-331
BRANNEN, WILLIAM                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-446
BRANSDORF, HENRY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-86
BRATEK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-481
BRAVAH, ANDREW                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-415
BRAZINSKAS, LAWRENCE                   LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-436
BREGAI, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-312
BREGOR, LOUIS                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-413
BREIVO, JOSEPH                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-454
BRELL, JOSEPH                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-210
BRENNAN, MICHAEL                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-154
BRENYO, ALEXANDER                      HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-364
BRESCHEL, MAURICE D.                   RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-81
BRESLOW, MORRIS                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-142
BRESZYNA, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-65
BRIATICO, LUIGI                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-484
BRIC, MATTHEW                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-245
BRINCKO, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-358
BRIZINSKAS, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-359
BROADLEY, PETER                        SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-437
BROADLEY, WILLIAM                      SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-55
BROCKBANK, HENRY                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-79
BROJA, JACOB                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-141
BROLIA, DOMENICKI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-376
BRONIAK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-254
BROOK, SOL                             RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-122
BROOKS, AUGUST                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-430
BROSKI, JAN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-371
BROWN, CHARLES                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-336
BROWN, MATTHEW                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-108
BROWN, MORIS                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-250
BROWN, ROBERT RYLAND                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-53
BROWN, WALTER D.                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-6
BROWN, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-201
BROZENA, MATEUSZ                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-82
BROZINSKI, JAHON                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-132
BROZYNA, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-446
BROZYNA, JACOB                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-448
BRSZER, MORRIS                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-110
BRUNETTI, BONATO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-423
BRUNO, ANTONI                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-287
BRUNO, BASILIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-217
BRUNO, CHARLES                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-288
BRUNO, DOMENICO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-196
BRUNO, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-176
BRUNORI, GIANNE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-273
BRUZDA, FRANK                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-256
BRYMARSKI, GEORGE                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-342
BRYSACZ, FRYNK                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-485
BRZCKI, FRANK                          GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-63
BRZOSTOWSKI, FRANK                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-107
BRZOSTOWSKI, GEORGE                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-253
BRZOSTOWSKI, JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-254
BRZYCKI, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-86
BUBROSKI, JOHN                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-213
BUBUL, FRANK                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-303
BUCAR, MARIE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-190
BUCCI, BERARDINO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-5
BUCCIERI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-94
BUCEWICS, FELIKS                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-165
BUCHER, KOSTANTY                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-226
BUCKELSKI, THEODORE                    GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-430
BUCKIAWICZ, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-104
BUCKIEWICZ, ALEXANDER                  RUSSI               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-276
BUCKINGHAM, JAMES                      WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-400
BUCKO, ALEXANDER                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-123
BUCZEK, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-145
BUCZENSKAS, ANTHONY                    LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-89
BUCZNSKI, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-41
BUCZYNSKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-492
BUDANSKI, STANISLAW                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-159
BUDGENS, ANTHONY                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-493
BUDNIK, JAN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-341
BUDZIAK, JAN                           SEE: BUDZIAK, JOHN
BUDZIAK, JOHN                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-468
BUDZIAK, JOHN                          RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-90
BUENOFSKY, STANISLAW                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-419
BUFALINO, NICOLO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-278
BUFALINO, SALVATORE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-271
BUFTON, JOHN                           SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-213
BUGEL, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-189
BUGIEL, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-76
BUJKO, JOHN                            HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-193
BUJNOFSKI, TAM                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-247
BUKAVECIACKES, JOSIEF                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-214
BUKOWSKI, JOZEF                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-117
BUKULEWICZ, MATEUSZ                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-284
BULKAJTIS, PETER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-364
BULL, FREDERICK                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-176
BUMECKI, WILLIAM                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-344
BUONO, MATEO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-10
BURAK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-215
BURBU, JOHNA                           RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-351
BURCH, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-478
BURDETT, CHARLES                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-271
BURDULES, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-32
BURDYN, IZYDOR                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-25
BURDYN, JOZEF                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-26
BUREKES, KIEZIMEROS                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-289
BURKANICH, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-84
BURKEVICCIS, JOHN                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-97
BURNAT, JOHN MICHAL                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-19
BURNET, ANDRO                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-25
BURNS, BERT                            ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-205
BURNS, CHRISTOPHER                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-206
BURNS, HARRY                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-204
BURNS, SAMUEL JR.                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-203
