Wasco County, Oregon
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Wasco County Oregon, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 3=1906-1910 | 4=1910-1926 | 5=1926-1929 | 6=1929-1941 | 7=1941-1959 |
"see:" - alternative name listed

ACHILLES, EUGENE WALLACE                     QUEBEC                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-5
ADATA, JANIS                                 LATVIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-426
ALTMANN, HUGO                                AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-32
AMORE, JOSEPH                                ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-81
AMORE, JOSEPH                                ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-70
ANDERSON, ALFRED                             SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-9
ANDERSON, SIMONS ARVID                       SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-414
ARALIS, DEMETRIOS D. "JIMMY"       GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-441
BAIN, RONALD DONALD                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-129
BAKER, DANIEL                                BRITISH COLUMBIA         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-2
BAKER, WILLIAM FERDINAN                      DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-1
BAKER, WILLIAM THOMAS                        NOVA SCOTIA              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-83
BANSCH, GUSTAVE EMIL                         GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-243
BANSCH, MINNIE                               COLORADO (HUSBAND)       OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-247
BARRETT, RANDALL JAMES                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-159
BARSCH, AUGUST                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-46
BARTHOLDI, JOHN                              AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-245
BARTHOLDI, MARIE                             AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-4
BARTOLDI, JOHN                               AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-24
BAUER, GEORG                                 AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-108
BAUMGARTNER, AUGUST                          SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-113
BAUSCH, GUSTAVE EMIL                         GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-136
BAXTER, GEORGE                               IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-22
BEATTIE, JOHN                                SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-13
BELLERIVE, CHARLES                           ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-317
BELLOCHIO, DONATO                            ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-340
BENDER, FRANZ                                GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-144
BENDT, BERNHARD                              OLDENBURG                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-10
BENSON, SWAN                                 SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-48
BERG, CARL EDWARD                            SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-132
BERNATH, ALFRED                              SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-137
BERTHOLDI, JOHN                              AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-138
BERTONE, ANTONE                              ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-213
BERTONE, ANTONIO                             ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-241
BEST, IRENE EVELYN                           ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-419
BESTON, DONALD JOHN                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-342
BICE, SIDNEY JOHN                            ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-332
BIRGFELD, WILLIAM                            GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-134
BISSETT, JAMES                               QUEBEC                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-146
BLAKE, GLADYS DOROTHEA                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-395
BLANCHET, ALEX                               CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-18
BODENMULLER, PAUL PETER                      WUERTTEMBERG             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-25
BODIN, GUSTAF ADOLF                          SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-377
BONETTI, JOSEPH                              SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-405
BOPPART, CARL                                SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-8
BORELL, HENRY                                FRANCE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-323
BORG, CHRISTIAN                              DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-20
BOURHILL, FRANK WRIGHT                       SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-77
BOURHILL, FRANK WRIGHT                       SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-85
BOURLAND, FLORENCE ISABEL MAY                AUSTRALIA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-407
BRIEDT, ANNA CHARLOT                         SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-212
BRILL, JACOB C.                              RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-50
BROWN, GEORGE REA                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-186
BUETHER, JOHN HENRY ADOLF                    GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-214
BURBACH, ADAM                                RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-222
BURBACH, HENRY                               RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-228
BURR, CALVIN WATSON                          ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-457
BUSKUHE, HERMANN                             GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-53
CADWELL, WILLIAM                             ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-170
CALDWELL, ROBERT WILSON                      ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-27
CAMPBELL, JOHN GORDON                        CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-196
CASK, OLOF                                   SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-13
CAUGHELL, ARTHUR EDWARD                      CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-102
CAUSGROVE, ANNA                              BAVARIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-398
CHALMERS, GRACE HELEN                        OREGON (HUSBAND)         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-224
CHARLES, JEAN HENRY                          FRANCE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-217
CHIN, TOY SIN (LEE)                          CHINA                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-453
CHORTZ, EMIL                                 SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-216
COE, JOHN HUNTER                             ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-50
COMINI, LOUISE                               ARGENTINA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-204
CONNOLLY, ANTHONY JOHN                       IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-38
CONNOLLY, DUDLEY                             IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-11
CONNOLLY, JOHN                               IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-176
CONNOLLY, JOSEPH JAMES                       IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-48
CONNOLLY, MICHAEL                            IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-339
CONNOLLY, PATRICK HENRY                      IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-19
