US District Court - Minnesota
Third Division (St. Paul)
Old Declarations of Intent (1859-1872)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court Third Division (St. Paul), type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #

ABRAHAM, CHARLES                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-122
ACHTERLING, JOSEPH                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-459
ACHTERLING, PAUL                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-474
AHERN, JEREMIAH                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-75
AMAN, LOUIS                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-343
ANDERSON, AXEL                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-212
ANDERSON, C.                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-382
ANDERSON, CARL P.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-402
ANDERSON, E. H.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-436
ANDERSON, ERICK                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-398
ANDERSON, HANS PETER                   DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-361
ANDERSON, JOHN R.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-244
ANDERSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-434
ANDERSON, OLAUS                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-345
ANDERSON, OSCAR                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-315
ANDERSON, PEHR                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-364
ANDERSONL, PETER                       NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-228
ANDERSSON, OLE                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-327
ANGE, EDMOND                           CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-25
APPEL, ALEXANDER M.                    HUNGARY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-106
APPLEBAUM, ABRAHAM J.                  PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-319
ATKESON, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-91
BARTOS, FRANK                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-458
BAUDEEN, FRANK                         BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-129
BAXER, JOZEF                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-445
BEAUCLERK, JOSEPH                      CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-32
BEEKER, PETER                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-181
BEFORT, PETER                          HOLLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-237
BEILKE, CARL                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-351
BELL, HENRY Y.                         CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-58
BENGSON, CARL                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-435
BERG, CARLY J.                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-336
BERG, O. D.                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-470
BERGQUIST, ERICK                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-233
BERGSTROM, ANDREAS                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-349
BERKELMANN, GEORGE                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-113
BERNACHKE, ALBERT                      BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-472
BESEL, ALBERT                          PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-242
BEVOR, JOHN                            GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-293
BILEY, JOZEF                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-120
BINDER, WILLIAM                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-177
BISSONNETTE, JOHN                      CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-67
BLEEM, JOHN JOSEPH                     PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-160
BLOMBERG, CARL                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-286
BOOM, AUGUST                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-491
BRADY, BARNEY                          IRELAN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-86
BREHMER, AUGUST                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-139
BREIDERT, JOHN                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-166
BROM, FRANCIS                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-127
BROWN, CONRAD                          PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-171
BROWN, EDWARD                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-64
BROWN, ROEBRT                          ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-302
BUNDE, ALBERT                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-263
BUNDE, DANIEL                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-356
BUNDE, FRIEDRICH                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-353
BURKE, EDWARD                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-89
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         NOVA SCOTIA         US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-318
CAMPETIN, CARLES                       NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-360
CARLANDER, NELS MAGNUS                 SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-372
CARLIN, ANDREW O.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-285
CARLSON, OLOF G.                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-395
CARLSON, SWAN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-411
CARLSSON, AUGUST                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-369
CHRISTENSEN, GALBRAND                  NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-206
CLANCY, MICHAEL                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-320
CLASSEN, MICHEL                        LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-51
COHRS, GUSTAVUS                        HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-54
COLLATZ, AUGUST                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-162
COLLINS, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-453
CONALLY, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-96
CONNELLY, ROGER                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-74
CONWAY, JAMES                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-81
COTE, FERDINAND                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-22
COYNE, PETER                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-82
CRAIG, OTTO WILLIAM                    ONTARIO             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-38
CRANBRICK, JOHN                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-41
CRYSLER, ROBERT H.                     ONTARIO             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-161
DAHLQUIST, O. G.                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-486
DANIELSON, JOHN                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-427
DANIELSON, N.                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-490
DANWALDER, CONRAD                      BADEN               US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-149
DARICK, JOHN                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-39
DAUER, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-201
DEBACH, HERMAN                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-439
DEFIAL, CHARLES                        BADEN               US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-159
DEFRANCHES, WILLIAM                    BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-476
DEHNING, GEORGE                        HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-79
DELECUN, ABRAHAM                       HOLLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-144
DOMSEIF, GEORG                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-386
DONALDSON, CHARLES                     IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-95
DOUGLASS, ROBERT H.                    SCOTLAND            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-456
DUBEAU, ALEXANDER                      CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-15
DUGGAN, JOHN G.                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-90
DUMONT, LOUIS                          CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-40
DUNWELL, HENRY                         HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-134
DUSEL, BURLL                           AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-290
DYMOCK, ALFRED                         ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-316
