Orange County, New York
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Orange County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ANDERSON                               Margaret C.
BARCLAY                                Marion
BARCLAY BEVERIDGE                      Marion
BAUGHAN                                Catharine
BENEDICT                               Charles E.
BENEDICT                               Sarah Tunison
BENEDICT (CW)                          Charles E.
BERTHOLF BENEDICT                      Sarah Tunison
BEVERIDGE                              James
BEVERIDGE                              James
BEVERIDGE                              John
BEVERIDGE                              Marion
BLAIR                                  Robert
BLAIR (RW)                             Robert
BRAY                                   John
BRAY (CW)                              John
BROPHY                                 Dorothy M.
BROPHY                                 Ethelyn A.
BROPHY CAHILL                          Ethelyn A.
BROPHY GERKEN                          Dorothy M.
BROWN                                  James
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  Margaret
BROWN                                  Mary Ann
BROWN                                  Thomas
BROWN SCOTT                            Mary Ann
BULL                                   Dewitt C.
BULL                                   Henry
CAHILL                                 Ethelyn A.
CAHILL                                 Vincent A.
CALYER                                 Catherine S.
CALYER                                 Clara Belle
CALYER                                 Luella Wood
COCK                                   Anthony
COLWELL                                Edwin S.
CONKLIN                                Highly
CONKLIN (WWI)                          Herbert
CONKLIN (WWI)                          Herbert
COOLEY                                 Ruth
COOLEY MCKINNEY                        Ruth
COWDREY                                Clara
COWDREY                                John
COWDREY                                John Jr
COWDREY (RW)                           John
COWDREY CW)                            John Jr
COWDREY EDSALL                         Clara
DAVANZO                                Anna
DAVIS                                  Alexander
DAVIS                                  Alexander
DAVIS                                  Annie E.
DAVIS                                  Benjamin L.
DAVIS                                  Clarence
DAVIS                                  David E.
DAVIS                                  David E. Jr.
DAVIS                                  Earl E.
DAVIS                                  Edith A.
DAVIS                                  Gertrude
DAVIS                                  Lottie E.
DAVIS                                  Mary
DAVIS                                  Mary W.
DAVIS                                  William
DIPPEL                                 Mar Elizabeth
DONAHUE                                Mary
DONAHUE MCDOWELL                       Mary
DORCAS                                 Bethuel (Pethuel)
DORCAS (CW)                            Bethuel (Pethuel)
DOUGHERTY                              Sarah
DOUGHERTY MCCURRON                     Sarah
DUBOIS                                 David M.
DUBOIS                                 Lucretia W.
DUBOIS                                 Mary
DUFF                                   Alexander D.
DUFF                                   Anne L.
DUFF                                   Annie
DUFF                                   Eliza
DUFF                                   Eliza
DUFF                                   Ella
DUFF                                   John
DUFF                                   John
DUFF                                   John H.
DUFF                                   Robert
DWYER                                  Daniel J.
DWYER (WW II)                          Daniel J.
EARL                                   Alice
EDSALL                                 Clara
EDSALL                                 Joseph Seely
EDSALL (CW)                            Joseph Seely
FARRELL                                Catherine
FARRELL O'CONNOR                       Catherine
FLAGLER                                William R
FLAGLER (CW)                           William R
FOWLER                                 Albert Merrill
GALE                                   Annie E.
GALE DAVIS                             Annie E.
GALLOWAY                               Smith
GALLOWAY (CW)                          Smith
GERKEN                                 Dorothy M.
GERKEN                                 Walter A.
GILLIGAN                               Timothy
GOZZA                                  Angelina
GOZZA                                  Gioseppina
GOZZA                                  Giovonni
GREATOREX                              Sarah Lillian
GREATOREX VOLKRINGER                   Sarah Lillian
GUY                                    Elizabeth
GUY MCDOWELL                           Elizabeth
HALL                                   George, Sr.
HALL, (CW)                             George, Sr.
HIGGINS                                James M.
HIGGINS (WW II)                        James M.
HOFFMAN                                Catharine
HOFFMAN SCOTT                          Catharine
HOUSTON                                Nelson
HOUSTON                                Sarah
HOWELL                                 William Albertson
HUMPHREY                               Orlando A.
HUMPHREY (CW)                          Orlando A.
HUNTER                                 Coe
HUTCHINS                               Elener
JENNINGS                               Andrew D.
JENNINGS                               Annie E.
JENNINGS                               Ezekiel T.
JENNINGS                               Lewis
JESSER                                 Edward A., Jr.
JESSER (WW II)                         Edward A. Jr
JONES                                  Louisa
JONES                                  Susan
JONES MCKINNEY                         Susan
KELLEY (WWI)                           John C.
KELLEY (WWI)                           John C.
KESIAH                                 Thomas
KESIAH (CW)                            Thomas
LUCKEY                                 James Joseph
LUCKEY (KOR)                           James Joseph
MACNEAL                                Elizabeth
MACNEAL                                Elizabeth
MACNEAL                                Frances E.
MACNEAL                                John
MACNEAL                                John
MAGIE                                  Jacob
MAGIE                                  John
MARCHIE                                Gertrude
MCCURRON (CW)                          Charles
MCDONALD                               Catherine
MCDONALD SHEEN                         Catherine
MCDOWELL                               Agnes C.
MCDOWELL                               Annabell
MCDOWELL                               Elizabeth
MCDOWELL                               Gertrude
MCDOWELL                               James
MCDOWELL                               Joseph G.
