Union County Oregon
Declarations of Intention (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Morrow County Oregon, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1=1906-1910 | 2=1910-1915 | 3=1915-1929 |
"see:" - alternative name listed

AASA, FRED                                                                     NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-86
ACUTTURO, COSMO                                                                ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-153
ADAIR, WILLIAM MATTHEW                                                         SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-89
ADSKIM, GRACE ELIZABETH                                                        ILLINOIS (HUSBAND)  OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-173
ADSKIM, ELIAS                                                                  NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-86
ADSKIM, JOHN NEKOLAI KRISTOFFERSON                                             NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-172
ADSKIM, ELIAS                                                                  NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-5
ADSKIN, JOHN NIKOLAI                                                           NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-80
AGRAFAS, ANDREW                                                                GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-57
ALLEN, SAMUEL RAY                                                              ALBERTA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-59
ALLEN, PETER                                                                   ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-97
ALLEN, PARLEY PETER                                                            UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-74
ALLMAYER, LUDWIG CARL                                                          AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-89
ANDERSON, ETHEL                                                                ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-197
ANDERSON, ERIC                                                                 SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-47
ANDERSON, AXEL                                                                 SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-72
ANDERSON, CHARLES JOHN                                                         SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-22
AURELIO, TOZZI                                                                 ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-145
AVIANA, ANTHONY MARCELLUS                                                      AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-81
BALASKAS, SPEROS                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-35
BARBER, FRANK ALLEN                                                            ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-136
BARLAS, HARRY                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-62
BARNETT, CHARLES                                                               ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-14
BARRIE, THOMAS MACKIE                                                          SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-115
BATES, JAMES FREDERICK                                                         ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-17
BAUCH, RICHARD RUDOLF                                                          SAXE-ALTENBURG      OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-33
BAVARDAS, NICHOLAS                                                             GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-84
BECKER, WALTER                                                                 GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-45
BECKER, RUDOLPH                                                                GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-82
BECKER, CARL FRIEDRICH                                                         GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-156
BEKKEN, ANTON GERARD                                                           HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1
BELL, JAMES EDWARD                                                             ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-32
BENNETT, MARY EVELYN                                                           ONTAIRO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-168
BENNETT, JAMES STUART                                                          ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-154
BERNGTSON, BERNT AUGUST                                                        SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-108
BERTOIA, PAOLO P.                                                              ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-65
BIRNER, GEORGE STANLEY                                                         ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-37
BLAFFAS, JOHN                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-38
BLASER, EDWARD                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-71
BLUM, JULIUS                                                                   AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-152
BLUM, ALBERT                                                                   AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-144
BOCCUZZI, VINCENZO                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-61
BOHN, AXEL                                                                     DENMARK             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-60
BORINE, JOHN MARTIN                                                            SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-34
BOZNAR, JOSEPH                                                                 AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-98
BRATVOLD, HALVOR                                                               NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-25
BRODRESKIFT, ALFRED JOHANNES ANDREASSEN                                        NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-87
BRODRESKIFT, ANDERS                                                            NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-57
BUCCINI, CONTARDO                                                              ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-38
BUCCINI, ANTONIO                                                               ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-34
BUTLER, TOBIAS                                                                 IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-63
BUTLER, TOBIAS                                                                 IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1K
CAKHINOR, CAMELLE                                                              BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-8
CARDONE, LUIGI                                                                 ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-35
CARLSON, JOHN ERIK                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-23
CASS, WALLACE MARTIN                                                           ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-52
CHAPMAN, JOHN                                                                  QUEBEC              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-106
CHEAMPAS, GUST C.                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-39
CHELEVES, SPEROS                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-13
CHORTZ, EMIL                                                                   SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-114
CHRISTIANSEN, SEVER                                                            GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-56
CHRISTOU, CONSTANTINOS SPEROS                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-67
CICERO, FRANK                                                                  ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-19
CLIFFORD, JOHN                                                                 IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-36
CLONIS, JOHN LEONIDAS                                                          GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-21
COLLIER, ROBERT                                                                SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-139
COLLINS, MORTIMER                                                              IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-79
COLLUS, ALFRED                                                                 RUSSIA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-49
