US District Court (Southern)
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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ABDELMESSITS, MICHEL                   EGYPT               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-106
ABELS, CARL FRITZ                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-37
ABENDSCHEIN, JOHN                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-57
ABENDSCHEIN, LUDWIG                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-36
ACQUAVIVA, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-71
ALBAN, HYMAN                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-184
ALEKA, JACOB                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-29
ALEXANDER, ELIAS                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-220
ALOIA, FRANK SAVERIO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-243
ALPERT, BARNET                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-157
ALTOMARI, GENNARO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-230
ALVINO, PIETRO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-203
AMANN, JULES                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-153
ANDERSON, CHARLES EDLER                DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-88
ANDERSON, GEORGE GUILD                 SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-143
ANTONACCIO, ANDREA                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-130
ARENELLA, NICOLA                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-173
BACHOFEN, RUDOLF                       SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-225
BADD, NATHAN                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-87
BANNON, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-214
BARBIERI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-142
BARESHNIK, SOLOMON                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-236
BARGFREDE, HENRY                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-24
BARNARDO, MALACHIODI                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-109
BARO, JUAN PEDRO                       CUBA                US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-153
BARONE, PIETRO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-36
BARUCH, EMILE                          FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-132
BAUER, ARTHUR                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-165
BAUER, LUCIEN                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-59
BAUMBURGER, CONRAD                     SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-21
BAUSTEIN, JACOB                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-180
BEGG, COLIN LUKE                       SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-224
BEINER, JOE                            GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-206
BERKOWITZ, LUIS                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-175
BERLINER, AUGUST                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-106
BERNATH, MATHIAS                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-65
BERNATH, MICHAEL                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-187
BERNSTEIN, ARNOLD                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-72
BERNSTEIN, LEON                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-249
BERNSTEIN, NATHAN                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-171
BERUZZI, PETER                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-218
BESSET, ANDREW                         SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-32
BEST, RICHARD                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-237
BEST, RICHARD JOHN                     IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-212
BETTO, ARISTIDE                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-176
BIANCO, DOMENICO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-239
BIELE, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-9
BIRNBAUM, FISHLER EDWARD               AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-90
BIRNBAUM, HARRY                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-183
BISCARDI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-55
BLATT, AARON                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-20
BLAZNIK, ALOYSIUS LEO                  AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-167
BLETZ, HENRY                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-228
BLOCK, JULIUS                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-83
BLOND, PINKAS                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-129
BLUM, HARRY                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-220
BLUM, MORITZ                           HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-246
BLUM, SIEGFRIED                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-51
BLUMENSTOCK, HARRY                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-166
BLUMENTHAL, RUBIN                      ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-69
BOCHNER, JOSHUA HENRY                  AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-43
BOEHM, MAX                             GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-182
BOMMAS, EUGENE                         WUERTTEMBERG        US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-12
BONDA, THEODOR                         HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-238
BONE, ARTHUR THOMAS                    ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-93
BONURA, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-8
BOSCIA, DONATO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-48
BOTTENICK, SAM                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-102
BOWEN, GEORGE WILLIAM                  IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-118
BRADER, ALOIS                          SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-240
BRADY, THOMAS FRANCIS                  IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-208
BRAMHEEFT, WILLIAM                     DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-11
BRANDT, KONRAD                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-34
BRAUN, FREDERICK                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-41
BREEN, JAMES FRANCIS                   IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-82
BREIDENBACH, LUDWIG                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-31
BRENDLE, WILLIAM                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-32
BRENNAN, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-68
BRENNER, MOSES                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-4
BRETON, MIHRAN ABRAHAM                 TURKEY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-194
BRICK, THOMAS                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-72
BRILL, LOUIS                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-192
BRINK, JOHAN FREDERIK                  DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-81
BROOKS, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-87
BROSSARD, VALENTINE                    FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-47
BRUCK, HENRY                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-14
BUCHHOLTZ, ADOLPH                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-131
BUCK, KARL WILHELM                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-230
BUCKSBAUM, ISADOR                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-69
BUNKE, OSCAR                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-16
BUNTEN, LORENZO                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-202
CAHILL, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-66
CAIVANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-15
CALA, VINCENZO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-3
CALLAN, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-206
CAMPANIELLO, FRANCESCO                 ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-94
CANAVAN, WILLIAM                       IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-80
CANCIALORY, JAMES                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-35
CAPANNI, ANITA                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-159
CAPARELIOTIS, DEMETRIOS                GREECE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-48
CAPOFOOTE, LUIGI                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-207
CAPPUCCIO, GISACCHINO                  ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-190
CAPUANO, NICOLA                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-65
CARELLA, PIETRO ANGELO                 ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-40
CARMINA, BENIAMINO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-8
CARROLL, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-1
CARROLL, PATRICK                       IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-63
CARTER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-167
CASTALDO, VINCENT                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-20
CASTILLO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-128
CAVAGNARO, STEFANO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-129
CAVERA, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-195
CERASUOLO, RAFFAELE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-85
CHERRY, LEO                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-248
CHESS, SOLOMON                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-102
CHOLLET, AUGUSTE                       SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-155
CHRCHIERCHIA, ANTONIO                  ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-107
CLARK, PATRICK                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-140
COHEN, ABRAHAM                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-191
COHEN, BAREL                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-4
COHEN, HARRY                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-13
COHEN, PHILIP                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-250
COHN, DAVID                            ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-246
COLLEO, JOHN                           ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-44
COLVELLI, FRANK                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-52
COMYNS, ALFRED                         ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-188
CONROY, CHARLES JOSEPH                 IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-242
CONSTANT, ENGELBERT                    AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-190
CONTE, PASQUALE                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-243
COOCHOGERGAS, PETER                    GREECE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-168
COROTA, LUIGI                          ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-144
COTTER, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-59
COUGHLIN, PATRICK                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-181
COULARAS, DIMITRIOS GEORGE             TURKEY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-156
CRESPO, DOMINGO                        SPAIN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-241
CRESTIANO, ARCANGELO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-173
CULHANE, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-145
CUMBO, VINCENZO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-233
DALY, JAMES                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-227
DANDRED, EMIDIO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-34
DANNINZER, COLOMAN                     HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-222
DANZI, EMANUEL                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-148
DAOUST, DANIEL                         ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-224
DAVIDOV, WILLIAM                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-45
DECKEN, ERNST WILHELM                  GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-217
DECLEMENTI, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-157
DEGRASSE, LOUIS MURRAY                 NEVIS               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-88
DELANEY, DENIS                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-72
DENN, ISRAEL                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-179
DENNER, JACOB                          ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-8
DEPALO, FRANCESCO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-117
DERBY, FRANK                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-49
DERRICO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-38
DESHELL, CHANON ALEXANDER              RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-45
DIAMANDES, PETER                       GREECE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-237
DIAMOND, BENJAMIN                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-218
DIAMOND, SALOMON                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-169
DIDATO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-186
DIETERT, MAX                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-210
DILLON, MICHAEL                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-100
DIPPOLITO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-120
DISABATO, ALFONSO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-84
DJORUP, ERHARD                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-152
DNUNNOCENTO, PAOLA                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-229
DOBRINKAT, HERMANN                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-28
DOMICO, MARCELLINO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-61
DOMSKY, BARNET                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-145
DONNELLY, JOSEPH E. C.                 IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-22
DONNER, ARTHUR                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-177
DONNET, JOSEPH ADRIEN                  SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-34
DRESNER, JOSEF ELIAS                   ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-162
DREXLER, HARRIS                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-5
EBB, NATHAN                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-179
EBENEER, MAURICE                       SWITZELAND          US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-125
ECKHARDT, EDUAD                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-26
EDELSON, JEHUDA                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-178
EDLHERTZ, MAX                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-111
EGGERT, GEORGE FERDINAND               GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-169
EHRLICH, LOUIS                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-148
EICHENBAUM, SAM                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-33
ELIA, NICOLA                           ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-183
ELLENBOGEN, JOSEPH KATZEN              RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-215
ERICKSON, ERNST ROBERT                 SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-23
ESPOSITO, GUGLIELMO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-164
EVANGELISTA, CARLO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-196
FACCANI, GIAN                          ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-96
FALEVITCH, LOUIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-37
FANHIANO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-31
