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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Year of Record
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1790-1850 | 2 = 1818-1848 | 3 = 1795-1896 | 4 = 1839-1854 | 5 = 1840-1859 | 6 = 1803-1894 | 7 = 1867-1884 | 8 = 1885-1905 | 9 = 1905-1921 |
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ABINGDON, JOHN                         VA-71-2-242
ABINGDON, LUCY                         VA-71-2-202
ADAMS, ISAAC                           VA-71-4-260
ADAMS, ISAAC                           VA-71-1-90
ADAMS, ISAAC C.                        VA-71-9-43
ADAMS, JACOB                           VA-71-1-96
ADAMS, JOSHUA                          VA-71-1-108
ADAMS, JOSHUA                          VA-71-6-400
AGEE, MARY                             VA-71-3-500
ANGLIN, ADRIAN                         VA-71-1-117
ANGLIN, PHILIP                         VA-71-7-209
AYERS, EMBEIZETTA                      VA-71-8-432
AYERS, WILLIAM H.                      VA-71-9-409
BAKER, DAISY                           VA-71-9-486
BAKER, WILLIAM                         VA-71-2-130
BARNARD, CHARLES                       VA-71-7-208
BARNARD, CHARLES                       VA-71-7-255
BARNARD, E. M.                         VA-71-9-557
BARNARD, ISHAM                         VA-71-7-81
BARNARD, WILLIAM JEFFERSON             VA-71-9-420
BARTLETT, JAMES                        VA-71-1-140
BARTON, WILLIAM                        VA-71-1-101
BEASLEY, POLLY                         VA-71-7-667
BEASLEY, THOMAS                        VA-71-2-212
BELCHER, BENJAMIN                      VA-71-7-666
BELLAR, PETER                          VA-71-2-78
BELTON, J. M.                          VA-71-9-183
BELTON, JOHN B.                        VA-71-9-433
BENNETT, HOWARD                        VA-71-8-518
BISHOP, JOHN T.                        VA-71-9-405
BLANCETT, JAMES M.                     VA-71-9-534
BOAZ, JAMES SR.                        VA-71-4-152
BOWLES, H. C.                          VA-71-9-543
BOWMAN, C. G.                          VA-71-9-534
BOWMAN, JOHN H.                        VA-71-7-630
BRAMMER, JOHN JR.                      VA-71-3-511
BREDEN, JOHN JR.                       VA-71-1-43
BRIM, A. J.                            VA-71-9-134
BRIM, MATTIE                           VA-71-9-598
BROWN, ABRAM                           VA-71-5-85
BROWN, JOHN                            VA-71-1-147
BROWN, JOHN M.                         VA-71-8-433
BROWN, MARY                            VA-71-3-297
BRUMMER, JOHN                          VA-71-1-115
BURNETT, JOHN                          VA-71-3-137
BURNETT, PERMEIA                       VA-71-7-337
BUSHONG, WILLIAM                       VA-71-8-145
CAMERON, JOHN                          VA-71-1-135
CARTER, A. H.                          VA-71-4-150
CARTER, C. C.                          VA-71-8-321
CARTER, M. D.                          VA-71-7-604
CARTER, P. A.                          VA-71-8-565
CARTER, WILLIAM                        VA-71-3-490
CASSADY, ELIZABETH                     VA-71-7-79
CASSADY, J.                            VA-71-7-20
CLARK, F. J.                           VA-71-8-338
CLARK, JACOB                           VA-71-5-331
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-71-3-236
CLARK, SAMUEL                          VA-71-2-200
CLIFTON, WILLIAM                       VA-71-7-663
COCK, PRESTON                          VA-71-8-331
COCKRAM, GERMAN                        VA-71-9-484
COCKRAM, J. B.                         VA-71-8-112
COLLINS, ELISHA                        VA-71-6-186
COMER, R. J.                           VA-71-9-558
CONNER, D. T.                          VA-71-8-180
CONNER, M. J.                          VA-71-9-444
COOPER, W. H.                          VA-71-9-238
CORN, JOHN                             VA-71-5-198
CORN, RICHARD                          VA-71-8-128
CORRATO, POLLY A.                      VA-71-8-424
COX, JOSEPH H.                         VA-71-9-445
CRUM, JOHN                             VA-71-3-303
CULLER, MARY J.                        VA-71-8-607
DALTON, COLEMAN                        VA-71-7-671
DEHART, AARON                          VA-71-6-142
DEHART, CHARLES                        VA-71-8-425
DEHART, ELIJAH                         VA-71-3-502
