Baker County, Oregon
Declarations of Intention (1906-1952)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Baker County Oregon, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | Naturalization Volume Lists (Volume = Years Covered)
"see:" - alternative name listed

ACCETTURO, TOM                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-46
AKKERMAN, ATZE                    NETHERLANDS                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-683
ALLEN, JHON MILTON                ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-8
ALOISI, ALEX                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-88
AMDERSON, HANS                    DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-18
ANDEL, METODEJ                    CZECHOSLOVAKIA                               OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-685
ANDEL, RENE                       CZECHOSLOVAKIA                               OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-684
ANDERSON, ALBERT                  SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-70
ANDERSON, CHRISTEN OSTERGAARD     DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-86
ANDERSON, HANDERS ANDERS          SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-49
ANDERSON, LAURITS CHRISTIAN       DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-32
ANDERSON, OSCAR                   FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-26
ANDREASEN, ANDERS MADSEN          DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-43
ARICI, NICOLAI                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-44
ARREGUI, PEDRO                    SPAIN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-28
ARSEN, NICK                       MACEDONIA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-71
ATKINSON, JOSEPH                  ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-29
ATTILIO, SUCCETTI                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-92
BAACK, ALFRED                     PRUSSIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-50
BACKWELL, SAMUEL                  ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-15
BAER, ISIDOR                      GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-17
BAHLER, ERNEST                    SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-73
BALLAY, AUGUSTIN JOSEPH           SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-15
BALOMENOS, PANAGIOTIS             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-639
BANIERI, ONOFRIO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-75
BARBER, JOHN                      ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-77
BARNOWSKI, AUGUST ADOLPH          GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-612
BARRA, GIO                        ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-55
BARRA, MATTEO                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-27
BARSOS, NICHOLAS GEORGE           GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-44
BASIC, ANTE                       CROATIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-633
BAUERMEISTER, ERNEST HENRY        GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-47
BELBAS, STEVE                     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-1
BENDELE, PETER PAUL               ALSACE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-36
BENEDITTI, GIUSTO                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-86
BERG, CARL JOHAN                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-23
BERG, EINAR                       NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-22
BERGMAN, CARL ANDREAS             FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-96
BERGQUIST, ALBIN RICHARD          SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-42
BERLINGHOFF, EMIL                 GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-78
BETMON, JOSEPH                    FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-69
BETTNER, WILLIAM                  POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-91
BIGGI, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-41
BILLSON, GEORGE V.                GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-26
BISHOP, CHARLES                   ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-38
BLACK, JAMES                      SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-46
BODEAU, CATHERINE                 LUXEMBOURG                                   OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-70
BODRERO, GIACOMO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-28
BOEHMER, LEIF                     NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-58
BOLINE, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-99
BOMMEN, GOTFRED                   NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-14
BONEVITZ, STEVE                   SLOVENIA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-93
BONEVITZ, STEVE                   YUGOSLAVIA                                   OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-605
BOURNAZOS, NICK D.                GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-46
BOYURUNAS, KAZMER KAZMER          RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-94
BRAAT, ALFONS                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-75
BRADY, THOMAS AUGUSTUS            ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-74
BRAEKEVELT, ALFONS                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-88
BRAEKEVELT, FHILEMON              BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-29
BRAEKEVELT, THILEMON              BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-18
BRAETEVELT, ALFONS                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-2
BRAKEVELT, GUSTAF                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-4
BREHANY, PATRICK                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-66
BREHEDA, OLEXANDRA                POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-689
BREHEDA, WASYL                    POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-689
BRENNAN, BERNARD ALEXANDER        CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-44
BRICHOUX, MARIE AMELIE            GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-17
BRIMSTON, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-31
BRONS, LARS ANTON                 SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-57
BROWN, GEORGE PHILLIP             NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-78
BROWN, GEORGE PHILLIP             NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-25
BURICH, LOUIS                     AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-38
BURKE, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-83
BURKE, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-72
BURKE, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-616
BURRESON, PETER                   NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-62
BUSSI, LUIGI                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-91
BUTCHER, ALBERT EDWIN             ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-35
BYERS, DORA                       GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-11
BYERS, DOROTHY                    GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-607
CABELOS, GOST                     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-40
CAKEL, JOHN                       HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-91
CALANGE, JOHN                     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-63
CALIANO, BENARDINO                ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-7
CAMPANILA, FRANK                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-4
CAMPO, EUGENE                     HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-73
CAMPO, HUBERT A.                  NETHERLANDS                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-54
