Wyoming County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Wyoming County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1906-1911 | 2 = 1911-1917 | 3 = 1918-1924 | 4 = 1924-1928 | 5 = 1928-1929 | 6 = 1929-1933 | 7 = 1933-1944 |
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ACKERMANN, ADOLF                       SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-358
ACKERMANN, MARIE                       SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-363
ADACH, BERTHA                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-494
ADACH, BRONISLAW                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-66
ALBRECHT, ADOLF                        GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-45
ALCOX, HARRY LAWRENCE                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-6
ALCOX, JAMES JOSEPH                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-34
ALCOX, JOHN WILLIAM                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-5
ALDUS, ARTHUR PERCIVAL                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-497
ALFIERI, ELIZABETH                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-580
ALFIERI, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-508
ALFIERI, JAMES                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-49
ALFIERI, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-508
ALTMAN, CARL WILLIAM                   GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-39
AMSTAD, MARIE AGNES                    SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-39
ANAS, GUST                             GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-32
ANDELORO, VINCENZO                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-44
ANDERSEN, HANS JOHN                    DENMARK             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-94
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-30
ANGELO, IGNAZIO D'                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-516
ANZALONE, ANGELA                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-543
ANZALONE, SEBASTIANA                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-534
ARCARA, GAETANO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-10
AUBERT, JOSEPHINE MARTIN               FRANCE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-502
BAHUN, JAKOB                           YUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-538
BAIN, EDWARD ERSKINE                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-428
BAIN, HOWARD ERSKINE                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-428
BAKER, WINIFRED                        CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-83
BALISTRERE, FRANCIS SAMUEL             ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-56
BALMAS, JAN                            POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-578
BALMAS, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-578
BARBER, EMMA JANE                      ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-601
BARBER, JAMES HERBERT                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-587
BARBER, JOSEPH                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-45
BARKER, JAMES ARCHIBALD                SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-4
BARONE, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-38
BARR, JAMES                            IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-54
BARTOCHOWSKI, MICHAL                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-431
BARTOLA, FRANK JAMES                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-25
BARTON, HENRY WILLIAM                  ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-68
BARTUCHONSKI, MICHAL                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-431
BAUER, LUDWIG                          GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-92
BEC, ELEONORA                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-356
BENEDETTO, AUGUSTINA                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-564
BENEDETTO, NICK                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-532
BENEDETTO, NICOLA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-532
BENNETT, WILLIAM EDWARD                CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-31
BERKEMEYER, GUSTAV                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-99
BERKEMYER, MARIA NIEDIEK               GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-371
BERRY, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-34
BIELESIS, VICTORYA                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-550
BIJAK, JOSEF                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-522
BIJAK, JOSEPH                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-521
BOHLEN, HENRY CARL                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-7
BONEFEDE, GASPER                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-29
BOSKOFF, GEORGE THOMAS                 SERBIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-50
BOSSELER, JOHN B.                      BELGIUM             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-47
BOTTONE, RALPH                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-99
BOVENZI, GEORGE                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-37
BOVENZI, THOMAS                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-36
BOXLER, JACOB                          SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-409
BOXLER, JOHANN                         SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-518
BOXLER, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-518
BOXLER, JOSEPH JAKOB                   SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-366
BRANDITSAS, CHRISTINE                  GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-390
BRIAN, CHARLES                         ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-402
BRIAN, NELLIE                          IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-401
BRODURICH, THOMAS                      HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-83
BROMAN, ALBERT                         CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-595
BROWN, MARY                            ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-418
BROWN, MILDRED HUNTER                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-438
BROWNE, ROBERT GRANT                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-376
BRUNNER, HERMAN                        SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-367
BRYK, ANIELA                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-600
BUCZEK, MICHAL                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-97
BULLEN, EMELINE                        CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-27
BULLEN, LYDA EMINA                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-26
BULLEN, LYDA EMMA                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-57
BUMBACHER, JOSEPH                      SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-355
BUO, ALOIS JOSEF                       SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-404
BUOB, ALOIS JOSEPH                     SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-404
BURDZINSKI, JOHN                       RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-72
BURTON, EVAN JONES                     WALES               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-14
BUSH, ASA                              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-46
BUTLER, WILILAM FREDERICK              ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-64
BZDUCH, FRANCIS                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-405
CAITO, FRED                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-55
