Somerset County, Pennsylvania
Old Petitions for Naturalization (Before 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Somerset County Circuit Court, Old Petitions for Naturalizations
Column 3: Volume # and page # | 3=1904-1906 | 4=1903-1906 |
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ANDERSON, EDWARD                       SWEDEN                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-6
ANDERSON, OSCAR                        SWEDEN                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-8
ANTONOCCI, PASQUALE                    ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-14
ARMISTADI, ANGELO                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-30
BENSI, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-24
BERTI, SILVIO                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-31
BIELAT, LOUIS                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-21
BLUCAS, MARTIN                         POLAND                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-19
BOCHI, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-36
BOLCAR, JACOB                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-4
BOMROSKI, PAUL                         RUSSIA                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-24
BRUNELLO, SILVIO                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-29
BRUZIK, PAUL                           HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-2
BUSCAGLIA, FRANCESCO                   ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-17
BUSCAGLIA, STEPHEN                     ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-18
CERMEL, FRANK                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-27
CERVERISS, FRANK                       ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-10
CUPELLI, JOHN                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-17
DALEY, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-28
DRAHER, GEORGE J.                      SYRIA                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-34
ELLIS, JOHN H.                         WALES                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-9
FEDERICO, BERTININI                    AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-26
FEJKO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-3
FERARI, MARTIN                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-28
FERROVI, VIRGILO                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-29
FOLINOGALLO, GIOVANNI                  ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-10
FRUNER, CONSTANTI                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-30
GALENSKY, ANTHONY                      RUSSIA                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-7
GIO, POLOMENI                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-12
GITZ, ANDREW                           AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-6
GRIFFITH, GRIFFITH                     WALES                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-13
GUIDAS, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-20
GUIDOS, MIKOLAI                        AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-6
HERMAN, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-38
HICKS, THOMAS G.                       CANADA                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-14
HOCKO, JOHN                            HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-2
INGALIARELLO, PIETRO                   ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-1
JACHO, JOSEPH                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-9
KACHMAR, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-3
KAPAS, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-33
KAVALYEZ, JOHN                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-17
KELLER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-13
KHOURY, JOSEPH                         TURKEY                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-34
KORTURKE, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-5
KOSLOP, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-14
KOVACK, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-7
KOWALYAK, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-22
KRASTEK, JACOB                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-31
LAMONICA, ANTONIO                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-13
LANGLEY, THOMAS                        ENGLAND                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-16
LOZZI, PASQUALE                        ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-11
LUCA, JOHN                             ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-9
MAIDAK, STEVE                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-6
MARETTI, ANTONIO                       ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-13
MARONCHI, ERMINIO                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-11
MARTELLITI, NUNZIO                     ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-25
MARTELLO, CLEMENS                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-27
MAZUCA, DOMENICO                       ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-16
MILLER, JOSEF                          GERMANY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-10
MILLER, WILLIAM H.                     HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-7
MITCHEY, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-23
MITCHEY, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-20
MOHSER, NICHOLAS                       GERMANY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-16
MOLCSANI, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-2
MOLESANI, MICHAEL                      HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-4
NAGG, ANTONIO                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-37
NICASTRO, GIAMOCO                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-5
NICHOLA, TONEY                         ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-8
NOVAK, ALEXANDER                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-33
NUSSRALLAH, JOHN                       SYRIA                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-35
OLIVO, TONY                            ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-8
OLSHAVSKY, STEPHEN                     AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-15
ONACHELO, THOMAS                       AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-37
PENDLI, MAGNUS                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-17
PIROH, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-10
POLIMENI, DOMERICK                     ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-1
POLINKAS, STEVE                        AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-22
POLITONO, DOMENIK                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-11
POLOVICH, STEFE                        AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-36
POPOERICH, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-3
RECHANSKI, JOHN                        AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-8
ROCH, JOHN                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-32
ROGERS, THOMAS S.                      ENGLAND                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-15
ROSSI, PHILLIP                         ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-12
ROTONDA, MELCHIOR                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-11
ROTONDO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-18
ROTONDO, JOHN                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-25
RUSNAK, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-18
RUTKOOSKI, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-1
SALAPKO, PAUL                          HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-3
SCHROCK, ANDY                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-23
SOKOL, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-32
SOLOMON, SWEDEN                        SYRIA                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-35
SOTAK, JOHN                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-40
SPINA, CESARI                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-20
SPISAK, CHARLES                        HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-12
SROCYRISKI, WALENT                     AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-5
STEFANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-12
STOTH, FRANK                           AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-38
STOTH, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-39
SWANSON, CHARLEY                       SWEDEN                                   PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-7
TAKAS, STEVEN                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-21
TELSO, ADAM                            AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-1
THOMAS, BASIL                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-5
THOMYAK, MITRO                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-19
TOMA, STEVEN                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-19
VESPA, NICOLA                          ITALY                                    PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-26
VINSICK, JOHN                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-14
WARKO, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-4
WASILENSKI, FRANK                      GERMANY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-16
WATYHORICK, FELIX                      AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-4
ZANONI, ANGELO                         AUSTRIA                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-4-15
ZELEVSEY, FRANK                        HUNGARY                                  PA-56-CC-OLDPETS-5-2

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