CARLSON, VICTOR JOHN              SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-650
CARNASCEN, FIERINDO               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-15
CARSTEN, HENRY JOHN               HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-26
CARSTON, CHARLES EDWARD           ARGENTINA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-57
CASSIDY, ANN                      IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-5
CASTELLUCCI, UGO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-66
CATTI, PAOLO                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-48
CATTI, PAOLO                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-41
CHALMERS, WILLIAM LENARD          MANITOBA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-31
CHAPMAN, ARTHUR CHARLES           ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-50
CHAVES, ANTHONY CARVALHO          AZORES                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-99
CHRISTMAN, ADOLPH                 SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-72
COCKRAM, FRED                     ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-65
COCKRAM, GEORGE CLARK             ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-6
COGGHE, ELODI                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-638
COGGHE, FELIX                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-82
COGGLE, HENRIE                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-15
COLE, GEORGE WASHINGTON           CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-56
COLEMAN, GEORGE                   GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-662
COLLINS, PATRICK                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-31
COLOKYTHAS, SPYRION DEMETE        GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-89
CONTI, GAETANE                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-44
COPPOLA, CARLO                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-67
COSMAS, PETER GEORGE              GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-45
CRANSTOUN, HENRY                  SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-52
CROSBY, JAMES                     ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-84
CROWE, GEORGE PATRICK             SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-47
CROWTHER, SYDNEY                  ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-70
CYR, RODERICK                     CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-100
DACHTELBERG, LUIE                 ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-32
DAGOSTIN, GEORGE                  AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-33
DALE, ANN                         ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-645
DALE, JAMES HARRY                 ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-644
DALE, JOHN                        ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-603
DALE, LILY                        ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-643
DALE, WILLIAM                     SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-85
DALE, WILLIAM                     SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-67
DALSBO, TRYGOE                    NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-57
DANIELSON, JOHN                   DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-58
DANTE, MARZOCEHI                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-14
DARTING, CHRISTIAN                AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-51
DARTT, ALBERT WILLIAM             NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-654
DAUNSER, CHRIS                    SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-76
DAVIES, AARON HOWARD              ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-79
DAVIES, FREDERICK THOMAS          CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-96
DAVIES, HERBERT                   MANITOBA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-92
DAVIES, TITUS EDWARD              WALES                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-20
DAVIS, FRANK                      BRITISH COLUMBIA                             OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-78
DAWSON, TOM                       ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-96
DAWSON, TOM                       ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-632
DAY, ALICE                        ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-95
DEBACKER, FREDERIC                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-79
DEBACKER, JULIUS                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-83
DEBAETS, RAYMOND                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-14
DEBEL, CAMIEL                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-59
DEBEL, CHARLES                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-33
DEBLAIRE, CHARLIE                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-32
DECARLO, MIKE                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-3
DECKER, MARGARITA JETRUDIS (PERLE)  CHILE                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI H-682
DEGERSEM, HECTOR                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-85
DEGIOVANNI, LUIGI                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-68
DEGRAVE, BERTHA MADELLENA         BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-74
DEGROETTE, JOSEPH                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-77
DEGROOTE, JOSEPH                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-623
DELEFIRERA, DELFONS               BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-52
DELEPIERRE, ALFONS                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-72
DELEPIERRE, IRMA                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-53
DEMOGEORGOS, IOANNES A.           GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-74
DEMOS, GOSTANTINOS                GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-62
DEMOS, JOHN                       GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-3
DEMPSEY,C ALVIN JAMES             NEW BRUNSWICK                                OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-66
DENISSE, THEODORUS GERDAS         HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-5
DEROEST, AUGUST                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-10
DEROEST, AUGUST                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-13
DEROEST, BRUNO                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-4
DEROEST, BRUNO                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-74
DEROEST, BRUNO                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-30
DEROEST, EMEIL                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-74
DEROEST, EMERANSE                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-601
DEROEST, ERMA                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-610
DEROEST, PHILEMON                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-602
DEROEST, PHILEMON                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-59
DEROEST, THOFIEL                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-98
DEROO, JOSEP                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-9
DEROO, YULES                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-53
DEROOS, ALPHONS                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-63
DERTING, CHRIS                    AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-86
DEVEREUX, GEORGE                  ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-22
DEVOS, EDGARD                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-92
DEVOST, EDGARD                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-611