CAITO, MICHAEL LEONARD                 ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-372
CAITO, TONY                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-53
CALOGERO, CHIMERA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-24
CAPPODONIA, DOMINIC                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-63
CARLINO, GIUSEPPO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-48
CARLSON, CARL FREDRICK                 SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-46
CARTWRIGHT, BERTHA MAUD                CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-461
CARTWRIGHT, SIDNEY NELSON              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-41
CASTIGLIA, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-18
CASTIGLIA, SABBASTIANA                 ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-534
CASUCCI, VICENZO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-20
CEBULSKA, MATYLDA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-501
CHADWICK, JOSHUA STOTT                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-29
CHOMIAK, KONRAT (HAS PHOTO)            AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-430
CHOUSTIK, ANDRY                        HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-55
CHRASTEK, ANDREJ                       HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-55
CHVASTEK, ANDREJ                       HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-56
CIAK, ANDREW                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-514
CIAK, KATHERINE                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-513
CICERO, JOSEPH SEBASTIAN               ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-533
CICERO, SALVATORO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-54
CICHON, FRANK                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-98
CIERLAK, LEON                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-52
CIPRIANO, SALVATORE                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-9
COADY, MAURICE                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-20
CODY, MAURICE (MORRIS)                 IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-46
COFFEE, THOMAS GROVER                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-36
COLE, CHARLES                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-5
COLE, JOSEPH                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-6
COLE, MARY                             ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-469
CONSIGLIO, VITO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-70
CONSIGLIO, VITO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-403
CONTI, MARY                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-552
CONTI, SEBASTIANO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-531
COOK, FREDERICK GEORGE                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-549
COOPER, HARRY GEORGE                   ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-43
COPPING, JOHN                          ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-10
COTTRILL, JAMES COLMAN                 CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-35
COURTOSC, EUGENE                       FRANCE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-491
COURTOX, ANNA MABEL                    NEW YORK            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-476
COURTOX, EUGENE                        FRANCE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-491
COURTOX, MAURICE                       FRANCE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-76
CREQUE, ALEZIA AUGUSTINE               ANEGODA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-439
CRICHTON, GEORGE                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-40
CYGAN, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-70
DANGELO, IGNAZIO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-516
DAURIA, CALOGERO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-425
DAVIS, ALBERT EDWARD                   ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-51
DEC, ANTONI                            RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-42
DEGRIGOLIO, PIETRO                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-34
DEGRUCHY, DORIS JOYCE                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-565
DEWAR, ALEXANDER                       CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-59
DIANGELANTONIO, DOMENICO               ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-448
DIBATTISTA, RALPH                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-368
DICKENSON, HERBERT JOHN                ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-26
DICKES, FRANK                          BELGIUM             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-14
DICKES, JOHN PETER                     BELGIUM             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-11
DIDOSZAK, ANDRZEJ (HAS PHOTO)          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-436
DIGIOVANNI, FRANCESCO                  ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-566
DIGORIO, PIETRO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-34
DILTZ, DAVID A.                        CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-15
DIMARIA, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-507
DITULLIO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-71
DJOUKEFF, DIMKO PETRE                  TURKEY              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-49
DODOCZOK, ANDRZEJ                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-436
DODSON, JULIA KATE                     ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-421
DOEHRMANN, MARIE MARIE                 GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-411
DOHRMANN, MARIE                        GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-411
DOMBROSKI, STEVEN                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-76
DONDUKE, JOHN                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-52
DOOBOWAY, ANNIE                        CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-596
DORRENBACHER, JOHN PETER               GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-97
DRENNAN, HENRY EDWARD JR.              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-451
DRENNAN, HENRY EDWARD SR.              IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-452
DRENNAN, LEE JOHNSTON                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-450
DRENNAN, ROBERT ALEXANDER              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-453
DREWS, ALBERT                          GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-8
DROZDZ, FRANCISZEK                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-388
DROZDZ, FRANK (HAS PHOTO)              POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-388
DUDEK, ANIELA                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-553
DUDZIC, LAWRENCE                       RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-91
DUDZIC, LAWRENCE                       RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-38
DUDZIC, ROZALIA                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-526
DUDZIC, WALENTY                        RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-39
DYMEK, BRONISLAWA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-494
DZIUBA, STANISLAW                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-594
DZIUBA, STANLEY                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-594
EAGLETON, ALMA ALBERT                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-17
EAGLETON, EDWIN                        ONTARIO             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-1
EDWARDS, SAMUEL JAMES                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-38
ELLIS, ALVA NOORAN                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-555
