Bingham County, Idaho
Naturalization Petitions 1907-1911

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Birthyear (-S = Spouse, -C = Child, on record of the petitioner)
Column 3: Place of Birthplace
Column 4: Location of Court - District Court - Bingham County, Idaho, type of record
Column 5: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

ABELSON, CARL HENRY                    1877                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-9
ADOLFSON, ANNA HILDUR FRANZZEN         NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-29
ADOLFSON, JAKOB SEVERIN                1884                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-29
ALBRECHT, ANNIE                        1900-C                                  GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ALBRECHT, ELIZABETH                    1897-C                                  GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ALBRECHT, LILLIE                       1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ALBRECHT, MARY                         NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ALBRECHT, WILLIAM                      1866                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ALBRECHT, WILLIAM                      1904-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-12
ANDERSEN, ANNIE CHRISTINE              1891-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSEN, ANTON                        1868                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSEN, ELLEN MARION                 1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSEN, JAMES                        1889-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSEN, JOHANNA                      NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSEN, VALDERMAR CHRISTIAN          1893-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-34
ANDERSON, ANNA                         NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
ANDERSON, ANNIE LOUISA                 NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, CONDER                       1901-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, EDNA                         1899-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
ANDERSON, GERTRUDE                     1905-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, GUSTAVE                      1889-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
ANDERSON, HELENA                       1891-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
ANDERSON, HELMER E.                    1902-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, LUDWIG                       1865                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
ANDERSON, MARY A.                      NL-S                                    FINLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-30
ANDERSON, PETER                        1880                                    FINLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-30
ANDERSON, PETER                        1870                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, ROSE                         1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-11
ANDERSON, RUBY                         1895-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-36
BACKLUND, DANIEL                       1883                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-18
BACKLUND, ELINA                        NL-S                                    NEBRASKA                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-18
BARTEL, ALVIN WILLIAM                  1898-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BARTEL, ARTHUR THEODORE                1905-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-46
BARTEL, DORA ALICE                     1901-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-46
BARTEL, GERHARD A.                     1868                                    POLAND                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-46
BARTEL, HEDWIG MARY                    1901-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BARTEL, HERMAN JOHN                    1895-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BARTEL, JACOB P.                       1875                                    POLAND                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-45
BARTEL, LINDA GRACE                    1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-46
BARTEL, MARY SUDERMAN                  NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BARTEL, OTTO JACOB                     1897-C                                  KANSAS                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BARTEL, SUSAN A.                       NL-S                                    NORTH DAKOTA                             ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-46
BARTEL, WILLIAM                        1869                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-26
BAUER, ALICE                           1897-C                                  CANADA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, BARBARA                         1894-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, FRANK                           1886-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, GEORGE                          1905-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, JACOB                           1898-C                                  MONTANA                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, JACOB                           1845                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, MARGARET                        1890-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, MARY                            NL-S                                    COLORADO                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAUER, MARY                            1888-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-5
BAYLES, THOMAS ALBERT                  1881                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-25
BERG, FLORENCE LULA                    1905-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-40
BERG, LULA                             NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-40
BERG, SWAN                             1876                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-40
BERG, SWAN SELEEN                      1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-40
BLOMBERG, AXEL WALFRID                 1877                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-21
BOLANDER, ANDREW C.                    1884-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, ANNA KETRINE MARIE           NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, ANNE TOMINE                  1881-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, ANNIE CHRISTINE MARIE        1879-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, HYRUM PETER                  1889-C                                  DEMARK                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, JAMES CHRISTIAN              1877-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, JAMES CHRISTIAN              1858                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, JOHN WIGGS                   1886-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
BOLANDER, JOSEPHINE KATRINE            1883-C                                  DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-38
CHANDLER, CHARLES LEONARD              1879-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, EUGENIE                      1892-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, GEORGE                       1886-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, GERTRUDE ELIZABETH           1875-C                                  ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, MARY                         NL-S                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, REUBEN                       1890-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, SARAH                        1882-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHANDLER, THOMAS                       1850                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-27
CHRISTINSEN, CHRISTINE                 1843                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-14
CROFTS, EDWARD                         1855                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-3
CROFTS, MARY                           NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-3
ELSWOOD, ALEXANDER FRANCIS             1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-37
ELSWOOD, ALFORD ERNEST FRANCIS         1874                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-37
ELSWOOD, ALICE                         1902-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-37
ELSWOOD, ERNST JULES                   1903-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-37
ELSWOOD, JOSEPHINE                     NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-37
EPSTEIN, BERTHA                        NL-S                                    ROMANIA                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-32
EPSTEIN, BERTHA                        NL-S                                    ROMANIA                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-28
EPSTEIN, EDITH                         1899-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-32
EPSTEIN, EDITH                         1899-C                                  RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-28
EPSTEIN, ESTHER                        1906-C                                  MARYLAND                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-28
EPSTEIN, ESTHER                        1906-C                                  MARYLAND                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-32
EPSTEIN, JACOB                         1880                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-32
EPSTEIN, JACOB                         1880                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-28
GEORGE, JOSEPH                         1868                                    SYRIA                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-16
GOODMAN, JOHN                          1874                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-7
HANSON, EDNA V.                        NL-S                                    IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-19
HANSON, PETER                          1870                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-19
HARPER, ESTHER LOUISE                  NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-39