BURNS, SAMUEL SR.                      ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-207
BURROW, JOHN                           ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-32
BURSAVICH, GEORG                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-302
BURSAVICH, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-301
BURSINGER, PETER                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-106
BURTON, ABRAHAM                        SOUTH WALES         US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-334
BURY, BLAZY                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-198
BURY, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-14
BURY, MICHAEL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-197
BURZICKI, JAN                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-209
BUSACCA, RAYMOND                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-256
BUSELLI, SISTO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-270
BUSSE, THEODOR                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-268
BUSZCWICZ, CHARLEY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-428
BUTKA, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-196
BUYDZIUNAS, MICHAEL                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-318
BYCZEK, KONSTANTY                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-176
BYDEFSKI, KAROL                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-65
BYDZENSKI, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-66
BZONSA, WOJCIECH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-340
CAHN, CHARLES MARCUS                   GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-433
CAINE, JOHN THOMAS                     ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-236
CAIRIS, CONSTANT                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-464
CAITENS, ADAM                          SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-54
CALABRESE, FRANK                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-328
CALABRESE, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-150
CALABRO, FRANK                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-454
CALANDRI, DOMINCIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-49
CALARCO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-488
CALI, LUIGI                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-290
CALIGUIRI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-300
CALLERI, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-276
CALLERI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-277
CALLETON, CHRISTOPHER                  QUEBEC              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-468
CALOOF, GUSTAVE                        GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-199
CALVI, EDWARD                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-32
CAMBRIDGE, JAMES                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-298
CAMMAROTA, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-460
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM REID                 SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-397
CANTI, GUGLIELMO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-166
CANTOR, MICHAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-292
CAPIZZI, SALVATORE                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-212
CAPONE, SAVINO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-179
CAPONERA, VENANZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-494
CAPOSSELE, FRANK                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-262
CAPOZZI, ALFONSO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-191
CAPOZZI, LUIGI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-194
CAPPARRUCCI, LUIGI                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-356
CAPPELINO, JOSEPH                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-26
CAPPELLO, JOHN                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-160
CAPPUCCI, NICOLA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-363
CAPPUCCINO, AUGUSTO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-276
CAPRAL, CHALY                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-266
CAPRIOTTI, JOHN                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-52
CARAMANNA, SALVATORE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-213
CARDAMONE, EUGENIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-376
CARDAMONE, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-255
CARDAMONE, NICOLA                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-92
CARDAMONO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-380
CARDILLO, SABATO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-241
CARDONE, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-390
CARDONI, CESARE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-324
CARDONI, MARINO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-325
CARDONJ, LUIGI                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-173
CAREY, JAMES                           WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-99
CARITE, PASCO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-104
CARNEY, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-417
CARNICAKI, JAN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-247
CARPONE, ANGELO                        SICILY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-161
CARSKI, CHARLES                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-477
CARTER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-131
CARTISANO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-155
CASACCIO, DIONIZIO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-472
CASALE, ANTHONY                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-405
CASEY, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-470
CASPER, PAUL                           RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-137
CASTELLANI, DEVI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-149
CASTELLO, IGNAZIO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-56
CATALANO, FILIPPO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-128
CATENA, LUIGI                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-99
CATROGIOVANNI, FELICE                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-487
CATRONI, ALBINO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-431
CAUBAR, STANKO                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-251
CAUDA, MICHAEL                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-158
CAULINAS, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-403
CAVALINE, ALEXANDER                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-87
CAVARETTA, CARLO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-2
CAVATCHECK, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-69
CAWLEY, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-55
CEBULAR, LEWIS                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-251
CEBULER, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-484
CEBUN, LEWIS                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-251
CECH, JOSEPH                           HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-350
CEGELKA, ANTHONY JOSEPH                RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-258
CEIC, MATO                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-370
CELESTE, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-184
CELLO, FERDINANDO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-132
CEMONESE, AMBROSE                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-66
CENESAK, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-369
CENTKA, WOJCIECH                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-498
CERA, AMEDEO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-326
CERA, FRANK                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-329
CERA, PETER                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-327
CERATO, ANTONIO                        FRANCE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-130
CERATO, MICHAEL                        FRANCE              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-131
CERULLO, CARMINE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-456
CERUNDOLO, THOMAS                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-70
CERZA, VENCENZO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-455
