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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1789-1802 | 2 = 1803-1809 | 3 = 1809-1816 | 4 = 1815-1822 | 5 = 1822-1827 | 6 = 1827-1834 | 7 = 1834-1839 | 8 = 1836-1845 | 1a = 1865-1880 | 2a = 1880-1901 | 3a = 1901-1916 | 4a = 1916-1925 | 5a = 1925-1932 | 6A-13A - NOT PUBLIC | 14A = 1948-1952 | 15A = 1952-1962 |
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ABERNETHY, HUGH B.                     VA-68-14A-404
ADAMS, A. B.                           VA-68-5A-545
ADAMS, GEORGE P.                       VA-68-14A-436
ADAMS, JOHN R.                         VA-68-5A-477
ADAMS, MARGARET W.                     VA-68-5A-549
ADAMS, O. A.                           VA-68-2A-169
ADDLEMAN, WALTER ATKINSON              VA-68-15A-159
AGNEW, ELIZABETH J.                    VA-68-4A-40
AGNEW, JAMES A.                        VA-68-1A-419
ALLEN, MARY E.                         VA-68-3A-418
ANDERSON, CORRINNE SCOTT               VA-68-4A-49
ANDERSON, G. S.                        VA-68-2A-290
ANDERSON, HENRY                        VA-68-1-426
ANDERSON, HENRY                        VA-68-1-156
ANDERSON, JOHN                         VA-68-1-127
ANDERSON, JOHN                         VA-68-3-264
ANDERSON, MARY                         VA-68-4-228
ANDERSON, REINARD                      VA-68-1-295
ANDERSON, WILLIAM J.                   VA-68-4A-216
ANDREWS, S. I.                         VA-68-2A-127
ARCHER, VIRGINIA A.                    VA-68-3A-196
ASHBURN, RICHARD WRIGHT                VA-68-5A-378
ATKINS, A. B.                          VA-68-1A-372
ATKINS, WILLIAM                        VA-68-1A-95
ATKINSON, THOMAS                       VA-68-2-73
AUSTIN, TURNER                         VA-68-4A-224
BACON, MARY                            VA-68-8-343
BACON, TYREE G.                        VA-68-6-186
BAER, GEORGE F.                        VA-68-4A-111
BAER, GEORGE F.                        VA-68-5A-282
BAGLEY, GEORGE                         VA-68-1-158
BAGLEY, GRANDESON                      VA-68-2-274
BAGLEY, H. K.                          VA-68-5A-289
BAGLEY, J. T.                          VA-68-2A-309
BAGLEY, JAMES                          VA-68-1-150
BAGLEY, JOHN                           VA-68-1-540
BAGLEY, RICHARD E.                     VA-68-5A-291
BAGLEY, VIRGINIA L.                    VA-68-2A-77
BAGLEY, W. H. (MRS)                    VA-68-3A-334
BAILEY, ANN M.                         VA-68-2A-264
BAILEY, MARY M.                        VA-68-2-150
BAILEY, WILLIAM                        VA-68-2-169
BALDWIN, JOHN                          VA-68-1-79
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                       VA-68-4-72
BALDWIN, WILLIAM                       VA-68-1-100
BANKS, CLAIBORNE                       VA-68-4A-59
BARDWELL, H. F.                        VA-68-2A-352
BARKER, GEORGE                         VA-68-2A-298
BARKER, WILLIAM E.                     VA-68-4A-75
BARRON, R. B.                          VA-68-3A-307
BARROW, CHARLES S.                     VA-68-4A-33
BARROW, JOSEPH L.                      VA-68-1A-77
BASEBEACH, JOHN                        VA-68-6-97
BASS, JOHN SR.                         VA-68-2-414
BASS, JOSEPH A.                        VA-68-1A-94
BASS, WILLIAM W.                       VA-68-8-246
BATES, AUGUSTA B.                      VA-68-5A-474
BATES, PHEBE                           VA-68-3-218
BEADEL, THOMAS                         VA-68-4-360
BEADLE, RHODA JR.                      VA-68-6-138
BEASLEY, AMBROSE                       VA-68-2-7
BEASLEY, JOHN                          VA-68-1-129
BEASLEY, LIBERTY                       VA-68-3-259
BEASLEY,D AVID                         VA-68-2-270
BEECHER, A. F.                         VA-68-3A-390
BEHRING, WALTE REARL                   VA-68-14A-310
BELCHER, ROSALINE                      VA-68-4A-428
BENNETT, A. F.                         VA-68-4A-343
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       VA-68-1-9
BENTLY, SAMUEL                         VA-68-7-262
BERG, RUBY BURKE                       VA-68-3A-39
BERG, WALTER M.                        VA-68-4A-12
BERKWEIER, CHARLOTTE A.                VA-68-3A-297
BERRIER, JACOB T.                      VA-68-4A-193
BERRY, JACK                            VA-68-4A-177
BEVERLEY, H. S.                        VA-68-3A-289
BEVERLY, HENRY S.                      VA-68-7-205
BEVERLY, JOSEPH J.                     VA-68-4A-375
BEVILL, JOSEPH                         VA-68-2-406
BEVILL, REYNOLDS                       VA-68-1A-1
BEVILLE, NORWOOD L.                    VA-68-14A-419
BEVILLE, RICHARD                       VA-68-3A-410
BISHOP, EDWAR DC.                      VA-68-2A-163
BISHOP, SALLIE WHITE                   VA-68-4A-334
BISHOP, T. K.                          VA-68-3A-407
BLAND, ...                             VA-68-6-467
BLAND, ANN                             VA-68-2-351
BLAND, EDWARD                          VA-68-6-257
BLAND, ELIZABETH C.                    VA-68-1A-232
BLAND, JOHN                            VA-68-1A-82
BLAND, MOSES                           VA-68-1A-417
BLAND, REBECCA                         VA-68-8-40
BLAND, RICHARD                         VA-68-2-350
BLAND, ROBERT                          VA-68-3A-227
BOICE, GEORGE W.                       VA-68-14A-438
BOICE, IRENE A.                        VA-68-14A-440
BOLLING, LEWIS                         VA-68-2A-80
BOLLING, STITH                         VA-68-1-271
BOOTH, FRANCES A.                      VA-68-2A-77
BORUM, EDMUND                          VA-68-1-38
BORUM, J. Z.                           VA-68-4A-38
BORUM, JOSEPH H.                       VA-68-5-247
BORUM, RICHARD                         VA-68-1-7
BRACKETT, JOHN                         VA-68-3-214
BRADSHAW, BENA BLOW                    VA-68-3A-448
BRADSHAW, DRUCELLA S.                  VA-68-3A-297
BRADSHAW, E. C.                        VA-68-5A-538
BRADSHAW, JOHN                         VA-68-8-159
BRADSHAW, R. B.                        VA-68-3A-58
BRAGG, D. W.                           VA-68-3A-109
BRAGG, J. T. (MRS)                     VA-68-3A-396
BRANCH, JOHN                           VA-68-2A-180
BRANCH, MARTHA                         VA-68-2A-177
BRAUNCH, MARTHA J.                     VA-68-5A-543
BRIDGFORTH, BENAMIN                    VA-68-2-123
BRINTON, JOSEPH A.                     VA-68-3A-321
BROWN, A. S.                           VA-68-3A-377
BROWN, JERRY                           VA-68-3-312
BROWN, LAWRENCE                        VA-68-1-270
BROWN, T. M.                           VA-68-4A-255
BROWN, WILLIAM THOMAS                  VA-68-5A-261
BRUCE, ALEXANDER                       VA-68-1-200
BRUCE, AMRSTEAD                        VA-68-6-126
BRUCE, LEMUEL                          VA-68-2-223
BRUCE, LEMUEL                          VA-68-6-71
BRUCE, MILDRED C.                      VA-68-8-251
BUDD, W. H.                            VA-68-2A-269
BUFORD, HENRY                          VA-68-1-48
BUNTON,W. J.                           VA-68-4A-187
BURKE, S. D.                           VA-68-2A-19
BURKS, RICHARD                         VA-68-1-108
BURRELL, LOVINIA                       VA-68-2A-171
BURROW, W. H.                          VA-68-5A-127
BURTON, CRALLE O.                      VA-68-14A-220
