Calhoun County, Illinois
Old Declarations of Intent (1859-1892)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Year of Birth and in parentheses ( ) year of naturalization in absence of year of birth. NAL = No age or year listed
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - Calhoun County, Illinois County Court, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page # | Volumes (Years Covered) | 1=1857-1887 | 2=1866-1902 | 3=1903-1926 |

ARNOLD, ANTON                          NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-60
ATTLEY, JOHN                           NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-32
BACH, JOHN M.                          NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-32
BACKER, JOSEPH                         NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-28
BAKER, JOHN                            NAL                                     HESSE-DARMSTADT                          IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
BAKER, JOSEPH                          NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-28
BAKER, MICHAEL                         NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-9
BARRY, JAMES C.                        NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-46
BARRY, PETER C.                        NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-3
BATEMAN, GEORGE W.                     NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-73
BEHNEN, HENRY                          NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-75
BEHRENS, ENGELBERT                     NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-9
BELL, HENRY                            NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-19
BELLEN, JOSEPH                         NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-2
BENTRUP, HENRY                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-41
BERGMAN, FERDINAND                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-10
BERNT, JULIUS                          NAL                                     AUSTRIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-80
BIZAILLION, GEDION                     NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-23
BLOMS, JOHANN BERNA                    NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-40
BLUMENBERG, GUSTAV                     NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
BOCKHOLDT, FRED                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-58
BOES, FREDERICK                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-51
BORGER, HENRICH                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-60
BORGSTROM, JOHN                        NAL                                     SWEDEN & NORWAY                          IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
BORMAN, PETER                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-5
BORMANN, JOHN                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-38
BRAZEILLAN, GIDEON                     NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-23
BREERM HENRY                           NAL                                     HANNOVER & PRUSSIA                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-16
BRENN, HENRY                           NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-45
BRINCKMANN, FRIDRIG A.                 NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-43
BRODBECK, JOHANNES P.                  NAL                                     WUERTTEMBERG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-62
BRUNDIERS, HENRY                       NAL                                     OLDENBURG                                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-23
BRUNJES, JOHN H.                       NAL                                     HANNOVER & PRUSSIA                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-13
BUCKHOLDT, FRED                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-58
BUKER, CALVIN F.                       NAL                                     CANADA                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-74
CANET, FRANK                           NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-29
CORNANT, JOSEPH                        NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-42
CROHN, AARON                           NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-78
DAACK, AUGUST                          NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-76
DAY, BARTHOLOMEW                       NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-24
DAY, JOHN                              NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-69
DEKINDER, MARTIN                       NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-43
DETOUL, NICHOLAS                       NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
DINEKA, HENRY                          NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-25
DISERENS, CHARLES                      NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-44
DORRIES, WILLIAM                       NAL                                     BRAUNSCHWEIG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-12
DROEGE, HENRY                          NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-31
DUCEP, JOSEPH                          NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-36
EBERLIN, HENRY                         NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-30
EICHHORN, FRANCIS                      NAL                                     WUERTTEMBERG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-20
ELHOFFER, JOSEPH                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-52
ERNST, JACOB                           NAL                                     WUERTTEMBERG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-4
EULGENS, JOHN                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-40
EVENS, LEONHARD                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-5
FARNBACK, JOHN                         NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-53
FECKLER, H.                            NAL                                     HANNOVER & GERMANY                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-30
FEHRENBACH, ANDREW                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-54
FICKER, HERMAN                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-57
FISCHER, FERDINAND                     NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-26
FLAGGE, AUGUST                         NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-61
FONCK, MICHEL                          NAL                                     BELGIUM                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-50
FRANKE, HENRY                          NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-59
FRERECKS, WILLIAM                      NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-2
FREY, VALENTINE                        NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-19
FRITZ, WILHELM                         NAL                                     WUERTTEMBERG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-65
FUNK, MICHAEL                          NAL                                     BELGIUM                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-50
GASKA, WILHELM                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-48
GAUSSE, JOHANNES                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-52
GEBHARD, G. PHILIPP                    NAL                                     HESSE-DARMSTADT                          IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-22
GENNINGS, GIOCONDO                     NAL                                     ITALY                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-67
GNECK, JOHN                            NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-56
GOLZ, CARL                             NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-43
GOSE, HENRY                            NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-42
GOURLEY, JAMES                         NAL                                     IRELAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
GOURLEY, JAMES A.                      NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-39
GRELLE, BERNARD                        NAL                                     HANNOVER & PRUSSIA                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-8
GUNTHER, LOUIS                         NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-79
HALEMEYER, HENRICH                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-47