FARINA, VINCENZO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-43
FEDER, ALLIE                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-62
FEIGE, CHARLES                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-205
FEIGL, MATTHEW                         HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-214
FENNEL, MAX                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-12
FILLAT, ADOLF                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-3
FILLINICK, ZACCARIA                    AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-50
FINAN, JOSEPH VICTOR                   IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-106
FINKELSTEIN, JACOB                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-6
FINN, EDWARD                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-96
FINNEGAN, ARTHUR G.                    IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-23
FIORELLO, CLEMENTE                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-109
FISCH, RUBIN                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-217
FISCHER, JOSEF                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-100
FISCHHOF, EUGENE                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-126
FITZSIMMONS, JOHN                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-193
FLAHERTY, JOHN                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-192
FLANNERY, WILLIAM                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-197
FLETCHER, WILLIAM                      SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-7
FLYNN, JAMES                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-62
FLYNN, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-3
FOCACCI, GUIDO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-201
FORMICA, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-204
FORMISANO, DAMIANO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-175
FOSTER, ROBERT                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-101
FOX, HERMAN                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-239
FOX, MORRIS                            ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-70
FRADKIN, LOUIS                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-179
FRANCIS, CHRISTIAN                     NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-129
FRANKEL, WILLIAM                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-80
FRANKI, ANTON                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-27
FREISE, ALBERT                         HANOVER             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-215
FRENKIL, JOSEF                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-242
FREUND, JOSEPH                         HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-127
FREY, HERMAN                           SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-154
FRIEDMAN, ADOLPH                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-95
FROSIN, SIMON JOSEF                    ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-21
FRYER, THOMAS                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-207
FUNUNGIELLO, ANGELO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-181
GABLER, LAZAR                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-151
GAGGIANO, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-64
GAGLIARDO, GION BATTISTO               ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-150
GALLIGAN, JOHN                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-216
GANCEDO, ELADIO JOHN                   SPAIN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-152
GARBARINI, VICTOR                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-111
GAUGGEL, THEODOR                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-219
GAULKE, GEORGE                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-172
GEBHARDT, AUGUST PAUL                  HOLLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-223
GEDON, CHARLES                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-103
GEISEN, ARMIN                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-171
GEISLER, CARL                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-115
GERHAUSER, MARIE                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-112
GERLI, EMANUEL                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-77
GERLI, JOSEPH                          ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-78
GEWURZ, SOLOMON                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-33
GIANDIELLO, JOHN                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-204
GIESCHEN, JOHAN                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-69
GIEZENDANNER, CHARLES                  SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-101
GIGANTO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-168
GINSBERG, SOLOMON                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-17
GIORDANI, CLINO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-228
GLAESSER, JACOB                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-81
GLATT, WILLIAM                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-185
GLIEMANN, MORRIS HUGO                  GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-155
GOETZ, JACOB                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-19
GOGO, JOSEPH                           BELGIUM             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-125
GOLD, MARCUS                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-73
GOLDEN, BARTHOLOMEW                    IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-30
GOLDENBERG, SELIG                      ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-170
GOLDFRIED, LOUIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-216
GOLDSMITH, GEORGE                      ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-122
GOLDSTEIN, SELIG                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-159
GORMLEY, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-219
GRANDBERG, ADOLF                       NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-161
GREENBERG, JOSEF                       ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-143
GREENBERG, LOUIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-95
GREENWALD, HERMAN                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-185
GREGORISKE, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-143
GRIEDER, CHARLES                       SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-154
GRINTER, HERBERT                       ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-244
GROSS, CHARLES                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-201
GROSSMAN, JACOB                        HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-17
GRUNFELD, IZRAEL                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-54
GUGGENHEIM, EMANUEL                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-126
GUIGLIANO, RAFFAELE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-127
GYORFFY, ALBERT                        HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-189
HAIMOWITZ, LEON                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-214
HALLE, ALBERT                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-175
HALVORSEN, JAKOB                       NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-196
HAMOVICI, NATHAN                       ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-207
HANDLER, HARRY                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-247
HANSEN, HANS KRISTOFFER                NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-198
HANSEN, WILLIAM                        DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-144