BUTCHER, JOHN                          VA-68-2A-412
BYRD, ANTHONY                          VA-68-3A-447
BYRD, EDWARD                           VA-68-2A-291
CABANISS, ASA                          VA-68-6-127
CABANISS, ELIJAH                       VA-68-1-149
CABANISS, GEORGE                       VA-68-1-364
CABANISS, JOHN                         VA-68-5-16
CABANISS, MATTHEW                      VA-68-1-20
CABANISS, PAT                          VA-68-2A-241
CABINISS, SARAH                        VA-68-2-333
CALHOUN, E. M.                         VA-68-3A-31
CALLIGAN, J. E.                        VA-68-4A-55
CAMPBELL, A. A.                        VA-68-1A-38
CAMPBELL, THOMAS H.                    VA-68-1A-244
CARDWELL, FRANCIS                      VA-68-6-143
CARR, JAMES                            VA-68-5-260
CARROTHERS, WILLIAM H.                 VA-68-1A-418
CARTER, C. L.                          VA-68-3A-221
CARTER, ELIAS E.                       VA-68-3-96
CARTER, H. H.                          VA-68-3A-311
CARTER, MARY                           VA-68-1A-356
CARTER, RAWLEIGH                       VA-68-4-235
CARTER, SHARPE                         VA-68-2A-230
CASE, JOSEPH R.                        VA-68-4A-391
CASSADA, J. F.                         VA-68-4A-190
CEVALLE, G. T. SR.                     VA-68-1A-407
CEVALLE, GEORGE A.                     VA-68-1A-342
CHAMBLISS, C. C. (MRS.)                VA-68-2A-294
CHAPMAN, DAVID                         VA-68-2A-175
CHAPMAN, JEANIE K.                     VA-68-3A-247
CHAPPELL, G. W.                        VA-68-4A-177
CHAPPELL, JOHN C.                      VA-68-6-94
CHEATHMAN, GEORGE ELLIOTT              VA-68-14A-225
CHICK, GENEVA C.                       VA-68-5A-339
CHICK, H. T.                           VA-68-15A-157
CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM                   VA-68-5A-529
CLARDY, BENJAMIN                       VA-68-1-61
CLARDY, JOSEPH                         VA-68-2A-196
CLARDY, MILLICENT                      VA-68-2-51
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       VA-68-3-127
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-68-1-107
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-68-4-336
CLARKE, GEORGE W.                      VA-68-8-83
CLARKE, JAMES D.                       VA-68-3A-291
CLARKE, LAW                            VA-68-1-531
CLARKE, W. N. SR.                      VA-68-2A-133
CLARKE, WILLIAM                        VA-68-2-126
CLAY, ANN B.                           VA-68-4A-56
CLAY, BETTIE S.                        VA-68-3A-288
CLAY, FRANCIS                          VA-68-7-354
CLAY, JAMES H.                         VA-68-4A-65
CLAY, LARKIN                           VA-68-2A-118
CLAY, M. M.                            VA-68-2A-112
CLAY, MARY JANE                        VA-68-5A-267
CLAY, MATILDA L.                       VA-68-4A-28
CLAY, PARIS H.                         VA-68-8-277
CLAY, T. A.                            VA-68-3A-197
COBB, B. E.                            VA-68-4A-360
COBBS, MARY A.                         VA-68-4A-45
COCHRAHAM, W. D.                       VA-68-2A-166
COCKE, STEPHEN                         VA-68-1-81
COCKRAHAM, NANCY L.                    VA-68-2A-80
COCKRAM, J. L.                         VA-68-3A-193
COLE, C. T.                            VA-68-3A-302
COLE, CORA W.                          VA-68-5A-383
COLEMAN, R. A.                         VA-68-4A-107
COLEMAN, W. F.                         VA-68-3A-286
COLEMAN, W. W.                         VA-68-2A-398
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                       VA-68-4A-104
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                       VA-68-3A-222
COLLINGS, THOMAS J.                    VA-68-4A-242
COMER, LILLIAN S.                      VA-68-5A-193
COMER, THOMAS                          VA-68-3-105
CONNALLY, CATHERINE                    VA-68-1-54
CONNALLY, CHARLES                      VA-68-1-43
CONNOLLY, PEGGY                        VA-68-4-187
COOK, HENRY                            VA-68-14A-209
COOK, LOUIS                            VA-68-14A-316
COX, BEVERLEY                          VA-68-1A-384
CRADDOCK, ASA C.                       VA-68-8-70
CRADDOCK, EDWARD                       VA-68-1-291
CRADDOCK, ELIZABETH                    VA-68-2-504
CRADDOCK, HENRY                        VA-68-5-199
CRADDOCK, WILLIAM                      VA-68-1-184
CRALLE, GEORGE A.                      VA-68-4A-378
CRALLE, KATE S.                        VA-68-3A-434
CRAWLEY, ROYAL                         VA-68-5A-379
CRENSHAW, ASA                          VA-68-8-141
CRENSHAW, LUCY                         VA-68-5-327
CRENSHAW, RIAS                         VA-68-2A-423
CRENSHAW, WILLIAM                      VA-68-1-118
CRENSHAW, WILLIAM                      VA-68-1-1
CRITTENDEN, BETTIE J.                  VA-68-3A-424
CROSS, WILLIAM                         VA-68-1-506
CROWDER, EDWARD                        VA-68-2A-48
CRYAR, WILLIAM                         VA-68-1-441
CULLITON, JAMES                        VA-68-2A-257
CUMMINS, A. S.                         VA-68-14A-211
CURTIS, ROBERT                         VA-68-5A-168
DALBY, JOHN A.                         VA-68-4-286
DALTON, WILLIAM T.                     VA-68-1A-362
DAVIDSON, SARAH                        VA-68-6-167
DAVIS, A. D.                           VA-68-2A-111
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       VA-68-3-210
DAVIS, JACOB                           VA-68-1-119
DAVIS, JAMES                           VA-68-2-122
DAVIS, MARTHA E.                       VA-68-3A-151
DAVIS, POLLY                           VA-68-5-299
DAVIS, THOMAS                          VA-68-3A-437
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         VA-68-1-408
DECKINSON, WILLIAM P.                  VA-68-1A-299
DEEM, ANTHONY R.                       VA-68-1A-281
DEJARNETTS, RACHEL                     VA-68-8-372
DENNIS, HENRY                          VA-68-1-427
DEPEE, ROBERT                          VA-68-4A-39
DICKERSON, NOTON                       VA-68-2-476
DICKINSON, ROBERT                      VA-68-4-170
DILLARD, T. M.                         VA-68-5A-380
DILLON, WILLIAM                        VA-68-8-346
DILTS, ALBERT                          VA-68-3A-30
DOBBINS, DAVID                         VA-68-4A-409
DOBBINS, EMMA                          VA-68-1A-335
DONATI, FRANCIS                        VA-68-1-85
DOSWELL, ANDREW                        VA-68-5A-360
DOSWELL, JOHN                          VA-68-4-262
DOSWELL, MARY                          VA-68-5-67
DOSWELL, WILILAM                       VA-68-4-144
DOSWELL, WILLIAM                       VA-68-6-142
DOWNES, RALPH S.                       VA-68-8-45
DRAPER, B. E.                          VA-68-4A-483
DREW, CHARLES                          VA-68-2A-237
DUDLEY, WILLIAM                        VA-68-1-347
DUNCA, JOHN                            VA-68-1A-103
DUNCAN, MATTIE B.                      VA-68-14A-217
DUNNAVANT, JOHN                        VA-68-2A-172
DUNNEVANT, PHILIP                      VA-68-2-52
DUNNIVANT, SAMUEL                      VA-68-8-184
DUPUY, JAMES                           VA-68-5-107
DUPUY, JAMES SR.                       VA-68-3-134
DUPUY, JOHN BARTHOLOMEW                VA-68-1-37
DUPUY, MARY                            VA-68-1-83