DEWAELSCHE, CAMIEL                FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-62
DEWAELSCHE, MARCEL                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-63
DIAYLO, NATALE                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-9
DIENDONNE, GASTON                 GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-58
DIMA, JOON NICULOIS               HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-84
DINNICK, ETHEL                    ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-49
DITOMASO, ANDREW                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-30
DITTRICH, ALEXANDER               RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-600
DOLUK, DOMINK                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-2
DOOLIN, EDWARD                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-53
DOUGLAS, ALEXANDER JOHN           CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-51
DOUGLAS, EDMUND                   CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-37
DUGGAN, WILLIAM                   IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-37
DUNBABIN, JOHN                    ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-61
EDDY, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-30
EDEN, OSCAR                       SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-598
EICHHORN, ALEXANDER JR            GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-13
ELBODE, HARRY                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-60
ENAMORADO, BENITO ALBERTO         HONDURAS                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-12
ENAMORADO, SEBASTIAN              HONDURAS                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-13
ENGSTROM, AXEL KONSTANTIN         SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-2
ENNS, PETER RICHARD               QUEBEC                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-22
ERBOA, EUGENE                     QUEBEC                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-52
ERICKSEN, SVEN                    NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-82
ERICKSON, CHARLIE                 SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-619
ERICKSON, ERIC                    SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-51
ERICKSON, GUSTAF ADOLF            SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-43
ERPS, BENJAMIN                    HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-76
ETTL, KATHARINA                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-100
EUSTACHIO, RABASEINI              ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-72
EVANS, ABEL                       WALES                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-55
EVENSON, OLE                      NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-73
FARELLA, GIOCOMO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-59
FARELLO, RAFFAELE                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-53
FEHNHOLZ, FERDINAND               WESTPREUSSEN                                 OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-620
FEIL, AUGUST                      GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-41
FJEL, ARTHUR GUS                  REPARATION                                   OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-88
FLEMINIO, FRANK                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-98
FONZY, PEDRO                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-1
FORSEA, DUMITRU GEORGE            AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-23
FORSEA, DUMITRU GEORGE            ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-36
FORSEA, LASCU GEORGHE             AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-10
FORSEN, CONSTANDIN                HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-15
FOSSUM, JOHN                      NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-81
FOX, CHARLES                      ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-3
FOXHILL, EMIL TEX                 SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-34
FRAHM, JURGEN JULIUS              GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-71
FRANZEN, KURT OSKAR               SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-637
FRANZEN, NANNY WILHELMINA         SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-641
FRASER, ALEXANDER                 SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-75
FREEDMAN, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-87
FREEDMAN, HENRY                   RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-56
FRERICKS, JOHANNA (WILLEMSEN)     HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-672
FRUNDL, FRANK                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-90
GAGNE, JOSEPH LEON GEORGE         CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-69
GAGNON, GEORGE                    QUEBEC                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-20
GALASSI, ALFONSO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-2
GALE, COLBERT                     CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-11
GALLIGAN, KATHERINE               IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-596
GALLIGAN, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-50
GANSEN, HELEN                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-35
GARGANO, VITO ROCCO               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-23
GARSCHAK, GEORGE                  AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-63
GEARY, DAVID JOHN                 IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-664
GELOUESE, ANTONIO                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-86
GENSEN, HANS PETER                DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-84
GERONUTTI, ANTONIO                ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-6
GERONUTTI, EUGENIO                ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-7
GHELFI, SESTO                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-26
GHELPI, GIULIS                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-8
GIKAS, CHRISTOS EFLET             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-91
GIKAS, GUST E.                    GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-71
GIUSEPPE, MARZONKI                ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-5
GJELDNESS, DORDI                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-595
GJELDNESS, DORDI                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-599
GJENGSTO, ANDREW TONSEN           NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-49
GLASSY, FRANK                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-43
GOMEZ, TANA                       MEXICO                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-658
GORDON, AIMEE                     SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-76
GORDON, FINLAY                    SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-41
GORDON, FINLEY                    SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-19
GRANLUND, ROBERT                  SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-24
GRANLUND, ROBERT                  SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-42
GRANT, HENRY                      NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-39
GRAVROK, INGEBRIGT                NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-655
GRAVROK, JAMES                    NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-655
GRIGG, THOMAS                     ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-12
GUZMAN, SEBASTIANA                MEXICO                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-658
HALACHIS, GUST GEORGE             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-77
