Douglas County, Oregon
Naturalization Petitions (1909-1960)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner and members of the petitioner's family
Column 2: Birthdate (NL= not listed, -S = spouse, -C = child)
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Circuit Court - Douglas County, Oregon, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page # | 2 = 1910-1917 | 3 = 1913-1929 | 4 = 1926-1937 | 5 = 1937-1941 | 6 = 1940-1943 | 7 = 1940-1955 | 8 = 1950-1960 |

ALBION, DANNY JAMES                    1936-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-527
ALBION, DANNY JAMES                    1936-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-528
ALBION, HELEN MAY                      1914                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-527
ALBION, HELEN MAY                      1914-S                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-528
ALBION, JAMES LEACH                    1914-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-527
ALBION, JAMES LEACH                    1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-528
ALBION, STEPHEN RUSSELL                1941-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-527
ALBION, STEPHEN RUSSELL                1941-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-528
ANDERSON, ANDREW ALBERT                1898                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-274
ANDERSON, DORATHEA SIEVERTS            1901                                    WYOMING/1930                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-234
ANDERSON, DORTHEA                      1901-S                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-328
ANDERSON, JOHN                         1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-234
ANDERSON, JOHN DOUGLAS                 1918-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-12
ANDERSON, JOHN RICHARD                 1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-328
ANDERSON, JULIA                        1891-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-12
ANDERSON, LARRY                        1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-234
ANDERSON, LARRY LOUIS                  1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-328
ANDERSON, LOUIS C.                     1898-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-234
ANDERSON, LOUIS CARL                   1898                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-328
ANDERSON, LOYD                         1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-234
ANDERSON, LOYD ANDREW                  1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-328
ANDERSON, RODNEY                       1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-274
ANDERSON, RONALD                       1928-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-274
ANDERSON, STELLA                       1899-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-274
ANDERSON,JOHANENS                      1890                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-12
ANDRAIEFF, ALEXANDER                   1900-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-100
ANDRAIEFF, JOSEPHINE                   NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-100
ANDRAIEFF, NICHOLAS                    1908-C                                  RHODE ISLAND                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-100
ANDRAIEFF, VALERYANE                   1868                                    RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-100
ANDRUS, ARTHUR                         1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, ARTHUR HART                    1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, FLOYD                          1915-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, FLOYD LAVERN                   1915-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, HAZEL                          1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, HAZEL LEONE                    1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, IVAN MEARL                     1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, JENNIE M.                      1886-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, JENNIE MAY HART                1886                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, KENNETH                        1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, KENNETH HAROLD                 1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, NELSON                         1879                                    WASHINGTON/CANADA                        OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, NELSON                         1879-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, VIOLET                         1922-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, VIOLET ELOISE                  1922-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANDRUS, ZERITA                         1928-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-351
ANDRUS, ZERITA PEARL                   1928-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-382
ANGELO, MIKE                           1894                                    BULGARIA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-523
ANGELOFF, LELIA LITTLETON              1900-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-523
ANGELOFF, MIKE                         1894                                    BULGARIA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-523
ANGUS, ELLEN F.                        NL-S                                    NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-64
ANGUS, THOMAS WILLIAM                  1860                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-64
ANGUS, WILLIAM SYLVESTER               1887-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-64
ARANA, ANTONIO                         1937-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-370
ARANA, ANTONIO                         1909                                    SPAIN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-370
ARANA, JOHN                            1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-370
ARANA, MARY                            1913-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-370
ARRIZABALAGA, DOMINGO M.               1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, GRACIANO M.              1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, JUAN DOMINGO             1889                                    SPAIN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, JUANITA VICTORIA F.      1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, JULIA YRAGUEN            1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, MARGARITA                1892-S                                  SPAIN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARRIZABALAGA, PETER M.                 1934-C                                  NEVADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
ARUNDEL, CHARLES HENRY                 1866                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, CHARLES HENRY                 1888-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, DOROTHY GWENDOLYN             1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, ERNEST                        1898-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, GRACE ANN                     NL-S                                    ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, MARGARET ALICE                1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ARUNDEL, VICTOR PAUL                   1906-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-96
ASHLEY, ANNA ELIZABETH HATCH           1893                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
ASHLEY, LEONARD OTIS                   1886-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
ASHWORTH, MARY BUXTON                  1882-C                                  AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
ATHERTON, CHARLOTTE                    1895-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-247
ATHERTON, JOHN LAWRENCE                1924-C                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-247
ATHERTON, MARY AUDREY                  1919-C                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-247
ATHERTON, NORMAN SYLVESTER             1918-C                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-247
ATHERTON, SAMUEL                       1892                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-247
AUER, CHARLES                          1881                                    WUERTTEMBERG                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-32
AXAM, FRED                             1883                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-28
AXT, ERVIN DONALD                      1925-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-426
AXT, ILONE CAROL                       1946-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-426
AXT, INGEBORG ANTONIE                  1925                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-426
AXT, SUSAN DAGMAR                      1950-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-426
AXT, TERRENCE WERNER                   1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-426
AYRES, GLENN EDWIN                     1897-S                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-415
AYRES, RUTH PAULINE                    1906                                    WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-415
BABKA, ANNA                            1870-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-224
BABKA, ANNA GERTRUDE                   1869                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395A
BABKA, MICHAEL EDWARD                  1871-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395A
BABKA, MICHAEL EDWARD                  1871                                    MICHIGAN/ALBERTA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-224
BACHEMEIER, MARLENE LOUISE             1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-357
BACHMEIER, LEWIS RICHARD               1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-357
BACHMEIER,LUDWIG                       1907                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-357
BACHMEIER,NELLIE                       1912-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-357
BACKELIN, CARL HILMER                  1879-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381A
BACKELIN, MABEL ESTHER                 1891                                    WASHINGTON/CANADA                        OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381A
BAILEY, ALVA BERYL                     1924-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-524
BAILEY, ELEANORE NOVAK                 1925                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-524
BAILEY, PATRICIA                       1955-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-524
BAILEY, PHILIP ALVA                    1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-524
BAKUS, JOSEPH                          1875                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-91
BALLWEBER, MARCELLE                    NL                                      FRANCE/1922                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-244
BALLWEBER, WILLIAM EDWARD              1898-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-244
BALTAZOR, EARL                         1909-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-409
BALTAZOR, EILEEN BARBARA               1910                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-409
BALTAZOR, SANDRA EILEEN                1945-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-409
BARRETT, ASLAUG ALVILDA LARSEN         1901                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-507
BARRETT, JAY HARRY                     1900-S                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-507
BARTEL, GEORGE REED                    1899                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-40
BAUER, AMY ELIZABETH                   1922-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, AMY ELIZABETH                   1922                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, JAN MASARYK                     1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, JAN MASARYK                     1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, JUDY MARGARET                   1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, JUDY MARGARET                   1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, LADISLAV                        1912-S                                  CZECHOSLOVAKIA                           OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, LADISLAV                        1912                                    CZECHOSLOVAKIA                           OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, LADISLAV COLIN                  1944-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, LADISLAV COLIN                  1944-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, PETER RICHARD                   1943-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, PETER RICHARD                   1943-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, SUSAN ELMA                      1947-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BAUER, SUSAN SELMA                     1947-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, VERA AMY                        1941-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-445
BAUER, VERA AMY                        1941-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-446
BEAMER, ANA DECHIARA                   1931-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
BEAMER, ANNA DECHIARA                  1931-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
BECKER, FREDERICK ALBERT               1883                                    BAYERN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-9
BECKER, MARY BELLE                     NL-S                                    KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-9
BENDA, ANNA ELISABETH ENGSTROM         1918                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-513
BENDA, DEAN ERIC                       1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-513
BENDA, LINDA ANN                       1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-513
BENDELE, GERALD                        1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-427
BENDELE, MARIA                         1895                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-427
BENDELE, PAUL                          1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-427
BENDELE, PAUL                          1882-S                                  FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-427
BENS, HENDRIKUS PETRUS                 1893                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-417
BERG, BIRGER REGNHOLD                  1903                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-379
BERGER, CARL                           1880                                    BOHEMIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-20
BERGER, CARL                           1880                                    BOHEMIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-10
BERGER, CLARA                          1879-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-20
BERGER, CLARA                          1879-S                                  NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-10
BERGER, ROBERT                         1899-C                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-20
BERGER, ROBERT                         1909-C                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-10
BLACK, JOAN IRENE                      1920                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-517
BLACK, LOYD                            1921-S                                  ARKANSAS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-517
BLACK, WILLIAM LOYD                    1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-517
BLACK, WILLIAM MULLEN                  1914                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-305
BLAKE,ROSA BRAUNINGER                  1887-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BLANK, LOUISA                          1897                                    YUGOSLAVIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-329
BLANK, REINHOLD                        1900-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-329
BOCKELIN, ALICE RUTH                   1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOCKELIN, CARL HILMER                  1879                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOCKELIN, DOROTHY IRENE                1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOCKELIN, EDNA MARIE                   1916-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOCKELIN, HELLEN LOUISE                1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOCKELIN, MABLE ESTHER                 1891-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-54
BOTTICCHIO, FELIX JOHN                 1922-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-410
BOTTICCHIO, JOYCE                      1927                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-410
BRADSHAW, AUGUSTA MAY                  1924-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-547
BRADSHAW, HAROLD DEAN                  1916                                    KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-547
BRADSHAW, TAI SHIK LEE                 1956-C                                  KOREA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-547
BRANCH, GRACE LILLIAN BRIGGS           1919                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-521
BRANCH, JOHN FOREST                    1948-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-521
BRANCH, RAYMOND FOREST                 1908-S                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-521
BRANCH, SUSAN GRACE                    1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-521
BRATTAN, HANNAH                        1902                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-442
BRATTAN, SOLVEY                        1896-S                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-442
BRAUNINGER, ALICE                      1902-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRAUNINGER, ANNA                       1896-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRAUNINGER, CARL                       1862                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRAUNINGER, FRED                       1898-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRAUNINGER, FREDA                      1893-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRAUNINGER, FREDERICKA                 NL-S                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
BRELAGE, ANGELA                        1894                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-338
BRELAGE, FRANK                         1923-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-338
BRELAGE, HERMAN                        1895-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-338
BRELAGE, JOHN                          1921-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-338
BRIER, MARIE                           1913-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-11
BRIER, MARIE CHRISTINA                 1886-S                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-11
BRIER, WILLIAM                         1879                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-11
BRINKWORTH, GEORGE WILLIAM             1913                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-423
BRINKWORTH, GWYNETH EMILY              1912-S                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-423
BRISBIN, BARBARA CHERYL                1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-402
BRISBIN, BARBARA MCKILLOP              1921                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-402
BRISBIN, WALLACE MARION                1909-S                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-402
BROOKS, DAVID EUGENE                   1939-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-356
BROOKS, DORA MAE                       1938-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-356
BROOKS, EUGENE VICTOR                  1913                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-356
BROOKS, SANDRA GAIL                    1941-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-356
BROOKS, VIOLET IRENE                   1916-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-356
BROSZIO, CARL                          1900-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-67
BROSZIO, FREDERICK                     1859                                    PREUSSEN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-67
BROSZIO, FRITZ                         1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-67
BROSZIO, MINNIE                        NL-S                                    PREUSSEN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-67
BROSZIO, OLGE                          1901-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-67
BROWN, DAVID HENRY                     1889-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, DAVID HENRY                     1889                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-59
BROWN, ELIZABETH JANE                  NL-S                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, JAMES HASTINGS                  1859                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, JOHN HASTINGS                   1889-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, LUCY LILLIAN                    1888-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, LUELLA                          1904-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BROWN, ROBENA                          1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-60
BRUST, EMIL                            1874-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-317
BRUST, EMIL                            1874                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, ERICA                           1926-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, ERICH                           1908-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, ERIKA HELEN                     1926-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-317
BRUST, ILSE                            1912-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, KURST                           1905-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, MARIE                           1889-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-240
BRUST, MARIE HELEN                     1889                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-317
BUEHLER, CARL                          1927-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-278
BUEHLER, CARL FRANZ                    1898                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-278
BUEHLER, FRITZ                         1894                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-482
BUEHLER, FRITZ                         1894-S                                  SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-481
BUEHLER, MARIA AMACHER                 1889                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-481
BUEHLER, MARIA AMACHER                 1889-S                                  SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-482
BUEHLER, MARY                          1901-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-278
BUEHLER, WERNER                        1928-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-278
BUKOS, GUST                            1889                                    GREECE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-386
BULLOCK, FREDERICK ERNEST              1875                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, GEORGE FREDERICK              1903-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, LESTER MILO                   1907-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, MARGARET VELZIAN              1865-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
BULLOCK, MERRIL JAY                    1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, MILDRED MARIE                 1914-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, NANNIE LELAH                  NL-S                                    OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BULLOCK, OLIVER DALE                   1905-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-49
BURGESS, VIOLET ELOISE                 1922                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-383
BURT, MARGARET TELFORD                 1885-C                                  NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