DYSON, F.                              VA-68-1A-68
DYSON, FRANCIS                         VA-68-6-188
DYSON, FRANCIS SR.                     VA-68-6-187
DYSON, H. E.                           VA-68-2A-232
DYSON, WILLIAM                         VA-68-2-3
EASLEY, JOHN C.                        VA-68-5A-456
ECKLES, A. W.                          VA-68-2A-161
ECKLES, JAMES SR.                      VA-68-3-339
ECKLES, LUELLING                       VA-68-1A-267
ECKLES, THOMAS                         VA-68-1-478
ECKLES, THOMAS                         VA-68-5-243
ELDER, ANNIE                           VA-68-5A-170
ELDER, CHARLES                         VA-68-4A-327
ELLET, JOHN                            VA-68-1-216
ELLETT, J. R.                          VA-68-14A-315
ELLETT, JOSEPH                         VA-68-3A-26
ELLETT, WILLIAM                        VA-68-2-396
ELLINGTON, PETER                       VA-68-1-372
ELLINGTON, THACKER                     VA-68-1A-51
ELLIOTT, J. H.                         VA-68-5A-542
EPES, BETTIE G.                        VA-68-3A-218
EPES, CLEM                             VA-68-2A-79
EPES, COLLIN                           VA-68-1A-277
EPES, FRANCIS                          VA-68-7-291
EPES, FRANCIS B.                       VA-68-8-228
EPES, FRANCIS SR.                      VA-68-6-413
EPES, FRANCIS W.                       VA-68-1A-374
EPES, FREEMAN                          VA-68-3A-429
EPES, JOHN                             VA-68-4-14
EPES, JOHN F.                          VA-68-6-48
EPES, NANNIE M.                        VA-68-5A-298
EPES, NORMAN                           VA-68-3A-285
EPES, PETER                            VA-68-6-437
EPES, S. F.                            VA-68-5A-590
EPES, SAMUEL F.                        VA-68-2A-262
EPES, T. FREEMAN                       VA-68-2A-297
EPES, T. P.                            VA-68-3A-262
ESTES, G. W.                           VA-68-3A-131
ESTES, MARY JANE                       VA-68-3A-216
FAGG, JOHN                             VA-68-2-289
FARGUSON, PELEG                        VA-68-1-213
FARLEY, FRANCIS                        VA-68-7-292
FARLEY, JAMES E.                       VA-68-1A-300
FARLEY, T. J.                          VA-68-4A-30
FAWLEY, E. E.                          VA-68-5A-542
FEARS, WALTER                          VA-68-4A-498
FEATHERSTUN, CHARLES H.                VA-68-1-25
FERGUSON, J. B. SR.                    VA-68-3A-382
FISHER, J. R. SR.                      VA-68-14A-273
FITZ, ALBERT                           VA-68-2A-48
FITZ, M. C.                            VA-68-2A-89
FITZBGERALD, J. P.                     VA-68-4A-48
FITZGERALD, ANTHONY                    VA-68-2A-229
FITZGERALD, BETTIE H.                  VA-68-4A-385
FITZGERALD, CATHERINE                  VA-68-6-436
FITZGERALD, DOCTOR                     VA-68-5A-366
FITZGERALD, FRANCIS                    VA-68-4-193
FITZGERALD, FREEMAN                    VA-68-8-285
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       VA-68-2A-197
FITZGERALD, JOHN S.                    VA-68-2A-411
FITZGERALD, MARTHA V.                  VA-68-4A-20
FITZGERALD, MARY                       VA-68-3A-36
FITZGERALD, MARY JANE                  VA-68-4A-178
FITZGERALD, REBECCA                    VA-68-3A-316
FITZGERALD, ROBERT                     VA-68-7-256
FITZGERALD, SALLIE H.                  VA-68-5A-52
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                     VA-68-3-336
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    VA-68-1A-279
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM                    VA-68-4-146
FLETCHER, JAMES                        VA-68-8-298
FLETCHER, NATHAN                       VA-68-3-22
FLIPPIN, A. S.                         VA-68-2A-91
FLIPPIN, VIRGINIA ELLEN                VA-68-3A-392
FOAD, ABRAHAM                          VA-68-1-289
FOARD, ALBERRY                         VA-68-4-335
FOARD, FRANCIS A.                      VA-68-3-199
FOARD, OBADIAH                         VA-68-8-120
FOARD, WILLIAM L.                      VA-68-4-258
FONTAINE, WILLIAM R.                   VA-68-5-196
FORD, ANDERSON                         VA-68-1A-1
FORREST, ABRAHAM                       VA-68-1-98
FOSTER, GEORGE                         VA-68-7-232
FOSTER, LETTY ANN                      VA-68-3A-275
FOSTER, MARTHA                         VA-68-1A-250
FOSTER, R. A.                          VA-68-2A-165
FOSTER, REBECCA                        VA-68-1A-273
FOSTER, RICHARD                        VA-68-1-238
FOWLKES, ANDERSON                      VA-68-8-345
FOWLKES, AUSTIN                        VA-68-2-158
FOWLKES, CAMPBELL                      VA-68-14A-307
FOWLKES, D. A.                         VA-68-4A-35
FOWLKES, ELISHA                        VA-68-4-337
FOWLKES, ELLA J.                       VA-68-2A-261
FOWLKES, EMMA AGEE                     VA-68-4A-329
FOWLKES, GABRIEL                       VA-68-1-102
FOWLKES, GABRIEL                       VA-68-3-306
FOWLKES, H. B.                         VA-68-3A-24
FOWLKES, HENRY SR.                     VA-68-2-441
FOWLKES, JAMES H.                      VA-68-3A-59
FOWLKES, JANE                          VA-68-3-340
FOWLKES, JANE A.                       VA-68-3A-433
FOWLKES, JENNINGS                      VA-68-1-513
FOWLKES, JHNS.                         VA-68-1A-78
FOWLKES, JOHN                          VA-68-1-366
FOWLKES, JOHN B.                       VA-68-3-337
FOWLKES, JOICEY                        VA-68-5-299
FOWLKES, JOSEPH                        VA-68-4-108
FOWLKES, JOSEPH I.                     VA-68-8-233
FOWLKES, JOSEPH M.                     VA-68-2A-20
FOWLKES, JOSEPH SR.                    VA-68-1-5
FOWLKES, JUDITH                        VA-68-5-145
FOWLKES, M. E. D.                      VA-68-3A-385
FOWLKES, MARTHA J.                     VA-68-2A-271
FOWLKES, MARY                          VA-68-4-419
FOWLKES, MATTIE F.                     VA-68-4A-288
FOWLKES, METTIE BURTON                 VA-68-3A-22
FOWLKES, PASCHEL I.                    VA-68-2A-30
FOWLKES, ROBERT W.                     VA-68-5A-559
FOWLKES, TABITHA                       VA-68-5-300
FOWLKES, WILLIAM N.                    VA-68-1A-372
FOWLKS, ASA                            VA-68-2-355
FRASER, S. B.                          VA-68-3A-405
FRENCH, ROBERT                         VA-68-1-1
FURGUSON, EDMUND                       VA-68-2-225
GALEY, H. T.                           VA-68-4A-85
GALL, JAMES                            VA-68-1A-280
GARBEE, LOU W.                         VA-68-5A-547
GARBEE, WILLIAM E.                     VA-68-5A-476
GARRETT, J. BEN                        VA-68-4A-350
GILBERT, A. P.                         VA-68-14A-229
GILDEWELL, WILLIAM AGEE                VA-68-14A-432
GILGEN, E.                             VA-68-3A-426
GILLIAM, S. Y.                         VA-68-3A-304
GILLS, S. A.                           VA-68-2A-114
GLASCOCK, W. H.                        VA-68-4A-50
GLOVER, R. C.                          VA-68-4A-289
GODBEY, FELIX                          VA-68-5A-575
GOODWYN, S. LACY                       VA-68-3A-308
GORDAN, SUSANNAH                       VA-68-2-14
GOTTSY, GRANT                          VA-68-4A-108
GRACEY, JAMES                          VA-68-5A-272