MCDOWELL                               Marian
MCDOWELL                               Mary
MCDOWELL                               Richard A.
MCDOWELL DAVIS                         Gertrude
MCDOWELL MARCHIE                       Gertrude
MCELROY                                Jonas
MCELROY                                William H.
MCKINEY                                Mary
MCKINNEY                               George W.
MCKINNEY                               George W.
MCKINNEY                               Ruth
MCKINNEY                               Susan
MILLER                                 Mary
MILLER                                 Sharp
MILLER                                 Stephen W. F.
MILLER (CW)                            Sharp
MILLER MCKINEY                         Mary
MILLSPAUGH                             Archibald B.
MILLSPAUGH (CW)                        Archibald B.
MORGAN                                 Henry
MORGAN                                 James
MORGAN (CW)                            James
MURPHY                                 Ethel
MURPHY                                 Margaret C.
MURPHY                                 Mary
MURPHY                                 William G.
MURPHY ANDERSON                        Margaret C.
MURPHY SHAY                            Mary
NESTELL                                Lucretia W
NESTELL                                Susan
NESTELL DUBOIS                         Lucretia W.
NORTON                                 Jane R.
NORTON                                 Stephen
NORTON                                 Thomas
NORTON (RW)                            Thomas
O'CONNOR                               Catherine
O'CONNOR                               Martin
OWEN                                   Annie E.
OWEN JENNINGS                          Annie E.
PARSONS                                Alice
PARSONS EARL                           Alice
PEEL                                   Margaret
PEEL BROWN                             Margaret
PIPER                                  John Stryker
PIPER (WW I)                           John Stryker
QUACKENBUSH                            George H.
QUACKENBUSH                            Jacob
QUACKENBUSH                            William F
QUACKENBUSH (CW)                       William F
RICE                                   Rebecca F.
RIDER                                  Edna C.
RIDER                                  King
RILEY                                  Mary
RILEY                                  Mary W.
RILEY DAVIS                            Mary
RILEY DAVIS                            Mary W.
RIPPAS                                 Ethel
RIPPAS MURPHY                          Ethel
ROSE                                   William
ROSE (RW)                              William
SCALES                                 Frank A.
SCALES (KOR)                           Frank A.
SCHAEFER                               Robert R.
SCHAEFER (WW II)                       Robert R.
SCOTT                                  Catharine
SCOTT                                  Cornelia E.
SCOTT                                  Eliza Reeve
SCOTT                                  Elizabeth
SCOTT                                  Francis
SCOTT                                  Harriet L.
SCOTT                                  James A., Jr.
SCOTT                                  Margaret A.
SCOTT                                  Millicent
SCOTT                                  Sarah
SCOTT                                  Sarah E.
SCOTT                                  William
SCOTT                                  William
SEAMAN                                 Edward H.
SHAY                                   Charles H.
SHAY                                   Edward
SHAY                                   Emma
SHAY                                   Eugene
SHAY                                   Hiram B.
SHAY                                   Lillie
SHAY                                   Mary
SHAY                                   Minnie
SHAY                                   Nellie
SHEEN                                  John H
SHEEN (SHEHAN) (CW)                    John H.
SHEHAN                                 John H
SMITH                                  Nial
SMITH (CW)                             Nial
SPEIR                                  Sarah
SPEIR SCOTT                            Sarah
STANTON                                Peter B.
STANTON (CW)                           Peter B.
STROPPEL                               Mary
STROPPEL VOLKRINGER                    Mary
TEACHMAN                               Martin
THOMPSON                               George W.
TITUS                                  Elizabeth
TITUS                                  Henry
TITUS                                  Mercy
TOBIAS                                 Charlotte
TOBIAS TOWNSEND                        Charlotte
TOMPKINS                               Catherine S.
TOMPKINS CALYER                        Catherine S.
TOWNSEND                               Anna
TOWNSEND                               Charlotte
TOWNSEND                               Edward C.
TOWNSEND                               Harriet
TOWNSEND                               Harriet
TOWNSEND                               Isaiah
TOWNSEND                               Mabel
TOWNSEND                               Mary
TOWNSEND                               Sarah
TOWNSEND                               Thomas
TOWNSEND                               William
TOWNSEND                               William H.
TOWNSEND HOUSTON                       Sarah
TOWNSEND TOWNSEND                      Harriet
UTTER                                  Joseph
UTTER                                  Margaret J.
UTTER                                  William
UTTER (CW)                             Joseph
VAIL                                   Amron
VAN AMBURGH                            Isaac A.
VAN AMBURGH                            William A.
VANDERBUSH                             William H
VANDERBUSH (WW I)                      William H.
VOLKRINGER                             JOSEPH
VREELAND                               David E.
WALKER                                 Mary J.
WALT (WALD)                            Anton
WALT (WALD) (CW)                       Anton
WARD                                   Emma
WARD                                   John H. H.
WARD (CW)                              John H. H.
WARD SHAY                              Emma
WELLER                                 Elizabeth
WIGGINS                                Eliza
WIGGINS                                Elizabeth
WIGGINS DUFF                           Eliza
WIGGINS WELLER                         Elizabeth
WISEMAN                                Elizabeth
WISEMAN MACNEAL                        Elizabeth
WOODWARD                               Mabel
WOODWARD TOWNSEND                      Mabel
WORTMAN                                Horace
WORTMAN (SA)                           Horace
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