Brown County, Nebraska
Old Declarations of Intent Index (1883-1905)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Brown County District Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #

AKINS, HIRAM H.                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-46
AKINS, JAMES S.                        GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-22
ALBHOUSE, EPHRAIM                      RUSSIA              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-34
ALEXANDER, ABRAHAM                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-13
ALEXANDER, THOMAS M.                   ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-2
ALLEN, WILLIAM J.                      GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-25
ANDERSON, CARL                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-63
ANDERSON, JOHN F.                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-26
ARMSTRONG, ALBERT                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-27
ARMSTRONG, HANFORD                     ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-27
ASKILDSEN, CHRISTIAN                   GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-6
BAKER, JOHN                            ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-20
BANTZ, EUGEN                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-69
BANTZ, WILLIAM                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-69
BARGE, GEORGE                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-19
BARNEY, JOHN                           GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-37
BARR, HENRY M.                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-65
BARSCHALL, PAUL                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-17
BEDNAR, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-55
BEJOT, CATHERINE                       FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-63
BELGEIM, ANDREW K.                     SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-35
BERGER, JOHNA NTON                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-6
BERGER, OTTO                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-6
BICKSEL, HERMAN                        SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-43
BODY, THOMAS                           GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-36
BODY, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-33
BOERGER, FREDERICK                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-47
BRIER, GEORGE A.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-18
BROSCHEIT, AUGUSTUA                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-25
BUNN, JOHN                             ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-56
BURCHIK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-45
BURCHMEYER, FRITZ                      GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-25
BURGDORFER, FRITZ                      SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-51
BURGER, GUSTAV                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-21
BURKI, JOHN                            SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-15
BURLEY, NATHANS.                       GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-50
BURNS, JOHN W.                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-29
BUSCHMEYER, HENRY                      GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-29
BUTTNER, AUGUST BYRON                  GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-53
CAMAM, ROBERT R.                       GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-36
CARLSON, LOUIS                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-60
CARSON, MATHEW                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-16
CARVER, DAVID                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-26
CASH, ADDIE M.                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-9
CERNY, SOBESLAV                        AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-48
CHURCH, SOLOMON L.                     ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-30
CKARSTENS, JOHANN                      GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-20
CLAUDE, LOUIS PROSPER                  FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-32
CLAUSSEN, HERMAN H.                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-42
COAD, HENRY                            ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-64
CROCKER, GILBERT L.                    ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-12
CRONE, JOHN                            FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-42
CRONE, MARY                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-66
CROSS, JOSHUA                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-8
CURRY, JULES J.                        FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-32
DAMBROWSKY, OTTO                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-68
DICKESON, ANTHONY                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-54
DORRIES, CHARLES                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-12
DREESSEN, DETLEF H.                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-21
DREESSEN, REINHOLD                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-21
EDDY, CHRISTOPHER L.                   NORWAY              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-47
EDWARDS, EVAN W.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-9
EDWARDS, EVAN                          GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-39
EDWARDS, JEAN W.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-60
EGGERS, CHRIST                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-61
EGGERS, WILLIAM                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-61
ENGEL, SUSANNA                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-64
ERICKSEN, FREDERICK                    DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-54
ERIKSON, ERIK                          SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-11
FAHRENHOLZ, HERMAN                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-40
FENTON,A NNA E.                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-62
FISCH, PETER A.                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-31
FLEMMING, MARGARE                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-7
FORSBERG, MARTHA                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-33
FREDRICKSON, MATILDA                   GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-24
FUSS, ADOLPH                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-11
GABBERT,HERMANN                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-56
GALLIGAN, JAMES                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-27
GAUDTSEN, JORGEN                       NORWAY              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-28
GEE, RODMAN S.                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-37
GERDES, HERMAN                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-42
GORDON, BRIDGET                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-7
GRAF, EMILE                            SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-4
GRAMS, WILHELM                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-3
GUDJONSSON, PETER M.                   DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-22
HAGBERG, JOHN A.                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-5
HAGEMANN, HENRY                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-60
HAGLAND, ERIC OLAF                     SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-10
