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ADKINS, JOSEPH                         VA-21-8-286
ADKINS, PHEBE                          VA-21-8-378
ADKINS, ROBERT                         VA-21-7-481
ADKINS, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-196
AKIN, ARTHUR                           VA-21-7-114
AKIN, ELIZEBETH                        VA-21-2-20
AKIN, WILLIAM                          VA-21-4-408
AKIN, WILLIAM JR.                      VA-21-1-325
AKIN, WILLIAM SR.                      VA-21-1-325
AMONET, ANDREW                         VA-21-1-327
AMONETTE, JOHN                         VA-21-3-373
ANDERS, MOSES                          VA-21-7-126
ANDERSON, CLAIRBORNE                   VA-21-2-22
ANDERSON, DOCTOR                       VA-21-3-526
ANDERSON, EDWARD                       VA-21-6-438
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                    VA-21-1-526
ANDERSON, JOHN                         VA-21-3-275
ANDERSON, JORDAN                       VA-21-6-264
ANDERSON, SUSANNA                      VA-21-8-608
ANDEWS, WILLIAM                        VA-21-5-249
ANDREWS, ISHAM                         VA-21-4-371
ANDREWS, JANE                          VA-21-1-246
ANDREWS, JOEL                          VA-21-9-605
ANDREWS, LEWIS                         VA-21-3-521
ANDREWS, RANDOLPH                      VA-21-7-394
ANDREWS, SIMON                         VA-21-7-142
ANDREWS, STEPHEN                       VA-21-8-686
ANDREWS, THOMAS                        VA-21-1-73
ARCHER, EDWARD                         VA-21-4-244
ARCHER, ELIZEBETH                      VA-21-4-1
ARCHER, FIELD                          VA-21-3-514
ARCHER, JOHN                           VA-21-4-400
ARCHER, JOHN                           VA-21-3-423
ARCHER, JOHN SR.                       VA-21-2-28
ARCHER, MARY                           VA-21-4-255
ARCHER, SARAH                          VA-21-2-220
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        VA-21-1-27
ARCHER, WILLIAM                        VA-21-9-211
ASHBROOK, PETER SR.                    VA-21-1-222
ASHBROOK, WILLIAM                      VA-21-5-121
ASHURST, ANN                           VA-21-7-223
ASHURST, FRANCIS                       VA-21-4-13
ASHURST, JACOB                         VA-21-9-14
ASKINS, CREED                          VA-21-3-323
ATKINS, JOHN                           VA-21-4-19
ATKINSON, JAMES                        VA-21-3-401
ATKINSON, SARAH                        VA-21-8-308
AUSTIN, REUBEN                         VA-21-5-135
AUTER, SALLY                           VA-21-8-514
BACON, SARAH                           VA-21-7-365
BAILEY, JAMES                          VA-21-8-520
BAKER, JERMAN                          VA-21-4-497
BAKER, JOHN                            VA-21-5-208
BAKER, SARAH                           VA-21-3-179
BAKER, THOMAS                          VA-21-2-233
BALEY, JAMES                           VA-21-1-331
BALL, ELIZABETH                        VA-21-9-305
BALNKENSHIP, MARY                      VA-21-6-319
BANKS, THOMAS                          VA-21-5-271
BARKER, JON                            VA-21-4-407
BARRETT, M. BOOKE                      VA-21-8-515
BASBEECH, JOHN                         VA-21-3-372
BASS, CHRISTOPHER                      VA-21-2-229
BASS, CICELY                           VA-21-2-39
BASS, HENRY                            VA-21-4-502
BASS, JEREMIAH                         VA-21-3-291
BASS, JOHN                             VA-21-4-396
BASS, JOSEPH                           VA-21-3-205
BASS, THOMAS                           VA-21-6-219
BASS, THOMAS                           VA-21-2-34
BASS, WILLIAM                          VA-21-2-221
BASS, WILLIAM                          VA-21-1-115
BATTE, CHAMBERLAIN                     VA-21-9-636
BATTE, HENRY                           VA-21-2-46
BATTE, RICHARD                         VA-21-3-359
BATTE, THOMAS                          VA-21-5-426
BATTE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-1-532
BAUGH, ALEXANDER                       VA-21-4-399
BAUGH, FRANCIS                         VA-21-3-531
BAUGH, FRANCIS                         VA-21-4-469
BAUGH, HOATEO                          VA-21-6-189
BAUGH, JAMES                           VA-21-3-198
BAUGH, JOHN                            VA-21-5-314
BAUGH, JOHN                            VA-21-3-528
BAUGH, JOHN SR.                        VA-21-3-253
BAUGH, MAGARETT                        VA-21-8-83
BAUGH, PETER                           VA-21-3-92
BAUGH, PETER SR.                       VA-21-4-176
BAUGH, RICHARD                         VA-21-4-363
BAUGH, ROBERT                          VA-21-4-430
BAUGH, THOMAS                          VA-21-1-333
BAUGH, WILLIAM                         VA-21-1-134
BEARY, JOANNAH                         VA-21-1-351
BEASLEY, BENJAMIN                      VA-21-3-301
BEASLEY, ROBERT                        VA-21-1-537
BEASLEY, STEPAN                        VA-21-4-397
BEASLEY, STEPHEN JR.                   VA-21-1-93
BEASLEY, THABITHA                      VA-21-2-45
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                       VA-21-4-435
BEASLEY, WILLIAM                       VA-21-2-237
BELCHER, JOHN                          VA-21-4-162
BELCHER, MARY                          VA-21-8-227
BELCHER, THOMAS                        VA-21-5-268
BELCHER, THOMAS                        VA-21-4-216
BERRY, DAVID                           VA-21-4-331
BESLEY, STEPHEN SR.                    VA-21-1-533
BEVELL, JOHN                           VA-21-1-531
BEVERS, JAMES                          VA-21-2-40
BEVILL, FRANCES                        VA-21-5-248
BLACK, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-294
BLACK, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-490
BLANKENSHIP, BEVERLY                   VA-21-7-373
BLANKENSHIP, DRURY                     VA-21-6-230
BLANKENSHIP, FRANCIS                   VA-21-1-285
BLANKENSHIP, JOHN                      VA-21-1-161
BLANKENSHIP, MATT                      VA-21-8-4
BLANKENSHIP, STEPHEN                   VA-21-8-273
BLANKENSHIP, WILLIAM                   VA-21-6-126
BOLLING, BETTY                         VA-21-8-151
BOLLING, JOHN                          VA-21-1-262
BOLLING, JOHN                          VA-21-5-291
BOLLING, THOMAS                        VA-21-6-208
BOLTON, BOLLING                        VA-21-4-481
BOLTON, JOHN                           VA-21-4-418
BOOKER, RICHARD                        VA-21-4-428
BORTON, JOHN                           VA-21-1-208
BOTT, WILLIAM C.                       VA-21-7-68
BOTTOMS, THOMAS                        VA-21-6-114
BOTTS, THOMAS                          VA-21-3-88
BOUGH, WILLIAM                         VA-21-6-125
BOWLES, HENRY                          VA-21-9-336
BOWLES, JAMES                          VA-21-3-412
BOWLES, JOHN                           VA-21-1-536
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                        VA-21-3-304
BOWMAN, BREWRY                         VA-21-6-258
BOWMAN, JOHN                           VA-21-4-603
BOWMAN, JOHN                           VA-21-3-393