COLONNO, VITANGELO                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1F
COLONNO, NICOL VITO                                                            ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-51
COLONNO, VITANGELO                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-161
COLONNO, VITANGELO                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-50
CONIG, JOSEPH                                                                  HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-20
COOK, GEORGE HENRY                                                             ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-16
COOK, GEORGE HENRY                                                             ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-92
COOKSON, HARVEY                                                                ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-163
COOPER, HARRIETT                                                               ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-95
COOPER, HATTIE RANDLE                                                          ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-97
COPE, JOHN ROGERS                                                              CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-78
COPELLI, ALFRED                                                                ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-7
CORDASEN, GEORGE                                                               CROATIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-56
CORRAN, FREDERICK W.                                                           ISLE OF MAN         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-49
CORRAN, FRANCIS H.                                                             ISLE OF MAN         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-48
COSTA, FRANK POMBAL                                                            SPAIN               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-96
CROWLEY, JAMES                                                                 ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-15
CUMMINGS, RUGLAS WILLIARD                                                      CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-164
CURTIS, ARTHUR                                                                 ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-41
DACHS, JOHN                                                                    BAYERN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-84
DAHLE, HANS ALFRED                                                             NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-188
DALSBO, HAAKON                                                                 NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-128
DAMAZOS, PETER                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-98
DEGREEVE, CORNELIS GERARDUS MARIA                                              HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-47
DEMEAS, GEORGE                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-122
DESILET, NORMAN ALEXANDRE                                                      ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-18
DESILET, JOSEPH FRANCIS                                                        ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-12
DESILET, JOSEPH PROSPER                                                        QUEBEC              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-66
DEVEREAUX, MERRITT THEADORE                                                    MICHIGAN/ALBERTA    OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-141
DOHERTY, DENNIS FRANCES                                                        IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-121
DOYLE, THOMAS                                                                  IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-78
DROSAS, THOMAS                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-82
DUMAGOS, GEORGE KOSTANTINOS                                                    GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-59
DUNCAN, JAMES YOUNG                                                            SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-13
DVERGSNES, OLAV MATIASSEN                                                      NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-103
EBERCOUSER, FREDRICK JAMES                                                     CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-39
EDENHOLM, CARL JOSEPH                                                          SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-112
ELEFTHERIOU, ELEFTHERIOS GEORGIOU                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-158
EPPER, FRED                                                                    SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-10
ERIKSON, ERIK                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-100
FAIR, ARTHUR CHAPMAN                                                           NEW BRUNSWICK       OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-116
FELLES, TOM                                                                    GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-54
FITZGERALD, JOHN WILLIAM                                                       ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-185
FLESSAS, NICK                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-94
FLODBERG, CHARLES MAURITS                                                      SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-9
FLODBERG, CHARLES MAURITS                                                      SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-40
FLUHRER, AUGUST                                                                GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-12
FORD, HENRY LUCAS                                                              AUSTRALIA           OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-39
FORREST, HENRY                                                                 NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-28
FORSSTROM, SIMON EDWARD                                                        SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-23
FORSTROM, ANDERS GUSTAV                                                        SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-69
FORSTTROM, ERNEST SAMUEL                                                       SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-37
FOSSUM, JOHN BERNTSON                                                          NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-93
FOWLER, WILLIAM ELDRIDGE                                                       ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-140
FRAKAS, HARRY                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-2
FRANZE, FRANK                                                                  ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-21
FRASER, HUGH THOMAS                                                            NOVA SCOTIA         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-33
FROSETH, THEODORE ERICKSON                                                     NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-54
FULLMER, ADA MARIA                                                             UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-182
FULLMER, EDWIN                                                                 UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-183
GALLEREN, JOE                                                                  ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-113
GANGARI, NICODEMA                                                              ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-176
GARDNER, THOMAS PENN                                                           ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-96
GASTAFSON, MARY                                                                FINLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-1
GAUTHIER, DELO                                                                 CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-67
GEMIS, STEVE                                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-22
GENGO, FELICE                                                                  ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-92
GEORGES, NICOLAOS                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-14
GEORGES, JAM                                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-10
GILHOOLY, ANDREW MICHEL                                                        IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-30
GLATZER, RINHOLD                                                               GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-27