HAMBEK, ANTON                          AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-44
HAMBEK, VACLAV                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-37
HANS, OLAUS                            SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-13
HANSEN, ANDEW                          SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-5
HANSEN, HANS                           DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-66
HAWES, ELIZABETH                       GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-44
HENNE, SAMUEL F.                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-16
HMELIK, ANNA                           AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-44
HOFFMANN, FRANK                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-4
HOLLDORSON, ERNESTINA                  DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-9
HOLM, JOHN                             SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-5
HOLST, MARY                            DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-66
HOPKINS, JOHN H.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-52
HOWEY, SARAH                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-15
HOY, JOEL                              GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-34
HUBBELL, ELIZA                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-45
HUBOVER, JAN                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-23
IRVINE, JOHN R.                        GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-34
JACKSON, JOHN                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-2
JANOUSEK, CHARLIE                      AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-39
JOHNOSN, ALFRED                        SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-69
JOHNSON, SAMUEL W.                     SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-63
JONES, WILIAM W.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-22
KAARL, WENDEN                          AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-40
KAISER, FRED                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-62
KELLEY, LEWIS                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-9
KENDALL, ELIZABETH                     ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-61
KLINGER, CARL                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-53
KLOPPERNICH, STEPHEN                   GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-26
KOHLE, HUBERT                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-49
KOOK, MARTIN                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-31
KOPPERMANN, FRED                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-41
KOSOVICH, LEE                          AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-67
KURPJWERT, HERMANN                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-59
KURZENBERGER, WILHELM                  GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-11
LACHTROP, AMALIE                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-19
LANGER, LORENZ                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-3
LARSON, LORINTS E.                     DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-1
LEAHY, FRANCIS P.                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-59
LEAHY, MICHAEL JOSEPH                  ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-58
LEE, JESSE REES                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-26
LEE, ROBERT J.                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-45
LINKE, AMELIA                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-35
LINKE, CHARLES                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-22
LINKE, JOHN                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-30
LINKE, KARL                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-24
LOTZIN, ALBERT                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-53
LUND, PAUL POULSEN                     DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-4
MCCINTYRE, DUGALD C.                   ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-44
MCCLAIN, JOHN                          GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-41
MCCORMICK, EDUND                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-40
MCKENNA, PHILIP                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-24
MCLACHLAN, JOHN                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-10
MCLEAN, EDITH E.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-30
MENUEZ, ANTOINE                        FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-43
MERRILL, FRANK                         GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-38
MEYER, JACOB                           SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-51
MEYER, JOHN                            SWITZERLAND         NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-14
MICHEL, FRIECKRICH                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-56
MIDDLETON, ALFRED G.                   ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-33
MILLIGAN, JOHN A.                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-14
MOHR, JULIA                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-8
MOORE, MARY M.                         FRANCE              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-48
MORRIS, HENRY                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-2
MORRIS, JOHN                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-2
NELSON, JACOB                          DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-52
NIELSON, ANDREW                        DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-1
NIELSON, JENS P.                       DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-16
NORKUS, FRED                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-42
NUGENT, JOHN A.                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-34
OLDEGER, HERMAN                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-16
OLSON, CARL E.                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-58
OSBORNE, FRANK                         GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-39
OSBORNE, THOMAS H.                     ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-21
PAUL, PAUL F.                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-47
PEIRCE, RICHARD                        GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-18
PERRY, FRANK R.                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-1
PETERSEN, OLE C.                       DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-50
PETERSON, JAMES PETER                  DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-20
PETERSON,E RIK                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-50
PLASIL, KADL                           AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-67
PODOLSKI, ANNA                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-48
POKORNEY, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-38
POKORNEY, CHARLES                      AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-53
POKORNY, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-28
PRATT, ELLEN                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-46
PREISEL, NICOLAUS                      GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-23
PROCHASKA, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-45
PROST, GEORGE                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-60
PROTIVINSKY, JOHN                      AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-54
RAASCH, EMIL                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-58