BRADLEY, JOHN R.                       VA-21-8-2
BRAGG, JOEL                            VA-21-9-566
BRAGG, WILLIAM                         VA-21-4-482
BRANCH, BENJAMIN                       VA-21-1-335
BRANCH, BENJAMIN                       VA-21-4-119
BRANCH, BETTY                          VA-21-1-535
BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER                    VA-21-2-31
BRANCH, DANIEL                         VA-21-4-494
BRANCH, EDWARD                         VA-21-4-104
BRANCH, EDWARD                         VA-21-6-206
BRANCH, EDWARD                         VA-21-8-216
BRANCH, FLEMING                        VA-21-9-327
BRANCH, HENRY F.                       VA-21-8-297
BRANCH, JAMES                          VA-21-1-55
BRANCH, JOHN                           VA-21-1-528
BRANCH, JOHN                           VA-21-2-44
BRANCH, JOSEPH                         VA-21-5-461
BRANCH, LUCY                           VA-21-9-15
BRANCH, MARTHA                         VA-21-2-232
BRANCH, MARY                           VA-21-1-235
BRANCH, MATTHEW                        VA-21-4-6
BRANCH, MATTHEW                        VA-21-1-527
BRANCH, MATTHEW                        VA-21-2-32
BRANCH, OLIVER                         VA-21-3-299
BRANCH, SAMUEL                         VA-21-4-329
BRANCH, THOMAS                         VA-21-3-150
BRANCH, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-3
BRANCH, THOMAS                         VA-21-1-535
BRANCH, THOMAS                         VA-21-8-314
BRANCH, WILLIAM                        VA-21-5-132
BRANCH, WILLIAM                        VA-21-1-336
BRANCH, WILLIAM                        VA-21-6-44
BRANCH, WILLIAM                        VA-21-8-609
BRANSFORD, JOHN                        VA-21-1-529
BRIDGEWATER, SAMUEL                    VA-21-6-127
BRITTAIN, WILLIAM                      VA-21-2-48
BRITTON, JOHN                          VA-21-2-231
BRITTON, JOHN                          VA-21-8-295
BRITTON, WILLIAM                       VA-21-2-48
BRITTON, WILLIAM                       VA-21-4-464
BROADEE, ARCH                          VA-21-2-4
BROMAN, JOHN                           VA-21-2-39
BROMLEY, MARGARETT                     VA-21-8-145
BROOKE, REBECCA                        VA-21-1-4
BROOKS, WILLIAM                        VA-21-5-148
BROWN, FRANCIS                         VA-21-1-247
BROWN, GARRET                          VA-21-7-494
BROWN, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-489
BROWN, WILLIAM                         VA-21-8-294
BRUILLE, JACOB                         VA-21-8-493
BRUMMAL, JOHN                          VA-21-4-587
BRUMMALL, REUBEN                       VA-21-6-337
BRUMMELL, WILLIAM SR.                  VA-21-4-601
BRUMMER, WILLIAM SR.                   VA-21-4-601
BRYERS, SARAH                          VA-21-1-12
BRYERS, THOMAS                         VA-21-4-501
BUGG, BENJAMIN                         VA-21-1-338
BURFOOT, JOSEPH                        VA-21-9-1
BURFOOT, THOMAS                        VA-21-9-303
BURNETT, EDWARD                        VA-21-8-62
BURTON, CHARLES                        VA-21-8-519
BURTON, ELIZEBETH                      VA-21-1-314
BURTON, HARDEN                         VA-21-4-151
BURTON, JOHN                           VA-21-5-351
BURTON, JOHN                           VA-21-5-244
BURTON, JOHN                           VA-21-1-208
BURTON, SALLY                          VA-21-5-490
BURTON, SUSANNA                        VA-21-6-306
BURTON, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-1
BURTON, THOMAS                         VA-21-4-370
BURTON, THOMAS                         VA-21-8-226
BURTON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-4-423
BURTON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-9-326
BUTLER, SAMUEL                         VA-21-1-232
CABELL, ROBERT B.                      VA-21-7-113
CADY, ROBERT                           VA-21-7-56
CAFFREE, JAMES                         VA-21-4-480
CALLUM, DANIEL                         VA-21-4-368
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        VA-21-8-251
CARTER, ARMSTEAD                       VA-21-5-137
CARY, ARCHIBALD                        VA-21-4-20
CARY, DOROTHY                          VA-21-1-543
CARY, ELIZEBETH                        VA-21-1-33
CARY, HANNAH                           VA-21-3-292
CARY, HENRY                            VA-21-1-36
CARY, NATHANIEL                        VA-21-4-237
CARY, THOMAS                           VA-21-1-196
CARY, THOMAS                           VA-21-3-487
CASHION, JAMES                         VA-21-4-365
CASHON, JAMES                          VA-21-1-299
CASHON, THOMAS                         VA-21-5-295
CASHOON, SARAH                         VA-21-2-59
CAYCE, CHARLES                         VA-21-2-247
CHALKLEY, BENJAMIN                     VA-21-5-180
CHALKLEY, DAVID                        VA-21-6-410
CHALKLEY, ELIZABETH                    VA-21-9-70
CHALKLEY, WILLIAM                      VA-21-7-79
CHAPPEL, ABRAHAM                       VA-21-3-285
CHAPPELLS, ANN                         VA-21-7-305
CHAROTTON, CHRISTOPHER                 VA-21-3-200
CHATHAM, ELIZABETH                     VA-21-5-161
CHEATHAM, AVIS                         VA-21-9-71
CHEATHAM, BENJAMIN                     VA-21-1-550
CHEATHAM, CHRISTOPHER                  VA-21-2-65
CHEATHAM, FRANCES                      VA-21-7-561
CHEATHAM, FRANCIS                      VA-21-4-174
CHEATHAM, HENRY                        VA-21-4-377
CHEATHAM, JAMES                        VA-21-5-135
CHEATHAM, JOSIAH                       VA-21-6-387
CHEATHAM, JOSIAH                       VA-21-4-448
CHEATHAM, LEONARD                      VA-21-5-165
CHEATHAM, MATT                         VA-21-8-383
CHEATHAM, OBEDIENCE                    VA-21-2-250
CHEATHAM, STEPHAN                      VA-21-3-404
CHEATHAM, THOMAS                       VA-21-2-63
CHEATHAM, THOMAS                       VA-21-4-474
CHEATHAM, THOMAS                       VA-21-1-348
CHEATHAM, WILLIAM                      VA-21-1-90
CHEATHAM, WILLIAM SR.                  VA-21-4-593
CHESLAR, JOHN                          VA-21-9-295
CHILDERS, MEREDITH                     VA-21-8-498
CHRISTIAN, TURNER                      VA-21-3-310
CLAIBORNE, MARY                        VA-21-5-145
CLARK, ALLISON                         VA-21-2-61
CLARK, ELLISON                         VA-21-2-62
CLARK, JOHN                            VA-21-1-344
CLARKE, ALLISON                        VA-21-5-379
CLARKE, JESSE                          VA-21-9-298
CLAY, CHARLES                          VA-21-1-341
CLAY, HENRY                            VA-21-2-244
CLAY, HENRY                            VA-21-1-544
CLAY, JOHN                             VA-21-1-342
CLAYTON, FRANCIS                       VA-21-2-67
CLIBORN, JOHN                          VA-21-1-547
COATES, JOHN                           VA-21-8-700
COBBS, AMBROSE                         VA-21-3-409
COBBS, MATTHEW                         VA-21-2-238
COGBILL, ANN                           VA-21-4-442
COGBILL, CHARLES                       VA-21-4-240
