Montgomery County, New York
Gravestone Photo Project

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Montgomery County, New York Gravestone Photo Project

Column One: Surname (if 2 surnames is given, maiden then married surname)
FI = French-Indian | RW = Revolutionary War | IW = Indian Wars | 1812 = War of 1812 | MEX = Mexican War | CW = Civil War | SA = Spanish American War |
PI = Philippine Insurrection | WWI = World War I | WWII = World War II | KOR = Korean Conflict | VN = Vietnam War | WT = War on Terrorism
Column Two: Given

ADAIR                                  Jane
ADAIR                                  John
ADAIR                                  Margaret
ADAIR                                  Mary
ADAIR KEACHIE                          Margaret
ADAIR LAUDER                           Jane
ALFONS                                 Bluvas
ALGER                                  Adaline A
ALGER KLING                            Adaline A
ALIKONIS                               Joseph
ALIKONIS                               Mary
ALKONIS                                Anthony
ALKONIS                                Anthony
ALKONIS                                Sophia
ALKONIS                                Vincenta
ALLEN                                  Lee A
ALLEN                                  Mary
ALLEN (WWII)                           Lee A
ALLEN FAHEY                            Mary
ALMY                                   Sanford
ALUKONIS                               Joseph F
ALUKONIS (WWII)                        Joseph F
ANDERSON                               Anna
ANDERSON                               anna
ANDERSON CLAYTON                       Anna
ANDERSON RADLEY                        Anna
ANSELMENT                              Alfred G
ANSELMENT                              Clara F
ARNOLD                                 Audrey M
ARNOLD DINGMAN                         Audrey M
ARTHURS                                Margaret
ARTHURS                                Melvin J
AUCHAMPAUGH                            Isabella
AUCHAMPAUGH                            James
AUSTIN                                 Annie E
AUSTIN                                 Beulah W
AUSTIN                                 Charles
AUSTIN                                 Clarence
AUSTIN                                 Elinore
AUSTIN                                 Floyd Milo
AUSTIN                                 Peter C
AUSTIN                                 Richard Floyd
BAKER                                  Carrie
BAKER                                  Charles J
BAKER                                  Mary
BAKER RIPPLE                           Carrie
BALFANZ                                Blanche S
BALFANZ                                Max H
BAMBER                                 Mary A
BAMBER BOOTH                           Mary A
BANKS                                  John
BANKS                                  Mary
BARCLAY                                Elizabeth
BARCLAY                                Mary E
BARCLAY (WWI)                          George R
BARCLAY WILTSIE                        Mary E
BARKHUFF                               Jane
BARKHUFF                               Robert
BASTERVELD                             Ralphine
BASTERVELD PUESCHEL                    Ralphine
BAUDER                                 George
BAUDER                                 Margaret
BECKWITH                               Rhoda
BECKWITH DORR                          Rhoda
BEE                                    Dorothy W
BEE                                    George W
BEE                                    Mary I
BEE                                    W Garner
BEE (WWII)                             W Garner
BENJAMIN                               Eva
BENJAMIN                               Gloria M
BENJAMIN                               John
BENJAMIN                               Marie Louise
BENJAMIN                               William J
BENJAMIN DUNNE                         Gloria M
BERASATEGUI                            Serapia
BERASATEGUI CORCUERA                   Serapia
BERRY                                  Maria
BERRY DOCKSTADER                       Maria
BING                                   Betty J
BING                                   Carolin
BING                                   William A
BING                                   William A
BING KOEHLER                           Caroline
BINGHAM                                Olive
BINGHAM KLING                          Olive
BISCOTTI                               Anthony
BISCOTTI                               Doris M
BISCOTTI                               Rose R
BLACK                                  Agnes M
BLACK                                  Ella H
BLACK                                  Hannah
BLACK                                  Jennie M
BLACK                                  Robert
BLACK                                  Robert C
BLOCKER                                Anna
BLOCKER                                George
BLOOD                                  Alvira
BLOOD                                  Amanda M
BLOOD                                  Charles E
BLOOD                                  Duel
BLOOD                                  Eliza N
BLOOD                                  Herrick
BLOOD                                  Horace
BLUVAS                                 Peter J
BLUVAS                                 Petronelle
BLUVAS                                 Vicent
BLUVAS (WWII)                          Peter J
BOAN                                   Maria
BOAN DEGRAAF                           Maria
BOARDMAN                               David A
BOARDMAN (CW)                          David A
BOBILIN                                Nellie
BOBILIN SMITH                          Nellie
BOGARDUS                               Amelia
BOGARDUS                               Joseph E
BOGARDUS                               Julia A
BOGARDUS (CW)                          Joseph E
BOGARDUS MYERS                         Amelia
BOICE                                  Elizabeth
BOICE                                  Elliott R
BOICE                                  Ethel
BOICE                                  Ida M
BOICE (WWII)                           Ida M
BOND                                   Charles A
BOND                                   Duncan E
BOND                                   Franklin H
BOND                                   James C
BOND                                   Jane
BOND                                   Katharine
BOND (WWII)                            Duncan E
BOOTH                                  Anthony R
BOOTH                                  John E
BOOTH                                  Mary A
BOOTH                                  Mary W
BOOTH                                  Rose M
BOVEE                                  Mary J
BOWMAN                                 Frank
BOWMAN                                 Iantha E
BRIMER                                 Ella
BRIMER FULLER                          Ella
BRINKMAN                               Elizabeth
BRINKMAN                               Fred
BRINKMAN (WWI)                         Fred
BRITTEN                                Joseph
BRITTEN                                Phebe
BROEFFLE                               Susannah
BROEFFLE                               William
BRONK                                  Isabella
BROWN                                  Elizabeth
BROWN                                  Euphame
BROWN                                  John
BROWN                                  John M
BROWN                                  Martha
BROWN (RW)                             John
BROWN PETTEYS                          Martha
BROWN SMITH                            Euphame
BUCHANAN                               Almira F
BUCHANAN                               Charles A
BUCHANAN                               Curtis J
BUCHANAN                               Ethel R
BUCHANAN                               Eva L
BUCHANAN                               Fannie E
BUCHANAN                               George A
BUCHANAN                               George H
BUCHANAN                               Katherine
BUCHANAN                               Maud
BUCHANAN                               Zella
BUCHANAN (WWI)                         Curtis J
BUCHANAN SAUTER                        Zella
BUCKLEY                                Belle
BUCKLEY                                Erastus
BULL                                   Isabella K
BURNAP                                 Charlott
BURNAP                                 David
BURNAP                                 Hannah
BURNAP                                 Mary
BURNS                                  CLARENCE A
BURNS                                  Catharine Louisa
BURNS                                  Eve
BURNS                                  HIRAM
BURNS                                  John Jr.