BUXTON, CHARLIE                        1889-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
BUXTON, NORA                           NL-S                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
BUXTON, SADIE                          1886-C                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
BUXTON, WILLIAM                        1856                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
CALLA, ESTELLA MARGARET                1907-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-236
CALLA, JOHN AUGUST                     NO AGE                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-236
CALLA, MARION                          1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-236
CAM, CLINTON ALAN                      1958-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-543
CAM, JAMES ALAN                        1937                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-543
CAM, LAVONA SUE HARRELL                1938-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-543
CARSTENS, CLYDE                        1900-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-40
CARSTENS, CRECENCIA                    NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-40
CARSTENS, GLADYS                       1905-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-40
CARSTENS, WILHELM                      1871                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-40
CARSTENS, WILLIAM GEORGE               1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-40
CASTOR, ADAM                           1874                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
CASTOR, BARBARA                        NL-S                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
CASTOR, HENRY                          1872                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
CASTOR, THEODORE                       1836                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
CASTOR, WILLIAM                        1871                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
CASWELL, CHERIE LYNN                   1954-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-498
CASWELL, DON EMIL                      1950-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-498
CASWELL, GEROLD DEAN                   1949-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-498
CASWELL, GISELA BECKER                 1931                                    HESSEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-498
CASWELL, IVAN EUGENE                   1928-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-498
CEYBIRD, FRANK PALMER                  1881                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-225
CEYBIRD, GERTRUDE                      1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-225
CHAMBERS, AFINA OLIVE                  1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-443
CHAMBERS, DEBRA LINN                   1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-497
CHAMBERS, DORIS IRENE BARON            1926                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-497
CHAMBERS, FRANK A.                     1948-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-443
CHAMBERS, LESTER                       1912-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-443
CHAMBERS, RANDY ROY                    1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-497
CHAMBERS, RODNEY LESTER                1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-443
CHAMBERS, ROY                          1925-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-497
CHAMBERS, TJITSKE                      1923                                    HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-443
CHIENE, FLORENCE EMILY                 NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-50
CHIENE, HUGH LYON PLAYFAIR             1858                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-50
CHIENE, LYON PLAYFAIR                  1884-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-50
CHIENE, WALTER SUGDEN                  1886-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-50
CHOWN, FRED                            1915-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-436
CHOWN, FRED                            1915                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-435
CHOWN, STEPHEN THEODORE                1943-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-435
CHOWN, STEPHEN THEODORE                1943-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-436
CHOWN, SUSAN CHARLOTTE                 1948-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-436
CHOWN, SUSAN CHARLOTTE                 1948-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-435
CHOWN, URSULA BERTA                    1920                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-436
CHOWN, URSULA BERTA                    1920-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-435
CHRISTIANSON, CHARLES                  1875-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-228
CHRISTIANSON, CHARLES                  1875                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-227
CHRISTIANSON, MINA EDNA                1886-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-227
CHRISTIANSON, MINA EDNA                1886                                    OREGON/1922                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-228
CLARK, HULDA A. EDLUND                 1896-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-73
CLASS-CONNOLLY, MARY J.                1862                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CLAYBAUGH, JOHN HUGHES                 1917-S                                  MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
CLAYBAUGH, JOHN WILLIAM                1942-C                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
CLAYBAUGH, MARILOU                     1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
CLAYBAUGH, MARY SMITH                  1910                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
CLEMONS, ELIZABETH JANE                1865-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-60
CLEMONS, HARRY HENRY                   1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-60
CLEMONS, HAZEL                         1917-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-61
CLEMONS, JOHN MATISON                  1849                                    KENTUCKY/ALBERTA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-60
CLEMONS, MARION MILTON                 1888                                    MISSOURI/CANADA                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-61
CLEMONS, MAUD                          1892-S                                  MAINE                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-61
CLERY, BERNARD                         1889                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-71
COEN, JAMES HENRY                      1880-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-405
COEN, JAMES JUNIOR                     1936-C                                  PHILIPPINES                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-405
COEN, PILAR CORNITO                    1904                                    PHILIPPINES                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-405
COENENBERG, ANTON JOE                  1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COENENBERG, MARIE                      1911-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COENENBERG, MARTHA                     1887-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COENENBERG, RICHARD                    1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COENENBERG, WERNER                     1920-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COENENBERG,ANTON                       1884                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-277
COHEN, BETSY ANN                       1932-C                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
COHEN, HERBERT JACK                    1931-C                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
COHEN, MARY SMITH                      1910                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-458
COLATORTI, VITO                        1890                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-87
COMMON, HILDA                          1905-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-251
COMMON, MELCHIOR                       1915-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-251
COMMON, MELCHOIR WILLIAM               1915-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-399
COMMON, MELVA ELIZABETH                1907-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-399
COMMON, MELVILLE                       1907-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-251
COMMON, OTTILIA                        1880-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-251
COMMON, OTTILIE MARY                   1880                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-399
COMMON, WILLIAM                        1870                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-251
COMMON, WILLIAM                        1871-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-399
CONAWAY, CLAUDE NATHAN                 1897-S                                  WEST VIRGINIA                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-550
CONAWAY, SHAO YING KEUNG               1909                                    HONG KONG                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-550
CONLEY, IDA VELZIAN                    1870-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
CONNOLLY, CHARLEY                      1895-C                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CONNOLLY, ELMER                        1882-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CONNOLLY, HILDA                        1891-C                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CONNOLLY, PEARL                        1885-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CONNOLLY, ROY                          1889-C                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
CONNOLLY, WANDA                        1887-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-232
COOPER, HUGH                           1893-S                                  NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-237
COOPER, JOHANNA FRANZISKA              1899                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-237
COPPARD, CARINA C.                     1897-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-10
COPPARD, LURO G.                       NL-S                                    TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-10
COPPARD, PERCY ARTHUR                  1871                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-10
CORDON, CAROLINE                       NL-S                                    TENNESSEE                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
CORDON, GUY E.                         1890-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
CORDON, JACOB                          1852                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
CORDON, NORA                           1892-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
CORDON, WALTER H.                      1883-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
CORDON, WELDON O.                      1879-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
COUGHLAN, JEREMIAH WILLIAM             1908                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-388
COUNT, CHARLES                         1844                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-81
COUNT, MARTH AL.                       NL-S                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-81
COX, MARY ELIZABETH CLEVELAND          1923-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-548
COX, ROSE ISHIGAKI                     1956-C                                  JAPAN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-548
COX, TROY LAVERNE                      1917                                    OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-548
CRAIG, ANNIE LUDERS                    1888-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
CRITESER, FRED FREMONT                 1888-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-371
CRITESER, STELLA MAY                   1895                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-371
CROUGHWELL, CONRAD                     1888                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-9
CROWLEY, EMMA                          1902-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-55
CROWLEY, ROSEVAON                      1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-55
CROWLEY, THOMAS FRANCIS                1890                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-55
CULVER, JACK                           1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-29
CULVER, JOHN THMAS                     1861                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-342
CULVER, JOHN WILLIAM                   1882                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-29
CULVER, MAUD                           1883-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-29
CULVER, RUBY                           1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-29
DAVIDSON, ALFRED                       1880                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-309
DAVIES, IDA MESSNER                    1897                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-485
DAVIES, JAMES ROBERT                   1907-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-485
DAVIES, PHILIP JUDA                    1853                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-36
DAVISON, ALFRED ERNEST                 1876                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-25
DAVISON, ANNA PEARL                    1885-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-25
DAWE, ALGERNON                         1886                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-31
DAWE, CATHERINE ETHEL                  NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-31
DAWE, HAROLD VICTOR                    1913-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-31
DAWE, ROBERT FRANCIS                   1911-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-31
DAWSON, ELIZABETH                      NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-75
DAWSON, FRED                           1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-75
DAWSON, THOMAS HENRY                   1883                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-75
DEAN, VICTORIA GLERUP                  1901                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-263
DEAN, WAYNE                            1901-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-263
DECHIARA, AMALIA                       1926-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, CONCETTA GALLONE             1905                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, CONCETTA GALLONE             1905-S                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, EDDY                         1933-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, EDUARDO                      1934-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, EDUARDO                      1934                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-522
DECHIARA, GINO                         1929-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, IOLANDA MAFALDA              1940                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-544
DECHIARA, LAJUANA JO                   1938-S                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-522
DECHIARA, LUCIA                        1940-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, LUCIA                        1939-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, LUCIA GLORIA                 1939                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-529
DECHIARA, LUIGI                        1929-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, RITA                         1943-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, RITA                         1942-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, ROSALBA                      1947-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, ROSALBA                      1947-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, VINCENT MARIO                1956-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-522
DECHIARA, VINCENZO                     1902                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, VINCENZO                     1902-S                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, WANDA                        1937-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DECHIARA, YOLANDA                      1940-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
DECHIARA, YOLANDA                      1942-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
DEGROOT, ASA                           1918                                    ICELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-440
DEGROOT, GUDMUND JOHN                  1946-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-440
DEGROOT, JOHN                          1910-S                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-440
DEGROOT, KRISTIAN OLAF                 1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-440
DEGROOT, WILLIAM SVEIN                 1948-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-440
DEVASIER, DOLORES ANN                  1951-C                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-471
DEVASIER, HARRYE UGENE                 1927-S                                  ARKANSAS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-471
DEVASIER, KENNETH WAYNE                1947-C                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-471
DEVASIER, LILIAN ROSE                  1926                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-471
DICEY, ESTHER ALICE REBER              1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-469
DICEY, ROBERT SOULE                    1889-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-469
DIDOMENICO, CAMILLO                    1886                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-350
DIDOMENICO, MARGARET                   1893-S                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-350
DIEDRICH, FRED JOHN                    1923-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-447
DIEDRICH, MAUD ANNIE MARY              1928                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-447
DIEDRICH, RICHARD GRENVILLE            1948-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-447
DIETRICK, CAROLINE BEATRICE            1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-518
DIETRICK, ELMER                        1905-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-518
DIETRICK, IRENE                        1923                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-518
DIETRICK, NADINE                       1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-518
DIETRICK, ROBERT ELMER                 1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-518
DOERNER, GEORGE CHARLIE                1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-14
DOERNER, JOHN                          1876                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-14
DOERNER, LIZZIE                        NL-S                                    KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-14
DOMENICO, CAMILLO DI                   1886                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-350
DOMENICO, MARGARET                     1893-S                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-350
DONOVAN, JEAN                          1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
DONOVAN, JOHN                          1900-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
DONOVAN, JOSEPH                        1908-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
DOUD, DAVID LOYAL                      1938-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-463
DOUD, JOHN WALTER                      1912-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-463
DOUD, LAWRENCE JOHN                    1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-463
DOUD, MILLY GLADYS MCMULLEN            1911                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-463
DREWS, CHARLES F.                      1910-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, FLORENCE M.                     1916-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, FRANK WILLIAM                   1876                                    WISCONSIN/CANADA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, JESSIE R.                       1914-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, LINDA G.                        1918-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, MELVIN E.                       1911-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DREWS, ROSE                            1894-S                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-304
DUNLOP, WILLIAM THOM                   1864                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-374
DUNN, ADELA MASON                      1916                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, CAROL MARIE                      1944-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, CHARLES BLANCHARD                1913-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, DAVID MARTIN                     1947-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, JANET E.                         1939-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, JOANNE LOUISE                    1941-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, JOYCE ANN                        1950-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, NANCY JEAN                       1943-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNN, PAUL MASON                       1954-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-536
DUNSTHEIMER, ESTELLE                   1879                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-269
DUNSTHEIMER, FRANCOIS                  1875                                    BELGIUM                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-269
DYKE, ROSE BRATTAN                     1925-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-442
EARLS, BESSIE JEAN CAMPBELL            1910                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EARLS, CHARLES EDWARD                  1932-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EARLS, FRED EUGENE                     1908-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EARLS, KENNETH ARTHUR                  1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EARLS, ROBERT FRED                     1945-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EARLS, WILLIAM STUART                  1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-530
EATON, BERWYN CALVIN                   1927-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-505
EATON, CLARE ELIZABETH SELLERS         1926                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-505
EATON, WALTER RONALD                   1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-505
EBY, BENJAMIN NEWELL                   1900-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-4
EBY, BENJAMIN NEWELL                   1900-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-97
EBY, BERNICE                           1893-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-4
EBY, FLORENCE BERNICE                  1895-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-97
EBY, NORMAN K.                         1865                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-4
EBY, NORMAN K.                         1865                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-97
EBY, OLIVE M.                          NL-S                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-97
EBY, OLIVE MARY                        1868-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-4
ECKSTEIN, ELEANOR E.                   1921-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-346
ECKSTEIN, ERIKA                        1895                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-346
ECKSTEIN, HENRY                        1898-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-346
ECKSTEIN, SYBILLE D.                   1928-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-346
EDLUND, DELPHA B.                      1896-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-73
EDLUND, EMMA A.                        NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-73
