Brown County, Nebraska
Naturalization Petitions (1907-1952)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Brown County District Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #

ABRAHAM, WILLIAM                       SYRIA               NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-28
ADAMS, WILLIAM MORRIS                  CANADA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-16
ALBERTSEN, CHRIS                       DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-9
BANTZ, EUGEN                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-23
BREDE, ARTHUR A. C.                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-13
BUDDE, CONRAD HIBBO                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-38
CAMPBELL, HENRY SHAW                   SCOTLAND            NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-7
CARLSON, ANNIE                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-2
CEHOVET, FRANK MICHAEL                 LITHUANIA           NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-22
CHRUST, FRANZ                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-37
CLAUSSEN, DETLEF                       HOLSTEIN            NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-18
COAD, HENRY                            ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-7
DAVIES, BERT                           NEBRASKA            NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-29
EDDY, CHRISTOPHER                      NORWAY              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-41
EDWARDS, EVAN RICHARD                  WALES               NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-16
EGGERS, WILLIAM                        MECKLENBURG         NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-5
ERICKSON, ELIAS                        NORWAY              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-27
GABBERT, HERMANN                       POSEN               NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-3
GERTHS, ERNST                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-81
GORMAN, THOMAS                         IRELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-29
HALLDERSON, JOHN T.                    ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-11
HALLDORSON, LIZZIE THOMAS              ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-17
HALLDORSON, SIGGIE THOMAS              ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-21
HANSEN, CHRISTEN                       DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-22
HENNE, FRIEDRICK                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-31
HOFT, WILHELM HANS                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-87
HOLST, MARY SOPHRONIA                  NEW YORK / 1922     NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-27
HOLST, PETER JANSEN                    DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-26
HOVENGA, RAY DICK                      GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-15
JANUSCHEWSKI, EMMA                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-86
JENSEN, JENS CHRISTIAN                 DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-15
JOHNSON, JOHN GOTTFRID                 SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-48
JOHNSON, SAMUEL WILLIAM                SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-6
KAISER, HERMAN GUSTAV                  OSTPREUSSEN         NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-80
KARLSON, EFRAIM                        SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-34
KARLSON, ERIK                          SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-33
KARLSON, JOHN                          SEE: KARLSSON, JOHANNES
KARLSSON, ERICK NATHANIEL              SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-43
KARLSSON, JOHANNES                     SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-44
KARLSSON, SAMUEL                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-35
KARSTENS, JOHANN                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-9
MCANDREW, PETER DAVIE                  SCOTLAND            NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-21
MCNAMARA, ROBERT EMMET                 CANADA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-25
MENA, RASHEED JOSEPH                   SYRIA               NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-1
MEYER, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-24
MEYER, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-8
MEYER, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-23
MEYER, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-3
MILLSRUM, GEORGE                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-26
MOHANNA, ABRAHAM JOSEPH                SYRIA               NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-19
NEWPORT, JEAN ISOBEL                   MANITOBA            NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-88
NILSON, CARL LUDVIK                    SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-84
NORMAN, CARL WICKTOR                   SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-49
OLSON, CARL ERIC                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-1
PEDERSEN, HANS BRINK                   DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-10
REIMAN, WILLIE                         SAXONY              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-4
REINERS, EDZARD JANSSEN                GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-14
REINERT, ANNA E. F.                    ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-4
RICE, JAMES WILFRED                    ONTARIO             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-42
RIDDELL, ANNIE                         ONTARIO             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-82
ROBSON, JOSHUA                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-19
ROHWEDER, HANS                         DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-12
ROHWER, HANS                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-24
ROHWER, HANS                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-39
ROTH, HENRY JOHN                       RUSSIA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-13
ROTH, HENRY JOHN                       RUSSIA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-6
RUDNICK, REMINE MAGDALENE              GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-85
RUNOLFSON, BJARNIA                     ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-17
RUNOLFSON, RUNOLVER                    ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-28
RUNOLFSSON, SIGURDUR                   ICELAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-12
SALL, CHARLES SIMON                    SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-50
SALZMANN, AUGUST                       POMMERN             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-8
SCHELM, WILLIAM CHRIST                 GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-18
SHIVERS, JOSEPH                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-46
SIVERS, JOSEPH                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-45
SPRINGER, JOHN                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-2
STEPHENS, DOUGLAS NEIL                 CANADA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-47
STEPHENS, DOUGLAS NEIL                 CANADA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-32
STRELOW, HERMAN                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-10
THUN, HANS                             SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN  NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-25
WAITS, AUGUST CHRISTIAN                GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     3-83
WAITS, HERMAN FREDRICK                 GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-11
WALLTER, FRANK ALBERT OTTO             POMMERN             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     2-14
WALLTER, FRANK ALBERT OTTO             POMMERN             NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-40
WESTOVER, AMOS EDWIN                   CANADA              NE-BROWN-DC-PET     1-20

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