BURNS                                  William Wellington
CARR                                   James B
CARR                                   Lettie
CARR                                   Lyman D
CARTER                                 Agnes H
CARTER                                 Catherine
CARTER                                 Edwin D
CARTER                                 Eugene
CARTER                                 John F
CARTER                                 Pearl
CEBRA                                  Angelica
CEBRA SHUTTS                           Angelica
CERVO                                  Mary
CERVO FERRARO                          Mary
CHISHOLM                               Mary E
CLARK                                  Alex B
CLARK                                  Catharine
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  Mary
CLARK                                  Matthew
CLARK                                  Oscar
CLARK                                  Rachael
CLARK DEAN                             Mary
CLARK HUGHES                           Rachael
CLAYTON                                Anna
CLAYTON                                Johnathan I
CLINE                                  Charles P
CLINE                                  Irvin J
CLINE                                  Martha W
COBURN                                 Charles H
COE                                    Jane
COE                                    Joseph
COE                                    Julia
COE                                    Mary
COE                                    Thomas
COE HUGHES                             Jane
COE HUGHES                             Mary
COLBURN (WWI)                          Charles H
COLE                                   Margaret Edwards
CONKLING                               Charlotte
CONKLING HOFFMAN                       Charlotte
CONNING                                Ellen
CONOVER                                Anna
CONOVER                                Caroline
CONOVER                                William H
CONOVER DINGMAN                        Anna
CONTE                                  Anthony
CONTE                                  Josephine
CONTI                                  Anthony
CONTI                                  Anthony
CONTI                                  Eleanora
CONTI                                  Ernest John
CONTI                                  Joseph
CONTI                                  Rose N
CONTI                                  Thomas
COOPER                                 Alfred John
COOPER                                 Clara Frances
COOPER                                 Emily
COOPER MCCAFFREY                       Emily
CORBIN                                 Elkanah
CORBIN (RW)                            Elkanah
CORCUERA                               Cecelia
CORCUERA                               Joseph
CORCUERA                               Pedro
CORCUERA                               Serapia
CORCUERA (WWII)                        Cecelia
CORCUERA (WWII)                        Joseph
CORCUERA MURPHY (WWII)                 Cecelia
COSTELLO                               John
COSTELLO                               Mary
COURTNEY                               Margaret
COURTNEY HUGHES                        Margaret
COX                                    Bertha A
CRAMER                                 George
CRANCHELLI                             Ann
CRANCHELLI LUCIANO                     Ann
CRAWFORD                               Elisabeth
CRAWFORD STALEY                        Elisabeth
CROCKER                                Jane
CROCKER PETTEYS                        Jane
CROMWELL                               J H
CROMWELL (CW)                          J H
CRONIN                                 Thomas E, Jr
CRONIN (WWII)                          Thomas E, Jr
CROSS                                  Jessie
CROSS                                  Joseph M.
CROSS                                  Michael
CROSS                                  Michael
CURTISS                                Catharine
CURTISS KENYON                         Catharine
CUSHING                                Charles
CUSHING                                Eliza A
CUYLER                                 Louis E
CUYLER (KOR)                           Louis E
DARE                                   Sarah
DAVENBAGH                              Mary
DAVIDSON                               John
DAVIS                                  A J
DAVIS                                  Caroline
DAVIS                                  Dorothy
DAVIS                                  Edwin
DAVIS                                  Emma
DAVIS                                  Hannah
DAVIS                                  John
DAVIS CONOVER                          Caroline
DEAN                                   Abigail
DEAN                                   Baby
DEAN                                   Charles D
DEAN                                   Charles D
DEAN                                   Clarence D
DEAN                                   Luther L
DEAN                                   Marcus C
DEAN                                   Mary
DEAN                                   Mary Eva
DEAN                                   Melissa
DEAN                                   Willie
DECKER                                 Anthony J
DECKER                                 Donna Lee
DECKER                                 Edward
DECKER                                 Elmer W
DECKER                                 Ethel H
DECKER                                 Florence
DECKER                                 Joann A
DECKER                                 Margaret M
DECKER                                 Robert C
DECKER STRUENSEE                       Florence
DEGRAAF                                Maria
DEGRAFF                                Harriet A
DELONGE                                Mary
DENNISON                               Ettie R
DEVENPECK                              Abraham
DEVENPECK                              John
DEVENPECK                              Sarah
DINGMAN                                Alexander
DINGMAN                                Anna
DINGMAN                                Anna May
DINGMAN                                Audrey M
DINGMAN                                Bertha
DINGMAN                                Catharine M
DINGMAN                                Charles H
DINGMAN                                Charlotte F
DINGMAN                                Curtis
DINGMAN                                Delavan
DINGMAN                                Eliza A
DINGMAN                                Elmer H
DINGMAN                                Florence
DINGMAN                                Frances
DINGMAN                                Herman
DINGMAN                                Hezekiah
DINGMAN                                John H
DINGMAN                                John J
DINGMAN                                John M
DINGMAN                                Lydia
DINGMAN                                Mable May
DINGMAN                                Margarett
DINGMAN                                Martha
DINGMAN                                Martha A
DINGMAN                                Mary
DINGMAN                                Matthew
DINGMAN                                Melvina
DINGMAN                                Menzo
DINGMAN                                Morgan
DINGMAN                                Morgan C
DINGMAN                                Nathan L
DINGMAN                                Perry J
DINGMAN                                Virgina
DINGMAN                                Wallace
DINGMAN                                William H M
DINGMAN (CW)                           Alexander
DINGMAN (WWI)                          Wallace
DOCKSTADER                             Henry I
DOCKSTADER                             Karl E
DOCKSTADER                             Maria
DOCKSTADER (WWI)                       Robert R
DOCKSTADER (WWII)                      Karl E
DODGE                                  Wayne H
DODGE (KOR)                            Wayne H
DORN                                   Abraham
DORN                                   Amos Holbrook
DORN                                   Anna Eliza
DORN                                   Elizabeth
DORN                                   John A
DORN                                   Lydia
DORN                                   Maria
DORN                                   Martha
DORN                                   Rebecca
DORN                                   Sadie E