HARDERS, ERNST                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-211
HARRIS, ABRAHAM                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-107
HARZ, CARL                             GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-235
HAYN, MAX GEORGE                       GEMANY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-123
HCKY, GREGOR GAITZ                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-81
HEALEY, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-92
HECHT, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-46
HEIMBERG, MAX                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-71
HEINSOHN, RUDOLF HINRICH               GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-180
HEKSCH, MAX                            HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-231
HELFAUD, HYMAN ELIAS                   RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-88
HELFAUD, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-89
HELLER, ISIDOR                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-231
HERRMANN, EDWARD ALBERT                GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-14
HERTZ, JULIUS                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-116
HEYDE, JOHN VON DER                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-132
HIGGINS, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-220
HILL, JOHN THOMAS                      ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-154
HILLER, HARRY                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-92
HIPP, PETER                            HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-45
HISLER, HENRY                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-174
HITZ, JOSEPH ALBERT                    SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-58
HOBEN, OTTO                            GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-144
HOCHBERG, HYMAN                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-10
HOFFMANN, VALENTIN                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-222
HOGLUND, HANS MARTIN                   NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-85
HOLL, CARL WILLIAM                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-33
HOLME, JOSEPH                          ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-113
HORNTREDT, ANTON                       NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-137
HOROWITZ, JULIUS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-27
HRADEK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-149
HUNTLEY, ORNMAN WESTON                 NOVA SCOTIA         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-77
HURWITZ, MORRIS                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-152
IANARO, CARMINE                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-191
IANNUZZIELLO, GIUSEPPE                 ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-186
INDERMUHLE, ALBERT                     SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-226
ISAACSON, GUSTAF ENOCH                 SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-74
ISNER, JOHN                            GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-99
JACKMAN, ARNOLD                        NEWFOUNDLAND        US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-157
JACOBS, BARNATT                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-9
JACOBSEN, OTTO                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-194
JANKOVITZ, HYMAN                       ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-89
JESELSOHN, WILHELM                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-51
JOHNSON, KARL EDWIN                    SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-178
JOYCE, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-122
JOYENSAZ, JEAN                         FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-235
JUSTER, WOLF ISAK                      ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-173
JUSTUS, HENRY WILLIAM                  GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-165
KAFFENBERGER, OSCAR WALTER             BADEN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-16
KALLA, ALEXANDER                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-84
KALLE, HERMAN                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-158
KANNEBECKER, FERDINAND                 GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-135
KANOVITZ, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-47
KASACK, NIKOFOR                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-77
KATZ, ALBERT                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-59
KATZ, CHARLES                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-170
KATZ, NATHAN                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-222
KAUFELER, JOSEPH                       SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-38
KEINER, ALBERT                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-108
KELLER, PAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-227
KELLY, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-226
KELLY, THOMAS                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-192
KESSLER, OTTO                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-156
KIMMEL, RUBIN                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-93
KIRSCH, AUGUST                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-105
KLEIN, ISIDOR ARTHUR                   ONTARIO             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-169
KLEIN, ISIDORE                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-190
KLEIN, MAX                             AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-98
KLEIN, NATHAN                          ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-104
KLERK, RICHARD                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-86
KNAAK, JACOB                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-200
KNAB, FRANK                            AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-147
KNOBLAUCH, CHARLES                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-245
KNOPP, OSCAR                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-248
KOCH, CARL                             GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-114
KOMP, CHARLES                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-138
KONIG, GUSTAVE                         SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-243
KONIGSBERGER, PAUL                     AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-110
KOPLOWITZ, IKE                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-90
KOSEC, FRANCIS                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-162
KOTTENHAGEN, CHARLES                   GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-80
KREFT, OTTO CHARLES                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-149
KROMBHOLZ, LUDWIG                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-189
KRUEGER, WILLIAM                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-193
KUPFER, OSCAR                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-174
KUPFER, OSCAR                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-124
KYRINSKY, GERCHON                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-37
LABARBO, PIETRO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-114
LAFRENZ, HENRY                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-176
LAND, PAUL GASTON                      FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-73
LANDI, FIDARDO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-29
LANGE, GUSAV GEORGE                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-134
LANZONE, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-244