GRAHAM, KATHERINE JOYCE                VA-68-14A-222
GRAMMER, JOSEPH                        VA-68-1-182
GRAMMER, WILLIAM P.                    VA-68-3A-60
GRAVES, PHOEBE                         VA-68-3-285
GRAY, MARY                             VA-68-1-376
GRAY, ROBET                            VA-68-3A-65
GREEN, JAME SS.                        VA-68-14A-406
GREEN, MARSTON                         VA-68-3-247
GREEN, MASON                           VA-68-1A-274
GREEN, WASHINGTON                      VA-68-3A-296
GREENHILL, ESTELLE                     VA-68-5A-296
GREENHILL, LIZZIE                      VA-68-4A-11
GREENHILL, PHILIP                      VA-68-1-203
GREY, MILLEY                           VA-68-2-182
GRIGG, JESSE                           VA-68-3-80
GRIGG, MARY                            VA-68-3-195
GUNN, DANDRIDGE C.                     VA-68-3A-192
GUNN, JAMES                            VA-68-2-344
GUNN, JAMES F.                         VA-68-2A-34
GUNN, LAURA S.                         VA-68-3A-327
GUNN, W. B.                            VA-68-2A-96
GUY, MARY P.                           VA-68-1A-101
HALE, A. F.                            VA-68-3A-444
HALL, ANN                              VA-68-1-45
HALL, JAMES                            VA-68-3-273
HALL, JOHN                             VA-68-3-310
HALLETT, R. T.                         VA-68-3A-61
HAMLET, CHARLES RICHARD                VA-68-5A-273
HAMLETT, M. J.                         VA-68-2A-404
HAMLIN, L. J.                          VA-68-4A-377
HAMLIN, THOMAS                         VA-68-5A-585
HAMM, W. A.                            VA-68-3A-131
HAND, FRANCES E.                       VA-68-4A-185
HANKS, RICHARD SR.                     VA-68-2-505
HARDAWAY, J. H.                        VA-68-5A-526
HARDAWAY, JAMES                        VA-68-5-417
HARDAWAY, JOHN                         VA-68-1A-298
HARDAWAY, RICHARD E.                   VA-68-6-200
HARDAWAY, STITH                        VA-68-4-367
HARDING, ALICE                         VA-68-4A-281
HARDING, JOHN                          VA-68-2A-116
HARDING, PRESTON                       VA-68-3A-110
HARDY, AMELIA                          VA-68-1A-377
HARDY, C. B.                           VA-68-3A-148
HARDY, CORA L.                         VA-68-3A-301
HARDY, DABNEY                          VA-68-4A-94
HARDY, LARKIN                          VA-68-6-350
HARPER, ALICE J.                       VA-68-4A-88
HARPER, AMANDA R.                      VA-68-4A-388
HARPER, JOHN                           VA-68-2-440
HARPER, JOHN E.                        VA-68-2A-132
HARPER, JOHN W.                        VA-68-6-20
HARPER, MARY                           VA-68-2-27
HARPER, S. D.                          VA-68-2A-113
HARPER, WILLIAM J.                     VA-68-1A-337
HARRIS, EDMUND                         VA-68-3A-11
HARRIS, J. H.                          VA-68-3A-37
HARRIS, J. M.                          VA-68-5A-478
HARRIS, LUNETTE V.                     VA-68-4A-92
HARRIS, MARTHA O.                      VA-68-3A-108
HARRIS, THOMAS                         VA-68-4A-8
HARRISON, MARGARET                     VA-68-1A-336
HASTINGS, HENRY                        VA-68-1-179
HAWKES, A. G.                          VA-68-2A-159
HAWKES, AGNES                          VA-68-1A-97
HAWKES, ANN                            VA-68-2A-137
HAWKES, CHARLES G.                     VA-68-4A-80
HAWKES, EMMA J.                        VA-68-4A-109
HAWKES, GEORGE W.                      VA-68-3A-149
HAWKES, JAMES                          VA-68-3A-382
HAWKES, JOHN A.                        VA-68-5A-292
HAWKES, MARY E.                        VA-68-4A-28
HAWKES, PHILIP                         VA-68-1A-53
HAWKES, PHILIP                         VA-68-8-367
HAWKES, RHIIBEN                        VA-68-8-276
HAWKES, ROBERT LEE                     VA-68-14A-413
HAWKES, T. S.                          VA-68-3A-412
HAWKS, REBECCA                         VA-68-3-4
HAWTHORNE, E. V.                       VA-68-14A-426
HAYDEN, GEORGE H.                      VA-68-2A-391
HENDERSON, JAMES                       VA-68-4-87
HENDERSON, MARY M. P.                  VA-68-6-124
HETHORNE, WILLIAM                      VA-68-4A-64
HIGHTOWER, JOSHUA SR.                  VA-68-1-125
HILL, JOE                              VA-68-3A-262
HOBBS, G. W.                           VA-68-5A-179
HOBSON, HENRY                          VA-68-4A-336
HOBSON, NANCY                          VA-68-4A-110
HOLLAND, ZACHARIAH                     VA-68-1-231
HOLLOWAY, MARGERY G.                   VA-68-4-424
HOLMES, ELIZABETH T.                   VA-68-4-181
HOOD, BEVERLEY                         VA-68-2A-97
HORNER, JAMES H.                       VA-68-5A-202
HORNER, NANNIE                         VA-68-5A-530
HORNET, VIRGINIA P.                    VA-68-3A-122
HORTON, MARTHA KATE                    VA-68-5A-180
HOWSON, JOHN SR.                       VA-68-1-335
HOWSON, THOMAS                         VA-68-8-281
HUCHEST, HENRY                         VA-68-3A-125
HUDGINS, B. J.                         VA-68-2A-295
HUDGINS, RANSOM                        VA-68-2-16
HUDGINS, RANSOUR T.                    VA-68-1A-78
HUDGINS, SUSANNAH                      VA-68-6-349
HUDSON, MARY                           VA-68-1-99
HUDSON, THOMAS                         VA-68-2-151
HUNDLEY, EDITH S.                      VA-68-4A-31
HUNDLEY, JOHN                          VA-68-1-188
HUNTER, IDA                            VA-68-2A-295
HUNTER, JOHN H.                        VA-68-3A-111
HURD, W. E.                            VA-68-4A-95
HURT, JETHRO M.                        VA-68-2A-95
HURT, R. L.                            VA-68-3A-25
HURT, THOMAS K.                        VA-68-1A-87
HURT, WILLIAM                          VA-68-1-247
HUSLER, JOHN T.                        VA-68-2A-302
INATIP, DANIEL                         VA-68-8-245
INGHAM, ARNOLD C.                      VA-68-14A-275
INGRAM, JOHN S.                        VA-68-5A-569
INGRAM, JOSEPH B.                      VA-68-7-293
INGRAM, R. H.                          VA-68-3A-395
INGRAM, STITH A.                       VA-68-1A-52
IRBY, ELIZABETH                        VA-68-1-346
IRBY, ELIZABETH                        VA-68-4-285
IRBY, F. B.                            VA-68-1A-420
IRBY, JOHN C.                          VA-68-8-367
IRBY, W. C. SR.                        VA-68-5A-194
IRBY, WILLIAM                          VA-68-3-139
JACKSON, BURWELL                       VA-68-1-68
JACKSON, EDWARD                        VA-68-1-76
JACKSON, GEORGE T.                     VA-68-4A-118
JACKSON, JAMES                         VA-68-8-343
JACKSON, JOSEPH BEN                    VA-68-5A-297
JACKSON, LANDON                        VA-68-4A-84
JACKSON, LUCRETIA                      VA-68-6-28
JACKSON, MARY                          VA-68-2-2
JEFFRES, THOMAS SR.                    VA-68-1-121
JEFFRESS, AMY                          VA-68-3A-2
JEFFRESS, E. G.                        VA-68-1A-266
JEFFRESS, EDMUND                       VA-68-2A-402
JEFFRESS, ELISHA                       VA-68-5-380
JEFFRESS, FLORA ANN                    VA-68-3A-147
JEFFRESS, MARY                         VA-68-3-11
JEFFRESS, MARY JANE                    VA-68-3A-150
JEFFRESS, VICTORIA H.                  VA-68-2A-399
