Knox County, Maine
Naturalization Petitions(1906-1957)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birthdate (NL- birthdate not listed, S=spouse. C=child)
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Knox County Maine, Supreme Court, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page #
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ABBIATI, ANTONIO                       1882                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-36
ABBIATI, EDMONDO                       1910-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-36
ABBIATI, ZOE                           NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-36
ANASTASIO, ANTONIUS                    1878                                    SICILY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-23
ANDERSON, JOHN GABRIEL                 1906-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-12
ANDERSON, MARIA                        NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-12
ANDERSON, ONNI                         1893-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-12
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      1866                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-12
BERINI, CELSO                          1905-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-2
BERINI, GUIDITTA                       NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-2
BERINI, LOUIS                          1877                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-2
BERINI, VIVADO                         1904-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-2
BIGELOW, DAVID OSCAR                   1877                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-31
BLOCK, ABRAHAM                         1866                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, BESSIE                          1897-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, ETHEL                           1895-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, MYER                            1892-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, PHILIP                          1889-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, SADIE                           NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BLOCK, SARAH                           1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-25
BRUSA, ARMANDO LOUIS                   1908-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-26
BRUSA, FILOMENA                        NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-26
BRUSA, FRANK                           1881                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-26
CANDAL, JOSEPH                         1871                                    FRANCE                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-4
CARDARELLI, COSTANZO                   1867                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-7
CARDARELLI, DANIEL                     1899-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-7
CARDARELLI, DOMENICA                   1889-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-7
CARDARELLI, JIUSTINA                   NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-7
CATECHIS, GEORGE                       1876                                    GREECE                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-5
COLLETTI, ACHILLE                      1892-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, IDEA                         1904-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, LERAUTA                      1902-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, LIBERO                       1907-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, LORETO                       1896-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, NUNZIO                       1869                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, RIBELLE                      1906-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
COLLETTI, ROSA                         NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
DONIA, BRUNO                           1904-C                                  SICILY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-43
DONIA, FRANK                           1875                                    SICILY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-43
DONIA, NINO                            1902-C                                  SICILY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-43
DONIA, PASQUALINA                      NL-S                                    SICILY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-43
ELGLAND, ANNA                          NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-34
ELGLAND, MATT                          1876                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-34
ELGLAND, WITHO ELIAS                   1908-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-34
ELLIS, ANNIE F.                        1892-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, CHARLES H.                      1894-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, EVELYN B.                       1898-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, JEANNIE F.                      1890-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, MAGGIE M.                       1887-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, MARGARET                        NL-S                                    SCOTLAND                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, WILLIAM                         1861                                    SCOTLAND                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
ELLIS, WILLIAM L.                      1888-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-22
FABRIGIO, AMELIA                       1907-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-8
FABRIGIO, ANTHONY                      1904-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-8
FABRIGIO, MARY                         NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-8
FABRIGIO, PASQUALE                     1875                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-8
FERGUSON, ARCHIBALD                    1877                                    SCOTLAND                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-28
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH H.                 NL-S                                    SCOTLAND                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-28
GLAENTZEL, ANNA SOPHIA                 NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-50
GLAENTZEL, ELFRIDA                     1900-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-50
GLAENTZEL, FRITZ                       1904-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-50
GLAENTZEL, GEORGE                      1869                                    GERMANY                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-50
GLAENTZEL, GEORGE H.                   1897-C                                  PENNSYLVANIA                             ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-50
GORDON, ANNIE                          1907-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-38
GORDON, BERTHA                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-38
GORDON, DOROTHY                        1906-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-38
GORDON, MORRIS                         1877                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-38
GRAFF, ELLI                            1903-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-15
GRAFF, ELSA                            1901-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-15
GRAFF, JOHN                            1859                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-15
GRAFF, PAULINA                         NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-15
HENDRICKSON, ARTHUR EDWARD             1898-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-13
HENDRICKSON, FRANS                     1883-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-14
HENDRICKSON, HELMI                     1888-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-14
HENDRICKSON, JOSEPH                    1860                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-13
HENDRICKSON, JOSEPH ANSHELM            1895-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-13
HENDRICKSON, MARIA LENA                NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-13
HENDRICKSON, MICHAEL                   1852                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-14
HENDRICKSON, SOPHIA                    NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-14
HYVARINEN, ANNA LYDIA                  1900-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-10
HYVARINEN, ELVI ABSTRIIT               1903-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-10
HYVARINEN, ERIIKA                      NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-10
HYVARINEN, HENRY                       1897-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-10
HYVARINEN, HENRY                       1869                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-10
JAMESON, ALVIN                         1896-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, EDDIE                         1903-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, HELENA                        1890-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, HENRY                         1861                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, MARY                          1886-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, MARY E.                       NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, MATTIE                        1905-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, PETER                         1889-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JAMESON, SILVIA                        1902-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-1