CONNOLLY, STEPHEN JOSEPH                     IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-23
CONNOLLY, THOMAS                             IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-29
CONNOLLY, WILLIAM EDWARD                     IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-123
CONROY, ANTHONY                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-54
CONROY, DANIEL JOSEPH                        IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-191
CONROY, JOHN EDWARD                          IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-1
CONROY, JOHN MANNION                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-35
CONROY, MARY ANNE                            IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-30
CONROY, MICHAEL HENERY                       IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-125
CONROY, NORAH                                IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-69
CONROY, PATRICK                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-34
CONROY, PETER EDWARD                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-124
CONROY, PETER EDWARD                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-68
COOMANS, CHARLES CESAR                       FRANCE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-349
COPERUDE, MOLLIE ALICIA                      AUSTRALIA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-423
CORBETT, THOMAS JOSEPH                       IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-29
CORENTINO, FRANK ANTONIO                     ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-59
COSTLEY, ROBERT HARRINGTON                   NOVA SCOTIA              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-64
CROMWELL, VERA BLANCHE                       SASKATCHEWAN             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-417
DALEY, ANDREW                                IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-42
DALRYMPLE, JAMES                             SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-147
DAVIES, JOHN                                 WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-101
DECKER, ELNA MATILDA                         SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-353
DELANGE, PIETER                              HOLLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-318
DENIS, RALPH                                 CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-12
DERR, OSCAR                                  GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-97
DEWAR, KENNETH ALEXANDER                     SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-148
DORAN, JAMES                                 IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-37
DORNEY, KATE ESTHER                          IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-96
DORNEY, KATE ESTHER                          IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-76
DOTY, JUNE SUSAN (KIRKBRIDE)                 SASKATCHEWAN             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-450
DOUPE, HENRY JACOB                           IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-84
DUUS, DENISE GERMAINE (CANO)                 ALGERIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-452
DYBALL, JOAN KATHLEEN                        ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-408
EBERHARD, JOHAN DOMINICK                     SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-363
ECKTON, KLARA MATHILDE BOENRODER             GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-432
EDDINS, NORA ELIZABETH MORLEY                ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-389
ENDERSBY, IRENE                              ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-399
ENGEL, CHARLES                               CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-26
ESPING, FREDERIC THEODORE                    SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-39
FAHERTY, MARY ANNE                           IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-14
FAHERTY, THOMAS                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-156
FAUERSO, CHRISTIAN PETER                     DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-172
FAUERSO, CHRISTIAN PETER                     DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-167
FAX, NICHOLAS                                LUXEMBOURG               OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-94
FEHR, JAMES FREDERICK                        ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-433
FEHR, PEARL RUTH (STODDARD)                  ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-431
FICK, HEINRICH PETER                         GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-335
FLAMAN, ROT                                  SASKEWATCHEN             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-385
FLORAN, JOAKE ANGELO                         ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-175
FOLEY, JOHN                                  IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-188
FOLEY, THOMAS JOSEPH                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-325
FOLEY, THOMAS JOSEPH                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-320
FORD, HENRY LUCAS                            AUSTRALIA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-220
FORREST, ALICE                               CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-98
FORSBERG, FRANS ELFVING                      SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-21
FOSTER, WINFIELD ULRIC                       CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-110
FRANCOIS, HECTOR                             BELGIUM                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-117
FRASER, JOHN                                 SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-131
FRASER, THOMAS DANIEL                        SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-248
FRAZER, ALEXANDER                            ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-109
FUHRIMANN, FRITZ                             SWITZELAND               OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-338
FURNEAUX, GEORGE ARTHUR                      ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-82
GAGE, RALPH THOMAS                           ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-425
GAHLER, JOHN                                 SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-25
GALES, MARTIN                                ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-18
GALES, MARTIN                                ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-38
GALLIE, ANNABELLE                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-362
GASSER, WILLIAM                              SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-390
GEIGER, JOE                                  SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-381
GEORGEOPULOS, JOANUNGS DEMETRIOS             GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-244
GERRARD, WILLIAM HARMOOD                     ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-49
GIANNIKOPOULOS, JOHN GEORGE                  GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-250
GIFFEN, WILLIAM ROBERT                       MANTITOBA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-403
GIROLO, SIRO                                 ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-43
GLEN, PETER GEORGE                           ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-47
GLENNY, BRIDGET FRANCES MARY                 ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-372
GLENNY, FRANCIS EVELYN                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-373
GOELLNER, HEINRICH                           LUBECK                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-234
GOLIAS, PAUL                                 SEE: KOLONTURAS, APOSTOLOS G.