COGBILL, EDWARD                        VA-21-3-539
COGBILL, ELIZABETH                     VA-21-6-365
COGBILL, GEORGE                        VA-21-4-8
COGBILL, GEORGE                        VA-21-6-70
COGBILL, JAMES                         VA-21-5-146
COGBILL, JESSE                         VA-21-5-231
COGBILL, JOHN                          VA-21-6-494, 503
COGBILL, THOMAS                        VA-21-3-433
COGBILL, THOMAS NELSON                 VA-21-6-558
COGBILL, WILLIAM                       VA-21-6-187
COGBILL, WILLIAM                       VA-21-6-272
COLE, HAMBLIN                          VA-21-3-278
COLE, JOHN                             VA-21-8-516
COLE, ROBERT                           VA-21-1-244
COLE, ROBERT                           VA-21-3-357
COOK, MARY                             VA-21-7-189
COOK, WILLIAM                          VA-21-8-309
COOKE, JACOB                           VA-21-1-107
COOKE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-1-171
CORDREY, EVE                           VA-21-7-233
COUSEN, CHARLES                        VA-21-1-78
COUSINS, ANN                           VA-21-4-362
COUSINS, GEORGE                        VA-21-3-444
COVINGTON, ELIABETH                    VA-21-8-160
COVINGTON, JOHN                        VA-21-4-401
COVINGTON, JOHN Y.                     VA-21-8-69
COVINGTON, MARY                        VA-21-9-292
COVINGTON, RICHARD                     VA-21-6-263
COVINGTON, SARAH                       VA-21-8-5
COVINGTON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-5-247
COVINGTON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-9-301
COX, ELIZABETH                         VA-21-5-260
COX, HENRY                             VA-21-3-276
COX HENRY                              VA-21-8-649
COX, HIGGASON                          VA-21-4-404
COX, JOHN                              VA-21-4-472
COX, JUDITH                            VA-21-4-212
COX, MILNER                            VA-21-4-472
CRAWFORD, NANCY                        VA-21-8-389
CRISP, JOHN                            VA-21-3-322
CROMER, JAMES                          VA-21-1-295
CROSBIC, JAMES                         VA-21-1-89
CROSBY, JOHN                           VA-21-3-356
CRUMP, JESSE                           VA-21-5-289
CRUMP, THOMAS                          VA-21-8-458
CUNNINGHAM, H.                         VA-21-8-661
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    VA-21-2-60
DANCE, EDWARD                          VA-21-7-307
DANCE, ELIABETH                        VA-21-9-299
DANCE, HENRY                           VA-21-3-484
DANCE, HENRY                           VA-21-7-149
DANCE, JOHN                            VA-21-3-439
DANCE, THOMAS                          VA-21-3-406
DANCE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-550
DAVIS, CALEB                           VA-21-3-154
DAVIS, JOHN                            VA-21-9-271
DAVIS, THOMAS                          VA-21-7-215
DEAN, JAMES                            VA-21-1-353
DEATON, JAMES                          VA-21-9-299
DEATON, JOHN                           VA-21-6-381
DESSAR, JOHN                           VA-21-5-428
DICKERSON, JOSEPH                      VA-21-4-33
DICKERSON, JOSEPH                      VA-21-2-83
DODD, JOHN                             VA-21-2-82
DODSON, JAMES                          VA-21-5-296
DODSON, THOMAS                         VA-21-4-451
DODSON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-2-273
DODSON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-461
DONALD, ROBERT                         VA-21-4-344
DONCE, JOHN                            VA-21-8-693
DUDLEY, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-272
DUNCAN, CHARLES                        VA-21-7-45
DUNLEAVEY, ANTHONY                     VA-21-6-426
DYER, ABRAHAM                          VA-21-4-486
DYER, ISHAM                            VA-21-9-203
DYERS, JOHN                            VA-21-3-426
DYSON, BENJAMIN                        VA-21-1-22
DYSON, BENJAMIN                        VA-21-2-253
DYSON, FRANCIS                         VA-21-3-90
EANES, EDARD                           VA-21-1-242
EDWARD, THOMAS                         VA-21-3-300
EDWARDS, ANN                           VA-21-4-364
ELAM, DANIEL                           VA-21-4-433
ELAM, GILBERT                          VA-21-1-29
ELAM, GILBERT                          VA-21-3-434
ELAM, GILBERT JR.                      VA-21-1-238
ELAM, JAMES                            VA-21-4-599
ELAM, MARTHA                           VA-21-3-148
ELAM, RICHARD                          VA-21-2-91
ELAM, RICHARD                          VA-21-8-146                              
ELAM, RICHARD SR.                      VA-21-4-425
ELAM, ROBERT                           VA-21-4-2
ELAM, ROBERT                           VA-21-1-182
ELAM, ROBERT                           VA-21-3-374
ELAM, SAMUEL                           VA-21-9-697
ELAM, WILLIAM                          VA-21-3-493
ELAM, WINEFRED                         VA-21-8-207
ELLIS, THOMAS                          VA-21-1-260
ELLIS, WILLIAM                         VA-21-1-359
ELLYS, THOMAS                          VA-21-3-112
ELLYSON, GEARARD                       VA-21-2-87
EMES, EDWARD                           VA-21-8-70
EPPES, RICHARD                         VA-21-1-355
EPPES, WILLIAM                         VA-21-9-2
EVANS, FRANCES                         VA-21-7-70
EVANS, GEORGE                          VA-21-9-582
EVANS, MARVELL                         VA-21-4-231
EVINTONS, MARDUN                       VA-21-3-200
FAESE, FRANCES                         VA-21-5-139
FAESIE, JAMES                          VA-21-5-560
FARGUSON, MARTHAN                      VA-21-3-147
FARGUSON, MOSES                        VA-21-1-6
FARGUSONN, JAMES                       VA-21-3-393
FARGUSSON, JOHN                        VA-21-1-108
FARLEY, JAMES                          VA-21-3-216
FARLEY, JOHN                           VA-21-1-200
FARLEY, JOHN                           VA-21-2-255
FARLEY, JOSEPH                         VA-21-1-359
FARMER, ANN                            VA-21-9-50
FARMER, DANIEL                         VA-21-9-342
FARMER, DOROTHY                        VA-21-4-12
FARMER, EBENEZER                       VA-21-8-649
FARMER, ELAM                           VA-21-7-632
FARMER, ELAM                           VA-21-3-307
FARMER, FANNY                          VA-21-9-135
FARMER, FRANCIS                        VA-21-8-260
FARMER, JOHN                           VA-21-4-471
FARMER, JOSEPH                         VA-21-3-473
FARMER, MARK                           VA-21-2-95
FARMER, MARY                           VA-21-4-121
FARMER, PHEBE                          VA-21-4-181
FARMER, SETH                           VA-21-1-226
FARMER, THOMAS                         VA-21-3-241
FARMER, THOMAS                         VA-21-8-548
FARRER, JOHN                           VA-21-8-288
FAULKNER, MARGARETT                    VA-21-8-145
FEATHERSTON, ELIZEBETH                 VA-21-1-301
FEATHERSTON, HENRY                     VA-21-1-360