GOLDIE, MATTHEW MCLEAN                                                         SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1N
GOLDIE, MATTHEW MCLEAN                                                         SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-159
GORDIER, ENOCH EDMOND                                                          ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-62
GORDON, PHYLLIS JOAN CAMERON                                                   SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-184
GRANNACOPULOS, NICKOLAOS                                                       GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-67
GRAVANES, LAMBROS                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-95
GREEN, THOMAS HILLIER                                                          ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-42
GREEN, HILLIER THOMAS                                                          ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-41
GRULL, ANDREW JUCUM                                                            LATVIA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-169
GUNDERSON, FRED CHARLY                                                         NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-24
HAAG, KARL AUGUST                                                              SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-74
HAAG, KARL AUGUST                                                              SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-7
HAMMELL, GEORGE                                                                GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-18
HANSON, FRANK                                                                  DENMARK             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-68
HANSON, ARNT                                                                   NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-75
HARRIS, ERNEST FREDERICK                                                       ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-9
HARVEY, ALFRED HENRY                                                           ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-99
HARVEY, ALFRED HENRY                                                           ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-76
HEESCHEN, GERHARD JULIUS                                                       HOLSTEIN            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1M
HEESCHEN, GERHARD JULIUS                                                       HOLSTEIN            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-29
HEPBURN, JAMES HITCHCOCK                                                       SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-178
HERZHAMMER, AGNES                                                              GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-4
HILDEBRANDT, CHRISTIAN                                                         SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-48
HOFMAN, HENRY                                                                  ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-41
HOFMANN, FRITZ                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-123
HOFMANN, AUGUST ARNOLD                                                         SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-146
HOFMANN, AUGUST ARNOLD                                                         SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1H
HOFMANN, AUGUST ARNOLD                                                         SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-60
HUCKIN, GEORGE MAY                                                             ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-51
HUGHES, ROBERT                                                                 ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-65
HUKLI, HALVAR                                                                  NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-151
HUMPHREY, SAMUEL GREEN                                                         ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-23
HUSCHEN, FRIEDRICH                                                             HOLSTEIN            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-66
JANES, ARTHUR CHESLEY                                                          NEWFOUNDLAND        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-124
JESSEN, LUDWIG                                                                 DENMARK             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-77
JOHANSEN, DAVID ERIC                                                           SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-70
JOHANSON, CARL                                                                 FINLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-69
JOHNSON, AMMON LEE                                                             ARIZONA/ALBERTA     OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-71
JOHNSON, JOHN AXEL                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-22
JOHNSON, BERNARD VICTOR                                                        SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-58
JOHNSON, LARS                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-63
JOHNSON, AUGUSTA                                                               SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-26
JOHNSTON, ERIK JULIUS                                                          NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-98
JONES, FANNIE                                                                  ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-94
JONES, WILLIAM ROBERT                                                          ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-35
KAPALLAS, ATHANASIAS                                                           GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-97
KAPELLAS, JAMES KONSTANTINE                                                    GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-33
KAPELLAS, JOHN                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-77
KASTEKOGEANES, MACK                                                            GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-88
KATCHIS, JOHN PAVLOS                                                           GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-171
KAY, JOE                                                                       ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-46
KELLEHER, DANIEL JOSEPH                                                        IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-83
KILLY, JOHN HENRY                                                              IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-149
KIMBALL, JOSEPH RAYMON                                                         UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-29
KIMBALL, ABBIE RICE                                                            UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-30
KJOSNES, OLE OLESEN                                                            NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-87
KNIGHT, ALBERT EDWARD                                                          ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-83
KNOX, HERBERT HENRY                                                            QUEBEC              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-71
KOHLER, ERNEST                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-36
KOREGIANES, NICK                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-58
KORMOS, ANDY                                                                   HUNGARY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-72
KOSTOPULOS, JIM                                                                GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-32
KOUTROUFINIS, SPEROS                                                           GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-155
KRAMLICH, HENRY ROBERT                                                         RUSSIA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1E
KRAMLICK, HENRY ROBERT                                                         RUSSIA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-43
KROON, BRANOTUS                                                                HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-44
KURRES, MATHIAS                                                                LUXEMBOURG          OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-100
KURTZ, CHARLES                                                                 GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-12
KUTRAS, OTHON PETER                                                            GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-147
