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Column 1: Name of Petitioner, spouse, child(ren)
Column 2: Place of Birthplace/Last Residence
Column 3: Location of Court - Federal District Court, type of record
Column 3: Volume # and page # | Volume List (Years Covered) | 14 = Prescott 1906-1911 |
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AIKEN, JOHN ROBERT                     IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-9
ANDERSEN, LORENZ                       SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                       US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-45
ARDIA, CHARLES                         SWITZERLAND                              US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-4
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-40
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-33
BARBAGLIO, GIOVANINA                   ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-6
BRANT, CHARLES ALFRED                  RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-26
BRANT, CHARLES ALFRED                  RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-22
BRANT, OLGA TREFFIER                   FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-22
BRANT, OLGA TREFFIER                   FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-26
BRIGANDO, EUGENIA                      ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-24
CICERELLI, JOHN                        ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-46
DERGGANTZ, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-18
DRAKULICH, GEORGE                      AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-10
DUFFY, MICHAEL                         IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-41
ENGLAND, GEORGE                        ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-37
FREEMAN, CATHERINE CROCKER             MASSACHUSETTS                            US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-36
FREEMAN, DANIEL ALLEN JR               MASSACHUSETTS                            US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-36
FREEMAN, DANIEL ALLEN                  NOVA SCOTIA                              US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-36
FREEMAN, TALBOT OTIS                   MASSACHUSETTS                            US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-36
FREIDBERG, BENJAMIN S.                 ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-1
FREIDBERG, LENA M.                     RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-1
FREIDBERG, LUCILLE                     PENNSYLVANIA                             US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-1
FREIDBERG, NICOLAS                     RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-1
FREIDBERG, SADDIE C. H.                ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-1
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                     IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-21
GRACEY, MELISSA T. MORANG              MAINE                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-43
GRACEY, WILLIAM JOHN                   CANADA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-43
GRONLUND, WILLIAM                      FINLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-17
HARRIS, ISABELLA DOLTON                ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-29
HARRIS, JOHN HENRY                     ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-29
IRWIN, JUANITA SMITH                   MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-30
IRWIN, WILLIAM NORMAN                  ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-30
KELLER, EDITH LOUISA                   ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-49
KELLER, FREDERICK CHARLES              ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-49
KELLER, FREDERICK CHRISTOPHER          WURTTEMBERG                              US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-49
LEJEUNE, EDUARD EDGAR ROBERT           AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-15
LESSARD, ALBERT WALTER                 CANADA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-28
LESSARD, ELVA                          ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-28
LESSARD, ETHEL                         ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-28
LESSARD, GROVER CLAY                   ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-28
LESSARD, VIRGINIA LEE LANE             CALIFORNIA                               US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-28
LONCAR, STEPAN                         DALMACIA                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-8
LUBIN, ARTHUR J.                       CALIFORNIA                               US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-50
LUBIN, IDA MAY MEYER                   POLAND                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-50
LUBIN, WILLIAM                         POLAND                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-50
MACKIN, JOSEPH                         IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-13
MALCH, BENJAMIN                        ILLINOIS                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-16
MALCH, DINAH SINGER                    RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-16
MALCH, E. Y.                           RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-16
MALCH, ISRAEL                          MARYLAND                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-16
MALCH, MAMIE                           ILLINOIS                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-16
MALICH, BENJAMIN                       ILLINOIS                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-39
MALICH, DINAH SINGER                   ?                                        US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-39
MALICH, ELI YAPOLSKY                   RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-39
MALICH, ISRAEL                         MARYLAND                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-39
MEISEL, WILLIAM                        AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-48
MEYER, IDA MAY                         POLAND                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-50
MINOT, CHARLOTTA                       FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-35
MOLTER, JENNIE                         ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-11
MOLTER, ROBERT WILLIAM                 GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-11
MORANG, MELISSA T.                     MAINE                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-43
MOYNIHAN, JULIA OBRIEN                 IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-19
MOYNIHAN, TIMOTHY                      IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-19
NICKLIN, ARTHUR WILLIAM                ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-20
NORLAN, SAMUEL                         SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-32
PAULSEN, CHRISTIAN GEORGE              DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-7
PETERS, GERTRUDE MAY                   MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-47
PETERS, HENRY JAMES                    ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-47
PETERS, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-47
PETERS, WILLIAM PHILIP                 ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-47
POUQUETTE, CHARLOTTA MINOT             FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-35
POUQUETTE, PETER                       ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-35
POUQUETTE, SEMON                       FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-35
RADAKOVICH, NICKOLAS                   HUNGARY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-44
ROSE, ALBERT EDWARD                    ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-27
ROSE, EDWARD HENRY                     ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-27
ROSE, MAMIE MEDD                       MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-27
ROTHE, LOUIS FRANK                     SAXONY                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-31
SANDAR, DOMINECK                       ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-5
SCHROEDER, AGNES                       GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, AGNES                       GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, AGNES                       ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, AGNES                       ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, CHRISTINA                   ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, CHRISTINA                   ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, HELENA                      ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, HELENA                      ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, PETER                       ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, PETER                       ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, THOMAS                      ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, THOMAS                      ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM                     ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM                     RHEINLAND                                US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM                     ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-38
SCHROEDER, WILLIAM                     GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-2
SHUTZ, BEN                             RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-12
SHUTZ, FREIDA                          ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-12
SHUTZ, HYMEN                           ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-12
SHUTZ, NATHAN                          RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-12
SHUTZ, YETTA                           RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-12
SLAK, JOHN                             AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-14
SWANTON, LUCY TALBOT                   MAINE                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-36
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-23
VALDRINI, GIOVANINA BARBAGLIO          ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-6
VALDRINI, HERMAN                       ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-6
VALDRINI, JOSEPH                       ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-6
VIRONDA, DOMINECK JOHN                 ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-3
VIRONDA, THERESA                       SOUTH DAKOTA                             US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-3
VIRONDA, VICTORIA (RONCHETTO)          ITALY                                    US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-3
WARREN, GERALD JOSEPH                  IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-25
WEIGAND, HENRY                         GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-42
WEIGAND, HENRY                         GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PRESCOTT-4JD-PET-14-34

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