EARNEST, HENRY                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-215
EKROTH, L. P.                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-381
ELIASSON, SVEN                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-363
ENDERS, JOHAN                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-239
ENGLISH, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-37
ENKLERT, MIKE                          BADEN               US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-153
ERICKSON, CHARLES E.                   SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-219
ERICKSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-174
ERICKSON, LARS P.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-232
ERICKSON, M. R.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-173
ERICKSON, PETER                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-408
ERICKSSON, HALFOARD                    SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-371
ERICSON, EMANUEL                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-347
ERICSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-359
ERIKSSON, MONS                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-309
ERSAK, JOSEPH                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-128
ERSKINE, ROBERT                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-325
ESTBY, O. C. N.                        NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-447
FAHY, FARGUS                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-193
FALLS, JOHN                            IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-13
FEHLIN, PETER                          LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-66
FERGUSON, JOHN                         ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-216
FERIGAL, NILS                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-442
FISCHER, GEORGE                        WUERTTEMBERG        US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-180
FISCHER, MAX                           WUERTTEMBERG        US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-182
FITZGERALD, PIERCE                     IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-130
FLANAGAN, PATRICK                      IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-55
FLETCHER, ANDREW                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-407
FOGAL, LOUIS                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-103
FOHRMEISTER, GUSTAV                    HAMBURG             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-83
FORGUE, SAMUEL                         CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-19
FRABER, JOHN                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-138
FRANZMEIER, WILHELM                    PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-52
FRICK, F. W.                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-423
FRISK, ERICK                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-346
FRITSCH, CARL                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-272
FRITZ, CASPAR                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-164
FRITZ, PETER                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-165
GALINAK, JACOB                         BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-465
GALLAGHER, JAMES                       IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-8
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                     IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-450
GANF, JOHN                             BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-117
GEABEAU, GEORGE                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-17
GEHRMANN, FRITZ                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-141
GEISSLER, HERMAN                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-440
GIBBENS, PHILIP R.                     IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-97
GILL, PHILIP                           ISLE OF MAN         US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-368
GILLIGAN, JAMES                        ST. JOHNS           US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-451
GLICK, RAYMUND                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-298
GOEBEL, FREDERICK                      PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-80
GOETZ, AMBROS                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-241
GOIEKE, HERMAN                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-390
GOLDBERG, ANDRE                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-303
GOSSMAN, WILHELM                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-288
GOUGEON, LEON                          CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-16
GRAMP, JOHN                            GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-197
GRANNAM, OLE OLSSON                    NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-417
GRASSL, ALBERT                         BAYERN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-88
GRIFFIN, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-209
GUMALIUS, T. K.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-326
GUNDELL, LARS                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-348
GUNDLACH, AUGUST                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-388
GUSTAFSON, ELIAS                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-482
GUSTAVSON, FRANK F.                    SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-410
HADECKER, CHARLES                      NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-475
HAGEMANN, H.                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-457
HALENBERG, CARL G.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-413
HALFORD, JOSEPH                        ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-323
HALLORAN, JAMES                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-98
HALLQVIST, CHARLES                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-339
HAMEL, CLEOPHASE                       CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-21
HARDIE, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-313
HARTIG, JOACHIM                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-384
HARTZ, FERDINAND                       BADEN               US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-65
HEDRICK, THEADORE                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-101
HEDSTRUM, JAMES                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-247
HEINL, ANDREAS                         AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-202
HEINSCH, HENRY                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-437
HELFMANN,JACOB                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-387
HENDRICKSEN, LEWIS                     NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-446
HENLE, ANTON                           WUERTTEMBERG        US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-158
HENRICHSEN, ANDREW                     NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-304
HENSCHEL, ADOLPH                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-109
HERMANN, JOSEPH                        BAYERN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-200
HESSELWITH, HILMER A. E.               SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-280
HICKERY, JAMES                         IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-47
HINZ, JURGEN                           HOLSTEIN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-121
HOAR, JOHN                             IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-99
HOLMBERG, JOHANNES D.                  SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-57
HOLMBERG, LARS E.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-310
HOLMES, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-471
HOLMQUIST, ANDREW                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-246
HONOLEZ, MATHEW                        LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-27
HONZA, JOZEF                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-462
HORESS, JOHN                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-463
HOSEMANN, HENRY                        FRANCE              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-421
HUTH, GOTTHOLD                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-188
INDRA, JEAN                            SEE: INDRA, WENZEL