ERHARDT, ALOIS                         AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-408
ERHART, ALOIS                          AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-408
ERHART, NOTBURGA                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-420
ESTTIMIN, APOSTOLO                     GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-415
EUSTACE, HERBERT EDWIN                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-63
EUSTICE, FREDERICK                     ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-8
EVANS, THOMAS                          WALES               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-12
FAILLA, GIOACHINO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-13
FAILLA, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-89
FALANDYSZ, JOHN                        RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-40
FARON, MICHAEL                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-412
FARYNA, VINCENT                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-354
FARYNA, WALTER                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-50
FASCIANO, CALOGERA                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-48
FELDERER, LUDWIG                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-7
FERRARA, ANTONINO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-61
FERRARA, ANTONINO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-50
FERRARA, ROSALIA                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-575
FEUERBACHER, JAKOB                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-44
FILI, GIUSEPPE                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-586
FIZEK, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-46
FLOOD, ANTHONY JAMES                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-86
FLOWERS, ERNEST                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-74
FLOWES, JOHN HENRY                     FRANCE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-47
FRATELLI, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-359
FRATELLI, GIACOMO JAMES                ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-434
FRATELLI, JAMES                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-434
FRONCZEK, WIKTOR                       RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-87
FUGINA, MATIJA JOHAN                   AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-2
FUSIARA, ANTHONY THADEUS               POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-15
GALLO, GENEVIE                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-544
GAUTREAU, LUCIEN                       CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-29
GEAR, WILLIAM JOHN                     ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-15
GEDEON, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-24
GERM, MARY                             YUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-72
GERM, SOPHIA                           YUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-73
GEVIA, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-4
GHENT, OLIVER THADDEUS                 CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-510
GIALLANZA, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-56
GIALLANZA, JOSEPH ONNETTO              ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-9
GIALLAUNA, CHARLES GIUSEPPE            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-34
GIAMBRA, PROSPERO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-18
GIAMPINO, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-68
GILLESPIE, WILLIAM                     IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-51
GIZA, JOHN                             POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-35
GLAUS, JOSEF                           SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-545
GLAUS, JOSEPH                          SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-545
GOCKO, JOSEPH                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-27
GODLEWSKI, FELIX                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-82
GOGGINS, JAMES                         ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-6
GOTRO, BRIDGET                         NEW YORK            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-446
GOTRO, SILAS                           CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-447
GOUGH, HELEN                           IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-500
GRAY, WILLIAM JOHN                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-19
GREAVES, CHARLES                       ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-74
GRIFFO, CAROLINA DEBLASE               ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-609
GRODECKA, KATARZYNA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-414
GRODECKI, KATARZYNA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-414
GROMADZINSKI, ANTONI                   AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-92
GUARIHO, COLOMBA                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-465
GUBBINS, CLARA ADELIA                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-477
HADDON, MARGARET                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-20
HADDON, MARGARET                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-71
HAIDEN, HERMAN                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-53
HALLOWS, HAROLD                        ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-503
HANDLEY, PERCY                         ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-472
HARLOFF, CHRISTIAN                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-5
HEIDMANN, FREDRICK                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-3
HEINTZ, FRED CONRAD                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-471
HEINTZ, FREDERICK                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-471
HEIZMANN, JOSEPH                       GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-467
HEIZMANN, JOZEF                        GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-467
HERRMANN, ANNE MAY                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-596
HINZ, EWALD SIGMUND                    GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-86
HIRTREITER, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-29
HOCH, HEINRICH                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-579
HOCH, HENRY                            GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-579
HOEPFL, JOSEPH                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-31
HOLDER, ALFRED WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-369
HOLZEN, WALTER VON                     SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-13
HUGHES, EDWARD JR.                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-528
HUME, ANNA KASPROW                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-456
HUME, JAMES DUNNING                    SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-58
HUME, THOMAS                           SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-57
HURLEY, DORIS MAUDE                    ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-435
HUSA, WIKTORYA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-611
HYDE, VIOLA VIVIAN                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-541
IACUZZO, ANTONINO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-65
IACUZZO, GIUSEPPA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-499
IACUZZO, JOSEPHINE                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-499
IANNICELLO, MICHAEL                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-37
IANNICELLO, RAFFAELE                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-6