LARKIN, HENRY                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-149
LARSON, ANDREW                         SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-131
LARSSON, JOHN VALDEMAR                 SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-39
LAURENZANA, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-139
LEE, THOMAS                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-238
LEIBOVITZ, MARCUS                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-41
LEMBKE, SOPHIE                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-124
LEPPMAN, AARON LOUIS                   RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-191
LERCHER, EDWARD                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-58
LEVENTER, WELLI                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-76
LICHT, ISRAEL                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-138
LICHTENSTEIN, BARNETT                  RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-46
LICHTER, JOSEPH                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-117
LINDEMANN, AUGUST                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-217
LINDEN, JACOB                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-221
LIPKOWITZ, MORRIS                      HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-75
LISA, PAOLO                            ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-232
LITTNER, MARKUS                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-1
LOEFFELHOLZ, JACOB                     AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-111
LOIMO, ANTONIO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-230
LOMBARDI, FRANCISCO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-206
LOPERUTA, DOMENICO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-229
LORELLI, VINCENZO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-39
LOVENTER, MORRIS                       ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-18
LUBOW, NATHAN                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-178
LUDWIG, HENRY                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-134
LUNDGREN, EMIL BERNHARD                SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-115
LUPI, GIOVANNI                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-195
LUTZ, JOHUN                            SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-79
LYBA, PAUL                             AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-7
MACCAGUANO, VINCENZO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-172
MACDONALD, PERCY EDWARD                INDIA               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-160
MACFALANE, JOHN L.                     SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-119
MACHEAU, LEON JEAN                     FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-209
MAHR, CHARLES                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-161
MALLEY, ALFRED                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-184
MALONGA, LORENZO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-166
MALTZ, MORRIS                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-25
MALY, EVARISTE                         BELGIUM             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-158
MANDELBAUM, ABRAM                      ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-176
MANGIERI, GAETANO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-83
MANGONARO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-48
MANNING, MATTHEW                       IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-231
MANUELE, GIACOMO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-203
MAPLES, JOHN GEORGE                    CANADA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-97
MARINELLO, PAULO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-68
MARINSCHEK, MARTIN                     AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-244
MAROWETZ, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-5
MARTIN, FRANK                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-100
MARTIN, LOUIS                          FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-55
MARTINCHAK, STEPHAN                    HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-200
MARTINENGHI, PIETRO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-247
MASSARELLA, AUSTINO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-234
MAY, GEORGE H.                         ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-141
MAYER, CHARLES ALBERT HENRY            FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-180
MAZUCCI, JOE                           ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-159
MAZZOTTA, FRANK                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-229
MCARDLE, PATRICK                       IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-49
MCCANN, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-119
MCCANNEY, JAMES                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-158
MCCOLLIN, JAMES FRANCIS                IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-140
MCCULLOUGH, JAMES                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-237
MCDERMOTT, THOMAS                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-89
MCGRATH, MICHAEL                       IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-136
MCGUSHION, JOHN                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-52
MCHALE, HENRY                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-198
MCKELLAR, JOHN ARCHIBALD               ONTARIO             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-79
MELORO, ANIELLO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-212
MEROLA, RAFFAELE                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-38
MERTEN, JOSEPH                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-86
MESSER, RUDOLPHE                       SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-82
MICKEY, JOHN JOSEPH                    ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-15
MILIKOWSKY, HESEL                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-15
MINKOFF, CHARLES ISAAC                 RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-139
MIRABEL, PAUL PASCAL                   FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-120
MITCHELMAN, DAVIS MAX                  RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-208
MODONO, ANGELO MARIA                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-199
MOLDER, PETER                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-236
MOLLOY, FREDERICK ALGERNON             IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-108
MONTAGNINO, GIEOLAMO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-9
MONTCHYK, EDWARD                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-49
MORA, CHARLES MANUEL                   SAN DOMINGO         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-55
MORGAN, GEORGE EDWIN                   ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-183
MORGENSEN, OLAF EINAR                  DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-40
MORRA, GIOVANNI CARLO                  ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-19
MORRIS, JAMES                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-113
MORRISON, THEODORE S.                  RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-73
MOTIN, CARL HANNING                    SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-146
MOTTOLA, ENRICO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-225
MOWITZ, JACK                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-43
MUELLER, CHARLES                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-233
MULHOLLAND, ROBERT ALFRED              IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-147
