Greene County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Greene County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1 = 1906-1913 | 2 = 1913-1914 | 3 =? | ongoing
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ANTETOMASO, SALVATORE                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-7
AVERACK, BARNIS                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-31
BARTHA, FERENCZ                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-50
BERG, JOHN                             SEE: JULIUSBERG, HANS
BERGLASS, ISIDORE MAX                  AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-14
BOLTRONIS, JOE                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-67
BOMBARA, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-96
BONDY, SALVATORE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-38
BOYARSKY, SAM                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-33
BREDEHORST, DIETRICK                   GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-57
BRYAN, HENRY A.                        JAMAICA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-65
BURGHARDT, CARL                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-84
CAPOBIANCO, JOSEPH                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-54
CARANGI, MICHELE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-95
CARR, JAMES                            IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-99
CENDO, ANTONI                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-17
CHEN , MAX                             RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-25
CHRISTIANSEN, NIELS                    DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-70
CIMORELLI, MICHAEL                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-21
CLUNAS, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-69
COHEN, HYMAN                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-14
COTIC, MIKE                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-44
DARDAINI, EDWARD                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-3
DAVIS, DAVID                           ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-13
DAVIS, DAVID                           ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-19
DEBENEDICTIS, CAMILLA                  ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-41
DELUCA, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-53
DEMSO, WALTER                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-36
DICAPRIO, LOUIS                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-27
DICAPRIO, PHILIP                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-58
DOVIGH, FRANK                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-34
EDELMAN, JACOB                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-33
ENGELN, GERHARD                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-43
ERCEG, IVAN                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-86
EVEN, JOHN PETER                       BELGIUM             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-5
FAIOLA, JERRY                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-72
FALBO, ANTHONY                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-40
FALLARINO, COSIMO                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-82
FALLARINO, JOHN                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-90
FARACE, DONATO ANTONIO                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-73
FAVICCHIO, RAFFAELE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-16
FISCHER, ANTON OTTO                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-31
FORESTE, VICENZO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-7
FRESCO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-5
GEARY, JOHN                            IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-47
GENES, JOHN ANTHONY                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-28
GENTILE, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-92
GOLEMBIONSKI, KASIMIERZ                AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-9
GORDON, ABRAM                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-30
GORDON, ISAAC                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-15
GRECCO, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-19
GREENSTEIN, MAX                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-50
GRGURINOVICH, IVAN                     DALMATIA            NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-13
GUIDA, PASQUALE                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-8
GULDENSTERN, THEODORE                  POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-87
HODOR, JAN                             SEE: HODOR, JOHN
HODOR, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-68
JOHNSTONE, THOMAS                      SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-12
JULIUSBERG, HANS                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-35
KASSIMER, EDWARD                       POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-98
KENNEDY, KATIE                         IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-63
KESSLER, SAMUEL                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-2
KIBART, ALEXANDER                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-32
KISGELY, MARTIN JULIUS                 HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-35
KISSLEY, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-42
KRONBORG, KARL BRIX                    DENMARK             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-91
LABASH, MATO                           AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-4
LARSON, JOHN FRED                      SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-12
LEMBO, MICHAEL ANTHONY                 ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-40
LERNER, ISIDORE                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-100
LUISOTTI, EUGENE                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-30
MANDELSTAM, MARCUS                     RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-48
MARGRAF, FRANZ OTTO                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-79
MASTRO, WILLIAM                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-20
MASTRO, WILLIAM                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-45
MASTRO, WILLIAM                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-24
MAUGERI, MIKELE                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-59
MCGUIRE, JOHN                          IRELAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-61
MEYER, ISRAEL                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-45
MIETH, MINNA M.                        SAXONY              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-28
MILLER, SAMUEL                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-9
MILLER, WILLIAM                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-39
MISASI, GAETANO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-26
MISASI, LUIGGI                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-17
MISURACA, DOMENCIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-8
MISURACA, DOMENICA                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-60
MOHR, CARSTEN                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-29
MORSELLO, JACK                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-75
MULLER, EMIL                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-2
OFFER, CHARLES                         HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-1
ORDOY, ERNST                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-38
ORDOY, ERNST                           GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-49
PANKAS, THOMAS                         HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-48
PANKASZ, TAMAS                         SEE: PANKOS, THOMAS
PANKOS, THOMAS                         HUNGARY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-66
PANTATIS, GABRIELLE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-16
PAVLOVICH, LEO W.                      AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-62
PELLGIRNO, TONY                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-85
PEPE, ERNESTI                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-27
PERROTTA, FRANK                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-1
PERSON, JOHN                           SWEDEN              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-11
PERTO, FRANCISCO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-18
PETRAMALE, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-15
PETRAMALL, VINCENZO                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-4
PIERRE, MEDARD                         QUEBEC              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-42
RAICH, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-51
RATSCH, OTTO ADOLPH                    GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-10
REINSTEIN, ABRAM                       RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-32
RIBART, ALEXANDER                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-52
ROBERTS, GEORGE                        ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-29
ROBSON, CHARLES F.                     SCOTLAND            NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-76
SALSANO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-18
SAPONE, JAMES                          ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-97
SASSO, VINCENZO                        ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-20
SCHWIER, FREDERICK                     GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-23
SCHWITTER, KARL                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-26
SCOTT, MIKE                            ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-46
SEGELKE, JOHN                          GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-81
SELINGER, LOUIS                        ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-77
SELINGER, LOUIS                        ROMANIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-71
SHMUKLER, ISAAC                        RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-55
SMITH, NATHAN                          RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-36
SMUKLER, MANUEL                        POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-80
SROKA, TONY                            AUSTRIA             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-46
STAUDER, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-49
STAUDER, JOSEPH                        GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-39
STUTZKY, ISAAK                         RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-34
TRAPASSO, VITALIANA                    ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-88
VASILOW, JOHN                          GREECE              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-6
VENTURE, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-21
VENTURO, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-37
VENTURO, COSMO                         ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-83
VICENTINO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-22
VICENTIUS, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-3
WAIM, JOSEPH                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-43
WAIM, SAMUEL                           RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-44
WANGBERG, INGWALD LEONAD               NORWAY              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-74
WARD, WILLIAM HENRY                    ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    1-37
WARNECKE, EARNEST                      GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-89
WEINSTEIN, NATHAN                      RUSSIA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-24
WEISSEL, CHARLES                       GERMANY             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-11
WELLINGTON, CHARLES H.                 CANADA              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-22
WHITE, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND             NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-23
WOJCI, ANDREW                          POLAND              NY-GREENE-SC-PET    2-94

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