Essex County, New York
Declarations of Intention (1906-1911)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Essex County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1=1907-1911 |
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ANTHONY, MOSES                         EGYPT               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-36
BARONDI, GEORGE NICHOLAS               SYRIA               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-67
BARONDI, MOSES NICHOLAS                SYRIA               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-91
BARONDI, PAUL NICHOLAS                 SYRIA               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-90
BERTOK, GEZA                           HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-38
BOLES, WILBERT                         NEW BRUNSWICK       NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-16
BOLLA, GABOR                           HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-60
BOUCHARD, XAVIER                       QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-73
BURATTI, LODOVICO                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-68
BURATTO, JUULIUS                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-47
BUSS, LOUI                             ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-63
CAPUANO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-66
CAULFIELD, CHARLES HANCE               QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-43
CESTA, GENNARO                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-83
CHARBONEAU, FRED                       QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-32
CHIARELLA, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-71
COLLARD, THOMAS                        LABRADOR            NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-99
CRAIGG, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-10
DAOUST, PHILLIAS                       CANADA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-56
DAVIDAN, ISROK                         RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-57
DAVIDSON, ISAAC                        RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-9
DAWE, JOHN                             ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-19
DEDONA, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-35
DEVITO, SAMY                           ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-42
DOBRIOOYEVICH, LUBI                    SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-86
DUMES, JOHN                            QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-85
DUTILE, JOSEPH                         QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-37
EDISO, NICK                            ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-84
ESPOSITO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-20
ESPOSITO, PAOLO                        ITLAY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-21
FABIANO, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-70
FARKES, ADAM                           HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-59
FRY, ERNEST                            ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-12
GREEN, MOSES                           RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-7
JOHNSON, NELS BERGES                   SWEDEN              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-34
KOLODZEY, JOSEPH                       HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-4
KOMIVES, STEVE                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-61
LAPIETRO, ROMOLO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-27
LAUGHTON, WILLIAM FYFE                 SCOTLAND            NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-100
LAZAROWITZ, JACOB                      RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-39
MANGIACASALE, THOMAS                   ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-69
MANTHA, JOSEPH                         QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-31
MARIAZITI, SALVATORE                   ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-48
MARINELLI, COMEZIO                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-64
MARKEY, PATRICK                        CANADA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-6
MAYE, ERNEST                           QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-82
MCNAMEE, PETER                         IRELAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-1
MORRISON, GEORGE                       QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-75
MRZGLOD, ANTONI                        AUSTRIA             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-97
MURPHY, PATRICK JAMES                  IRELAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-30
MUSSARI, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-80
NICELETTA, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-65
NITCHUM, MORRIS                        RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-81
ORBAN, JOZSEF                          HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-74
OREILLY, DANIEL FRANCIS                IRELAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-89
PALUMBO, JAMES                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-96
PAONESSO, JOSEPH                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-51
PETERSON, MIKI                         SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-79
PRICE, GEORGE WELLINGTON               QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-18
PROVINO, PASQUALE                      ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-26
REMENECZ, JOHN                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-58
ROBB, JOHN COLLIER                     QUEBEC              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-40
ROBERT, CHARLES NORBERT                CANADA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-93
ROSENBERG, SAM                         HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-41
ROTELLO, TOMMASO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-45
ROY, PAUL                              ONTARIO             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-14
RUBINO, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-50
RUSSO, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-52
SAGAN, JOE                             RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-2
SALVATORE, RIZZO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-94
SCALZO, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-44
SCAZZAFAVA, SAM                        ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-72
SCOZZAFAVA, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-49
SCOZZAFAVA, JOSEPH                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-46
SETTLE, MARY ANNIE                     ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-55
SIMICH, DRAGOMIR                       SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-77
SKUPIEN, ANTONI                        AUSTRIA             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-98
SPECIALE, FRANCESCO P.                 ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-23
SPECIALE, GIROLAMO                     ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-22
SPECIALE, SALVATORE                    ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-24
STASSKEYICH, ANTONI                    RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-8
STASSKEYICH, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-54
STOTASHEVICH, SVETA                    SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-87
SUHANOSE, MAKSIM                       AUSTRIA             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-88
SZIGETY, MICHAEL BULETA                HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-3
TODESCO, FERDINANDO                    ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-28
TODESCO, MARTINO                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-29
TORNATONE, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-25
TOTH, JOZEF                            HUNGARY             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-53
TREVR, JACK                            ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-95
TRUMICH, GARKO                         SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-76
VALENTINE, TONEY                       ITALY               NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-62
VEBOSKY, SIMON                         SERBIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-78
VENNER, JAMES                          ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-13
VENNER, THOMAS                         ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-11
VERSOCKI, WILLIAM TONY                 RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-15
WESTON, FREDERICK CHARLES              ENGLAND             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-33
WOLF, HARRY                            RUSSIA              NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-5
YANDON, ABEL                           ONTARIO             NY-ESSEX-SC-DOI     1-17

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