DEHART, ELIJAH P.                      VA-71-9-421
DEHART, JOHN W.                        VA-71-8-290
DEWEESE, BARTHOLOMEW                   VA-71-3-6
DEWEESE, CORNELIUS                     VA-71-1-26
DILLON, C. J.                          VA-71-8-143
DILLON, JAMES                          VA-71-7-669
DILLON, JOSEPH                         VA-71-7-661
DOLYNE, F. O.                          VA-71-8-488
DUNCAN, TAZEWELL                       VA-71-7-664
DUNKLEY, WILLIAM H.                    VA-71-9-533
EASLEY, ANN                            VA-71-1-37
EAST, ISHAM                            VA-71-2-208
EAVES, MARY P.                         VA-71-8-510
EDENS, JOHN                            VA-71-3-7
EDENS, JOHN                            VA-71-1-65
EDWARDS, BRICE                         VA-71-5-86
ELLYSON, JOHN                          VA-71-1-49
EPPESON,D ANIEL                        VA-71-8-103
FLEMING, S. M.                         VA-71-9-382
FLOYD, B. H.                           VA-71-9-333
FOLEY, A. J.                           VA-71-6-373
FOSTER, CHARLES                        VA-71-3-1
FRANCIS, WILLIAM M.                    VA-71-7-605
FRANS, JOHN                            VA-71-3-241
FRANS, MAY                             VA-71-1-124
FRANS, PETER                           VA-71-2-76
FRASURE, ABRAM                         VA-71-1-54
FULKERSON, FREDERICK                   VA-71-1-11
FULKERSON, JAMES                       VA-71-3-298
GATES, JOHN W.                         VA-71-8-334
GILBERT, SAMUEL                        VA-71-7-523
GOING, JAMES                           VA-71-1-106
GOING, SHADRACK                        VA-71-1-80
GOING, STEPHEN                         VA-71-6-526
GOODE, JULIA A.                        VA-71-9-141
GRAY, DANIEL                           VA-71-7-631
GRAY, JAMES J.                         VA-71-8-482
GRAY, WILLIAM                          VA-71-1-151
GREENWOOD,R. J. E.                     VA-71-8-509
GREGG, MAY D.                          VA-71-8-146
GRIFFITH, DAVID                        VA-71-8-318
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM                      VA-71-7-680
GUNTER, GEORGE                         VA-71-3-4
HAGOOD, ANDERSON                       VA-71-4-491
HAIRSTON, RICHARD                      VA-71-8-320
HALE, JOSEPH                           VA-71-1-11
HALL, HENRY                            VA-71-7-586
HALL, JOHN                             VA-71-2-203
HALL, JOSEPH                           VA-71-8-168
HALL, NATHAN                           VA-71-1-129
HALL,NATHAN                            VA-71-3-510
HANBY, J. A.                           VA-71-8-188
HANBY, JONATHAN                        VA-71-1-121
HANBY, THOMAS                          VA-71-1-104
HANCOCK, JOHN                          VA-71-1-42
HANDY, ALMA                            VA-71-8-489
HANDY, ELIZABETH                       VA-71-5-447
HANDY, HENRY                           VA-71-7-482
HANDY, J. S.                           VA-71-9-111
HANDY, PETER                           VA-71-4-431
HANDY, WILLIAM                         VA-71-4-139
HARBOUR, CHAPMAN JR.                   VA-71-9-288
HARBOUR, DAVID                         VA-71-3-496
HARBOUR, E J.                          VA-71-6-413
HARBOUR, JAMES                         VA-71-7-17
HARBOUR, JUDITH                        VA-71-6-1
HARBOUR, MOSES                         VA-71-2-210
HARBOUR, NOAH                          VA-71-1-125
HARBOUR, RICHARD                       VA-71-5-330
HARBOUR, THOMAS                        VA-71-1-13
HARRELL, ANNIE                         VA-71-9-142
HARRISON, BARNARD                      VA-71-2-75
HARRISON, RICHARD                      VA-71-1-148
HARRISS, SHERRARD                      VA-71-1-129
HARRISS, WILLIAM                       VA-71-1-123
HATCHER, MOLLIE E.                     VA-71-8-292
HAWKS, DAVID                           VA-71-9-300
HAYNES, BETHANY                        VA-71-1-82
HAZLEWOOD, JOHN R.                     VA-71-8-606
HIATT, LETHIA                          VA-71-9-233
HILL, JOHN SR.                         VA-71-2-58
HIX, FARTHING                          VA-71-2-346
HOUCHINS, I. C.                        VA-71-9-181
HOWS, MARY A.                          VA-71-9-211
HUBBARD, JONATHAN                      VA-71-5-88