RAASCH, EMMA                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-15
RAASCH, MINNA                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-14
RAASCH, OTTO                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-15
RAASCH, OTTO                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-12
RAASCH, PAUL                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-43
RAASCH, ROBERT                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-59
RACHER, FREDRICK                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-17
RAMAGE, HARRIET AMELIA                 ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-36
RASMUSSEN, CHARLIE                     DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-64
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-68
RICHARDSON, DAVID J.                   ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-5
ROACH, RICHARD                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-20
ROBSON, JOSHUA                         ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-67
RODESCH, PETER                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-18
ROMBACH, JOHN                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-19
ROSENTHAL, ADOLF                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-52
RUNOLFSON, BJARNIA                     DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-65
RUNOLFSSON, SIGURDUR                   DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-46
RUNTE, HENRY                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-17
RUTH,C HARLES J.                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-29
RUXTON, JOHN                           GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-48
RUXTON, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-14
SALZMANN, AUGUST                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-65
SAMUELSON, PETER                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-50
SANDBURG, OLAF A.                      SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-18
SAWYER, DAVID H.                       ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-40
SCATTERGOOD, ARTHUR                    ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-24
SCATTERGOOD, MABLE J.                  ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-62
SCHAINOST, MATEY                       AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-37
SCHENK, ATTO                           GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-57
SCHENK, GEORGE                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-65
SCHENKEL, JOSEPH                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-36
SCHMAICHEL, CHARLES                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-28
SCHMITT, GOTTFRIED                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-19
SCHNITGER, OTTO                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-12
SCHONSCH, GASTAV                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-11
SCHRODER, HEINRICH                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-6
SCHULTZ, JULE                          AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-3
SHEDOCK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-39
SIEBERT, FRED                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-35
SISR, FRANK                            RUSSIA              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-49
SORENSEN, CHRIS                        DENMARK             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-58
SOUET, E. W.                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-8
SPRAGG, GEORGE                         GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-38
STAMM, THEODOR                         GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-7
STEENSON, THOMAS                       SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-7
STORCK, CHARLES                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-56
STORM, AUGUSTUS                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-63
STRAMANN, CATHARINE E.                 GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-61
STURZ, EMANUEL                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-49
SVANSSON, PETER                        SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-32
SVOBODA, JOSEF                         AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-51
SWAN, JOHN                             ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-1
TELLIER, EXODUS                        GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-47
TERRY, JAMES                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-62
THOMPSON, IDA                          SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-23
TIMM, HINRICH                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-55
TIMM, JOHN                             GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-55
TISCHER, RUDOLF                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-57
TOMPSON, ARICK                         SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-32
TURNER, WILLIAM T.                     ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-8
TYRRELL, HORACE                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-35
UPSTILL, ALFRED                        GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-17
UPSTILL, EDLEY E.                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-10
UPSTILL, ENTYEUS A. P.                 ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-59
UPSTILL, RICHARD A.                    ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-10
URBAN, ANTON                           AUSTRIA             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-51
VOIGT, JULIUS                          GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-3
VOOS, CHARLES WILLIAM                  GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-13
VOOS, EWALD                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-13
WALTON, JANE                           ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-41
WARD, ANDREW G.                        SWEDEN              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-54
WARREN, ALICE                          ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-43
WEETS, MARTIN                          RUSSIA              NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-57
WEIGAND, HANS AUS.                     GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-30
WEIGAND, PETER PAUL                    GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-25
WESTOVER, AMOS E.                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-66
WESTOVER, EMILINE                      ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-68
WINKELMANN, C. HENRY                   GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-67
WINKELMANN, C. HENRY                   GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-64
WRIGHT, JAMES W.                       GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-23
WRIGHT, JOHN C.                        ENGLAND             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-28
WRIGHT, THOMAS C.                      GREAT BRITAIN       NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-49
WULF, FRITZ                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-52
WULF, WILHELMINE                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-57
YUNKE, GUSTAVUS                        GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-29
ZAHL, DAVID                            GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-31
ZLOMKE, AUSUT F.                       GERMANY             NE-BROWN-DC-OLDDOI  1-46

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