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The estates of the deceased because the deceased did not leave behind a will

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Column 1 = Name of the estate
Column 2 = Location of the Estate (NTL=no township listed)
Column 3 = County #, Volume#, Page # | Volume List: 1 = ? | 2c = 1864-1873 | 3 = 1873-1881 | 4 = 1881-1889 | 5 = 1889-1901 | 6 = 1895-1901 |

ADAMS, NOBLE H.                        IL-10-2A-36
ALLEN, JOHN                            IL-10-2A-169
ALVERSON, S. H.                        IL-10-2A-151
ANDERS, DANIEL C.                      IL-10-2A-143
ANDERSON, JOHN                         IL-10-2A-239
ANDREWS, GEORGE G.                     IL-10-2A-264
ANGLE, JOHN H.                         IL-10-2A-154
ARGO, MOSES                            IL-10-2A-31
BAINES, GABRIEL H.                     IL-10-2A-20
BAKER, DAVID                           IL-10-2A-269
BARE, JACOB                            IL-10-2A-56
BARTLEY, BENJAMIN                      IL-10-2A-168
BARTLEY, BENJAMIN                      IL-10-2A-96
BARTON, LEVI                           IL-10-2A-293
BAYES, EVAN                            IL-10-2A-32
BIEHLIG, FREDERICK W.                  IL-10-2A-195
BLACK, ELWELL                          IL-10-2A-179
BLACKER, AUGUSTIN                      IL-10-2A-279
BLISS, WILLIAM P.                      IL-10-2A-209
BOCOCK, ELIJAH                         IL-10-2A-278
BOGGESS, WILLIAM                       IL-10-2A-244
BRENTON, JOHN W.                       IL-10-2A-69
BROWNFIELD, BENJAMIN                   IL-10-2A-26
BROWNFIELD, JOSEPH                     IL-10-2A-156
BROWNFIELD, SAMUEL                     IL-10-2A-237
BRULEY, JOHN R.                        IL-10-2A-23
BRUMLEY, ISAAC W.                      IL-10-2A-147
BRYAN, JOHN                            IL-10-2A-265
BUSEY, M. W.                           IL-10-2A-15
BUSHONG, BENJAMIN H.                   IL-10-2A-63
CARELES, GEORGE U.                     IL-10-2A-111
CLANK, GEORGE Z.                       IL-10-2A-208
CLARK, NOAH W.                         IL-10-2A-280
CLOYD, MARSHALL                        IL-10-2A-159
CODDINGTON, BENJAMIN                   IL-10-2A-292
COFFEEN, JOHN C.                       IL-10-2A-134
COFFMAN, NOAH B.                       IL-10-2A-284
COLLINS, HIRAM                         IL-10-2A-173
COLLINS, WILLIAM                       IL-10-2A-160
CONDIT, J. O.                          IL-10-2A-162
CONNET, ISAAC                          IL-10-2A-288
COOK, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-80
COONS, SARAH                           IL-10-2A-232
COPELAND, HAMILTON                     IL-10-2A-21
CORE, HENRY                            IL-10-2A-200
CORE, S. W.                            IL-10-2A-209
COURTNEY, MATTHEW G.                   IL-10-2A-102
COVER, JOHN F.                         IL-10-2A-261
COVEY, JAMES T.                        IL-10-2A-104
COWAY, HENDERSON                       IL-10-2A-112
COWDEN, JAMES                          IL-10-2A-144
COWDEN, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-177
CRAIN, JAMES L.                        IL-10-2A-83
CRAMER, H.                             IL-10-2A-161
CRAMER, JOSIAH                         IL-10-2A-254
CRAMER, SOLOMON                        IL-10-2A-37
CURTISS, JAME                          IL-10-2A-150
DEHAVEN, SAMUEL C.                     IL-10-2A-116
DEVORE, NICHOLAS                       IL-10-2A-27
DICKSON, THOMPSON                      IL-10-2A-136
DOLPH, BENJAMIN M.                     IL-10-2A-120
DRAKE, JESSE A.                        IL-10-2A-138
DUNCAN, LEONARD                        IL-10-2A-258
