Cattaraugus County, New York
Declarations of Intent (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cattaraugus County New York, Supreme Court, Declarations of Intention
Column 3: Volume # and page # | 1=1906-1908 | 2=? |
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ALNELLI, BANNI                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-73
ARGENZIANO, DOMENICO                   ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-14
ARGENZIANO, RAFFAELE                   ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-15
BARBARO, RUFUS                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-70
BAUER, GEORGE                          GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-44
BELARDO, DOMANICO                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-18
BENDER, PETER                          HESSEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-8
BENDER, PETER SR.                      HESSEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-9
BEST, GERALD FITZ HENRY                ST. VINCENT                              NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-69
BEST, THOMAS ETHELBERT                 ST. VINCENT                              NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-68
BIEHLER, CHARLES                       GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-39
BOMEES, JOSEPH                         TURKEY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-54
CARLSO, ANDRO-LUDWING                  SWEDEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-91
CARLSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-60
CARUCIO, PASQUALE                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-83
CHODACKI, CHARLES PETTER               AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-93
CMAR, JOHN                             AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-94
COMINSKI, JOHN                         RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-46
COURTICE, THOMAS RICHARD               ONTARIO                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-65
CZAPLICKI, KONSTANTIE                  RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-59
DELUCIO, VINCENZO                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-17
DEMPSEY, PATRICK                       ONTARIO                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-28
DONOIAN, CHARLES                       TURKEY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-40
EADE, ELIAS                            SYRIA                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-30
ERDMAN, AUGUST                         GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-99
FARES, ABDELLA                         SYRIA                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-33
FAVASULI, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-80
FERRONTO, JOSEPPH                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-23
FISH, JOSEPH                           CANADA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-1
FLAIFEL, RASHID                        SYRIA                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-34
FRETSCH, ANTON                         GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-36
GALGANO, VINCENZO                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-21
GANGEMI, MICHEAL                       ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-85
GANGIEMI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-82
GOSDIK, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-35
GRADISHER, FRANK                       AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-100
HARRIS, MOSE JULIUS                    POLAND                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-74
HELLAND, SIGURD                        NORWAY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-77
INMAN, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-4
IZZO, ERNEST BENJAMIN                  ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-75
JOHNKOWSKI, DOMNIK                     RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-47
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        SWEDEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-24
JOHNSON, NICHOLAS                      TURKEY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-66
KALWICKI, MATTHIAS                     GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-87
KOSTRA, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-55
KWIATKOWSKI, FRANK                     GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-51
KWIATKOWSKI, JOHN                      GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-50
KWIATKOWSKI, MICHAEL                   GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-56
LABELLA, ANTONIO                       ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-84
LANG, CARL JAMES                       GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-76
LITRO, NICOLAS                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-20
MARCELLO, FRANCESCO                    ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-19
MARINO, JOSEPH                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-7
MARINO, LOUIS                          ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-6
MARINO, MICHAEL                        ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-5
MATHEWS, PETER                         ENGLAND                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-10
MATTESON, MATHIAS                      SWEDEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-2
MECTOSKIZ, GOST                        AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-95
MERINO, FRANK                          ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-11
MESSNER, JOHN JAMES                    CANADA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-97
MEYER, FREDERICK                       MECKLENBURG                              NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-79
MICALE, CARMELO                        ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-22
MONGILLO, PASCO                        ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-90
MONTRONE, TONY                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-52
MORICONI, GASPARE                      ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-62
MOSES, JOSEPH                          SYRIA                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-32
MUOKE, HERMANN                         GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-92
NICOL, ANTONIO                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-81
OBJAR, JAN                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-89
OHAIRE, JOHN                           IRELAND                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-31
PAJORI, SABISTEINO                     ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-3
PANUS, MIKE                            RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-58
PAUL, ADOLPH                           SAXONY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-64
PIECHOTA, STANLEY                      AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-42
RAUB, MARTIN                           GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-27
REDA, DOMENICA                         ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-86
REED, LOUIE                            WURTTEMBERG                              NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-78
REES, LEVI                             WALES                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-96
RUCINSKI, ANDREW                       GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-48
SALES, ABE MEYER                       RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-67
SARLFONE, ALFONZIO                     ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-12
SCARLATO, DOMENICO                     ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-13
SCHLOSSER, LEOPOLD                     AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-41
SCHMIDT, LUDWIG                        GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-43
SEREAN, GABRIEL                        ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-98
SIEBERT, HENRY JOHN                    HESSEN                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-29
SUHL, HERMANN                          HAMBURG                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-63
SZADLOWSKI, MAT                        GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-49
SZADLOWSKI, WOJICH                     GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-57
TRIMARCHE, OLLIE                       ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-71
TRUBA, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-25
TUCKER, THOMAS                         TURKEY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-26
UEHL, HENRY                            GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-37
VALENTINO, PASQUALE                    ITALY                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-16
WASHINGTON, JOHN                       AUSTRIA-HUNGARY                          NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-88
WIESER, HERMANN                        AUSTRIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-45
WOOD, OWEN                             NOVA SCOTIA                              NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-53
WTASCIENTKI, JULIIAN                   RUSSIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-61
YEHL, ALFONS                           GERMANY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-38
ZEMAR, PHILLIP                         SYRIA                                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-DOI-1-72

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