GRANBOM, NESTOR                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-360
GRBAC, ANTON                                 AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-319
GRBAC, ANTON                                 AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-331
GREEN, LEWIS                                 ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-198
GREEN, LEWIS                                 ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-210
GRIFFITHS, EDWARD ELIAS                      WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-391
GROAT, EMILIE                                SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-324
GUANIERE, ANTONIO                            ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-388
HACKLER, FREDERICK ALFRED                    SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-43
HAGER, CHARLES JOHANNES                      GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-55
HANSEN, HARRY ARTHUR                         ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-341
HANSEN, MARIE KATHRINE                       DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-422
HARMAN, BEATRICE MAUD                        ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-411
HARPER, MURIAL ANNIE (TERRETT)               ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-443
HART, ANNIE GRIFFIN (HEFFERLAND)             SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-444
HAYDON, JAMES CHARLES                        ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-150
HAYES, WILLIAM                               ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-10
HECHEIM, SEVERT                              NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-26
HEDMAN, JOHN AUGUST                          SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-434
HEESCHEN, GERHARD JULIUS                     HOLSTEIN                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-164
HENNINGSEN, OLGA ELISIE                      NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-336
HENRICKS, HENRY                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-86
HENRY, JOSEPH                                CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-17
HERAUTERFF, YVON                             FRANCE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-56
HERTEL, FRIEDA IDA LOUISE                    GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-328
HERTEL, WILHELM                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-329
HIGGINS, EVERETT SWART                       NOVA SCOTIA              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-35
HOALL, JAN JACOBSEN                          NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-31
HOGAN, JOHN                                  IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-30
HOLMES, AMOND CLAUDE                         ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-3
HOLMES, CATHERINE LAW                        SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-382
HOLT, JOSEPH                                 WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-47
HOOD, DAVID WILLIAM                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-142
HOOD, DAVID WILLIAM                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-183
HUNTER, WILLIAM GEORGE                       QUEBEC                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-28
HURLEY, HENRY CHARLES                        ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-165
INGLESBY, WILLIAM                            IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-42
ISHIZAKA, CHIYO (UCHIMA)                     JAPAN                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-456
JACKSON, ELFRED                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-387
JACOBSEN, GABRIELLE ADRIENNE                 FRANCE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-424
JACOBSEN, THOR JOHAN                         NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-394
JANSSON, NILS HJALMAR                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-379
JANSSON, NILS HJALMAR                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-358
JAROSLAV, RAFFL                              HUNGARY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-66
JOHNSON, ALBERT BERNHARD                     SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-160
JOHNSON, ALFRED JONAS                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-233
JOHNSON, ALFRED JONAS                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-225
JOHNSON, DOLLIE COOK                         MISSOURI (HUSBAND)       OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-232
JOHNSON, HEDWIG SOPHIA                       SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-240
JOHNSON, HENNING AUGUST REINHOLD             SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-7
JOHNSON, INGER ANNITA AASE                   DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-418
JOHNSON, OLAF                                SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-4
JOHNSON, OTTO                                SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-80
JOHNSON, RICHARD                             SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-218
JOHNSON, ROGER                               ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-39
JOHNSON, RUSSELL GORDON                      SASKATCHEWAN             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-440
JONES, ELLIS CHRISTMAS                       WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-178
JONES, GRIFFITH RICHARD                      WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-149
JONES, THOMAS                                WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-177
JOSE, BENJAMIN BURT                          ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-143
JOSS, JAMES                                  SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-4
JOYCE, JOHN                                  IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-13
JOYCE, JOHN A.                               IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-199
JOYCE, JULIA                                 IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-374
JOYCE, PATRICK                               IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-343
JURIEF, EMILIA                               RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-400
KAMPFER, ALBERT                              SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-44
KANE, DOROTHY ELIZABETH                      MONTANA (HUSBAND)        OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-9
KASER, LENA                                  SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-371
KELLEHER, DENIS                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-322
KENNEDY, ALLAN                               ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-12
KENNEDY, RUPERT WILLIAM                      SASKAWATCHEN             OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-355
KESSLER, FRANK                               SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-100
KILBURG, PETER                               LUXEMBOURG               OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-185
KILLIAN, LEDA TORELLI                        ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-416