INNEE, M. GIUSEPPA                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-517
IRWIN, ERNEST MAJOR                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-58
IRWIN, FLORENCE MAY                    NEW YORK            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-79
JABLONSKI, JAN                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-42
JAKUBASZEK, MICHAEL                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-576
JAMES, THOMAS JOHN                     WALES               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-73
JELEN, ANTONI                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-96
JENNINGS, FREDERICK ABEL               ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-445
JENNINGS, PERCY ROBERT                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-443
JENNINGS, ROBERT                       ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-444
JENSEN, MARIUS                         DENMARK             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-10
JOHNOSN, EFRAIM MARTIN                 NORWAY              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-61
JOHNSON, CARL                          SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-13
JOHNSON, JOHAN EMIL                    SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-81
JOLLER, JOSEPH                         SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-68
JURKOWSKI, KATHERINE                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-479
JURKOWSKI, VOJCIECH                    AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-413
KABLOWSKI, MICHALINA MARY              POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-584
KACZALKOWA, TEOFILA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-607
KAPUSCIARZ, JOHN                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-67
KARRER, EMIL JACOB                     SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-16
KARRER, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-17
KASPERCZYK, WOJCIECH                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-424
KASPROW, HANNA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-456
KASPROW, MICHAEL                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-547
KASPROW, MICHAS                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-547
KATTERMAN, ADAM JOHN                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-16
KEHR, JACOB                            GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-433
KELLY, ANNA                            IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-364
KENNEY, JAMES EDWARD                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-427
KERNEN, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-375
KIRKPATRICK, ROBERT SMITH              IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-65
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM JOHN              IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-12
KIZIUN, KALENIK                        USSR                NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-540
KIZUN, CHARLIE KALENIK                 USSR                NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-540
KLUSSMANN, SOPHIE                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-395
KNAUS, JOHANN                          JUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-407
KNAUS, JOHN                            JUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-407
KOCHAN, ANITONINA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-603
KOCHAN, MICHALIE                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-584
KOLODZIEJ, ANNA                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-512
KOROLCHUK, ALEX                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-22
KOROLCHUK, ANNA                        PENNSYLVANIA        NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-23
KOSAK, KONSTANSIA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-593
KOSMERL, KARL                          AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-69
KOTZER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA HUNGARY     NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-15
KOVKA, MICHAEL                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-394
KOWALCZUK, ALEX                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-22
KOWASZ, ANTHONY                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-373
KOWKA, MIHALY                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-394
KOZAK, ANTONINA                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-603
KOZIEL, JAN                            RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-10
KOZIEL, MIECZYSLAW                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-30
KOZLOWSKA, JULIA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-571
KOZMUK, NICKELEI                       USSR                NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-523
KRAZ, CARL GUSTAV                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-12
KREAWSKI, JOHN                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-66
KROASTANIS, STERGOIS                   GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-395
KROPNICZKI, ANDREJ                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-554
KROSTANIS, STARGEOS                    GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-393
KROTZ, HENRY JOHN                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-17
KRUPICZ, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-89
KRUPNICKI, ANDREW                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-554
KRUPNICKI, MATYLDA                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-501
KRUPPNER, AUGUST                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-606
KSIADZ, ANTONINNA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-568
KSIADZ, FRANCISKA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-598
KUBEJ, BELLA                           AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-43
KUGEL, BOLESLAW HENRY                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-87
KURETICH, GEORGE                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-88
KURIECIEN, FELIKS                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-361
KUSMICZ, VINCENTZ                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-75
KUZMA, ANNA                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-604
KUZMUK, NICOLAI                        USSR                NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-523
LACHIUSA, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-397
LACHIUSA, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-489
LACHIUSA, ELEANORA                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-530
LACHIUSO, CALOGERO                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-440
LADEMARCO, CAROLINA                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-609
LAGIORGIA, ANGELO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-379
LAITNER, ANSELM                        GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-486
LAKIN, JOHN NELSON                     CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-488
LAMONICA, MARIA                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-552
LAMPASONA, CALOGERO                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-93
LANDOWSKI, JOZEF                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-525
LANDOWSKI, ROZALIJA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-526
LANEY, RALPH MILTON                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-374
LANGE, ADOLF                           GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-90
LANZONE, NICOLO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-468
LAPESETIES, ISRAEL                     RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-13