JEFFRESS, W. HORACE                    VA-68-3A-331
JENKINS, EMMETT CRADDOCK               VA-68-14A-261
JENKINS, OBADIAH D.                    VA-68-8-262
JENNINGS, J. R.                        VA-68-2A-293
JENNINGS, JOHN                         VA-68-1-157
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                       VA-68-2-408
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                       VA-68-2-146
JENNINGS, LAURA H.                     VA-68-4A-359
JENNINGS, NELLIE                       VA-68-3A-315
JENNINGS, R. P.                        VA-68-1A-60
JENNINGS, ROBERT                       VA-68-1-311
JENNINGS, S. A. (MRS)                  VA-68-2A-267
JENNINGS, SAMUEL                       VA-68-3A-20
JENNINGS, THOMAS J.                    VA-68-7-381A
JENNYS, JOSEPH THOMAS                  VA-68-3A-442
JETER, PRESLEY                         VA-68-2-458
JOHNS, H. B.                           VA-68-14A-205
JOHNS, MARY                            VA-68-1-204
JOHNS, NATHANIEL                       VA-68-1-18
JOHNSON, AKLEY D.                      VA-68-14A-224
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        VA-68-3A-194
JOHNSON, JORDAN                        VA-68-4A-383
JOHNSON, JOSIAH                        VA-68-2A-120
JOHNSON, THOMAS P.                     VA-68-4A-89
JONES, ALBERT                          VA-68-2A-126
JONES, ARCHER                          VA-68-1A-71
JONES, B. C.                           VA-68-2A-191
JONES, CATHARINE                       VA-68-2A-193
JONES, CATHARINE                       VA-68-1A-42
JONES, DANIEL                          VA-68-1-198
JONES, DELIA E.                        VA-68-3A-394
JONES, EDWARD                          VA-68-6-92
JONES, EDWARD W.                       VA-68-3A-319
JONES, FRANCIS                         VA-68-5-244
JONES, FRED                            VA-68-3A-52
JONES, GEORGE                          VA-68-5-46
JONES, GEORGE S.                       VA-68-3A-393
JONES, HELEN ELIZABETH                 VA-68-14A-270
JONES, ISHAM C.                        VA-68-15A-163
JONES, JAMES (DR.)                     VA-68-1A-63
JONES, JAMES H. (DR.0                  VA-68-4A-362
JONES, JAMES W.                        VA-68-2A-160
JONES, JOHN                            VA-68-4-364
JONES, JOHN W.                         VA-68-2A-260
JONES, JOHNNIE                         VA-68-4A-27
JONES, LEWELLING                       VA-68-8-68
JONES, MARGARET                        VA-68-2-105
JONES, MARTHA                          VA-68-5-304
JONES, MARY P.                         VA-68-2A-37
JONES, MATILDA BLAINE                  VA-68-14A-313
JONES, MUNFORD                         VA-68-2A-305
JONES, NANNIE L.                       VA-68-4A-182
JONES, PATRICK                         VA-68-4-58
JONES, PETER                           VA-68-1-492
JONES, PETER                           VA-68-3-26
JONES, PETER B.                        VA-68-3-229
JONES, R. B.                           VA-68-3A-9
JONES, RICHARD                         VA-68-4-61
JONES, RICHARD                         VA-68-1A-88
JONES, THEODORICK                      VA-68-6-438
JONES, THOMAS                          VA-68-1-212
JONES, WILLIS                          VA-68-3A-335
KENNEDY, G. E.                         VA-68-3A-224, 240
KERR, BEVERLY R.                       VA-68-2A-304
KIDDER, GEORGE C.                      VA-68-3A-2
KIRK, ANNIE ELIZABETH                  VA-68-5A-53
KLOCKE, E. C. CARL                     VA-68-3A-264
KNIGHT, FRANK                          VA-68-14A-425
KNIGHT, O. M.                          VA-68-4A-53
KNIGHT, THOMAS J.                      VA-68-4A-87
LAMBERT, STERLING                      VA-68-6-32
LAMBERT, T. J.                         VA-68-4A-62
LAMKIN, PETER                          VA-68-1-250
LANEAVE, JOHN E.                       VA-68-7-438
LAURENCE, EULA L.                      VA-68-2A-174
LEATH, M. A. (MRS)                     VA-68-3A-422
LEATH, SARAH                           VA-68-1-71
LEE, ALFONSO D.                        VA-68-14A-407
LEE, HENRY E.                          VA-68-5A-363
LEIDIG, GEORGE W.                      VA-68-14A-231
LEWIS, ROSA D.                         VA-68-4A-79
LIGON, GREEN                           VA-68-1-539
LIGON, RICHARD                         VA-68-4-221
LIPSCOMB, BERNARD P.                   VA-68-3A-64
LIPSCOMB, JEMIUS L.                    VA-68-2A-110
LIPSCOMB, P. O.                        VA-68-2A-36
LIPSCOMB, S.                           VA-68-1A-67
LIPSCOMB, URIAH                        VA-68-5-307
LIPSCOMB, URIAH                        VA-68-1A-90
LIVESIE, CELIA                         VA-68-8-121
LIVSEY, RICHARD                        VA-68-2-222
LOCKETT, E. F.                         VA-68-5A-177
LOMAX, ALFRED                          VA-68-5A-558
LOUGHEAD, WILLIAM                      VA-68-15A-160
LOVE, OLIVER                           VA-68-5A-167
LUSH, ALTON                            VA-68-14A-319
MADDUX, E. B.                          VA-68-4A-69
MALLORY, WILLIAM H.                    VA-68-2A-82
MALONE, GEORGE                         VA-68-3-195
MANLY, WILLIAM                         VA-68-5-290
MANN, JOHN                             VA-68-1-416
MANN, WILLIAM HODGES                   VA-68-5A-279
MARKS, S. E.                           VA-68-5A-147
MARSDEN, S. M.                         VA-68-2A-295
MARSHALL, DANIEL                       VA-68-4-198
MARSHALL, E. O.                        VA-68-4A-93
MARSHALL, GEORGIA OVERTON              VA-68-4A-71
MARSHALL, NELLY A.                     VA-68-3A-389
MARSHALL, PEGGY                        VA-68-8-251
MARSHALL, W. NATTIE                    VA-68-3A-441
MARTIN, MARTHA T.                      VA-68-3A-146
MARTIN, WILLIAM B.                     VA-68-1A-230
MAY, JOHN                              VA-68-1-299
MAY, MARTHA                            VA-68-1-401
MCCULLOUCH, GEORGE W.                  VA-68-1A-98
MCCUTCHEN, CHARLOTTE                   VA-68-3A-436
MCDANIEL, BETTIE E.                    VA-68-4A-24
MCKENNEY, CARRIE                       VA-68-3A-336
MCQUE, THOMAS                          VA-68-2-47
MEDDINS, JOHN M.                       VA-68-5A-266
MEDDINS, SARAH E.                      VA-68-5A-125
MILLER, A. P.                          VA-68-1A-81
MILLER, ANNIE P.                       VA-68-5A-361
MILLER, ARCHER                         VA-68-4A-71
MILLER, BARBEE                         VA-68-2-5
MILLER, JAMES                          VA-68-1A-347
MILLER, JAMES B.                       VA-68-2A-273
MILLS, JOHN                            VA-68-5-48
MITCHELL, HENRY                        VA-68-5-424
MONOHAN, WILLIAM J.                    VA-68-5A-499
MOORE, AMEY                            VA-68-2-40
MOORE, THOMAS                          VA-68-5-198
MOORE, WILLIAM                         VA-68-4-306
MORAN, D. L.                           VA-68-14A-409
MORGAN, AMANDA                         VA-68-3A-117
MORGAN, JOHN                           VA-68-3-149
MORGAN, JOSEPH E. SR.                  VA-68-4A-407
MORGAN, LUCILLA R.                     VA-68-3A-242
MORGAN, LUCY                           VA-68-8-244
MORGAN, LUCY FRANCES                   VA-68-14A-411
MORGAN, MARTHA                         VA-68-5-185
MORGAN, SAMUEL                         VA-68-3-64