EDLUND, GUST                           1870                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-73
EDLUND, HALMAR D.                      1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-73
EDWARDS, CARL OSCAR                    1947-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-429
EDWARDS, CONSIGLIA MARIA               1927                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-429
EDWARDS, LARRY WILLIAM                 1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-429
EDWARDS, WILLIAM D.                    1925-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-429
EGGLESTON, AMY KIMMEL                  1914                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-406
EGGLESTON, OLIVER W.                   1915-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-406
EGGLESTON, PAMELA                      1943-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-406
ELIAS, LYDIA MARGARET                  1898                                    WALES                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-32
ERICKSON, ARLENE                       1916-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-372
ERICKSON, BETTY ANN                    1931-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, EDARD RICHARD                1937-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, FRANCES JOSEPHINE            1910-S                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-496
ERICKSON, INGA MARIE                   1894                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, IRMA ELENA                   1948-C                                  MEXICO                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-496
ERICKSON, JIM OLIVER                   1913                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-372
ERICKSON, LOUISE                       1927-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, OLENE JANE                   1942-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-372
ERICKSON, PHYLLIS ARLENE               1936-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-372
ERICKSON, RAYNOLD HJALMAR              1925-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, RUTH IRENE                   1928-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERICKSON, WILLIS ANDIOUS               1893                                    MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-496
ERICKSON,HJALMAR ERICK                 1891-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-511
ERLEBACH, ANTON                        1885                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-13
ERNO, BETTY                            1928-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-318
ERNO, FRANK                            1903-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-318
ERNO, JEAN                             1926-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-318
ERNO, PAUL                             1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-318
ERNO, YELVA EDITH                      1899                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-318
ESSARY, JUANITA EILEEN REETZ           1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-453
ESTES, CAROLYN MAY                     1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-489
ESTES, EDWIN BARNES                    1900-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-489
ESTES, GERALDINE PHYLLIS               1948-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-489
ESTES, THELMA DOROTHY MAY RUSSELL      1909                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-489
EVANS, EBBET E.                        1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EVANS, FRANK D.                        1911-C                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EVANS, HELEN L.                        1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EVANS, LEWIS GEORGE                    1882                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EVANS, LEWIS J.                        1909-C                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EVANS, NELLIE                          NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-98
EWENS, FLORENCE GRAHAM                 1887                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-76
EWENS, HARRY ELSWOOD                   1885                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-75
FAULKNER, CLYDE H.                     1881-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
FAULKNER, EMMA                         NL-S                                    OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
FAULKNER, HENRY                        1850                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
FAULKNER, RICHARD W.                   1878-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
FAULKNER, WILBEN W.                    1885-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
FEE, AGNES JEAN                        1936-C                                  CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, BETTY ANNE                        1943-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, CAROL ROSE                        1947-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, JOHN GLOVER                       1906                                    CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, KATHRYN MAY                       1939-C                                  CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, MARILYN KAY                       1948-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FEE, THEODORA WILLIAMSON               1908-S                                  CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-487
FERDON, GEORGE                         1872-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-286
FERDON, GEORGE WAHSINGTON              1872                                    WISCONSIN/CANADA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-290
FERDON, LETTIE                         1874-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-290
FERDON, LETTIE                         1874                                    WISCONSIN/1930                           OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-286
FERDON, MABEL                          1894-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-290
FERDON, MABEL                          1894-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-286
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER HUGH               1884                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-94
FERGUSON, CATHERINE BRUCE              1887                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-476
FERRIER, CHARLES GORDON                1894                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-256
FERRIER, EVA                           1886-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-256
FETTER, ETHEL M.                       1910-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-347
FETTER, ROBERT FRED                    1912                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-347
FINSTER, KAYTON                        1884                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-86
FJILDSETH, ASTRID                      1883                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-272
FOLTZ, JOSEFA SOLNICKA                 1908                                    MORAVIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-486
FONTES, FRED                           1901-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-34
FONTES, FREDA                          1905-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-34
FONTES, HELEN                          NL-S                                    UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-34
FONTES, JOSEPH AZVDO                   1881                                    AZORES                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-34
FRANK, ANNA                            1913-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, DORA IDA                        1877                                    RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, ELIZABETH                       1906-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, IDA                             1911-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, JOHN JACOB                      1872-S                                  POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, PHILLIP                         1904-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANK, TILLIE                          1915-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-321
FRANKS, ROBERT                         1936-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-300
FRANKS, ROBERT HUGH                    1905                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-300
FRANKS, WINNIFRED                      1907-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-300
FRIDAY, DENNIS LLOYD                   1942-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-441
FRIDAY, LLOYD BENJAMIN WALTER          1909-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-441
FRIDAY, VIOLA MURIEL                   1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-441
FROST, EDITH LAVINA                    NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-15
FROST, MARGERY                         1907-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-15
FROST, ORIN                            1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-15
FROST, ROSE                            1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-15
FROST, WILLIAM FREDERICKE              1880                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-15
FULLER, BARBARA EDITH                  1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-424
FULLER, FLORENCE                       1919                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-424
FULLER, KENNETH RAY                    1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-424
FULLER, WILMUR BERTAL                  1912-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-424
FULLERTON, WILLIAM DAVID               1883                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-63
GALDABINI, AGNES                       1889-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, CLAY PAUL                   1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, ELIZABETH                   NL-S                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, FRANK MARION                1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, JOE                         1861                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, JOSEPHINE CATHERINE         1906-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, MARION                      1893-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALDABINI, PAULINE                     1908-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
GALLA, ALBERT                          1911-C                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, ALFRED                          1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, AMELIA                          1903-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, CLARK                           1909-C                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, EMIL                            1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, EMIL WILLIAM                    1897                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-43
GALLA, EMIL WILLIAM                    1897                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-48
GALLA, EMMA                            1906-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, EVELYN                          1922-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, JOHN                            1871                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, JOHN A.                         1900-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GALLA, KEITH                           1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-257
GALLA, LUTHER                          1899-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-257
GALLA, WILHELMINA                      1877-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-57
GAMEZ, CATERINA                        1925                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-444
GAMEZ, CHRISTINA                       1949-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-444
GAMEZ, JOE G.                          1922-S                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-444
GAMEZ, JOSEPH                          1946-C                                  CALIFRONIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-444
GARBUTT, ALMA JULIA                    1926-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-66
GARBUTT, EVERETT NATHANIEL             1883                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-66
GARBUTT, JOHN ROY                      1918-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-66
GARBUTT, MAY MARGARETTE                1899                                    PENNSYLVANIA/1922                        OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-67
GARBUTT, MAY MARGARETTE                1899-S                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-66
GARBUTT, SYLVIA N.                     1920-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-66
GERLT, CLYDE HARLIN                    1921-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-515
GERLT, DANNY HARLAN                    1949-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-515
GERLT, JOAN MAY COWLEY                 1923                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-515
GERLT, RUTH ANN                        1947-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-515
GERLT, STEPHEN CLYDE                   1955-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-515
GETHING, AUBREY                        1900-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, DOROTHY                       1906-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, EUGENE                        1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, FLORENCE                      1897-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, HENRY                         1889-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, HENRY EDWARD                  1860                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, MARGRET                       1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, MARIE                         1894-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GETHING, MINIE                         1870-S                                  MISSISSIPPI                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-334
GIACOMOZZI, PASQUALE                   1884                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-99
GILLETT, DOROTHY CAROLINE              1938-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395
GILLETT, LEO CLIFTON                   1907-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395
GILLETT, LYDIA                         1912                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395
GILLETT, MARION JULIET                 1935-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395
GILLETT, SHIRLEY ANN                   1936-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-395
GIOVANNI, ANDREOLI                     1882                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-22
GOOD, GORDON LEROY                     1907-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-467
GOOD, JAMES MORLEY                     1905-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-467
GOOD, KENNETH FELTON                   1904-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-467
GOOD, MAUD MARY                        1883                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-467
GOOD, ROY CHRISTIAN                    1881-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-467
GOODENOUGH, CLARA EVA                  1913                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-398
GOODENOUGH, MARY FAITH                 1934-C                                  CONNECTICUT                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-398
GOODENOUGH, RICHARD C.                 1935-C                                  CONNECTICUT                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-398
GOODENOUGH, RICHARD E.                 1910-S                                  CONNECTICUT                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-398
GOODMAN, ETHEL                         1919-S                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-421
GOODMAN, ETHEL                         1919                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-422
GOODMAN, LEILA                         1940-C                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-422
GOODMAN, LEILA                         1940-C                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-421
GOODMAN, WILFRED                       1918                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-421
GOODMAN, WILFRED                       1918-S                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-422
GRAE, TROND                            1885                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-53
GRAER, TROND                           1885                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-18
GRGICH, JOE                            1889                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-273
GRIVAKIS, CONSTANTINOS                 1896                                    GREECE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-378
GRIVAS, CHARLES BILL                   1896                                    GREECE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-378
GRIVAS, DOROTHY                        1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-378
GRIVAS, LOTTIE                         1902-S                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-378
GRIVAS, THEODORA                       1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-378
GROSS, DONALD CHESTER                  1915-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
GROSS, MARIA EVERDINA MATHYSSEN        1906                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
GUSTAFSON, CARL GUSTAF                 1874                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-62
HAGEN, ALMA                            NL-S                                    MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, CHRIS MARTIN                    1881                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, CHRISTOPHER                     1882                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-326
HAGEN, ELSIE JUNE                      1928-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-326
HAGEN, GRACE                           1917-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, HAZWEL                          1912-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, IRENE JULIA                     1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-326
HAGEN, JULIA                           1909-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, JULIUS                          1911-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-7
HAGEN, ORRETTA                         1894-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-326
HAGEN, WALTER CHRISTOPHER              1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-326
HAIGAN, JESSIE VELZIAN                 1877-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
HAINES, EDWARD                         1914-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-516
HAINES, ETHEL                          1924                                    NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-516
HAINES, HELEN                          1946-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-516
HAINES, KATHLEEN                       1944-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-516
HAKKI, EDWARD                          1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-42
HAKKI, HENRY                           1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-42
HAKKI, KATTER LOUISA                   1882-S                                  FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-42
HAKKI, MATTI                           1884                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-42
HAKKI, WILLIS                          1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-42
HALEY, DALE MORSE                      1920-S                                  AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-433
HALEY, HENRIETTA ISOBEL                1922                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-433
HALEY, LYNETTE GAY                     1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-433
HALL, BERNADINE MACNUA                 1899-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-73
HALL, CHARLES MARVIN                   1916                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-393
HALL, DWAINE                           1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-352
HALL, ELDON                            1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-352
HALL, HENRY ELLIS                      1908-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
HALL, JOHN                             1896                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-73
HALL, JOHN WILLIAM                     1923-C                                  ARIZONA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-73
HALL, MARY DORTHY WALDON               1911                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
HALL, MAY ELIZABETH                    1913-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-352
HALL, RUTH VIRGINIA                    1925-C                                  ARIZONA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-73
HALL, WILLIAM ORVILLE                  1911                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-352
HALLAM, THOMAS SHAW                    1888                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-5
HALL,D ALE                             1941-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-352
HALSETH, OTTO HJALMAR                  1904                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-230
HANEY, MARGARET GALDABINI              1895-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-52
HANSEN, ERIK                           1920                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-492
HANSEN, ERIK                           1920-S                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-491
HANSEN, INGE                           1924-S                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-492
HANSEN, INGE                           1924                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-491
HANSON, HARRIS OSBORN                  1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-29
HANSON, JENNIE CHRISTINA               NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-29
HANSON, LILLIE OLIVIA                  1911-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-29
HANSON, LURA                           1932-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-291
HANSON, MARGARET                       1904-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-291
HANSON, OSCAR                          1882                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-29
HANSON, PAUL HALMER                    1900                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-291
HANSON, PAULINA KATHRINA               1908-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-29
HANSON, PEARL                          1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-291
HARDING, CECIL CHARLES JAMES           1916-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-316
HARDING, CECIL CHARLES JOHN            1883                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-316
HARDING, CECIL CHARLES JOHN            1883-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-367
HARDING, CECIL CHARLES JAMES           1916                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-311
HARDING, CONSTANCE EMMELINE            1882-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-316
HARDING, CONSTANCE EMMELINE            1882                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-367
HARDING, GERALD                        1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-316
HARDING, JOHN TREVOR                   1919-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-316
HARNESS, CAROL MAY                     1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-404
