Allegany County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Allegany County New York, County Court type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page # | 1=1907-1915 | 2=1915-1923 | 3=1923-1930 |
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ADAM, WILLIAM                          SCOTLAND                                NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-84
AMCHIR, JOSEPH BEN                     RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-62
ANDERSON, ANNIE ISABELLA               ONTARIO                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-33
ANDERSON, DAVID                        ONTARIO                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-5
ARENA, SAVERIO                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-3
ARENO, JOSEPH                          ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-12
ARSLANIAN, BEDROS                      TURKEY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-12
ASLIANIAN, DIKRAN                      TURKEY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-30
BARNES, DANIEL                         NEWFOUNDLAND                            NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-88
BINNS, MARY ELIZABETH                  ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-67
BJORMASON, CARL AMBIEN                 SWEDEN                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-69
BLAWAT, MICHAEL FRANCIS                POLAND                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-55
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, ELSA                   GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-63
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, KATHARINA              GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-59
BREEMAN, LEENDERT                      HOLLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-22
BREEMAN, LEENDERT                      HOLLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-14
CAMPBELL, GORDON MCKAY                 CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-52
CARUSO, GUISEPPE                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-45
CHIELLA, UMBERTO GAETANO               ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-6
CIAMPA, ANTONIO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-51
CIAMPA, ANTONIO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-58
COCCARI, BRUNO MARIA                   ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-75
CODISPOTI, BRUNO MARIA SALVAORE        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-9
CONDADOSIO, MICATONE                   ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-24
CONGELLI, ANGELI                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-68
CORICO, TONY                           ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-96
CORNELL, EDWARD HUMPHREY               CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-16
CORNELL, ELSIE ALBERTA                 NEW YORK/ACT OF 1922                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-21
COZZI, NARAZENO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-20
COZZI, NAZARENO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-38
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                       IRELAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-33
CRETEKAS, GEORGE JACOB                 GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-13
CRETEKAS, KONSTANTINE                  GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-35
CURCIO, JOE                            ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-72
DAHLSTRAND, JOSEF YNGVE                SWEDEN                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-25
DAHLSTRAND, JOSEPH YNGVE               SWEDEN                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-31
DAVIDSON, ALICE                        CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-85
DAVIES, DAVID                          WALES                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-91
DAVIES, DAVID                          WALES                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-47
DERMATIS, GEORGIOS                     GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-58
DIPARI, JOSEPH                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-15
DORNEY, EDWARD JOSEPH                  ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-81
DORNEY, ROBERT                         ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-80
DORNEY, THOMAS                         ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-24
DREW, NED                              ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-99
DRIVAS, HARALAMBAS                     GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-32
DUDA, JOHN                             GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-76
DYRING, CHRISTIAN FREDERIK             DENMARK                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-83
DYRING, TANIA ISAKSON                  NORWAY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-7
EDMUNDS, WILLIAM CAREY                 ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-42
ERETEKOS, SOPHIA                       GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-52
FABIAN, JOHN                           ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-35
FRANGELLO, SABATI                      ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-27
FRUNGILLO, LUIGI                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-29
FRUNGILLO, THOMAS                      ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-40
GAMEJOGLAN, DEMETREOS KONSTADINOS      MACEDONIA                               NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-17
GATES, OSCAR ARTHUR                    ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-51
GERMAN, DOROTHY ANNE                   WALES                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-23
GIANCO, TONY                           ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-95
GIANNACOPULOS, CONSTIANTINE            GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-57
GLASSMAN, SARAH                        RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-56
GOGOLA, VALENTINE                      AUSTRIA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-59
GREER, HUGH                            IRELAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-10
GROSSMAN, ABRAHAM                      RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-53
GROSSMAN, MAX                          RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-41
GROSSMAN, NOSON                        RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-50
HADBY, NORMAN                          SYRIA                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-26
HASKELL, NELLIE SISSON                 NEW YORK/ACT OF 1922                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-8
HELD, LOUISE BRAUNSCHWEIGER            GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-54
HILL, HERBERT FOREMAN                  ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-89
HILLS, JOHN HAMILTON                   CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-74
HORSFALL, ELLIS                        ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-41
HORSFALL, THOMAS                       ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-79
HUSAK, FRANK                           SLOVAKIA                                NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-65
INGLES, ANNA HELENA                    ONTARIO                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-98
INGLES, ANNA HELENA                    ONTARIO                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-71
IRWIN, WESLEY JOHN                     CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-62
JOHNSON, CARL PRIMUS                   SWEDEN                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-94
JOHNSON, GEORGE                        ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-55
KAJADZIAN, HAVAGHIN                    TURKEY                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-56
KEROTN, KENNETH                        ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-49