HALVORSEN, SIGURD                 NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-35
HALVORSEN, SIGURD                 NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-22
HAMMERSTADT, EDMUND               SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-67
HANSEN, ALFRED                    DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-68
HANSEN, THOMAS                    NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-83
HARSTAD, FREDRIK                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-90
HARTE, MARGRET                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-39
HARTLE, RUDOLPH                   ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-76
HAY, WILLIAM                      SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-80
HEART, JOHN                       ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-92
HEATES, CHRIS                     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-6
HEATES, JIM                       GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-7
HEIDLER, HYNEK                    BOHEMIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-67
HELANDER, HUGO                    SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-3
HENDERSON, NORMAN FRASER          SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-6
HENDRIKSEN, GERHARDUS WILHELMUS   HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-91
HEOTES, CONSTANTINE NICKOLOU      GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-5
HEOTES, SPEROS                    GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-71
HERMANSEN, NELS LEONARD           NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-19
HIGGINS, JOSEPHINE                IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-629
HINCHEY, JOHN AKENS               ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-40
HINCHEY, JOHN AKINS               ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-676
HOLDT, ALFRED CURT                GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-18
HOLLAND, ALBERT A.                ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-60
HOLLAND, LAURA                    NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-61
HOLLAND, NELS                     NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-95
HONEY, MARGARET LOUISE            ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-630
HORAN, FREDERICK LANGSTON         ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-39
HOSTAD, HIMANA BENDIKTE           NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-95
HRNANDEZ, JOHN                    MEXICO                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-13
HUBBAH, JAMES                     ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-60
HUISINGA, JAN ANTHONIE            NETHERLANDS                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-13
HUPKE, CARL W.                    GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-60
HUPKE, CARL WILLIAM               GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-14
HUTCHISON, SAMUEL                 SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-32
HUYGHE, JULIUS                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-35
HUYS, ALFONS                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-54
HUYS, ALFONS                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-66
HUYS, ALFONS                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-89
HUYS, CAMIEL                      BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-54
HUYS, CHARLES                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-25
HUYS, CHARLES                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-15
HUYS, LEONTINE                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-71
INAMA, AUGUST                     AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-21
JACKSON, ABE                      RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-64
JACKSON, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-45
JELDNESS, EDWARD JOHNSON          NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-68
JOHANSON, BENGT                   SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-4
JOHNSEN, JOHN                     NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-91
JOHNSON, CHRISTINA                SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-27
JOHNSON, GEORGE FREDERICK         ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-8
JOHNSON, JOHN N.                  GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-10
JOHNSON, KNUT VICTOR              SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-24
JOHNSON, VICTOR                   SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-7
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH HUGH             IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-23
JOHNSTON, THOMAS ROBERT           IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-1
JONES, OWEN                       NORTH WALES                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-76
JUSKA, MARTINEZ                   LITHUANIA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-660
JUUL, ANNE KRISTINE               NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-659
KAARET, JOHN WILLIAM              FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-18
KAHILAKOSKI, JOHN IVAR            FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-33
KAHN, ACKMAGEE                    AFGHANISTAN                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-12
KAHN, JUMA                        AFGHANISTAN                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-13
KAHN, PHRAKEE                     AFGHANISTAN                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-30
KALEMOS, CHRIST                   GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-46
KALEMOS, DEMITRIOS GEORGE         GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-45
KALEMOS, GEORGE TOME              GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-79
KALEMOS, GEORGIO ATHANASIOS       GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-662
KALOMERIS, DEMETRIOS GOST         GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-40
KAUFFMAN, GEORGE PAUL             GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-17
KEAVENY, CHARLES                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-16
KELLICK, ALFRED WILLIAM           ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-93
KELLY, PATRICK JOSEPH             AUSTRALIA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-58
KENDLER, GEORG                    GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-39
KERR, ELMER BRUCE                 ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-19
KIERSEBILCH, CHARLES              BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-50
KIESER, ANNA                      GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-83
KIESER, WILHELM                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-55
KIESER, WILHELM                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-63
KINNARI, ALFRED                   FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-65
KIRKBY, THOMAS                    ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-85
KIRMEIER, THERESA                 BAVARIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-37
KLATT, REINHOLD                   POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-97
KLUCK, HIE                        RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-11
KNEZEVICH, GEORGE                 AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-33
KNEZEVICH, MIKE LUIS              AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-71
KNUDSEN, KRISTIAN MELTON          NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-615
KNUTSON, CARL                     NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-636
KNUTSON, CARL                     NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-21
