Essex County New York
Naturalization Petitions (1906-1911)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Essex County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 3=1907-1913 |
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BARONDI, GEORGE NICHOLAS               ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-42
BIGANAISSE, AURELE                     QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-23
BIHELLER, GEZA                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-39
BROWN, PATRICK                         CANADA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-6
BUBEL, TED                             RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-34
BURATTO, JULIUS                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-28
CAULFIELD, CHARLES HANCE               QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-37
CHARBONEAU, FRED                       QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-22
COCKBURN, ROBERT                       SCOTLAND            NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-36
COLLARD, THOMAS                        LABRADOR            NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-50
CULLEN, HENRY                          IRELAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-1
DEDONA, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-25
DRAGOON, JOSEPH                        POLAND              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-21
ERIT, DAVID                            ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-41
ESPOSITO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-19
ESPOSITO, PAOLO                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-20
FARKES, ADAM                           HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-46
GARDNER, JOSEPH                        CANADA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-40
GENOVESE, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-11
JAMES, WALLACE USHER                   ONTARIO             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-13
KOBEL, BARNEY                          RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-35
KOBEL, BARNEY                          RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-7
KOLODZEY, JOSEPH                       HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-5
KOMIVES, STEVE                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-45
LAPIETRO, RUMOLO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-18
LAZAROWITZ, HARRY RALPH                RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-14
LAZAROWITZ, JACOB                      RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-24
MARIAZITI, SALVATORE                   ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-30
MCCARTHY, JAMES W.                     QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-2
MCNAMEE, PETER                         IRELAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-4
MORRISON, GEORGE                       QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-47
ORBAN, JOZSEF                          HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-48
PALUMBO, JAMES                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-49
PAONESSO, JOSEPH                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-32
PRICE, GEORGE WELLINGTON               QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-26
REMENECZ, JOHN                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-44
ROTELLO, TOMMASO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-31
RUBINO, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-27
SCALZA, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-38
SCORSONE, JOHANES                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-16
SCOZZAFAVA, JOSEPH                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-29
SCOZZALFAVA, JOSEPH                    ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-33
STASSKEYICH, ANTONI                    RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-8
TODESCO, FERNANDO                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-17
VENNER, JAMES                          ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-10
VENNER, JAMES                          ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-3
VERSOCKI, WILLIAM TONEY                RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-12
VERTUTI, INNACENZIO                    ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-15
WOLF, HARRY                            RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-43
YANDON, ABEL                           ONTARIO             NY-ESSEX-SC-PET     3-9

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