DUNLAP, WILLIAM J.                     IL-10-2A-119
ELLIS, GEORGE                          IL-10-2A-166
ELROD, BARTLETT                        IL-10-2A-75
ENGLAN, JOSEPH F. M.                   IL-10-2A-196
EVARTSON, CALEB                        IL-10-2A-235
FISHER, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-49
FISHER, JOHN M.                        IL-10-2A-249
FISHER, ZIPPORAH                       IL-10-2A-178
FITZGERALD, MARY                       IL-10-2A-101
FRANCIS, REASON J.                     IL-10-2A-139
FRANK, JUSTIS                          IL-10-2A-122
FRANKENBERGER, JOHN                    IL-10-2A-231
FRANTZ, REDING                         IL-10-2A-182
FREEMAN, ICHABOD L.                    IL-10-2A-1
GEW, LYMAN                             IL-10-2A-140
GIGER, FLORENCE                        IL-10-2A-281
GILLILAND, JOHN                        IL-10-2A-158
GOBEN, SAMUEL                          IL-10-2A-61
GOBLE, CALEB                           IL-10-2A-290
GONYOU, CHARLES                        IL-10-2A-142
GOODSPEED, MERCY                       IL-10-2A-103
GORDON, N. S.                          IL-10-2A-72
GREENENDYKE, JAMES                     IL-10-2A-84
HAMILTON, JOHN                         IL-10-2A-229
HARDIN, ALBERT G.                      IL-10-2A-252
HARTMAN, FELIX                         IL-10-2A-2
HARTPENCE, JAMES B.                    IL-10-2A-65
HARVEY, JOB                            IL-10-2A-197
HAWK, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-3
HAWK, NANCY D.                         IL-10-2A-165
HAWK, WILLIAM                          IL-10-2A-222
HAYMOND, HIRAM                         IL-10-2A-253
HAYS, HENRY D.                         IL-10-2A-251
HAYS, MOSES                            IL-10-2A-89
HEISLAR, GEORGE                        IL-10-2A-282
HICKMAN, JOHN J.                       IL-10-2A-213
HILBERRY, HARMON                       IL-10-2A-193
HILBERRY, WILLIAM                      IL-10-2A-221
HILDRETH, JAMES                        IL-10-2A-78
HILDRETH, JAMES                        IL-10-2A-16
HILDRETH, WILLIAM                      IL-10-2A-62
HILL, DANIEL C.                        IL-10-2A-98
HITES, MICHAEL                         IL-10-2A-256
HIXENBAUGH, JOHN                       IL-10-2A-199
HOGWOOD, ANDREW                        IL-10-2A-45
HOSS, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-90
HOWARD, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-186
HOWSMAN, ELIZABETH                     IL-10-2A-190
HUFFMAN, SAMUEL                        IL-10-2A-171
HUNT, CHARLES A.                       IL-10-2A-230
JACKSON, ELI                           IL-10-2A-81
JEFFREYS, WILLIAM                      IL-10-2A-245
JEWELL, WILLIAM B.                     IL-10-2A-283
JOHNSON, AMOS                          IL-10-2A-42
JONES, JOHN R. C.                      IL-10-2A-124, 133
JONES, LEWIS                           IL-10-2A-132
KEAL, THOMAS E.                        IL-10-2A-240
KEETON, LABRIA                         IL-10-2A-207
KELLEY, BRYAN                          IL-10-2A-97
KELLEY, S. D.                          IL-10-2A-127
KERR, SAMUEL                           IL-10-2A-13
KING, COARTLAND                        IL-10-2A-275
KINZEY, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-241
LAMB, PLINA                            IL-10-2A-128
LANDER, HELEN M.                       IL-10-2A-167
LANE, EDWARD                           IL-10-2A-105
LANHAM, JESSE                          IL-10-2A-274
LAUDER, JULIETT F.                     IL-10-2A-9
LAUDER, WILLIS S.                      IL-10-2A-29
LAUGHLIN, LAWSON                       IL-10-2A-12
LEIGH, HENRY                           IL-10-2A-175