DORN                                   Sarah L
DORN                                   Susan Ann
DORN GODWIN                            Elizabeth
DORN KLINE                             Martha
DORN WHITMAN                           Lydia
DORN WILTSIE                           Maria
DORR                                   Rhoda
DOUGALL                                Eleanor J
DOUGALL                                Isabella
DOUGALL                                Thomas
DOUGALL GORDON                         Eleanor J
DRAKE                                  Lois
DRAKE ST JOHN                          Lois
DU BOIS                                Sarah
DU BOIS OVERBAUGH                      Sarah
DU BOIS SHULER                         Sarah
DUFEL                                  Arthur C
DUFEL                                  Mary
DUFEL (WWII)                           Arthur C
DUFFY                                  Rose
DUFFY MCLAUGHLIN                       Rose
DUGUID                                 Elizabeth
DUNAGAN                                Chester A
DUNAGAN                                Mary
DUNAGAN                                Mary E
DUNAGAN                                Norma Jane
DUNAGAN DUFEL                          Mary
DUNLAP                                 Agnes
DUNLAP                                 Leslie B
DUNLAP                                 Lottie
DUNLEA                                 Margaret J
DUNLEA FRALICK                         Margaret J
DUNN                                   Edgar W
DUNN                                   Mark A
DUNN (WWII)                            Edgar W
DUNNE                                  Gloria M
DYSSLIN                                Johann Heinrich
DYSSLIN                                Katie
DYSSLIN NELLIS                         Katie
EATON                                  Hannah
ECKER                                  Elisabeth
ECKLER                                 Alvin J
EDGERTON                               Mable May
EDGERTON DINGMAN                       Mable May
EDWARDS                                Eleanor S
EDWARDS                                Elizabeth
EDWARDS                                Elizabeth
EDWARDS                                John
EDWARDS                                M Elizabeth
EDWARDS                                M M
EDWARDS                                William H
EDWARDS                                William H
EGLESTON                               Jesse
EGLESTON                               Sarah
EGLISHAM                               Isabella
EGLISHAM BRONK                         Isabella
EKER                                   George
ELDRIDGE                               Lovina
ELLIOT                                 Elijah
ELLIOT                                 George
ELLIOT                                 Relecty
ELLIOT WHITE                           Relecty
ELLIOTT                                Eliza
ELLIOTT                                Marcus
EMPIE                                  Katharine
ENDERS                                 Eleanor
ENGLE                                  Marilyn A
ENGLE                                  Martin D
ENGLE                                  Mary E
FAHEY                                  Mary
FAHEY                                  Michael
FANCHER                                Emma S
FANCHER                                Ethel
FANCHER                                George H
FANCHER BOICE                          Ethel
FAULKNOR                               Benjamin A
FAULKNOR                               Lutitia
FAULKNOR                               Mary E
FAULKNOR SHUTTS                        Lutitia
FERRARO                                Anthony S
FERRARO                                F Richard
FERRARO                                H Frank
FERRARO                                Mary
FERRARO                                Rose
FERRARO                                Stephen
FIDOE                                  Ellen
FIDOE SHEWARD                          Ellen
FIKES                                  Anna
FIKES                                  Charles H
FIKES                                  Charles M
FIKES                                  Harvey
FIKES                                  Kaziah
FIKES                                  Mary
FIKES                                  Peter
FIKES                                  Sarah
FINCK                                  Catharina
FINCK                                  M Louise
FINCK (RW)                             Andreas
FISK                                   Norma I.
FISK NORRIS (WWII)                     Norma I.
FLINN                                  Mary
FLINN DAVENBAGH                        Mary
FLINT                                  Edward A
FLINT                                  Margarett
FLINT (CW)                             Edward A
FLINT DINGMAN                          Margarett
FLUME                                  Albert G
FLUME                                  Catharine
FLUME                                  Florence Ruth
FLUME                                  George
FONDA                                  Catherine
FONDA                                  Catherine Ann
FONDA                                  Caty
FONDA                                  Douw
FONDA                                  Douwe
FONDA                                  Dow I
FONDA                                  Henry I
FONDA                                  Jelles
FONDA                                  John
FONDA                                  Julia A
FONDA                                  Peter H
FONDA (FI)                             Douw
FONDA (RW)                             Jelles
FONDA NEAHR                            Julia A
FOX                                    Almira
FOX KLOCK                              Almira
FRALICK                                Margaret J
FRALICK                                Martha A
FRALICK                                Tecarus V
FRALICK DINGMAN                        Martha A
FRASER                                 Irene A
FRASER                                 Robert F
FREDAY                                 Conrad
FREDAY                                 Leah N
FREDAY                                 Lloyd H
FREDAY                                 Mary Elizabeth
FREDAY                                 Mary Emma
FREDAY WATKINS                         Leah N
FREDERICKS                             Elinore
FREDERICKS AUSTIN                      Elinore
FULLER                                 Ella
FULLER                                 Jarusha
FULLER TREVETT                         Jarusha
GARDINIER                              Arthur
GARDINIER                              Barney
GARDINIER                              Carrie
GARDINIER                              Eleanor
GARDINIER                              Eve
GARDINIER                              Eveline
GARDINIER                              Jacob
GARDINIER                              Jacob M
GARDINIER                              Mary
GARDINIER                              N S
GARDINIER                              Samuel
GARDINIER (RW)                         Jacob
GARDINIER (RW)                         Samuel
GATTO                                  Aniello A
GATTO (WWII)                           Aniello A
GILBERT                                Cyrus B
GILBERT                                Delos R
GILBERT                                Emma E
GILBERT                                Lettie
GILBERT                                Lula A
GILBERT                                Lula L
GILBERT CARR                           Lettie
GILBERT SIZER                          Lula L
GILBORNE                               James
GILBORNE                               Polly Ann
GODWIN                                 Elizabeth
GOING                                  Estella
GOING                                  Frank A
GOING                                  George
GOING                                  James
GOING                                  Margaret
GOING                                  William J
GOODELL                                Elisha
GORDEN                                 Harriet
GORDEN VAN NATTA                       Harriet
GORDON                                 Charlottie
GORDON                                 Eleanor J
GORDON                                 Elizabeth G
GORDON                                 Elmer P
GORDON                                 Elmina
GORDON                                 Ezekiel
GORDON                                 Francis H.
GORDON                                 Hannah
GORDON                                 Hettie M.