KOCINBA, GEORGE                   ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-20
KOEHLER, RUDOLPH                  AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-87
KOENIG, ANTON                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-38
KOLIOPOULOS, JOHN                 GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-12
KOLIOPOULOS, JOHN                 GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-29
KOLOKITHOS, SPEROS GUST           GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-80
KOLOKYTHAS, ATHANASIOS K.         GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-89
KOSEBAS, EVANGELO                 GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-80
KRANENBURG, SIMON                 HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-24
KRAUL, JULIUS ALFRED              DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-84
KRISTIANSEN, KRISTIAN PEDER       DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-10
KURRES, MATHIAS                   LUXEMBOURG                                   OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-669
LABARGE, JOSEPH ALPHONZO          CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-626
LAIRD, ROBERT                     CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-88
LANDWAY, MARTHA JOHN              TRANSYLVANIA                                 OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-81
LANGLITZ, ALBERT BENJIMAN         CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-634
LANNONI, EUNICE                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-94
LAPROCINA, GABRIELE               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-10
LARSON, ANDREW TEODER             SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-1
LARSON, SWEN                      SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-77
LATTRE, ALFONS                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-75
LATTRE, LEONIE M.                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-76
LEE, JHUNG YUEN                   CHINA                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-681
LEE, MON                          CHINA                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-681
LEINNAN, SIVERT SIVERTSEN         NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-74
LETE, JESUS                       SPAIN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-686
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE WINONA           NEW BRUNSWICK                                OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-647
LILLEBY, JOHN PETER               NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-44
LIONS, EMILE                      FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-614
LIONS, EMILE                      FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-64
LIPOVEC, LUGO                     AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-50
LSCO, FRED NICOLAS                TRANSYLVANIA                                 OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-40
LUDGATE, THOMAS GOEFFREY          IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-67
LUNDIN, ERIC E.                   SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-64
MAGOLI, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-3
MANDES, CHRIST                    GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-59
MARCELLO, NICELA                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-89
MAREK,E MIL                       BOHEMIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-45
MARSHALL, HENRY CHARLES           ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-7
MARSHALLSAY, ALEXANDER EDWIN      ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-646
MARZOCCTI, GIOVANNI               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-87
MATHESON, KENNETH                 SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-68
MATHISON, CHRIS                   NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-94
MATSON, BANGT ALFRED OSCAR        SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-653
MATSON, FRANK                     SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-653
MATTES, AUGUST                    RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-30
MATTSON, ALFRED                   SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-653
MAUCH, ROBERT                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-92
MCAULEY, BRIDGET                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-688
MCBRIDE, JAMES                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-96
MCGUIRE, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-28
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-65
MCKAY, JOHN DUNCAN                NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-93
MCLEAN, CATHERINE MCDERMID        SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-667
MCLEAN, JOHN                      SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-625
MCLEAN, JOHN                      SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-624
MCLEAN, LAUCHLAN                  SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-87
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-594
MCNAMARA, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-66
MECKLENBURG, RICHARD              GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-14
MECKLENBURG, RICHARD              GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-90
MEHAS, JOHN SPEROS                GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-32
MEHAS, LOUIS SPEROS               GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-33
MELEY, VITTORIO                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-89
MELICHAREK, JOHN                  AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-53
MELZER, PAUL                      GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-16
MENDIOLA, G'HERB                  SPAIN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-19
MENDLE, MORIZ                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-93
MICHIELLI, LEUGI                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-31
MIGLIORETTO, ANTONIO              ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-55
MILCHEFF, MIKE                    BULGARIA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-41
MILLER, CHARLES                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-43
MILLER, WILLIAM HENRY             NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-38
MILLS, ARTHUR HAMILTON            BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-25
MILLS, CLAY                       NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-27
MILLS, CLAY                       NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-100
MILNE, DONALD STUART              SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-30
MOGENSEN, FRED                    DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-64
MOLYNEUX, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-70
MONTANO, JULIAN                   MEXICO                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-35
MORK, HANS OLSEN                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-48
MORRILL, OSCAR DAVID              NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-20
MORRISSEY, JAMES                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-47
MORRISSEY, KATE                   IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-62
MOSER, SUSAN MARGARET             SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-16
MOSSO, JOHN                       ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-100
MPAGANITSAS, GEORGE               GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-81
MPAMPATAS, CONSTANTIN             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-27
MPAMPETAS, CONSTANTIN             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-26