LESTER, LEONARD G.                     IL-10-2A-268
LIEB, LEVI H.                          IL-10-2A-212
LILLY, JOHN                            IL-10-2A-191
LINDSEY, JOHN                          IL-10-2A-135
LINDSEY, JOHN                          IL-10-2A-53
LINDSEY, WILLIAM                       IL-10-2A-117
LITTLE, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-74
LONEY, ALFRED H.                       IL-10-2A-148
LONG, DANIEL                           IL-10-2A-7
LOTT, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-19
LUMMIS, WILLIAM N.                     IL-10-2A-234
LYON, JOSEPH                           IL-10-2A-226
MADDEN, BENJAMIN A.                    IL-10-2A-110
MANNER, CLAYTON                        IL-10-2A-206
MANSFIELD, JAMES                       IL-10-2A-10
MAPES, ALONZO A.                       IL-10-2A-227
MCCLELLAND, HENRY C.                   IL-10-2A-119
MCCLUGHEN, SMAUEL                      IL-10-2A-50
MCCLURE, JOHN                          IL-10-2A-66
MCNEAL, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-267
MERCER, AARON                          IL-10-2A-149
MERRILL, RICHARD                       IL-10-2A-111
MILLER, BENJAMIN P. F.                 IL-10-2A-54
MILLER, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-79
MORGAN, A. C.                          IL-10-2A-146
MORRISON, JACOB                        IL-10-2A-93
MORSE, ALVIN                           IL-10-2A-15
MOSES, JOHN C.                         IL-10-2A-157
MOSS, NANCY                            IL-10-2A-100
MURPHY, RACHEL                         IL-10-2A-118
MYERS, ELIJAH                          IL-10-2A-289
MYRES, GEORGE W.                       IL-10-2A-85
NEWELL, JOSHUA H.                      IL-10-2A-33
NEWELL, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-92
NUGENT, JEREMIAH                       IL-10-2A-68
OGDEN, REBECCA                         IL-10-2A-25
OSBORN, THOMAS R.                      IL-10-2A-257
OSGOOD, SAMUEL                         IL-10-2A-276
OWENS, F. M.                           IL-10-2A-121, 211
PACKERD, EDWARD S.                     IL-10-2A-123
PANCAKE, ANDREW                        IL-10-2A-64
PANCAKE, WILLIAM L.                    IL-10-2A-67
PARROTT, MARY                          IL-10-2A-260
PATEN, JOHN                            IL-10-2A-246
PECK, WILLIAM H.                       IL-10-2A-145
PENKAKE, GEORGE                        IL-10-2A-270
PERRY, DON JOSEPHUS                    IL-10-2A-115
PERRY, GEORGE W.                       IL-10-2A-86
PETERS, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-273
PETERSON, ASA                          IL-10-2A-220
POLGLAZE, JAMES                        IL-10-2A-202
POWELL, WILLIAM J.                     IL-10-2A-106
PRICE, ROBET                           IL-10-2A-242
PRICE, THOMAS J.                       IL-10-2A-77
RADCLIFF, SAMUEL                       IL-10-2A-51
RALPH, NATHANIEL H.                    IL-10-2A-82
RANDALL, JARED                         IL-10-2A-181
RANKIN, ARMSTRONG                      IL-10-2A-57
RANKIN, SAMUEL S.                      IL-10-2A-163
REA, J. J.                             IL-10-2A-223
RECTOR, JAMES C.                       IL-10-2A-70
RECTOR, JAMES C.                       IL-10-2A-55
REDMAN, ISAAC                          IL-10-2A-164
REED, JAMES                            IL-10-2A-122
RICE, JOHN B.                          IL-10-2A-187
RICE, SHELTON                          IL-10-2A-214
RIDER, EPHRAIM L.                      IL-10-2A-131
RINEHART, MATHIAS                      IL-10-2A-255
RIORDAN, PATRICK                       IL-10-2A-180
RISINGER, JOSEPH                       IL-10-2A-72