HARPER, TOM                            1883                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-39
HARPER,E VA                            1907-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-39
HENESH, LEO                            1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-13
HENESH, LEOPOLD                        1877                                    AUSTRIA                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-13
HENESH, MARY                           NL-S                                    AUSTRIA                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-13
HOLMBERG, ADLA                         1887-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMBERG, AXEL                         1888-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMBERG, CECELIA                      1877-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMBERG, MATILDA                      NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMBERG, PETER                        1856                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMBERG, SELMA                        1894-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-1
HOLMER, ELLEN ROSIE                    1905-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-8
HOLMER, ELLEN ULRIKA                   NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-8
HOLMER, KARL FRIDOLF                   1881                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-8
HOLMER, KARL GERHARD                   1903-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-8
JENSEN, ANNA                           NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-49
JENSEN, ANTON                          1905-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-49
JENSEN, ETHEL                          1910-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-49
JENSEN, JOHN C.                        1873                                    SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                       ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-49
JOHANSEN, ELLEN MAREEN                 1907-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-42
JOHANSEN, HJALMAR VELHELM NEILS        1884                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-42
JOHANSEN, MYRTHLE VILHELMINE           1905-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-42
JOHANSEN, MYTHLE HANSEN                NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-42
JONES, WILFORD GEORGE ERNEST           1887                                    ENGLAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-24
KRAUSNICK, BERTHA M.                   NL-S                                    WISCONSIN                                ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-31
KRAUSNICK, ELLA                        1903-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-31
KRAUSNICK, FRED HENRY                  1880                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-31
KRAUSNICK, FREDERICK                   1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-31
KRAUSNICK, LILLIAN                     1905-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-31
LANDVATTER, HERMAN JACOB               1887                                    WUERTTEMBERG                             ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-48
LANDVATTER, JOHN GUST                  1887                                    WUERTTEMBERG                             ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-47
LUNDHOLM, ADOLPH E.                    1900-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, CARL O.                      1902-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, CYNTHIA                      NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, MARY E.                      1904-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, REITA                        1907-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, SAMUEL M.                    1872                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDHOLM, SAMUEL WESTLAKE              1898-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-10
LUNDQUIST, NILS CHARLES                1867                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-23
MCGAHAN, BERNARD JEREMIAH              1891-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, CHARLES EDWIN                 1895-C                                  NEBRASKA                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, CHARLOTTE                     1903-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, HORA FRANCIS                  1893-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, JEREMIAH                      1866                                    IRELAND                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, SARAH S.                      NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGAHAN, THEODORE PATRICK              1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-2
MCGREGOR, HELEN                        1904-C                                  MISSOURI                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-33
MCGREGOR, JAMES MURDOCH                1871                                    SCOTLAND                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-33
MCGREGOR, MALCOLM                      1908-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-33
MCGREGOR, MARTHA DENMHAM               NL-S                                    MISSOURI                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-33
OSTERBERG, HUGO FREDERICK              1883                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-17
RASMUSSEN, ANNIE                       1908-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-20
RASMUSSEN, FENS FREDERICK              1881                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-20
RASMUSSEN, HARDIS                      1906-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-20
RASMUSSEN, PAULINA                     NL-S                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-20
SAMGAARD, NICOLAJ                      1879                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-15
SCHOLZ, AUGUSTA                        NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-50
SCHOLZ, FRIEDRICH PAUL                 1879                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-50
SCHOLZ, THEODORE PAUL                  1908-C                                  WASHINGTON                               ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-50
SOELBERG, EARL JAMES                   1892-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, EDWIN                        1894-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, ELLEN                        NL-S                                    UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, ERNEST                       1902-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, ETHEL                        1900-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, IDA                          1910-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, JAMES CHRISTIAN              1870                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, LLOYD                        1898-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, RUTH                         1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
SOELBERG, ZOBLA                        1896-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-43
STEELE, AUSTRID MARIE                  1902-C                                  ILLINOIS                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-35
STEELE, CARL EDWARD                    1901-C                                  SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-35
STEELE, DAVID                          1876                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-35
STEELE, EMIL                           1906-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-35
STEELE, LAURA WILHELMINA               NL-S                                    SWEDEN                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-35
STORRER, GEORGE JACOB                  1885                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-41
STORRER, MARY HORSZH                   NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-41
THOMPSON, HANS                         1895-C                                  TEXAS                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-6
THOMPSON, MARY                         1893-C                                  TEXAS                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-6
THOMPSON, NIELS CHRISTIAN              1873                                    DENMARK                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-6
THOMSEN, HANS HEINRICH                 1858                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-22
THOMSEN, SOPHIA                        NL-S                                    GERMANY                                  ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-22
VANBLARICOM, DAISY JOSEPHINE           1908-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VANBLARICOM, DORIS IRENE               1900-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VANBLARICOM, DOROTHE                   1901-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VANBLARICOM, ELIZA BELLE               NL-S                                    MISSOURI                                 ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VANBLARICOM, RICHARD BURNHAM           1903-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VANBLARICOM, RICHARD CLAYTON           1873                                    CANADA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-44
VOLKERT, ELLA                          1902-C                                  IDAHO                                    ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4
VOLPERT, BARNEY                        1898-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4
VOLPERT, MORRIS                        1864                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4
VOLPERT, NATHAN                        1895-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4
VOLPERT, RALPH                         1900-C                                  UTAH                                     ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4
VOLPERT, SARAH                         NL-S                                    RUSSIA                                   ID-BINGHAM-DC-PET                       1-4

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