GORDON                                 James W
GORDON PIERSON                         Elmina
GRAY                                   Adam
GRECO                                  Anthony Vito
GRECO (WWII)                           Anthony Vito
GREEN                                  David Henry
GREEN                                  Hilda May
GREEN                                  Raymond F
GREEN (SERV)                           Raymond F
GREEN WAVER                            Hilda May
GREMPS                                 John P
GREMPS                                 Nancy
GROS                                   Elisabeth
GROS                                   Ellornora
GROS                                   John Daniel
GROS                                   Laurence
GROS                                   Maria
GROS (RW)                              John Daniel
GROS (RW)                              Laurence
GROSE                                  Lana
GROSE LEONARDSON                       Lana
GROZ                                   Philip Jacob
HAFF                                   Anna May
HAFF                                   Arthur C
HAFF                                   Marie L
HAFF                                   Victor E
HAGADORN                               Charles J
HAGADORN                               Dortha A
HAGADORN (CW)                          Charles J
HAGAMAN                                Eleanor
HAGAMAN                                Joseph
HAGELAND                               Abraham
HALLADY                                James
HAMILTON                               Agnes M
HAMILTON                               I
HAMILTON (RW)                          I
HAMILTON BLACK                         Agnes M
HAMMOND                                Marie C
HAMMOND                                Raymond
HAMMOND (WWI)                          Raymond
HANEY                                  Cecil E
HARTLEY                                Mary A
HAVER                                  Mary E
HAVER CHISHOLM                         Mary E
HAWN                                   Jessie
HAWN CROSS                             Jessie
HAWN CROSS                             Jessie
HAWN NORRIS                            Jessie
HAWN NORRIS                            Jessie
HAYES                                  Hannah
HAYES STEADWELL                        Hannah
HEATH                                  James Francis
HEISLER                                Blanche E
HEISLER                                Walter G
HEMSTREET                              Isaac
HEWITT                                 Ada
HEWITT                                 Austin T
HEWITT                                 Clarence
HEWITT                                 Effie
HEWITT                                 Julia
HILL                                   Bradford A
HILL                                   Eunice
HILL                                   Henrietta
HILL                                   Henry
HILL                                   Permelia
HILL                                   Squire
HIME                                   Anna
HIME FIKES                             Anna
HOAG                                   Mary Emma
HOAG FREDAY                            Mary Emma
HOFFMAN                                Abram
HOFFMAN                                Anna B
HOFFMAN                                Barbara J
HOFFMAN                                Charlotte
HOFFMAN                                George
HOFFMAN                                Harry F
HOFFMAN                                John
HOFFMAN                                Kate
HOFFMAN                                Lawrence
HOFFMAN                                Libbie
HOFFMAN                                Margaret E
HOFFMAN                                Susan
HOFFMAN                                Vincent T
HOFFMAN                                Will E
HOFFMAN (WWII)                         Vincent T
HOGLAND                                Eleanor
HOGLAND HAGAMAN                        Eleanor
HOLIDAY                                Elizabeth T
HORTH                                  Russell A
HORTH (KOR)                            Russell A
HORTON                                 Ann T
HORTON LEGGIERO                        Ann T
HOWE                                   George
HOWE                                   Nathan
HUBBS                                  Amanda M
HUBBS BLOOD                            Amanda M
HUGENIN                                Eliza Ann
HUGHES                                 Almeda E
HUGHES                                 Anna C
HUGHES                                 Edgar
HUGHES                                 Esther
HUGHES                                 Howard J
HUGHES                                 Howard J
HUGHES                                 Jane
HUGHES                                 Lillian L
HUGHES                                 Margaret
HUGHES                                 Mary
HUGHES                                 Rachael
HUGHES                                 Rachel
HUGHES                                 Shephard
HUGHES                                 Thomas
HUGHES                                 William H
HUGHES                                 William H
HUGHES MCGRATTAN                       Rachel
HUGUENIN                               Leonard
HUGUENIN (CW)                          Leonard
HUMPHREY                               James
HUMPHREY                               Lucy
HUPPS                                  John M
HYDE                                   Anna
IRVING                                 Jay
IRVING                                 John H
IRVING                                 Mary Ann
IRVING                                 Mary C
IRVING                                 William
JACKSON                                Lydia A
JACKSON ST JOHN                        Lydia A
JANESKI                                William J
JANESKI (WWII)                         William J
JENNINGS                               Arthur A
JENNINGS                               Emma
JENNINGS (WWII)                        Arthur A
JENNINGS VAN ALSTINE                   Emma
JOHNSON                                Alonzo
JOHNSON                                Emma E
JOHNSON                                Eveline
JOHNSON                                John
JOHNSON                                Margaret
JOHNSON                                Mary
JOHNSON (CW)                           Alonzo
JOHNSON GARDINIER                      Eveline
JOHNSON GILBERT                        Emma E
JONES                                  Cornelius
JONES                                  Elisabeth H
JONES                                  Emily
JONES                                  Isaac
JONES                                  Lewis
JONES                                  Lucy
JONES                                  Samuel
JUMP                                   Homer P Jr
JUMP (WWII)                            Homer P. Jr
KAZALA                                 Martin J
KAZALA (WWII)                          Martin J
KAZILAS                                Christine
KEACHIE                                Andrew
KEACHIE                                Andrew
KEACHIE                                Ann
KEACHIE                                Isabella
KEACHIE                                John
KEACHIE                                Julia Ann
KEACHIE                                Margaret
KEACHIE                                Moses
KEACHIE                                Sabella
KEACHIE                                Thomas
KEACHIE BUCKLEY                        Belle
KEACHIE MILMINE                        Agnes
KEACHIE VAN VECHTEN                    Isabella
KENYON                                 Catharine
KENYON                                 Catharine Mary
KENYON                                 Frances Maria
KENYON                                 Lauren C
KENYON                                 Lauren Lorenzo
KEYSER                                 Frank
KEYSER                                 Leah
KIMBALL                                Amy
KIMBALL                                Eunice
KLATT                                  Julia E
KLATT LUNEBURG                         Julia E
KLINE                                  Martha
KLINE                                  Oliver S
KLING                                  Abram
KLING                                  Adaline A
KLING                                  George W
KLING                                  Nelson E
KLING                                  Olive
KLING                                  Polly
KLOCK                                  Almira
KLOCK                                  Anna
KLOCK                                  Augustus
KLOCK                                  Barvalis
KLOCK                                  Dorata
KLOCK                                  George
KLOCK                                  Hiram
KLOCK                                  Ina J
KLOCK                                  Jacob
KLOCK                                  Jacob
KLOCK                                  Johannes
KLOCK                                  Joseph G
KLOCK                                  Margaret
KLOCK                                  Nancy
KLOCK                                  Peter
KLOCK                                  Silbert
KLOCK (1812)                           Joseph G
KLOCK (RW)                             George
KLOCK (RW)                             Jacob
KLOCK (RW)                             Johannes
KLOCK BAUDER                           Margaret
KLOCK NELLIS                           Barvalis
KOEHLER                                Caroline
KOONS                                  Elizabeth
KOONS WIGGINS                          Elizabeth
KRUSE                                  Carl
KRUTZ                                  Augusta
KRUTZ                                  Henry A
KRUTZ                                  Minnie
KRUTZ MCGIBBON                         Minnie
LADD                                   John
LADD (RW)                              John
LANDRY                                 Marie Louise
LANDRY BENJAMIN                        Marie Louise
LASHER                                 Angeline
LASHER                                 Isabella
LASHER                                 James
LASHER                                 John
LASHER AUCHAMPAUGH                     Isabella
LAUCKS                                 Adam
LAUCKS (RW)                            Adam
LAUDER                                 Adelaide
LAUDER                                 David A
LAUDER                                 James W
LAUDER                                 Jane
LAUDER                                 Jennett
LAUDER                                 Rose May
LAUDER                                 William J
LAVOIE                                 Julia
LAVOIE SHARP                           Julia
LAZAROU                                Peter George
LAZAROU (VN)                           Peter George
LEGGIERO                               Ann T
LEGGIERO                               Arline M
LEGGIERO                               Joseph
LEGGIERO                               Lena
LEGGIERO                               Louis A
LEGGIERO                               Louis J
LEGGIERO                               Patricia A
LEGGIERO (WWII)                        Louis J
LEONARD                                Almatia
LEONARD                                Benedict A.