HARNESS, ELWYN RUSSELL                 1918-S                                  AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-404
HARNESS, VALERIE MAY                   1927                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-404
HARNEY, JOHN                           1891                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-434
HARRISON, ITALIA AMALIA DECHIARA       1926-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
HARVEY, ESTELLA EMILJA                 1932-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-327
HARVEY, GILBERT WILLIAM                1937-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-327
HARVEY, LLOYD GEORGE                   1906-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-327
HARVEY, OLGA EMILJA                    1907                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-327
HARVEY, ROY GEORGE                     1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-327
HASH, ARNOLD                           1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-292
HASH, HANNA                            1901                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-292
HASH, HIRAM                            1884-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-292
HASH, ROSETTA                          1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-292
HEBER, ELMA J.                         1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-37
HEBER, HELEN M.                        1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-37
HEBER, IRENE E.                        1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-37
HEBER, JUSEIN                          1883-S                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-37
HEBER, MICHAEL                         1879                                    HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-37
HECK, CARL                             1879-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-254
HECK, CARL AUGUST                      1879                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-8
HECK, LINA MARIE                       1889                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-254
HECK, RUTH                             1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-254
HEDBERG, AUGUST GUNNAR                 1908                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-365
HEDBERG, BARBARA ANN                   1938-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-375
HEDBERG, CARL HENRY                    1942-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-365
HEDBERG, CLARA EDNA                    1916-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-364
HEDBERG, CLARA JEAN                    1910-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-375
HEDBERG, FRED NICHOLAS                 1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-375
HEDBERG, HELEN ANN                     1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-365
HEDBERG, HILDA EVELYN                  1917-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-365
HEDBERG, JEANETTE FRANCES              1941-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-364
HEDBERG, KILIAN FRIDIAN                1899                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-375
HEDBERG, NILS JONAS ELMAR              1906                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-364
HEDRICH, FRIEDRICH WILHELM             1889                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-77
HEIDENRICH, ALBERT                     1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEIDENRICH, JOSEPH                     1878                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEIDENRICH, JOSEPH                     1902-C                                  AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEIDENRICH, KATHRINE                   1878-S                                  AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEIDENRICH, LOUIS                      1906-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEIDENRICH, RAYMOND                    1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-50
HEMPENIUS, ANDY                        1900-S                                  HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381
HEMPENIUS, ANNE                        1900                                    HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-380
HEMPENIUS, HIELKE                      1930-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-380
HEMPENIUS, HIELKE                      1930-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381
HEMPENIUS, RICHARD                     1933-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-380
HEMPENIUS, RICHARD                     1933-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381
HEMPENIUS, WILLEMKE                    1908                                    HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-381
HEMPENIUS, WILLEMKE                    1908-S                                  HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-380
HENRY, HARRY DEAN                      1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, HARRY DEAN                      1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HENRY, LILLIAN WINIFRED                1884-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HENRY, LILLIAN WINNIFRED               1884                                    OREGON/1922                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, MARY ETHEL                      1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, MAY ETHEL                       1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HENRY, MERLE CHARLOTTE                 1909-C                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, MERLE CHARLOTTE                 1909-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HENRY, OSCAR FITCHLAND                 1856                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-250
HENRY, PAIGE                           1884-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-250
HENRY, PAIGE WALTER                    1884                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HENRY, PAIGE WALTER                    1884-S                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, STELLA                          1877-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-250
HENRY, WALTER JOSEPH                   1911-C                                  QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-81
HENRY, WALTERJOSEPH                    1911-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-77
HERBERT, MARGARET MARTEUS              1879-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
HERDIN, ANNA                           NL-S                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-30
HERDIN, RUDOLF                         1875                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-30
HERDIN, RUDOLF                         1906-C                                  AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-30
HERTEN, PEARL EMERALD                  1888-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-31
HEWITT, JEWEL MARY                     1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-23
HEWITT, NELSON IRVING                  1882                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-23
HEWITT, PAUL                           1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-23
HEWITT, ZELVA E.                       1883-S                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-23
HILLIARD, DONALD                       1933-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-452
HILLIARD, GERALDINE                    1936-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-452
HILLIARD, THERESA JOHANNA              1915                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-452
HILLIARD, WALTER                       1905-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-452
HIMMEL, GLENN                          1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HIMMEL, GRACE HELEN                    1890-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HIMMEL, GUS                            1886                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HIMMEL, IRMA                           1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HIMMEL, LOREN                          1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HIMMEL, PHILIP                         1916-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-19
HOBDAY, FERN                           1903-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-271
HOBDAY, KELSEY                         1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-271
HOBDAY, KELSEY HODGES                  1900                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-271
HOBDAY, PATRICIA                       1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-271
HODSON, ALMA                           1921-C                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, ALMA                           1921-C                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, CHARLES                        1914-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, CHARLES                        1914-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, ERNEST                         1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, ERNEST                         1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, FRANKLIN                       1917-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, FRANKLIN                       1917-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, JOHN                           1916-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, JOHN                           1916-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, JUNE                           1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, JUNE                           1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, WILLIAM                        1919-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, WILLIAM                        1919-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN               1878-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HODSON, WILLIAM FRANKLIN               1878                                    WISCONSIN/CANADA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, ZELLA                          1879-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-297
HODSON, ZELLA ZETTA                    1894                                    MISSOURI/ALBERTA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-343
HOLCOMB, RAYMOND                       1945-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-425
HOLCOMB, SHEILIA ANN                   1946-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-425
HOLMES, FREIDA CATHERINE               1895                                    ILLINOIS/CANADA                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418A
HOLMES, WALTER RUBIN                   1897-S                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418A
HOLYK, MICHAL                          1895                                    POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-320
HOLYK, MIKE                            1895                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-265
HONOHAN, JAMES                         1905                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-385
HOWARD, EDNA                           1916                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-314
HOWARD, JAMES MILO                     1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-314
HOWARD, MILO R.                        1909-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-314
HUG, GEORGE NORMAN                     1919-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-345
HUG, HERMAN                            1894                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-345
HUG, LILLIAN                           1914-C                                  ALASKA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-345
HUG, LILLIAN BELL HUGH                 1895-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-345
HUGO, ERNA HEDWIG ROSA FRANK           1927                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-495
HUGO, ERNA JANE                        1946-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-495
HUMPHREY, DELBERT LESLIE               1931-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-545
HUMPHREY, KINUKO TAKAHARA              1933                                    JAPAN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-545
HURST, MARIE RASMUSSEN                 AGE 32-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
HUTCHINSON, HAROLD R. B.               1916-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
HUTCHINSON, HELENA JANE                1888-S                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
HUTCHINSON, KATHLEEN P.                1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
HUTCHINSON, RAYMOND A. L.              1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
HUTCHINSON, ROBERT ALEXANDER           1891                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
HUTCHINSON, THOMAS L. E.               1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-41
INGRAM, CHARLES ROBERT                 1936-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
INGRAM, HENRY ARTHUR                   1937-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
INGRAM, JANET MARYLIN                  1931-C                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
INGRAM, MARY DORTHY WALDON             1911                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
INGRAM, PATRICIA AILEEN                1930-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-457
IRWIN, DOLORES BRATTAN                 1931-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-442
JACKSON, ANNIE GLADYS                  1895-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, ANNIE JANE                    NL-S                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, BERNICE MERLE                 1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, EDNA MAY                      1884-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, GEORGE                        1890                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, GEORGE S.                     1890-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JACKSON, GEORGIA                       1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, GEORGIA                       1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JACKSON, HARRIET EVELYN                1880-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, JANICE                        1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JACKSON, JANICE                        1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, JOHN ERNEST                   1889-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, MATTIE                        1894-S                                  KENTUCKY                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, MATTIE MAE                    1894                                    KENTUCKY/1930                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JACKSON, PHYLISS                       1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, PHYLLIS                       1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JACKSON, WILLIAM JOHN                  1857                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, WILLIAM LEE JONES             1899-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-26
JACKSON, WINTER                        1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-287
JACKSON, WINTER                        1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-301
JAMES, CECIL CHARLES                   1916-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-367
JAMES, GERALD                          1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-367
JAMES, JOHN TREVAR                     1919-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-367
JANELLE, HELEN FLORETT                 1905-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-6
JANELLE, JOSEPH ALBERT                 1878                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-6
JANELLE, MARY REED                     NL-S                                    UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-6
JANOE, JAMES ED                        1926-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-542
JANOE, JOAN KATHLEEN                   1951-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-542
JANOE, LAURENSE SIMONE WELLMAN         1925                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-542
JENSEN, FRANCES ELOISE                 1915-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-332
JENSEN, JOHN ELWOOD                    1935-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-332
JENSEN, JOHNNY MUNKSGAARD              1913                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-332
JENSEN, LEROY CARL                     1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-332
JEPSON, MARTIN HANSEN                  1906                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-264
JESPERSEN, JENS MOLLER                 1894                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-68
JESPERSEN, MARTIN                      1883                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-249
JOHNSEN, ASLAUG ALVILDA LARSEN         1901                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-507
JOHNSEN, IVAN LYHR                     1922-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-507
JOHNSEN, LLOYD HAROLD                  1924-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-507
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        1881                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-252
JOHNSON, AUSTIN SPENCER                1924-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, BOBBEE JOE                    1932-S                                  TENNESSEE                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-541
JOHNSON, CARL                          1874-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, CARL EMIL                     1901                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-239
JOHNSON, CARRIE MATHILDA               1882                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, CATHERINE GOODFELLOW          1933                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-541
JOHNSON, CECILIA                       1902-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, CLARENCE                      1906-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, ELLA                          1901-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-239
JOHNSON, FRANK EMIL                    1881                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-38
JOHNSON, GRACE                         1913-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, GUNNAR ALBERT                 1898                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-465
JOHNSON, GUNNAR ALBERT                 1898-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-466
JOHNSON, GUSTAF                        1885-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, GUSTAF SIGFRED                1885                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-303
JOHNSON, HELEN ADELAIDE                1904-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, HELEN GERTRUDE                1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-465
JOHNSON, HELEN GERTRUDEE               1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-466
JOHNSON, HENRIETTA                     1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-239
JOHNSON, HILDUR MARIA                  1898-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-465
JOHNSON, HILDUR MARIA                  1898                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-466
JOHNSON, KATHERINE                     1901-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, KATHRYN LOIS                  1916-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, LENA                          1866                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, LOUISE                        1894-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-252
JOHNSON, MILTON                        1904-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, NELLIE                        1898-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-307
JOHNSON, PETER X.                      1901-C                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
JOHNSON, RAYMOND                       1921-C                                  SASKEWATCHEN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-303
JOHNSON, RAYMOND                       1921-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, RUDOLPH ELLSWORTH             1910-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-322
JOHNSON, SHEREE LYNN                   1957-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-541
JOHNSON, THERESA                       1889-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-303
JOHNSON, THERESA ALMA                  1889                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, VERNA                         1919-C                                  SASKEWATCHEN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-303
JOHNSON, VERNA                         1919-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, VERNON                        1919-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-241
JOHNSON, VERNON                        1919-C                                  SASKEWATCHEN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-303
JONES, BERNICE MERLE                   1903-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-539
JONES, CAROL                           1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-539
JONES, DOROTHY                         1932-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-539
JONES, HENRY ALFRED                    1891                                    CALIFORNIA/CANADA                        OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-539
JONES, ROGER                           1943-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-539
JORGENSEN, CAROLINE                    1880-S                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
JORGENSEN, JENS VILHELM                1870                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
JORGENSEN, WILLIAM                     1910-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
KAISER, AUGUST JOHN                    1878-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, CHARLIE HOWARD                 1882                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-16
KAISER, IDA                            1886-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, MAX HOWARD                     1882-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, MINNIE                         1888-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, OULGA ANNA                     1895-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, WILHELM                        1853                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KAISER, WILLIAM PETER                  1884-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-83
KATUSA, EVELYN M.                      1915-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-368
KATUSA, GRGA                           1898                                    YUGOSLAVIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-368
KATUSA, HENRY                          1934-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-368
KAY, BERTHA                            1875-S                                  MECKLENBURG                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-27
KAY, LOUIS                             1888                                    MECKLENBURG                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-281
KAY, PAUL WILLIAM                      1871                                    MECKLENBURG                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-27
KAY, WALTER                            1914-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-27
KELLY, JOHN                            1858                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-63
KENNEDY, MARY BRAUNINGER               1886-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-43
KILPATRICK, JOSEPHINE MARTEUS          1885-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