HUBBARD, MRGARET H.                    VA-71-7-668
HUBBARD, STEPHEN                       VA-71-2-209
HUDSON, JACOB                          VA-71-1-150
HUGHES, BEVERAGE                       VA-71-1-99
HUGHES, JERMAN                         VA-71-4-490
HUGHES, MARY                           VA-71-3-238
HUTCHINS, BENNETT                      VA-71-1-276
HYLTON, EDMOND                         VA-71-9-479
HYLTON, GABRIEL                        VA-71-7-390
HYLTON, GEORGE                         VA-71-8-594
HYLTON, ISAAC                          VA-71-7-504
HYLTON, JEREMIAH                       VA-71-4-147
HYLTON, SAM                            VA-71-9-545
HYLTON, SUSAN V.                       VA-71-9-180
HYLTON, V.                             VA-71-8-268
INGRAM, JAMES                          VA-71-4-154
INGRAM, JAMES                          VA-71-1-127
INGRAM, JOHN                           VA-71-1-116
INGRAM, JOHN                           VA-71-6-402
INGRAM, JOHN B.                        VA-71-8-100
INMAN, THOMAS                          VA-71-9-379
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                     VA-71-9-415
JOHNSON, NANCY                         VA-71-9-143
JONES, WILLIAM                         VA-71-1-122
JONES, WILLIAM S.                      VA-71-6-114
JOYCE, ANDREW                          VA-71-4-402
JOYCE, L. G.                           VA-71-8-92
JOYCE, SALLIE                          VA-71-9-441
KASEY, C.                              VA-71-8-436
KASEY, JOHN H.                         VA-71-7-19
KING, GEORGE                           VA-71-4-254
KING, JOHN                             VA-71-7-670
KING, THOMAS                           VA-71-1-405
KOGER, HENRY                           VA-71-2-124
LACKEY, JAMES                          VA-71-4-262
LAMBERT, THOMAS                        VA-71-7-350
LANDETH, BENJAMIN                      VA-71-1-105
LANDRETH, MCKEALEY                     VA-71-1-114
LAURENCE, CHARLOTTE                    VA-71-8-469
LAWRENCE, JAMES H.                     VA-71-8-125
LAWSON, FLINT                          VA-71-9-440
LAWSON, ISHAM                          VA-71-6-421
LAWSON, W. S.                          VA-71-9-587
LAWSON, WILLIAM                        VA-71-6-378
LAYNORS, DAVID                         VA-71-8-125
LEE, JOHN                              VA-71-9-164
LEWIS, CHARLES                         VA-71-2-128
LIGHT, JAMES                           VA-71-8-269
LOVINS, A. J.                          VA-71-7-615
LOWE, L. P.                            VA-71-9-237
LYLE, SARAH                            VA-71-2-18
MANKINSON, WILLIAM                     VA-71-8-1
MARSHALL, ROBERT                       VA-71-8-198
MARTIN, FANNIE V.                      VA-71-9-558
MARTIN, R. S.                          VA-71-9-536
MAYNOR, RICHARD TUCKER                 VA-71-1-30
MCALEXANDER, ELKANAH                   VA-71-9-181
MCALEXANDER, M. E.                     VA-71-8-431
MCALEXANDER, SAMUEL                    VA-71-7-430
MCALEXANDER, WILLIAM                   VA-71-1-138
MCINTOSH, LUCINDA B.                   VA-71-7-74
MCNICHOLS, THOMSA C.                   VA-71-9-234
MOIR, A. A.                            VA-71-6-526
MOIR, MARY H.                          VA-71-7-660
MOLES, JOSEPH                          VA-71-3-540
MOORE, G. B.                           VA-71-8-136
MORRISON, SAMUEL C.                    VA-71-1-136
MURPHY, JESSE                          VA-71-3-245
MURPHY, R.                             VA-71-6-377
NEWMAN, HAMAN                          VA-71-8-480
NEWMAN, IDA                            VA-71-9-444
NOCK, W. A.                            VA-71-8-196
NOWLIN, FRANCIS                        VA-71-4-140
NOWLIN, JAMES                          VA-71-1-128
NOWLIN, JUDITH                         VA-71-8-109
NUNN, R. J.                            VA-71-8-566
OMARRA, DANIEL                         VA-71-8-189
OMARRA, DANIEL                         VA-71-8-403
OMARRA, DANIEL                         VA-71-8-402
OMARRA, J. R.                          VA-71-8-186
OVERBY, B. F.                          VA-71-9-561
OWEN, ELIZABETH                        VA-71-1-41
PACK, JAMES                            VA-71-4-404
PACKWOOD, SAMUEL                       VA-71-1-141