MORGAN, SAMUEL                         VA-68-6-199
MORGAN, WILLIAM                        VA-68-5-12
MORRIS, ELLA                           VA-68-5A-342
MORRISS, JAMES L.                      VA-68-4A-348
MORSE, ALBERT                          VA-68-3A-244
MORTON, C. E.                          VA-68-5A-314
MOTLEY, A. E.                          VA-68-4A-77
MOTLEY, JOEL                           VA-68-8-350
MOTLEY, WILLIAM B.                     VA-68-3A-49
MOTTLEY, E. A.                         VA-68-2A-90
MOTTLEY, WARNER                        VA-68-2A-56
MULLEN, SARAH ALLIS                    VA-68-3A-414
MUNFORD, W. H.                         VA-68-4A-101
MUNFORD,JAMES H.                       VA-68-7-316
MURDOCK, A.                            VA-68-3A-318
NEBLETT, FANNIE                        VA-68-4A-353
NEBLETT, N. M.                         VA-68-4A-10
NESBITT, WILLIAM A.                    VA-68-4A-394
NEWMAN, JOHN F.                        VA-68-2-310
NEWMAN, LUCY                           VA-68-3-59
NEWMAN, WILLIAM S.                     VA-68-6-128
NEWNAN, B. D.                          VA-68-1A-70
NEWNAN, ELIZABETH                      VA-68-1A-44
NIBLET, NATHANIEL                      VA-68-3-308
NOBBS, MAS. S.                         VA-68-3A-23
NORSWORTHY, N. W.                      VA-68-3A-417
NUNNALLY, C. E.                        VA-68-3A-425
OBRIAN, TIMOTHY                        VA-68-5-39
OCONNELL, D. J.                        VA-68-5A-173
OLD, A. K.                             VA-68-4A-331
OLD, PETERSON                          VA-68-8-253
OLIVER, B. H.                          VA-68-4A-175
OLIVER, GEORGE W.                      VA-68-1A-406
OLIVER, ISAAC                          VA-68-1-347
OLIVER, J. C.                          VA-68-3A-116
OLIVER, JOHN B.                        VA-68-1A-251
OLIVER, MARY                           VA-68-5-302
OLIVER, R. W.                          VA-68-4A-180
OLIVER, ROBERT BILLUPS                 VA-68-14A-423
OLIVER, SANDY                          VA-68-4A-32
OLIVER, WILLIS J.                      VA-68-4A-190
OSBORNE, J. T.                         VA-68-2A-300
OSBORNE, R. S.                         VA-68-2A-28
OSBRONE, ABNER                         VA-68-2-171
OSBRONE, WILLIAM                       VA-68-1-97
OURLEY, THOMAS A.                      VA-68-4A-78
OVERBY, LUCY F.                        VA-68-5A-311
OVERLEY, JOHN W.                       VA-68-3A-28
OVERTIN, BENJAMIN                      VA-68-1A-373
OVERTON, ELIZABETH                     VA-68-7-382
OVERTON, JAMES THOMPSON                VA-68-2A-354
OVERTON, JOHN                          VA-68-2A-117
OVERTON, T. R.                         VA-68-2A-68
PAGE, SAM                              VA-68-3A-446
PAGE, SARAH E.                         VA-68-4A-81
PARHAM, JOHN                           VA-68-3-286
PARHAM, WILLIAM                        VA-68-1-296
PARKER, JACK                           VA-68-1A-299
PATTERSON, FRED                        VA-68-4A-494
PATTERSON, JAMES                       VA-68-3A-418
PATTERSON, JOHN                        VA-68-4A-364
PATTERSON, S. WINSTON SR.              VA-68-14A-430
PENICK, NATHAN                         VA-68-2A-290
PERKINSON, J. M.                       VA-68-2A-256
PETTUS, ELIZABETH S.                   VA-68-1A-96
PEYTON, ELLEN G.                       VA-68-3A-205
PEYTON, WYTH M.                        VA-68-3A-206
PHENIX, CORA A.                        VA-68-3A-261
PIERCE, NEWSOM                         VA-68-4-259
PILES, WILLIAMSON                      VA-68-3-327
PINEHAM, SAMUEL                        VA-68-1-295
POLLARD, N. E.                         VA-68-3A-397
POND, A. J.                            VA-68-5A-484
POND, RICHARD H.                       VA-68-2A-164
POOLE, MATTIE C.                       VA-68-5A-586
POWELL, ANGELLICO                      VA-68-4-410
POWELL, J. L.                          VA-68-3A-378
POWELL, J. N.                          VA-68-4A-4
POWELL, JOHN                           VA-68-3-179
POWELL, JOHN                           VA-68-1A-334
POWELL, JOHN G.                        VA-68-2A-135
POWELL, MINNIE E.                      VA-68-4A-351
PRESSEL, ADAM                          VA-68-3A-51
PRICE, WILLIAM ANSON                   VA-68-4A-47
PRIMM, C. P.                           VA-68-3A- 4
PRYOR, FANNY                           VA-68-2A-176
PRYOR, THEODERICK                      VA-68-2A-140
QUARTES, NELSON                        VA-68-1A-80
RAMSAY, RICHARD                        VA-68-1-101
RANSOME, DAVID J.                      VA-68-14A-428
RATHER, BRIGHTWELL                     VA-68-8-66
RAY, GEORGE H.                         VA-68-3A-268
REDFORD, ANDREW                        VA-68-2-410
REDFORD, W. P.                         VA-68-3A-154
RICE, B. B.                            VA-68-2A-428
RICE, HENRY C.                         VA-68-3A-440
RICHARDSON, AMY                        VA-68-6-127
RICHARDSON, DAVID                      VA-68-5A-505
RICHARDSON, REULER                     VA-68-2-348
ROBERTS, CHASTAIN                      VA-68-4-17
ROBERTSON, A. H.                       VA-68-2A-192
ROBERTSON, ARCHER                      VA-68-6-197
ROBERTSON, CHARLES EDWARD              VA-68-15A-167
ROBERTSON, CRAWLEY C.                  VA-68-2A-119
ROBERTSON, E. P.                       VA-68-1A-249
ROBERTSON, ELISA                       VA-68-2A-401
ROBERTSON, GRANVILLE                   VA-68-3A-151
ROBERTSON, HENRY I.                    VA-68-8-133
ROBERTSON, J. EDWARD                   VA-68-5A-466
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       VA-68-1-63
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        VA-68-5-421
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        VA-68-3A-189
ROBERTSON, LUCY J.                     VA-68-4A-18
ROBERTSON, M. J.                       VA-68-3A-246
ROBERTSON, M. W.                       VA-68-1A-93
ROBERTSON, MARGARET                    VA-68-3-180
ROBERTSON, MARY (WILKINSON)            VA-68-2-217
ROBERTSON, MYRTLE EDMONIA              VA-68-14A-206
ROBERTSON, NATHANIEL                   VA-68-1-103
ROBERTSON, R. SHORE                    VA-68-5A-549
ROBERTSON, TRALUCIA                    VA-68-1-27
ROBERTSON, W. A.                       VA-68-5A-486
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-68-6-189
ROBINETT, B. F.                        VA-68-4A-39
ROBINETT, J. A.                        VA-68-5A-468
ROBINSON, PETER                        VA-68-3-249
ROGERS, W. A.                          VA-68-4A-67
ROSS, CHARLES                          VA-68-2A-254
ROWLETT, NELLIE G.                     VA-68-4A-83
ROYALL, ANN M.                         VA-68-2A-167
ROYALL, B. N.                          VA-68-2A-35
ROYALL, JOHN                           VA-68-6-33
ROYALL, LITTLEBURY                     VA-68-6-44
SAMPSON, JOSEPH                        VA-68-1A-404
SANDY, SALLIE T.                       VA-68-14A-263
SANDY, T. O.                           VA-68-4A-68
SAUNDERS, GEORGE D.                    VA-68-3A-12
SCHAUBACH, W.                          VA-68-4A-51, 72
SCHWEITZER, CHARLOTTE                  VA-68-5A-514
SCOTT, A. GLENN                        VA-68-5A-424
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                       VA-68-8-216
SCOTT, CHARLOTTE BOGARDUS              VA-68-3A-152