KIM, DELIGHT                           1935-C                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, HELEN CLAIRE                      1927-C                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, JOHN KWANG SOO                    1937-C                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, PATRICIA                          1932-C                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, SADIE                             1903                                    KOREA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, YO HAN                            1904-S                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KIM, YOHANNA                           1929-C                                  HAWAII                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-464
KING, KENNETH DAVID                    1944-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-494
KING, LAWSON DONALD                    1938-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-494
KING, LAWSON FISHER                    1910-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-494
KING, LILLIAN SARAH                    1911                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-494
KING, MYRTLE FLORENCE                  1932-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-494
KINGWELL, DOROTHY                      1923-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINGWELL, ERIC GARFIELD                1883                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINGWELL, KEITH                        1916-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINGWELL, LILIAN MARY                  1884-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINGWELL, LORNA                        1921-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINGWELL, MERVYN                       1914-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-223
KINNEAR, ISABELLA MACDONALD            1934-C                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-473
KINSEL, EVA                            NL-S                                    KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-48
KINSEL, FREDERICK JACKSON              1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-48
KINSEL, WALTER RICHARD OSCAR           1878                                    SAXONY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-48
KITELEY, EDNA                          1900-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-45
KITELEY, HARRIE                        1894-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-45
KITELEY, SADIE WITTEMORE               NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-45
KITELEY, THOMAS HENRY                  1862                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-45
KLEINKE, AUGUST                        1864                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-23
KLEMM, ANABEL                          NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-54
KLEMM, RICHARD                         1884                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-17
KLEMM, RICHARD                         1884                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-54
KLIEST, KATE BUXTON                    1891-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-70
KLUGE, PAUL FRIEDRICH                  1894                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-341
KLUGE, WINONA MARIE                    1899-S                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-341
KOHL, CATHERINE                        1901-S                                  MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-339
KOHL, JAKOB FRANZ                      1901                                    YUGOSLAVIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-339
KROMMINGA, EUGENIE                     1909-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-52
KROMMINGA, EUGENIE                     1876-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-52
KROMMINGA, EUGENIE ELSE                1876                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, GERTRUDE                    1901-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, JAMES ENGLEHARDT MULDER     1880                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-52
KROMMINGA, JANNES E.                   1880-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, KATIE                       1904-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, LISA                        1898-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, MINNIE                      1911-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-52
KROMMINGA, RICHARD                     1905-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KROMMINGA, RICHARD                     1907-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-52
KROMMINGA, RUDOLF                      1899-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-377
KRUSE, LAVINA C. CASTOR                1868-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
KRUYSMAN, MARIE WILHELMINA             1906                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-449
KRUYSMAN, MARIE WILHELMINA             1906                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-431
KRUYSMAN, NORINE JACOAMINA             1933-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-431
KRUYSMAN, PIETER DIRK                  1934-C                                  HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-431
KRUYSMAN, PIETER DIRK                  1934                                    HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-448
KRUYSMAN, PIETER DIRK                  1901-S                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-431
KRUYSMAN, THEODORE CONRAD              1942-C                                  HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-431
KRUYSMAN, THEODORE CONRAD              1942                                    HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-449
LAMOREAUX, EDWARD LOUIS                1918                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-349
LAMOREAUX, EDWARD LOUIS                1918-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-387
LAMOREAUX, JOHN FRANK                  1869-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-387
LAMOREAUX, JOHN FREDERICK              1869                                    MICHIGAN/ALBERTA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-72
LAMOREAUX, RHODA J.                    1874-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-72
LAMOREAUX, RHODA JANE                  1874                                    MICHIGAN/CANADA                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-387
LAMOREAUX, THELMA ELOISE               1919-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-349
LANGE, ANDREW                          1876-S                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-298
LANGE, ANDREW                          1876                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-284
LANGE, SELMA                           1880-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-284
LANGE, SELMA SOPHIA                    1879                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-298
LAPP, DOROTHY SALINA DUNCAN LEGG       1915                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-460
LAROUCHET, AMBROISE                    1862                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-71
LAWRENCE, HELEN M. CASTOR              1864-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-78
LECLUYSE, ALEXANDER                    NL-S                                    UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-310
LECLUYSE, CYRILLA                      1892                                    BELGIUM                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-310
LECLUYSE, LUCY CLARA                   1916-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-310
LECLUYSE, MARY MARGARET                1913-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-310
LEE, TAI SHIK                          1956-C                                  KOREA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-547
LEWIS, BURLEY                          1888-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-336
LEWIS, SARA                            1907                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-336
LEWIS, THELMA MAY                      1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-336
LINDHE, EDWARD WERNER                  1897-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINDHE, HENRY ERNEST                   1894-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINDHE, HERBERT OLIVER                 1896-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINDHE, HULDA                          1871-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINDHE, JOHN EDWARD                    1871                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINDHE, LILLIAN ELIZABETH              1908-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-13
LINNA, NANCY NYBERG                    1921-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-416
LINNA, OIVA ANDREW                     1917-S                                  NEVADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-414
LINNA, SEVA NANCY BORGHILD             1921                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-414
LITTLE, FANNIE                         NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-41
LITTLE, HENRY                          1857                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-41
LLOYD, ELIZABETH                       1924-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-233
LLOYD, ELIZABETH BROWN                 1875                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-258
LLOYD, MARTIN                          1875                                    WALES                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-233
LLOYD, MARTIN                          1875                                    WALES                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-258
LOO, AR KAU                            1928-C                                  CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-488
LOO, GEORGE                            1903                                    CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-488
LOO, MAUDE                             1927-C                                  CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-488
LOO, YAO JEN                           1903                                    CHINA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-488
LUBCKE, MARY JANE                      1871-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-363
LUBCKE, WILHELM                        1863                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-363
LUDERS, DORA                           NL-S                                    HANOVER                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
LUDERS, JOHN HARRY                     1848                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
LUDWIG, PAUL                           1879                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-12
LUNDAHL, GERDA NATALEA                 1879-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-235
LUNDAHL, SIMON                         1885                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-235
LUZZI, FRANK                           AGE 9                                   ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-7
LUZZI, MARIA                           AGE 7                                   ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-7
LUZZI, MARIA ANTONACIO                 NL-S                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-7
LUZZI, NICOLA                          1882                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-7
LYU, NA EI                             1956-C                                  KOREA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-546
MACDONALD, BARBARA SHAW                1936-C                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-472
MACDONALD, BARBARA SHAW                1936-C                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-473
MACDONALD, BARBARA SHAW                1936                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-474
MACDONALD, ISABELLA PORTER             1910-S                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-472
MACDONALD, WILLIAM                     1906                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-472
MACDONALD, WILLIAM                     1906-S                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-473
MACDONALD,ISABELLA PORTER              1910                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-473
MACMICHAEL, ALLEN E.                   1885-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-36
MACMICHAEL, ELLEN R.                   1849-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-36
MACMICHAEL, FRANK C.                   1885-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-36
MACMICHAEL, WILLIAM                    1849                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-36
MADDEN, ALICE ELIZABETH                1917-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-362
MADDEN, MORLEY PRENTICE                1913                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-362
MADSEN, RASMUS PETER                   1875                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-28
MAGNESS, MARION ALEXANDERA             1919                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-419
MAGNESS, MILLARD JASPER                1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-419
MAGNESS, MURRAY ALEXANDER              1945-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-419
MAGNESS, MYRLA LYNN                    1941-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-419
MANDERA, HALLDVIA CHRISTINE            1925-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-432
MANDERA, JOSEPH OLIVER                 1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-432
MANDERA, NORMA JEAN                    1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-432
MANDERA, PHILIPINO PETER               1914                                    SICILY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-432
MANDERA, ROBERTA ANN                   1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-432
MANFRED, ANTON                         1879                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-69
MANFRED, IGNATZ                        1887                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-70
MANUEL, ERNA HEDWIG ROSA FRANK         1927                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-495
MANUEL, LLOYD WILBURN                  1918-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-495
MARQUARDT, JOAN                        1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-231
MARQUARDT, JULIUS                      1906                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-231
MARQUARDT, VIRGINIA                    1911-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-231
MARTEUS, IREMA                         1888-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
MARTEUS, MARGARET                      NL-S                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
MARTEUS, MARIE                         1875-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
MARTEUS, MARTIN                        1844                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
MARTEUS, ROBERT                        1873-C                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-44
MARTIN, ALICE                          1889-S                                  SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, AUGUST                         1886                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      1912-C                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, FRITZ                          1916-C                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, IDA                            1914-C                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, LENA                           1919-C                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MARTIN, MARGUERITTE                    1922-C                                  WYOMING                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-280
MATHIS, NORA LUDERS                    1882-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
MCDONALD, IRENE ADWIN                  1899                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-360
MCDONALD, JACK CAMILLE                 1938-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-360
MCDONALD, JACK H.                      1885-S                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-360
MCDOUGALL, ANDREW COLIN                1921-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-229
MCDOUGALL, ETHEL                       1902-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-229
MCDOUGALL, HAROLD JASPER               1923-C                                  SASKETCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-229
MCDOUGALL, MALCOLM                     1900                                    SASKETCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-229
MCGINITIE, ELIZABETH GAIL              1927-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-366
MCGINITIE, JOHN MAURICE JR.            1896                                    NEBRASKA/CANADA                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-366
MCGINITIE, JOHN MAURICE                1929-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-366
MCGINITIE, MARGARET                    1900-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-366
MCLENNAN, ALLAN ANDREW                 1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCLENNAN, ALLAN NORMAN                 1918-S                                  MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCLENNAN, KATHRYN COURTNEY WILTON      1918                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCLENNAN, NORMAN JOHN                  1940-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCLENNAN, PATRICIA LILA                1943-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCLENNAN, SUZANNE ALICE                1944-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-525
MCNAUGHTON, DONALD                     1892                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-389
MEADE, DORA LUDERS                     1877-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
MEIER, ROSE JOAN SCHWARCK              1926-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-468
MERTEN, HERMAN                         1888                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-31
MESS, ILA ISABEL                       1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-323
MESS, ILA ISABEL                       1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-324
MESS, JOANNA ELIZABETH                 1894-S                                  SASKETCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-323
MESS, JOANNA ELIZABETH                 1894                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-324
MESS, LUCIA JOAN                       1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-323
MESS, LUCIA JOAN                       1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-324
MESS, WILIAM JAMES                     1894-S                                  SASKEWATCHEN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-324
MESS, WILLIAM JAMES                    1894                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-323
MIDDELBURG, EDGAR                      1916-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-268
MIDDELBURG, EDGAR HENRY                1916-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-330
MIDDELBURG, ELIZABETH                  1881-S                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-268
MIDDELBURG, ELIZABETH SOPHIE           1881                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-330
MIDDELBURG, MADELAIN                   1917-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-268
MIDDELBURG, MADELAIN FRANCOIS          1882                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-268
MIDDELBURG, MADELAIN FRANCOIS          1917-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-330
MIDDELBURG, MADELAIN FRANCOSIS         1882-S                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-330
MIDDELBURG, ROBERT                     1915-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-268
MIDDELBURG, ROBERT FRANK               1915-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-330
MILLER, A. ROSS                        1908-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, ANTHONY JON                    1954-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-526
MILLER, BERTHA VIOLA                   1888-S                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, CARRIE FERN                    1930-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-456
MILLER, DOROTHY ELVIRA                 1911-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-456
MILLER, EDGAR ARNOLD                   1877                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, EMMY WEPIL                     1930                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-526
MILLER, FRANCIS V.                     1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, JEROME THOMAS                  1956-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-526
MILLER, LUCY FERN                      1891                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-456
MILLER, MARGARET H.                    1909-C                                  COLORADO                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, MICHAEL                        1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-526
MILLER, PAULINE AVO                    1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-456
MILLER, RAYMOND E.                     1912-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-412
MILLER, ROBERT JOHN                    1925-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-526
MILLER, WILLIAM PAUL                   NL-S                                    TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-456
MIRES, ELVIN WADE                      1913-S                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-459
MIRES, FRANCES BARTSOFF                1917                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-459
MIRES, GERALD WADE                     1946-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-459
MIRES, JUDITH ANNE                     1942-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-459
MITCHELL, DEBRA KAY                    1954-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-477
MITCHELL, GENE ANDREW                  1951-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-477
MITCHELL, JOYCE                        1930                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-477
MITCHELL, RAY ANDREW                   1924-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-477
MOLLE, CARLO DALLE                     1887                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-11
MONDELLI, FRED                         1896                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-30
MOORE, BUDDY EUGENE                    1955-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-549
MOORE, ELENA                           1935-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
MOORE, ELENA DECHIARA                  1935-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
MOORE, ELENA LILIANA                   1935                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-549
MOORE, MICHAEL GENE                    1956-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-549
MOORE, SHERRY ANN                      1955-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-549
MOORE, TOMMY GLENN                     1958-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-549
MORRIS, WILLIAM BENJAMIN               1861                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-58
MORTESON, GERTIE RASMUSSEN             AGE 44-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
MOSSA, TONY                            1891                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-33
MOSSA, TONY                            1891                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-61
MOSTHOF, CHARLES                       1879                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-33
MOSTHOF, JOSEPH C.                     1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-33
MOSTHOF, MARTHA                        1883-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-33
MUETZEL, HERMAN AUGUST                 1892                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-64