CERZONI, CAMILLO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-127
CESARE, ALTOBELLI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-281
CESNOWICZ, PITER                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-174
CHACHULA, NICHOLAS                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-269
CHAGOLAN, JAN                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-267
CHALECKI, BRONISLAW                    POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-205
CHALECKI, PAUL                         POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-207
CHAMIELEUSKY, JO                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-152
CHAMPI, ANTONIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-243
CHAPONIS, JOHN                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-155
CHAPPLE, SIDNEY GEORGE                 ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-258
CHARLIE, MICHAEL                       EGYPT               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-427
CHARLTON, JOHN ROBERT                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-145
CHAVARELLA, LOUIS                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-289
CHECONOWSKI, ANDREW                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-138
CHEEKAN, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-14
CHELKIS, ANTHONY                       RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-3
CHEMAK, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-54
CHENCINSKI, LUDORNIER                  GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-133
CHEPULIS, JOSEPH PETER                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-215
CHERBA, WASSILL                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-231
CHERHELSKI, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-63
CHERLA, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-271
CHERNOWSKIY, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-428
CHIARE, RAFAELE                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-313
CHICCARELLA, CHARLIS                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-267
CHIMIELEWSKI, GEORGE                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-279
CHINNI, ORAZIO                         IALY                US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-162
CHIZEWSKI, FRANK                       LITHUANIA           US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-430
CHMIELEWSKI, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-258
CHMIELEWSKI, KSAWERY                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-59
CHMIELEWSKI, STANISLAS                 POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-125
CHOBER, JOZEF                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-57
CHOBERKA, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-446
CHODUR, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-182
CHOLEVITZ, CHARLES                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-304
CHOLEWA, ANTHONY                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-365
CHOLLAK, JOSEPH                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-121
CHOMINK, WASYL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-344
CHOTYK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-127
CHOZEMPA, MARTIN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-27
CHROMY, MICHAEL                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-378
CHUCK, JOHAN                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-478
CHUDZIK, MARTIN                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-359
CHUDZIK, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-487
CHURI, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-189
CHYCZEWSKI, FELIX                      RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-195
CIAMPI, RAFFAELE                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-156
CIAMPI, SAVERIO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-422
CIAVARELLO, MICHAEL                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-288
CIAVORELLO, PAUL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-286
CIBAK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-249
CICH, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-17
CICHON, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-87
CICHON, KAROL                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-89
CICHONSKY, MICHAEL                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-111
CICILIONO, SALVATORE                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-412
CICON, CHARLES                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-219
CICSZKOWICZ, IGNACY                    AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-243
CIEBIEN, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-205
CIECHOSKI, MIKOLAI                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-83
CIECIORKA, BOLIESLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-473
CIECIORKA, STANISLAW                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-474
CIELESZ, MARTIN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-127
CIELLA, PASQU                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-383
CIFERRI, ALEXANDRO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-297
CINUK, BRONCK                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-65
CIONI, PATRICK                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-93
CIPLIYAUSKAS, MICHALE                  RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-387
CIRA, SIMONE                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-460
CIRINO, ADORNO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-77
CISHURA, JOHAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-49
CISTO, JOZEF                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-442
CISZEK, LUDWIK                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-12
CITKO, STANISLAW                       RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-225
CITROUO, ANTHONY                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-426
CIUPANSKI, ANDREW                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-488
CIUPINSKI, STEPHEN                     AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-476
CIZARIK, ANDRE                         HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-419
CLAPS, PAUL                            ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-403
CLAR, WILLIAM                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-430
CLEARY, PATRICK JOSEPH                 IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-281
CLEMENS, ROBERTS                       GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-229
CLEMENS, WALLACE                       ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-134
CLIFFORD, SAMUEL                       SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-398
COATES, FRED EWBANK                    ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-120
COCCODRILLI, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-465
CODESKAS, ANDREW GEORGE                CRETE               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-111
CODIANI, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-386
COGLIANDRO, DOMNICK                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-174
COHEN, PHILOP                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-172
COHEN, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-446
COIRO, GIOVANNIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-457
COIRO, LORENZO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-455
COLBUSSANI, VIRGINIO                   ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-247
COLELLA, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-454
COLI, BIAGIO                           ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-250
COLI, GIUSEPPE                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-248
COLLETTI, ANDREA                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-417
COLLEY, WILLIAM                        HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-401
COLLI, GAETANO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-214
COLLINS, AMOS                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-262
COLLINS, ISAAC                         WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-73