MULLIN, PETER                     REPATRIATION                                 OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-21
MURRAY, MAGGIE                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-661
MYNSBERGHE, RAYMOND               BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-43
NALLY, NORAH                      IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-678
NASES, NIK                        GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-57
NAVE, JOHN                        SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                           OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-16
NEIDER, ROBERT GEORGE             GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-8
NELSON, ERIK CONRAD               NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-89
NELSON, ERNEST FRATHOF            SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-57
NEUBERGER, HANS JOACHIM           BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-675
NEUBERGER, JETTE                  BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-652
NEUBERGER, JOSEF                  BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-651
NEWMAN, JOHN                      SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-48
NICOLESCU, VASILE                 ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-25
NICOLESCU, VASILE T.              ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-65
NICOLESCU, VASILE T.              ROMANIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-82
NIEBUHR, WILHELM HENRY            GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-34
NITZLANDER, ROSA                  AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-8
NONINI, GREGORIO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-58
NOOY, OTTO                        HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-65
NORRIS, ALFRED WILLIAM            ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-42
NORRIS, ALFRED WILLIAM            ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-4
NORTHEY, JOSEPH A.                REPARATION                                   OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-613
OBRIEN, ELIZABETH PATRICIA        IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-670
OLIVERO, JOHN LOUIS               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-63
OLSEN, HANS                       NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-80
OLSEN, JOHN MILTON                ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-86
OLSEN, THUE                       DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-53
OLSON, CARL ALBERT                SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-19
OLSON, ERIK ERNIE                 SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-43
OLSON, JOHN                       NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-48
OLSON, OLOF                       SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-100
OLSON, OSCAR H.                   NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-8
OLSON, PETER                      SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-83
OLSSON, CARL JOHAN                DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-47
OLTHOFF, HENRY                    NETHERLANDS                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-14
ORESTO, PAOLICCHI                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-87
ORMENZO, FRANK                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-21
OSTER, NICKOLAUS                  RHEINLAND                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-9
PALIANO, MATTIO                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-46
PAPPAIANNO, CARMINO               ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-65
PAPPAIANNO, SALVATORE             ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-1
PAPPAS, GUST                      GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-75
PAPPAS, JAMES                     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-73
PAPPAS, JAMES GEORGE              GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-79
PARRATT, GEORGE                   SPAIN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-49
PARROTT, HAROLD ERNEST            ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-679
PARROTT, SELINA ANN (WILLIAMS)    ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-680
PATTEEUW, THEOPHIL                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-61
PATTEEUW, RENE JOE                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-35
PATTERSON, FRANK DUNCAN           SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-59
PAVICIC, ANTON                    AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-98
PAYZANT, FREDRICK LOUIS           NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-27
PEDERSON, NELS PEDER              DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-21
PELLTER, ROSAIRE                  QUEBEC                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-72
PERSSON, KNUTE ERIK               SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-42
PERSSON, MARTEN OLOF              RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-41
PERSSON, PER GUSTAV               SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-17
PETERSON, CHARLES                 GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-618
PETERSON, CHARLES                 SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                           OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-93
PETERSON, CHARLES                 SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                           OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-28
PEYRON, HENRY BENJAMIN            FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-34
PEYRONE, HENRI                    FRANCE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-642
PIL, PETER                        BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-48
PITTAVINO, LUIGI                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-56
PITTI, LOUIGI                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-77
POLITTA, BATITTSTA                SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-36
POOLE, JOHN                       ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-96
POULOS, ARCHIE DEMETREOS          GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-3
POULOS, FRED                      GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-2
POULOS, HARRY GEORGE              GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-28
POULSEN, PAUL OSTERGAARD          DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-9
PREMUTT, SALVOTO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-70
PRENZLAU, AUGUSTE EMETIE          RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-6
PRESCOTT, D. S.                   ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-81
PRETTEJHN, OSMOND THEODORE        ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-25
PURVIS, WILLIAM RICHARDSON        SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-85
RABASEINI, DANTE                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-16
RACANELLI, SHELZ                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-7
RAHILL, MARY CLARE                IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-671
REBHOLZ, FRANZ                    GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-69
RECHER, FRANK                     AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-81
RECHER, JOHN                      AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-82
REDMOND, JAMES                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-56
REINSTADLER, RUDOLPH              AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-11
REITAN, OLE ALVIN                 NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-22
RIGAKIS, JOHN MANUEL              GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-16