KING, ALFRED EDWARD                          ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-16
KING, EDWARD THOMAS                          IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-2
KING, PATRICK JOSEPH                         IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-249
KITTO, PETE                                  ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-158
KNACHTL, ANTON                               SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-20
KNOLL, PETER ANTHONIO                        HOLLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-95
KOBERG, JOHANNES                             GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-14
KOCHEL, HELEN DICKIE                         NOVA SCOTIA              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-410
KOHN, JOHN                                   TURKEY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-88
KOLIAS, PETER                                GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-14
KOLONTURAS, APOSTOLOS G.                     GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-6
KOROKIDAS, CONSTANTINOS                      GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-365
KOROLES, ANGELOS                             GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-151
KROHN, ELIAS P.                              NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-316
KUVALLIS, NICK ELLIASON                      GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-161
LABELL, JOSEPH RODGER                        ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-16
LAFOE, HELEN GLADYS                          OREGON (HUSBAND)         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-388A
LAMB, LIONEL LEONARD                         KANSAS / ALBERTA         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-89
LAMB, LIONEL LEONARD                         KANSAS / ALBERTA         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-74
LELLIOTT, ELIZABETH M.                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-334
LELLIOTT, JOHN LEONARD                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-105
LELLIOTT, THOMAS                             ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-326
LEMKE, PAUL                                  GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-49
LOONEN, FRANK                                BELGIUM                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-34
LOW, THOMAS                                  SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-67
LOWRY, CHARLIE H.                            CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-359
LUNDELL, JOHN HAROLD                         SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-321
LUNDSTEDT, EMIL                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-37
LUNDSTEDT, EMIL                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-5
LUTZ, ALBERT                                 BESSARABIA               OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-448
LUTZ, HELMUT                                 ROMANIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-413A
LUTZ, LILLY (FLAIG)                          BESSARABIA               OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-449
LUTZ, WALTER                                 ROMANIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-439
MACINNES, ANGUS                              SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-197
MACKINTOSH, JOHN                             AUSTRALIA                OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-7
MACRAE, DONALD                               SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-169
MANNION, ANTHONY PATRICK                     IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-127
MARINONI, JOHN                               ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-415
MARSHALL, KAETE                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-364
MATHESON, ALEXANDER                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-8
MATHEWS, OWEN                                IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-15
MAURER, EMIL ADOLPH                          SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-120
MCANDIE, JAMES DUFF                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-11
MCDONALD, EMILY MAY                          CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-337
MCDONALD, GEORGE                             SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-203
MCDOUGALL, CATHERINE ISABEL                  ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-333
MCGILLIVRAY, EOIN                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-128
MCGILLIVRAY, ERIN                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-115
MCGREGOR, CHARLES                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-357
MCGREGOR, ISABELLA                           SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-356
MCGREGOR, JOHN                               CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-9
MCGREGOR, JOHN KENNETH                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-106
MCKAY, ALEXANDER                             SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-40
MCKAY, FINLAY                                SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-155
MCLEAN, JOHN                                 SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-122
MCQUEARY, KAYOKO (NISHIMURA)                 JAPAN                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-454
MCRAE, FINLAY                                SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-107
MELL, CARL FRED                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-162
MELTON, SABINE                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-421
MENDONCA, MATHEW F.                          PORTUGAL                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-1
MERTZ, CARL FRIEDERIG                        HOLSTEIN                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-79
MILLER, WILLIAM                              CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-235
MILNE, ALEXANDER SCOTT                       SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-92
MILNE, ALFRED WOLRIDGE THOMPSON              SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-61
MILNE, JOHN                                  SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-58
MILNE, JOHN GORDON MUTCH                     SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-41
MISUN, MICHAEL                               CZECHOSLOVAKIA           OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-236
MITCHELL, VICTOR EDWARD                      ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-135
MOBRAATEN, THOR                              NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-352
MOE, TOM                                     SEE: MOBRAATEN, THOR     OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-352
MOLLOY, PATRICK                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-348
MORAN, JOHN                                  IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-73
MORAST, MARTIN                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-23
MORELLI, CONCETTA                            OREGON (HUSBAND)         OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-386B (400-676)