LACAS, GEORGE                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-28
LAREY, HARRY                                                                   SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-19
LARSON, MARY CHARLOTTE                                                         SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-21
LARSON, CHARLES JOHAN                                                          SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-107
LARSON, CHARLES T.                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-37
LARSSEN, ELSA                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-53
LARSSEN, KRISTINA ELISABET                                                     SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-11
LARSSON, LARS BERNHARD                                                         SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-24
LAWSON, ELSA                                                                   SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1D
LEALE, WALTER HENRY                                                            ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-53
LEALE, WALTER HENRY                                                            ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-133
LEGIROS, TOM                                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-31
LINDEN, PER ALBERT ANDERSON                                                    SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-85
LINDQUIST, ANNA ELIZABETH                                                      SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-166
LINDSAY, WILSON KEYSELL                                                        IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-64
LOGIOIA, FRANCISCO                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-132
LONG, ARTHUR                                                                   CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-4
LOVEGROVE, EDWIN HERBERT                                                       ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1C
LOVEGROVE, EDWIN HERBERT                                                       ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-187
LOWDELL, THOMAS                                                                CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-189
LOWE, JOHN                                                                     ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-64
LUDGATE, ALONZO                                                                NEW BRUNSWICK       OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-57
LUEGMAJR, EDWARD                                                               AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-66
LUKCEVICH, JOSO                                                                AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-196
LUKCEVICH, JOSO                                                                AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1B
MACPHERSON, ALEXANDER                                                          SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-129
MAHARAS, EVAGELAS                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-3
MAIER, KASPER                                                                  NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-80
MANNANICI, CIRINO                                                              ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-194
MARKS, ELIAS BENNIAH                                                           ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-9
MARKS, TOM                                                                     ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-8
MARLEY, BRIDGET                                                                IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-110
MARSALA, JIUSEPPE                                                              ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-162
MARTENSSON, MARTEN                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-1
MARTIN, EVO                                                                    BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-17
MARTIN, ALFRED                                                                 BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-8
MARTIN, EDWARD                                                                 NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-19
MASTERTON, ROBERT ANDREW                                                       ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-85
MASTROGIANNES, CHRISTO                                                         GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-167
MAURUD, OTTAR LARSEN                                                           NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-150
MAZOS, NICHOLAS                                                                GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-63
MCELROY, JOHN                                                                  ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-88
MCENTIRE, EDWARD                                                               IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-179
MCGREGOR, THOMAS ISHERWOOD                                                     SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-99
MCGUINNESS, MARY                                                               IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-109
MCKAY, PHILIP HUGH                                                             NOVA SCOTIA         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-16
MCKINNON, JAMES                                                                SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-135
MCLENNAN, DONALD                                                               SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-3
MCPHERSON, JAMES INGRAM                                                        SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-134
MELDRUM, DAVID                                                                 SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-148
MELGARD, ALEKSANDER WILLIAM                                                    NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-76
MELGARD, CHRISTIAN GUSTAV                                                      NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-70
MELGARD, JOHN ARTHUR                                                           NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-75
METRANGAS, DEMETRIOS KONSTANTINE                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-192
METSOPULOS, GEORGE                                                             GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-29
MIHALOKOPULOS, CONSTANTINE                                                     GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-91
MILIONES, ANDREW                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-5
MILLAKS, MATT                                                                  AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-138
MILLER, AMANDA                                                                 ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-43
MITRODIMAS, SAM GEORGE                                                         GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-20
MOORMEISTER, FRANCIS (M.D.)                                                    ALSACE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-2
MORELAND, MATHIAS                                                              NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-93
MORINOS, STINE                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-81
MORROW, JOHN                                                                   IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-10
MORTIER, GUSTOF                                                                BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-177
MORTIER, AUGUST                                                                BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-40
MORTIER, EVO                                                                   BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-79
MURCHISON, JOHN JAY                                                            SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-14
MURCHISON, DAN WILLIAM                                                         SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-15
NELSON, CHARLIE JOHAN                                                          SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-68
NELSON, OSCAR                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-50