SCOTT, GEORGE C.                       VA-68-3A-33
SCOTT, JAMES                           VA-68-2A-242
SCOTT, MARGARET                        VA-68-14A-272
SCOTT, MONROE                          VA-68-4A-288
SCOTT, ROBERT                          VA-68-2A-101
SCOTT, SAMUEL                          VA-68-1A-100
SCOTT, W. GRAHAM                       VA-68-15A-190
SCOTT, WILLIAM A.                      VA-68-1A-75
SCOTT, WILLIAM H.                      VA-68-4A-370
SCOTT, WILLIAM H.                      VA-68-2A-66
SEAY, JACOB                            VA-68-5-186
SEAY, PATTIE T. S.                     VA-68-3A-208
SEYMORE, EUGENE E.                     VA-68-4A-181
SHACKLEFORD, BANISTER                  VA-68-4-186
SHACKLEFORD, JOEL T.                   VA-68-8-185
SHANKS, CLIFFORD                       VA-68-3A-123
SHEDDEN, THOMAS                        VA-68-3A-38
SHEFFIELD, JESSE                       VA-68-2-379
SHEFFIELD, STPEHEN                     VA-68-7-314
SHEFFIELD, SUSANNA                     VA-68-5-259
SHEFIELD, JOHN                         VA-68-3-263
SHELTON, JULIAN                        VA-68-3A-290
SHELTON, KATIE                         VA-68-3A-111
SHERWIN, SAMUEL                        VA-68-1-10
SHIPMAN, WILLIAM J.                    VA-68-3A-411
SHIPP, LOUIS E.                        VA-68-5A-552
SHORE, ANN C.                          VA-68-2A-228
SHORE, EDWIN VIRGINIA                  VA-68-4A-193
SHORE, HENRY E.                        VA-68-1A-73
SHORE, JOHN                            VA-68-3-129
SHULTZ, W. D.                          VA-68-5A-329
SHUMATE, NANCY E.                      VA-68-4A-36
SIMONTON, SANFORD                      VA-68-3A-295
SITGREAVES, THEODORE R.                VA-68-3A-14
SKELL, LOUISA S.                       VA-68-3A-232
SLADE, J. B.                           VA-68-1A-301
SLAUGHTER, GEORGE H.                   VA-68-3A-127
SLAUGHTER, VIRGINIA A.                 VA-68-3A-292
SMITH, BURWELL                         VA-68-6-45
SMITH, GEORGE R.                       VA-68-4A-7
SMITH, J. E.                           VA-68-5A-588
SMITH, JOHN ALLEN                      VA-68-2A-292
SMITH, MARY                            VA-68-6-260
SMITH, MATTHEW                         VA-68-4A-4
SMITH, NANCY A.                        VA-68-5-304
SMITH, RICHARD                         VA-68-1-310
SMITH, SALLIE D.                       VA-68-4A-21, 45
SMITH, SAMUEL                          VA-68-1-22
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-68-1-206
SMITHSON, C. S.                        VA-68-5A-197
SNEAD, E. L.                           VA-68-4A-367
SOWERS, W. J.                          VA-68-3A-300
SPAIN, WILLIAM                         VA-68-3-340
SPENCER, JAMES L.                      VA-68-2A-294
SPENCER, LOUIS B.                      VA-68-2A-429
SPINDLER, HENRY                        VA-68-3A-219
STABLES, ALFRED                        VA-68-3A-312
STABLES, ANN                           VA-68-3A-333
STABLES, EDWIN                         VA-68-3A-293
STABLES, JANE                          VA-68-3A-313
STAINBACK, PETER SR.                   VA-68-2-353
STANLEY, W. H.                         VA-68-4A-174
STEARNS, FRANKLIN                      VA-68-2A-286
STERN, ELIZABETH                       VA-68-6-17
STERN, ELIZABETH                       VA-68-2-333
STEWART, BIDDIE                        VA-68-1-479
STEWART, CHARLES SR.                   VA-68-1-448
STEWART, MARY K.                       VA-68-3-255
STOKES, AMELIA                         VA-68-4A-186
STOW, WILLIAM                          VA-68-1-251
STOWE, MARGARET                        VA-68-2-28
STURDEVANT, WILLIAM T.                 VA-68-8-134
STURDIVANT, DANIEL                     VA-68-6-185
SUMEL, JAMES                           VA-68-3A-228
SWEEDEN, SALOMAN                       VA-68-3A-388
SYDNER, ELIZABETH                      VA-68-3-301
SYDNOR, THOMAS T. (SR)                 VA-68-5A-203
SYDNOR, THOMAS W.                      VA-68-2A-139
SYDNOR, WILLIAM                        VA-68-4-191
TALLEY, W. A.                          VA-68-4A-23
TANNER, ELVIRA C.                      VA-68-3A-435
TANNER, JOEL                           VA-68-1-542
TANNER, THOMAS                         VA-68-4-110
TAPPEY, W. H.                          VA-68-2A-287
TATUM, M. S.                           VA-68-3A-303
TAYLOR, D. M.                          VA-68-5A-178
TAYLOR, JAMES M.                       VA-68-1A-264
TAYLOR, JOHN                           VA-68-4A-1
TAYLOR, T. J.                          VA-68-3A-437
THOMAS ATHA                            VA-68-8-24
THOMAS, ATHANATIOUS                    VA-68-4-170
THOMAS, B. W.                          VA-68-2A-194
THOMAS, BUCKNER                        VA-68-4-185
THOMAS, DAVID SR.                      VA-68-4-6
THOMAS, MARGARET                       VA-68-15A-165
THOMAS, MARY                           VA-68-2A-226
THOMAS, SALLY                          VA-68-5A-300
THOMAS, WOODLIEF                       VA-68-2-312
THOMPSON, ELIZA G.                     VA-68-3A-57
THOMPSON, GEORGE W.                    VA-68-3A-220
THOMPSON, JUDAH                        VA-68-1-155
THOMPSON, MEDKIP                       VA-68-1-12
THOMPSON, PRISCILLA                    VA-68-6-251
THURSFIED, S. A.                       VA-68-3A-229
THWEAT, SARAH                          VA-68-6-93
TINGLEY, F. L.                         VA-68-5A-500
TONKIN, JOSEPH                         VA-68-2A-59
TRAYLOR, EDWARD                        VA-68-6-349
TRAYLOR, MARY J.                       VA-68-3A-120
TREWHITT, ANN                          VA-68-1-494
TRUE, E. G.                            VA-68-3A-400
TUCKER, ANNA W.                        VA-68-4A-368
TUCKER, B. E.                          VA-68-4A-25
TUCKER, CHARLES S.                     VA-68-4-285
TUCKER, G. W.                          VA-68-1A-421
TUCKER, JOEL                           VA-68-5-73
TUCKER, MATTHEW                        VA-68-6-424
TUCKER, MATTHEW SR.                    VA-68-4-63
TUCKER, PASCHAL                        VA-68-2-163
TUCKER, PHEBE                          VA-68-2-328
TUCKER, W. A.                          VA-68-4A-102
TUDER, THOMAS                          VA-68-3-329
TUGGLE, ASA                            VA-68-2A-117
TUGGLE, DOUGLAS L.                     VA-68-5A-486
TUGGLE, FANNIE                         VA-68-5A-281
TUGGLE, JOHN B.                        VA-68-5A-201
TUGGLE, LUCY JANE                      VA-68-2A-350
TUGGLE, LUCY LANETTA                   VA-68-4A-178
TUGGLE, R. W.                          VA-68-3A-323
TUNSTALL, J. M.                        VA-68-2A-65
TUNSTALL, JAMES D.                     VA-68-3A-56
TUNSTILL, REBECCA F.                   VA-68-2A-108
UPSON, DANIEL T.                       VA-68-4A-387
UPSON, WILLIAM                         VA-68-2A-27
VAUGHAN, ANDERSON                      VA-68-1A-92
VAUGHAN, CADMUS                        VA-68-2A-25
VAUGHAN, DELLA B.                      VA-68-14A-326
VAUGHAN, E. J. (MISS)                  VA-68-2A-173
VAUGHAN, EDWARD D.                     VA-68-1A-231
VAUGHAN, JAMES N.                      VA-68-3A-306
VAUGHAN, JAMES SR.                     VA-68-6-409
VAUGHAN, JESSEE                        VA-68-1A-291
VAUGHAN, JOHN                          VA-68-4-147