MORELLI, LORETO                              ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-366
MORLEY, WILLIAM                              ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-361
MORRISON, ELIZABETH                          CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-206
MORRISON, LAUGHLIN                           SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-195
MOSIMANN, FRIED                              SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-112
MULKERN, BRIDGET                             IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-209
MURRAY, MICHAEL JOSEPH                       ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-28
MYERS, JAMES                                 ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-11
NELSON, JESSIE                               SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-6
NICKELS, JAKOB                               RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-2
NOVALLO, VITO LEO                            ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-190
OLIVER, JOE                                  ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-121
OLIVER, JOE                                  ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-93
OLSEN, PEDER JOHAN                           NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-189
OSLOSKE, ALMA CAROLINE                       ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-404
OWEN, ALBERT TREVOR                          ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-354
PACK, MARIA (BLUME)                          GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-436
PAPE, HENRY ANDREW                           GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-133
PARASHOS, WILLIAM                            GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-99
PATJENS, ANDY                                GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-3
PAYNE, EDWARD JAMES                          CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-139
PELTIER, AGNES MARIE                         ALBERTA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-412
PELTIER, JOHN ALFRED                         NORTH DAKOTA / CANADA    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-413
PERSON, CARL                                 SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-44
PETERSEN, MARIA                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-174
PETERSEN, MARIA                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-168
PETERSON, HERMAN                             SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-19
PETROFF, GEORGE                              BULGARIA                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-166
PIZZOLATO, ALFONSO                           ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-392
PIZZOLATO, STEFANO                           ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-201
POHLER, EDWARD                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-114
POTTER, ANNA                                 ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-91
POULSEN, JOHN                                SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-41
POVEY, EDWARD                                ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-57
PRITCHARD, MATTIE                            WALES                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-141
PROCTOR, JOHN EVAN                           ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-104
PYATT, SAMUELC HRISTIAN                      IOWA / CANADA            OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-238
QUIGLEY, MARTIN JOSEPH                       IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-406
RE, EMILIO                                   ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-173
RE, GIUSEPPE                                 ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-219
RE, MARTHA MATILDA FOSNOT                    IDAHO (HUSBAND)          OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-386A (400-733)
REGAN, THOMAS                                ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-118
REILLY, PATRICK                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-15
REINHART, WILLIAM                            GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-17
REX, CARL AUGUST HERMANN                     GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-31
RICHAU, PAUL EMIL                            GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-327
ROBERTSON, DONALD                            SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-184
ROBERTSON, JAMES S.                          SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-330
ROBERTSON, JOHN                              SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-163
ROBINSON, DAVID                              IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-22
ROCKETO, JAMARO                              ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-71
ROEBUCK, WILLIAM HENRY                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-90
ROEBUCK, WILLIAM HENRY                       ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-116
ROHDE, DAVID                                 HOLSTEIN                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-227
RONCATI, PIETRO MICHELE                      ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-193
ROSS, ALEXANDER                              NOVA SCOTIA              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-63
ROSS, EDISON LIVINGSTON                      CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-384
ROTH, CHARLES                                SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-180
ROZENTALS, ELMARS                            LATVIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-429
ROZENTALS, PAULINE                           LATVIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-430
RUICENS, ANDRIS                              LATVIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-451
RUSSELL, HAZEL MARIAN GEORGE                 PHILIPPINES              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-397
SAMPSON, HILDA BEATRICE                      RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-393
SAUL, MARTIN                                 RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-78
SCHANZ, PAUL RICHARD                         GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-5
SCHAVY, JOHN                                 GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-130
SCHLEIS, MAIJA (LURA) KIRLOVA                LATVIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-428
SCHLEIS, VIKTORS                             RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-427
SCHMIDT, GUSTAV JOSEPH                       BOHEMIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-72
SCHOREN, MATHIAS                             GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-52
SCHWAB, JON                                  ROMANIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-347
SEABERG, NELS SWANSON                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-207
SEIFERT, ANTON                               AUSTRIA-HUNGARY          OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-192
SEIFERT, ANTON                               AUSTRIA-HUNGARY          OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-153