MULLER, EMIL                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-110
MULLER, JOHN CHARLES                   GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-54
MULLER, MIRKE                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-137
MUNCHHAUSEN, OTTO                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-150
MUTO, SALVATORE                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-10
MYSALL, HYMAN                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-91
NACCO, SALVATORE                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-182
NADAL, SAM                             RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-109
NADOL, ABRAHAM                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-17
NEIMULLER, GUSTAV                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-66
NELSON, ALEXANDER                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-39
NEWMAN, CALMAN                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-156
NIGRO, ANIELLO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-76
NITSCHKE, BRUNO                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-78
NOCHEMSON, MOR                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-171
NOSS, JOSEPH                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-132
NUSSBAUM, BERNHARD                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-193
NUSSBAUM, DAVID                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-164
OBRIEN, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-177
OCONNELL, PATRICK JOSEPH               IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-196
OCONNELL, TIMOTHY MAURICE              IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-96
OCONNOR, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-232
OCONNOR, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-108
ODOUGHERTY, GEORGE J.                  CANADA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-99
OETTERSHAGEN, OSWALD                   GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-118
OLCH, JACOB                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-185
OLIVER, HERBERT OSWALD                 CANADA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-181
OLSEN, MAGNUS                          NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-141
OLSSON, CHARLES HERMAN                 SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-50
OSMERS, JOHN                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-218
OUSSAIN, JOSEPH                        TURKEY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-2
OWEN, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-53
PACELLA, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-24
PAGANO, MICHAEL                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-249
PALLADINO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-213
PANDOZZI, FELICE                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-19
PANTANO, PASQUALE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-95
PARFENOWICH, PETER                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-56
PARKAN, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-97
PASSAMONTE, ANTONIO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-234
PATZERT, RUDOLPH                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-22
PAUL, NATHAN                           HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-224
PEARSON, FRANK                         ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-103
PEARSON, GUSTAF                        SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-151
PECORA, NICOLA                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-42
PECORA, VINCENZO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-123
PELICAN, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-248
PELSE, EDUARD                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-30
PERELMUTER, HARRIS                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-203
PERLMUTTER, ISAAC                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-20
PETERSON, ALFRED                       SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-74
PETERSON, WILLIAM                      SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-98
PETRUZILLO, MICHELANGELO               ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-155
PGEKAR, SORACH                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-170
PHILIPP, ELSER                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-133
PICARD, HENRI                          FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-28
PICCINOLO, PASQUALE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-210
PICKER, JAMES                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-79
PINKERTON, JAMES C.                    SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-65
PISANI, ADOLFO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-60
PLISNER, MAX                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-40
PODHOVETZ, JACOB                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-227
POLICASTRO, GREGORIO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-130
POLLARD, FREDERICK                     ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-246
POMERANTZ, CHARLES                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-74
POMERANTZ, PHILIP                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-162
POPPINGA, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-137
POTZ, DOMINICK                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-105
PREISER, NATHAN                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-187
PRINCE, ERNEST FRANCIS                 ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-138
PROVINI, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-136
PUPEK, JOHN                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-121
RABNOWITZ, BERL                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-104
RAE, ALEXANDER                         SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-41
RASATO, GERARDO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-42
RASATO, SEVERIO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-205
REICHBERGER, SAMUEL                    HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-4
REICHENBACH, JOHN GOTTLIEB             GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-140
REICHERT, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-146
REILLY, PATRICK                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-164
REIMANN, ERNST                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-31
REMOLLINO, DOMENECO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-116
RIBAK, ELIAS                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-167
RIBAK, LOUIS                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-166
RICKMANN, MORRIS                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-68
RIEGNER, ARTHUR                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-5
RININO, LORENZO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-211
RIONDA, HARRIET                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-67
RISELLI, DOMENICO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-245
ROBB, WILLIAM JOHN                     SCOTLAND            US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-36
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE PEREZ                  CUBA                US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-61
ROENICK, OTTO                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-221
ROHNER, ALFRED                         SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-94
ROITTNER, GUSTAV                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-102
ROONEY, FRANCIS                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-163
