Brown County, Illinois
Old Declarations of Intent (1857-1897)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Location of Court - Brown County, Illinois County Court, type of record
Column 2: Volume # and page # | Volumes (Years covered) | 1=1857-1890 | 2=1879-1897 |
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BAILEY, ROBERT A.                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-3
BANKS, JOHN                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-29
BARTELLE, NICHOLAS                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-44
BEGGS, GEORGE K.                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-53
BERG, HENRY                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-5
BIRKENFELD, A.                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-30
BOLGER, MICHAEL                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-1
BRATTON, GEORGE                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-9
BRILLERT, BARNEY                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-5
BROWN, JOHN                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-33
BUSEN, WILLIAM                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-63
BUSS, ROLHF A.                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-1
BYRNES, PATRICK H.                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-41
CLIFFORD, MICHAEL                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-9
COFFEY, MICHAEL                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-40
COGAN, DANIEL J.                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-40
CONRAY, KIEIRAN                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-16
COOGAN, RICHARD                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-9
COPELAND, THOMAS                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-39
CREGIER, THOMAS                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-5
CRONAN, DENNIS                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-2
DAAB, GEORGE MARTIN                    IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-56
DAILEY, MICHAEL                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-17
DAVINE, THOMAS                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-18
DEAN, JOHN                             IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-38
EBBENG, HERMAN                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-58
EBBING, HENRY                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-60
ECKHOFF, HEIN                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-54
ECKHOFF, HEYI                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-54
ENNAN, JORGAN                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-34
FEIN, PHLIP                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-51
FENN, JOSIAH S.                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-1
FINK, ANDREW H.                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-8
FITZPATRICK, JAMES                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-32
FRERECHS, HARAN                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-1
FRETZEN, FALK                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-46
FRETZEN, JOHN L.                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-45
FRETZGEN, LAMBERT                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-45
FRINDLICH, JACOB                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-42
FRY, HAVERE                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-11
GARTHAUS, HENRY                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-4
GILL, JOSEPH                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-12
GLEESON, EDMOND                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-8
GOOMER, BENJAMIN                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-60
GOUDSCHAAL, EDWARD                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-47
GOUDSCHAAL, WEERT E.                   IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-8
GRAVES, JOHN                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-6
GRUBER, HERMAN                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-12
HABBERTS, JOHN R.                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-31
HABBUS, HENRY                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-34
HELLMAN, JOSEPH                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-9
HINDRICKS, ALBERT F.                   IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-1
HINRICHS, HENRY                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-2
HOTSCAMP, HENRY                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-19
HUELSBECKER, HERMAN                    IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-6
JACOBI, CHARLES D.                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-47
JONES, WILLIAM                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-3
JONES,JOHN JR.                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-3
JUNG, VALENTIN                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-37
KASSING, ANTON                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-57
KASSING, HENRICK                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-50
KEATING, DANIEL                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-50
KEATING, WILLIAM                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-24
KERR, ALEXANDER                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-7
KERR, JOHN                             IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-16
KIRKPATRICK, ANDREW                    IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-57
KLAGE, FREDERICK                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-18
KNOWLES, THOMAS                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-31
KOCH, ADOLPH                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-21
KOCH, ALBERT                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-19
KOCH, ERNST                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-20
KOCH, FRANCIS                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-22
KOCH, FREDERICK                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-21
KUNKLER, JACOB                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-28
LAMBAUR, JACOB                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-43
LEHNE, CHARLES                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-62
LUCAS, EUGENE                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-6
LYONS, DANIEL                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-8
MADDEN, FREDERICK B.                   IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-10
MALCOMSON, SAMUEL                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-8
MALLETT, FREDERICK                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-7
MANNING, JEREMIAH                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-32
MCCABE, JAMES                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-15
MCCABE, PATRICK J.                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-3
MCCONELL, JAMES                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-62
MCCOY, JOHN                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-2
MCDONALD, PATRICK                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-27
MCDONALD, WILLIAM                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-28
MCGRATH, JAMES                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-11
MCHATTON, CHARLES                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-59
MCKEOWN, JOHN                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-5
MEYER, AUGUST                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-23
MEYER, EDWARD                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-23
MEYER, EMILE                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-22
MILLER, EDWARD                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-14
MILLER, ROBERT                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-14
MONCKTON, JOHN                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-4
MONCKTON, PATRICK                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-3
MONCKTON, THOMAS                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-56
MONCKTON,NICHOLAS                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-10
MONOHAN, PATRICK                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-37
MOORE, MICHAEL                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-35
MORGAN, JOHN CHESLEY                   IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-10
MORRIS, WILLIAM FINN                   IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-59
MORRISON, ROBERT                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-27
NEILAND, HENRY D.                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-2
NORMAN, THOMAS                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-49
O'GARA, CHARLES                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-63
ORTZEN, CARL H. C.                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-7
PARRY, GEORGE                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-52
POPPLESTON, JOHN W.                    IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-10
PREECE, CHARLES                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-58
RANG, MICHAEL                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-30
REICHTMAN, NICHOLAS                    IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-48
REINXS, FRANK M.                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-46
RIGGALL, GEORGE                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-38
RUEH, NICHOLAS                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-26
RYAN, DANIEL                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-15
SALLOWS, ROBERT                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-4
SAVAGE, PATRICK                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-42
SCHMID, BASIL                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-7
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-6
SCHULZ, LEWIS                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-2
SIEBRING, BARTLETT                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-5
SIMON, ALOES                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-52
SIMON, ANTHONY                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-43
SIMON, GEORGE                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-29
SMITH, FRANK                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-49
SMITH, JOHN HENRY                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-55
SMITH, PATRICK                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-25
SMITH, SAMUEL                          IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-20
SMITH, WILLIAM                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-24
SPEER, ALEXANDER                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-55
SPEER, HENRY                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-61
STADLER, LUCAS                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-26
STARK, HENRY                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-44
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-35
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-13
TARENT, PATRICK                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-17
TARENT, PATRICK                        IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-13
TAUBER, JOSEPH                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-36
TAWS, JOSEPH                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-2-10
THOMAS, JOHN                           IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-25
THOMSON, NELSON L.                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-9
WEGS, HENRY                            IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-48
WEGS, J. B. HENRY                      IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-39
WEGS, JOHN BERNARD                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-41
WEHLENG, ANTHONY                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-51
WEHLING, ANTON                         IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-51
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-33
WILPER, JOHN HENRY                     IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-53
YOUNG, VALENTINE                       IL-BROWN-CC-DOI-1-36

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