PARKER, JOHN                           VA-71-4-492
PARKER, JOHN                           VA-71-8-420
PARKER, LEWIS                          VA-71-8-166
PARKER, SMITH                          VA-71-8-267
PARMER, WILLIAM                        VA-71-1-145
PARR, JOHN JR.                         VA-71-1-88
PARR, JOHN JR.                         VA-71-1-103
PEDIGO, CAROLIN M.                     VA-71-9-431
PEDIGO, DOCIA R.                       VA-71-8-216
PEDIGO, MARY B.                        VA-71-9-410
PEDIGO, SUSAN J.                       VA-71-9-320
PENN, C. L.                            VA-71-8-444
PENN, CLARK                            VA-71-5-334
PENN, JAMES                            VA-71-4-135
PENN, T. H.                            VA-71-9-498
PENN, THOMAS                           VA-71-5-329
PENN, THOMAS J.                        VA-71-9-418
PERKINS, J. F.                         VA-71-9-394
PERKINS, WILLIAM                       VA-71-1-111
PILSON, RICHARD                        VA-71-5-353
PLASTERS, CONRAD                       VA-71-3-507
PORTER, JAMES B.                       VA-71-3-3
PUCKETT, C. H.                         VA-71-9-284
PUCKETT, JACOB                         VA-71-9-106
PUCKETT, RILEY                         VA-71-8-423
PURCELL, MARY S.                       VA-71-9-111
RADFORD, WILLIAM R.                    VA-71-8-438
RAKER, CHARLES                         VA-71-3-2
RAKER, HENRY                           VA-71-3-511
RAKER, SAMUEL                          VA-71-4-159
RAKER, SAMUEL J.                       VA-71-6-369
RANGELEY, P. A.                        VA-71-8-319
RAPES, R. R.                           VA-71-9-107
RATLIFF, SILAS                         VA-71-1-109
REA, JOHN                              VA-71-1-137
REDD, JAMES M.                         VA-71-2-347
REYNOLD, SHADE B.                      VA-71-9-466
ROBERSON, JAMES R.                     VA-71-9-377
ROBERSON, W. A.                        VA-71-7-581
ROBERTSON, MILLY                       VA-71-1-146
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-71-1-92
ROGERS, CLEMENT                        VA-71-1-143
ROGERS, JOHN S.                        VA-71-8-144
ROSS, DAVID SR.                        VA-71-4-137
ROSS, HARDIN D.                        VA-71-9-139
RUCKER, W. B.                          VA-71-8-483
RUSK, JOHN                             VA-71-1-113
SCALES, ABRAHAM                        VA-71-5-447
SCALES, N. H.                          VA-71-8-425
SCALES, ONEY                           VA-71-3-304
SCOTT, ASA                             VA-71-8-332
SCOTT, JOHN                            VA-71-7-271
SHAW, WILLIAM                          VA-71-3-499
SHELTON, ELISHAZ                       VA-71-2-19
SHELTON, JAMES                         VA-71-5-353
SHELTON, LEWIS                         VA-71-8-30
SHELTON, THOMAS N.                     VA-71-8-143
SHELTON, W. H.                         VA-71-8-436
SHOUGH, JACOB                          VA-71-8-113
SIMMONS, JOHN                          VA-71-4-148
SIMMS, IGNATIOUS                       VA-71-1-118
SLAUGHTER, DANDREDGE                   VA-71-3-299
SLAUGHTER, ELIZABETH                   VA-71-5-385
SLAUGHTER, JOHN                        VA-71-4-144
SMALL, JOHN                            VA-71-1-1
SMITH ALBERT                           VA-71-8-102
SMITH, DANIEL                          VA-71-9-137
SMITH, ELLIS                           VA-71-6-337
SMITH, GEORGE                          VA-71-4-302
SMITH, JOHN                            VA-71-2-125
SMITH, MARY S.                         VA-71-2-216
SMITH, MEREDITH                        VA-71-1-94
SMITH, T. D.                           VA-71-9-232
SMITH, W. H.                           VA-71-9-103
SMITH, W. L.                           VA-71-9-144
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-71-1-131
SNEAD, JOHN SR.                        VA-71-1-133
SPANGLER, JOHN                         VA-71-3-498
SPENCER, HARDIN                        VA-71-6-341
SPENCER, HENR J.                       VA-71-7-449
SPENCER, LEVI                          VA-71-8-162
SPENCER, LEVI                          VA-71-6-390
SPENCER, M. S.                         VA-71-7-582
SPENCER, THOMAS                        VA-71-8-5
SPENCER, WILLIAM SR.                   VA-71-2-211