NELSON, NELS                                                                   SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-43
NIEBAUER, JOHN                                                                 (MISSING)           OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-49
NIEUWENHUIZEN, NICO                                                            HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-26
NILSON, JOHAN LEONARD                                                          SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-69
NILSSON, ALBERT THEODORE                                                       SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-15
NOTHNAGEL, OTTO KARL                                                           GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-157
NOVY, JOHN                                                                     HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-25
NYMAN, RAGNAR                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-87
NYMAN, GEORGE                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-86
OBERG, JOHN                                                                    SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-31
OCONNOR, FRANCES BERNARD                                                       IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-5
OLDENBURG, BAREND                                                              HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-38
OLSON, GUST                                                                    NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-68
OLSON, EDWIN                                                                   SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-101
OLSON, ERNEST NILS                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-50
ONSTROM, NILS BERNHARD                                                         SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-46
OREILLY, JOHN JAMES                                                            IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-11
OVERSKOTT, KARL                                                                NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-175
PAGANI, JOSEPH                                                                 ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-88
PANAGS, THEROR                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-62
PAPPANASTASIA, TASSIAS                                                         GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-78
PAPPAS, STAL                                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-2
PAPPAS, JAMES                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-99
PAPPAS, JAMES GREGORIOU                                                        GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-64
PARSON, CARL                                                                   SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-44
PATRIS, HARLAMBAS                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1G
PATRIS, HARALAMBOS                                                             GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-170
PERSON, PER GUSTAV                                                             SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-42
PETERS, THOMAS ROY                                                             ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-90
PETERSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON                                                    OHIO/CANADA         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-102
PETRE, ANTONIO                                                                 ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-65
PETRIS, VINCENT                                                                AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-120
PETTIT, JOHN JOSEPH                                                            IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-130
PHELAN, JOHN                                                                   IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-26
PHELAN, WILLIAM                                                                IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-55
PIRCHER, LOUIS                                                                 GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-6
POPP, LASSLO                                                                   HUNGARY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-45
PROSKE, ADOLPH JOSEPH                                                          GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-24
PSAROULES, JAMES                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-44
PSHTES, PETER                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-27
PSIHOGIOS, GUST                                                                GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-53
RANDLE, PATIENCE ELEANOR                                                       ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-77
RASMUSSEN, NELS KYNDE                                                          DENMARK             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-60
RECHSTEINER, JOSEF                                                             SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-11
REDMAN, PERCY                                                                  ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-131
RICHARDS, JEHU FRANK                                                           CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-20
RICHARDS, JOHN FRANK                                                           CANADA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-1A
ROBINS, ARTHUR JOHN                                                            ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-55
ROBINS, ERNEST THOMAS                                                          ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-59
ROESCH, HERMAN KARL                                                            WUERTTEMBERG        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-91
ROSS, ROBERT J.                                                                VIRGINIA/ALBERTA    OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-70
ROTEN, OLE                                                                     NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-40
ROTHWELL, ARNOLD                                                               ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-3
ROUMELIOTES, TOM                                                               GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-191
RUHOVINA, ANTON                                                                YUGOSLAVIA          OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-137
RUMBERG, ANDREW                                                                SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-90
RUSSETT, REUBEN RENDLE                                                         ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-73
RYCHEN, ROBERT                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-46
SAGASTI, BONIFACIO                                                             SPAIN               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-174
SAGER, GUSTAVE                                                                 DENMARK             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-82
SANDERSON, HARRY                                                               ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-111
SATHER, PETER OLSEN                                                            NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-85
SAVAGE, MARGARET ELISEBETH                                                     IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-31
SCHERTENLEIB, FREDERICK                                                        SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-117
SCHERTENLEIB, FREDERICK                                                        SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-190
SCHERTENLEIB, FREDERICK                                                        SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1A
SCHMID, WALTER                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-94
SCHMIT, JAKOB                                                                  AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-1B
SCHMIT, JACOB                                                                  BOHEMIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-95
SCHOFIELD, N. W.                                                               ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-42