MURPHY, ALICE PATRICIA                 1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-337
MURPHY, ALPHONSUS AUGUSTINE            1885                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, DELILA                         1889-S                                  WISCONSIN                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, EILEEN                         1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, JOAN                           1918-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, JOSEPH                         1880                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-82
MURPHY, JOSEPH CLAREY                  1898                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-337
MURPHY, MARGARET                       1917-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, MARY                           1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MURPHY, MARY KATHLEEN                  1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-337
MURPHY, RUTH                           1896-S                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-337
MURPHY, VINCENT                        1919-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-58
MYRMO, ARTHUR                          1915-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-51
MYRMO, EMMERE                          1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-51
MYRMO, GEORGE                          1885                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-51
MYRMO, HELGA                           1914-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-51
MYRMO, OLGA                            1891-S                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-51
NAAPI, CLARENCE HAROLD                 1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-78
NAAPI, CLARENCE HAROLD                 1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-79
NAAPI, ESTHER                          1900-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-38
NAAPI, ESTHER EMMA                     1900                                    OREGON/1922                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-79
NAAPI, ESTHER EMMA                     1900-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-78
NAAPI, LENNE FILIUS                    1885-S                                  FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-79
NAAPI, LENNE FILIUS                    1885                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-78
NAAPI, LENNE FILIUS                    1885                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-38
NEFF, EDWARD                           1856-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-275
NEFF, EDWIN JAMES                      1856                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-282
NEFF, ETTA                             1878-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-282
NEFF, ETTA VIOLA                       1878                                    CALIFORNIA/1922                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-275
NEUREITHER, ANNA LEIBBRAUT             NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-89
NEUREITHER, EMLIE DEAHN                NL-S                                    UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-16
NEUREITHER, FRED                       1872                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-16
NEUREITHER, FREDA                      1895-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-89
NEUREITHER, FREDERIK                   1872                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-89
NEUREITHER, FREIDA                     1895-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-16
NEUREITHER, LOUIS HERMAN               1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-89
NEUREITHER, ROSA OLGA                  1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-89
NIMMLER, ALBERT BERNARD                1923                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-437
NIMMLER, GERALDINE PATRICIA DENT       1924-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-437
NIMMLER, JANINE MARIA                  1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-437
NIMMLER, RICHARD CHARLES               1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-437
NORMAN, DORIS MARGARET                 1925                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-401
NORMAN, ORVAL HENRY                    1913-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-401
NOTENBOOM, EVERDINA MARIA ELIZABETH    1932-C                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
NOTENBOOM, JACOB TOBIAS MARINUS        1945-C                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
NOTENBOOM, MARIA EVERDINA MATHYSSEN    1906                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
NOTENBOOM, TOBIAS IVO                  1939                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-535
NOTENBOOM, TOBIAS IVO                  1939-C                                  NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-534
NYBERG, DOROTHY                        1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-470
NYBERG, EMIL                           1896                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-470
NYBERG, EMIL                           1896-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-416
NYBERG, NANCY                          1921-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-470
NYBERG, RICHARD                        1925-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-416
NYBERG, RICHARD                        1925-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-470
NYBERG, SIGNE                          1897-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-470
NYBERG, SIGNE KATHERINA                1897                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-416
OBERHOLZER, FREDERICK                  1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-359
OBERHOLZER, HERMAN                     1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-359
OBERHOLZER, HERMAN ANSELM              1900-S                                  SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-359
OBERHOLZER, HILDA FRANZISKA            1901                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-359
OCONNELL, RITA                         1914-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-295
OCONNELL, TIMOTHY MICHAEL              1910                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-295
OICLES, GLADYS                         1908-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-21
OICLES, MARY ELIZA                     NL-S                                    MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-21
OICLES, WILLOUGHBY CECIL               1878                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-21
OLDENBURG, ELIZABETH ALICE             1879                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-243
OLDENBURG, FLORENCE                    1914-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-243
OLDENBURG, JOHN                        1879-S                                  HOLLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-243
OLDENBURG, VIOLET                      1912-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-243
OLDENBURG, WALTER                      1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-243
OLSEN, CASPER MARTIN                   1883                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-276
OLSON, CARL FRITIOF                    1877                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-238
OREILLY, JOAN MARIE                    1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OREILLY, LOUISE ANNE                   1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OREILLY, MAUREEN CECILE                1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OREILLY, PATRICK                       1945-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OREILLY, SARTO VINCENT                 1913                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OREILLY, SUE ANNE                      1922-S                                  UTAH                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-430
OSTLING, NILS HERMAN                   1902                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-451
OSTLING, NORMAN CARTER                 1933-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-451
OSTLING, VERA BEATRICED                1918-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-451
OTT, EDITH BYERS                       1910-S                                  IDAHO                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-546
OTT, HOWARD BOYDEN                     1905                                    NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-546
OTT, NA EI LYU                         1956-C                                  KOREA                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-546
OWEN, COLE WELLINGTON                  1889-S                                  ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-315
OWEN, DALE REID                        1911-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-315
OWEN, DALE REID                        1911                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-302
OWEN, GEORGE WALLACE                   1871                                    NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-373
OWEN, GRACE REBECCA                    1889                                    WISCONSIN/CANADA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-315
OWEN, LYDIA DELILAH                    1913-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-302
OWEN, ORMOND BRYCE                     1913-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-315
PALMATEER, ANDREE LECLERE              1918                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-490
PALMATEER, JAMES EDWARD                1922-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-490
PALMATEER, PATRICIA CLAUDIE            1948-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-490
PALMATEER, ROBERT DONALD               1946-C                                  FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-490
PATENAUDE, GRACE RACHEL                1902-S                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-450
PATENAUDE, JOSEPH ADELARD RAOUL        1901                                    QUEBEC                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-450
PATTERSON, CATHERINE                   1873-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, CATHERINE ANNIE GEORGINA    1873                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, EFFIE                       1896-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, EFFIE                       1896-C                                  MASSACHUSETTS                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, ELSIE                       1912-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, ELSIE                       1912-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, ERNEST                      1905-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, ERNEST                      1905-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, GORDON                      1898-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, GORDON                      1898-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, HAZEL                       1901-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, HAZEL                       1901-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, JAMES                       1870-S                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, JAMES REID                  1870                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, MARY                        1902-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, MARY                        1902-C                                  VERMONT                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PATTERSON, STELLA                      1895-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-266
PATTERSON, STELLA                      1895-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-267
PAUL, HUGO OTTO                        1864                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-2
PAVIA, NICOLA                          1887                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-4
PEARSON, ALVERNA                       1908-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-45
PEARSON, ANN MARIE                     1931-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEARSON, ANNY KATARINA HOGBACKA        1903                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEARSON, EVELEN                        1911-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-45
PEARSON, JOHN L.                       1876                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-45
PEARSON, LEOLA                         1937-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEARSON, MAJVOR RUTH                   1927-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEARSON, MARY LOU                      1933-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEARSON, OLGA L.                       1886-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-45
PEARSON, OLLE                          1906-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-462
PEDERSEN, AXEL PEDER                   1877                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-21
PEDERSEN, NANCY JANE                   1874-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-21
PENDERGRASS, HORACE JAMES              1923-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-520
PENDERGRASS, JENNIFER SUE              1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-520
PENDERGRASS, NORAH                     1918                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-520
PENDERGRASS, STEPHEN JAMES             1945-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-520
PENDERGRASS, STEWART WILLIAM           1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-520
PENTNEY, SARAH EDITH                   1894                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-2
PERINI, ALBERT                         1914-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-37
PERINI, ANGELO                         1881                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-37
PERINI, GENAVIVE                       1911-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-37
PERINI, JENNIE                         1887-S                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-37
PERINI, KELLY                          1909-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-37
PETERSON, EMILY THELMA                 1902-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, ETHEL MAY                    1900-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, HAROLD DEWEY                 1898-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, MARY C.                      NL-S                                    MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, NOT NAMED YET                1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, PETER                        1869                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, RUTH IDA                     1896-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETERSON, THEODORE W.                  1904-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-39
PETTERSON, NILS ALFRED                 1884                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-340
PHILLIPS, BROWNIE                      1918-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
PHILLIPS, JAMES                        1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-349
PHILLIPS, SARAH ANN                    1876                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
PIROT, ANDREE LECLERE                  1918                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-490
PITMAN, ANNA ELIZABETH HATCH           1893                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
PITMAN, DANIEL PAUL                    1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
PITMAN, EVELYN VIOLET                  1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
PITMAN, MARGARET HAZEL                 1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
PITMAN, WOODROW THEODORE               1916-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-461
PLAEP, ALICE                           1901-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, FREDERICK WILLIAM               1881                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, GEORGE                          1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, GERTRUDE                        1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, HENRIETTA                       1883-S                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, HENRY                           1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, MARGARETTA                      1912-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
PLAEP, WALTER                          1914-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-22
POLAND, VIRGINIA MAY ALBION            1938-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-527
POLAND, VIRGINIA MAY ALBION            1938-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-528
POPESCU, MELVIN                        1908-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-68
POPESCU, VASELE                        1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-68
POPESEU, PETER                         1880                                    ROMANIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-68
POPESEU, RUTH                          NL-S                                    SOUTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-68
PORTER, ANNIE                          1894-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, ARTHUR                         1912-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, FRED JAMES                     1899-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, FREDERICK                      1877                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, GEORGE CYRIL                   1910-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, MARION                         1903-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PORTER, ROSINIA                        1904-C                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-8
PREMAZZI, KATE                         1891-S                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-1
PREMAZZI, LOUIS                        1888                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-1
PRESNALL, TINA DECHIARA                1927-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
PRESNELL, TINA DECHIARA                1927-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-514
PRIEST, CHRISTA ANNI KNOTH             1929                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-509
PRIEST, CURTIS MILTON                  1926-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-509
PRIEST, DIANA LOU                      1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-509
PRIEST, VICKIE ANN                     1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-509
PUNDT, IRENE EMMA                      1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-358
PUNDT, ISABELLE                        1912-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-358
PUNDT, RICHARD HANS                    1904                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-358
PUNDT, VERNA EUGENIA                   1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-358
QUANTIC, FRED ELIJAH                   1901-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-95
QUANTIC, HAZEL MARION                  1903-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-95
QUANTIC, JOHN THOMAS                   1874                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-95
QUANTIC, LILLIAN                       NL-S                                    NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-95
RABECK, ALICE BECK                     1908-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418
RABECK, ALICE MAE                      1927-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418
RABECK, ANDERS EINAR                   1901                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418
RABECK, EINAR ALBERT                   1937-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418
RADABAUGH, FLORENCE                    1907                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-253
RADABAUGH, KEITH                       1936-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-253
RADABAUGH, LAURIE LAWRENCE             1894-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-253
RADABAUGH, REECE                       1932-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-253
RADICH, STEVE                          1887                                    JUGOSLAVIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-376
RADOSEVICH, STEVE                      1887                                    JUGOSLAVIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-376
RAINVILLE, ADELAIDE                    1851-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-62
RAINVILLE, DIDACE                      1846                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-62
RAINVILLE, ELZER                       1882-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-62
RAINVILLE, WALTER                      1886-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-62
RAITT, ALLEN ALYMER                    1914-C                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-46
RAITT, GRANVILLE CLINTON               1880                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-46
RAITT, LULU E.                         NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-46
RAMBERG, ALBERT                        1892-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-313
RAMBERG, ELEANOR CAROLINE JOSEPHINE    1931-C                                  WASINGTON                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-313
RAMBERG, HAROLD CHRIS                  1923-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-313
RAMBERG, INGEBORG KINN                 1901                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-313
RAND, ADINA LOBEK                      1909                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-270
RAND, BARBARA                          1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-270
RAND, EDITH                            1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-270
RAND, EDWIN                            1900-S                                  MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-270
RAND, SYLVIA                           1936-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-270
RASMUSSEN, ALBERT                      AGE 52-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RASMUSSEN, CHRIS                       AGE 36-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RASMUSSEN, CHRISTIAN                   1841                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RASMUSSEN, MAREN                       1846-S                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RASMUSSEN, MARTIN                      AGE 46-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RASMUSSEN, SOPHOS                      AGE 54-C                                UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-46
RAYMOND, MARY K. CORDON                1888-C                                  UNKNOWN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-80
REBER, DOROTHY                         1926-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, DOROTHY                         1926-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, EDWARD                          1908-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, EDWARD                          1908-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, EMMA ISABELLA LUCINDA           1892-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, EMMA ISABELLA LUCINDA           1892                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, ESTHER                          1914-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, ESTHER                          1914-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, HIRAM THEODORE                  1886-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, HIRAM THEODORE                  1886                                    IOWA/CANADA                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, IRVIN                           1907-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, IRVIN                           1907-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, LLOYD                           1915-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, LLOYD                           1915-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, LLOYD GEORGE                    1915                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-397