JOHNSON, AMELIA                        1884-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, ANNA LOUISE                   NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, AXEL FRITZOF                  1887-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, CHARLES EDWIN                 1893-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, CHARLES MAGNUS                1859                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH MAY                 1894-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, FRANK LOUIS                   1889-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, FRED                          1890-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, JENNIE                        1891-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-19
JOHNSON, MOLLIE                        NL-S                                    MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-33
JOHNSON, OSCAR                         1884                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-33
KRAM, INGVALD                          1881                                    NORWAY                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-45
LISSOK, ANNA PEARL                     1909-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-37
LISSOK, GRACE E.                       NL-S                                    MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-37
LISSOK, HERMAN                         1881                                    GERMANY                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-9
LISSOK, HERMAN                         1881                                    GERMANY                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-37
LONNGREN, CARL                         1879                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-21
LONNGREN, CARL                         1879                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-32
LORETO, LEONE                          1882                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-29
MAKINEN, ALIINA                        NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-47
MAKINEN, ASTA                          1906-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-47
MAKINEN, RANNA                         1909-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-47
MAKINEN, SAIMA                         1905-C                                  WASHINGTON                               ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-47
MAKINEN, WERNER                        1876                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-47
MANNISTO, ALMA LYDIA                   1898-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-35
MANNISTO, ARMAS ANSHELM                1901-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-35
MANNISTO, ELLI MILIA                   1905-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-35
MANNISTO, FRANK                        1875                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-35
MANNISTO, SANDRA                       NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-35
MILLER, BENJAMIN                       1881                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-20
MILLER, LAWRENCE                       1904-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-20
MILLER, MOLLIE                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-20
OLSON, OLOF                            1882                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-40
OSTERBLOM, CARL                        1877                                    SWEDEN                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-17
PANTRINI, ANTHONY                      1882                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-3
PARRILLO, LAURA                        NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-44
PARRILLO, SALVATORE MICHAEL            1879                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-44
PAUTRINI, GIOVANNI                     1872                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-18
PAUTRINI, JOANNA                       NL-S                                    ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-18
PAUTRINI, LINS                         1897-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-18
PAUTRINI, MARIETTA                     1902-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-18
PAUTRINI, MARINA                       1898-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-18
PERLSTEIN, ANNA                        NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, HILDA                       1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, IDA                         1896-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, ISSER                       1863                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, JENNIE                      1905-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, MORRIS                      1893-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, NETTIE                      1892-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, ROBERT                      1901-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
PERLSTEIN, SIMON                       1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-42
POLACK, BERTHA                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, DAVID                          1896-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, IDA                            1889-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, JOSEPH                         1892-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, JULIA                          1905-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, MORRIS                         1867                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, NETTIE                         1895-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
POLACK, SOFIA                          1903-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-41
PRINGLE, HENRY HERBERT                 1874                                    IRELAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-27
PRINGLE, IDA ANNA                      NL-S                                    NEW YORK                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-27
QUINTILIANI, ASSUNTA COLLETTI          1889-C                                  ITALY                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-30
RICHAN, AVARD LEROY                    1897-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-24
RICHAN, IVAH M.                        NL-S                                    MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-24
RICHAN, JAMES AVARD                    1873                                    NOVA SCOTIA                              ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-24
RICHAN, WINOLA LOUISE                  1907-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-24
RILEY, JACOB                           1867                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-16
ROSS, ANNIE                            1898-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, ANNIE                            NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, BERTHA                           1894-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, GERTRUDE                         1904-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, MYER                             1870                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, SAMUEL                           1896-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
ROSS, SARAH                            1903-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-49
RUUSKA, ALMA                           1890-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, ANNA                           1899-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, EMELI                          1894-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, ERICK                          1853                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, JOHN                           1881-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, OLGA K.                        1881-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, TIINA SOPHIA                   NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
RUUSKA, VIKTORI                        1888-C                                  FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-11
SHAREK, ABRAM                          1874                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-46
SHAREK, HANNAH                         1908-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-46
SHAREK, LENA                           1906-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-46
SHAREK, ROSA                           1911-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-46
SHAREK, SARAH                          NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-46
SJOBLOM, EDITH                         1904-C                                  NEW JERSEY                               ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-39
SJOBLOM, EDWARD                        1877                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-39
SJOBLOM, EINO                          1907-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-39
SJOBLOM, ERO                           1902-C                                  NEW JERSEY                               ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-39
SJOBLOM, ROSA                          NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-39
SWEENEY, PATRICK FRANK                 1882                                    ENGLAND                                  ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-48
VENNIE, HELEN J.                       1891-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, JAMES G.                       1894-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, LAWRENCE B.                    1901-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, MINERVA A.                     NL-S                                    MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, ROBERT                         1893-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, ROBERT                         1867                                    SCOTLAND                                 ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6
VENNIE, SETH G.                        1901-C                                  MAINE                                    ME-KNOX-SC-PET                          1-6

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