LEONARD                                Benedict A.
LEONARD (CW)                           Benedict A.
LEONARD (CW)                           Benedict A.
LEONARD SHILLINGLAW                    Almatia
LEONARDSON                             Aaron
LEONARDSON                             Lana
LETCHER KLING                          Polly
LETTIS                                 Charles Sidney
LETTIS                                 Peter S
LEWANDOWSKI                            Alexander
LEWANDOWSKI                            Catherine
LINDENBOWER                            John
LIPE                                   Eve
LIPE BURNS                             Eve
LOCKWOOD                               Abigeal
LOCKWOOD                               Anna
LOCKWOOD                               Ebenezer
LOCKWOOD (RW)                          Ebenezer
LOCKWOOD MCKIE                         Abigeal
LORY                                   Wilbur C
LORY (WWII)                            Wilbur C
LOUER                                  Edna B
LOUER                                  Fenton
LOUNSBERY                              M Elizabeth
LOUNSBERY EDWARDS                      M Elizabeth
LOVE                                   Jennett
LOVE LAUDER                            Jennett
LOWELL                                 Emma
LOWELL                                 Mary C
LOWELL                                 Moses D
LOWELL                                 Susie M
LOWELL                                 Ursula
LOWELL DAVIS                           Emma
LOWELL SHEAR                           Susie M
LOWNSBERY                              Mary Ann
LUCIANO                                Alphonse W
LUCIANO                                Ann
LUCIANO (WWII)                         Alphonse W
LUNEBURG                               Clara F
LUNEBURG                               Edward D
LUNEBURG                               Emma
LUNEBURG                               Gustave H
LUNEBURG                               Helena
LUNEBURG                               Julia E
LUNEBURG ANSELMENT                     Clara F
LUNEBURG WAVER                         Emma
LUTTON                                 Evelyn F
LUTTON                                 Robert W
LYKER                                  Charles
LYKER                                  Jane
LYKER (CW)                             Charles
MABEE                                  Mary
MABEE                                  Mary E
MABEE                                  Peter H
MABEE FAULKNOR                         Mary E
MAHL                                   Hazel D
MAHL TYLER                             Hazel D
MAJOR                                  Shelmandine
MAJOR SHELMANDINE                      Alice
MALLOY                                 Angela Marie
MALLOY                                 Bridget
MALLOY                                 Catherine
MALLOY                                 Edward
MALLOY                                 Hugh
MALLOY                                 James
MALLOY                                 John
MALLOY                                 Joseph
MALLOY                                 Sarah
MANNY                                  Benjamin
MARCELUS                               Nicholas A
MARCELUS                               Sarah E
MARKELL                                Henry
MARSH                                  Annie E
MARSH AUSTIN                           Annie E
MARSH SNYDER                           Adaline L
MARTIN                                 Susannah
MARTIN NEAHR                           Sophia M
MARTIN PUTMAN                          Susannah
MASON (WWII)                           Catherine R
MAUTHE BLOCKER                         Anna
MAY                                    Ezra
MCCAFFREY                              Elizabeth
MCCAFFREY                              Emily
MCCAFFREY BOICE                        Elizabeth
MCCONKEY                               Hannah
MCCONKEY (RW)                          William
MCCONNELL                              Mary
MCDUFFEE                               William
MCDUFFEE (RW)                          William
MCGIBBON                               Annie
MCGIBBON                               Janet
MCGIBBON                               Minnie
MCGIBBON                               Thomas
MCGOUCH                                Elizabeth
MCGOUCH BARCLAY                        Elizabeth
MCGRATTAN                              Rachel
MCGRATTAN                              Samuel
MCKEE                                  Archie Conover
MCKEE                                  Elizabeth E
MCKENNA                                Raymond
MCKENNA                                Rose
MCKEOUGH                               George J
MCKEOUGH                               Mary
MCKIE                                  Abigeal
MCKIE                                  John
MCKINDLEY                              Sabella
MCKINDLEY KEACHIE                      Sabella
MCKINNEY                               Daniel
MCKINNEY                               Sarah J
MCKINNEY                               Susanna
MCLAUGHIN                              Helen Rose
MCLAUGHLIN                             Bridget
MCLAUGHLIN                             John H
MCLAUGHLIN                             Margaret Alva
MCLAUGHLIN                             Margaret E
MCLAUGHLIN                             Mary
MCLAUGHLIN                             Mary Ann
MCLAUGHLIN                             Patrick
MCLAUGHLIN                             Regina K
MCLAUGHLIN                             Rose
MCLAUGHLIN HOFFMAN                     Margaret E
MCLAUGHLIN MCKEOUGH                    Mary
MCMASTER                               Anna
MCMASTER                               Hugh
MCMASTER                               Martha
MCMASTER                               Thomas
MCNAMARA                               Michael
MERENESS                               Emma
MERENESS MORFORD                       Emma
MERRELL                                Harriet V H
MERRELL                                James K
MERRELL                                Thomas
MERRELL (RW)                           Thomas
MERRY                                  Betsey
MERRY                                  Calvin
MERRY                                  Elizabeth
MERRY                                  Haslett E
MERRY                                  Lewis H
MILLER                                 Almeda E
MILLER                                 Jennie A
MILLER                                 Rebecca
MILLER HUGHES                          Almeda E
MILLER WILSON                          Rebecca
MILMINE                                Agnes
MILMINE                                Bell
MILMINE                                Freeman T
MILMINE                                John
MILMINE                                John A
MILMINE                                Margaret Louise
MOORE                                  Margaret
MOORE POTTER                           Margaret
MORCK                                  Jane M
MORCK                                  Leon F
MOREY                                  Margaret
MORFORD                                Emma
MORFORD                                J N
MORFORD                                James
MORFORD                                Margaret C
MORRISON                               Lewis
MOUNT                                  Eleanor S
MOUNT                                  Samuel H
MOUNT                                  Zeuria
MOUNT EDWARDS                          Eleanor S
MURPHY                                 Cecelia
MURPHY                                 James L
MURPHY (WWII)                          Cecelia
MURPHY (WWII)                          James L
MUSELBECK                              Henry
MYERS                                  Amelia
MYERS                                  H Frank
NEAHR                                  Catharine A Fonda
NEAHR                                  George H
NEAHR                                  Israel Reynolds
NEAHR                                  Julia A
NEAHR                                  Sophia M
NEAHR                                  Zachariah C
NEAHR (CW)                             Zachariah C
NELLIS                                 Amanda L
NELLIS                                 Barvalis
NELLIS                                 Christian
NELLIS                                 Christian Jr
NELLIS                                 James D
NELLIS                                 Katie
NELLIS                                 Nancy
NELLIS                                 Robert
NELLIS (RW)                            Christian Jr
NELLIS KLOCK                           Nancy
NEWKIRK                                Benj F
NEWKIRK                                Sarah M
NORRIS                                 Bertha E.