REBER, SHARELL LOUISE                  1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-397
REBER, THELMA LOUISE                   1919-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-397
REBER, WALTER                          1911-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REBER, WALTER                          1911-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, WANDA                           1932-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-392
REBER, WANDA                           1932-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-391
REETZ, MARIE HANSINE                   1904                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-453
REETZ, WAYNE BENJAMIN                  1904-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-453
RENTZ, CHARLES                         1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, CHARLES                         1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, ETHEL                           1894-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, ETHEL ANNA                      1894                                    ILLINOIS/1930                            OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, JOHN                            1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, JOHN                            1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, MARION                          1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, MARION                          1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, ROSALIA                         1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, ROSALIA                         1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, STEPHEN                         1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, STEPHEN                         1893-S                                  AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, STEPHEN ANTON                   1893                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, STEPHEN JR.                     1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, THOMAS                          1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, THOMAS                          1931-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, VIRGINIA                        1922-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
RENTZ, VIRGINIA                        1922-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, WILLIAM                         1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-242
RENTZ, WILLIAM                         1917-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-259
REPSCHLAGER, JULIUS                    1880                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-24
RIESENHUBER, GARY                      1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-331
RIESENHUBER, JOSIE                     1912-S                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-331
RIESENHUBER, RAIMUND                   1909                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-331
RITCHIE, CHLOE                         1892-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-24
RITCHIE, HUGH JR.                      1892                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-24
RITHERDON, ALFRED EDWARD               1879                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-6
RITZMAN, CAROLYN                       1897-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-306
RITZMAN, FRED WILLIAM                  1873                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-306
RITZMAN, MARGARET MARY                 1874-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-306
RITZMAN, MAY ELIZABETH                 1902-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-306
RITZMAN, THOMAS RICHARD                1899-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-306
ROBERTS, EDA FITZ                      1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-538
ROBERTS, EDITH                         1914-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-537
ROBERTS, ELTON LLOYAL                  1910-S                                  MONTANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-538
ROBERTS, ELTON LLOYAL                  1910                                    MONTANA/ALBERTA                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-537
ROBERTS, JAMES LLOYD                   1913-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-384
ROBERTS, VIRGINIA ESTELLE              1916                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-384
ROBERTS, WILLIAM EDWARD                1943-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-384
ROBERTSON, CHARLES GEORGE              1902-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH CARMEN            1899-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, JAMES JARVIE                1870                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, JAMES JARVIS                1911-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, JOHN RICHARD                1872                                    SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-283
ROBERTSON, JOHN WILLIAM                1907-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, LAURA LEONA                 1875-S                                  LOUISIANA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
ROBERTSON, WALLACE                     1909-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-17
RODLEY, ARNOLD                         1905-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, IRENE                          1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, JOHN                           1912-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, OSCAR                          1907-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, REGNE                          NL-S                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, RUTH                           1909-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
RODLEY, THORVALD                       1878                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-19
ROGERS, BERNARD                        1912-S                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-502
ROGERS, BERNARD                        1912                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-501
ROGERS, BERNARD ANTHONY                1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-501
ROGERS, BERNARD ANTHONY                1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-502
ROGERS, MARGARET GENEVIEVE             1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-501
ROGERS, MARGARET GENEVIEVE             1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-502
ROGERS, MARY CORA                      1948-C                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-502
ROGERS, MARY CORA                      1948-C                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-501
ROGERS, MARY NANCY DOLAN               1923                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-502
ROGERS, NANCY                          1923-S                                  IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-501
ROHR, BERTHA MAY                       1907-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-84
ROHR, ERNEST FRANCIS                   1880                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-84
ROHR, RUTH MAY                         NL-S                                    KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-84
ROLES, ANN LOUISE                      1953-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-480
ROLES, BERNADINE MARIE LUKE            1920                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-480
ROLES, DUANE CECIL                     1922-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-480
ROLES, MARY KAROL                      1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-480
ROSENBROOK, HENRY                      1835                                    HANOVER                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-76
RUDEN, ALBERT EMANUEL                  1898-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, EDITH ELVIRE LOUISA             1901-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, EMMA LYDIA                      1895-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, EMMA MARIA                      NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, HANNAH MARIA                    1894-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, INEZ LINENE CECELIA             1905-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, JOHN AUGUST                     1859                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RUDEN, JOHN JULIUS                     1892-C                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-1
RULE, DAVID LINCOLN                    1862                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-294
RUST, DONALD KENNETH                   1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-532
RUST, ESTHER DIEWERT                   1905                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-532
RUST, RUTH LUELLA                      1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-532
RUTHRAUFF, CARL A.                     1905-S                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-454
RUTHRAUFF, GRACE LUELLA                1907                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-454
SABALA, DOMINGO                        1889                                    SPAIN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, DOMINGO M.                     1927-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, GRACIANO M.                    1921-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, JUANITA VICTORIA F.            1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, JULIA YRAGUEN                  1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, MARGARITA                      1892-S                                  SPAIN                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SABALA, PETER M.                       1934-C                                  NEVADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-420
SAGABORD, MARIA LUDERS                 1878-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-85
SALO, AILIE                            1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-79
SALO, JALMAR JOHANNES                  1884                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-79
SALO, SOPHIA                           NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-79
SAND, EINAR EDWARD                     1916                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-408
SAND, GLORIA IRENE                     1943-C                                  NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-408
SAND, MIRIAM IRENE                     1917-S                                  FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-408
SATHERBERG, CLARA A.                   1891                                    ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-44
SATHERBERG, SVEN CONRAD                1895                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-44
SCHATTENKERK, ALBERT                   1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-299
SCHATTENKERK, HENRY CAREL              1896                                    NETHERLANDS                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-299
SCHATTENKERK, LUCY                     1906-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-299
SCHATTENKERK, WILLIAM                  1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-299
SCHMID, HANS FERDINAND                 1887                                    BAYERN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-15
SCHMIDT, DORA                          NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-69
SCHMIDT, FREDERICK JULIUS              1872                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-69
SCHOSSO, CHARLOTTE                     1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHOSSO, ERNEST                        1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHOSSO, ERNEST THEODORE               1900-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHOSSO, GERTRUDE                      1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHOSSO, KATIE EMMA                    1904                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHOSSO, TWILA                         1924-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-355
SCHRENK, ANNIE                         1888-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, BENTON                        1895-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, ERNEST                        1897-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, GERTRUDE                      1891-C                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, HARRY                         1899-C                                  INDIANA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, HENRY                         1864                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, MARY E.                       1864-S                                  OHIO                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHRENK, STANLEY                       1893-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-25
SCHWARCK, ESTHER MARIE                 1918-C                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-468
SCHWARCK, HAROLD PETER                 1921-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-468
SCHWARCK, HAROLD PETER                 1893                                    DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-468
SCHWARCK, JAMES DANIEL                 1919-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-468
SCHWENDENER, JOHN CHARLES              1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-438
SCHWENDENER, JUAN JR.                  1910                                    GUATEMALA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-438
SCHWENDENER, MILDRED                   1931-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-438
SELBY, MATTHEW JAMES DONALDSON         1871                                    SOUTH AFRICA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-18
SELESHANKO, FANNIE SOVERAN             1909                                    RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SELESHANKO, FRED ROBERT                1905                                    NORTH DAKOTA/CANADA                      OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SELESHANKO, JEAN                       1934                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-510
SHIELDS, BESSIE                        1895-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-3
SHIELS, JESSIE RUTH                    1892-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-3
SHIELS, JOHN                           1858                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-3
SHIELS, JOSEPHINE                      NL-S                                    WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-3
SHIELS, MABEL                          1889-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-3
SHIERY, EARL L.                        1918-C                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-390
SHIERY, MILDRED M.                     1910-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-390
SHIERY, RALPH JAMES                    1908-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-390
SHIERY, VIOLA BELL                     1883-S                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-390
SHIERY, ZEAN                           1886                                    IOWA/CANADA                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-390
SHIRTCLIFF, ALFRED                     1917                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-325
SHIRTCLIFF, DOROTHY MAE                1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-325
SHIRTCLIFF, DOROTHY MILDRED            1918-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-325
SHIRTCLIFF, GAY                        1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-325
SHUPE, SUSAN VELZIAN                   1867-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
SIDWELL, GRACE L.                      1890-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-81
SILES, CLARENCE DANIEL                 1941-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, CLARENCE DANIEL                 1941-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SILES, FANNIE                          1909-S                                  RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, FANNIE SOVERAN                  1909                                    RUSSIA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SILES, FRED ROBERT                     1905-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SILES, FRED ROBERT                     1905                                    NORTH DAKOTA/CANADA                      OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, JEAN                            1934-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SILES, JEAN                            1934-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, JEAN                            1934                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-510
SILES, JIMMY FRED                      1944-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, JIMMY FRED                      1944-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SILES, JOYCE                           1930-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-499
SILES, JOYCE                           1930-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-500
SJOGREN, ANDY                          1914-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, AUGUSTA ALMA                  1891                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, BERNARD                       1910-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, BERNARD JOHN                  1910                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-354
SJOGREN, BERNICE                       1921-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-361
SJOGREN, EDNA                          1916-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, ELSIE                         1922-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, FRITZ                         1908-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, FRITZ LEVI                    1908                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-361
SJOGREN, JOHN                          1864-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, OLAF                          1918-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SJOGREN, ROY ALLEN                     1940-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-361
SJOGREN, STANLEY                       1912                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-288
SJOGREN, STANLEY                       1912-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-353
SMITH, CONSTANCE AGNES                 1902                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-428
SMITH, LYLE E.                         1894-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-428
SMITH, ROSE DONOVAN                    1896-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-348
SMOOT, ANNA FRANCES ROBERTS            1906                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-512
SMOOT, CARL ROBERT                     1909-S                                  KENTUCKY                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-512
SMOOT, ROBERT CARL                     1947-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-512
SMYTH, FRANCES                         1897-S                                  SOUTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-279
SMYTH, PATRICK JOSEPH                  1896                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-279
SOCHA, ALMA                            1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-88
SOCHA, HELENA                          1915-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-88
SOCHA, MINNIE                          NL-S                                    MARYLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-88
SOCHA, STANLEY                         1886                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-88
SOMES, CLAYTON                         1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-65
SOMES, ELIZABETH                       1883-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-65
SOMES, HELENA                          1920-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-65
SOMES, NELS JOHN                       1883                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-65
SOMES, WILSON                          1916-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-65
SOTERIAN, ATHANASIOS ELIAS             1899                                    GREECE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-80
STAFFELDT, RICHARD CHARLES             1881                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-5
STAULLER, WILLIAM                      1884                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-47
STAVELAND, EDNA                        1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, EDNA                        1930-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-260
STAVELAND, GEORGE                      1925-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, GEORGE                      1925-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-260
STAVELAND, LAURA                       1898-S                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-260
STAVELAND, LAURA JORGINE               1898                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, OLE                         1897-S                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, OLE NILSEN                  1897                                    NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-260
STAVELAND, OSCAR                       1923-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, SIGMUND                     1921-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-261
STAVELAND, SIGMUND                     1921-C                                  NORWAY                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-260
STEECK, EMMA                           1916                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-400
STEECK, JAMES                          1944-C                                  NEW YORK                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-400
STEECK, JOHN                           1915-S                                  FLORIDA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-400
STEECK, ROGER                          1939-C                                  FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-400
STEINHAUER, JESSIE TELFORD             1891-C                                  NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
STEMBRIDGE, ISHMEAL R.                 1914-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-519
STEMBRIDGE, LUCY MARY GUTIERREZ        1907                                    MEXICO                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-519
STEMBRIDGE, MONTIE RAY                 1946-C                                  ARIZONA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-519
STEMBRIDGE, SUE CAROLINE               1947-C                                  TEXAS                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-519
STEN, EMIL EDWARD                      1877                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-35
STEN, EMMA SOFIA                       1888-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-35
STEN, INA MARIE                        1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-35
STEVENS, LOIS                          1903-S                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-335
STEVENS, THORBERG                      1898                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-335
STITH, LESTER R.                       1914-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-344
STITH, MARY MARIE OLIVE                1887                                    NORTH DAKOTA/ALBERTA                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-344