KOUNELLIS, ETHEL MCCARTHY              EGYPT                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-26
KOUNELLIS, KIMON                       EGYPT                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-13
KRIVULKA, BELA                         HUNGARY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-38
KRIVULKA, KAROLY                       HUNGARY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-43
KRUGER, FRANK                          MECKLENBURG                             NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-87
KRUGER, FRANK                          MECKLENBURG                             NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-77
KULBFLEISCH, FRITZ ADOLF               GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-21
KULL, FRIEDREICH                       GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-44
LANG, FRANK                            AUSTRIA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-2
LANG, JOSEF                            HUNGARY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-36
LAWLESS, ETHEL KATE                    ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-44
LAWLESS, FRANK HOWARD                  ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-100
LEUZZI, JOSEF                          ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-64
LIESEGANG, HENRY                       GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-39
LORSE, NICHOLAS                        GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-43
LUZZI, GUISEPPE                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-23
MADDEN, MARTIN                         IRELAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-48
MARXEN, KARL FRITZ OTTO                GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-64
MCDOWELL, ALFRED CHARLES               ONTARIO                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-32
MENNITO, ALFONSO                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-5
MICRAS, NICHOLAS                       GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-34
MIDEY, ANTONIO DOMENICO                ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-20
MIDEY, TONEY                           ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-4
MILLER, JOHN                           GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-16
MIRANDO, LUIGI                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-11
NORWOOD, JOHN NELSON                   ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-19
NORWOOD, ROLAND                        ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-86
NUNN, HARRY                            ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-61
PAFFI, MARCELLO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-49
PAGLIA, ANTONIO                        ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-14
PARRY, ELLEN SYMONDS                   ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-45
PARRY, WILLIAM CYRIL                   ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-46
PASANE, RALPH                          ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-1
PATTERSON, JAMES                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-65
PERENCEVICH, SIMEON                    AUSTRIA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-19
PERFETTI, APOSTINO                     ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-9
PIETERS, ANTOINETTE                    NEW YORK/ACT OF 1922                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-6
PIETERS, HENRY ENGBERT                 HOLLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-97
PIETERS, HERMAN                        NETHERLANSD                             NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-92
PIETERS, JOHANNA CORNELIA              HOLLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-25
POLIMENTI, FRANK LOUIS                 ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-3
PSIHOYAS, DEMETRIOS                    GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-57
PSYHOS, GUST                           ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-48
RAPTIS, GEORGEOS KONSTANTINE           GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-15
REHEIS, PAUL, JOHN                     GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-34
REISMAN, BEN                           RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-90
RETTER, ARMOND ALBERT                  AUSTRIA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-60
RIEDL, FRANK                           AUSTRIA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-2
RIGAS, DEMETRIOS                       GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-29
ROBERTS, DAVID CHRISTMAS               SOUTH WALES                             NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-47
ROBINSON, GORDON DAMER                 CANADA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-37
ROMANELLI, SADIE                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-27
ROMEO, FILIPPO                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-70
ROMEO, FRANCISCO                       ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-40
ROSELL, ARNOLD WALTER CLEMMES          SWEDEN                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-61
RUEF, ERNEST LADISLOW                  HUNGARY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-22
RUSCETTI, LEONARD                      ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-37
SABATI, FERUNGILLO                     ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-18
SAMA, VINCENZO                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-8
SARACO, JOSEPH                         ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-46
SAUNDERS, AGNES CLARA SPRING           NEW YORK/ACT OF 1922                    NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-18
SAUNDERS, WILLIAM GEORGE               ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-82
SCHIELINSKI, CARL AUGUST               GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-1
SELDOWITZ, MAURICE                     RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-31
SERIO, TONY                            ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-17
SILVER, LOUIS                          RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-42
SMYTH, WINIFRED MARION                 IRELAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-39
STAMP, FREDERICK ALFRED                BERMUDA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-93
STEWART, JAMES GRANVILLE               JAMAICA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-63
STEWART, PERCIVAL E.                   JAMAICA                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-11
TERRORO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY                                   NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-7
THOMAS, WALTER                         ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-4
THOMSON, JAMES BROWN                   SCOTLAND                                NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-50
TIGHE, THOMAS                          ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-28
TORPORAS, JOHN                         MACEDONIA                               NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-9
TUCKER, JOHN WILLIAM RAVENSCROFT       ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-36
WALKER, THOMAS                         ENGLAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-78
WASSERLOOS, JOHANNES KARL RUDOLF       GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-60
WATSON, HENRY JAMES                    SOUTH WALES                             NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-66
WATTERS, GEORGE HENRY                  IRELAND                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-53
WEBER, JULIUS CARL                     GERMANY                                 NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-73
YAFFE, MAX                             RUSSIA                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       2-30
ZARAFONTIS, NICOLAOS                   GREECE                                  NY-ALLEGANY-SC-PET                       3-28

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