LASPESA, NUNIZO SALVATORE              ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-362
LATORTO, MARIA DOMENICA                ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-605
LEONHARDT, HERMAN                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-54
LIBERTI, ELEONORA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-496
LIBERTI, GAETANO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-27
LIBERTI, NUNZIO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-38
LIBOSSKI, JOSEPHINE                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-559
LIGOJ, KATARZYNA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-589
LINDSAY, FRANK JOHN                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-574
LIPDIES, ISRAEL                        RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-79
LITTLE, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-42
LITTLE, JOHN ARTHUR                    ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-69
LOCKHART, FRANCIS                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-67
LOHMER, WOLFGANG                       GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-524
LOTORTO, PETRO                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-73
LOVERDE, ANGELINE                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-543
LOVERDE, LEONARDO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-19
LOVERDI, NICHOLAS                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-36
LOWERY, SOPHIE                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-395
LUBERS, ANNA                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-512
LUDDINGTON, HENRY HAVELOCK             CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-539
LUZAR, JOZE                            AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-39
LUZZI, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-377
LUZZI, JOSEPPA                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-377
MACDONALD, CHARLES JAMES               CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-69
MACDONALD, PEARL                       CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-563
MACDONALD, WALTER SCOTT                CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-406
MACKERCHAR, JANE                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-422
MACRORY, PRUDENCE                      ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-542
MAHA, LOUIS                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-455
MALACHOWSKI, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-53
MALAK, KATARZYNA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-567
MALZARD, ALICE MARY                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-91
MALZARD, FRANCIS JAMES                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-75
MANIDAS, TEDDY PETER                   GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-52
MANIKAS, ELIPHTHEROS                   GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-52
MANIKAS, THOMAS PETROS                 GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-88
MARANCA, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-31
MARR, DAVID JACKSON                    ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-77
MARTINA, JAMES                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-55
MARTINA, VICENZO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-55
MARTLE, JOSEPH                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-19
MARX, MARIA WASSERMANN                 GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-573
MARYNOWSKI, JOSEPH                     AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-71
MARYNOWSKI, NELLIE PEARL               POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-600
MATELLO, JOE                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-23
MATINA, FILIPPO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-7
MATTEO, LETA                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-2
MATTHIES, JOHANNES                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-481
MATURIK, JOZEF                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-76
MATUSIK, MARYA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-365
MAZZARELLA, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-463
MAZZARELLA, JOE                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-463
MAZZOLA, MARY                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-507
MAZZOLA, NEWTON                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-59
MCCALL, THOMAS                         SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-520
MCCARTHY, JANE                         SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-422
MCCARTY, CHARLES                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-81
MCCARTY, JENNIE                        SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-449
MCDUFF, DANIEL BIGGAR                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-64
MCLEAN, RICHARD JAMES                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-26
MCLELLAN, DONALD                       SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-11
MCMURRAY, JOHN                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-33
MEARNS, MACKIE                         SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-572
MEARNS, NELLIE ELLIS                   SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-585
MENTIL, JOHN                           HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-48
MENZIES, ALEXANDER                     SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-56
MERKLEY, HENRY STUART                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-18
MESACK, JULIA                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-571
METROS, OMER                           ALBANIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-437
MEYER, HEINRICH GERHARD                GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-380
MICHAJLIK, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-70
MICHALSKI, PAUL                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-381
MICHALSKI, STEFANIA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-493
MICHALSKY, PAWEL                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-381
MILANO, LEONARO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-60
MILETELLO, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-41
MILILLO, ANGELO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-457
MILILLO, JOHN JACOB                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-78
MILLER, ARTHUR EDWARD                  ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-5
MILLER, FREDERICK NORMAN               ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-432
MILLER, HARRY                          ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-4
MILLI, WALENTY                         AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-67
MIRA, HIISOUIA                         GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-390
MIRRAS, JOHN                           GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-26
MISSLAND, KARL JOHN                    SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-458
MLYNIEC, STANISLAW                     AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-40
MOHAR, ANTON                           JUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-417
MONTESANO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-396
MONTESANO, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-396
MORRIS, MICHAEL J.                     IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-41
MOYER, EMERSON DISHER                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-475
MOZGAWA, MARTIN                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-506
MOZGAWA, MARTIN                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-485