INDRA, WENZEL                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-119
JACKSON, ANDRE                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-283
JACKSON, PETER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-230
JACOB, JOHN                            LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-45
JAEKEL, CARL                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-100
JANSSEN, JAN                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-344
JOHANSON, NILS J.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-284
JOHNSEN, JACOB                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-24
JOHNSON, CHARLES                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-311
JOHNSON, GEORGE B.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-479
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-332
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-400
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-337
JOHNSON, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-224
JOHNSON, JOHN C.                       DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-461
JOHNSON, OKE                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-250
JOHNSON, PEDER                         NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-53
JOHNSON, PETER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-426
JOHNSSON, ANDREW                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-460
JOHNSSON, JOHN                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-391
JOHNSSON, SWERT C.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-415
JONASSON, OLAF                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-341
JONGQVIST, JOHN A.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-331
JONGSTROM, JOHN                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-274
JORBE, HENRY                           HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-324
JOYCE, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-71
KARGER, CARL                           AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-147
KARGER, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-146
KASNER, AUGUST                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-151
KEIPER, ERNST                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-485
KELL, MICHAEL                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-85
KENNEDY, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-68
KETTERER, DONATUS                      GEMANY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-392
KIEFNER, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-266
KJELLBERG, ISIDOR                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-281
KLENGBURG, CHRISTOF                    MECKLENBURG         US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-154
KLOTZ, FREDERICK C. C.                 DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-431
KNUTSON, PETER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-23
KOLAR, JOZEF                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-467
KRIEGE, JOSEPH                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-481
KROENING, THEODOR                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-455
KRUGER, CHARLES F.                     PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-94
KUCHCHOFF, SEBASTIAN                   FRANCE              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-213
LABS, HEINRICH                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-240
LAGENBLAD, CLAUS OTTO                  SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-222
LANNERS, MICHEL                        LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-50
LARSEN, FERDINAND J.                   DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-444
LARSEN, JOHN                           NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-265
LARSON, OLAF                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-412
LARSON, OLE                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-236
LASSON, JOHN                           NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-307
LAUS, CHARLES                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-135
LEBORIUS, JOSEPH                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-330
LEHMANN, CHARLES                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-429
LEVERMANN, AUGUST                      PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-185
LIBAG, ARNT                            NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-275
LICK, JOSEPH                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-255
LIEN, PEDER P.                         NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-389
LIES, AUGUST                           PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-229
LINDBERGH, AUGUST                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-36
LINDENBERG, ADOLPH                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-378
LINDER, SOLOMON C.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-394
LINDSKOG, ANDREW J.                    SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-170
LINKBEKER, HENRICH                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-354
LOF, OLAF O.                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-335
LOGAS, CARL                            HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-148
LONQVIST, AUGUST                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-366
LUNDBERG, G.                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-443
LUNDIE, GEORGE                         SCOTLAND            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-416
LUNDIN, G.                             SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-328
LUNDMAN, NICHOLAS                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-322
LUNDQUIST, JONAS E.                    SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-223
LUNDQVIST, ANDROW                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-362
LUNDSTROM, ANDERS O.                   SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-252
LUNQVIST, PETER N.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-251
LYDON, HUGH                            IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-93
MAGUHN, ADOLPH                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-183
MAHLE, WILLIAM                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-110
MARSH, ANTON                           LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-62
MARSH, JOHN                            LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-61
MARTENSON, PER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-254
MATTIAS, REUTER                        LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-49
MAY, CHARLES                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-297
MCCARRICK, THOMAS                      IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-77
MCCLUSKEY, WILLIAM F.                  NEW BRUNSWICK       US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-111
MCPHAIL, H. R.                         CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-454
MCWHIRTER, WILLIAM                     SCOTLAND            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-258
MELLGREN, AXEL EDMUND                  FINLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-211
MENSCHICK, JOHN                        BOEHMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-126
MENZEL, BRUNO                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-269
MESCHKE, CHARLES                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-291
MICALAN, JOHN                          NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-207
MICHELS, JOHN                          LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-33
MIELKE, WILLIAM                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-441
MILLER, JOHN R.                        SCOTLAND            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-5
MISKOFF, MICHEL                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-18
MITCHELL,S AMUEL                       ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-4
MOLLOY, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-194
MONSON, NELS                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-256
MORE, CHARLES                          ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-305
MORRIS, JOHN H.                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-301
MUESELER, FRED                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-430