ROBINSON, JOHN S.                      IL-10-2A-236
ROBINSON, THOMAS G. W.                 IL-10-2A-108
ROCK, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-184
ROGERSON, WILLIAM                      IL-10-2A-87
ROGERSON, WILLIAM                      IL-10-2A-88
ROSELL, HIRAM                          IL-10-2A-188
ROSS, HENRY M.                         IL-10-2A-286
RUCKMAN, JAMES                         IL-10-2A-285
SCHLMAKER, JOHN                        IL-10-2A-217
SCOTT, EPHRAIM J.                      IL-10-2A-272
SCOTT, JONATHAN                        IL-10-2A-174
SCRANTON, J. A.                        IL-10-2A-137
SHAW, JOHN                             IL-10-2A-266
SHELDON, GARDENER                      IL-10-2A-126
SHEPHERD, HARVEY                       IL-10-2A-109
SHUILES, GEORGE A.                     IL-10-2A-224
SILNER, CHARLES B.                     IL-10-2A-225
SIMPSON, HENRY                         IL-10-2A-125
SLATER, JACOB W.                       IL-10-2A-17
SLATER, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-152
SMITH, J. NEWTON                       IL-10-2A-23
SMITH, JACOB                           IL-10-2A-35
SOMERS, ALEXANDER M.                   IL-10-2A-5
SPEARS, ALONZO                         IL-10-2A-259
SPRINGER, ELIZABETH                    IL-10-2A-183
SPRINGER, WILLIAM M.                   IL-10-2A-28
STALEY, JOSEPH                         IL-10-2A-247
STAYTON, JOSEPH SR.                    IL-10-2A-14
STEERS, ANN                            IL-10-2A-294
STEWART, WILLIAM                       IL-10-2A-233
STIDHAM, PENROSE                       IL-10-2A-210
STONESTREET, HANNAH                    IL-10-2A-188
STONESTREET, HENRY R.                  IL-10-2A-201
STONESTREET, HENRY R.                  IL-10-2A-109
STRONG, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-30
SWEARINGEN, ANDREW                     IL-10-2A-4
SWEARINGEN, WILLIAM H.                 IL-10-2A-34
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-71
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-59
TEMMONS, ROBET C.                      IL-10-2A-114
THOMAS, JOSEPH                         IL-10-2A-76
THOMAS, JOSEPH                         IL-10-2A-262
THOMAS, MARGARET                       IL-10-2A-8
THOMPSON, JAMES R.                     IL-10-2A-287
TOLLE, NAPOLEON B.                     IL-10-2A-158
TORPEY, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-107
TORPEY, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-139
TREVETT, OLIVER                        IL-10-2A-263
TRUMAN, JOHN                           IL-10-2A-52
TUCKER, WILLIAM                        IL-10-2A-130
UMBENHOUR, SAMUEL                      IL-10-2A-176
UMBERHOWER, JAMES                      IL-10-2A-194
UPP, GEORGE                            IL-10-2A-95
VANDERVEER, C. M.                      IL-10-2A-22
WALL, CHARLES                          IL-10-2A-198
WARNER, NATHAN                         IL-10-2A-243
WEEKS, ROBET                           IL-10-2A-258
WHITE, ALFRED                          IL-10-2A-18
WHITE, AMOS                            IL-10-2A-48
WHITE, OSCAR                           IL-10-2A-215
WHITEHERST, JAMES W.                   IL-10-2A-43
WILEY, WILLIAM R.                      IL-10-2A-192
WILLIAMS, ABEL                         IL-10-2A-129
WILLIAMS, ABEL                         IL-10-2A-170
WILSON, HORATIO R.                     IL-10-2A-291
WILSON, SOLOMON                        IL-10-2A-271
WRIGHT, JOHN D.                        IL-10-2A-58
WYATT, A. C.                           IL-10-2A-189
YOUNG, JAMES S.                        IL-10-2A-91
YOUNT, WASHINGTON                      IL-10-2A-47

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