MOZGOWA, ANTONINA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-568
NABOZNY, ADAM ALEXANDER                POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-84
NARA, FRANCESCO                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-483
NAROWSKI, FRANK                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-49
NASCA, SEBASTIANA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-535
NAUMUK, WASILI                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-551
NAWOLSKI, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-32
NEFF, AUGUST PETER                     GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-581
NIEDIEK, MARIA                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-371
NOCERA, MAMIE                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-583
NOCERA, MAMIE ANNA                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-583
NOCERAL, GIROLAMA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-583
NOCOL, HELENE                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-561
NORDOCCI, EMILIO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-391
NOURA, JOSEPH DANIEL                   ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-8
NOVARA, FRANCESCO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-483
NOVARA, FRANK                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-560
NOVARA, FRANK                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-442
NOVARA, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-588
NOVARA, MAT                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-35
NUARA, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-442
NUARA, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-560
NUARA, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-588
NUMACK, WALTER                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-551
ODONNELL, MICHAEL                      IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-4
ODONNELL, MICHAEL                      IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-25
ODYMALA, WALTER                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-19
OLSON, JOHAN OSCAR                     SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-100
OLSON, JOHN OSCAR                      SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-44
ORLANDO, JOE                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-50
OSIAKOWSKI, ANIELO                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-352
OSIAKOWSKI, TOMASZ                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-351
OZIMO, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-515
OZZIMO, GAITANA                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-570
OZZIMO, PETRO                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-515
PACHUTO, FRANK                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-41
PALERMO, BIAGGIO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-511
PALUCKA, FRANZ                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-577
PALUCKI, BOLESLAW                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-93
PALUCKI, JOSEPHINE                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-559
PALUCKI, STANISLAUS                    RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-28
PALUCKI, STANISLAW                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-94
PANECE, LEWIS                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-1
PANEK, KATARZYNA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-479
PANEK, MICHAL                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-460
PANICCIA, LUIGI                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-1
PARASKA, JOSEF                         AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-61
PARASKA, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-61
PARK, NELLIE                           SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-585
PARKER, G. GORDON                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-569
PARKER, GEORGE GORDON                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-569
PATYS, SZCZEPAN                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-79
PATYS, WERONIKA                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-80
PAWELCSYK, ELEONORA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-356
PCIAK, ANDRZEJ                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-514
PEARSON, AXEL WALDEMAR                 SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-410
PENESKI, LEWIS                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-1
PERSSON, AXEL VALDEMAR                 SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-410
PETERLANA, PREMO                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-80
PETKO, VINCENT                         HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-21
PFAFF, WILLIAM                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-81
PFEIFFER, JOHN                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-3
PICONE, CALOGERO                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-95
PIERSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-9
PIERSON, MAURICE HERBERT               SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-8
PLAZA, JAN                             POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-98
POLIZOTTO, ELEANORA                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-530
POLUMBO, TOM                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-60
PREEN, THOMAS                          ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-591
PRESTON, NATHANIEL                     IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-12
PRINGLE, CHARLES EDWARD                CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-470
PRINGLE, HENRY                         CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-480
PRINGLE, MILDRED                       ILLINOIS            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-484
PRPIC, ANDRO                           HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-18
PRPIC, ANDRO                           YUGOSLAVIA          NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-478
PRUS, HELENA                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-557
PUKOS, ANTONI                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-40
QUESTA, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-49
RAJK, FRANK                            AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-65
RENNICK, DANIEL                        IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-487
RENNICK, DANIEL                        IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-504
RENNICKS, DANIEL CANNING               IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-487
RENNICKS, DANIEL CANNING               IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-504
RICOTTA, ANTONIA                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-33
RIDING, JAMES JOSEPH                   ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-77
RILEY, THOMAS                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-490
RINZ, AUGUST                           GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-25
RIP, KATARZYNA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-513
RIX, CHARLES H.                        ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-16
RIX, ERNEST                            ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-11
ROACH, ANNIE                           IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-364
ROACH, THOMAS                          IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-392
ROACH, THOMAS                          IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-90