SCHOUTEN, JAN                                                                  (MISSING)           OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-48
SCHULTZ, JOSEPH                                                                GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-36
SCOTT, JACOB THADDEUS                                                          UTAH/ALBERTA        OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-74
SCUMBIS, CHARLES NICOLAS                                                       GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-119
SHULTZ, JOHN                                                                   HANNOVER            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-52
SIDERIS, LOUIS                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-13
SINGLETON, ARTHUR HALL                                                         IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-165
SKEFALIDON, JOHN KONSTANTINE                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-142
SKJERSAA, LOVE NELSON                                                          NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-105
SKJERSAA, EINAR MARTIN OLSEN                                                   NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-104
SKLIRES, LOIS                                                                  GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-84
SKOURAS, DEMETRIOUS                                                            GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-198
SKOURAS, KONSTANTINOS KERETCHES                                                GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-193
SKOURAS, DEMETRIUS                                                             GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1P
SKUBIC, JANEZ                                                                  AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1J
SKULIC, YANES                                                                  AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-127
SMITH,E ARL                                                                    NEBRASKA/ALBERTA    OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-54
SMUDEL, RICHARD GEORGE                                                         SCHLESIEN           OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1O
SMUDEL, RICHARD GEORGE                                                         SCHLESIEN           OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-195
SPEAROIS, JOHN                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI-    2-100
STEPHANOPOULOS, NICHOLAS                                                       GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-61
STERES, CHRIST                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-52
STEWART, EDMOND GEORGE                                                         ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-93
STOJKA, EARNEST                                                                AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-6
STROM, LOUIS                                                                   NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-4
SWANSON, FRED                                                                  SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-73
TANNER, PAUL                                                                   SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-32
TAYLOR, CHARLES                                                                SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-34
THOMAS, CHARLES                                                                ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-18
THOMPSON, FRANK                                                                ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-81
THOMPSON, OSCAR                                                                NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-72
TOMASVECH, PETER                                                               AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-91
TOMLJEVOVICH, JOSEPH                                                           AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-143
TONNING, JACOB                                                                 NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-25
TUNG, ISAK JOHANSEN                                                            NORWAY              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-181
TURSHINSKY, MAX                                                                RUSSIA              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-118
ULISSE, EDERA                                                                  ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-47
UNDERHILL, FRED STEPHEN                                                        ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-92
URSO, BENEDETTO                                                                ITALY               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-75
VANDERSTERRE, WILLIAM SEBASTIAN                                                HOLLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-55
VASILARAS, GEORGE                                                              GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-160
VATAS, GUST                                                                    GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-1L
VENDEWIELE, SCHEERENS MARY                                                     BELGIUM             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-180
VESTAS, GUST                                                                   GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-186
VETAS, GUS                                                                     GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-30
WADDELL, HENRY EPHRAIM                                                         ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-83
WADE, MARGARET MARY                                                            IRELAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-6
WAGNER, AUGUST                                                                 SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-80
WALKER, GEORGE BRUCE                                                           SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-61
WARREN, FAULKLAND FITZMAURICE                                                  INDIA               OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-73
WERNER, GEORGE                                                                 GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-125
WERNER, GEORGE                                                                 GERMANY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-76
WHEATLEY, WILLIAM LAWRENCE                                                     ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-16
WHEATLEY, CHRISTINA PURVIS                                                     SCOTLAND            OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-17
WILHELM, FRANS EMIL                                                            SWEDEN              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-45
WILLCOCK, MARTIN                                                               ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-7
WILLCOCK, FREDERICK BURTON                                                     NEBRASKA/ALBERTA    OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-28
WILLCOCK, EDGAR FRANKLIN                                                       NEBRASKA/ALBERTA    OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-27
WILLIAMS, RICHARD FRANCIS                                                      ENGLAND             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-56
WILSON, FRANKLIN LEON                                                          ONTARIO             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-89
XEDES, GEORGE JAMES                                                            GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-96
ZARCES, ANDRES                                                                 GREECE              OR-UNION-CC-DOI     1-51
ZAUGG, FREERICK                                                                SWITZERLAND         OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-79
ZERGATSCH, JOSEF                                                               AUSTRIA             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-90
ZIMMER, MATHIAS                                                                LUXEMBOURG          OR-UNION-CC-DOI     3-126
ZUNIAS, PAUL                                                                   HUNGARY             OR-UNION-CC-DOI     2-58

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