STANLEY, JOHN C.                       VA-71-9-547
STAPLES, JOHN C.                       VA-71-7-661
STAPLES, SAMUEL                        VA-71-2-153
STAPLES, W. R.                         VA-71-8-448
STAPLES, W. R.                         VA-71-8-339
STONE, EUSIBUS                         VA-71-3-146
STONE, STEPHEN                         VA-71-4-142
STOVALL, MALINDA                       VA-71-8-185
STUART, ARCHIBALD                      VA-71-5-15
SYMS, ELIZABETH J.                     VA-71-9-243
TATUM, B. F.                           VA-71-9-509
TATUM, ELIZABETH                       VA-71-9-398
TATUM, JOHN                            VA-71-5-166
TATUM, W. C.                           VA-71-9-41
TAYLOR, J. A.                          VA-71-8-339
TAYLOR, JAMES                          VA-71-1-96
TAYLOR, JOHN W.                        VA-71-9-397
TAYLOR, W.                             VA-71-8-111
TAYLOR, W. F. B.                       VA-71-8-126
TENNISON, THOMAS                       VA-71-3-509
TERRY, H. B.                           VA-71-7-18
TERRY, R. P.                           VA-71-9-31
THOMAS, AUGSUTINE                      VA-71-1-323
THOMAS, LEWIS T.                       VA-71-8-109
THOMAS, RICHARD                        VA-71-4-307
THOMAS, TAZWELL                        VA-71-9-502
THOMPSON, JOHN                         VA-71-8-8
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      VA-71-5-242
THOMPSON, WILLIAM P.                   VA-71-9-230
TOWNLEY, WILLIAM                       VA-71-8-30
TREAT, ABEL                            VA-71-6-472
TUCKER, FRANCIS                        VA-71-1-110
TUDOR, JOHN                            VA-71-8-429
TUDOR, LYDIA L.                        VA-71-9-234
TUGGLE, JAMES                          VA-71-8-291
TUGGLE, JOHN SR.                       VA-71-1-134
TURNER, FRANCIS                        VA-71-7-80
TURNER, FRANCIS                        VA-71-1-73
TURNER, LEWIS                          VA-71-4-158
TURNER, RUFUS                          VA-71-6-197
TURNER, SUSAN                          VA-71-8-104
UBBARD, JAMES W.                       VA-71-9-430
UPSHUR, THOMAS T.                      VA-71-9-235
VANDERGRIFT, D.                        VA-71-8-424
VANIEL, JOHN                           VA-71-1-126
VARSER, LEVY                           VA-71-2-20
VAUGHN, D. S.                          VA-71-9-495
VERNON, JAMES A.                       VA-71-3-235
VIA, ALEXANDER                         VA-71-6-339
VIA, FANNY                             VA-71-3-301
VIA, G.                                VA-71-6-369
VIA, JAMES                             VA-71-5-336
VIA, JAMES R.                          VA-71-9-142
VIA, WILLIAM                           VA-71-3-5
WALDEN, MOSES                          VA-71-3-153
WALDEN, WILLIAM                        VA-71-3-9
WALKER, JOHN H.                        VA-71-8-1
WALKER, LINVILLE F.                    VA-71-9-319
WALLER, J. S.                          VA-71-7-672
WALLER, JAMES A.                       VA-71-7-226
WASHBURN, JOHN                         VA-71-3-243
WEBB, ISHAM                            VA-71-1-15
WEST, NANCY                            VA-71-3-8
WHITLOCK, THOMA                        VA-71-3-10
WILLARD, ALLEN                         VA-71-7-253
WILLIS, GREENSVILLE                    VA-71-6-388
WILLSON, J. F.                         VA-71-7-603
WILSON, S. B.                          VA-71-9-51
WIMBISH, ELIJAH H.                     VA-71-6-187
WITT, WILLIAM                          VA-71-2-344
WOOD, ELIJAH                           VA-71-9-295
WOOD, JOHN B.                          VA-71-9-112
WOOD, NANCY                            VA-71-8-266
WOODALL, JAMES                         VA-71-3-239
WRIGHT, MARTIN                         VA-71-8-428
WRIGHT, ROBERT                         VA-71-1-107
WRIGHT, ROBERT                         VA-71-3-506
WRIGHT, SARAH                          VA-71-4-145
YEATTS, MARY A.                        VA-71-8-105
YOUNG, HENRY                           VA-71-8-3
YOUNG, NATHANIEL                       VA-71-4-427
ZENTMEYER, J. N.                       VA-71-8-129
ZIGLAR, WILLIAM                        VA-71-9-546
ZIGLER, JOHN                           VA-71-9-162

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