NORRIS                                 Charles
NORRIS                                 Elizabeth
NORRIS                                 James J., Jr
NORRIS                                 Jessie
NORRIS                                 Jessie
NORRIS                                 Loren C.
NORRIS                                 Mary A
NORRIS                                 Mary Parmilia
NORRIS                                 Norma I
NORRIS                                 Pearl
NORRIS                                 Sarah
NORRIS                                 Vincent W.
NORRIS                                 William B.
NORRIS                                 William B.
NORRIS (WWII)                          Norma I.
NORRIS CROSS                           Mary A.
NORRIS PAGIE                           Sarah
OLSZEWSKI                              Matka
OLSZEWSKI                              Ojciec
OLSZEWSKI                              Syn
OVERBAUGH                              Sarah
PAGE                                   Ursula
PAGE LOWELL                            Ursula
PAGIE                                  David
PAGIE                                  Mary Parmilia
PAGIE                                  Sarah
PAGIE NORRIS                           Mary Parmilia
PANTHEN                                Minnie
PANTHEN STRUENSEE                      Minnie
PARRY                                  Jean
PARRY                                  Marion W.
PARRY                                  Richard Jones
PARRY RUNKLE                           Jean
PATTERSON                              Frank Milton
PAULY                                  Katharine
PAULY BOND                             Katharine
PAYNE                                  William H
PECK                                   James W
PECK (CW)                              James W
PETERS                                 James E
PETERS                                 Josephine T
PETERS (WWII)                          James E
PETTENGILL                             Margaret Louise
PETTENGILL MILMINE                     Margaret Louise
PETTEYS                                James
PETTEYS                                Jane
PETTEYS                                Martha
PHILLIPS                               Abigail
PHILLIPS DEAN                          Abigail
PICKETT                                Joseph
PICKETT                                Marie
PIERSON                                Anna
PIERSON                                Elmina
PIERSON                                Frank
PIERSON                                William Nelson
PIERSON RUNKLE                         Anna
POLITANO                               Albert J
POLITANO                               Grace
POLITANO                               Rose
POLITANO FERRARO                       Rose
POLL                                   Lovina
POLL ELDRIDGE                          Lovina
PORTER                                 Sophia
POTTER                                 Abbey W
POTTER                                 Anna M
POTTER                                 Cora B
POTTER                                 Ichabod
POTTER                                 Jay N
POTTER                                 John K
POTTER                                 Lyman I
POTTER                                 Margaret
POTTER                                 N J
POTTER                                 Sarah M
PUESCHEL                               Otto
PUESCHEL                               Ralphine
PUGLISI                                Carmen J
PUGLISI (WWII)                         Carmen J
PUTMAN                                 Cornelius
PUTMAN                                 Elizabeth
PUTMAN                                 Susannah
QUACKENBUSH                            Jacob J
QUACKENBUSH                            Margaret A
QUACKENBUSH                            Mary
QUACKENBUSH                            W H
QUANDT                                 Mary Elizabeth
QUANDT VAN ANTWERP                     Mary Elizabeth
QUILLHOT                               Eliza
QUILLHOT ELLIOTT                       Eliza
QUINN                                  Bridget
QUINN MALLOY                           Bridget
QUIRI                                  Marie L
QUIRI HAFF                             Marie L
RADFORD                                Emmet
RADFORD                                Mary
RADFORD                                William E
RADFORD (WWI)                          Emmet
RADFORD (WWI)                          William E
RADLEY                                 Anna
RADLEY                                 Caroline M A
RADLEY                                 Catharine
RADLEY                                 Garret
RADLEY                                 John P
RADLEY                                 Philip G
RADLEY RUNKLE                          Catharine
RATTAZZI                               Eleanora
RATTAZZI CONTI                         Eleanora
RAUT                                   Theresa Marie
READDING                               George Embley
REAMON                                 Bertha E
REAMON NORRIS                          Bertha E.
REAS                                   Peter
REED                                   J Edward
REED                                   Maud
REED                                   Permelia
REED BUCHANAN                          Maud
REED HILL                              Permelia
REGELES                                George H
RENO                                   Carrie T
RENO ST JOHN                           Carrie T
RIPPLE                                 Anna
RIPPLE                                 Carrie
RIPPLE                                 Clarinda
RIPPLE                                 DeForest
RIPPLE                                 Helena
RIPPLE                                 Irwin L
RIPPLE                                 James P
RIPPLE                                 Luella
RIPPLE                                 Mary M
RIPPLE                                 Maude
RIPPLE                                 Minnie E
RIPPLE                                 Nelson
RIPPLE                                 Peter
RIPPLE                                 Sarah A
RIPPLE                                 Susanna
ROBB                                   George
ROBERTS                                Delos
ROBERTS                                Nathan B
ROBERTS                                Rosebell
ROBINSON                               A Pearl
ROBINSON SHELDON                       A Pearl
ROCKWELL                               Sarah L
ROCKWELL DORN                          Sarah L
RODGER                                 Jane
RODGER SHEARER                         Jane
ROOF                                   John
ROOF                                   Susan
RUNKLE                                 Anna
RUNKLE                                 Annette
RUNKLE                                 Catharine
RUNKLE                                 Charles W.