ROONEY, PETER                          IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-90
ROOZ, ARMIN                            HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-242
ROSELL, CONRAD THURE                   SWEDEN              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-126
ROSENBAUM, ISAAK                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-160
ROSENBERG, GABON                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-236
ROSENBERG, JACOB                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-239
ROSENBERG, KOPEL                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-133
ROSENBERG, SOLOMON                     ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-177
ROSENSTEIN, SAM                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-202
ROSNER, AARON                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-98
ROSNER, PAUL                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-97
ROSS, ABRAHAM                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-247
ROSSMANN, CARL OTTO                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-234
ROTH, RUDOLF                           HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-76
ROTH, VICTOR                           ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-145
ROTONDI, SALVAN                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-136
ROTTGER, JACOB                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-125
ROUVET, EDOUARD THEOPHILE              FRANCE              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-199
RUECK, GUSTAV ADOLF                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-25
RYAN, JEREMIAH                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-235
RYBA, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-53
SACHS, SIGMUND                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-13
SACKHEIM, MORRIS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-29
SALZMAN, DAVID                         ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-186
SAMPIEREI, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-35
SANDMANN, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-70
SANGER, FREDERICK WILLIAM              ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-161
SANTAMARINA, MANUEL                    SPAIN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-194
SANTNER, FRANZ                         HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-221
SANTORO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-18
SARRAPERE, SABATO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-13
SCALISE, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-202
SCHECHNER, SAM                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-238
SCHECK, GUSTAVE GORDON                 AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-78
SCHEIBLICH, RICHARD                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-63
SCHEIMAN, MAX                          HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-44
SCHENKEIN, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-57
SCHENKEIN, MAX                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-58
SCHENKER, EDWARD                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-46
SCHETTINO, EMILIO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-26
SCHMID, WILLIAM                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-103
SCHMITT, JOHN                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-135
SCHOENBERG, MAREN                      ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-198
SCHREDLE, JOSEPH                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-223
SCHULMAN, ISRAEL                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-53
SCHURMANN, GUSTAV                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-165
SCHUTZ, WILHELM                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-67
SCHWAGER, MAX                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-216
SCHWARTZ, JULIUS                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-56
SCHWARTZ, LOUI                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-213
SCHWARZ, FREDERICK JOHN                GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-245
SCHWARZ, GERSON                        HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-163
SCHWARZKOPF, ERNST                     GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-119
SCIARRILLO, SILVIO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-61
SCINTO, FRANCISCO                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-6
SCINTO, LORENZO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-71
SCOGNAMIGLIO, VINCENZO                 ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-188
SCOLA, EMILIO                          ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-57
SEDDING, JACOB                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-240
SEDLAYCK, MATJAS                       HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-228
SEGAL, ALTER                           ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-128
SEIDENBERG, MORRIS                     RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-241
SEMBER,ANDREW                          HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-75
SENIOR, JACOBO MANUEL                  PORTO RICO          US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-63
SERFLING, ERNEST                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-112
SERITELLA, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-84
SHAPIRO, BERCU                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-209
SHEA, JOHN                             IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-21
SHIMINSKY, MAX                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-241
SHORT, JAMES                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-250
SHUCART, GEORGE                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-215
SIMANSKY, PHILLIP                      RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-115
SIMARD, GAUDIAS                        QUEBEC              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-23
SIMENETTI, NICOLA                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-249
SIMPSON, JAMES                         ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-114
SINGER, AARON                          ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-93
SKELLY, JOSEPH                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-195
SKRILOFF, ABRAHAM IKE                  RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-51
SMITH, FELIX                           IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-99
SOBEL, SAMUEL                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-142
SOKOL, ANDREW                          HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-60
SOMMER, BERNHARD                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-212
SOMMER, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-128
SPARREVOHN, FREDERICK                  DENMARK             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-142
SPECTOR, ABRAHAM NARLAN                ENGLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-2
SPELTEN, LOUIS                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-211
SPERO, JACOB                           RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-133
SPILLANE, PATRICK                      IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-42
SPINELLI, CARMINI                      ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-233
SPINELLI, JOSEPH                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-107
SQUIRE, JULIUS                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-163
STARK, CHAIM                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-208