RINALDO, ROBERT                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-38
RISPLER, ROSIE                    POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-10
RITCHIE, ALFRED                   IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-52
RITCHIE, THOMAS EDWARD            IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-98
RITCHIE, WILLIAM                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-99
RITCHIE, WILLIAM                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-97
RIZOFF, CLYDE ELIEFF              BULGARIA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-24
ROBINSON, WALTER MACNAY           ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-631
RODRIGUEZ, FEDERICO               MEXICO                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-37
ROOD, OLE                         NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-9
RORWICK, PEDER BENHART            NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-31
ROSA, GIUSEPPE REY                ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-51
ROSS, WILLARD CLIFTON             NOVA SCOTIA                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-36
ROUSE, DANIEL                     IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-593
ROUSE, DAVID                      IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-51
ROUSE, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-28
ROUSE, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-23
ROUSE, ROBERT                     IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-44
ROUSE, ROBERT                     IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-29
ROUSE, ROBERT                     IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-640
SABBE, HECTOR                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-84
SACKOS, KONSTANTINOS DEMEDREW     GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-39
SALEEN, JOHN A.                   NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-90
SALVAY, ANDRO                     HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-33
SANDORSALA, PETER                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-2
SANDORSALA, VITO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-1
SARDAR, WILLIAM                   CROATIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-78
SASS, HENRY                       GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-99
SASS, JOHN                        GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-64
SCAMAN, CHARLES                   FINLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-60
SCANLAN, BENJAMIN R.              CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-627
SCAPPARELLI, FRANCESCO            ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-69
SCAR, EFRAIN                      SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-665
SCHEFFER, JETSE                   HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-39
SCHNAN, JOHN RUDOLF               GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-78
SEATON, WILLIAM                   ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-75
SEGERGREN, DAVID JOHANNES         SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-57
SENICAR, JOSEPH                   CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-622
SHARPAN, GEORGE PHILIP            ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-61
SHELSE, TOM                       ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-99
SHERIDAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-52
SILVERBURG, MANNY                 POLAND                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-36
SIMONE, LEONARDE                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-37
SIMPSON, DAVID JAMES              CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-29
SINGER, HENRY                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-31
SINGLETON, WILLIAM                IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-52
SISER, MARY ADRIANA               IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-671
SISTER, MAGDALEN FRANCIS          IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-670
SISTER, MARY CANICE               IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-629
SISTER, MARY KATHLEEN             IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-678
SISTER, MARY VERONICA ANNE        IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-688
SISTER, MURRAY                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-661
SISTER, THEODORE JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-661
SJOKVIST, GUSTAV GALMAR           SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-9
SKOARAS, CONSTANDINE PETER        GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-56
SMITH, CHARLES DOUGLAS            ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-78
SMITH, FERNANDO                   CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-621
SMITH, MIKE                       IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-635
SOCCHI, ABRAMO                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-45
SOMERS, NELLIE                    SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-5
SOPER, CHARLES JOHN               ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-19
SPEROPOULOS, GEORGEOS ATHANASIOU  GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-79
SPEROPULOS, GUNSTANTINOS S.       GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-61
SPEROPULOS, HARRY                 GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-82
SPEROPULOS, HARRY                 GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-77
SPEROPULOS, TOM GEORGE            GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-80
SPIROPOLOS, GEORGE                GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-4
SPIROPOULOS, JAMES SPIROS         GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-69
SPIROPOULOS, MITIADES             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-26
SPIROPULOS, TOM GEORGE            GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-18
SPRIET, IVO                       BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-54
SPYROPOULOS, MILTIADES            GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-45
SPYROPOULOS, NICHOLAS             GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-54
SQUILLACE, NICK                   ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-81
SQUIRRELL, GEORGE                 ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-32
STACK, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-82
STAEDLER, BERTHA STURZENEGGER     SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-668
STANCIU, CONSTANTIN               AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                              OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-97
STANCIU, ELI JOHN                 AUSTRIA                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-22
STANLEY, MARTIN                   LITHUANIA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-660
STANLEY, MARTIN                   RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-94
STEINBACH, CARL                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-40
STEVENS, UNNAR                    MANITOBA                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-604
STEWART, JAMES HENRY              IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-97
STICKLE, CARL D.                  CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-24
STILLMAN, WILLIAM WEBSTER         CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-6
STOCK, VICTOR                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-58
STOCK, VICTOR                     BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-70
STODDARD, SARAH                   ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-21