MURNANE, HUGH                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-12
MURPHY, MICHAEL                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-448
MYERS, ROBERT                          ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-10
NADON, OVID                            CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-168
NAUMANN, HEINRICH                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-438
NEILSON, N. P.                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-477
NELSON, ANDREW N.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-217
NELSON, ANDREW                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-249
NELSON, CHRISTIAN                      DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-234
NELSON, PETER                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-136
NELSSON, J. G.                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-385
NEUROSER, ALOIS                        AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-46
NICHTEGAL, AUGUST                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-358
NILSON, HANS                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-425
NILSON, OLE                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-221
NILSSON, NICOLAUS                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-405
NOLIN, PETER                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-279
NORDELL, NEILS M.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-420
NORRDIN, AUGUST                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-393
NOVEN, N.                              SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-468
NYQVIST, N.                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-329
OBERBECK, CHARLES                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-295
OBRIEN, PATRICK                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-73
OCONNOR, ANDREW                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-192
ODEA, MARTIN                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-108
ODEA, PATRICK                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-107
OLANDER, E.                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-487
OLEFSON, HALVER                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-225
OLSEN, HANS                            DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-308
OLSEN, OLE                             NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-208
OLSON, GILBERT                         NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-406
OLSON, INGEBRIGT                       NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-273
OLSSON, ANDREW                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-401
OLTERGRESS, AXEL                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-383
OREDSON, NELS                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-133
OSTERDAHL, ANDERS JOHAN                SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-428
OTT, AUGUST                            GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-352
OTTE, WILHELM                          HANOVER             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-196
OUPER, JOSEPH                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-198
PALMLUND, SOLOMON                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-262
PARISEAU, HONORE                       CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-20
PAWLECAK, MATHIS                       BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-118
PEHRSSON, MARTIN                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-306
PENSHORS, EDWARD                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-203
PENSHORS, GEORG                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-204
PERSON, NILS                           SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-397
PETERMAN, HERMAN                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-179
PETERS, JEAN                           LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-31
PETERSON, ANDREW                       NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-365
PETERSON, HANS                         NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-399
PETERSON, JACOB                        DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-163
PETERSON, JAMES                        DENMARK             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-432
PETERSON, MARKUS K.                    NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-226
PETERSON, NEIL                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-231
PETERSON, OLLE                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-227
PETERSON, PETER G.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-342
PETERSSON, GUSTAF                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-414
PICHA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-189
PICKON, CELESTIN                       FRANCE              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-63
PIERSON, JOHN P.                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-418
PLAISANSE, AUGUSTIN                    CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-123
PLONTZK, AUGUST                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-178
POPPLEER, FREDRICK                     BAYERN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-157
POULSEN, JOHN                          NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-132
POULSTEINER, ADAM                      BAYERN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-156
POWELL, CHARLES H.                     ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-175
PROKOSCH, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-190
PROSPAL, FRANZ                         BOHEMIAH            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-473
PYKE, HENRY                            ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-9
RAHN, JOHAN                            GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-350
RAMLOW, GUSTAF                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-186
RANK, ERDMAN                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-268
RAPP, VALENTINE                        BAYERN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-6
RASCH, HERMANN                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-294
RATTICK, PETER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-125
RAUSCHKE, CARL                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-259
REAGAN, BERNARD                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-72
REARDON, THOMAS                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-76
REDISKE, AUGUST                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-314
REED, GEORGE                           ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-42
REED, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-43
REHBEHN, AUGUST                        LUNEBURG            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-114
REINHARDT, CASPER                      HESSEN-CASSEL       US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-143
RICHTER, WILLIAM                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-367
RIETZKE, HENRY                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-104
RINGSTROM, P. O.                       SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-433
RIVAR, THEOPHILE                       CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-26
ROULEAU, FRANCOIS ADOLPHE              CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-2
ROWAN, THOMAS                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-70
ROWE, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-424
RUDBERG, JONAS                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-370
RUNDSKOG, JOHN                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-403
RUNNETTE, ALEXANDER K.                 IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-105
RUUD, OLE                              NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-253
RYAN, DENNIS                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-466
RYAN, THOMAS                           IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-14
SADLER, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-267
SAND, CHRISTIAN                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-261
SASS, FERDINAND                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-355