ROBERTS, THOMAS JOHN                   ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-419
RODESKI, ALBERT                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-45
ROMEO, MARIA                           ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-605
RONCONE, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-21
ROSBOROUGH, VIOLA VIVIAN               CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-541
ROZANSKI, ANTONI                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-33
ROZANSKI, JOSEPH                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-59
ROZANSKI, LEWIS HENRY                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-378
RUDYK, JULIA                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-602
RUSSELL, WILLIAM BRUCE                 CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-519
RYBAK, ALICE                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-426
RYBEK, MATTY                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-353
RYCHLIK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-47
RYCHLIK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-37
RYCZEK, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-85
SADLER, AGNES                          SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-43
SADLER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-21
SAGGESE, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-37
SAGGESE, LUCIA                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-77
SALAMONE, BERTHA GUARINO               ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-465
SALAMONE, GERLANDO                     ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-75
SALAMONE, JOSEPH                       ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-537
SALAMONE, VICENZO                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-95
SARAMETA, MICHAEL                      AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-28
SARDINA, JOSEPH BATTISTA               ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-610
SCHASIEPEN, MAX                        GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-11
SCHIEMANN, EMMA BERTHA                 NEW YORK            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-387
SCHIEMANN, FREDERICK OTTO              GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-386
SCHILLACI, SALAVATORE                  ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-94
SCHNEIDER, ANTON                       GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-84
SCHOFIELD, CHARLES                     ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-423
SCHOFIELD, FRED                        ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-357
SCHROEDER, JOHN FREDERICK              GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-454
SCHUMBERGER, ALIS                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-96
SELDOWITZ, SAM                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-97
SELEPECZ, ANNA                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-604
SELEPECZ, VASZILY                      CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-527
SENKARIK, MATUS                        AUSTRIA HUNGARY     NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-60
SEWELL, MAYSON HODGSON                 ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-16
SHARON, HELENA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-557
SHAW, JOHN ARCHIE                      CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-2
SHIRLEY, HELEN                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-500
SIEMBIDA, SCZEPAN                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-51
SILSBY, EMMA JANE                      ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-601
SIMONE, NICHLAS                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-1
SINTA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-62
SLUSARCZYK, STANISLAW                  AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-22
SMITHERS, OSCAR                        CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-474
SMUTEK, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-92
SMUTEK, HELEN                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-561
SOLDANO, ELISABETTA                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-580
SOLDANO, GIUSEPPA                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-558
SOLDANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-57
SOLTYS, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-360
SOLTYS, STEFANIA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-493
SPIEGELEIRE, EMIEL HENRY               BELGIUM             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-599
SPIEGELEIRE, EMILE                     BELGIUM             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-599
SPRINGETT, EUNICE MARJORY              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-597
SQUIRE, PERCY                          ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-1
SQUIRE, PERRY                          ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-45
STAJDO, MARYANNA                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-365
STANBRIDGE, ROBERT EMMET               ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-9
STANICA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-14
STANIS, JAN                            AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-72
STARKE, WALTER                         GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-33
STEARNS, MILDRED THORNTON              CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-492
STEC, ANTONI                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-441
STEFANIC, ANTON                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-32
STELLA, GIE                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-17
STEPIEN, PIOTR                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-400
STRUNIAWSKI, TEOFILA                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-607
SURTEL, JULIA                          UKRAINE             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-602
SUSJENKA, KAROL                        AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-42
SWIDER, ANTONI                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-47
SWIDER, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-48
SZAFNA, ANTHONY                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-384
SZAJNA, VICTOR                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-505
SZARLOWICZ, STANISLAW                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-74
SZCZEPANOWSKI, DAMAZY                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-84
SZYMANSKA, WABULYNA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-370
SZYMANSKI, VALENTINE                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-383
SZYMANSKI, WALLENTI                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-383
TAGLIALAVORE, GIUSEPPA                 ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-558
TALEWICZ, ANTONI                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-482
TANZER, ANDRAS                         HUNGARY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-27
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN JOSEPH                SCOTLAND            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-20
TAYLOR, WILLIAM JOHN                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-30
TEXES, FRANK                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-577
THERMOPOLIS, ANOSTORIA                 GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-78
THOMAS, GENEVIENE                      ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-544
THOMAS, WILLIAM LEROY                  CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-43
THOMOPOULOS, LEONIDA D.                GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-416