STEIN, JOESEF                          HUNGARY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-25
STEIN, PHILIP                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-122
STEMPFER, LOUIS                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-50
STENSON, JOSEPH VALENTINE              IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-30
STEPAN, ALFRED                         BADEN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-82
STERN, ALBERT                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-92
STRASSER, ARMIN                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-160
STUCHINSKY, MAX                        RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-205
SUCMON, ARON                           ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-146
SUHR, JOHANNES                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-197
SUSSER, RUBIN                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-201
SVARTZ, ABRAHAM                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-60
TABIASEN, SAMUEL                       NORWAY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-197
TACAPRARO, GUERINO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-200
TALAMS, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-2
TARANTALA, VINCENZO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-116
TARDER, HARRY MORRIS                   RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-11
TAURULLO, NICOLA                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-35
TAUSSIG, LEO                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-187
THAILER, MARCUS                        ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-26
TOBLER, JACOB                          SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-199
TOMBACK, SIMON                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-87
TOOLCHIN, JOSEPH                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-130
TORRACA, NICOLA                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-121
TRAVERSONE, FRANCESCO                  ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-210
TRICARICO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-6
TRUEMPER, AUGUST                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-66
TYNDALL, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-188
TYRRELL, ANDREW                        IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-104
UEBERALL, EUGENE                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-139
UHLIG, GEORGE FREDERICK                GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-131
ULLMANN, OSCAR                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-172
VAILLANT, KARL                         GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-226
VALENTINO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-67
VANFOLKER, JACOBUS A. N. DE L. K.      HOLLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-135
VANLEER, FLORIS HENRI                  HOLLAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-32
VARLEY, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-91
VAVRA, JOSEF                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-120
VENNARD, HENRY                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-11
VERICCHIS, GAETANO                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-250
VERRE, ROCCO                           ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-28
VISOTZKY, NATHAN                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-117
VITALE, ALFONSO                        ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-213
VOKOR, IDEL                            ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-174
VOLOMINO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-44
VONDERHEYDE, JOHN                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-132
VORSANGER, JULIUS                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-110
VRABEL, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-223
WACHTEL, LEON                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-86
WAGMAN, JOSEF                          ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-225
WALBER, THEODOR                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-18
WALL, JAMES                            IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-240
WALSH, THOMAS THOMAS                   IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-204
WALSHE, THOMAS                         IRELAND             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-54
WARTMAN, LEOPOLD JOHN                  SWITZERLAND         US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-62
WEICHSEL, HERMAN                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-118
WEIGMAN, HARRY                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-219
WEINAR, JAROSLAV                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-150
WEINAR, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-148
WEINAR, PAUL                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-147
WEINSTEIN, HERMAN                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-75
WEINSTEIN, HYMAN                       RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-52
WEISBERG, SAM                          RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-85
WEISS, SIGMUND SHAUSS                  GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-24
WELLER, EDWARD                         RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-105
WERTH, FRANK                           GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-232
WIDOVICH, MLADEN                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-127
WIECKOWSKI, VINZEUS                    POSEN               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-7
WIENANTO, FRANK                        GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-182
WIENBARG, DIEDERICK                    GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-83
WIENER, ERNST                          GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-113
WIENER, FELIX FRIEDRICH                GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-112
WIESNER, LOUIS                         AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-141
WILLER, FREDERICK                      GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-16
WINKLER, ISRAEL                        AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-123
WOCHIAN, WILLIAM                       AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-64
WOLF, ERNST                            GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-209
WOLFSON, USER                          ROMANIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-27
WOUSH, MAX                             AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-153
WRENER, MAX                            RUSSIA              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-101
WUENSCHE, GEORGE                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-12
YANNUZZI, PASQUALE                     ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-22
ZELINK, LEON                           AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-134
ZIEGLER, THEODOR                       GERMANY             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    1-47
ZIMMERMANN, HARRY                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-184
ZITO, JOHN                             ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-56
ZOLESSI, CARLO                         ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-91
ZOOKIE, IGNATIOUS                      TURKEY              US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    2-94
ZOPPOLO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-64
ZWIEBACH, CHARLES                      AUSTRIA             US-NY-NYC-SO-PET    3-10

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