Essex County, New York
Old Naturalization Petitions (1903-1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Essex County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 2=1903-1906 |
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BARRODAY, WILLIAM                      TURKEY              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-312
BODETTE, EDWARD                        GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-9
BROWN, THOMAS F.                       GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-305
BRUTTO, FREDERICK                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-306
CANTIN, LESTER                         RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-14
CARTAGLIA, JOHN                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-310
COCKLIN, JAMES                         GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-15
DAVIS, ISAAC                           RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-7
DENOUZZEWCICEY, ANTON                  RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-301
DOAK, SAMUEL H.                        GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-12
EDELMAN, ESECK                         RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-3
GIARMNINI, GIOVANNI B.                 ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-1
GIRARD, STEPHEN                        GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-302
LONGDEN, GEORGE                        ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-8
MACDONALD, JOSEPH                      GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-313
MCCARTHY, JOHN P.                      GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-16
PALETZ, SIMON                          RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-2
PAONESSA, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-308
POLSKY, IKE                            RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-5
ROTUNDO, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-309
RYAN, DANIEL C.                        GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-17
SAGAN, WILLIAM                         RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-11
SCALISE, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-311
SCALZO, THOMAS                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-307
SMITH, THOMAS                          GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-13
WHITE, JOHN                            GREAT BRITAIN       NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-10
WOLF, MAX                              RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-6
WOLF, SOLOMON                          RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-OLDPET  2-4

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