FEATHERSTONE, CHARLES                  VA-21-3-70
FEATHERSTONE, EDWARD                   VA-21-4-505
FERGUSON, BARTLET                      VA-21-3-491
FERGUSON, JAMES                        VA-21-6-325
FERGUSON, KING                         VA-21-8-465
FERGUSON, MOSES                        VA-21-1-6
FINDLEY, MARTHA                        VA-21-9-73
FLEMING, CHARLES                       VA-21-4-379
FLOURNAY, JOHN                         VA-21-7-392
FLOURNOY, FRANCIS                      VA-21-2-262
FLOURNOY, FRANCIS JR.                  VA-21-2-10
FLOURNOY, JACOB                        VA-21-5-547
FLOURNOY, JAMES                        VA-21-5-446
FLOURNOY, JOSIAH                       VA-21-9-209
FLOURNOY, POLLEY                       VA-21-9-391
FLOURNOY, SAMUEL                       VA-21-6-23
FLOURNOY, THOMAS                       VA-21-9-16
FLOURNOY, WILLIAM                      VA-21-8-501
FOLKES, EDWARD JR.                     VA-21-3-533
FOLKES, EDWARD SR.                     VA-21-4-10
FOLKES, JOEL                           VA-21-4-443
FOLKES, JOHN SR.                       VA-21-2-257
FORBES, GEORGE                         VA-21-1-77
FORD, SOFIRE                           VA-21-5-346
FORE, JOHN                             VA-21-5-341
FORE, SARAH                            VA-21-9-214
FORSE, JANE                            VA-21-4-356
FOWLER, ABRAM                          VA-21-8-523
FOWLER, GARDNER                        VA-21-5-267
FOWLER, JOHN                           VA-21-3-361
FOWLER, JOSIAH                         VA-21-4-378
FOWLER, WILLIAM                        VA-21-5-313
FRANCIS, ROBERT                        VA-21-3-95
FRANK, PETER                           VA-21-8-128
FRANKLIN, AGNESS                       VA-21-4-453
FRANKLIN, JAMES                        VA-21-3-68
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                       VA-21-3-172
FRANKLIN, THOMAS                       VA-21-2-254
FRANKLYN, ARCHIBALD                    VA-21-3-207
FRIEND, CHARLES                        VA-21-5-205
FRIEND, EDWARD                         VA-21-6-308
FRIEND, EDWARD                         VA-21-7-132
FRIEND, FRANCES                        VA-21-2-277
FRIEND, JOHN                           VA-21-7-257
FRIEND, NATHANIEL                      VA-21-5-126
FRIEND, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-93
FRIEND, THOMAS                         VA-21-5-142
FRIEND, THOMAS                         VA-21-1-321
FRIEND, WILLIAM                        VA-21-7-53
FURGUSON, SARAH                        VA-21-7-112
FURQUARAN, PETER                       VA-21-5-243
GADDEY, WILLIAM                        VA-21-1-97
GARROTT, ISAAC                         VA-21-2-275
GATES, JAMES                           VA-21-3-78
GATES, JAMES                           VA-21-3-75
GATES, JAMES                           VA-21-9-337
GATES, JOSEPH                          VA-21-5-144
GATES, REBAKAH                         VA-21-1-286
GATES, SALLEY                          VA-21-9-174
GATES, WILLIAM                         VA-21-1-374
GATES, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-21-1-31
GAY, DANIEL                            VA-21-5-120
GAY, ELIZABETH                         VA-21-2-112
GAY, WILLIAM                           VA-21-1-25
GIBBS, JOHN                            VA-21-2-12
GIBBS, MARY                            VA-21-3-125
GIBBS, WILLIAM                         VA-21-6-401
GIBSON, HANNAH                         VA-21-4-450
GIBSON, MILES                          VA-21-4-163
GIBSON, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-111
GILES, NICHOLAS                        VA-21-4-390
GILL, ANIEL                            VA-21-3-241
GILL, BENJAMIN                         VA-21-9-179
GILL, CRECIA                           VA-21-9-18
GILL, ISHAM                            VA-21-7-570
GILL, JACOB                            VA-21-2-110
GILL, JAMES                            VA-21-4-385
GILL, JAMES                            VA-21-4-419
GILL, JOHN                             VA-21-5-165
GILL, JOHN                             VA-21-2-115
GILL, JOSEPH                           VA-21-3-376
GILL, JOSEPH SR.                       VA-21-9-591
GILL, PETER                            VA-21-1-175
GILL, ROBERT                           VA-21-4-250
GILL, ROWLETT                          VA-21-8-211
GILL, STEPHEN                          VA-21-1-179
GILL, STEPHEN                          VA-21-6-221
GILL, STEPHEN                          VA-21-5-461
GILL, THOMAS                           VA-21-4-152
GILL, WEBSTER                          VA-21-1-374
GLOVER, THOMAS                         VA-21-8-301, 393
GODSEY, JOHN                           VA-21-6-486
GODSEY, THOMAS                         VA-21-1-43
GOFF, PHILIP                           VA-21-8-517
GOLDIE, ROBERT                         VA-21-1-257
GOODE, AGNESS                          VA-21-8-109
GOODE, EDWARD                          VA-21-8-524
GOODE, FRANCIS                         VA-21-4-476
GOODE, JOHN                            VA-21-4-251
GOODE, JOHN                            VA-21-8-436
GOODE, JOSEPH                          VA-21-1-371
GOODE, RICHARD B.                      VA-21-8-6, 85
GOODE, ROBERT                          VA-21-2-108
GOODE, ROBERT                          VA-21-7-127
GOODE, SARAH                           VA-21-2-278
GOODE, SARAH                           VA-21-7-488
GOODE, THOMAS                          VA-21-8-84
GOODE, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-21-9-52
GOODING, COLLIN                        VA-21-4-150
GOODRICH, GEORGE                       VA-21-1-191
GORDEN, SOLOMON                        VA-21-2-558
GORDON, DANIEL                         VA-21-8-47
GORDON, JAMES                          VA-21-5-487
GRANGER, ANN                           VA-21-4-11
GRANGER, BENJAMIN                      VA-21-3-407
GRANGER, JOSEPH                        VA-21-5-119
GRANGER, JOSEPH                        VA-21-1-50
GRANGER, MARTHA                        VA-21-8-466
GRANT, GREGORY                         VA-21-3-314
GRAVES, ARMSTEAD                       VA-21-4-359
GRAVES, ARMSTEAD                       VA-21-4-366
GRAVES, ARTHUR                         VA-21-7-554
GRAVES, CHARLES                        VA-21-7-620
GRAVES, JOHN                           VA-21-5-207
GRAVES, KING                           VA-21-4-360
GRAVES, LEROY                          VA-21-8-435
GRAVES, MARY                           VA-21-8-312
GRAVES, POLLY                          VA-21-6-156
GRAVES, SARAH                          VA-21-5-121
GRAVES, WILLIAM                        VA-21-4-142
GRAVES, WILLIAM                        VA-21-1-221
GRAVES, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-71
HALL, MARTHA                           VA-21-3-481
HALL, THOMAS                           VA-21-7-71
HANBLIN, CHARLES                       VA-21-5-141
HANCOCK, FRANCIS                       VA-21-6-219
HANCOCK, GEORGE                        VA-21-5-130
HANCOCK, JOHN                          VA-21-3-535
HANCOCK, JOHN                          VA-21-7-234