SFONDELES, GEORGE                            GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-126
SHANNON, HARRY FREEBORN MCKAY                IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-179
SHARP, BENJAMIN                              SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-154
SHELLY, HUGH                                 IRELAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-62
SHIRLEY, NORMAN                              ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-369
SIM, WILLIAM CUTHBERT                        SCOTLAND                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-367
SIMONELLE, JOSEPH DOMINICK                   ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-344
SPALINGER, ALBERT                            SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-40
SPEYBROOK, LEO                               BELGIUM                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-380
SPEYBROOK, LEO                               BELGIUM                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-15
ST.MARIE, EDGAR                              CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-145
STE.MARIE, EDGAR                             CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-181
STE.MARIE, WILBROD GEORGE                    CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-211
STEFFAN, EDUARD                              AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-205
STEVENS, JOHN ANDREW                         GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-187
STEVRESEN, BERT                              NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-45
STEWART, DOROTHY HELEN                       CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-346
STRASSER, EMIL                               SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-45
STUBEN, HENRY                                GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-87
STURZENEGGER, AUGUST                         SWITZERLAND              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-119
SWANSON, JENNIE EMILIA                       SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-221
SWANSON, NELS SIGFRID                        SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-215
SYVERSEN, KNUT AAGE                          NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-459
TALLEUR, HERMAN                              GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-51
TAYLOR, JOHN ALBERT                          ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-230
TAYLOR, MARIE ANN                            AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-370
TAZZIOLI, MASSIMO                            ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-157
TENALD, INGEBRIGT                            NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-60
TESCHNER, JACOB                              RUSSIA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-194
THEMELIS, CHRISTINA                          GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-350
THEMELIS, KONSTANTENOS D.                    GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-242
THOMAS, CLARA M.                             MINNESOTA (HUSBAND)      OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-12
THOMAS, PETER FRIEDRICH                      GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-10
THOMPSON, EDNA LILLIAM                       CANADA                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-368
THOMSEN, KRESTENSE                           DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-231
THOMSEN, KRISTIAN FREDRIK                    DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-226
THONDEL, JOHN D.                             GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-386
THUE, OLEVER MATHIAS                         NORWAY                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-65
TIGHE, JOHN DELLE                            ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-33
TOLENTINO, FILEMON IBABAO                    PHILIPPINES              OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-409
TROIA, UMBERT                                ITALY                    OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-237
TROY, ROSE                                   NEBRASKA (HUSBAND)       OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-246
TRUDELL, GREGORIE                            ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-36
TUNISON, LILIAN KATHLEEN                     ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-401
URBAN, MIKE                                  GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-75
VANDERVEEN, ELIZABETH CAPLEN                 ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-6
VAUSE, DAVID WILLIAM                         ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-32
WAHLMAN, GUSTAF JOHN                         FINLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-396
WALKER, OLGA A.                              AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-375
WALTHER, WILLIAM ERNEST                      GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-24
WANTWULOK , JOHN                             AUSTRIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-6-345
WEBB, WALTER JOHN                            ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-378
WEBER, WILHELM                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-3-33
WENN, GEORGE THORP                           NEW BRUNSWICK            OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-208
WERNER, CHARLES JACOB                        BAVARIA                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-182
WERNMARK, ALF EDWARD HJALMER                 SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-7
WERNMARK, JOHN LEBERECKT                     SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-239
WERNMARK, KNEUT CARL                         SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-5-8
WILEN, FREDERICK                             SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-3
WILLIAMS, DANIEL HENRY                       ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-27
WILSON, OSCAR EMIL                           DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-36
WILSON, PETER JENS                           DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-229
WILSON, PETER JENS                           DENMARK                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-223
WITTLIFF, JOHN                               GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-46
WOODFORD, WILLIAM THOMAS                     ENGLAND                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-7-376
WOOVALOS, CHRIST D.                          GREECE                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-202
WRIGHT, WILLIAM J.                           ONTARIO                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-103
WULFF, JOHANNES MARKUS                       HOLSTEIN                 OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-21
ZATTLIN, AUGUST                              SWEDEN                   OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-111
ZUTZ, OTTO                                   GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-200
ZUTZ, OTTO                                   GERMANY                  OR-WASCO-CC-PETS   33-4-140

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