VAUGHAN, JOSEPH N.                     VA-68-2A-179
VAUGHAN, NICHOLAS                      VA-68-3-323
VAUGHAN, P. Z.                         VA-68-2A-33
VAUGHAN, RADIFORD DUDLEY               VA-68-4A-389
VAUGHAN, RICHARD                       VA-68-6-226
VAUGHAN, ROBERT                        VA-68-2-226
VAUGHAN, ROBERT T.                     VA-68-1A-252
VAUGHAN, S. W.                         VA-68-4A-60
VAUGHAN, T. H.                         VA-68-1A-98
VERNSER, DANIEL SR.                    VA-68-5-422
VERSER, ELIZABETH                      VA-68-1A-38
VERSER, M. E. (MRS)                    VA-68-4A-57
VERSER, RICHARD T.                     VA-68-8-122
WADE, ANDERSON                         VA-68-2A-293
WALKER, ELIZABETH H.                   VA-68-3A-32
WALKER, J. D.                          VA-68-5A-570
WALKER, SARAH                          VA-68-1-376
WALKER, THOMAS                         VA-68-1-89
WALLACE, JESSIE                        VA-68-3-213
WALLACE, PATSY                         VA-68-1A-357
WALLACE, THEODORICK                    VA-68-1A-100
WALLER, EPHRAIM                        VA-68-1A-101
WALLER, LOUISA                         VA-68-1A-343
WALLER, MAJOR                          VA-68-1-124
WALLICE, FRANCIS                       VA-68-3-93
WARD, BENJAMIN                         VA-68-7-445
WARD, HENRY                            VA-68-5-326
WARD, R. F.                            VA-68-2A-23
WARD, ROBERT                           VA-68-3-13
WARD, SARAH                            VA-68-1A-79
WARD, THOMAS                           VA-68-4A-287
WARD, W. F.                            VA-68-2A-24
WARREN, R. E.                          VA-68-2A-397
WASHINGTON, RICHARD                    VA-68-3A-13
WATKINS, REBECCA                       VA-68-1A-371
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       VA-68-1A-233
WATSON, F. M.                          VA-68-3A-118
WATSON, HARRIET                        VA-68-4A-176
WATSON, W. A.                          VA-68-4A-87
WATTS, IRA T.                          VA-68-5A-135
WEBSTER, S. A.                         VA-68-3A-383
WEBSTER, SAMUEL                        VA-68-14A-403
WEINBERG, FANNIE                       VA-68-5A-482
WELLS, JASPER                          VA-68-3A-230
WELLS, JOSEPH                          VA-68-2-318
WELLS, MAGGIE A.                       VA-68-5A-584
WELLS, MAGGIE A.                       VA-68-4A-239
WELLS, W. T.                           VA-68-3A-209
WELLS, WILLIAM C.                      VA-68-2-282
WEST, BERRY                            VA-68-3-228
WEST, H. G.                            VA-68-2A-168
WHEELER, D. H.                         VA-68-3A-54
WHITE, JOHN                            VA-68-2-106
WHITE, JOSEPHUS                        VA-68-2A-78
WHITE, LEWIS                           VA-68-2A-134
WHITE, R. T.                           VA-68-14A-232
WHITE, RICHARD                         VA-68-3-326
WHITE, RICHARD E.                      VA-68-3A-198
WHITING, HENRY C.                      VA-68-3A-265
WHITMORE, WILLIAM C.                   VA-68-4-73
WICKS, EMANUEL SR.                     VA-68-4-213
WICKS, LUCY                            VA-68-2A-18
WIEKE, ALBERT                          VA-68-4A-9
WILDMAN, ELVA E.                       VA-68-5A-204
WILKS, JOHN                            VA-68-1-397
WILLIAMS, A. A.                        VA-68-5A-382
WILLIAMS, ANN                          VA-68-5-47
WILLIAMS, B. C.                        VA-68-4A-90
WILLIAMS, B. F.                        VA-68-3A-223
WILLIAMS, B. L.                        VA-68-3A-234
WILLIAMS, BILLINGTON                   VA-68-1-104
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE                    VA-68-2-76
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE C.                 VA-68-1A-1
WILLIAMS, DAVID G.                     VA-68-3A-199
WILLIAMS, EDMOND                       VA-68-3A-190
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    VA-68-2-21
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH J.                 VA-68-4A-395
WILLIAMS, EMMETT F.                    VA-68-14A-321
WILLIAMS, JAMES                        VA-68-5-246
WILLIAMS, JOHN D.                      VA-68-7-422
WILLIAMS, JOHN F.                      VA-68-2-307
WILLIAMS, MARTHA BONEDIN               VA-68-4A-34
WILLIAMS, MARY                         VA-68-2-76
WILLIAMS, MARY F.                      VA-68-3A-247
WILLIAMS, MISSOURI UPSON               VA-68-3A-408
WILLIAMS, P. E.                        VA-68-2A-26
WILLIAMS, THOMAS R.                    VA-68-1-326
WILLIAMS, THOMAS W. SR.                VA-68-3A-329
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM B.                   VA-68-1A-99
WILLIAMSON, CHARLE SE.                 VA-68-5A-182
WILLIAMSON, J. E.                      VA-68-4A-225
WILLIAMSON, MARY J.                    VA-68-2A-270
WILLS, EDMUND SR.                      VA-68-1-267
WILLS, WILLIAM                         VA-68-8-25
WILLSON, CHARLES E.                    VA-68-4A-167
WILLSON, T. FRIEND                     VA-68-1A-74
WILLSON, WILLIAM H.                    VA-68-3A-338
WILSON, . C.                           VA-68-4A-114
WILSON, ANNIE L.                       VA-68-4A-100
WILSON, C. R.                          VA-68-2A-265
WILSON, CHARLES                        VA-68-4-180
WILSON, D. S.                          VA-68-3A-124, 195
WILSON, EDWARD H.                      VA-68-5A-367
WILSON, EDWIN                          VA-68-3A-415
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      VA-68-3A-415
WILSON, GEORGIA E. SHELTON             VA-68-14A-405
WILSON, JOHN SR.                       VA-68-8-252
WILSON, RACHEL                         VA-68-5-303
WILSON, THOMAS A.                      VA-68-4A-191
WILSON, WASHINGTON                     VA-68-5A-463
WINFREE, ISAAC SR.                     VA-68-5-71
WINGS, JAMES                           VA-68-2-159
WINN, MARIA                            VA-68-5A-557
WINN, MARTH                            VA-68-6-33
WINN, SUSANNA                          VA-68-1-161
WINN, W. E.                            VA-68-3A-235
WINTREE, ANN                           VA-68-1-128
WITHERELL, GEORGE W.                   VA-68-3A-155
WOMACK, JOSIAH                         VA-68-1-412
WOMACK, MARY                           VA-68-2-324
WOMACK, THOMAS                         VA-68-2-78
WOOD, NANCY                            VA-68-6-139
WOOD, ROBERT                           VA-68-2-220
WOOD, WILLIAM                          VA-68-1-300
WOODARD, J. R.                         VA-68-2A-403
WOODSON, PATTIE JANE                   VA-68-5A-210
WOODSON, THOMAS CALLEN                 VA-68-5A-269
WOODSON, W. A.                         VA-68-2A-169
WORSHAM, JANE V.                       VA-68-2A-102
WORSHAM, JOHN                          VA-68-1-158
WORSHAM, WASHINGTON L.                 VA-68-5A-365
WOTTS, JOHNS SR.                       VA-68-1-398
WYNE, LEWIS                            VA-68-3A-21
WYNN, JAMES E.                         VA-68-3A-188
WYNN, MARIA                            VA-68-3A-293
YEATTES, J. B.                         VA-68-5A-541
YOUNG, JOHN HOWARD                     VA-68-5A-524
YOUNG, THAD D.                         VA-68-3A-122
YOUNG, W. M.                           VA-68-4A-99

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