HANCOCK, SAMUEL                        VA-21-1-377
HARDEN, WILLIAM                        VA-21-4-3
HARE, PARKER                           VA-21-4-372
HARES, THOMAS                          VA-21-8-654
HARRIS, JOHN                           VA-21-8-440
HARRIS, MARY                           VA-21-6-322
HARRISON, SARAH                        VA-21-3-358
HASKINS, CREED                         VA-21-4-376
HASKINS, ROBERT                        VA-21-9-543
HASTINGS, GEORGE                       VA-21-3-91
HATCHER, EDWARD                        VA-21-6-19
HATCHER, HENRY                         VA-21-1-380
HATCHER, LUCY                          VA-21-8-505
HATCHER, NATHANIEL                     VA-21-4-122
HATCHER, OBEDIENCE                     VA-21-2-18
HATCHER, SAMUEL                        VA-21-4-367
HATCHER, SAMUEL                        VA-21-1-382
HATCHER, SAMUEL                        VA-21-5-124
HATCHER, THOMAS                        VA-21-9-650
HATCHER, WILLIAM                       VA-21-4-214
HATCHER, WILLIAM                       VA-21-2-122
HATCHETT, JOHN                         VA-21-1-204
HERBERT, JOHN                          VA-21-1-379
HERBERT, WHEDDON                       VA-21-3-167
HEVENINGHAM, JOHN                      VA-21-7-186
HILL, EDWARD                           VA-21-5-421
HILL, EDWARD                           VA-21-3-286
HILL, ELIZABETH                        VA-21-5-476
HILL, GODFREY                          VA-21-1-383
HILL, JAMES                            VA-21-1-23
HILL, JOHN                             VA-21-4-212
HILL, JOHN SR.                         VA-21-4-184
HILTON, JOHN                           VA-21-2-281
HILTON, R.                             VA-21-4-495
HIX, WILLIAM                           VA-21-5-147
HOBSON, JOSIAH                         VA-21-8-603
HOLT, DAVID                            VA-21-4-106
HORNER, BENJAMIN                       VA-21-2-125
HORNER, NATHAN                         VA-21-6-205
HORNER, SAVINAH                        VA-21-2-284
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                       VA-21-6-150
HOWARD, JAMES                          VA-21-9-536
HOWLETT, CROWLEY                       VA-21-1-10
HOWLETT, JUDITH                        VA-21-2-121
HOWLETT, SARAH                         VA-21-9-245
HOWLETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-4-503
HOWLETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-4-351
HOWLETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-2-124
HUDSON, JOHN                           VA-21-4-15
HUDSON, JOHN                           VA-21-9-273
HUDSON, MARTHA                         VA-21-1-297
HUDSON, SARAH                          VA-21-5-208
INGLES, SAMUEL                         VA-21-8-549
IRVINE, THOMAS                         VA-21-8-86
JACKSON, ABEL                          VA-21-5-384, 488
JACKSON, ISAIAH                        VA-21-4-379
JACKSON, JOSEPH                        VA-21-6-129
JACKSON, JOSEPH                        VA-21-2-287
JACKSON, LUCY                          VA-21-4-485
JACKSON, MARTHA                        VA-21-9-583
JACKSON, MOSES                         VA-21-8-700
JACKSON, PETER                         VA-21-5-229
JACKSON, R.                            VA-21-8-630
JACKSON, RICHARD                       VA-21-3-268
JANE, LOCKETT                          VA-21-1-284
JENKINS, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-401
JOHNSON, ANDREW                        VA-21-4-366
JOHNSON, DANIEL                        VA-21-9-236
JOHNSON, EDWARD                        VA-21-3-254
JOHNSON, ISAAC                         VA-21-6-431
JOHNSTON, EDWARD                       VA-21-3-254
JONES, FRANCIS                         VA-21-1-237
JONES, JOHN                            VA-21-7-555
JONES, JOHN                            VA-21-7-54
JORDAN, LUCY                           VA-21-3-510
KEAN, E.                               VA-21-8-560
KEEN, CURREL                           VA-21-5-311
KELSHAW, JOHN                          VA-21-4-182
KENNON, AGNESS                         VA-21-1-408
KENNON, ANN                            VA-21-2-131
KENNON, RICHARD                        VA-21-1-404
KENNON, ROBERT                         VA-21-3-269
KENNON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-1-407
KEON, ELIZA                            VA-21-8-693
KERR, WILLIAM                          VA-21-9-3
KEYS, MICHALL                          VA-21-3-249
KING, GEORGE                           VA-21-9-293
KLEINHOOF, GEORGE                      VA-21-4-358
KNIBB, ANN                             VA-21-1-409
LABARREAR, JOHN                        VA-21-2-17
LABARRER, NANCY                        VA-21-4-403
LACEY, JOSIAH                          VA-21-9-238
LACY, NATH                             VA-21-3-271
LACY, WILLIAM                          VA-21-2-292
LAHAILLE, LEWIS DUCO                   VA-21-8-570
LANDRUM, SAMUEL                        VA-21-6-46
LAPRADE, ANDREW                        VA-21-5-122
LAPRADE, MARTHA                        VA-21-6-277
LAPRADE, WILLIAM                       VA-21-8-664
LEATH, PETER                           VA-21-4-492
LEIGH, WILLIAM                         VA-21-4-98
LENEVE, MARY                           VA-21-7-350
LENN, GEORGE                           VA-21-3-199
LEPRAID, ANDREW                        VA-21-2-135
LESLER, JACOB                          VA-21-4-381
LEWIS, MARY                            VA-21-4-588
LIGON, JOHN                            VA-21-2-301
LIGON, JOSEPH                          VA-21-1-121
LIGON, JUDITH                          VA-21-3-428
LOCKETT, ELEANOR                       VA-21-1-34
LOCKETT, FRANCES                       VA-21-5-381
LOCKETT, WILILAM                       VA-21-4-591
LOCKETT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-255
LOCKETT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-9-567
LOGWOOD, ARCHIBALD                     VA-21-3-445
LOGWOOD, EDMOND                        VA-21-2-295
LOGWOOD, PHOEBE                        VA-21-6-118
LOGWOOD, WILLIAM                       VA-21-9-217
MAINS, T. R.                           VA-21-8-322
MALE, JOSEPH                           VA-21-4-590
MANN, DANIEL                           VA-21-3-325
MANN, FRANCIS                          VA-21-3-306
MANN, MARTHA                           VA-21-5-138
MANN, MARY                             VA-21-6-277
MANN, OBEDIENCE                        VA-21-4-166
MANN,, THOMAS                          VA-21-2-312
MANN, THOMAS                           VA-21-4-288
MARKHAM, BERNARD                       VA-21-5-562
MARKHAM, GEORGE                        VA-21-5-344
MARKHAM, JOHN                          VA-21-2-138
MARSHALL, ALEXANDER                    VA-21-2-322
MARSHALL, ALEXANDER                    VA-21-6-451
MARSHALL, ELIABETH                     VA-21-9-542
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                      VA-21-2-315
MARTIN, JAMES                          VA-21-1-98
MARTIN, JAMES                          VA-21-2-137
MARTIN, JOHN                           VA-21-5-288
MARTIN, JOHN                           VA-21-3-168