SAUTER, ENGELBERT                      WUERTTEMBERG        US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-155
SAWYER, DAVID                          QUEBEC              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-195
SCHAUBLE, GEORGE J.                    GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-452
SCHILLER, STEPHEN                      AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-152
SCHMIDT, HENRY                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-235
SCHNEIDER, CHARLES                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-56
SCHOCH, ANDREW                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-422
SCHROEDER, AMIL                        HOLSTEIN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-145
SCHULENBERG, WILHELM                   GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-321
SCHULER, CARL                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-449
SCHULTZ, HERMANN                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-243
SCHULZE, ALBERT                        GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-338
SEMKE, JULIUS                          PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-140
SETTERGREN, FREDRIC ALFRED             SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-260
SHNIDER, CHARLES                       GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-48
SIGNEL, NELS S.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-220
SIMENSEN, OLE                          NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-282
SISTERMAN, HENRY                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-87
SITKA, VENSL                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-199
SKLUZACIK, JOHN                        BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-464
SLATER, JOSEPH                         BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-483
SMITH, BASHADALLE                      ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-3
SMITH, CHARLES V.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-248
SMITH, D. SHELDON                      CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-317
SMITH, MATHIAS                         LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-30
SMITH, PETER                           GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-84
SOMMER, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-191
SPALUDLING, IRA                        NEW YORK            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-278
SPARKES, GEORGE                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-44
SPOEL, WENZEL                          AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-205
SPRUTE, HENRY                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-102
STEPHEN, WILLIAM                       ISLE OF MAN         US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-357
STOFFEL, ANTON                         LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-276
STOHTMANN, GSUTAV                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-377
STOLL, MORITZ                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-271
STREICHERT, ADOLPH                     PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-187
STROMQUIST, L. P.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-379
STRUM, GUSTAV                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-245
STURM, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-289
SUHR, FERDINAND                        HOLSTEIN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-59
SUTTON, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-214
SWANSON, PETER                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-287
SWANSON, R.                            SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-380
SWEDBURG, A. S.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-488
SWENSON, OLE A.                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-419
SWENSSON, PER                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-277
SYVERSON,OLE                           NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-333
TAENHAUSER, JOSEPH                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-238
TAPKEN, FRIEDRICH                      GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-270
TERBACK, HENRY                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-184
THOMAS, FRANK                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-299
THOMASON, OLAF                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-409
THOMPSON, JAMES                        ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-484
TIERNEY, THOMAS                        IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-11
TILLMAN, JOHANNES PETER                PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-60
TIMOTHY, JOHN                          IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-210
TOUSIGNANI, ISAC                       CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-124
TROVOTS, XAVIER                        CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-29
TUFTE, BRYNGEL SEVERSIS                NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-131
VINHOLTZ, PETER A.                     SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-264
WALA, ANTON                            AUSTRIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-150
WALIN, ANDREW                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-375
WALIN, JOHN P.                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-373
WALSTEN, JOHN                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-374
WANG, A.                               SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-469
WARD, JAMES                            IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-92
WEGNER, GEORGE                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-334
WEIS, JOHN                             GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-300
WERDENHOFF, C. W.                      SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-478
WERGEDAHL, O. B.                       NORWAY              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-78
WEST, CHARLES                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-376
WESTMAN, AUGUST                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-312
WHITE, GEORGE                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-296
WIBERG, CHARLES                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-404
WIDMANN, JOSEPH                        WUERTTEMEBRG        US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-169
WIKLAND, ANDERS                        SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-172
WILKE, FREDERICK                       PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-176
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         IRELAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-69
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         ENGLAND             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-137
WILLSON, ALEXANDER                     NEW BRUNSWICK       US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-112
WINGREN, NELS                          SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-340
WITTMAACK, HERMANN                     GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-218
WOLF, WILHELM                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-257
WOLGUS, HENRY                          GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-480
WOLTT, WILLIAM                         PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-142
WONDRA, JACOB                          BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-116
WONDRA, JOHN                           BOHEMIA             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-115
WYLIE, JAMES                           CANADA              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-35
WYMAN, CARL M.                         SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-396
YAGER, CHARLES                         GERMANY             US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-292
YANSON, A.                             SWEDEN              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-489
YOUNG, NICOLAS                         FRANCE              US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-28
YOUNGBLOT, FRED                        PREUSSEN            US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-167
YUNKER, MATHIAS                        LUXEMBOURG          US-MN-DC3D-OLDDOI   1-34

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