RUNKLE                                 Henry
RUNKLE                                 Jean
RUSS                                   Jennie A
RUSS MILLER                            Jennie A
RYAN                                   Mary
RYAN COSTELLO                          Mary
SAGATIS                                Edward
SAGATIS                                Verna
SALSBURY                               Henry
SANDERS                                Margaret Ann
SANDERS (WWII)                         Margaret Ann
SARGALIS                               Anna
SARGALIS                               Anthony W
SARGALIS                               Feliksas
SARGALIS                               Genevieve R
SARGALIS                               John
SARGALIS                               Marijona
SARGALIS                               Mary A
SARGALIS                               Sadie J
SARGALIS (WWII)                        Ida M
SARGALIS BOICE                         Ida M
SARGALIS HARTLEY                       Mary A
SAUTER                                 Harry T
SAUTER                                 Zella
SCHOONMAKER                            Jane
SCHOONMAKER BOND                       Jane
SCHRAM                                 Julia A
SCHRAM BOGARDUS                        Julia A
SCHULTZ                                William W
SCHULTZ (WWII)                         William W
SCHUYLER                               Anna
SCHUYLER                               Eve
SCHUYLER TAYLOR                        Eve
SCHUYLER YOUNG                         Anna
SCOTT                                  Horace
SCOTT                                  Rebecca
SCOTT                                  Susan
SEELBACH                               Cadarina
SERVISS                                Athaliah
SERVOSS                                Christlin C
SHARP                                  Anna
SHARP                                  John C
SHARP                                  Julia
SHARP LOCKWOOD                         Anna
SHARP MCMASTER                         Anna
SHAW                                   Hannah
SHAW BLACK                             Hannah
SHEAR                                  Susie M
SHEARER                                Jane
SHEARER                                Marion W.
SHEARER                                William
SHEARER                                William Jr
SHEARER PARRY                          Marion W.
SHELDON                                A Pearl
SHELDON                                Alexander
SHELDON                                Allen F
SHELDON                                Clarissa
SHELDON                                Frank
SHELDON                                Henry F
SHELDON                                Miriam
SHELMANDINE                            Alice
SHELMANDINE                            Bennett D
SHELMANDINE                            Charlotte A
SHELMANDINE                            Devere E
SHERLOCK                               Barbara M
SHERLOCK                               Robert C
SHERLOCK (VN)                          Robert C
SHEWARD                                Arline M
SHEWARD                                Edwin
SHEWARD                                Ellen
SHEWARD                                Harold G
SHEWARD LEGGIERO                       Arline M
SHILLINGLAW                            Almatia
SHILLINGLAW                            Robert
SHULER                                 John
SHULER                                 Laurence
SHULER                                 Sarah
SHULER (RW)                            Laurence
SHUTTS                                 Angelica
SHUTTS                                 Lutitia
SHUTTS                                 Mary C
SHUTTS                                 Washburn
SHUTTS IRVING                          Mary C
SILL                                   Raymond D
SIMPSON                                Janet
SISTO                                  Lena
SISTO LEGGIERO                         Lena
SIZER                                  George C
SIZER                                  Lula L
SMEALLIE                               Robert
SMITH                                  Euphame
SMITH                                  Felix C.
SMITH                                  George
SMITH                                  Milton
SMITH                                  Nellie
SMITH                                  Richard
SNYDER                                 Adaline L
SNYDER                                 Almira F
SNYDER                                 Carl G
SNYDER                                 Helen
SNYDER                                 Henry W
SNYDER                                 Iantha E
SNYDER                                 John C
SNYDER                                 Laura B
SNYDER                                 Mary
SNYDER BOWMAN                          Iantha E
SNYDER BUCHANAN                        Almira F
SNYDER QUACKENBUSH                     Mary
SPENCER                                Alton J
SPENCER                                Mary F
SPOORE                                 Mary
SPOORE                                 Rachel
SPOORE VAN VECHTEN                     Mary
SPOORE VAN VECHTEN                     Rachel
ST JOHN                                Abbie Ann
ST JOHN                                Arthur L
ST JOHN                                Calista
ST JOHN                                Carrie T
ST JOHN                                Chloe
ST JOHN                                Clara Belle
ST JOHN                                Donald M
ST JOHN                                Emma May
ST JOHN                                Florence N
ST JOHN                                Harriet L
ST JOHN                                Harvey
ST JOHN                                John
ST JOHN                                John L
ST JOHN                                Lewis M
ST JOHN                                Lewis S
ST JOHN                                Lois
ST JOHN                                Louisiana
ST JOHN                                Lydia A
ST JOHN                                Mabel
ST JOHN                                Mark Raymond
ST JOHN                                Olive
ST JOHN                                Olive Mabel
ST JOHN                                Sarah
ST JOHN                                Sylvanus
ST JOHN                                Sylvanus
ST JOHN                                Sylvester
ST JOHN (1812)                         John
STALEY                                 Abram
STALEY                                 Alice
STALEY                                 Alice
STALEY                                 Dewett C
STALEY                                 Elisabeth
STALEY                                 Evalina
STALEY                                 Henry R
STALEY                                 Jacob
STALEY                                 John
STALEY                                 John J
STALEY                                 Joseph
STALEY                                 Rebecca
STALEY                                 Rulof
STALEY                                 Susannah
STALEY YOUNG                           Alice
STALLY                                 Susanna
STALLY MCKINNEY                        Susanna
STARK                                  Johanna V
STARK                                  Richard P
STARK (VN)                             Richard P
STEADWELL                              Albert D
STEADWELL                              Hannah
STEADWELL                              Louise D
STEADWELL                              Mary A
STEELE                                 Jane
STEVENSON                              James
STRAYER                                John
STRUENSEE                              Bertha A
STRUENSEE                              Charles L
STRUENSEE                              Florence
STRUENSEE                              Henry F
STRUENSEE                              Mary Hanna
STRUENSEE                              Minnie
STRUENSEE                              Walter C
STRUENSEE                              William E
STRUENSEE COX                          Bertha A
STUART                                 Mary
SUTTER                                 Kurt R
SUTTER (KOR)                           Kurt R
SWART                                  Cornelius
SWART                                  Mary J
SWART                                  William