MARTIN, JOHN                           VA-21-7-139
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        VA-21-4-374
MARTIN, WILLIAM SR.                    VA-21-6-466
MAY, JOHN                              VA-21-4-304
MAYO, JOHN                             VA-21-3-554
MCLARREN, JOHN                         VA-21-6-466
MCLARREN, NEAL                         VA-21-6-194
MCNEIL, ISABELLA                       VA-21-1-280
MIDDLETON, JANE                        VA-21-4-174
MILES, JAMES                           VA-21-3-123
MINGGO, JOHN                           VA-21-3-122
MOODY, BLANK                           VA-21-6-452
MOODY, JAMES JR.                       VA-21-9-238
MOODY, JAMES SR.                       VA-21-9-330
MOODY, PETER                           VA-21-9-64
MOODY, SAMUEL                          VA-21-6-475
MOOE, DRUSCELLA                        VA-21-9-650
MOORE, DANIEL                          VA-21-7-433
MOORE, ELEAZER                         VA-21-4-355
MOORE, ELECK                           VA-21-3-259
MOORE, FREDERICK                       VA-21-8-170
MOORE, GEORGE HUNT                     VA-21-3-478
MOORE, JOHN                            VA-21-3-375
MOORE, MARK                            VA-21-1-421
MOORE, THOMAS                          VA-21-3-126
MOORE, THOMAS                          VA-21-2-136
MOORE, THOMAS SR.                      VA-21-2-314
MOORE, THORNTON                        VA-21-5-445
MOORE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-6-92
MOORE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-262
MOORE, WILLIAM                         VA-21-6-312
MORRIS, JENNY                          VA-21-7-643
MORRISET, ELIZEBETH                    VA-21-1-26
MORRISETT, DANIEL F.                   VA-21-6-197
MORRISETT, JANE                        VA-21-6-455
MORRISETT, JOHN                        VA-21-3-390
MORRISSETT, DAVID                      VA-21-4-357
MOSELEY, EDWARD                        VA-21-8-289
MOSELEY, JOSEPH                        VA-21-1-54
MOSELEY, MARY                          VA-21-8-321
MOSELEY, SUSANNA                       VA-21-9-331
MOSELEY, THOMAS                        VA-21-4-605
MOSELY, MATTHEW                        VA-21-2-139
MOSELY, MATTHEW                        VA-21-4-190
MOSELY, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-252
MOXLEY, RICAHRD                        VA-21-9-300
NEAL, LEWIS                            VA-21-8-117
NEAL, THOMAS                           VA-21-1-428
NEWBY, ELIJAH                          VA-21-5-139
NEWBY, JOSEPH                          VA-21-7-191
NEWBY, WILLIAM                         VA-21-4-460
NICHOLSON, ANDREW                      VA-21-7-238
NILL, DANIEL SR.                       VA-21-3-353
NOBLE, MARK                            VA-21-8-397
NORRIS, JAMES                          VA-21-4-16
NORRIS, JOHN                           VA-21-3-438
NORRIS, WILLIAM                        VA-21-2-158
NUNNALLY, DANIEL                       VA-21-8-50
NUNNALLY, HENRY                        VA-21-4-143
NUNNALLY, JOHN                         VA-21-2-159
NUNNALLY, NOEL                         VA-21-3-446
NUNNALLY, OBEDIENCE                    VA-21-6-401
NUNNALLY, OBEDIENCE                    VA-21-7-401
NUNNSLEE, WALTER                       VA-21-3-463
NURNS, SAMUEL                          VA-21-3-273
OSBORNE, ANN                           VA-21-4-589
OSBORNE, EDWARD                        VA-21-3-380
OSBORNE, EDWARD SR.                    VA-21-3-260
OSBORNE, FRANCIS SR.                   VA-21-4-350
OSBORNE, JACK                          VA-21-5-420
OSBORNE, JOHN                          VA-21-1-319
OSBORNE, MARTHA FIELD                  VA-21-6-279
OSBORNE, THOMAS                        VA-21-3-272
OSBORNE, THOMAS                        VA-21-4-369
OSBRONE, FRANCIS                       VA-21-4-395
PANKEY, STEPHAN                        VA-21-4-313
PANKEY, STEPHAN SR.                    VA-21-4-185
PARKINSON, BETTER                      VA-21-6-207
PARKINSON, JOHN                        VA-21-7-361
PATRAM, FRANCIS                        VA-21-2-161
PATRAM, FRANCIS                        VA-21-8-381
PATTESON, DAVID                        VA-21-9-343
PATTESON, DAVID J.                     VA-21-6-297
PATTESON, J.A.                         VA-21-8-604
PATTESON, JAMES                        VA-21-2-166
PAUL, JAMES                            VA-21-6-113
PAUL, ROBERT                           VA-21-6-111
PERDUE, CLEVELAND                      VA-21-6-507
PERDUE, EZEKIEL                        VA-21-5-423
PERDUE, JOSIAH                         VA-21-4-605
PERDUE, THOMAS                         VA-21-6-250
PERKINSON, BURRELL                     VA-21-3-264
PERKINSON, FRANCIS                     VA-21-2-165
PERKINSON, JOHN                        VA-21-4-504
PERKINSON, JOHN SR.                    VA-21-4-17
PERKINSON, NANCY                       VA-21-6-475
PERKINSON, ROBERT                      VA-21-5-472
PERKINSON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-2-326
PERKINSON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-6-507
PERRY, PATIENCE                        VA-21-5-239
PERRY, WILLIAM                         VA-21-6-508
PHILIPS, ELIZABETH                     VA-21-6-4
PIGG, FRANCIS                          VA-21-3-440
PIGG, SARAH                            VA-21-8-158
PILKINSTON, NANCY                      VA-21-9-67
POLLAND, THOMAS                        VA-21-1-304
POLLARD, WALTER                        VA-21-2-164
POOLER, JANE                           VA-21-5-341
POWELL, JOHN                           VA-21-9-207
PRIDE, JOHN                            VA-21-4-606
PRIDE, JOHN A.                         VA-21-9-65
PRIDE, PETER                           VA-21-6-193
PRIDE, THOMAS                          VA-21-3-264
PRIDE, WILLIAM JR.                     VA-21-2-167
PUCKETT, JOHN                          VA-21-6-386
PUCKETT, JOHN                          VA-21-2-164
PUCKETT, JOHN                          VA-21-2-163
PUCKETT, JOHN                          VA-21-1-431
PUCKETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-3-443
PUCKETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-5-145
PUCKETT, WOMACK                        VA-21-5-514
QUARLES, NATHANIEL                     VA-21-8-443
RAGSDALE, DRURY                        VA-21-1-1
RAILEY, JOHN                           VA-21-3-431
RANDOLPH, ELIZABETH                    VA-21-3-209
RANDOLPH, HENRY                        VA-21-2-6
RANDOLPH, JOHN                         VA-21-2-328
RANDOLPH, JOHN                         VA-21-6-190
RANDOLPH, TABITHA                      VA-21-6-249
READ, JOHN                             VA-21-1-152
REDFORD, JOHN STEWART                  VA-21-3-486
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       VA-21-4-387
RIGBY,HENRY                            VA-21-9-149
ROBERTS, JENNEY                        VA-21-8-467
ROBERTS, JOSHUA                        VA-21-1-274
ROBERTS, MORRIS                        VA-21-3-351
ROBERTSON, ANN                         VA-21-6-264
ROBERTSON, CHRISTOPHER                 VA-21-4-507