STRITZKE, EDWARD                       1933-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, ELMER                        1935-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, ERVIN                        1932-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, LOIS                         1939-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, LORRAINE                     1925-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, MARGARET                     1909-S                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, MARTHA                       1936-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, MARY ANN                     1931-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, RICHARD                      1929-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, RICHARD                      1900                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STRITZKE, ROBERT                       1927-C                                  NORTH DAKOTA                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-308
STROMBACK, ALMA ELIDA                  1887-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-333
STROMBACK, ALMA ELIDA                  1887                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-396
STROMBACK, OSCAR BERNHARD SIGURD       1887                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-333
STROMBACK, OSCAR SIGURD                1887-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-396
STUBBS, CHARLES                        1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-51
STUBBS, CHARLES                        1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-3
STUBBS, FLORA BELLE                    1897-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-51
STUBBS, FLORA BELLE                    1897-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-3
STUBBS, LETTIE                         1873-S                                  IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-3
STUBBS, LETTIE                         NL-S                                    IOWA                                     OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-51
STUBBS, MAUDE CHRISTELLA               1902-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-51
STUBBS, MAUDE CHRISTELLA               1902-C                                  KANSAS                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-3
STUBBS, RICHARD                        1869                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-3
STUBBS, RICHARD                        1869                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-51
STUCHELL, DAISY                        1910-C                                  MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-312
STUCHELL, LESTER WILLIAM               1889-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-312
STUCHELL, ROSE LEHRMAN                 1891                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-312
STUESSY, FRED                          1880                                    SWITZERLAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-72
SUNDBERG, DONNA                        1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-285
SUNDBERG, GEORGE                       1934-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-285
SUNDBERG, GEORGE ALEXANDER             1900                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-285
SUNDBERG, THELMA                       1905-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-285
SUTHERLAND, ERIK OLAF                  1885                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-255
SWANSON, ALBERT F.                     1888-S                                  SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418B
SWANSON, URA PELLMETTIE                1887                                    MISSOURI/SWEDEN                          OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418B
SZABALIN, BAZYLI                       1921-S                                  POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-503
SZABALIN, BAZYLI                       1921                                    POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-504
SZABALIN, STANISLAWA                   1914                                    POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-503
SZABALIN, STANISLAWA                   1914-S                                  POLAND                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-504
TAFT, AVRIL LEE                        1940-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-394
TAFT, ESTHER                           1913                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-394
TAFT, JOHN PETER                       1904-S                                  CONNECTICUT                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-394
TAFT, JOHN RICHARD                     1934-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-394
TAFT, LINDA ANNE                       1939-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-394
TAVERINI, FAUSTINO                     1891                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-93
TAVERNINI, FAUSTINO                    1891                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-90
TELFORD, AGNES                         NL-S                                    NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, ANDREW                        1889-C                                  NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, ELIZABETH C.                  1911-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, GEORGE                        1858                                    AUSTRALIA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, GEORGE W.                     1887-C                                  NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, ISABELLA                      1902-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, JOHN M.                       1899-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, ROBERT                        1904-C                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TELFORD, WILLIAM                       1894-C                                  NEW ZEALAND                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-66
TEUBNER, HEINZ                         1932-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-413
TEUBNER, HERBERT                       1930-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-413
TEUBNER, JOHANNA ELSA                  1900                                    SACHSEN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-413
TEUBNER, MARTIN                        1906-S                                  SACHSEN                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-413
THOMPSON, HILMA                        1888-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-262
THOMPSON, HILMA MATILDA                1888                                    MINNESOTA/1922                           OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-245
THOMPSON, LESTER                       1919-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-262
THOMPSON, LESTER WILLIAM               1919-C                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-245
THOMPSON, MATTHEW WILLIAM              1891                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-262
THOMPSON, MATTHEW WILLIAM              1891-S                                  ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-245
THOMPSON, META JORGENSEN               1899-C                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
THORNTON, EVA FAULKNER                 1891-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-27
THORP, DOROTHY NYBERG                  1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-416
THRONBURG, AMELIA GALLA                1903                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-257
TOLMIE, BECKI ANN                      1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-475
TOLMIE, BRENT VERNON                   1951-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-475
TOLMIE, INES GERTRUDE                  1929                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-475
TOLMIE, JAMES VERNON                   1926-S                                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-475
TOLMIE, MICHAEL JAMES                  1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-475
TONG, MARY C.                          1893-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-488
TONOLI, KITTY                          1913-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-35
TONOLI, MARY                           1912-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-35
TONOLI, STEVE                          1884                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-35
TONOLI, ZAUMI DOMENICA                 NL-S                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-35
TRAMAUX, LOUIS CYPRIEN                 1889                                    FRANCE                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-508
TROZELLE, ANNA KATHERINE               1899-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-34
TROZELLE, ERIC GUSTAF                  1889                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-34
TROZELLE, JOHN LEWIS                   1919-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-34
TUCKER, CARMEN BEATRICE                1948-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-552
TUCKER, HERTA SCHAGER                  1923                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-493
TUCKER, JAMES DWIGHT                   1922-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-493
TUCKER, LEO ARGIE                      1921-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-552
TUCKER, LEO RICHARD                    1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-552
TUCKER, LIDIA VELEZ ESCALANTE          1919                                    MEXICO                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-552
TUOHIMA, JOHAN ERIC                    1877                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-47
TUOHIMA, MARGERTA LIZZIE               1871-S                                  FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-47
TUOHINIA, JOHAN ERIC                   1877                                    FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-39
TUOHINIA, MARGARETA LIZZIE             1871-S                                  FINLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-39
ULBRICHT, RUDOLPH                      1907                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-226
UNDERWOOD, ESTHER ALICE REBER          1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-469
VANDEVORD, ADA                         NL-S                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-42
VANDEVORD, CHARLES HENRY               1873                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-42
VANDEVORD, THEODORE                    1900-C                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-42
VANORMAN, DORIS                        1929-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, ERNEST                       1930-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, JOSEPHINE MAY NICKEL         1909                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, LEONA                        1927-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, MARVIL                       1933-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, MARVIN                       1935-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VANORMAN, MELVIN EUGENE                1903-S                                  MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VAORMAN, KENNETH                       1931-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-506
VELZIAN, ELMER B.                      1890-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
VELZIAN, HOWARD                        1872-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
VELZIAN, JAMES ALLEN                   1836                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-56
VOGT, ELNA JORGENSEN                   1903-C                                  DENMARK                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-74
VRLENI, ANDERS ANDERSON                1879                                    SWEDEN                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-59
WAGGONER, VIOLET AUGUSTA               1920                                    BRITISH COLUMBIA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-369
WAGGONER,LLOYD ALLEN                   1916-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       6-369
WALKER, ARTHUR                         1858                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-65
WALKER, ELSIE BEATRICE PATTERSON       1913                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-540
WALKER, HORTENSE E                     NL-S                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-65
WALKER, INA                            1890-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-65
WALKER, OLIVER B.                      1894-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-65
WALKER, OWEN EDGAR                     1909-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-540
WALKER, ROBERT OWEN                    1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-540
WALKER, WALTER                         1892-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-65
WALLIS, CHARLES BUFORD                 1915-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-425
WALLIS, JOYCE KATHLEEN                 1928                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-425
WALSH, EDARD                           1881                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-92
WATZIG, EDWARD BRUNO                   1877                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-49
WATZIG, HEDWIG                         NL-S                                    MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-14
WATZIG, OTTO HEINRICH                  1881                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-14
WEISS, ANDREW                          1898-C                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, ANNIE                           1869-S                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, DOROTHY MARIAN                  1911-S                                  CALIFORNIA                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-246
WEISS, ELIZABETH                       1905-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, GENE DOUGLAS                    1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-246
WEISS, JOHN                            1903-C                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, JOHN JOSEPH                     1903                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-246
WEISS, MARY                            1909-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, MICHAEL                         1900-C                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, PAUL                            1866                                    HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, PAUL                            1892-C                                  HUNGARY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WEISS, PETER                           1907                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       4-248
WEISS, PETER                           1907-C                                  CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-53
WELCH, CARY LEE                        1956-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-533
WELCH, MERLE FRANKLIN                  1936-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-533
WELCH, WANDA DECHIARA                  1937-C                                  ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-531
WELCH, WANDA YOLAND DECHIARA           1937                                    ITALY                                    OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-533
WERTH, ANTON                           1858                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-20
WERTH, KATHARINA                       NL-S                                    AUSTRIA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-20
WESTERMANN, SALLY JEAN WALKER          1937-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-540
WETTSTEIN, ELISE                       1885                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-296
WHARTON, EVELYN                        NL-S                                    MICHIGAN                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-55
WHARTON, THOMAS LESLIE                 1871                                    IRELAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-55
WHEELAND, CHERYL ANN                   1944-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-455
WHEELAND, GERALD GENE                  1950-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-455
WHEELAND, SARAH EVON                   1926-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-455
WHEELAND, TERRY ALLAN                  1949-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-455
WHEELAND, WILLIS GRAHAM                1925                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-455
WHEELER, BESSIE                        1890-S                                  NEBRASKA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-293
WHEELER, ERNEST HENRY                  1890                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-293
WILKINSON, WAYNE LEROY                 1941                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-551
WILLETT, GEORGE                        1897-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-26
WILLETT, LENA                          1871-C                                  GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-26
WILLETT, RICHARD                       1862                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-26
WILLETT, VIOLA                         1894-C                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-26
WILLIAMSON, ALMA EDWINA                1914                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-439
WILLIAMSON, JAMES WORTH                1910-S                                  ARKANSAS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-439
WILLIAMSON, KRISTIE LEE                1950-C                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-439
WILSON, AUDRY MYRTLE                   1912-C                                  SASKETCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, BESSIE MAY                     1889-S                                  MINNESOTA                                OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, FLOYD NATHAN                   1914-C                                  SASKETCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, HARRY WOODROW                  1918-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, HEDWIG                         1920                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-411
WILSON, ISABELLA KINNEAR MACDONALD     1934-C                                  SCOTLAND                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-472
WILSON, LELA VIRGINIA                  1923-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, LEON FRANKLIN                  1887                                    MINNESOTA/CANADA                         OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       3-56
WILSON, WOODROW JAY                    1919-S                                  ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-411
WILTON, ALBERT GEORGE                  1917-S                                  MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-483
WILTON, ALBERT GEORGE                  1917                                    MANITOBA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-484
WILTON, CLAUDIA ANN                    1947-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-484
WILTON, CLAUDIA ANN                    1947-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-483
WILTON, JOHN WEBB                      1947-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-478
WILTON, JOHN WEBB                      1947-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-479
WILTON, JOHN WILLIAM                   1922                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-479
WILTON, JOHN WILLIAM                   1922-S                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-478
WILTON, MURIEL ISABELLE                1923                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-483
WILTON, MURIEL ISABELLE                1923-S                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-484
WILTON, PATRICIA DOREEN                1925-S                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-479
WILTON, PATRICIA DOREEN WEBB           1925                                    SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-478
WILTON, SIDNEY GILES                   1952-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-483
WILTON, SIDNEY GILES                   1952-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-484
WILTON, TERESA DOREEN                  1951-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-479
WILTON, TERESA DOREEN                  1951-C                                  SASKATCHEWAN                             OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-478
WOCKNER, DOROTHY SALINA DUNCAN LEGG    1915                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-460
WOCKNER, WARREN                        1907-S                                  ILLINOIS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-460
WOLLENBERG, ALFRED                     1850                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-74
WOLLENBERG, HELEN                      1895-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-74
WOLLENBERG, LEON                       1901-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-74
WOLLENBERG, MOLLIE                     NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-74
WOOD, ELVA A.                          NL-S                                    OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-57
WOOD, MYRON E. K.                      1910-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-57
WOOD, ROBERT HENRY COLLIER             1869                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       2-57
WOODLEY, FRANCIS HUGH                  1894                                    ONTARIO                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-403
WOODLEY, FRANK EUGENE                  1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-403
WOODLEY, LUCY BURKE                    1906-S                                  OKLAHOMA                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-403
WOODLEY, PRISCELLA AARON               1935-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-403
WOODLEY, WYNONA VAY                    1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-403
WRIGHT, ELLIS                          1901-S                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-289
WRIGHT, GLADYS ALBERTA                 1907                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-289
WRIGHT, HAZEL                          1909-S                                  WASHINGTON                               OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-319
WRIGHT, JAMES DANIEL                   1899                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-319
WRIGHT, LESLIE ARNOLD                  1925-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-319
WRIGHT, LOIS ANN                       1933-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-319
WRIGHT, NANCY ADELINE                  1912-S                                  ARKANSAS                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-407
WRIGHT, PHYLLIS LAVELLE                1929-C                                  OREGON                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       5-319
WRIGHT, STANLEY VERNON                 1905                                    ENGLAND                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-407
YOUNG, ESTHER DIEWERT                  1905                                    ALBERTA                                  OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-532
YOUNG, LORAN STEELE                    NL-S                                    CANADA                                   OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       7-418A
YOUNG, MURL EARL                       1902-S                                  MISSOURI                                 OR-DOUGLAS-CC-PET                       8-532

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