HANDBINE, JULIEN                       NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-9
HANKAMP, P. T.                         NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-15
HANNEKEN, WILLIAM                      NAL                                     HANNOVER OR PRUSSIA                      IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-45
HANSCAMP, PETER                        NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-15
HARE, JOSEPH                           NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-7
HARRL, TOBIAS                          NAL                                     GEMRANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-53
HASENSTAB, GEORGE                      NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-14
HATTERMANN, P.                         NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-27
HAUG, CHRISTIAN                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
HAYN, SIMON                            NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-59
HAZELHORST, STEPHAN                    NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-57
HEIDENREICH, EDWARD                    NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-32
HEILMEYER, JOHN                        NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-21
HEINE, JOSEPH                          NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-11
HELD, JOHN                             NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-67
HENDERSON, DAVID                       NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-10
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                     NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-56
HENKEL, BERNARD                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-8
HERKERT, ALEXANDER                     NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-13
HERMANN, ALBERT                        NAL                                     SACHSEN                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-25
HERTEL, CHRISTIAN                      NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-10
HILLEIKE, FRANK                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-69
HILTERMANN, MENNIAS                    NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-38
HINNEN, ALOIS                          NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-57
HINRICHS, GERHARD                      NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-72
HIRST, WILLIAM                         NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-23
HODSON, DAVID                          NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-76
HOEMMEN, HENRY                         NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-35
HOLSWORTH, KONRAD                      NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-26
HOLTSWORTH, CONRAD                     NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-26
HOMMER, WILLIAM                        NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-30
HORMANN, THEODOR                       NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-64
IMMING, JOHAN H.                       NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-34
JANNEY, MARTIN                         NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-48
JANSSON, CHARLES J. L.                 NAL                                     SWEDEN                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-55
KAIBEL, ADOLPH M.                      NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-79
KAMP, JOHN                             NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-34
KINCHERF, BERNHARD                     NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-55
KINCHERF, MICHAEL                      NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-54
KLAAS, JOHN                            NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-33
KLANK, MICHAEL                         NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-6
KNESE, JOHN                            NAL                                     PRUSSIA & HANNOVER                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-14
KOESTER, JOHN                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-36
KOLDEHOF, FREDRICK                     NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-37
KONE, GERHARD                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA & HANOVER                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-7
KRAUT, PETER                           NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-72
KREID FREDELIN                         NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-52
KREWET, CARL                           NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-35
LANG, NICHOLAS                         NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-37
LEIBI, JOHANN                          NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-27
LEISTRITZ, CHARLES                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-31
MAGER, FREDERICK                       NAL                                     SAXONY                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-18
MAGER, FRIDRICH                        NAL                                     SAXONY                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-18
MAIGAL, JAKOB                          NAL                                     HESSE-DARMSTADT                          IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-39
MANIES, CHARLES H.                     NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-75
MARTENS, CLAUS HENRY                   NAL                                     HANNOVER & PRUSSIA                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-12
MARTIN, STEPHAN                        NAL                                     LUXEMBOURG                               IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-6
MATTAZ, PETER F.                       NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-18
MAYER, JULIUS                          NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-65
MAYER, WILHELM                         NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-66
MAYO, MARK                             NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-14
MENKE, THEODOR                         NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-27
MEST, HENRICH                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-47
MEYER, GEVERT                          NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-33
MEYER, HERMAN                          NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-71
MORTON, GEORGE                         NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN                            IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-3
MOSLER, FELIX                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-58
MOSLER, FELIX                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
MOSSMAN, XAVIER                        NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-22
MOTTAZ, HELI                           NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-4
MOTTAZ, JOHN A.                        NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-46
NOLTE, AUGUST                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-12
NOLTE, CHARLES                         NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-11
NORDMANN, HERMANN                      NAL                                     HANNOVER AND PRUSSIA                     IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-49
OETTLI, CHRISTIAN                      NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-17
OETTLI, JACOB                          NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-39
OLDEKAMP, HEINRICH                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-49
OLEARY, JOHN                           NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-28
OSTERMAN, GERHARD H.                   NAL                                     HANNOVER & PRUSSIA                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-16
OSTERMAN, WILLIAM                      NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-61
PANTERA, NICKADEMUS                    NAL                                     ITALY                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-61
PARONTO, JOHN B.                       NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN                            IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-6
PAWELL, JACOB                          NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-17