ROBERTSON, ELIJAH                      VA-21-4-454
ROBERTSON, ELIJAH                      VA-21-5-140
ROBERTSON, F.                          VA-21-8-528
ROBERTSON, FRANCIS                     VA-21-2-171
ROBERTSON, GEORGE                      VA-21-5-127
ROBERTSON, GEORGE                      VA-21-3-394
ROBERTSON, JAMES SR.                   VA-21-1-272
ROBERTSON, JEFFERY                     VA-21-3-519
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        VA-21-2-170
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        VA-21-1-444
ROBERTSON, JOHN                        VA-21-5-195
ROBERTSON, JONAS                       VA-21-9-18
ROBERTSON, LODOWICK                    VA-21-4-181
ROBERTSON, MICHAEL                     VA-21-7-73
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-5-133
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-2-340
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM                     VA-21-1-437
ROBERTSON, WILLIAM SR.                 VA-21-1-275
ROPER, JOSEPH                          VA-21-6-116
ROPER, SMAUEL                          VA-21-7-550
ROWLETT, FRANCIS                       VA-21-5-132
ROWLETT, JOHN                          VA-21-3-96
ROWLETT, JOSEPH                        VA-21-2-335
ROWLETT, LUCY                          VA-21-8-552
ROWLETT, MARY                          VA-21-3-146
ROWLETT, PETER                         VA-21-1-45
ROWLETT, PETER                         VA-21-9-645
ROWLETT, THOMAS                        VA-21-3-257
ROWLETT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-3-517
ROWLETT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-7-421
ROWLETT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-8-291
ROYALL, ELIZABETH                      VA-21-4-459
ROYALL, JOSEPH                         VA-21-4-194A
ROYALL, LITTLEBURY                     VA-21-1-5
RUBSAMEN, JACOB                        VA-21-4-479
RUCK, JAMES                            VA-21-9-29
RUCKS, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-109
RUD, JOHN SR.                          VA-21-1-47
RUDD, ANN                              VA-21-9-42
RUDD, AVIS                             VA-21-1-312
RUDD, HANNAH                           VA-21-2-174
RUDD, JAMES                            VA-21-5-136
RUDD, JOHN                             VA-21-4-424
RUDD, JOSEPH                           VA-21-5-144
RUDD, PHEBE                            VA-21-8-648
RUDD, SAMUEL                           VA-21-7-435, 620
RUDD, THOAMS                           VA-21-9-46
RUDD, THOMAS JR.                       VA-21-4-391
RUDD, THOMAS SR.                       VA-21-4-445
RUSSELL, JOHN                          VA-21-2-171
SADDLER, THOMAS                        VA-21-3-265
SALLE, JOHN                            VA-21-6-73
SALLEE, MAGDALEN                       VA-21-1-225
SAMPSON, ANDREW                        VA-21-3-522
SASSEEN, ALEXANDER                     VA-21-3-130
SASSEEN, ELIAS                         VA-21-3-131
SAUNDERS, JOHN                         VA-21-6-157
SAYMOUR, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-447
SCOTT, JAMES                           VA-21-9-139
SCOTT, REAVES                          VA-21-2-173
SCOTT, WALTER SR.                      VA-21-3-441
SCOTT, WILLIAM SR.                     VA-21-4-377
SHORE, THOMAS                          VA-21-5-315
SHORTT, JOHN                           VA-21-9-201
SHORTT, SAMUEL                         VA-21-3-305
SHORTT, WILLIAM                        VA-21-2-194
SHORTT, YOUNG                          VA-21-4-488
SIMPSON, ANDREW                        VA-21-5-385
SIMS, GEORGE                           VA-21-6-246
SIMS, JAMES                            VA-21-6-186
SIMS, PATSEY                           VA-21-6-128
SMITH, ALEXANDER                       VA-21-2-197
SMITH, JAMES                           VA-21-9-30
SMITH, JAMES                           VA-21-8-325
SMITH, JOHN                            VA-21-2-196
SMITH, JORGE                           VA-21-9-64
SMITH, MARTIN                          VA-21-3-110
SMITH, MARY                            VA-21-5-388
SMITH, MICAJAH                         VA-21-8-261
SMITH, MOLLY                           VA-21-8-76
SMITH, OBEDIAH                         VA-21-3-100
SMITH, RICHARD                         VA-21-8-433
SMITH, RICHARD                         VA-21-8-323
SMITH, ROBERT                          VA-21-1-256
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-21-7-549
SMITH, WILLIAM                         VA-21-5-352
SNELLING, ALEXANDER                    VA-21-1-245
SNELLING, ALEXANDER                    VA-21-8-18
SOWELL, MARY                           VA-21-5-386
SOWELL, THOMAS                         VA-21-7-148
SPEARS, MARY                           VA-21-4-190
SPEARS, WILLIAM                        VA-21-2-198
STANFORD, DAVID SR.                    VA-21-6-488
STEWART, A.                            VA-21-8-528
STEWART, THOMAS                        VA-21-5-491
STILES, JESSE                          VA-21-5-425
STILES, JOHN                           VA-21-3-159
STONE, DANIEL                          VA-21-2-342
STRATTON, THOMAS                       VA-21-3-326
STRATTON, THOMAS                       VA-21-2-7
STRINGER, JOHN                         VA-21-3-470
STUART, EDWARD                         VA-21-1-447
STUART, SARAH                          VA-21-3-339
STURDIVANT, HENRY                      VA-21-7-123
SUBLETT, ABRAM                         VA-21-9-239
SUBLETT, LEWIS                         VA-21-6-1
SUDBURY, EZEKIEL                       VA-21-1-255
SWEENEY, ABRAHAM                       VA-21-2-195
TALBOTT, HOLEY                         VA-21-5-160
TALBOTT, PETER                         VA-21-5-121
TALBOTT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-455
TANNER, JOSEPH                         VA-21-1-261
TATUM, JOSIAH                          VA-21-5-382
TAYLOR, ARCHER                         VA-21-6-121
TAYLOR, FREDERICK                      VA-21-5-269
TAYLOR, GEORGE B.                      VA-21-9-655
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         VA-21-5-473
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        VA-21-7-232
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                      VA-21-4-14
THOMPSON, MARHY                        VA-21-1-85
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       VA-21-1-128
THWEATT, WILLIAM                       VA-21-6-220
TILLER, THOMAS                         VA-21-2-210
TILLOTSEN, JOHN                        VA-21-2-207
TODD, BETTY                            VA-21-3-128
TOTTY, JOHN                            VA-21-5-137
TOTTY, JOHN JR.                        VA-21-4-394
TOTTY, THOMAS                          VA-21-2-9
TOTTY, WILILAM                         VA-21-1-311
TRABUE, DANIEL                         VA-21-9-157
TRABUE, JACOB                          VA-21-2-209
TRABUE, JOHN                           VA-21-4-383
TRABUE, JOHN JAMES                     VA-21-3-79
TRABUE, JOSEPH                         VA-21-1-234
TRABUE, JOSHUA                         VA-21-2-205
