Brown County, Nebraska
Old Certificates of Citizenship Index (1883-1905)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Brown County District Court, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
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ALBERTS, CHARLES                       1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-56
ALLEN, WILLIAM J.                      1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-4
ANDERSON, CARL                         1902                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-68
ANDERSON, JOHN P.                      1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-5
ASHBAUGH, KATHARINE                    1904                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-70
BAGGE, EPHRAIM                         1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-27
BARNES, ELIZABETH                      1899                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-65
BICKSEL, CHRISTINA                     1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-36
BLAKE, ROBERT W.                       1884                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-3
BORK, JOHN                             1905                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-71
BRIDGEFORD, THOMAS G.                  1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-28
BRIDGFORD, ROBERT B.                   1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-50
BROSCHEIT, FRANZ E.                    1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-21
BROWNLEE, JOHN S.                      1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-6
BUTTNER, AUGUST BYRON                  1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-58
BUTTNER, CHARLES BERNHARD              1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-46
CHERLA, URICH                          1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-52
COLEMAN, JOHN                          1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-51
COLW, ALBERT                           1901                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-67
COPELAND, JOSEPH                       1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-24
COX, FREDERICK                         1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-33
CRUMP, JESSE AVERY                     1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-8
DONOVAN, MICHAEL                       1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-48
EDWARDS, JEAN W.                       1901                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-67
ENGBERG, LAURENCE                      1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-20
ENGEL, SUSANNA                         1903                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-69
FERDINAND, OSCAR                       1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-53
FINDER, WILLIAM                        1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-43
FOOTE, EDWARD J.                       1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-5
GACH, ANTON                            1895                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-62
GALLIGAN, GEORGE                       1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-57
GEE, RODMAN S.                         1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-10
GOLSON, JAMES C.                       1894                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-61
GORDENKER, VALDIMER                    1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-37
GRAVES, JAMES MANSON                   1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-9
GRAVES, WILHELM                        1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-36
HAGBERG, JOHN A.                       1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-45
HAGLUND, ERIC OLAF                     1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-44
HALLDORSON,JOHNC HRISTYAN              1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-34
HALLER, GUDMUNDEN S.                   1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-34
HANSEN, ANDREW                         1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-43
HERRON, PATRICK                        1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-8
HINTZ, TIM                             1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-39
HOLST, MARY                            1905                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-71
HONNEN, CHARLES                        1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-39
HOUSEMAN, CHARLESJ.                    1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-23
HOVARD, JOHN                           1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-57
HUBBELL,ELIZA                          1899                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-66
ISAACSON, PETER                        1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-55
JELINEK, CHARLES                       1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-32
JONDRO, FRANK W.                       1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-21
JONES, ELLEN M.                        1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-41
JONES, WILLIAM W.                      1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-30
JONSSON, HALLAM                        1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-35
JUDD, ERNEST A.                        1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-47
KACKEMEISTER, WILLIAM                  1896                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-63
KAWELMACHER, CHRISTIAN E.              1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-31
KESSELHUTH, ERNEST                     1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-33
KING, ALFRED                           1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-24
KLEIN, JOSEPH                          1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-47
KNIPHOFF, JOHN                         1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-44
KOCH, SOPHIA                           1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-60
KREIZENBECK, HERMAN                    1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-30
LACHTROP, AMALIA                       1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-61
LACKAFF, JOHN P.                       1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-22
LARSON, ANDREW P.                      1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-25
LARSON, CARL J.                        1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-26
LIND, JOHN S.                          1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-25
LINKE, CHARLES                         1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-31
LORENSEN, HERMAN CHRISTIAN             1897                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-63
MAGNUSSON, SIGFUS                      1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-54
MATTSEN, HENRY F.                      1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-12
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM                       1883                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-1
MERRILL, WILLIAM J.                    1884                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-2
MEYER, JOHN                            1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-59
NEILSON, NEILS                         1884                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-3
NILSON, OTTO                           1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-18
OLEARY, ANDREW J.                      1883                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-1
OLSON, HENRY A.                        1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-22
OSBORNE, THOMAS H.                     1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-26
PETERSON, HANS                         1885                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-4
PETERSON, ISAAC                        1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-54
PETERSON, P. V.                        1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-56
RAASCH, ALBERT                         1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-35
RAASCH, MINNA                          1898                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-64
RAASCH, PAUL                           1900                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-66
RAUSCHER, MAX                          1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-27
RAVEN, JOHN                            1894                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-62
RUGER, JACOB                           1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-40
SAMMERS, DORIS                         1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-46
SAUK, ADAM                             1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-60
SCATTERGOOD, ARTHUR                    1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-19
SCATTERGOOD, ARTHUR WILLIAM            1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-19
SCHEINOST, ALBERT                      1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-59
SCHENK, ATTA                           1904                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-70
SCHENK, JUSTUS                         1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-48
SCHNITGER, OTTO                        1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-38
SCHOENENBERGER, EMILE                  1886                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-9
SCHONFELD, GOTTLIEB                    1902                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-68
SCHONHORDT, FREDERICK                  1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-40
SCHULTZ, FREDERICK W.                  1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-51
SCHULZ, FREDERICK C. E.                1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-11
SCHULZ, FREDERICK G.                   1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-10
SHEDEK, FRANK                          1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-28
SIEBERT, FREDERICK                     1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-29
SORENSEN, CHRIS                        1903                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-69
SPANN, FREDERICK                       1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-29
STEINMEYER, WILLAM                     1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-12
STRENGER, THEODORE                     1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-49
SUCK, HENRY F.                         1899                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-65
TELSEN, ANDREW F.                      1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-13
THENN, CHARLES                         1892                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-58
THOMPSON, IDA                          1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-53
THOMPSON, MARTHA                       1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-52
THOMPSON, ROBERT H.                    1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-23
TIMM, JOHN                             1898                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-64
UFMANN, FREDERIC WILLIAM               1890                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-45
VANDEHEY, JOHN                         1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-18
VOOS, EWALD                            1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-37
WAUCK, JOHAN                           1884                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-2
WESTOVER, JAMES E.                     1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-55
WESTPHAL, HERMAN T.                    1887                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-11
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM N.                   1889                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-38
WOHLMUTH, ROSALIE                      1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-32
YOUNG, PETER E.                        1891                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-50
ZAHL, WILLAM                           1888                NE-BROWN-DC-OLDCERTS     A-20

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