COLLINS, MARTIN                        IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-290
COLOGLO, GANGELO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-187
COLONNA, FEDERICO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-235
COLONNA, NICODEMO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-393
COLONNA, RUDOLPH                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-469
COMITA, THOMAS                         SICILY              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-251
CONAGHAN, OWEN                         IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-471
CONCHER, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-241
CONDO, MIKE                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-365
CONDOSTA, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-78
CONDOSTA, SAMUEL                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-308
CONDOSTA, SANTO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-17
CONFLITTI, GAETANO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-335
CONNELL, THOMAS JOSEPH                 IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-155
CONNELLY, EDWARD                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-136
CONNOLLY, DANIEL                       IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-450
CONNOLLY, JOHN JOSEPH                  IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-130
CONNOLLY, JOHN JAMES                   ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-471
CONNOR, MAX                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-192
CONNOR, NATHAN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-44
CONNOR, PETER                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-411
CONRAD, AUGUST                         GERMANY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-117
CONROY, EDWARD                         ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-197
CONSOSTE, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-103
COOK, JOHN                             SCOTLAND            US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-402
COOKSEY, CHARLES                       WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-214
COOKSLEY, ALFRED JOHN                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-453
COOPERMAN, SAMUEL                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-477
COPAS, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-105
COPASH, MIKE                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-21
COPEACH, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-181
COPEK, MAIKE                           SEE: COPASH, MIKE
COPEZZALI, GAETANO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-33
COPPI, JACOPO                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-178
CORCORAN, MICHAEL                      IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-283
CORDONE, ERNESTO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-260
COREY, GEORGE JOHN                     SYRIA               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-172
CORSSANO, MICHAEL                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-254
COSCARELLA, ANGELO                     ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-105
COSENTINO, JAMES                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-41
COSINO, ANTHONY                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-306
COSSOW, EMIL HARRY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-361
COSSOW, HARRY                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-362
COSTABILE, NICHOLAS                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-16
COURT, SAMUEL JOHN                     WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-20
COURT, THOMAS                          ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-25
COX, EVAN                              WALES               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-209
CRAICI, FRANK                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-86
CREAN, EDWARD                          IRELAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-157
CRESICKI, PETER                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-242
CROCAMO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    1-193
CROCOMO, JOHN                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-334
CRUNDOLLO, PASQUALE                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-222
CRYKA, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-178
CSPKOWSKI, ANDRO                       POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-380
CSUPINA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-266
CUK, MARTIN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-311
CULM, WILLIAM                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-228
CUPELLI, JOSEPH                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-481
CURATOLO, LORENZO                      ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-255
CURCIO, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-269
CUS, ANTONI                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-107
CUSHING, THOMAS HENRY                  ENGLAND             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-291
CUTRO, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-330
CUTULI, FRANK                          ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-38
CUTULI, GAETONO                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    11-364
CUTULI, LEONARD                        ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-37
CVERCHO, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-361
CWANOWSKI, STANISLAW                   POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-71
CWINA, FELIX                           AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-284
CWINA, FRANCISZEK                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-285
CYAJKOWSKI, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-420
CYCHANOWICZ, ALEXANDER                 RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-384
CYLWIK, PETER                          POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-196
CYPROSKI, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-71
CYRKA, MIKE                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-188
CZABALA, JOHN                          HUNGARY             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-205
CZAKALO, POWEL                         RUS-POLAND          US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-228
CZAKO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-96
CZAPANUS, PAUL                         RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    10-425
CZAPLICKI, JOHN                        RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-170
CZARNECKI, LUDK                        POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    5-140
CZEBIRKA, WILLIAM                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-369
CZEBISNIAK, JACOB                      AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-68
CZENIAWA, LUDWIG                       AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-256
CZERUEFSKY, JOHN                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-289
CZERW, ALBERT                          AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    6-132
CZERWINSKI, FRANK                      RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-461
CZESEKAS, FRANCISKUS                   RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-416
CZIELESCI, DOMENICO                    ITALY               US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    9-179
CZIZEWSKI, KSAWERY                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    8-52
CZOCHNUR, PETER                        AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-82
CZUBA, ANDRZEJ                         AUSTRIA             US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    7-489
CZUKOWSKI, JOSEPH                      POLAND              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    4-440
CZULEDO, CHARLES                       RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-200
CZUPKAVICZ, MATHEW                     RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    3-313
CZYGIER, ADAM                          RUSSIA              US-PA-SCRANTON-CC-DOI    2-21

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