STOELMACKER, EMIL KARL            GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-47
STORZBACH, CARL                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-87
STORZBACH, ELIZABETH              GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-90
STOSSENS, PAUL                    BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-55
STRASSBURGER, ANNA (HOEBER)       BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-673
STRASSBURGER, LUDWIG              BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-674
STROOLARDT, EDMOND                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-62
STUART, HARRY ROSS                SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-73
SVARD, EFRAIM                     SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-665
SVARD, EFRAIN                     SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-665
SVENDSEN, SIGURD                  NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-677
SWANSON, MARTIN                   SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-68
SWORD, DANIEL                     SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-68
SWORD, EPHRAIM                    SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-665
SYME, WILLIAM                     SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-72
TALLON, JAMES                     CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-94
TAVEIRNE, ALBIN                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-34
TEODORI, GIOVANNI                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-666
TEODORI, GIOVANNI                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-42
THEODORSON, OLE JACOB             NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-95
THEODORSON, OLE JAKOB             NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-18
THIBODO, JOSEPH                   CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-12
THOMSEN, MAGGIE                   GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-79
THOMSEN, THOMAS CHRISTIAN         DENMARK                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-55
THORSON, OSCAR                    NORWAY                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-48
TIEMAN, MAX WOLFF                 RUSSIA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-80
TONALLI, LEO                      ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-50
TONELLI, JOHN                     ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-64
TORRINI, CORRATO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-84
TURTLE, EDWARD JOHN               ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-40
VAN BUSKIRK, RUPERT               ONTARIO                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-5
VANBEVEREN, JOHN                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-24
VANBEVERIN, ELISA                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-597
VANDEKEERE, MAURICE               BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-56
VANDENDRIESSCHE, JULIUS           BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-663
VANDERHAEGHEN, CYRILLE            BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-37
VANDERWALL, FRANK                 HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-17
VANDEWIELE, EUPHRASIE             BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-609
VANDEWIELE, GEORGE                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-608
VASELOPOULOS, CHRES               GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-73
VERHAEGHE, CHARLES                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-62
VERHAEGHE, CHARLES LOUIS          BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-656
VERHAEGHE, HENRI CYRIEL           BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-46
VISSY, JOSEPH                     HUNGARY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-687
VITO, LEO                         ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-98
VITO, MASELLIS                    ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-92
VNDEWIELE, PETRUS                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-66
VONDEVIELE, PETRUS                BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-11
VONDEWIELE, JULES                 BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-59
VONLOO, THILEMON                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-34
WALLACE, JOHN WEIR                ENGLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-97
WALLAERT, ERNEST                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-90
WALLAERT, HENRI                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-20
WALLAERT, HONORE                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  D-86
WALLAERT, JULES                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-61
WALLAERT, JULES                   BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-29
WALLAERT, MARIE LOUISE            BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-657
WALLAERT, MODEST                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-49
WALLAERT, MORIES                  BELGIUM                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-49
WALSH, ELIZABETH                  IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-36
WEBER, ALFRED                     SWITZERLAND                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-47
WEIS, HENRY                       GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-20
WENDT, OTTO WILHELM               GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-617
WENDT, OTTO WILHELM               GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-38
WEPPLER, ELEANOR                  SCOTLAND                                     OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-606
WESSELOWSKI, EMMY                 BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-649
WESSELOWSKI, KURT                 GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-648
WESSELY, EMMY                     BADEN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-649
WESSELY, KURT                     GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-648
WESTERBERG, BERNT JANSON          SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-54
WHITE, LESLIE HERBERT             AUSTRALIA                                    OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-83
WHITE, MICHAEL PATRICK            SOUTH WALES                                  OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-69
WIBERG, JOHN ENGELBERT            SWEDEN                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-23
WIENS, JESSE DAVID                CANADA                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-88
WIERINGA, AREND                   HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-27
WILLEMSEN, EBERHARD               HOLLAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-95
WILLIAMS, VICTOR                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-51
WILLIAMSON, LAWRENCE              ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  B-67
YOUNG, ELLEN                      IRELAND                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  G-85
YOUNG, HENRY                      QUEBEC                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  C-60
ZANNONI, ERNESTO                  ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-12
ZANNONI, GIUSEPPE                 ITALY                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  E-11
ZARRAS, NICK ANDREA               GREECE                                       OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-25
ZIMMERMAN, HERMAN GUSTAV          GERMANY                                      OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  F-42
ZORROZUA, JOHN BAUTISTA           SPAIN                                        OR-BAKER-CC-DOI  H-628

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