TRABUE, MARY                           VA-21-4-444
TRABUE, THOMAS                         VA-21-6-411
TRABUE, WILLIAM                        VA-21-4-4
TRABUS, WILLIAM B.                     VA-21-7-219
TRAYLOR, ANN                           VA-21-7-577
TRAYLOR, ELIZABETH                     VA-21-3-360
TRAYLOR, FIELD                         VA-21-7-210
TRAYLOR, GEORGE                        VA-21-4-392
TRAYLOR, GEORGE                        VA-21-2-206
TRAYLOR, HUMPHREY                      VA-21-4-315
TRAYLOR, JESSE                         VA-21-4-382
TRAYLOR, JOHN                          VA-21-3-34
TRAYLOR, JOSEPH                        VA-21-3-217
TRAYLOR, ROBERT                        VA-21-2-8
TRAYLOR, WILLIAM                       VA-21-7-622
TRENT, EDWARD W.                       VA-21-9-30
TRENT, WILLIAM                         VA-21-2-204
TURNER, JAMES                          VA-21-8-699
TURNER, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-311
TURPIN, HENRY                          VA-21-3-402
TURPIN, JOSIAH                         VA-21-2-213
TURPIN, P. P.                          VA-21-7-669
TURPIN, PHILIP                         VA-21-4-389
TWIPIN, ELIZABETH                      VA-21-2-211
VADEN, DANIEL                          VA-21-4-16
VADEN, GARDNER                         VA-21-4-408
VADEN, GEORGE                          VA-21-5-210
VADEN, JOHN                            VA-21-4-410
VADEN, LUCY                            VA-21-7-211
VADEN, WILLIAM                         VA-21-3-16
VADER, AMONET                          VA-21-8-186
VARNER, EDWARD                         VA-21-3-511
VEST, HENRY SR.                        VA-21-9-441
VEST, JAMES                            VA-21-4-386
VEST, JOHN                             VA-21-3-19
VEST, RANEY C.                         VA-21-8-60
VEST, VALENTINE                        VA-21-3-124
WADDELL, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-160
WALKER, FRANCIS                        VA-21-3-3
WALKER, MICHAEL                        VA-21-1-174
WALLS, THOMAS                          VA-21-5-312
WALTHALL, BENJAMIN                     VA-21-8-250
WALTHALL, FRANCIS                      VA-21-3-11
WALTHALL, GARRARD                      VA-21-4-439
WALTHALL, HENRY                        VA-21-2-352
WALTHALL, HENRY                        VA-21-1-459
WALTHALL, HENRY                        VA-21-3-46
WALTHALL, HENRY SR                     VA-21-9-11
WALTHALL, JEREMIAH                     VA-21-4-289
WALTHALL, JEREMIAH                     VA-21-1-52
WALTHALL, JOHN                         VA-21-4-456
WALTHALL, MARTHA                       VA-21-2-365
WALTHALL, RICHARD                      VA-21-1-461
WALTHALL, THOMAS                       VA-21-3-137
WALTHALL, WILLIAM                      VA-21-4-317
WALTHAM, WILILAM                       VA-21-4-196
WARD, BENJAMIN                         VA-21-3-398
WARD, BLACKMAN                         VA-21-4-235
WARD, LEONARD                          VA-21-3-55
WARD, SETH                             VA-21-3-49, 54
WARD, SETH                             VA-21-2-13
WARE, CALEB                            VA-21-1-16
WARE, WILLIAM                          VA-21-5-345
WATHALL, ARCHARD                       VA-21-6-283
WATHALL, ARCHIBALD                     VA-21-7-109
WATHELL, RICHARD                       VA-21-5-349
WATKINS, BENJAMIN                      VA-21-3-267
WATKINS, DAVID                         VA-21-3-208
WATKINS, ELIZABETH                     VA-21-5-420
WATKINS, JANE                          VA-21-6-91
WATKINS, JOSEPH                        VA-21-3-409
WATKINS, RICHARD                       VA-21-6-187
WATKINS, STEPHEN                       VA-21-1-287
WATKINS, THOMAS                        VA-21-7-532
WEISEGER, DANIEL                       VA-21-3-483
WEISIGER, SAMUEL                       VA-21-9-45
WELLS, EDMUND                          VA-21-8-605
WELLS, ISHAM                           VA-21-4-487
WELLS, WILLIAM                         VA-21-5-160
WEST, GEORGE                           VA-21-4-239
WEST, SAMUEL                           VA-21-3-506
WEST, WILLIAM                          VA-21-3-426
WILKINSON, ANTHONY                     VA-21-2-361
WILKINSON, EDARD                       VA-21-2-359
WILKINSON, ELIZABETH                   VA-21-9-326
WILKINSON, JOHN                        VA-21-9-173
WILKINSON, JOHN                        VA-21-8-665
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                      VA-21-1-467
WILKINSON, JOSEPH SR.                  VA-21-3-222
WILKINSON, MACK                        VA-21-5-489
WILKINSON, MARY                        VA-21-7-67
WILKINSON, MARY                        VA-21-9-656
WILKINSON, NED                         VA-21-9-19
WILKINSON, RICAHRD                     VA-21-4-188
WILLIAMS, JOHN                         VA-21-4-484
WILLIAMSON, GEORGE                     VA-21-3-206
WILLIAMSON, JAMES                      VA-21-3-1
WILLSON, GEORGE SR.                    VA-21-1-82
WILLSON, JAMES                         VA-21-1-461
WILSON, JAMES                          VA-21-5-166
WILSON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-5-546
WILSON, WILLIAM                        VA-21-3-127
WINFREE, HENRY                         VA-21-4-361
WINFREE, HENRY                         VA-21-6-158
WINFREE, MAJOR                         VA-21-8-306
WINFREE, MARTHA                        VA-21-8-160
WINFREE, VALENTINE                     VA-21-4-465
WINFREY, HENRY                         VA-21-3-250
WOMACK, MARY                           VA-21-1-188
WOMACK, SARAH                          VA-21-3-508
WOMACK, THOMAS                         VA-21-3-437
WOMACK, THOMAS                         VA-21-4-102
WOOD, WILLIAM                          VA-21-1-318
WOODSON, GEORGE                        VA-21-5-321, 324
WOODSON, TARLTON                       VA-21-1-496
WOOLDRIDGE, ARCHIBALD                  VA-21-7-321
WOOLDRIDGE, DANIEL                     VA-21-9-443
WOOLDRIDGE, EDWARD                     VA-21-7-75
WOOLDRIDGE, EDWARD                     VA-21-8-698
WOOLDRIDGE, JOHN                       VA-21-3-395
WOOLDRIDGE, MARY                       VA-21-7-226
WOOLDRIDGE, ROBERT                     VA-21-6-262
WOOLDRIDGE, ROBERT                     VA-21-4-412
WORSHAM, ANN                           VA-21-2-349
WORSHAM, EDARD                         VA-21-4-354
WORSHAM, ESSEX                         VA-21-1-315
WORSHAM, ESSEX                         VA-21-3-32
WORSHAM, JOHN                          VA-21-3-39
WORSHAM, JOHN                          VA-21-1-137
WORSHAM, JOHN JR.                      VA-21-3-5
WORSHAM, PETER                         VA-21-5-543
WORSHAM, ROSAMOND                      VA-21-3-60
WORSHAM, THOMAS                        VA-21-5-347
WORSHAM, WILLIAM                       VA-21-2-19
WORSHAM, WILLIAM                       VA-21-4-603
WORSHAM, WILLIAM                       VA-21-1-84
WORSHAM, WILLIAM                       VA-21-3-279
WYATT, WILLIAM                         VA-21-7-52
YEARGIN, ANNA                          VA-21-5-123

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