THOMPSON, ANTHONY                      GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-415
THOMPSON, LOUIS                        GREECE              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-416
THORNTON, MILDRED S.                   CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-492
TINNENBAUM, BENNIU                     RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-82
TODARO, PHILIP                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-582
TODD, GEORGE                           ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-24
TOMASZEWSKA, JOSEFA                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-559
TOMASZEWSKA, TADEUSZ                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-546
TOMASZEWSKI, TADEUSZ                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-546
TOMPOLSKI, BRONISLAW                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-389
TORNQUIST, EIRK GUSTAV                 SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-62
TORTORICE, ANTHONY FRANCIS             ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-85
TORTORICE, ELEONORA                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-496
TRACZEK, MICHAL                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-498
TRACZYK, MICHAL                        POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-498
TRYBEK, SZYMON                         RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-89
TRYBEK, VALENTINA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-370
TRYKA, FILIP                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-548
TRYKA, FRANCES                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-598
TRYKA, JAKUB WALENTY                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-95
TRYKA, TEKLA                           POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-592
TURNER, JOHN DUNCAN                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-562
ULASCH, JOHN                           RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-22
URBANCZIK, KATARZYNA LIGAJ             POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-589
URBANCZYK, MATEUSZ                     POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-64
VALENTS, ANTIMO LOUIS                  ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-608
VARVASO, LUCY                          ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-87
VARVAZO, JEROME                        ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-91
VITAGLIANO, GIUSEPPINA                 ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-517
VITO, GIUSEPPE                         ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-556
VITO, JOE                              ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-556
VONHOLZEN, WALTER                      SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-13
VONMATT, THEODORE                      SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-24
WARNER, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-509
WASSERMANN, MARIE                      GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-573
WAWSZYCKI, THOMAS                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-32
WAZONCHA, BRONISLAWA                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-590
WERNHAM, ALBERT GEORGE                 CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-22
WERNHAM, JOHN HENRY                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-21
WESTROM, EARL EMANUEL                  SWEDEN              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-58
WHITCOMBE, DORIS JOYCE                 CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-565
WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE                    CANADA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-14
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ALBERT               ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-99
WINER, BENNIE                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-28
WINER, BENNIE                          RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-36
WISNIEWSKI, MICHAL FLORYAN             POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-464
WISNIEWSKI, VICTORIA                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-550
WITEK, IAN                             POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-536
WITEK, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-536
WOGTALIK, ANDRZEI                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-462
WOJCICKI, WAWOZYNIEC                   RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-86
WOJEWODKO, ANTONI                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-384
WOJSIK, PETER                          POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-100
WOJTALIK, ANDREW                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-462
WOJTOWICZ, BERTHA                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-590
WOJTOWICZ, STANISLAW                   POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-100
WOLLCH, SAM                            RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-66
WRENBLEWSKI, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-23
WRIGHT, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-28
WRIGHT, NELLIE                         IRELAND             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-401
WUSTHOFF, OLGA HARRIET                 NEW YORK            NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-3
WUSTHOFF, PAUL HENRY                   GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-44
ZADOROSNY, HARRY                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-398
ZADOROZNA, TEKLA                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-399
ZADOROZNY, GREGOR                      AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-398
ZADOROZNY, TEKLA                       AUSTRIA             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-399
ZALEWSKI, STANLEY                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-382
ZALEWSKY, STANISLAW                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-382
ZANGHI, CIRO SALVATORE                 ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-495
ZANGHI, SAM                            ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-495
ZANGHI, SEBBASTIANA                    ITALY               NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-535
ZAWISZA, WALENTY                       RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-96
ZIARKOWSKI, CONSTANCE                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-593
ZIARKOWSKI, FRANK                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-85
ZIARKOWSKY, FRANCISZEK                 POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-85
ZIELONKA, STANLEY CHARLES              GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-78
ZIEMAN, JOHN                           GERMANY             NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-3-63
ZIEMBA, ANIELA                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-6-426
ZIMMERMAN, MARIE                       SWITZERLAND         NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-5-363
ZINKIEVICH, GREGORY                    POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-62
ZINKIEVICH, PETER                      POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-466
ZIOLKOWSKI, KATHERINE                  POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-567
ZMKIEVICH, PETER                       POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-7-466
ZUCHELKOWSKI, WLADISLAW                RUSSIA              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-1-90
ZYDEL, STANLEY                         POLAND              NY-WYOMING-SC-PET   61-4-31

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