PENS, ALBERT H.                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-68
PETERS, FREDERICK                      NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-73
PETTERSON, ANDREW PETER                NAL                                     SWEDEN                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-63
PETTERSON, JOHN                        NAL                                     SWEDEN                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-63
PLAUER, GEORGE                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-59
PLAUER, MIKE                           NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-56
PLUSTER, JOHN B.                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-4
POPMEYER, BERNARD                      NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-31
PUERS, P. EUGENE                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-38
QUECK, FREDERICK                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-20
RAPP, HENRIK                           NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-53
REEHMER, BARNHARD                      NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-2
REINNEKE, EDWARD                       NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-60
REMMERS, CHRISTIAN WILLIAM             NAL                                     OLDENBURG                                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-3
REUEKE, ADAM                           NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-24
ROE, RICHARD                           NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-19
ROEHL, ULRICH                          NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-36
ROSA, JAMES                            NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-74
ROSE, ANTON                            NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-62
ROTH, AUGUSTUS                         NAL                                     WUERTTEMBERG                             IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-29
ROTH, JOHN M.                          NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-5
ROWE, RICHARD                          NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-19
RUBEN, LUKAS                           NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-22
RUHR, BERNARD                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-1
RUSTEMEYER, PETER                      NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-58
SCHAFERT, ERNST                        NAL                                     HANNOVER AND PRUSSIA                     IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-51
SCHLUETER, JOSEPH                      NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-41
SCHMIDT, FRANCIS                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-21
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-34
SCHONSTEIN, LUDWIG                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-37
SCHOPP, LEONARD                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-55
SCHRAM, CHARLES                        NAL                                     RUSSIA                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-28
SCHULZE, FRITZ                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-50
SCHUTTE, FRANZ                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-41
SEBERT, ANTHONY                        NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-83B
SEVERET, ANTON                         NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-35
SHEETS, FREDERICK                      NAL                                     ?                                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-11
SIBLEY, JOHN                           NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN                            IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-29
SIEMER, HENRICH                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-68
SMITH, MATHIAS                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-45
SMYTH, ROBERT                          NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-16
SNIDERS, PETER                         NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-20
SNYDER, JACOB                          NAL                                     HOLLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-18
SOMMER, ANTON                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-54
SOMMER, CLEMENS                        NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-48
SPILKER, GUSTAV                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-70
STAHL, HERMANN                         NAL                                     HANOVER & PRUSSIA                        IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-1
STAHL, HERMANN                         NAL                                     HANNOVER AND PRUSSIA                     IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-47
STEINMEYER, FREDERICK                  NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-26
STROM, JOHN K.                         NAL                                     SWEDEN & NORWAY                          IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-70
STUMPH, ANDREAS                        NAL                                     BAVARIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-40
SUM, JOSEPH                            NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-15
SVANSON, ANDREW                        NAL                                     SWEDEN                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-64
SWEETMAN, ALFRED                       NAL                                     ENGLAND                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-24
TAPMEIER, BERNARD                      NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-31
TELKAMP, MATHIAS                       NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-44
TELKAMP, THEODOR                       NAL                                     HANNOVER                                 IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-42
THALMANN, HENRI                        NAL                                     GERMANY                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-78
VOGEL, GUSTAV                          NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-49
WENZEL, AUGUSTUS                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-51
WESTER, GERHARD H.                     NAL                                     HANOVER                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-44
WHISMAN, SAMUEL                        NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-33
WICHART, JOSEPH A.                     NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-77
WICKERT, MARTIN O.                     NAL                                     SWITZERLAND                              IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-77
WICKERT, PETER                         NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-66
WIEBBEN, BERNARD                       NAL                                     PRUSSIA & HANNOVER                       IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-15
WIEGMANN, FREDERIK                     NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-71
WILDHAGEN, ERNST                       NAL                                     HANNOVER OR PRUSSIA                      IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-46
WILDSCHUTZ, PETER                      NAL                                     LUXEMBOURG                               IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-7
WINEKE, FRIEDRICH                      NAL                                     HANNOVER AND PRUSSIA                     IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-50
WIRTSCHORECK, ANTON                    NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-25
WITTHAUT, J. FRANCIS                   NAL                                     PRUSSIA                                  IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-21
WOODWORTH, CONRAD                      NAL                                     BADEN                                    IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-8
YEOMAN, ABRAHAM                        NAL                                     GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND                IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    1-17
YOUNG, JOHN                            NAL                                     FRANCE                                   IL-CALHOUN-CC-OLDDOI                    2-13

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