SWART BOVEE                            Mary J
SWEET                                  Samuel
TALLMADGE                              Elizabeth
TALLMADGE                              John
TALLMADGE                              Mary
TALLMADGE                              Mary
TALLMADGE                              Samuel
TALLMADGE (RW)                         Samuel
TAYLOR                                 Alice Jackson
TAYLOR                                 Eve
TAYLOR                                 Jacob S
TAYLOR                                 John
TERRELL                                Nicole Lynn
TERWILLEGER                            Hazel B
TERWILLEGER                            Orville B
THOMAS                                 Cecelia M
THOMAS                                 Stephen J
TILLAPAUGH                             Evaline
TILLAPAUGH                             Mary
TILLAPAUGH BURNAP                      Mary
TILLAPAUGH WINTERS                     Evaline
TRAUGOTT                               Maria Elizabeth
TRAUGOTT                               Philip
TRAUGOTT                               Reinhold
TREVETT                                Henry
TREVETT                                Jarusha
TUCKER                                 Eunice
TUCKER HILL                            Eunice
TURNBULL                               Blanche S
TURNBULL                               John H
TURNBULL                               Willis D
TURNBULL BALFANZ                       Blanche S
TYLER                                  Hazel D
TYLER                                  Richard E
VAN ALSTINE                            Anna A
VAN ALSTINE                            Arthur L
VAN ALSTINE                            Caroline
VAN ALSTINE                            Cathalina
VAN ALSTINE                            Emma
VAN ALSTINE                            John A
VAN ALSTINE                            Mabel
VAN ALSTINE ST JOHN                    Mabel
VAN ANTWERP                            Cornelius F
VAN ANTWERP                            Mary Ann
VAN ANTWERP                            Mary Elizabeth
VAN ANTWERP (CW)                       Cornelius F
VAN ANTWERP IRVING                     Mary Ann
VAN DERHOOF                            Caecelia
VAN DERVEEAR                           Thomas
VAN EVRA                               Elizabeth
VAN EVRA                               Ryniear
VAN EVRA (RW)                          Ryniear
VAN NATTA                              Edgar T
VAN NATTA                              Harriet
VAN PATTEN                             Zeuria
VAN PATTEN MOUNT                       Zeuria
VAN SLYCK                              Margaret
VAN VECHTEN                            Derick
VAN VECHTEN                            Hubertus
VAN VECHTEN                            Isabella
VAN VECHTEN                            J H
VAN VECHTEN                            Mary
VAN VECHTEN                            Rachel
VAN VECHTEN                            Rebecca
VAN VECHTEN (RW)                       Derick
VAN VECHTEN (RW)                       Hubertus
VAN VECHTEN DORN                       Rebecca
VANETTA                                Eliza A
VANETTA DINGMAN                        Eliza A
VEDDER                                 Elizabeth
VEDDER EDWARDS                         Elizabeth
VISSCHER                               Frederick
VISSCHER                               Frederick
VISSCHER                               Gezena
VISSCHER (RW)                          Frederick
VOLLMER                                David S
VOLLMER                                George E
VOLLMER (VN)                           David S
VOLLMER (WWII)                         George E
WADSWORTH                              George W
WADSWORTH (WWII)                       George W
WALDRON                                Adelaide
WALDRON LAUDER                         Adelaide
WARNER                                 Marie C
WARNER HAMMOND                         Marie C
WASSERMAN                              Ethel G
WASSERMAN                              Hyman
WATKINS                                Archibald C
WATKINS                                Leah N
WAVER                                  Anna
WAVER                                  August
WAVER                                  Emma
WAVER                                  Hilda May
WAVER HYDE                             Anna
WEAVER                                 John J
WEAVER                                 Kermit H
WEAVER                                 Margaret
WEAVER (WWII)                          John J
WEAVER (WWII)                          Kermit H
WEAVER (WWII)                          Margaret
WEIR                                   Evelyn J
WEIR                                   Fannie
WEIR                                   Richard
WESSEL                                 Polly Ann
WESSEL GILBORNE                        Polly Ann
WESSELL                                Abram
WESSELL                                Mary Jane
WESSELL (CW)                           Abram
WESSELS                                Anna Maria
WESSELS                                Catharine Louisa
WESSELS                                Evaline
WESSELS                                George R
WESSELS                                Harriet E
WESSELS                                Lela E
WESSELS                                Levi S
WESSELS                                Luke
WESSELS                                Luke O
WESSELS                                Luther A
WESSELS                                Norman A
WESSELS                                Richard L
WESSELS BURNS                          Catharine Louisa
WHIPPLE                                Ina J
WHIPPLE KLOCK                          Ina J
WHITE                                  Relecty
WHITMAN                                Lydia
WICK                                   Michael
WIGGINS                                Elizabeth
WIGGINS                                Florella L
WIGGINS                                John F
WIGGINS                                Joseph E
WIGGINS                                Mary F
WIGGINS                                Richard
WIGGINS                                Thomas
WIGGINS                                William
WIGGINS (CW)                           Joseph E
WILCOX                                 John
WILLETTE                               Edward A
WILLETTE (KOR)                         Edward A.
WILLIAMS                               Betihah
WILLIAMS                               Martha
WILLIAMS                               Sarah
WILLIAMS EGLESTON                      Sarah
WILLIAMS MCMASTER                      Martha
WILSON                                 Charles L
WILSON                                 Kaziah
WILSON                                 Rebecca
WILSON FIKES                           Kaziah
WILTSE                                 John B
WILTSIE                                Alice Ada
WILTSIE                                John A
WILTSIE                                Maria
WILTSIE                                Mary E
WINTERS                                Evaline
WITTY                                  Julia
WITTY COE                              Julia
WOOSTER                                Stuart E
WOOSTER (VN)                           Stuart E
YATES                                  CHRISTOPHER P
YATES                                  MARIA
YERKES                                 George
YERKES                                 Mary L
YERKES (WWII)                          George
YOUNEY                                 Janet
YOUNEY SIMPSON                         Janet
YOUNG                                  Alice
YOUNG                                  Anna
YOUNG                                  Athaliah
YOUNG                                  George
YOUNG                                  George
YOUNG                                  James A
YOUNG                                  Margaret
YOUNG                                  Mary J
YOUNG                                  Nancy
YOUNG                                  Peter
YOUNG ARTHURS                          Margaret
YOUNG SERVISS                          Athaliah
YOUNGS                                 Harriet
YOUNGS                                 John
YOUNGS                                 Sarah
YOUNGS                                 Temperance
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