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Column 1: Name of Petitioner, spouse, child(ren)
Column 2: Place of Birthplace/Last Residence
Column 3: Location of Court - Federal District Court, type of record
Column 3: Volume # and page # | Volume List (Years Covered) | 15 = Phoenix 1906-1911 | 
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ASSAD, ELIAS                           TURKEY                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-25
AWREY, EMMA EVANGELINE                 MINNESOTA                                US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, FAIRY                           ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, GEORGE JOSHUA                   ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, IVAN                            ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, JULIA RIESLEY                   TENNESSEE                                US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, MINNIE                          TENNESSEE                                US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
AWREY, RUTH                            TENNESSEE                                US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-10
BADAN, CHARLES JAQUES                  SWITZERLAND                              US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-34
BADAN, LOUISA                          MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-34
BEHN, ELLA MCGOVERN                    ILLINOIS                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-42
BEHN, JOSEPHINE CHRISTINA              NEBRASKA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-42
CHIARANI, ADELA                        AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-40
CHIARANI, CARLO                        AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-40
CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTIAN HANSEN          DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-50
DAVIS, MAY RICHARDS                    WALES                                    US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-12
DAVIS, WILLIAM THOMAS                  WALES                                    US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-12
DEGEX, REGINALD MELHUISH               ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-41
DUPIRE, FLORE                          FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
ERIKSEN, LARS                          NORWAY                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-37
FESTON, ANNIE SPINK                    ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FESTON, ARTHUR EDWIN                   ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FESTON, ARTHUR WILKINSON               ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FESTON, HERBERT AUGUST                 MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FESTON, MILDRED ANNE                   MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FESTON, RUBY MAY                       MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-8
FINK, ANNA MARIA                       WASHINGTON                               US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-36
FINK, HANNAH ARP                       GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-36
FINK, JOSEF                            AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-36
FINK, JOSEF CARLOS                     WASHINGTON                               US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-36
FINK, OSCAR JOHN                       WASHINGTON                               US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-36
GERMER, CLARA                          ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-15
GERMER, JOHN                           POSEN                                    US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-15
GERMER, MARY FILES                     ILLINOIS                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-15
GERMER, PHYLLIS                        ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-15
GERMER, VIOLA                          ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-15
GEX, REGINALD MELHUISH DE              ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-41
GRISSLER, CHARLES                      HUNGARY                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-44
GRISSLER, HAZEL KENYON                 MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-44
HALAS, JOSEF                           MORAVIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-14
HANSON, ADOLF                          NORWAY                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-45
HOLGUIN, TRINIDAD MORALEZ              MEXICO                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-18
HORTON, JOSEPHINE CHRISTINA BEHN       NEBRASKA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-42
HORTON, RALPH                          ?                                        US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-42
JOHNSON, RUDOLPH                       DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-32
KEEN, ARTHUR JAMES                     ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-27
KELLY, ALLEN B.                        ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-43
KELLY, KATHERINE KENDRICK              MASSACHUSETTS                            US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-43
KELLY, PAGE                            ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-43
KLINGENBERG, CLARA BARBARA             MISSOURI                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-13
KLINGENBERG, CORNELIUS                 WEST PRUSSIA                             US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-13
KLINGENBERG, FRANCES DOROTHY           NEBRASKA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-13
KLINGENBERG, RICHARD CORNELIUS         NEBRASKA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-13
KOPPELMEIER, ANDREW                    GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-46
LARSEN, NIELS PEDER                    DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-21
LASSEN, PETER JOHNSEN                  DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-39
LASSEN, PETER JOHNSON                  DENMARK                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-31
LAVOIE, ABEL                           QUEBEC                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-29
LOESCHER, AUGUST ERNEST                GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-35
LOESCHER, HERBERT GEORGE               SOUTH DAKOTA                             US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-35
LOESCHER, MILDRED BERTHA               SOUTH DAKOTA                             US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-35
LOESCHER, SARAH HIX                    IOWA                                     US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-35
LONGEROT, DESIRE                       FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
LONGEROT, FLORE DUPIRE                 FRANCE                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
LONGEROT, JOSEPH                       OKLAHOMA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
LONGEROT, MARIE                        OKLAHOMA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
LONGEROT, ROSIE                        ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-3
LUKIN, ABRAHAM                         RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, HARRY                           RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, JOSEPH                          RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, MINNIE                          RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, REBECCA                         RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, ROSIE                           RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, SAMUEL                          RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
LUKIN, WOOLF                           RUSSIA                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-1
MACDONALD, CHARLES RODNEY              NOVA SCOTIA                              US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-4
MACDONALD, NETTIE PETERSON             NEBRASKA                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-4
MACLEAN, ALEXANDER ROSE                SCOTLAND                                 US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, CAROLINE F. DUDLEY            CONNECTICUT                              US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, CONSTANCE                     KANSAS                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, HECTOR                        KANSAS                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, MAUD                          KANSAS                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, PAULINE                       KANSAS                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MACLEAN, VIOLET                        KANSAS                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-2
MANGWEILER, FREDRICH                   SWITZERLAND                              US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-7
MAURIN, ALMA MARGARITA                 ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MAURIN, ANNA MARIA                     ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MAURIN, JOHN                           AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MAURIN, JOHN CARL                      ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MAURIN, JOSEPHINA PAULINA              ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MAURIN, MARIE                          AUSTRIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-22
MELHUISHDEGEX, REGINALD                ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-41
MILLECAM, DANIEL JR.                   HOLLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-19
MORDEN, AMELIA                         BRITISH COLUMBIA                         US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, EMMA MAY                       BRITISH COLUMBIA                         US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, GEORGE ELMORE                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, GRCE CAROLILNE                 BRITISH COLUMBIA                         US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, JAMES ELMORE                   ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, LAURETTA JANE                  BRITISH COLUMBIA                         US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
MORDEN, PHOEBE ELLIS                   ENGLADN                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-28
OLSEN, EDWARD                          NORWAY                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-20
PATTERSON, BENJAMIN STANLEY            NOVA SCOTIA                              US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-6
PATTERSON, MARY CAROLINE               MASSACHUSETTS                            US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-6
ROCHE, WILLIAM GEORGE                  IRELAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-49
ROER, WILLIAM                          PRUSSIA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-24
RUDD, EREC NELSON                      NORWAY                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-5
SANICHAS, CHRISTOS JOHN                GREECE                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-48
SEDIG, BERTHA ANDESON                  SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-38
SEDIG, CARL ALBERT                     ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-38
SEDIG, LUDWIG                          SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-38
SEDIG, RALPH GUNNAR                    ARIZONA                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-38
SELIN, ANDREW                          SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-16
SODERMAN, JOHN GABRIEL                 SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-47
SWENSON, GUSTAF ELOF                   SWEDEN                                   US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-9
TURNER, WILLIAM JOHN                   ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-26
TWINCH, KATHRYN SHILLING               OHIO                                     US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-17
TWINCH, WILFRED                        ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-17
TWINICH, WILFRED                       ENGLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-33
VERSLUIS, PAUL HENRY                   HOLLAND                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-23
WEEKES, GEORGE DOUGLAS                 ONTARIO                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-30
ZAHN, AUGUST                           GERMANY                                  US-AZ-PHOENIX-3JD-PET-15-11

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